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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 5/9/07


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Erica: So, is he here yet?

Pam: No, but I wear my best push-up bra every day just in case. Oh, I thought you meant Mr. Right.

Erica: Oh, no, you knew I meant Jack.

Pam: And the answer is still negative.

Erica: Well, I mean, here we are. We're doing this episode on harmonious divorce, and it would be just like him to prove a point by not showing.

Jack: Yeah, it would be just like me, but lucky for you, I'm in a very unpredictable mood today. Hello, Pam.

Pam: Hello, Mr. Right. Kidding.

Erica: Jack, I really do appreciate your showing up like this. I really do, and I think our audience can learn from us. Your ring, you're not wearing it.

Jack: No. This is supposed to be about our divorce, right?

Erica: Pam, I think this might be a good time for you to go through and give Jack all the bullet points that he needs to hit.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you still trying to get me to speak from your script, Erica?

Julia: Amanda. How's your mother?

Amanda: Definitely been better, but at least they started her back on her meds.

Julia: Well, if there's anything I can do to help --

Amanda: I'll be fine. I just really need a hot shower. And besides, today is all about Ryan and Annie. See you later.

Julia: Ok.

Emma: Wake up, Mommy! Wake up! You're getting married today! Yay!

Kathy: Yay!

[Sitting alone at the yacht club, Greenlee tears up her note to Ryan and throws it on the floor. Arriving on the scene, Hannah picks up the pieces.]

Hannah: Does this belong to you?

Greenlee: Not anymore.

Jonathan: Oh!

[Spike fusses]

Jonathan: Oh, someone's fussing. Hello. Well, is that your wedding face? Are you ready for a wedding today, huh?

Ryan: You know what he's ready for? He's ready for a bottle, I think. You mind taking him to the kitchen and getting one?

Rachael: Will do.

Ryan: Thank you. Ok, Spike? How you doing? Good. Ah.

Jonathan: Ah! Today's finally here.

Ryan: Why, is something big going on today I should know about? Because I'm --

Jonathan: Oh, no, no, no. No, not a big day at all. No, it's nothing. I haven't seen your fiancée around. You know, she probably got a case of the cold feet and just pulled a runaway bride, not a big deal.

Ryan: Really?

Jonathan: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: And miss out on all of this?

Jonathan: Right. Well, talk to me when your suit's on.

Ryan: Ok.

Jonathan: Put your armor on. It's up the stairs.

Ryan: Uh-huh.

[Phone rings]

Jonathan: Hang a left. It's going to be the third door on the right.

Ryan: Yeah?

Jonathan: The room is all yours.

Ryan: That's my phone that's ringing.

Jonathan: Um -- yeah, it is. I took it from you last night. Don't you remember?

Ryan: Yeah --

Jonathan: Excuse me.


Jonathan: Hello?

Kendall: Who is this -- Jonathan?

Jonathan: Yeah. Who's this?

Kendall: It's Kendall. Who do you think? What's going on? I've been trying to reach Ryan since yesterday.

Jonathan: Phone was ringing off the hook, so I turned it off. It's a private party over here, no distractions right now.

Kendall: All right, put him on.

Jonathan: No can do. He's upstairs getting ready for a wedding.

Kendall: Jonathan, this is an emergency.

Jonathan: Ok, then. We're going to see you later. All right, sounds good. Bye.

Ryan: Who was that?

Kendall: Jerk.

Zach: Whoa. Is there a problem?

Kendall: Yes! Yes, a massively huge problem. If we don't warn Ryan, this wedding will blow up in his face.

Kendall: So you can imagine how freaked out I was when I pulled open the curtain and there was Greenlee underneath those cucumber slices. Little brat wormed her way back into Pine Valley, and then she anonymously sent me these product line ideas to Fusion.

Zach: Yeah. She said that to you? She's here to stay now or --

Kendall: No, she is here to ruin Ryan and Annie's wedding.

Zach: Oh, really? And she admitted that in the conversation to you --

Kendall: No, you know what? She pretended like she didn't know that there was a wedding. But I know her, she is lying. I know she's up to something.

