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Babe: Will you look at how tiny these are? Were my feet really ever this small? Oh, you're just so little. Hi, pretty girl. Look how excited you are to go meet Little A.

J.R.: Yeah, he's pretty psyched, too. He said he'd share his race cars.

Colby: I am so ditching school to babysit.

Krystal: Come here.

Tad: Well, you know what? From here on out, all we got to worry about is feeding, burping, changing -- maybe a little barfing. I'll try not to hit the baby.

Krystal: Oh.

[Tad chuckles]

Tad: Come on. We're taking our daughter home.

Krystal: Yeah. That's what I thought before, and then she was gone.

Adam: Spare me the legalese, Barry, did you take care of it or not?

Barry: Well, at this time, there's no proof linking you with Janet Dillon or the child. Therefore, I'm happy to report there will be no charges filed against you in conjunction with either of them.

Adam: So with the loon back in the bin, I assume this matter is officially closed?

Barry: Well, you still have to recover from your heart attack.

Adam: Well, that'll be a hell of a lot easier now that I don't have to worry about illegitimate babies or runaway psychos.

Barry: Or legal action of any kind.

Adam: Yeah.

Kendall: I locked Greenlee in here! How did that conniving little brat weasel her way out of here? What did she do -- what, did she slither under the door?

Zach: Greenlee tried to stop the wedding, and you stopped her instead.

Kendall: No, you know what? She couldn't have gone very far, not in those heels.

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Go look for footprints. Size 6, Jimmy Choo. You got to do it. You -- come on.

Zach: Hi.

Kendall: Hi.

Zach: Ryan and Annie are married.

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Zach: It's over. Know what I think? I think Greenlee got the message, and she left.

Kendall: You're wrong. You are so very wrong. Greenlee is still here. I can feel it.

[Music plays]

Ryan: And we want to thank everybody for coming here today, and now I'm going to -- I'm going to say this as blatantly as I possibly can. We'd like you to disappear for a little while, so that I can have a little time alone with my wife. I have a little surprise for her, so I'm going to take this. You guys get the party started inside --

Annie: What surprise?

Ryan: And we will be -- yes, hold that. We will be there --

Annie: What surprise?

Ryan: Very soon -- a surprise. I can't tell you. Go ahead -- we'll see you guys soon. Yeah.

Annie: Pretty slick, making our guests disappear like that.

Ryan: Yeah, well, today is full of magic.

Annie: Oh, my God. No way. No, no -- no way. No, no, no, no, no. Forget about it.

Ryan: You can do this -- it's going to be ok. Trust me.

Annie: Ok, this is so romantic, and I've always wanted to, but last time, I ended up on my butt soaking wet.

Ryan: And completely beautiful like you are right now. So --

Annie: Oh. Hmm -- ooh! Oh.

Man: That a girl.

Ryan: Hello -- thank you. We're married now, Annie, and we can take on anything even beautiful Othello.

Annie: How can I say no? Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God.

Ryan: Thank you, thank you -- careful. Wait for me. Ready? One, two --

Annie: Oh! Whoa, hold on.

[Music plays]

Annie: Oh!

Ryan: I got you. You good?

Annie: I am good.

Ryan: Are you ok?

Annie: Yeah, I'm better than ok. I love it, and I love you.

Man: Here.

Ryan: Thank you, thank you. You ready? Ok.

Annie: Oh, God!

Singer: We watch the season pull up its own stakes and catch the last weekend of the last week before the gold and the glimmer have been replaced another sun-soaked season fades away. You have stolen my heart. You have stolen my heart. Invitation only grant farewells, crash the best one of the best ones, clear liquor and cloudy-eyed too early to say good night. You have stolen my heart. You have stolen my heart. And from the ballroom floor we are in celebration. One good stretch before our hibernation. Our dreams assured and we all will sleep well, sleep well, sleep well

Di: That bride and groom on horseback -- could it get more romantic than that?

