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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 5/16/07


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Krystal: Ooh, yeah. You want to stick around for lunch?

Colby: Yeah, sure. You got something other than formula?

Krystal: Well, I tell you what, you fly, and I'll buy, huh?

Colby: Ok -- uh -- oh, how about some clam chowder from the yacht club?

Krystal: Oh, and that bread bowl?

Colby: Mmm.

Krystal: Oh, that's great. Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Colby: Ok. Ok, I'll be back.

Krystal: Ok.

Colby: Bye, cutie.

Tad: Hey! Morning, hero.

Colby: Hey, Tad!

Krystal: Wow. I'm surprised you didn't sleep in, Mr.. 2:00 a.m. feeding.

Tad: Ah, no way. I got the stamina of 10 extra fathers.

Krystal: Where'd you head off to this morning?

Tad: Oh, I wanted to make sure I picked this up.

Krystal: Oh -- listen, Jenny is already swimming in gifts, Tad.

Tad: Um -- well, actually, it's a present for you.

[Music plays]

Ava: Dude, did you see the hot bling on that lady when she walked in?

Sean: Huh. You want to grab some food?

Ava: See that right there, those yachts? I'm so going to have one of those one day. And I think that it's time that you go show me one, huh? I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

Sean: Yeah, I thought we agreed on no PDA.

Ava: Well, then why don't we go do this somewhere private?

Singer: Before me gets me, yeah a little naughty

Lily: Zach, you received six phone calls while you were with Mr. Chandler, two of them regarding your new house.

Zach: Thank you. Do me a favor -- pull all the files on the Cronus holdings.

Lily: Oh, the company that Hannah used to take Brill Works from under Chandler Enterprises?

Zach: Yeah. And you know what? Pull everything on Chandler, as well.

Lily: I can give you their bottom-line reports right now.

Zach: What, you have them in your head?

Lily: I did the research for Hannah. In 2006, Chandler Enterprises' third-quarter filings showed a price-to-book ratio of 3.4, which is a large write-down for that quarter. And their CAGR is at 48%, but forecasts predict that there will be a decline. Do you want me to write a report?

[Music plays]

Josh: So why didn't we just order room service upstairs?

Hannah: You can't stay in my room all day. Thank you.

Josh: Well, I think my menu looks much better. I think I'm going to start with a nooner, followed by an afternoon delight, and then dessert all over you.

[Hannah giggles]

Hannah: Ok, I have to go to work after lunch.

Josh: So do I -- my boss is a real hard-ass.

Hannah: I bet she is.

Josh: So how'd you get started in all this anyway?

Hannah: How does anyone?

Josh: Well, you were in China, right?

Hannah: Many places.

Josh: Yeah, I spent some time in China when I was little.

Singers: Get this party on

Josh: What made you come to Pine Valley?

Hannah: I was recruited.

Josh: Well, you're worth every penny. That Brill Works deal -- genius -- the way you stole that company right out from underneath Chandler? What's next on the horizon?

Hannah: Ok, you know, I know what you're doing.

Josh: Well, maybe you can teach me something.

Hannah: It's not working. You may be really good in bed, but as a spy, you are as subtle as a chain saw.

Erica: Well, thank you, Larry. Thank you so much for that interview.

Larry: Are you kidding? That was ratings gold. I mean it about the follow-up. This divorce watch -- it was genius.

Jack: Well, thank you.

Erica: I'll call.

Jack: Bye-bye.

Erica: What the hell were you thinking, walking in on my interview like that?

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa -- I was invited by your friend Larry there.

Erica: He didn't say a word about you.

Jack: You know what, Erica? You may have to face it -- looks like you were sandbagged. It seems to be a very popular talk-show tactic.

Erica: Well, you didn't have to encourage him -- "divorce not final"?

Jack: The divorce is not final.

Erica: And you couldn't keep quiet?

Jack: Erica, it seems to me, sweetheart, it takes two to get a divorce.

Ryan: I want to settle this now, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Perfect.

Babe: You know what? We'll give you guys some time.

Greenlee: Does an audience bother you?