Zach: You're worked up over this.

Kendall: Well, shouldn't I be? I mean, Ryan took forever to get over her, and now he is and he's happy. So why does she have to show up when everything's going great for him?

Zach: Whatever the reasons, I think Ryan can handle it. Not so sure about you.

Greenlee: I'm sorry. Do I know you?

Hannah: No. I'm just really hungry, and you seem to be the only one who can get a waiter around here. Please say you don't mind.

Greenlee: Muffles the stomach growls.

Hannah: Thank you. So, who's ripped-up Ryan?

Greenlee: Imagine a guy who's runway hot, but rough around the edges -- witty, smart, kind, loyal, generous, all the checklist attributes, but unconventional and mysterious. Oh, and did I say sexy? Supersexy.

Hannah: Well, I can see why you let him get away. I need two scrambled eggs, sliced tomatoes, triple cap, please. And you did say this Adonis wasn't yours anymore.

Greenlee: Yep, that's what I said.

Hannah: Was it your doing or his?

Greenlee: Both, I guess. I wanted a baby, he didn't. I pushed too hard, he took off. When he came back, I had found out my best friend had betrayed me, so I just wasn't in a space to forgive and forget anything or anyone. That's when I left town. So, now I'm back, and I'm telling this all to a complete stranger. Why?

Hannah: Oh. You know, sometimes it's easier to talk to someone you don't know.

Greenlee: I just never imagined we'd be apart forever. I'd planned the reunion of a -- his invitation.

Hannah: Change of heart?

Greenlee: No. I found out he's getting married again.

Hannah: Just when you decided you wanted him back.

Ryan: I realize that they were calling to congratulate me. What I want to know is who are they?

Jonathan: Kendall.

Ryan: Well, why didn't you let me talk to her?

Jonathan: Because -- you have more pressing things to do today than to talk to Kendall, ok? Seriously, it looks like you just rolled out of bed. So that phone stays with me until the wedding band is on your finger. The ring -- what'd I do with the ring?

Ryan: That's very funny, very funny. How do you know it wasn't something serious? How do you know she wasn't calling to check up --

Jonathan: Because I know!

Ryan: How?

Jonathan: I know, ok? Trust me. Kendall makes everything in this town about her! Ok? The only woman that's going to get your attention today is your wife-to-be, Annie.

Ryan: No arguments here.

Jonathan: All right.

Emma and Kathy: A wedding, a wedding, a wedding, a wedding!

Julia and Di: Whoa!

Annie: Mommy's getting seasick. Please help me.

Di: She needs help.

Julia: Ok, go in.

All: A wedding, a wedding, a wedding!

Di: Are you ready to become the new Mrs. Ryan Lavery?

Annie: I am so completely ready, you have no idea.

Di: Well, that doesn't look like your average, everyday smile, does it?

Annie: Well, there is nothing average or everyday about Ryan. He took me on the most amazing prehoneymoon imaginable, and I just woke up from having a very s-e-x-y dream about him. I'm just so excited, I can't wait to start my life with Ryan.

Di: Yeah.

Kathy: What did she just spell?

Di: Oh --

Julia: Um -- hey, you know what? Di just got back from her run and she has croissants. I bet there's a chocolate one with your name on it. Want to go get it? Ok!

Di: Go get it. Last one there's a rotten egg.

Ryan: Oh, hey!

Annie: No, shut the door! Shut the door! Shut the door!

Di: Close your eyes! Close your eyes!

Ryan: What?

Pam: Going live, everybody!

Man: All right. And in 5, 4, 3 --

["New Beginnings" theme plays]

Announcer: The one, the only, the embodiment of "New Beginnings," Erica Kane!


Erica: All right!

Audience: Whoo!

Erica: Thank you! What a great audience. Thank you. Please.

[Cheering stops]

Erica: Thank you so much and welcome. Well, by now, you've all seen all the tabloid covers --


Audience: Aw!

Erica: Yes, it's true -- Paris Hilton got a new dog.


Erica: Honestly, what is our obsession with celebrity breakups? I mean, not just mine, but Charlie Sheen, Brad Pitt, Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon. I mean, I could just go on and on and on.