Julia: Well --

Aidan: I prefer a late-night bungee jump myself.

Di: What are you doing later?

Jonathan: Oh. Oh.

Di: Yeah.

Amanda: I am really glad you decided to come, Lily. I know parties aren't really your thing.

Ava: [As Lily] I have earplugs if things get loud.

Amanda: Well, maybe we could do lunch or a picnic in the park or something. I've really missed being second-best friends.

Ava: Ahem. I'll be right back.

[Aidan watches Ava as she texts Lily]

Singers: You make me feel so alive I'm letting go tonight. And everyone knows I was afraid to

Zach: Wow!

Kendall: Hi, ready to go to the balls?

[Kendall gasps]

Kendall: Look who it is -- there is my boy.

Zach: Hey.

Kendall: Hi, honey. Hi, sweetness.

Rachael: He was fussy before, but now with all these little cute girls around --

Zach: I know. I mean, now, go get some food. We got him.

Rachael: All right.

Zach: Thanks.

Kendall: All right. You like weddings, don't you, Spikey? You remember ours -- you remember ours? You were still in my belly.

Zach: Of course, he remembers -- he walked you down the aisle. What you looking at?

Kendall: So, did you catch Annie with her stud, big stud?

Zach: Stud?

Kendall: Yeah.

Zach: Oh, the horse, you mean? That was a nice touch.

Kendall: Yeah, it was. You know, I think you're right. Annie and Ryan are actually married, so I think Greenlee actually decided to forever hold her peace.

Emma: Here they come!

Amanda: Oh!

Jonathan: Yeah!

Amanda: Yay!

Ryan: Hi, Spike.

Julia: Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Lavery.

Adam: Tad, did you come to congratulate me on my freedom? Or are you just tired of being saddled with my bed scraps? No refunds on defective merchandise.

Barry: My client and I are engaged in a private conversation. Would you please leave?

Adam: No, actually, if Tad wants to say something, let's -- let's let him talk. I could use a little entertainment.

Tad: I was going to warn you to stay away from my family.

Adam: You mean, that merry band of tarts and traitors?

Tad: You didn't let me finish. I was going to warn you to stay away from my family, but it'd be a waste of breath, waste of time. You're obviously in no position to do anything. In the meantime, I'm going to take my new baby girl home -- with Krystal. Get well soon.

Babe: Adam really isn't going to be charged with anything?

Tad: No proof, no case.

Babe: He put you and Mama through hell. There's no going to skate.

J.R.: Oh, you want to bet? If anybody can cover his tracks, it's that SOB in that room.

Krystal: What? What -- what's wrong?

Joe: Not a thing. We have monitored her temperature, heart rate, respiration, white blood cell counts. You name it. She's good to go home.

Krystal: Oh.

Tad: Oh, thank God. That's a load off, Pop.

J.R.: I'll go get the car. Yeah?

Tad: Yeah.

Krystal: Joe?

Joe: Yeah?

Krystal: Can you promise me when I walk out that door, I don't have to look over my shoulder? I don't have to worry about somebody grabbing my baby? Promise me, Joe.

Joe: This little baby, my granddaughter, is surrounded by love. Everybody here would do anything to protect her and her mother, especially me.

[Jenny fusses]

Joe: Oh. Well, much as I would like to stay here and dote, I've got to go and get Adam ready for his discharge. Excuse me.

Tad: Would you excuse me? I'll be right back, ok?

[Joe whispers]

Tad: Pop? I don't want that criminal on the loose when my daughter gets out of here.

Adam: I don't know what I'm looking forward to more -- my next glass of scotch or getting rid of this godforsaken gown.

Barry: Listen -- do you need help getting home? I can arrange a car.

Adam: I hire you to do my legal advising, Barry -- that's it. I have people that can take care of the rest.

Joe: Hello, Adam. I have your discharge instructions here, medications, recommended lifestyle change, follow-up appointments and all that stuff. Who shall I give it to?