Ryan: Actually, I would like a little bit of privacy. Why don't we go to the roof?

Greenlee: Ok -- even better.

Ryan: I will be right back.

Annie: Good luck.

Ryan: Ok.

Kendall: Ryan -- Ryan, wait, wait. Ryan, come on. Are you sure about this? This is Greenlee we're talking about.

Ryan: Yeah, I know, I know. I know what Greenlee's capable of, but what about you? Can you handle this?

Kendall: I'm fine. Don't worry about me.

Ryan: Before the wedding, you were trying to warn me, weren't you?

Kendall: Yep. If you'd listened to me, you would be on your honeymoon right now with Annie.

Ryan: Kendall, I am -- I am really truly sorry that I blew you off before the wedding, I am.

Kendall: I'll save the "I told you sos" for later.

Ryan: Hmm.

Kendall: I locked Greenlee in the playhouse at Wildwind. I -- I don't know how the hell she got out.

Ryan: Wow, that doesn't sound like you at all, actually.

Annie: Wait, she -- she was there, at Wildwind?

Kendall: Yep.

Ryan: Look, I'm going to take care of this from this point on, ok? So thank you very much for everything, but I've got it now. Are you ok?

Kendall: Ok, ok.

Ryan: Are you ok?

Annie: Yeah -- as long as you are.

Ryan: Yeah, I am.

Di: Well, I would love to stay for the fireworks, but I have a lunch date, huh. You hang in there. Greenlee's too busy to worry about her shares right now.

Babe: Mm-hmm. I hope.

Kendall: There is no way that I would allow that.

Annie: Did you really lock Greenlee up at Wildwind?

Babe: Oh, yes. Kendall's tactics can be surprisingly effective sometimes.

Kendall: What -- what was I supposed to do -- what, hand her a bridesmaid dress and a bouquet?

Annie: Oh, God, no. No.

Kendall: Ok, listen to me, there are some things that you should know about her.

Annie: Ok. Give it to me.

Kendall: She'll win you over and make you laugh with her cynicism and her sarcasm.

Annie: She won you over.

Kendall: True -- and I never expected that. I didn't see the knife in my back until it was too late.

Greenlee: It looks exactly the same. The city -- nothing's changed. I came up here and it all rushed back to me -- us. You and I, up here so many times under the stars. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Ryan: It was.

Greenlee: I owe you an explanation.

Ryan: Oh, I think we went over all the reasons that you must hate me at the police station.

Greenlee: No, I -- I told you I don't hate you. That's not what it is.

Ryan: Well, whatever it is, it's not going to give Annie her honeymoon or her wedding reception back.

Greenlee: This table is new, isn't it?

Ryan: Yeah, Greenlee, the table's new -- there's a lot of things new here. So why don't we just go to our neutral corners, and we'll just call it a draw? What do you say?

Greenlee: This is where it happened, isn't it?

Ryan: Yes.

Greenlee: When I heard about Erin, I felt so awful for you. I remember first meeting her -- she was so full of life and attitude. I almost came home then.

Ryan: But you didn't.

Greenlee: I know how important family is to you. I know how important protecting them is. It must've torn you apart.

Ryan: It still is, but you got to go on.

Greenlee: What if you can't?

Ryan: We've all moved on, Greenlee.

[Music plays]

Josh: So you're saying my only options are, A, talk about business or, B, we get naked? Isn't there something in the middle?

Hannah: You know, I lost my appetite.

Josh: Ok, you know what? We don't have to make small talk.

Hannah: Take the day off.

Singer: Oh, I like it no matter how

Hannah: Just come to the office when you're ready to work.

Singer: It never ends. Ooh. I can't fight it singers: Can't fight it. I'd do it all again

Colby: Hey there, Dr. Josh.

Josh: Don't even try it, Colby.

Colby: I'm over you. Hey, guys. What's up? Sean showing you around?

Sean: Hey, Colby, did you get my text? How's the baby?

Colby: Oh, hmm, she's great, amazing.

Sean: And your dad's heart -- everything ok?

Colby: Yeah, as good as it gets.

Ava: Oh, my God, yeah! Your dad had, like, a heart attack or something, right?

