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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 5/15/07


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[Amanda gives a punching bag a good work-out at the gym]

J.R.: Grudge match?

Amanda: Don't talk to me.

J.R.: Who's taking the beating?

Amanda: Your sorry excuse of a father!

Adam: Killer deal?

Zach: Oh. Mr. Chandler, what are you trying to do, give me a heart attack, as well? You should be at home resting.

Adam: I want to talk business.

Zach: Business? I thought your son retired you.

[Adam chuckles]

Adam: Do you really think a boy, even one I trained, could beat me?

[Phone rings]

Pam: Enter, our Goddess.

Erica: Hey, Val, aren't you going to get that?

Val: Why? I know what it's about.

[Val sighs]

Val: Hello? Yes. Yes. Oh -- oh, no, I'm sorry, I really couldn't say. Yes, I will tell Ms. Kane.

Erica: The divorce debacle?

Pam: Not debacle, coup -- as in ratings coup. These e-mail printouts -- thousands. Keep this up, the post office will issue a stamp in your honor.

Erica: Ooh. "Jackson"? Well, he'll be thrilled. Fan mail. I'll give it to him. That's really sweet. "Jackson"? "Jackson." "Jackson." You didn't see me open this.

Erica: Ew. Ah. Ginger in her bikini. She's proposing marriage.

Pam: Hope they honeymoon someplace warm.

Erica: Oh, shut up, Pam. Some women are such fools.

Ryan: Hmm.

Annie: Hmm.

Ryan: You're not trying to get away, are you?

Annie: After our near perfect wedding? Fat chance.

Ryan: The wedding was actually perfect. It was the after-party.

Annie: Hmm, yeah. Pretty rough. But who cares? I have the most amazing un-husband in the universe.

Ryan: And you, my queen, are the most amazing un-wife.

Annie: So first, we have the ideal child. Then we have an awesome wedding. And then we have a bigamy arrest. What's next?

Di: Ryan is back in Wildwind, the charges were dropped.

Babe: So no honeymoon?

Di: No, Ryan and Annie are at home having an un-honeymoon.

Babe: Oh.

Kendall: Life goes on, thank God.

Di: Yeah.

Babe: Let me see that. That is -- oh, my gosh, that is so fresh, so cool. I love it.

Kendall: Yeah, she did a nice job, didn't she?

Di: Nice? This is the perfect image for Fusion Green. Look at that.

Kendall: Yeah, it would be. It's too bad we have to drop the line.

Babe: Kendall, what are you talking about? Fusion Green is exactly what we need to get us back in the black.

Di: We need this, Kendall. It'll make up for everything that we lost during all that trouble.

Kendall: You're right, you're right. It would help us.

Babe: Ok, so then Fusion Green is a go.

Kendall: But you don't understand.

Babe: Understand what?

Kendall: That. What the hell do you think you're doing here?

Ryan: You know why today is the most miraculous day, ever?

Annie: Uh-uh.

Ryan: Because I got to wake up and start my day with my wife. And then I will divorce my wife. And then, I get to come home to my wife.

Annie: Hmm. You make it sound so easy.

Ryan: Greenlee is very, very stubborn, but she's also very proud, and when she realizes that you are the only woman that I want in my entire life, she's not going to stick around.

Annie: Well, I am lucky I married the man that can make just anything happen.

Ryan: Yeah, that's right. Keep that thought.

Annie: But unpack?

Ryan: Why? I'm going to fix this.

Annie: Right.

Ryan: I mean, we're going to need a little bit of extra honeymoon time and maybe an annual honeymoon reenactment.

Annie: Hmm.

Ryan: Of course, that is, if you can spare the time.

Annie: Well, I will have to think of that when I'm at work.

Ryan: You're going to Fusion?

Annie: While you are out trying to make our life perfect again, I will be at work trying to keep my mind off a certain almost-ex-wife.

Greenlee: I love this place.

Kendall: Ok, tossing your shares and giving them to Babe proves just how much.

Babe: What are you doing back here, Greenlee?

Greenlee: I've come back to start fresh and forgive you, and you've betrayed me all over again.

Kendall: I betrayed you?

Greenlee: Locking me up so you can marry Ryan? That, I get. Locking me up so another woman could marry him? You've really lost it.