Adam: I don't need a caretaker. I can bloody well take care of myself.

Joe: You're a fool, Adam.

Adam: Do you think I would take medical advice from a Martin?

Joe: Mm-hmm. We also recommend that you have a friend or a family member accompany you from the hospital.

Adam: I also recommend that you get the hell out of my way.

Joe: Mm-hmm. You're all out of options, aren't you? No family, no friends, no choice but to go home by yourself.

Adam: Well, what about that -- that useless son of yours? Is he lazing around somewhere, maybe right over there? Mounting my ex-wife, again? Why don't you go lecture him.

Joe: Oh -- we're still waiting for your test results, and there's a terrible backup in the lab. No telling when you'll get your release.

J.R.: Hey. What's up with you?

Colby: Dad has no one to take him home.

Babe: Our sister could've died twice because of him. He's getting exactly what he deserves.

J.R.: Babe's right -- forget him.

Colby: He is our dad, and he is sick.

J.R.: He disowned me, he thinks that you went to the dark side. We're out, Colby. Learn to deal with it.

Colby: What, and just leave him in there?

Babe: Colby, if Adam would've pulled off his plan, it would be Mama that would be going home alone. She would never see Jenny again, none of us would. You have to think about that.

J.R.: Look, you've stepped up more than anyone in this whole mess. You're not just my kid sister -- you're your own person. You're smart, you're brave, you're independent. I mean, you broke away from Dad, you broke away from the Chandler mold that he was trying to force you into. You're free, Colby. Just don't -- don't get yourself sucked back in, ok?

[Jenny cries]

Krystal: Oh, yeah. You're singing.

Babe: How are we doing? Hi, princess.

Krystal: All set.

Colby: Hi. Are we ready to take our baby home?

Tad: Ok.

J.R.: Yeah.

Tad: Paperwork's done.

Babe: So pretty.

Tad: Car is out front. It is time to get this little show on the road. You ready? Whoo!

Joe: There she is, there she is. The peanut. Hello there, sweetie.

J.R.: Aw.

Krystal: This is it. Time to go home.

Tad: Well, when you put it that way --

Colby: Oh --

Babe: How about you head on home? I'll meet you at the condo, ok?

Colby: Thank you.

Tad: Appreciate it.

[Music plays]

Jamie: So, with everything you have going on -- taking care of Kathy, getting back to work after the nurses' strike -- you have time to have a wedding at your house? How are you not exhausted?

Julia: Well, but this is what I wanted Wildwind to be like. I wanted people here to celebrate and kids laughing -- bring back some of that life and joy. Feels like the old days.

Jamie: Think about the past a lot?

Julia: I think about Edmund and Maria. I think about all the people who used to live here. So many of them are gone -- they moved or passed away, and I miss them.

Jamie: Well, you have us.

Julia: Yeah. Oh, and it's been so great for Kathy, too. You know, now that she's a little bit more settled, I can't wait to take her out to California and introduce her to her new family -- my mom and my sisters and Sam and Maddie and Hayley and Mateo and Enzo.

Jamie: Wow. Uh -- that's cool, and then she's going to have the Wildwind gang on the East Coast and the Santos crew on the west.

Julia: Yeah. I just want her to know them and to spend time with them and to understand of something that's really special and big.

Jamie: Oh, speaking of which -- I think I failed to mention this, but I've decided to go back to med school, so books, exams, gallons of coffee -- I'm ready, I'm excited. I'm going to be a doctor.

Julia: Oh, great. Is this -- is this Jenny inspired?

Jamie: Uh, well, when I was working on my baby sister --

Julia: Wait -- you mean when you were saving her life?

Jamie: That.

[Julia chuckles]

Jamie: I don't know -- it felt right, it felt good. It felt like I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing.

Julia: Oh, this is so great. It's -- you're just -- you're going to be an incredible doctor, and look --

Jamie: I don't know about that.