Sean: Uh -- I'll be right back, Ava.

Colby: No, no, no. I'm fine. I don't want to mess --

Ava: No, Colby, stay. Whatever, it's fine. I was going to go talk to someone anyway.

Sean: Sit. I got stuck with tour guide duty.

Colby: Hmm, I feel bad for you. You have to show the hot girl around?

Sean: So how are you really? How's living with Krystal?

Colby: I wouldn't know -- I'm back at home.

Sean: With your dad?

Colby: Yeah, Sean, somebody's got to take care of him. And what do I do? When I screwed up all last summer, he bailed me out.

Sean: As long as you're sure.

Colby: I'm not sure of anything, really. I mean, on one side, there's Krystal -- she's like a second mom to me. And then I help bring Jenny into the world. I love that little girl. And then there's my dad -- do I want to make him pay for blowing off Krystal's labor and then taking the baby? Yeah. But he could've died, and if I never had the chance to tell him -- Sean, I'm just really stressed right now.

Sean: Well, just hang out here, relax.

Colby: You know, right when I think life's going to slow down, give me a break -- bam, I get clotheslined.

Sean: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Ava: So Lily told me all about Ryan Lavery's wedding -- groom getting arrested. Wow. And she told me there was a bunch of hotties there, too.

Aidan: Lily told you that?

Ava: Yeah, but she wasn't counting you, if that's what you were thinking.

Aidan: Huh -- yeah, that's real funny. You know what I'm thinking? That didn't sound like Lily at all. You're a liar.

Singer: The boy is trouble

Erica: Now, I made our intentions perfectly clear to millions of viewers. I'm not going to be made a fool out of by -- by your silly, empty declarations.

Jack: All right, I tell you what let's do. Let the countdown to divorce continue -- I mean, if you're sure that that's what you want. I got a great idea. Let's get one of those big clocks, you know, and you can hang it right in back of your stage.

Pam: You can't buy this kind of publicity. E-mails are pouring in. The website's got a ton of hits -- both Larry and "New Beginnings."

Jack: Whoa, who'd have thunk it -- divorce is good business.

Pam: Larry's people want to turn it into a weekly segment. They're starting online and phone-in polls -- will you or won't you?

Erica: You mean, America's going to vote? Like, "Dancing with the Stars"?

Pam: You're not planning to let Larry leech off our ratings like that, are you? Blow him off, do your own countdown show in-house.

Jack: I was joking about the big clock.

Pam: Get some synergy going, cross-promote with "New Beginnings," get bigger numbers in every demo -- bigger than "The Osbournes."

Jack: "The Osbournes"?

[Erica chuckles]

Jack: That's good -- "The Osbournes." What? Oh, no, no, no, no, no. No way.

Tad: It's kind of a peace offering.

Krystal: Pipes are all sold out, huh?

Tad: Open it. Go on.

Krystal: It's -- it's beautiful.

Tad: The way I see it, the rings are for you and me and Jenny -- sort of a new beginning. A hopeful future, just trying to put things in the past. You ok?

Krystal: Yeah. I don't know -- postpartum hormones. I just -- lately I've been crying at cell phone commercials.

Tad: Yeah, well, I know what you mean. Here, here, let me do it. This ok?

Krystal: Huh.

Tad: There we go. Thank you.

Tad: Not bad.

Krystal: Thank you.

Tad: Hey -- how's my best girl doing, huh?

[Tad talks baby talk]

Tad: No, don't get up, I'm cool. You know what? Forget about it. A cup of joe -- how's that sound, huh? No? Martini? Didn't think so. How about Mama?

Krystal: No, I'm good.

Tad: Back in a flash.

Stuart: Whoa -- hello.

Tad: Oh! Stuart, I'm sorry! Hey, watch out for her eyes -- they'll steal your heart.

[Stuart laughs]

Krystal: Oh, baby, baby.

Stuart: Oh. Oh, Jenny -- oh, it's so good to see you safe.

Krystal: I can't argue that.

Stuart: Can I hold her?

Krystal: Of course.

Stuart: Oh. Huh.