Erica: Apparently, Americans just love to read about other people's heartaches, even -- and hold on to your seats -- even when those stories aren't completely true.

Audience: Oh!

Erica: Are Jack and I in the process of getting a divorce? Yes.

Audience: Aw!

Erica: Thank you. Is it as ugly as these tabloid stories would have you believe? Not even close. In fact, our divorce has really been quite amicable. And here's a real shocker -- I don't think that's such a rare thing. In fact, I really think a lot of you out there have the same story. The end of a marriage doesn't have to mean the end of a friendship. And today, I want to prove that. So, today, I am turning the spotlight on myself --

[Audience chuckles]

Erica: Because I am going through a divorce, and I am just about to face a new beginning. And here to help me share my story is my soon-to-be ex-husband --

[Audience gasps]

Erica: Jackson Montgomery!

Audience: Whoo!

Erica: Well -- uh, please, sit down, Jack.

Jack: Thanks, thanks, thanks. Hi.


Erica: I actually was just telling them how smoothly everything has gone for us --

Jack: Yeah.

Erica: So far. I mean, from our children to our finances to dividing our personal belongings. I mean, dare I say, it's been a pleasure divorcing you, Jack.


Jack: Well, I wouldn't go that far, Erica.

[Nervous laughter]

Erica: Ok. We'll be back right after our commercial break.

[Theme music plays]

Kendall: It took a long time for Ryan and me to get to where we are. I felt guilty because I have amazing you, and he had nobody. But now he has Annie, and he's happy, and he deserves to stay happy.

Zach: Yeah, yeah, he does, sure. That's the only thing that's upsetting you about Greenlee coming back -- she might upset Ryan? Never mind the fact that she was your best friend, and she walked out on you?

Kendall: Never mind the fact that I almost let her raise my child?

Zach: Yeah.

Kendall: Yeah, I admit that -- that does drive me a little bit crazy, yeah.

Zach: But she didn't raise Spike. He's yours, ours -- our family. Your relationship with Ryan seems to be pretty solid, you know? Don't let Greenlee showing up change that.

Kendall: Hmm. Greenlee being here changes everything.

Zach: Hey. Don't do it, don't get involved. Ryan will handle it.

Kendall: Yes, but someone has to warn him, Zach.

Zach: Why? You think if Greenlee shows up at the wedding, he's going to cancel it?

Kendall: No, no. I mean, I know that he loves Annie, and right now, he's all about Annie.

Zach: All right. So let's keep it all about Annie. And what if Greenlee doesn't show up at the wedding? You'll upset your friend for nothing.

Kendall: Well, she could pop out of the wedding cake.

Zach: Doesn't concern us.

[Zach growls as he gives Kendall a quick smooch]

Kendall: Hmm.

Zach: I'm going to the office.

Kendall: Oh.

Zach: I am going to get ready there, and I will meet you at Wildwind, ok?

Kendall: Ok.

Zach: How do I look?

Kendall: You look hot.

Zach: Do me a favor -- forget about Greenlee. You know, maybe she'll slide out the same way she came in -- very quietly. Don't do anything to change her mind. See you.

Kendall: Bye.

[Music plays at the yacht club]

Woman: Don't tickle me! Ah!

Hannah: Mmm, mmm.

Hannah: I'm sorry, I -- I keep staring at that ring.

Greenlee: Oh. The most priceless piece of jewelry I own.

Hannah: Oh. Online auction indulgence?

Greenlee: No. I mean, it's rare, but -- it was Ryan's when he was young. He didn't have the greatest childhood, so he'd escape in comic books. Dynamite Kiddo was his favorite. We had this deal where we would exchange a surprise every day, and this was one of my surprises -- "a partner to share my adventures with," that's what he said. This ring was a symbol of a bond that couldn't be broken, or so I thought. Why did I wait so long to come back for him?

Hannah: You think it'd be simpler. Even though you've changed since the last time you saw him, time must have stood still for him.

Greenlee: Right. Of course, the minute he sees you, the feelings just rush right back in.

