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Jack: [On the phone] Which of your brilliant police officers decided it would be a good idea to arrest Ryan Lavery for bigamy at his wedding reception? You know what -- it doesn't matter. Here's the deal -- I want my client ready to walk out of that police station by the time I walk in, all right? It's that easy. Just do it. [Hangs up phone] Lily -- hi. I'd ask you how the wedding was, but I just got an earful myself. Ryan was arrested? Oh, well, that must've put a damper on the festivities, huh? How about Annie? How's -- how's she holding up? And Emma -- poor Emma. I hope she didn't have to see her father handcuffed.

Lily: I never saw Ryan get arrested. I'm going to go do dishes.

Ava: [As Lily] Hi, Dad. Um -- I'm very tired from all the noise and the people. I'm going to go to my room.

Jack: Look at you. You -- you caught the bouquet. That's great. I mean, all those other women pushing and shoving to get that thing, and you came away with the flowers -- that's great. What are the chances of that, huh?

Ava: Yes. Um -- chance is one in three million.

Jack: Oh, at least, huh? I'm so glad that this wedding was a success for somebody because, you know, the groom's in jail, but look at you. You must've made a big splash, huh -- Ava?

Jonathan: Don't you have a crime to solve, hmm? Criminal to bust?

Lt. Perry: Ok, if your brother's innocent --

Jonathan: You know that my brother's innocent, but that doesn't stop you guys from dragging him down here during his wedding.

Lt. Perry: His wife had something to say about that.

Jonathan: "Wife"? Ex-wife. He's been divorced from Greenlee for over a year.

Lt. Perry: Yeah, well, the woman, you know, claims to be his wife. She refers to herself as "Mrs. Lavery."

Jonathan: Oh, do you know what? This is bogus.

Lt. Perry: Look on the bright side -- you know, maybe Ryan and his not-quite-ex are working it out right now.

Amanda: Lieutenant Perry?

Lt. Perry: If this is about the PVPD crashing Lavery's wedding, I've heard it.

Amanda: It's about Adam Chandler. Have you arrested him for kidnapping baby Jenny Carey, using my mom?

Lt. Perry: Love to, but we don't have enough evidence at this time to make a case.

Amanda: You never will -- damn it. It's never going to happen. He will make sure of it.

Lt. Perry: Sorry.

Amanda: Jonathan -- crazy day. You all right? We just helped Annie clean up.

Jonathan: How is she? How -- how's Emma?

Amanda: Emma's confused, but Annie's a whole lot cooler than I would be.

Di: Hey!

Annie: Hey, where you going? Where you going?

Emma: I'm going to wait for him.

Julia: Oh, but what about your princess slumber party? Kathy's all waiting for you, and I've got your Princess sleeping bag right here.

Annie: And when you wake up in the morning, you can tell your daddy all about it, ok?

Emma: Ok, Mommy.

Annie: Ok. Hold on, hold on. Come give Mommy a kiss. Give Mommy a kiss -- good girl.

Julia: Come on. Let's get this princess party started.

Annie: Oh.

Di: What do you need?

Annie: You mean besides my new husband?

Di: How about we get you out of that wedding dress at least?

Annie: Uh-uh. No, thanks, but tonight is my wedding night. I am staying in my wedding gown until my groom comes home.

Ryan: What are you doing here?

Greenlee: Spring in Pine Valley, my favorite time of year. I had to see you.

Ryan: Oh. See what kind of damage you'd done? See how wrecked I was, whether I was just bruised or I was mortally wounded?

Greenlee: No, that's not what I meant.

Ryan: Well, I will pull through, but the number that you pulled on my wife and on my little girl -- did you enjoy that? Having me pulled from my own wedding right in front of my little girl -- was that enjoyable for you? I hurt you, so you waited for the perfect moment for your payback, right? And you paid me back pretty good, you really did. So, way to go, Greenlee. Way to go -- direct hit. Are you happy now?

Greenlee: No, I'm not.

Ava: Look, Lily likes Ryan. I mean, she wasn't ditching the wedding to be rude. She knew that Jonathan was going to be his best man, and he was going to be all up in her face, and she didn't want to deal with that, so I helped her.

Jack: So you pretending to be Lily -- that was her idea? Uh-huh. You know what? Let's not go with the lie. I don't have time, and it makes me really, really angry, Ava.