Krystal: Oh.

Stuart: Oh -- oh, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. Do you know what a miracle you are? Krystal, are you ok? I look like Adam, don't I, holding your baby?

Hannah: If you want to find out more about me, you go to the source next time. Don't play games and go through Josh.

Zach: You got a problem with your protégé?

Hannah: Oh, cut the crap, Zach. You want to know something, just ask.

Zach: All right. Why are you here?

Hannah: Didn't you know? I'm a shark. I'll maneuver my way into controlling Cambias and throw you aside like yesterday's stock ticker.

Zach: So this is about business?

Hannah: When isn't it? And after grabbing your company for my own, I'll gobble up all the others. And after that, who knows? Curing cancer, bringing world peace? May take some time -- say, three weeks?

Zach: You work fast -- that's neat.

Hannah: Hmm. I wasn't lying about Pine Valley's draw. My reasons haven't changed.

Zach: Ethan.

Kendall: You can't trust Greenlee.

Annie: You think I don't know that? The woman trashed my wedding.

Kendall: Yeah, you have to find out what she wants.

Annie: You took a big risk tackling Greenlee the way that you did. I know you two were close.

Kendall: Like sisters once. We'd fight like dogs and then kiss and make up. Not this time.

Babe: Do you think that she'll leave when she figures out that Ryan's not going to be leaving Annie?

Annie: You know, Ryan will handle the Greenlee situation.

Kendall: No, don't sit around and wait for her to ruin your life.

Annie: The harder I push, the more threatened I look.

Kendall: She is a threat! You and Ryan are supposed to be together. Don't laugh -- don't laugh at that! That's not funny.

Babe: Doesn't it sound a little bit familiar? Come on.

Annie: Rewind and press play, insert me for Greenlee. It wasn't so long ago you thought I was the greatest risk to Ryan's happiness.

Kendall: It's not funny, it's really not.

Annie: Just please, please remind me to always stay on your good side, please.

Babe: If you could figure out what that is. She's a tough one.

Kendall: Ok -- no, listen to me. The only reason why I was like that was because of Spike, and once I realized you were good for Spike, then you were good for Ryan.

Babe: Hmm.

Annie: A mother's seal of approval.

Kendall: Yeah, don't think you'll have that same chance with Greenlee.

Greenlee: I'm so sorry about Erin.

Ryan: Thank you.

Greenlee: I should've been here. I wasn't ready. Are you really ok?

Ryan: I had help.

Greenlee: Right -- Annie.

Ryan: Greenlee, did -- did you really think that somehow time would stand still while you were gone? People -- people have died, children have been born. I mean, this is not the same place it was.

Greenlee: Not even close.

Ryan: Nobody is the same. We couldn't possibly be.

Greenlee: I know that now. I was caught off-guard -- this isn't what I expected. I was wrong. I was way too impulsive. Sometimes that's one of my better qualities. I shouldn't have broken up your wedding. I'm so sorry, Ryan. I honestly did not mean to hurt you.

Jack: Now, you listen -- I am not going to let my life become reality show fodder. I mean, come on, Erica, think of it. Not one -- not a semblance of privacy, cameras everywhere in the house. What about the kids, huh? Can you imagine Lily dealing with this?

Erica: Well, if it's our show, we make the rules.

Jack: I value my privacy.

Erica: But you agreed to come back on my show again, and Larry's.

Jack: That's a totally different thing.

Erica: Yes -- this is a much more brilliant idea. This is a chance to show the real me in the real new beginning in real time.

Jack: Yeah, without real me.

Erica: Fine. Don't participate, I'll just do it on my own.

Jack: Yeah, well, you always do anyway.

Erica: Well, I will speak for you the way you decided to speak for me -- only I'll be doing it daily.

Sean: Look, summer is almost here. Finals will be over before you know it.

Colby: A for effort, but it's not working.

Sean: Look, your dad will get better, things will calm down. It'll all be good, I promise.

Colby: Not so much.

Sean: Ok, there is one more thing I wanted to ask you. Tell me if it's too lame.

Colby: Try me.