Hannah: Right, and you'll just pick up where you left off.

Singer: Head over heels in love with you

Hannah: You don't even think that he's going to move on.

Greenlee: And what if those feelings that he has he now has for someone else?

Hannah: But he does. He loves her. You're the past, and he has no interest in turning back.

Greenlee: Unless -- unless he does. I mean, Ryan doesn't know I'm here. He doesn't know I want him back. Maybe he's just settling for this woman, because he doesn't know he can have me back.

Erica: So just -- just follow my lead. And if you get lost, the teleprompter will give you the bullet points.

Jack: I'm sorry. Did -- did I go off topic? I mean, I think -- I think maybe I just didn't expect you to get so personal so fast.

Erica: Well, you know me, Jack. You know that I'm always candid with my audience.

Jack: Sure. I mean, you plan to be totally forthcoming?

Erica: How can they possibly understand our friendly divorce if we're not completely honest with them about our marriage?

Jack: Complete honesty? Well, if that's what Erica Kane wants, that's what she's going to get.

Ryan: Finish this sentence. "Seeing Ryan earlier was positively --"

Annie: Go away!

Ryan: Positively "go away."

Annie: B-a-d l-u-c-k.

Ryan: I can't hear you!

Annie: Not going to work, Ryan. No more illegal peeks.

Ryan: No, no, no. It wasn't illegal because it was inadvertent. All right? And if it makes you feel better, I will not look again until you walk down the aisle. I just -- I wanted to hear your voice.

Annie: I know. I like hearing yours, too.

Ryan: You sleep good?

Annie: Yeah. You?

Ryan: No.

Annie: Why not?

Ryan: Because you weren't there.

Annie: Oh, cheesy.

Ryan: But you love it.

Annie: Do you think it's bad luck, you seeing me before the ceremony?

Ryan: We had a honeymoon before the ceremony. We had a kid before the ceremony. I think we pretty much shattered them. there is no jinx that can catch up with us now.

[Music plays]

Greenlee: Forgive me for being nosy, but you now know all my secrets, so I'm allowed. You left a good man, too?

Hannah: Oh, more like I was thrown out. Oh, not by him. Oh. You know, it was a long time ago.

Greenlee: But you still think about him?

Hannah: Well, when you're younger, you don't stress out so much. You know, you always think you're going to have another chance. The older you get, it sinks in -- second chances are few and far between.

Greenlee: I lost love before. I don't want to lose it again.

Hannah: So don't. Fight. If you've lost as much as I have, you refuse to lose any more opportunities.

Greenlee: But is this an opportunity? My best friend, the one I told you about earlier? She said that Ryan has really moved on.

Hannah: Is this the friend that betrayed you? And why would you believe her now?

Greenlee: That's a really good question. I mean, Kendall pretty much stole my whole life. She has all of Fusion, she snaked my only chance to have a baby with Ryan right out from under me, and now she's all excited that he's marrying this other woman.

Hannah: Uh -- Fusion? Kendall --

Greenlee: Hart Slater. She's my "best friend." We started the company together. At first, we weren't close, then we got really tight -- really tight -- and I missed her, but she doesn't seem to be too heartbroken about me. Oh, whatever! I just -- I don't want to rehash it anymore. I had to read all about it in the papers when I was gone. I'm not going to torture myself.

Hannah: I understand. You know, I need to get going. I'll be late for work. Thank you for letting me share your table.

Greenlee: No problem.

[Hannah chuckles]

Greenlee: I'm sorry I chewed your ear off.

Hannah: I took a nibble off yours, too. I hope you stay in Pine Valley. I'd really like to run into you again.

Singer: As you begin to a new road each line upon your face makes it hard to find a place to fit in

Jonathan: No, no, no. Come here. I want to talk to you for a second.

Kendall: No -- Jonathan, come on!

Jonathan: Turn around, turn around.

Kendall: No --

Jonathan: Turn around. Not here, not today, ok? I am not letting you go anywhere near him.

Ryan: You realize this is just icing on the cake. I mean, we're already married in our hearts. We have Spike, we have Emma -- we're already a family.