Ava: Ahem.

Jack: Scamming is not in Lily's nature. She's not capable of it, so obviously this was your idea.

Ava: Well, I've had way worse.

Jack: She went along with it, because she's thrilled to have a sister. She just wants to make you happy.

Ava: Look, it's not like I forced her, ok? She wanted me to go.

Jack: Do you care about Lily at all?

Ava: Of course, I do. I would never hurt her.

Jack: Then stop using her. Stop trying to con her friends, the people who love her.

Ava: Ok, it was just a joke. It's not like we hurt anyone or anything.

Jack: Yeah, well, you know what, Ava? It stops right here. Don't you ever put on an act, try to be Lily again. Do you understand me? Yeah?

Ava: I'm sorry. It was a bad idea. I promise it'll never happen again.

Jack: Good. You tell Lily I'll be back soon, ok?

[Door opens and closes]

Ava: Hmm. [As Jack] "Lily can't scam -- it's not in her nature"? [Normal voice] Thank God she has me.

Jonathan: This never should've happened. It's my fault.

Amanda: No way.

Jonathan: Before the wedding, Kendall was trying to get Ryan's attention about something big, something important. And I just figured that she was playing an angle, so I blew her off.

Amanda: I heard the stories about Kendall at Ryan's last wedding. It makes sense that you'd be suspicious.

Jonathan: No, no, no, no -- but then, an envelope came for Ryan, and I opened it. I know, but inside was -- inside was his old "Dynamite Kiddo" decoder ring, and I just thought it was more Kendall drama, so I had it returned, and I didn't tell Ryan.

Amanda: Decoder ring?

Jonathan: Yeah, a decoder ring. It's -- Ryan and Greenlee used to have this thing where they gave each other a gift every day. Now, that ring was one of his gifts to her, and obviously, she's -- she's held on to it this entire time. And if I just would've told Ryan what was going on, this --

Amanda: So, so -- I'm sorry. You don't have Dynamite Kiddo super powers, and you can't decode the future, so you get to beat yourself up? Jonathan, the only thing that you're guilty of is trying to protect your brother.

Jonathan: You need to stop worrying about me. I heard you took a bad bump on the head.

Amanda: Yeah.

Jonathan: You got enough going , enough to worry about other than Lavery problems.

Amanda: Well, I would rather deal with yours. When I think about my mom and Adam stealing baby Jenny, it -- it just makes my head hurt -- oh -- even more.

Jonathan: Hey, it's done. The baby's back where she belongs.

Amanda: It would've never happened if I'd have had some spine.

Jonathan: Well, I don't know about that. I've seen you in action. You can be pretty ferocious.

Amanda: I totally caved to Adam. You know, I should have busted him wide open the second I knew that he had anything to do with my mother escaping, but instead I was all about the fear and a lot of people got hurt.

Jonathan: Amanda, how many people do you know keep it together when their life spins into chaos?

Annie: Ok, so I canceled the limo to the airport, I canceled the flight. That just leaves the hotel room -- oh, and honeymoon suite.

Di: Why are you doing this?

Annie: I'm not going alone.

Di: I -- I know. I mean, just the canceling -- let me handle it.

Annie: No, it's ok. I -- I like doing it. It makes me feel like I have some control in all of this. It also makes me feel like at least my honeymoon will happen sooner rather than later or sooner rather than never.

Julia: Look, don't even say that.

Di: Of course, it will happen.

Annie: I know -- I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I -- I'm sure this will all, you know, work itself out soon, and we will be on that plane and in that suite in no time.

Julia: Absolutely.

Di: Definitely.

Annie: Yeah. I mean, Ryan's arrest is -- this was like a temporary glitch. You know -- bigamy? Please, that's -- Ryan in handcuffs will not be a part of our wedding album. I'm sure we will, you know, look back on this and laugh.

Julia: Sure, you will.

Di: You know what? This will probably even be a chapter in the -- The adventures of Queen Annabelle and Princess Emmaline. Or not -- or not.

Annie: But we will laugh, right?

Julia: Why not?

Annie: Did you guys know Greenlee?

Di: Not very well, no.

Julia: Oh, a little.

Di: Yeah. I've definitely heard stories about her.