Kendall: Yeah, and having Ryan arrested for bigamy -- that's rational.

Greenlee: Well, if you minded your own business, I could have stopped their wedding.

Kendall: What, and saved Ryan from bigamy? Greenlee, we have work to do. You have to leave.

Greenlee: Oh, I'm back, and I belong here.

Kendall: Uh -- no, Babe has your shares now.

Greenlee: And look at this. I have Simone's. Guess you were wondering what she did with the ones Ethan gave her. Do I hear a "Welcome back, partner"?

Pam: Guess who wants you.

Erica: Well, unless it was George Clooney, let's talk about it over lunch.

Pam: Larry Longan.

Erica: Larry? Larry Longan?

Pam: I was just on with Nick Johnson, Larry's EP.

Erica: Really?

Pam: Larry wants to tape today, right away, here.

Erica: Oh -- but Larry in his round-table discussion? He usually has presidents and CEOs and heads of state and --

Pam: And today, Erica Kane.

Erica: Oh -- well, you know, the last time I ran into him at that press dinner, he said he was going to bag me sooner or later. I didn't know what he meant. So what does he want to talk about?

Pam: Divorce Erica style, what else?

Erica: So not my rise to the top, not my fabulous career, not my influence on women around the globe -- my life, up and down -- none of that? No, no, he wants to talk about my new divorce?

Pam: "The new divorce" was a brilliant segment. It brought in the highest numbers since the show premiered.

Erica: I know, I know.

Pam: "Page Six" has been yours since the show aired. We've got squibs in everything from "The Wall Street Herald" to "The Exposer." You've been on every entertainment show, every news program that covers entertainment news. No wonder Larry's begging you to be on his show.

Erica: Did he beg?

Pam: His EP did -- same thing.

Erica: Hmm, true. But I won't defend myself against Jack's crazed groupies. I mean, why did he do that? Why did Jackson tell everybody on national television that we are still in love with each other? Jack's the one who got me into this mess.

Pam: Jack got you in, but Larry is giving you the chance to climb out smelling like a rose -- while Jack can swim in it alone until he sinks.

Erica: This would be my chance to set the divorce record straight once and for all.

Adam: If I were at the helm, I would have cut out your shark and landed that -- that company you bought. J.R.'s -- well, not on his game right now. His head's full of trash, and that wife of his -- you can't get distracted and win.

Zach: You should take up your disappointment with your son.

Adam: How would you like to acquire Chandler Enterprises? Or at least a goodly share of its profits?

Zach: I wouldn't mind that.

Adam: Good. You become my silent partner, I'll deliver.

Zach: No, no, no, I don't have partners, silent or otherwise.

Adam: Oh, well, that's -- that's always a good idea. You're safer at the top alone. No one's close enough to put a knife in your back.

Zach: Yeah. Let's recap. Your son took your company away. You had a heart attack. And now you're so desperate to get back in the game, you've come to me?

Adam: I'm offering you the deal of a lifetime, Slater.

Zach: Adam, if I want to take Chandler Enterprises, I'll take it. I don't need you for that.

[Knock on door]

Hannah: Excuse me.

Zach: Hello, Hannah. Come on in. Hannah Nichols.

Hannah: Oh --

Zach: Please meet Mr. --

Hannah: No, everyone knows Adam Chandler. It's an honor --

Adam: Yeah, thank you.

Hannah: And a bit of a surprise.

Zach: Oh, don't worry about it. He's -- he's not here for your head. This is the shark that took the company away from Junior.

Adam: Oh. Oh, good work.

Hannah: Thank you.

Adam: I look forward to admiring your talents from a safe vantage point.

Hannah: Hmm. Um -- I think you're going to be very happy with these.

Zach: Yeah, I'm sure. I'll look over them, and I'll call you, ok?

Hannah: Ok.

Zach: Ok.

Adam: Hmm. Oh, you're going to have trouble keeping her. She's good.

Zach: Yes, she is.

Adam: But even with her, you can't get Chandler Enterprises back without my help.

Zach: Yes, I can.

Adam: Oh, come on. Bits and pieces? Shreds? How long is it going to take? How much is it going to cost, and what are you going to have left when it's over that's worthwhile? Now, you want to settle for dregs? We can have the entire package. A perfect, immensely profitable gem.