Julia: At how happy you are. Well, look, I'll -- I'll do whatever I can to help you. I'll be a study buddy, I'll bring you midnight snacks -- anything you want.

Jamie: Really?

Julia: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: Because med school is a -- a real grind. It's very stressful.

Julia: Oh, well, I can probably help you ease some of that stress --

Jamie: Hmm.

Julia: Under one condition.

Jamie: Oh --

Both: Lock the bedroom door.

Jamie: Yeah.

Julia: Oh, my gosh.

Jonathan: I -- hi. I ordered you a ginger ale, your favorite.

Ava: [As Lily] Thank you. Can you put it on the bar, please?

Singers: Give me a chance

Jonathan: The wedding invitation said 3:00 p.m., so when I didn't see you, I figured you weren't going to come -- you're always right on time.

Ava: I was 42 minutes and 6 seconds late. I didn't want to interrupt the ceremony.

Jonathan: I'm just happy that you're here. But I'm happy that -- that you're talking to me. I know with my run-ins with Ava, you were -- you were very upset. I -- I didn't know if you were ever going to talk to me again.

Ava: I love my half sister. She's funny and nice, and she's going to be a huge movie star. And people are mean to her, and I don't like that.

Di: Hey, Lily's smiling and chatting -- doesn't seem to have picked any pockets. I guess Ava hasn't corrupted her, huh?

Aidan: I'm just glad she's having fun.

Di: Yeah, right, because Lily deserves to have a good time. Ava -- she can fend for herself on the streets, right?

Aidan: Ava has a roof over her head, which is a big step up from the streets where she was slumming a month ago, so I'm not pulling out my violin just yet.

Del: Hey, put a sock in it and check these guys out, hey?

[Music stops]

Ryan: Now, my wife is a woman of many, many talents.

[Latin music plays]

Ryan: She writes stories, ride horses, all of it, but now, she can salsa.

All: Oh!

Annie: You think we'll ever make it on "Dancing with the Stars"?

Ryan: I know you'll make it. I don't know about me.

Annie: All right.

Kendall: Come on!


Jamie: Look at that! That --

Jonathan: Whoo!

Jamie: Wow.

Jonathan: Ho, ho!

Kendall: All right!


Annie: The dip.

All: Oh!

Annie: Everybody, come on. Get your butts out here. Come on, dance!

Jonathan: Want to dance with me? Come out here and dance, come here. All right. Come here and dance with me.

Kendall: Oh!

Ryan: Look at you!

Jonathan: Oh!

Kendall: You have no idea how big you owe me.

Colby: Whoa, but strained anything -- oh, nasty.

Tad: I'm telling you. Take it from bodybuilders worldwide, ok? Peaches and bananas -- don't knock it till you try it.

[Colby chuckles]

J.R.: Little Adam is in the other room with Winnie. This is a kid-friendly zone.

[Krystal sighs]

J.R.: There's no weird vibes here. I'm going to go check on my son.

[Jenny fusses]

Krystal: Oh.

Tad: You know, I was there with you -- through all of it, right? Janet, that stupid test, the warehouse, the ambulance -- all of it. I don't blame you for feeling the way you do, but look, the fact is Jenny's home with us where she belongs. She's healthy, she's safe. She's at home with her family.

Colby: Oh. At the hospital, I read this article about infant massage. It says that it relaxes the baby and helps us bond with her.

Tad: Infant -- infant massage?

Krystal: I -- I don't know, Colby.

Colby: Come on! You want J-Co to be up on the trends, right?

Tad: Yeah, yeah. Well, why not, you know? It sounds like it could be interesting, and I'm sure that little Jenny from the block's up for it. All right. Warm it up a little bit. Ok, come here -- give me your little footy. There's the feet monkeys.

Krystal: Aw.

Tad: Huh? Nothing. I often have this effect on women.

[Jenny coos]

Tad: Yeah, there she goes -- yeah!