Julia: Yeah, lots of stories.

Annie: She's like a legend at Fusion. But, still, even for her, what would -- what would possess a woman, what would make her so crazed to have her ex-husband arrested on his wedding day? This is a total disaster, isn't it?

Ryan: So, what will it take for you to be happy? I mean, when will you have enough payback? When I'm in prison or are you going to hold out for the guillotine or --

Greenlee: This isn't about payback. That's not why I did --

Ryan: But this is so you. I mean, this is "classic" Greenlee. You strike back, and you try to get as much collateral damage as possible. I know that I hurt you. You wanted a child, and I made that impossible, and I didn't even tell you about it. And when you did get pregnant, I had you mourn a man that wasn't even dead. And if that wasn't enough, when you lost your child, I wasn't there for you to help you get through that, and you hate me for that, and I understand that. I hate that for -- that I did that --

Greenlee: I don't hate you! I was hurt, I was angry. I wanted to erase you from my life. But I'm in a different place now.

Ava: Dude, you would've totally hated it. I mean, there were so many people there, and the music was crazy loud and there were so many women wearing red, you would've thought it was the new black.

Lily: But red can't be black.

Ava: But I can be you, which is a very good thing. I totally saved you.

Lily: Wish someone could've saved Ryan. Weddings are supposed to be happy. And when my father barged in on my wedding, it made me really unhappy. Annie must be sad, too.

Ava: Yeah, that was a bummer, but I had a great time. Everyone is so nice to you, all about making you happy, comfortable. Oh, what a way to live.

Lily: Technically, everyone didn't know it was you, so they weren't loving you.

Ava: Whatever. I'll take it any way I can get it now. I mean, it's the first time that anyone has shown me an ounce of respect or acted like they gave a damn. It was awesome.

Ryan: You don't hate me? And you're not angry? So -- so you having me arrested was, like, what -- your version of Zen Greenlee or something, because just so you know, it doesn't exactly scream "enlightenment."

Greenlee: I never intended --

Ryan: To hurt me? Don't worry about me, Greenlee, I'll be fine. Truthfully, I swallowed your payback long before you sicced the cops on me. And it's too bad you weren't there -- you probably really would've enjoyed it, although there were many witnesses that can fill you in on the detail. It started the day that you left. Do you remember that? I didn't want you to go, I -- I begged you to stay, but you wouldn't, so I asked if I could go with you. I asked if we could make a new life together someplace new, but no deal. You were done with me -- done -- and then you sent your lawyer to make that even more clear, and he told me to back off, and so you know what I did? I backed off. I didn't want to, but I did -- because that's what you wanted. Greenlee? Losing you -- I felt like I was dead. I mean, it was hell getting over you. But I did.

Jack: Ryan, you're free to go. The charges have been dropped.

Ryan: Thank you, Jack, but where do I stand? Am I married, am I divorced? Am I a bigamist?

Jack: Just talk to Derek. He'll explain everything to you.

Greenlee: So you want to lay into me, too?

Jack: Hello, Greenlee. Welcome home.

[Greenlee hugs Jack]

Jonathan: Hey -- hey, are you good? What's going on? What's up with Greenlee?

Ryan: I'm free. Don't even bother asking about Greenlee.

Derek: Whose idea was it to arrest Lavery for bigamy?

Lt. Perry: Well, the complaint read legit.

Derek: Why didn't anybody run it through me? We've wasted manpower, we didn't do our PR any favors.

Lt. Perry: I'm sorry, Chief.

Derek: We harassed a citizen on a sketchy charge.

Ryan: "Sketchy" as in "false," Derek? Please tell me that means what I hope it means.

[Music plays at ConFusion as J.R. walks in and stares at the bartender pouring drinks]

Singer: You looked around when I was down. You saw the opportunity. It's not so bad that I was had so much more than you and me

Babe's voice: J.R., you've already lost me.

J.R.'s voice: You still love me.

Babe's voice: Love has never been our problem. Faith, trust, hope -- we don't have that -- well, we don't anymore.

J.R.'s voice: I -- I do. I have that.

Babe's voice: And I did, too.

Singer: Hand your town you saw yourself I take responsibility all the time to remind me of this useless memory

Adam's voice: You've lost your mother, and you've lost your wife. You have a child that you see part-time. You're alone, J.R. -- just as alone as I am.