Amanda: I wish I could bring Adam to his knees! Watch him hit the ground. Make him pay for every lie he ever told me. Ugh! Making me afraid to narc on him to save my mom! For my mom -- ugh! For Jenny! For Krystal, and Tad, and Babe, and Jamie! And Colby! And everyone you've ever hurt! Because there's no justice! Ugh!

J.R.: You're not doing it right.

Amanda: Ugh. Like you're Oscar de la Hoya?

J.R.: You want to step away from the bag?

Amanda: Oh! Only because I'm ready for a break.

J.R.: You know, you guys are all the same. You, Tad, Jamie -- you guys -- you guys jab. You jab, right? You make threats. You give them time to strategize, and defend. When all you really got to do is just commit to one massive assault. You take Adam chandler down fast, or not at all.

Jack: Sure, I'll be there, absolutely. You can count on me.

[Door opens]

Ryan: I don't have time to fool around, Jack. Where is she?

Greenlee: Don't! You'll tear --

Kendall: I want to see it.

Greenlee: Fine. Take your time, actually. It's a done deal. I'm home. At least Simone cared about me.

Babe: So are you just here, because of Simone's shares?

Greenlee: No, there's a lot of reasons. So, Di Henry, ex-Chandler nanny. How'd you land here?

Di: Long story.

Greenlee: I got time. Babe, you've managed to fit right in.

Babe: After a while.

Greenlee: Well, Fusion's changed. We used to have fun.

Babe: Well, the "we" isn't the same, either.

Greenlee: Yeah, I don't know what I'm going to do without Simone.

Kendall: That's my desk now. And this is Babe's.

Greenlee: Oh, well, then that's something I'm going to have to change.

Kendall: You can't change a damn thing.

Greenlee: Babe and I outvote you.

Babe: So is that how it's supposed to work, Greenlee?

Greenlee: I gave you my stock. I'm back. That forms an alliance. We control Fusion.

Babe: And as long as the stock is mine, I'm going to vote the way that I choose. And Kendall and I -- we've learned to get along, to do what's best for Fusion. I made you a partner to drive Kendall nuts, and this is how you repay me? What the hell happened to you?

J.R.: Thanks, man. All right. Ugh.

Amanda: Hey. Who have you been training with?

J.R.: I'm ticked off that my mother's dead. I work the bag. My father should be locked up because he's a piece of crud. Marriage is code blue. My wife walked out of the house with her son.

Amanda: Well, working the bag helps me deal with my dad being dead, and my mom in the bin.

J.R.: Yeah, pathetic losers.

Amanda: Hey, I can talk about my family. You want to trash-talk, you stick to your father.

J.R.: Look, I've done a lot more than talk. I hit the old man right where he lives. He's powerless, and he's going to stay that way.

Adam: I know all the players, the board members.

Zach: Board members that found you naked in the boardroom and voted you out? Those guys?

Adam: I have something on every one of those guys.

Zach: Hmm.

Adam: And more. I can force a sale for Chandler Enterprises for half its worth.

Zach: What do you get?

Adam: My company.

Zach: Oh, so you want me to bankroll your comeback?

Adam: Mm-hmm. You come up with the cash, and provide me with appropriate cover, and I make it happen. I call in the favors, slit the throats, you sit back and enjoy the rewards.

Zach: With you owning the company?

Adam: No, no, partners, remember?

Zach: Yeah.

Adam: 49%.

Zach: Sure -- do you really think I would take any less than controlling interest?

Adam: I -- I trust that your checks won't bounce, period. And I'm not going to invest my time and my expertise, so I can be shut out -- after having delivered you the prize.

Zach: I don't need this deal.

Adam: You don't? I don't think you have a short memory, Slater. You remember J.R.? You remember his drunken, violent, homicidal rage? Kendall was in a coma, wasn't she? For how long? You almost lost her. Now, I think that this would be appropriate payback. Don't you?

Opal: There she is. My best gal pal.

Erica: Oh --

Opal: I just had to come by and share the happiest event of the century!

Erica: Opal, I'm so happy to see you.

Opal: Oh!

Erica: But I'm really busy.

Opal: Oh, I'm so sorry. I have just been leaking ever since I heard the news.