Colby: Oh!

Tad: Seems like she likes it. You know, at this age, getting a massage, who knows? Six months, she'll want a chef and a sports car.

Colby: Oh, look at her -- I think she likes it.

[Tad chuckles]

Colby: Don't you?

Tad: Yeah. You know something? I think it's working so well with her, I'll go try it on J.R.

Krystal: Oh.

Colby: Ooh. Ok, my turn.

Krystal: Hmm.

Colby: Ok, let's see. You want a little foot massage, huh? Huh, Jenny? Ooh, look at these little toes.

Krystal: Oh.

J.R.: Well I'm going to go ahead and get on out of here. Looks like you guys got everything under control.

Krystal: Hmm.

J.R.: All right. I'll see you.

Colby: Hmm.

Krystal: Thanks, Colby, for being such a great big sister -- and daughter. What is it?

Colby: We're all together and my dad's all by himself. I shouldn't care, but I do.

Adam: I don't care if the traffic is backed up to Pittsburgh. Get me a car, now. Shouldn't you be out test-driving trailers with your mama?

Babe: How's it going, Adam? You still feel that barbell on your chest, the burning, the pressure? You know, some people say that a heart attack is a life-changing event.

Adam: Hmm.

Babe: Makes you re-evaluate everything.

Adam: You know, it must be hard finding a double-wide with a nursery in it. You have to just put the baby in a drawer, I guess.

Babe: I know that you asked for Mama when they rolled you in here.

Adam: Oh -- nonsense.

Babe: And you couldn't take your eyes off of her when she was leaving the hospital. Deny it all you want -- you still want her.

[Music plays]

Di: My God, do you see this?

Kendall: I do.

Di: They're all over Ryan. I think Spike is next to learn the twist.

Kendall: Ok, I need a picture of this.

[Di laughs]

Kendall: Instantly -- this is very cute.

Zach: Hi -- sorry, I need to borrow my wife. It's -- it's kind of important.

Kendall: Ok. Bye.

Di: Mm-hmm.

Annie: Thank you, Jonathan, for seeing this, for believing in us way before I did. I am completely, unbelievably happy.

Jonathan: I'm happy for you.

Annie: I want you to have this, too -- not just for us or through us. I want you to have happiness of your own.

Jonathan: I did once. And I'll never forget it.

Jamie: How's your head? Does it still hurt?

Amanda: A little -- not so much from the bump as the nonstop worry. I'm just so sick of stressing.

Jamie: Well, positive thinking. You live in a fantastic house, you have good friends, cool job.

Amanda: And a mentally ill mother Adam Chandler used to steal your baby sister. Just when I think it's ok to relax and go forward with my life, I get smacked in the face -- or the head, the universe's way of reminding me that I can never let my guard down. I just want something, anything to get my mind off the drama for a couple of hours.

Jamie: Well, there's the bouquet thing, the cake -- that should eat up some time. Or we could just make fun of Del. I mean, that's always a good one.

Jonathan: You want to dance? We could dance the way we did at the Mardi Gras Ball.

Ava: [As Lily] I have to go to the ladies' room.

Aidan: Lily, you all right?

Ava: Yeah, why? Did I do something wrong?

Aidan: No, you just -- you know, you looked a bit uncomfortable. That's all. Do you want to go outside and get some air?

Jonathan: We could go for a walk, Lily. There's beautiful purple tulips outside.

Ava: Why are you being so nice?

Aidan: Because we care about you. We just want to make sure that you're taken care of, that's all.

Ava: How can you be so nice to me and so mean to my half sister?

Di: Lily? Hey, it is pretty loud in here. Do you want to go to someplace more quiet?

Ava: I'd like that.

Singer: Nothing you can say or do will turn me

Di: Is this better?

Ava: Yeah.

Waiter: Whoa.


Waiter: I'm sorry, miss.

Di: My God.

Waiter: Sorry.