Singers: In spite of me

Bartender: Hey, what can I get you? What would you like to drink?

Jamie: Hey. You alone?

Singers: In spite

J.R.: Don't even start.

Singers: Of me

Ava: People were so happy to see me.

Lily: Me.

Ava: Ok, fine -- whatever. I mean, Aidan didn't frisk me for stolen jewelry, and Jonathan didn't slam me for being a ho. Everyone was all smiles. For once, I felt like I was on the inside instead of way on the outside trying to figure out how the hell to get in there.

[Ava sighs as the doorbell rings]

Ava: Well, I better go change before someone finds out I'm pretending to be you.

Lily: Somebody else knows?

Jonathan: Hi -- Lily.

Di: What are you doing?

Annie: Honeymoon suite canceled.

Di: Oh. No -- why? Why ---

Annie: I have to do something. I can't write thank-you notes because I might be returning the gifts, so -- hey, what exactly is the etiquette when the groom is arrested for bigamy?

Julia: You know, Ryan's going to walk through that door in about two minutes.

Di: You're probably going to be on a flight tonight, Annie.

Julia: Yeah.

Di: Take -- you're exhausted. Why don't you lie down?

Annie: No, I'm not tired.

Di: I could use some leftovers.

Julia: Yeah, and I need to pop some popcorn for the girls.

Ryan: Wow. That's amazing -- you are even more beautiful than when we said our "I dos." I mean, how lucky am I, to be alone with the most beautiful bride in the entire world?

Annie: Are we married?

Jonathan: You -- you were very beautiful today at the wedding. You were so happy. But -- I don't want to make you tense. I just wanted to tell you, if there's anything I can do for you, please, just --

Ava: Hi!

Jonathan: This is a private conversation, so why don't you - go find a pocket to pick. Give us some peace.

Ava: Yeah, I'll bail -- if that's what Lily wants.

Lily: Ava lives here. You can't just tell her to leave.

Jonathan: Lily, I just wanted a few minutes with you.

Lily: We've had 5 minutes and 43 seconds.

Ava: Time flies, huh?

Jonathan: Shut up.

Lily: Ava's my sister. Be nice to her.

Jonathan: Lily, I'm sorry.

Lily: Now Ava and I need a private conversation. I learned in my Life Skills class that that's a hint when you want someone to leave.

J.R.: Why don't you patrol somewhere else? I don't need it --

Jamie: That's not why I'm here.

J.R.: Yeah, sure it is. You see me at the bar -- red alert. Alchy on the verge, again. If I drink, I drink. If I don't, I don't. You know, I don't need you preaching to me, I don't need your lectures, and I don't need that look from you.

Jamie: Why don't you calm down?

J.R.: Because I'm sick and tired of everyone, and you, on my case. You can't make me sober, you can't make me drink. It's on me and nobody else.

Jamie: You finished? You mind if I say something now?

J.R.: Not if it's about alcohol.

Jamie: Look, I want to apologize. When Jenny was missing -- when Tad and Krystal were going through that, it hit me. You've been there. As in Babe and me. We took your son, and we never looked back.

J.R.: You're apologizing? Maybe I will get that drink.

Jamie: I told myself that I had all kinds of reasons for taking your kid away from you. I never admitted that I was wrong, not even to myself. I never apologized, because I never saw that I had anything to apologize for. Now, I get that it's -- it's too little, too late, but for what it's worth, I'm sorry -- for taking your son, for putting you through hell, and for taking so long to realize that I had something to be sorry for.

J.R.: Ok.

Jamie: "Ok"?

J.R.: What do you want? What, do you want a halo? You want wings? You want the skies to open up, sing down praises?

Jamie: I thought we -- I don't know -- we should talk about it?

J.R.: Well, we talked about it. I agree. We're done.

Del: Hey, you want a beer?

Jamie: Yeah.

Del: Amanda, you've just been through some major trauma, and I'm not talking about not catching the bouquet at Annie's wedding.

Amanda: I'm healing. I need to get back to work, to my life.

Del: So do it in a bubble bath, and check with me tomorrow. Better yet, take some photos and check with me tomorrow.

Jamie: He's kind of right. You don't need to jump right back into job stress.