Erica: Oh, yes, it's such a relief. I'm so happy for you. Your granddaughter is home safe and sound.

Opal: Oh -- oh, yeah, sure, Jenny. Yeah, well, the whole time that innocent baby was in the clutches of that homicidal wack job -- I mean, I was petrified. Petrified. But now -- I mean, are you and me just two of the luckiest ducks in the whole wide world, or what?

Erica: You heard about Larry?

Opal: Jack! Jack, the best man you ever married. When you redeclared your undying passion -- oh -- oh, my gosh.

Erica: I did no such thing.

Opal: Honey, come on. I saw the show.

Erica: You saw Jack manipulating the show.

Opal: He said the two of you were still in love.

Erica: Well, he did that, because he just wanted to stir the pot. He wanted to embarrass me.

Opal: Oh, honey, no, no!

Erica: Opal, I will never forgive him for this, never. I mean, here I was -- I was talking about a very serious topic, divorce. That you can be civilized. That you -- you can have mutual respect. And what does Jack do? Jack tries to sabotage the whole thing. And why? For revenge.

Opal: Honey, the man just stopped you from getting away with murder.

Jack: I tried to reach Greenlee so that I could talk to her over lunch, but she'd already left the yacht club.

Ryan: But not "left" left, as in moved out?

Jack: I don't know where she is, Ryan.

Ryan: Well, you know what? I'm trying to keep my cool here, Jack, but do I look relaxed? Do I look like a guy who's on his honeymoon, or do I look like a guy with two wives? One, I didn't even know I had until she ripped me out own wedding. I want this cleared up.

Jack: Yes, we all do, I'm sure.

Ryan: Yeah, but does Greenlee? I mean, does she? Because I'm not going to let her tie this up in the courts for years.

Jack: I'm sure that's not her intention -- nor was it her intention to hurt you. Look, she lashes out.

Ryan: Just tell me how to make it go away. I just want to be married -- legally married -- to Annie, and nobody else.

Greenlee: Kendall loathed you. Probably still does.

Babe: People change, Greenlee.

Kendall: Yeah, some do. Others, not so much.

Babe: Kendall really stepped up. She was an amazing leader -- when the Satin Slayer tried to destroy this place, and us.

Di: You weren't here.

Babe: She was really great.

Kendall: Thank you, Babe.

Greenlee: So take her out for cocktails, but do what's best for Fusion. I'm the visionary. Fusion Green should prove that.

Babe: Kendall has good ideas.

Greenlee: "Good" doesn't always cut it. I'm Fusion now and always.

Babe: And I'm always going to think for myself and vote my own shares as long as I can.

Greenlee: Oh, really?

Babe: Really.

Di: You know what? You all may have a piece of Fusion, but those pieces aren't going to mean a whole lot unless we pull out of this financial hole.

Greenlee: Well, at least you've realized Fusion Green's worth. This isn't bad.

Kendall: It's genius. And it was done by our newest employee.

Greenlee: So it looks like you're bringing on some solid talent. Maybe this will work, after all.

Annie: Ahem -- we haven't met. I'm Annie.

Greenlee: Hi. I'm Mrs. Ryan Lavery.

Annie: Huh. So, two Mrs. Ryan Laverys on the same honeymoon. Thanks to you, this is it.

Babe: Not the Olsen twins, but close.

Di: It's kind of creepy.

Greenlee: Rage and scream -- I have things to do.

Annie: No, thanks. I think I'll work instead. Morning, ladies.

Di: Good morning.

Babe: Morning.

Kendall: She'll be thrilled that you love her work.

Greenlee: This is hers?

Kendall: She may be new, but she's genius.

Di: Go get back in that elevator, Annie. Don't put yourself through this.

Annie: Look, the serenity prayer isn't just for 12-step programs. I can only control what I can and focus on my work. Ryan will handle the rest.

Ryan: She decided not to sign the divorce papers after she walked out on me.

Jack: Yes, but you've made yourself very clear, Ryan -- she's out of your life. The thing is, you made Greenlee very happy.

Ryan: Jack, that was a long time ago. There's a lot of blood under the bridge since then.

Jack: I know that. But my daughter is trying to come to terms with her future, trying to find out if she'll ever be truly happy again. Couldn't you maybe just cut her a little slack?