Annie: Stop making me want to open this door.

Ryan: Ok, I'm going. I -- I am going. But we have seen each other already once today. You want to risk it one more time?

Annie: Would you go already?

Jonathan: No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. No, no. Oh, oh. No!

Kendall: Jonathan!

Jonathan: No!

Kendall: You know what? I am so over you.

Jonathan: Why? Why are you over me -- because I'm not going to let you make Annie's big day about you?

Kendall: What the hell are you talking about?

Jonathan: You know what? Just leave, please. Please, just leave, and you can come back after the minister asks if anybody objects to this marriage.

Kendall: Are you on drugs? I love Ryan with Annie. I want them to be happy, I want this marriage to go off without a hitch. That's why I need to see --


Kendall: Ryan -- Ryan!

Jonathan: No -- hey.

Ryan: What is all the yelling about here?

Jonathan: Nothing, nothing. Just act like you never saw her.

Kendall: Jonathan, shut -- shut the hell up! Ryan? Ryan, there's something that you need to know.

Kendall: Move. Listen to me. Ryan?

Ryan: Yes.

Kendall: Listen -- ok, listen. I was at the spa yesterday getting a massage --

Ryan: Ok.

Kendall: And I ran into --

Rachael: Ryan? The zipper on Emma's flower girl dress is stuck. She's practically in tears and says only Daddy can fix it.

Jonathan: Uh-oh.

Ryan: On my way.

Kendall: No, Ryan -- Ryan, listen to me! Ryan!

Jonathan: What do you have planned this time? I want to know, what do you have planned? Because at Ryan's last wedding, when you locked Greenlee in the tower, and you tried to marry him yourself --

Kendall: What does that have to do with anything?

Jonathan: Please -- you didn't like Annie for, how long was it? But now, you give her a job, you throw her a shower. Well, you're her new make-believe best friend. Ryan might buy it -- I don't! I know that you're up to something, and I'm going to be here all day to make sure that something doesn't happen.

Kendall: Ok, Jon-- ok, relax. Jonathan, just listen to me for one second, all right? I saw --

Jonathan: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: You know what? To hell with you, forget it.

Jonathan: Oh.

Kendall: You'd probably accuse me of orchestrating the whole thing. You'd probably blame the whole thing on me. I will find a way to help Ryan myself.

Jonathan: He doesn't need your help, so just please, please -- stay away from him.

Kendall: All right. Ok, come on, Zach. Hey, Zach. Send over as many men as you can to Wildwind right now, because I think there's a little green jealousy bomb about to explode in Ryan's face, and the poor guy won't see it coming.

Zach: Sure, but I still -- I don't see how that's our problem. It's still his problem, right? Don't let Greenlee upset you like this, please. I'll see you soon.

[Zach sighs as Hannah walks into his office]

Zach: Um -- I was just leaving. I have a wedding to go to.

Hannah: Oh, uh -- send Annie and Ryan my best, and thank them for letting me crash their shower. Is everything ok with Kendall?

Zach: Sure, no, everything's fine. Yeah, yeah. Ever been married?

Hannah: My career has taken precedence in my life.

Zach: So I take it that's a no, then? Why not?

[Greenlee places Ryan's "Dynamite Kiddo" ring in an envelope addressed to him]

Man: Hi. You called for a messenger?

Greenlee: I did. Can you please deliver this right away?

Man: It's a wedding gift?

Greenlee: More like a test. I'm going to wait here till you're back.

Di: Oh, it's you. Come on, come on. Come on, Emma.

Annie: Hi, pretty girl! Is everything better now? Hmm?

Emma: Daddy fixed everything.

Annie: He did? Of course, he did. Um -- ok, so now what?

Di: So, now something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Annie: Right.

Julia: Yes, yes.

Annie: Ooh-hoo-hoo!

Julia: Well, and I found something old --

Annie: Ok.

Julia: In the attic. Surprise, surprise.


Annie: Oh.

Julia: Here you go.

Annie: It's beautiful!

Julia: Well, my sister Maria wore that at her wedding, and I thought maybe you could put it in your bouquet.