Sean: Ok, I know this is very 1980s teen movie, but -- do you want to go to the prom with me?

Ava: Well, I'm not always the best listener, but Lily is really good at remembering.

Aidan: Yeah, well, Lily's good at lots of things, but that doesn't really explain how --

Di: Hello, Ava!

Aidan: You'd know so much about the wedding, now, does it?

Di: How are you?

Ava: I'm good, really good. Well, I'll let you two eat. I just -- I just wanted to come by and say hi.

Aidan: Ok. Girl is nothing but trouble.

Di: Aidan, do you really want to open that all up again?

Aidan: No. There are plenty of other things I'd rather talk about.

Di: Good!

Aidan: Trust me.

Di: Good. Have you had the chicken salad here?

Aidan: She's not done causing trouble, though.

Di: "Sure, Di. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to have lunch."

Aidan: Oh.

Stuart: Seeing me with Jenny kind of gets to you, doesn't it?

Krystal: You're not Adam. You're kind, loving, and caring, and Adam is --

Stuart: Is my brother. And I -- I don't -- I don't approve of everything he does, and -- and sometimes I just want to shake some sense into him, but -- but I do love him. It's not a -- it's not a sin to feel that way.

Krystal: It is for me -- and for Jenny and for Tad.

Tad: Pop.

Joe: Yeah. How's my granddaughter?

Tad: Spectacular.

Joe: Yeah?

Jamie: Well, that's in the genes.

Tad: Yeah.

Joe: Ah -- congratulations, Daddy. That's for you. And it -- it may kill you, so take time to enjoy it while you're smoking it.

Tad: Yeah, especially if you smoke it. This is a rectal thermometer, Pop.

Joe: Ah --

Jamie: Right. Well, I've got some good news for you, too.

Tad: Well, hit me.

Jamie: I've decided to take Grandpa up on his offer to get me back into med school. I'm going back into medicine.

Hannah: I never got to be his mother. I -- I don't even know who he was. All I have are stories people told me, a feeling when I walk into a room. He never hugged me and said, "I love you, Mom." We never laughed across the kitchen table. I never wiped his tears when he fell down and scraped his knee. Do you think the dead can come back into this world? You know, somehow tell us who they were, make you feel like they existed?

Zach: No, I don't think that.

Babe: I hope Annie's got the point -- Greenlee's bad.

Kendall: What about you?

Babe: What about me?

Kendall: If you so much as blink when she offers to buy you out, I will throw you out that window.

Babe: I have no intention of selling my shares of Fusion. You couldn't chase me away from this place.

Kendall: Ok.

Babe: But, Greenlee could go after them another way.

Kendall: No, she can't.

Babe: Kendall --

Kendall: She can't, she won't -- that's it. Done deal, all right? Girl power and all that stuff -- done, it's over. You, young lady -- you are the problem now.

Annie: What?

Kendall: Yes. You are diplomatic, and you are rational, and all that good stuff.

Annie: Right, and this is bad because --

Kendall: Because Greenlee's not. Ok? She doesn't fight fair.

Annie: Look, Kendall, I am not wearing blinders.

Babe: You better have some other tricks.

Annie: Oh, trust me -- if it comes to that, I will not be empty-handed.

Greenlee: You don't believe me. You think I'm trying to play you.

Ryan: Can you blame me?

Greenlee: I can still read you, Ryan. You haven't changed as much as you say you have.

Ryan: I've changed enough.

Greenlee: How can I fix this? What do you want me to do?

Ryan: Honestly, there's only one way to fix this and that is to start over.

Greenlee: Then let's start over. How?

Ryan: I have a private jet standing by to take us to the Caribbean.

Greenlee: Land of sun, surf, and quickie divorces.

Ryan: It would be months before a stateside divorce would be final.

Greenlee: And you have a life to get back to. Fine. I'll give you your divorce, Ryan. Hey, at least I can work on my tan -- some color for me and freedom for you.

Annie: Sometimes looking like a nice girl works to your advantage.

Kendall: I like your style, Mrs. Lavery.

Annie: Hmm, mm-hmm.