Ryan: So, what do you see as my next move?

Jack: Talk to her. She did not come back here to do battle, believe me. I know she behaved very badly at your wedding, but you refused to have a child with her. She comes back to find you marrying Annie, because she had your child.

Ryan: I'm marrying Annie, because I am in love with her.

Jack: Ok, I'm just telling you how it looks from Greenlee's point of view. Ryan, you got to remember, you weren't exactly an innocent bystander in your relationship with Greenlee.

Ryan: No, I wasn't. I screwed up pretty badly.

Jack: Here's what I think, my friend. If you and Annie want a chance at making it all the way to forever, then you and Greenlee have to deal with these issues now and in a way that hurts people the very least. Otherwise, honestly, what chance do you have?

J.R.: You go on the elliptical.

Amanda: You go on the elliptical.

J.R.: I'm not the one with the problems.

Amanda: Oh, you've got plenty.

J.R.: Yeah. I'm changing my ways -- I'm a changed man.

Amanda: Hmm -- big whoop.

J.R.: Ah. You know what your problem is? You need a job.

Amanda: I work.

J.R.: Yeah? You work as a bar manager. Kendall won't even share the profits with you. You know what your other problem is? You get taken advantage of too easily.

Amanda: Oh -- I'm sorry. Imagine what I could do if I was trying. Maybe you should sit down.

J.R.: It wasn't that hard. So the differences between a job and a career --

Amanda: I -- look, I'm not my job, I'm not what I do, and I'm not greedy.

[J.R. chuckles]

J.R.: I like to win. You should try it sometimes -- it feels damn good!

Amanda: What, crushing the little people?

J.R.: That goes for the big people, too -- the Donald Trumps, the Bill Gates of this world. The Adam Chandlers. Oh --

Amanda: Hmm.

J.R.: When I think about everything I've taken and I've won, it makes me sleep like a baby.

Amanda: It's really all about the money to you? Whoever dies with the most toys wins?

J.R: You think it's whoever shows up at your funeral crying?

Amanda: Maybe it is. Maybe life is about love and caring.

[J.R. chuckles]

J.R.: You are younger than I thought.

Amanda: And you are an ass.

J.R.: Yeah, but I'm a rich one. What do you got?

Amanda: A mother who loves me. And I love her. What have you got? A building with a name on it? A bunch of flunkies -- Chandler Enterprises?

J.R.: I got my business, the one I took from my father. Life is good. It's real good.

Adam: We're not so different, you and I. I think we both strive for a balance between power and family. And how have we been repaid? We've been betrayed by the people we love the most. Your father, my son -- they both escaped prosecution. Now, your father is suffering, yes, but he's not in prison where he belongs. And he and J.R. have committed some terrible crimes against the people we love. J.R. has gotten off scot-free. And you don't care?

Zach: I haven't wasted much time thinking about Junior lately.

Adam: I think it may be too late for your father, but it's not too late for J.R. We can teach him a lesson. Together, we can put him in his place.

Zach: And put you back in power.

Adam: I've had enough. Haven't you? By taking back Chandler Enterprises, we're signaling the J.R.'s of the world, "Don't mess with us, not unless you want to lose everything you have."

Erica: Opal, I know you worship Jack.

Opal: The biggest mistake people, especially male people, make about you -- they see perfection in pumps and that's it -- they're hoo-dooed. They fall to your feet and stay there. Now, Jackson -- no way, Jose. He had your number since that first night on the pool table.

Erica: You know about the pool table?

Opal: Of course, I know about the pool table. And now, instead, you want some mealy-mouthed hubby who's going to "yes" you and nod all the time?

Erica: No, I don't. It's Jackson who doesn't want a real equal as a wife. Jack wants some little wifey who will prepare his meals and fetch his newspaper and his pipe and his slippers.

Opal: You fell for Jackson because he is 100% red-blooded, American male. What, now you think you're in the market for some guy you can tap-dance on in your stilettos, and he won't even have the gumption to say "Ouch"? Bull tweety. You might feel a little, you know, too proud to admit that you were wrong for knee-knocking with Jeff Martin.

Erica: I was not knee-knocking with Jeff Martin.