Di: Lily, you're all right, right? No big deal, huh? Start counting from 100 backwards right now or you are so busted.

Ryan: We're so incredibly lucky to have our family here today, and that's how we think of each and every one of you -- honestly we do -- as family.

Jonathan: Aw.

Ryan: We do, don't we?

Annie: Yes, yes.

Aidan: Whoo!

Jonathan: Ow!

Del: Yeah!

Jonathan: Get a room.

Emma: We want cake!

Ryan: Oh-oh! Oh, excuse me.

Annie: Ok!

Man: Ryan Lavery?

Ryan: Yes, that's me.

Officer: We have a warrant for your arrest.

Ryan: What? What is this, a joke? I mean, we just got married.

Man: That's why we're here.

Emma: Don't let them take me again!

Annie: Oh, no, no, no, sweetie. Nobody's -- nobody's here to take you.

Ryan: Ok, look, not here, all right?

[Ryan whispers]

Jonathan: Ok.

Ryan: It's fine.

Jonathan: Hey, guys, it's a misunderstanding. We're going to get it cleared up right now. Continue to dance, have a drink. We'll be right back, ok? It's fine, it's fine.

Ryan: You want to tell me what the hell is going on here, please?

Man: Bigamy.

Officer: Being married to two people at once.

Ryan: Yeah, I know what it means. Why are you here?

Man: There's proof that you're still married to your former wife.

Jonathan: What? Is this a joke?

Annie: Why are there policemen at our wedding reception?

Ryan: Well, I told you, it's just a mix-up. It's just --

Annie: Well, it's a mix-up that has our daughter in tears. Emma thinks they're here to take her back to foster care.

[Music resumes]

Annie: You better have a damn good explanation for this.

Ryan: You know what? You know what? This is just about my divorce papers, which I am definitely am, I definitely am divorced, so obviously, this boils down to just, like, a clerical error. A paper-pushing kind of thing, ok? I'm going to fix it in no time.

Annie: Are you sure?

Ryan: Yes. Yes, I am positive. I'm just going to go take care of this real quick, and I will be right back. You know why? Because I still have to feed my wife cake.

Singer: And all those flames and all the

Jonathan: I'm right behind you.

Singer: It doesn't mean that you've got to dance

[Zach hums]

Zach: See?

Kendall: What, the bridge? Yeah, it's beautiful.

Zach: Yeah, quiet and private.

Kendall: Private. How do you always know?

Zach: It's my job.

Kendall: Yeah. You're damn good at it, too.

[Kendall hums]

Zach: Heh, heh.

Kendall: You know, Greenlee's got me so crazy, I can only force this smile for so long.

Zach: Well, then stop forcing it.

Kendall: Thank you.

Zach: Thank me? You're the one saved the day for Ryan and Annie, so I think you deserve a reward.

Kendall: Whoo.

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: I'm in.

Zach: Yeah?

[Kendall giggles as Zach removes his jacket and starts kissing her]

Zach: You're in?

[Zach chuckles, growls]

Colby: My dad did some horrible, horrible things to you, Jenny, our whole family. I mean, when I think about him all alone in that hospital, in that big house -- J.R. and Babe told me to forget about Dad, but I -- I can't, Krystal. You must think I'm crazy.

Krystal: I think you're a very caring, wonderful, loving young woman, Colby, with a ton of love to give. You should do what you have to do.

Babe: I wish you would forget that Mama even exists.

Adam: I would love to. She keeps following me around.

Babe: Oh.

Adam: Yeah. But why don't we get one of her trucker friends to haul her across state lines?

Babe: You tried to take Jenny, you lost. You tried to give Jenny away, you lost. You tried to break Mama into a million different pieces. You lost every single time.

Adam: Yeah, you and -- you and J.R., resorting to the -- your own asinine antics. Trying to get me to gush over Krystal? Trying to get me to come up with a deathbed apology? No. Ain't going to happen, lady. Ain't going to happen. Because I ain't dying. And I sure as hell ain't crying.