Ryan: Whew. Can I talk to you for a sec?

Annie: Of course.

Ryan: Thanks.

Kendall: What did you say to him? What did -- what did you do, Greenlee?

Greenlee: There's nothing to say. We're flying to the islands right away. I am giving him his divorce.

Kendall: No, no. You're going to work this, aren't you?

Greenlee: What are you going to do, lock me in a closet?

Kendall: If I have to.

Greenlee: You don't. He's moved on, I've accepted that.

Kendall: I don't believe that. You don't accept anything you don't like. You're not divorcing him, are you, Greenlee? You can't let Ryan go.

Greenlee: Stop it, Kendall -- just stop it! We're doing what we have to do.

[Intercom beeps]

Erica: Pam, will you come in here, please?

Jack: Erica, listen to reason. Do you really want to put your life out there like that? I mean, come on -- you've seen these reality shows. They become freak shows.

Erica: Well, not when my company owns the show. I control editing. I will have creative control.

Jack: Oh.

Pam: Yes, boss lady?

Erica: Pam, I want you to set up a meeting with the network ASAP and prepare to pitch "The New Divorce" as a reality show.

Pam: That's what I'm talking about.

Jack: Yeah, you're both out of your minds.

Erica: Draw up a budget and the production costs.

Pam: Single camera?

Erica: Well, maybe multiple, 24/7.

Pam: Huh, this will rock.

[Erica laughs]

Jack: What is the point of all this, Erica?

Erica: You said that we still love each other, and I said that we don't, so -- I will prove my point.

Colby: I'll go today and look for a dress. I hope I have enough time to find something -- hmm!

Ava: Wow, what's the dress for?

Colby: Sean asked me to the prom.

Ava: The prom! You kids will have so much fun.

Colby: Yeah, I got to go get lunch for Krystal, but -- sorry. Yeah. Bye, guys.

Ava: Oh, my gosh -- the prom. How high school.

Sean: Zip it, Ava.

Ava: Maybe you two will be prom king and prom queen. But if you get sick of your queen --

Sean: Lay off.

Ava: And Colby will look so cute in her little dress, don't you think? Too bad you can't get underneath it.

Sean: Ok, don't say another word about Colby, ok?

Ava: Whoa. Fine, ok. You going to go show me that yacht now?

Sean: You know what? Find another tour guide.

Aidan: We deserve to have a nice lunch together.

Di: I'm not really hungry.

Aidan: Well, great. I get discounted rates here. How about I get a room, and we can do everything else but talk? What do you say?

Di: You can just get a room by yourself and maybe take a cold shower.

Aidan: Oh, man.

Tad: You've been there. Boys are a piece of cake, they're a walk in the park. Now, raising a little girl -- that's got to scare you to death. Matter of fact, you think I'm up to it?

Joe: I think it's just punishment, after all those girls in your youth.

Tad: God's vengeance. Ok, so there were a few girls -- not that many.

Joe: Do you remember the time we built that medieval castle in your dad's living room? I mean, you were only about, what -- 8, something like that?

Jamie: Yeah, about that.

Tad: I think that just about finished off both your grandmothers. They collapsed into one another.

Jamie: Yeah, it was awesome.

Joe: And now, you get to do it all over again.

Tad: I'll build that little girl any castle she wants.

Krystal: Hmm. She's hungry, huh?

Stuart: Ooh.

[Krystal chuckles]

Krystal: Oh, Stuart.

Stuart: Chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug.

Krystal: I think she likes you, Stuart.

Stuart: You think she likes me?

Krystal: Oh, yes.

Zach: What happened?

Hannah: Do you think about the day you told our son good-bye?

Zach: All the time.

Hannah: Mm-hmm. Do you go over every word, every expression, every little detail?

Zach: I try not to. What happened?

Hannah: I was holding him. He made this little face, like a grimace. And then he kicked. And it brought me right back to the moment. And I laughed, and my laughter turned into tears. I handed him over. And my tears were all over his face. Edith knew why I was doing it and to me it was for the best. Ethan left this earth before I did -- is that best? I just wanted to be with him. You were with him.

Zach: He found me.