Annie: Thank you, Julia.

Julia: Yeah, sure.

Di: And the something new --

[Annie gasps]

Annie: Oh, this is the most beautiful flower --

Emma: I picked it for you this morning at the playhouse.

Annie: Thank you, sweetheart. I am going to put this in my bouquet, ok?

Julia: I wonder who has the something borrowed.

Kathy: Me!

Annie: Oh! Kathy, thank you.

Kathy: But I need it back.

Annie: Oh. Well, I can see why.


Annie: Thank you so much.

Di: And --

Annie: Ooh.

Di: [French accent] Something blue. [Normal voice] I know, I know, it's cliché, but it is traditional. And you know Del -- three drinks and at the reception, it's going to be like, Garter, garter." You're going to have something to throw him.

Annie: Thank you. It's perfect.

Di: Yeah.

Annie: Thank you, thank you.

Di: It's going to be beautiful.

Annie: Oh, thank you, guys. I don't know what I would do without you.

Julia: Oh, I think you're all set, huh?

Annie: Nothing left except for the dress.

Jack: As you might imagine, being together for nearly 20 years, Erica and I have made some -- some wonderful memories, haven't we?

Erica: Yes, wonderful. Oh, I see that our producer has a surprise for us.

Jack: A surprise?

Erica: Uh, yes. What I thought was just some overzealous research turns out to be photos of us throughout the years.

Jack: You didn't tell me about this.

Erica: I didn't know about this.


Jack: Oh. Wow. Ok, well, this was -- this was taken fairly early on in the relationship, as evidenced by the 1980s clothes and hairdos.


Jack: This was right around the night that I rented out the Valley Inn dining room for you, so the two of us could have a romantic evening, just the two of us -- if you didn't count the violinist and the puppeteer.


Erica: Oh, he's not kidding. He really did put on a puppet show for me.

Audience: Aw!

Jack: And as I recall, the evening ended with a personal fireworks display.

[Audience buzzes]

Jack: Well, I also hired a guy to shoot off some fireworks for us, but --


Jack: Oh, this -- this would be the second time I proposed to Erica. She was doing a fashion show. She was dressed as a bride, so --

Erica: It's true. I mean, there I was on the runway and there he was on the runway. He just showed up and dropped down to his knees and asked me to marry him --

Audience: Aw!

Erica: Right there in front of the photographers and the press and everyone.

Jack: Well, Erica tends to be more agreeable when she's in front of a camera, so I thought, "Hey."


Erica: Hey!

Jack: I guess there's no pictures of the night we were stranded in that ghost town saloon, huh?

Erica: We had to sleep on the pool table. You were there.


Jack: Spent the night together in a sleeping bag.

Erica: Yeah, and you said that all night long, I was flailing around like a dying fish.

Jack: Well, why would I say that? It's not like you ever kick in bed.


Erica: Not like you ever snore. Oh.

Audience: Aw.

Erica: Such a beautiful day.

Jack: Such a stunning bride.

Erica: Yeah, such a shame that it didn't work out.

Jack: It is, it is. It is too bad. Why don't we be completely honest with your viewers? Why don't you tell them why it didn't work out?

Di and Julia: Perfect.

Annie: What about you, kiddo? Thumbs up?


Kendall: Jack? Hey, it's Kendall. Listen, there's a problem with your daughter -- the not-so-nice one, the completely stupidly selfish one. So call me when you get this. Call me right now.

Jack: You know, looking at those photos and hearing about everything we had to do to stay together, I imagine your viewers are having a hard time understanding why after all that we'd be calling it quits.

Audience: Yeah.

Erica: Well, I don't think that you can necessarily narrow down a situation like ours to just one event. I mean, I think that things happen and people change and -- and sometimes something you think is right just isn't. And sometimes, despite best efforts, it just doesn't work out.

Jack: Well, that's true. That's certainly true. And sometimes, there are secrets involved.

Audience: Whoa.

Jack: Tell me, wouldn't you all like to know what really happened to lead us from what you saw to this wonderfully amicable divorce?

Audience: Yes! Whoo!