Babe: And you sure as hell are not going to hurt Mama or Jenny ever again. I will personally make sure that you never get near either one of them.

Adam: Can I have that in writing, please?

Babe: You lost everything, Adam. You know what that makes you? A loser. And Mama deserves a hell of a lot better.

[At the cemetery, J.R. talks to Dixie's headstone]

J.R.: I have no right to be here. And you have no reason to listen. But I have to try. I have to try to make it up to you, Mom. You asked me to give Tad his child. You told me to let him know that Krystal was carrying his baby. That was your last wish, and I let you down. I'm sorry, Mom. If I had just respected you -- honored you, maybe this wouldn't have gone so far. How do I make it right? How do I become a son that you would be proud of?

Colby: I'm not going back to Dad. He stole Jenny. I'm officially a Carey woman now. So forget everything I said, ok? I'm going to go get a towel.

Krystal: Wait, Colby. Here, here. Listen to me. Adam did steal Jenny, and she got really sick. If Jamie hadn't reached her in time, then -- your daddy's done some really rotten things. But that doesn't mean you can just switch off your feelings for him. He's in your heart. And you two still have a chance. It's not too late, Colby. I promise you, you would know it if it were. So you go. Ok.

Colby: Bye. Bye, sweetie.

Krystal: Hmm. I guess it's just you and me and baby makes three.

Zach: Not a bad day after all.

Kendall: Well, I won't have to force my smile anymore.

[Zach laughs]

Kendall: This one's not going away for a long, long time.

Zach: How do you do it? It came off so easy? There it is.

Kendall: Well, it just happened.

Zach: Ok.

Kendall: All right.

Zach and Kendall: Let's go.

Kendall: Yep.

Zach: All right.

Di: Hey.

Annie: I'm fine. It's fine, everything's fine.

Di: Annie, it was a spectacular wedding. This is just one little glitch.

Annie: Oh, yeah, it's tiny.

Jamie: Is there anything we can do? We're all here to help.

Annie: Um -- Emma -- where's Emma?

Julia: Oh, she's -- she's fine. She's with Rachael and the other children. And she calmed down when I told her that Mommy's going to explain everything.

Annie: Yeah. Maybe somebody could explain it to me first.

[While everyone is distracted, Ava picks up Annie's bouquet and sneaks away]

Krystal: Hmm. Jenny's first night at home.

Tad: You know, I just realized something. It's my first night at home with a newborn.

Krystal: It's my first night at home with a newborn and her daddy.

Tad: It's not my first night alone with a cold beer, a hot pizza, and the nature channel. As much as I love her, those pretty frogs are in there right now waiting for me.

Krystal: Tad -- you can watch the tree frogs sitting here on the sofa, while you're giving the 2:00 a.m. feeding.

Adam: Tell him to step on it. Oh. Did you come to attack me, too?

Colby: I came to take you home. I'm going to stay with you, Dad, and help you get better.

Adam: Last time you offered to come live in my house, it was a trick.

Colby: Well, this is straight up. I still love you, and I don't want you to be alone.

Adam: Ok.

Kendall: Hey.

Di: Hey.

Zach and Kendall: Hi.

Di: Ryan was arrested.

Kendall: That sneaky little bitch.

Jonathan: Jack, it's Jonathan. You have to come down to the station right now. Ryan's being arrested for bigamy.

Ryan: My wife divorced me. My present wife is at the wedding reception right now.

Man: We have proof.

Ryan: Look, get the chief in here, please. If Derek was here, he would tell you what kind of a colossal mistake that you're making.

Officer: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Follow me. Take a load off. You're going to be here a while. You the lawyer?

Greenlee: No. I'm the wife.

Ryan: Greenlee --

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Ryan: This is classic Greenlee. You waited for the perfect moment for your payback. Way to go. Direct hit.

Annie (to Ryan): Are we married?

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