Amanda: Don't tell me what I need to do. I'm not stupid, I'm not crazy! My mother is the one who's sick, not me.

Greenlee: Ok, let me have it. I'm crazy, sick, twisted, wrong -- dead wrong. Oh, evil -- that's a good word.

Jack: No, I'm not going to do that. It seems to me you're doing a good enough job of that for both of us. Honey, I am curious. What were you trying to accomplish? I mean, having Ryan hauled out of his own wedding --

Greenlee: If I say it out loud, I'm going to sound like an idiot.

Jack: No, come on, sit down.

Greenlee: I thought he would see me, sweep me into his arms, and never let me go.

Ryan: You're my wife in every way that matters. And my vows -- I meant every single word of my vows. Heart and soul. Family, future, hope and happiness, you. Nobody can tell me that's not real.

Annie: But are we legal?

Ryan: We will be.

Annie: Whew. That's a no.

Ryan: The divorce papers weren't filed properly, but after a little bit of paperwork, we will have our date at the altar again, we will.

Annie: "Again." There aren't any conjugal visits in our near future, are there?

Ryan: Huh. The bigamy charges -- no, there's nothing to make them stick, nothing at all. They're -- they're not even remotely valid. I mean, somebody would have to try and prove that I planned to have two wives. Truthfully, one is all I can handle.

[Ryan chuckles]

Annie: You hope.

Ryan: Yeah. Greenlee and I will be legally Is-dotted, Ts-crossed divorced in no time at all, ok? And I am so sorry that she hijacked our day, and she turned it into a little bit of a circus. My ex tends to kind of go to extremes, you know?

Annie: Well, it was -- it was only one bad moment. I mean, one terrible --

[Ryan laughs]

Annie: Hideous, monumentally bad moment, but everything else was perfect. Our family, our friends. Spike in that precious little suit.

[Ryan chuckles]

Annie: And Emma -- she looked so beautiful.

Ryan: How is she? Is she ok?

Annie: She's ok.

Ryan: You know what? I'm going to have to give her a kiss good night a little bit later, because now -- now -- well, you see, we never exactly made it to Tortola. No surf crashing outside.

Annie: Hmm.

Ryan: No moonlight bouncing off the waves, or chocolate on the pillows, or anything like that. But tonight still is our wedding night, it really is so I would like very much to celebrate that.

Jamie: Well, Amanda, you are as sane as they come. But you've just been through hell. You deserve a little downtime --

J.R.: Yeah, behind bars. You aided and abetted a felon. You let a kid get snatched. You let a maniac roam the streets.

Amanda: Your dad is the felon. He did everything but brag about his crimes, and nothing's going to happen to him. No charges, no prison time -- nothing.

J.R.: How is your mom, by the way? If she only had a brain --

Amanda: Shut up.

Del: Back off, J.R.

J.R.: Is she back in the padded cell? You planning her escape? You going to let her bust out? Going to hide her this time?

Jamie: You know what? It's time for you to leave.

Amanda: You know, your dad is as sick as my mom. She's locked in an asylum on meds, but Adam -- Adam is free to shred anyone he wants.

J.R.: Then stay out of his way!

Amanda: Your dad and my mom -- the only difference is money! And my mother -- she has a heart.

Greenlee: When I left town, I swore I never wanted to see Ryan again. The problem is no matter how much I yelled and screamed, I couldn't get him out of my heart.

Jack: You hated what Ryan did to you, but you just couldn't bring yourself to hate him.

Greenlee: Which is why I didn't sign the divorce papers. Ryan thought I wanted to ambush him -- payback -- and yes, I know I am totally capable.

Jack: Ah.

Greenlee: But that wasn't it. I just -- I never stopped loving him. I tried. But I'd hear a laugh that sounded exactly like his, or I'd walk past a comic book store or a motorcycle would go by. Sometimes I could get through the whole day without even thinking about him, and then just as I was falling asleep, there he'd be.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, love can do that, huh?

Greenlee: I mean, I was still ticked off, and eventually, when I stopped throwing things --

[Jack laughs]

Greenlee: I started to work through it. My best friend and my husband having a baby without me -- I didn't think I'd ever get over that. But I have, mostly. I mean, it's -- it's not as if they did it to hurt me.