Opal: You can't stop loving Jackson, and you haven't. I mean, why else would you be looking so smoldering hot, ready to grab your man and hold on to him?

Erica: I am looking sick of people trying to sabotage my decisions, and my --

[Knock on door]

Erica: Shh -- stop it now. Just -- ahem -- zip it up. Come in.

[Erica gasps]

Erica: Larry. It's so good to see you again.

Larry: As lovely as ever.

Erica: Oh.

Larry: Lovelier, in fact, than -- when was the last time?

Pam: After the Gabbys?

Erica: Exactly. After the Gabby's at the reception at the Vendome.

Opal: The honor is all mine, Mr. Longan. I'm Opal, and I am Erica's nearest and dearest friend. If you ever want the lowdown skinny on anybody or anything here in Pine Valley, you just give me a call.

Larry:  I'll do that.

Erica: Opal -- so nice of you to stop by.

Opal: Well, can't I stay?

Erica: No, of course not. I know how busy you are.

Opal: Oh, but I really --

Erica: I'm going to call. I'm going to call. Larry, it's just so nice of you to take an interest in my story.

Jack: You mean our story. Don't you, sweetheart?

Erica: Really, Larry, the attention has been overwhelming.

Larry: Erica, I know you. America knows you. A ratings grabber like this "new divorce" angle -- level with us. Wasn't every on-air breath planned?

Erica: No, it was not. This was not some kind of sensational stunt. No, I -- I really wanted to share my life, share my situation and -- and help others.

Larry: Mr. Montgomery, were your motives so noble?

Jack: Well --

Erica: Well, no one goes into marriage with divorce in mind. I mean, I really dreamed of -- of forever with Jack. But things happen, people move on, they change, and -- and sad as it is, just because of that, it doesn't mean it has to be the end.

Jack: No. No, it certainly doesn't.

Erica: Even when -- when you have irreconcilable differences as Jack, and I most certainly do, it doesn't have to be the end. I mean, you can share a mutual respect, you can have a more platonic love at a distance. And I really think that our -- our divorce should serve as an example to others.

Jack: Absolutely, just as soon as it's final.

Larry: It's still not final?

Erica: Oh, well, for all intents and purposes --

Jack: It's moving right along, but it's -- it's still not legal.

Erica: Oh, well, not legal yet. I mean, it's just a matter of minutes. Oh, well --

Larry: How many?

Erica: Oh, well, days -- weeks at the outside.

Jack: No, actually, I -- I think it might be longer than that. Tell you what -- if neither of us changes our minds, we'll let you know just the minute we actually get divorced. How is that?

Larry: You could reconcile.

Erica: No, absolutely not, no.

Jack: But I think it's fair to say we're just going to have to wait and see.

Erica: Our minds are made up.

Jack: It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.

Larry: Especially a woman in love. Jack's admitted you're both still in love.

Erica: Well, Jack was speaking solely for Jack, not for me.

Larry: Are you going to claim you don't still get the least bit worked up when he's so close to you? Surely there's some love left.

Erica: Oh, I get worked up, all right. But it has nothing to do with love, believe me.

Larry: All your protests aside, the fact is there's a chance this divorce Erica style might never actually happen. True?

Greenlee: It's Fusion Green -- think globally, not locally.

Kendall: We are.

Greenlee: Sorry. Guess I missed that.

Kendall: Maybe you should ease your way in slower, take a look at our latest marketing reports.

Greenlee: I read the numbers -- that's enough. You obviously need all my attention.

Annie: What about a reality show?

Greenlee: And have people come up with recipes for a new product? I can't say no loud enough.

Kendall: No, you're not helping.

Di: No, no, no. People -- people have homes built for them, they invent things, celebrities dance.

Annie: Ok, what if we forgot the show? Um -- say we have some kind of competition where people come up with new, innovative ways to reuse the Fusion Green packaging?

Babe: We could do a totally separate campaign.

Di: Maybe we could offer an earth-friendly prize?

Greenlee: No -- old, tired, unacceptable.

Kendall: No, I disagree.

Greenlee: Have another latte.

Kendall: We haven't done anything like this. We've done contests before -- Fusion's sexiest man.

Kendall: No, that was different and you know it. I -- I like this. I want to develop the idea.

Di: Ok.