Hannah: Tell me again. Tell me everything you know. I -- I just want to feel him. Please. Help me find him.

Zach: I wish to God I could. There's too much hatred, you know, too much bitterness between us. Um -- what do I remember? I -- I remember his face. Pain on his face -- that's what I remember.

Hannah: And how do you deal?

Zach: There are days when I wish he hadn't found me at all. And then I thank God that he did, because we did get to spend some time together -- you know, not enough, but --

Hannah: Well, you had something.

Zach: Yeah, we had something. In the end, though, there was -- there was hope. He found Simone, and he was happy, he really was. He was -- he was truly happy. And Simone, she thought, you know, she could bring the two of us back together and -- and who knows? Maybe given enough time -- maybe, you know? A lot of maybes, but he loved her, and she loved him and that's real. And he died in a way that I guess we all would want to die, you know? With a loved one holding us. So, if you're looking for solace, maybe you can try and find it in that.

Jack: All right, I tell you what. You want reality TV, you get reality TV. You will most certainly get it.

Erica: Well, good. I knew you'd come around.

Jack: Well, what's my choice? Leave my life to your editorial mercy? No, thank you.

Erica: Jack, it will be life-affirming. It will be touching.

Jack: And a ratings bonanza -- I understand this, but let me just be clear on something. The first time you pull some shenanigans, I will pull the plug, all right? I'm not going to let my life become part of the Erica Kane fantasy hour.

Erica: Oh. Does that mean -- [French accent] Corinne, la French maid, is out?

Jack: What that means is if you go too far, I'll make sure your public knows why I pulled out.

[Door closes]

Pam: Network's on for a meeting today at 3:00.

Erica: [Regular voice] Ooh, ooh. Then let's get moving.

Pam: They're already sold. They want it on the air yesterday.

Erica: Oh, well, that's perfect. I think I can make that happen.

Pam: What do you see for the first episode?

Erica: It's already done. I just taped the pilot episode. I turned this on right after you left the room.

[Erica giggles]

Pam: Look at you, thinking without me. Nice work.

Erica: Yeah -- get this to the editing room right away, please.

Josh: You guys see Kendall?

Tad: Uh -- no. Actually, I don't think they're home.

Josh: Yeah, well, if you do see her, let me know.

Tad: Hey. Why don't you come on inside, meet your new cousin?

Josh: A Martin family moment? That's all right, I'll pass.

Joe: Oh -- Josh?

Tad: Josh?

Joe: Please, come on.

Tad: Come on.

Josh: Why not?

Tad: You know, Jamie's going back to med school.

Josh: Stay away from the hospital.

Jamie: You funny.

Stuart: Ok. Jenny wants to see her daddy.

Tad: Ah.

Krystal: Actually, Jenny wants her diaper changed.

Jamie: Don't look at me.

Tad: Oh, come on, now. Don't look at me because I'm driving. Now, look, you remember Grandpa and your brother. This is your brand-new cousin, Josh.

Hannah: You wanted to know why I came to Pine Valley. I just wanted to feel him here.

Zach: Can you?

Hannah: No, I can't. And I'm afraid I never will.

Kendall: I like Annie's idea about the contest, but I still don't want to use Fusion Green.

Babe: I know that you hate that it's Greenlee's creation, but it is good.

Kendall: I know.

Babe: And we need something that's going to get us back on track.

Kendall: It's going to get ugly. Annie thinks she knows Greenlee, but she's never seen Greenlee in action.

Babe: Maybe. But Annie could be a lot tougher than you give her credit for.

[Plane engine runs]

Greenlee: Ex-wife-to-be, reporting for duty.

Ryan: You ready to head off?

Greenlee: Yep. All we're missing are the piña coladas.

Annie: I prefer something with a lot more kick.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

J.R. (to Adam): You survived that heart attack, but as far as this company's concerned, you're dead.

Kendall (to Zach): Greenlee came back, and now she has nothing. God knows what she could do.

Ryan: We need to get her to a hospital.

Pilot: I'm sorry, we're over water -- it'll take an hour.

Ryan: We don't have an hour.

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