Jack: No.

Greenlee: Right?

Jack: Absolutely. Absolutely right. They were misguided, but they did it out of love. Absolutely, yes.

Greenlee: The hardest part was my ego. Kind of like, yes, taking on Mount Everest.

Jack: Yes.

Greenlee: But I got there. I remembered what it was like to be loved by Ryan. And the more I remembered, the more I wanted to come home and pick up where we left off. I just didn't count on the part where he might feel different.

Jack: When you wanted to just pick up like that, did you -- I mean, when Ryan picked the date for his wedding, didn't that give you a little pause?

Greenlee: But see, I -- I didn't know about the wedding until Kendall told me a couple of days ago.

Jack: Actually, Kendall left me a voicemail about you, but I never connected with her, so I never -- how long you been in town?

Greenlee: I was waiting for the right time to let everyone know I --

Jack: And you thought Ryan's wedding was the right time?

Greenlee: No, see, because -- it didn't even -- I didn't process it. When I heard about the wedding -- Annie, I -- I heard her name. I saw her, but it -- it didn't compute, because Ryan was the love of my life, not hers! There is no way he could possibly feel about her the way he did about me. And so I thought if I fought for him, that he would be glad, and he would love me even more. But he wasn't glad. He was angry. And the earth didn't stand still. And he didn't sweep me into his arms. Ryan is not mine anymore.

Ryan: Are you happy?

Annie: Yes.

Ryan: Good. Then you're ready.

Annie: Ready for what?

Ryan: Your surprise.

Annie: Is it a horse?

Ryan: No.

Annie: Is it a policeman in the hallway?

Ryan: Hopefully not. This is a good surprise, ok?

Annie: Hmm.

Ryan: Trust me. Oh.

Annie: Ahem. Absolutely.

Ava: Do you see now how Jonny boy is with me -- a total jerk? But when I'm you, he's, like, falling all over himself. So is everyone. Everyone is so nice and sweet. God, Lily, I could be you forever and never get tired of it.

Lily: Being me is hard.

Ava: Well, it's totally worth it.

Lily: A lot of people are mean to me because I have Autism Spectrum Disorder, and they don't understand it.

Ava: Who cares? You have friends for life. Hey, Lily -- um -- do you think it would be so horrible if I pretended to be you again sometime?

Jonathan: It's just -- I don't get it. I mean, Lily -- she was so friendly to me at the wedding. She even -- she smiled at me, the way that she used to. I go over to her house to check on her, and she's cold to me.

Amanda: That was your first mistake.

Jonathan: I wanted to make sure that she was ok. Ryan got arrested at his reception. Come on. You know she hates surprises.

Amanda: And she's not that crazy about you, either. When are you going to get that?

Jonathan: Amanda, I know that Lily's moved on.

Amanda: No, you don't, not if one smile gets you all wrapped up, not if you're here moaning about her for the millionth time.

Jonathan: I'm trying to get over Lily.

Amanda: Try harder. You get all excited, you're only going to get hurt. Give her some space.

J.R.: Hey -- give my regards to your crazy mom.

Amanda: I will tell her to get a room ready for your crazy dad.

Annie: How did you even get that up here?

Ryan: Magic, actually. Yeah, you know, just kind of like you and me. Here.

Annie: Mmm. You know you wanted to smash that in my face.

Ryan: Yeah, I kind of did a little bit. I did, only if I could lick it off, but I can't.

Annie: Hmm. Speaking of --

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: Mmm. Mmm, delicious.

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah. Actually, you are.

Greenlee: Ryan swore that there would never be anyone else. That was over a year ago. Now he has a wife.

Jack: Or two.

Greenlee: A son, a daughter. Kendall was like a sister to me. Now she's treating me like I'm a stranger. How can this be? How is that possible?

Jack: I'll tell you how it's possible. Minutes turn into hours. Hours, days. Days, years. Lives are lived. Nobody stays frozen in time.

Greenlee: I have.

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Adam (to Zach): I think it may be too late for your father. It's not too late for J.R. We can teach him a lesson. Together we can put him in his place.

Ryan (to Jack): I want this cleared up. Just tell me how to make it go away.

Greenlee (to Annie): Hi. I'm Mrs. Ryan Lavery.

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