Annie: Yeah, we could tie it in with an established eco-friendly company.

Greenlee: And then advertise another company's product?

Di: Oh. Does anyone have a better idea?

Kendall: I say we work it up.

Di: Ok.

Babe: Agreed.

Annie: Good idea.

Di: You know what? We could offer a hybrid -- that would be good. You have one, don't you?

Greenlee: Nice job. You've handed Annie my guy, wedged her into my business, and now given her my project. What's next, Kendall?

[Music plays at the gym as J.R. and Amanda continue punching the same bag]

J.R.: You think you know it all?

Amanda: About some things, not all, but a lot more than you.

J.R.: What about this -- you think you can go three rounds?

Amanda: Depends on my opponent. You want to spar?

J.R.: If you learn to do it right. You keep powering through your elbow.

Amanda: Oh!

J.R.: Look. What you need to do is you got to throw your punch. Don't worry so much about landing it. And don't -- don't do it like this, because you're going to end up injuring yourself. Open it up. And you're going to want to center yourself and pull it through your body -- like that. Yeah?

Amanda: Yeah.

J.R.: Do it.

Amanda: Ugh! Ugh! Anybody messes with me gets worse back -- ugh!

J.R.: All right, all right. Now, do it again. But keep the control this time, ok? Let's get it back. Ok, punch it.

Amanda: Hmm!

Singer: Remember and I will be so right

Amanda: I want control -- ugh! -- And power in my life. I want -- I want -- ugh!

Singer: And I will be that night

J.R.: Hey.

Singer: And remember and I will be so right

Amanda: What do you think's going to happen now?

Singer: You are the angel

Amanda: You don't know?

J.R.: You tell me.

Amanda: You peel yourself away from me, or I'll punch your lights out.

J.R.: If you really mean it, act. Don't talk about it.

Adam: Are you onboard?

Zach: You have taken tough love to a whole new level.

Adam: Hmm. Yes, they gave me no choice.

Zach: I'll think about it and let you know.

Adam: Good.

Erica: If we could be official exes by now, we would be. Every passing moment strengthens my resolve.

Larry: Sounds less and less amicable.

Erica: Oh, well, no. That doesn't mean that I can't admire Jack.

Jack: Oh, right back at you, honey. Thank you.

Erica: I will always be fond of Jack.

Jack: And I will love you until the day I die.

Erica: Well, love is not enough to sustain a marriage, though. I mean, the truth is that most people probably never even should've gotten married. They just should've stayed friends.

Larry: Friends with bennies?

Jack: Oh, that's good.

Larry: We've reached the end of our interview.

Jack: Oh. Well, that's too bad.

Erica: Oh, well, how disappointing.

Larry: I thought our talk might add an exclamation point to the divorce issue. Instead, I see a question mark.

Jack: I agree.

Erica: You do?

Larry: Tell you what -- on D-Day, when you've made that transition from married to divorced, if it happens, let's do part two of this interview.

Erica: Oh, Larry, I -- I really don't see how we --

Jack: How we could say no to a thing like that. I mean, that'd be great. Would -- so much fun, right?

Erica: Oh, for me to say "I told you so" in front of millions of viewers?

Jack: I'll take that risk.

Larry: You heard them. Will it be divorce Erica style, or will love ruin her plans? Join me as we count down to D-Day. Stay up on the latest developments on our divorce watch. Till next time, good night.

Di: You handled Greenlee perfectly. I mean, don't let her even try to boss you around. Vote however you want.

Babe: I might not have a choice.

Di: They're your shares -- she can't take them back.

Babe: Yes, she can.

Kendall: You don't have to put yourself through this. Want me to buy you out? I'll give you more than fair price.

Greenlee: It wasn't just Ryan that drew me back here. I missed this -- Fusion. I missed you. I needed to be back here, to be a part of all of this again.

[Ryan walks in and kisses Annie then walks over to Greenlee]

Ryan: I want to settle this now.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Hannah (to Josh): You may be really good in bed, but as a spy, you are as subtle as a chain saw.

Kendall (to Annie & Di): You can't trust Greenlee. We have to find out what she wants.

Ryan (to Greenlee): You ready to head off?

Greenlee (to Ryan): Yep -- all we're missing are the piņa coladas.

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