Erica: Oh. Now, this woman has been waiting a very long time to ask a question. Yes.

Woman: Well, he has made me curious. I do want to know why you broke up. But I also want to know how you feel about losing such a wonderful man.

Jack: Oh, thank you.

Erica: Well, Jack is wonderful. But the point of today's show is that I don't feel that I'm really losing him, per se. I mean, Jack and I are still --

Jack: I think what Erica's trying to say here is that feelings -- feelings don't just go away.

Hannah: I guess you can blame your father for my less-than-stellar romantic life. When he ran the maid out of town, and I gave up my son, I made it a priority to prove I was worth something. I had all these dreams of reuniting with Ethan -- huh -- reclaim everything that was mine. Now that someday's gone now.

Zach: Well, I know it's hard to believe, but you can get past all this, find a new dream. Don't give up. Go get what you want.

Lily: Zach, Ryan's wedding starts in 53 minutes and 21 seconds, FYI. That's an abbreviation for "For your information."

Zach: Yeah, that's why I thought I'd get dressed and we'll go.

Lily: I was invited, too, and I should probably attend since I responded to them that I would. But I try to avoid weddings, because it's very crowded and some guests wear red. And Jonathan will be at this particular ceremony.

Zach: Ok.

[Doorbell rings]

Kendall: Are you kidding me?

Man: Oh, hi. I have a delivery for Mr. Lavery.

Kendall: Uh -- uh, come on in. Good luck. You know, for once, I'm actually trying to do the right thing and no one's listening to me -- no one.

[Del whistles]

Del: Hey.

Kendall: Hey! Oh, Del, thank god you're here. I need you to help me do something very important. Can you come with me, please?

Del: Yeah.

Kendall: Ok, come on.

Man: Hi, are you Mr. Lavery?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Man: This is for you.

Jonathan: Damn it, Kendall. Do me a favor. No, tell the lady that we don't want this and we don't want her. Thank you.

Ryan: Ah. Kendall leave?

Jonathan: Yeah. Yeah, she got a call -- some emergency at Fusion.

Ryan: Oh.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Ryan: What'd that guy want?

Jonathan: He's looking for the caterer. Come on.

Ryan: All right.

Erica: Well, I don't necessarily feel that I'm giving up, Jack. I mean, we've been connected for such a long time. I can't imagine not being in each other's lives. I mean, we're family. We have children. So I am so sure that we will remain good friends.

Jack: Well, it also helps when you still love the person you're divorcing, and that, frankly, is the secret of our divorce.

Audience: Aw.

Jack: Erica and I are still very much in love with each other.

["New Beginnings" theme plays as the audience cheers]

Man: Um -- Mr. Lavery refused the gift. He sent it back.

Greenlee: Did he see what was inside?

Man: Mr. Lavery's exact words were "Tell the lady we don't want this, and we don't want her."

Ryan: Jonathan, seriously, does my tie look crooked to you?

[Jonathan laughs]

Ryan: Tell me the truth.

Jonathan: It looks great, Ryan. You look great. Come on, if you get any better looking, I'm not your brother. Come on, it's time. It's time to get you hitched.

[Music plays as everyone gathers on a beautiful lawn]

Zach: Psst -- hey, little monkey.

[Zach growls]

Zach: Hi.

[Zach growls]

Zach: Hello, you look fantastic.

Kendall: Hi, thank you. I missed you. Hi, sweetness.

[Zach growls as he kisses Kendall]

Kendall: Did you bring your men? Are your men here?

Zach: Uh, no, they weren't invited.

[Spike fusses]

Zach: What, what, what?

Kendall: What is it?

Zach: Oh.

Jamie: Wow, how hot do you two look?

Kathy: We're not hot -- pretty.

Jamie: Ok.

Julia: Hey, how's Jenny?

Jamie: Better, a lot better.

[Music plays as Ryan and Jonathan arrive and everyone takes their places]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

[As the "Wedding March" plays, the wedding begins. Kendall chases Greenlee when she sees her running toward Ryan then traps her in a storage shed.]

Greenlee: Get away from that door, Kendall -- now.

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