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All My Children Transcript Monday 4/30/07


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Hannah's voice: Alexander puts on a crazy act and gets away with everything. How do you not want revenge?

Zach: You all right?

Kendall: Yes, actually, I'm much better now. Mmm.

Hannah: You've heard? About Alexander?

Zach: I got to talk to Kendall.

Hannah: Oh. You can't share what you know with me?

Kendall: Is this about Alex?

Zach: Alone, Hannah.

Del: Ryan, what's up, bud? Golden bullet? It's two-for-one one night.

Ryan: Actually, I'm looking for Jonathan.

Del: Yeah, well, if you see him, let him know he's supposed to be here.

Ryan: Why, he -- he hasn't been here yet tonight?

Del: No. He doesn't call, he doesn't write, and he is -- he's way past late.

Singer: So much more than you and me

Jonathan: Hey. I didn't expect to see anyone.

Annie: Yeah, you -- you kind of startled me, too.

Jonathan: Oh. I went for a run.

Annie: Really? Because -- because I've been around. I didn't know you were here.

Jonathan: I left a long time ago. It's like -- it was like a marathon. I feel great.

Annie: Huh. You don't look that winded.

Jonathan: Yeah, I'm in shape. Thanks. And besides, old man Cambias is dead. So today, all in all, it's a pretty good day. Yeah, old man Cambias can't hurt anyone else. Ok? He's gone. Shot.

Annie: How did you know that?

Emma: Hide me, hide me!

Jonathan: Hide you, hide you? What do you mean, hide you?

Kathy: I see you!

Jonathan: Oh, you see -- oh, you're going to play hide and seek, aren't you? Come here, you little monkey. I want to play hide and seek, too.

Tad: So I'm assuming you people didn't walk here.

Peter: What is this?

Jamie: Do you have a car?

Woman: Well, of course, we have a car.

Tad: How long ago did Janet take the baby in the other room to change her?

Peter: It's been a while.

Tad: How long?

Jamie: Oh, come on, people! How much of a head start are we talking?

Woman: She's still in there. It's --

Peter: She's not.

Woman: What?

Tad: And there's no car parked outside, either.

Peter: No, I'm parked out by that birch.

Tad: No, you're not -- not anymore. So are we talking 10 minutes?

Amanda: She took your car.

Tad: 15?

Peter: My keys -- my keys --

Amanda: This isn't yours?

Woman: No.

Jamie: You wouldn't happen to have your registration on you, would you?

Peter: It was a rental. The papers are in the glove compartment.

Amanda: It must be Mom's.

Tad: Derek, it's me. Listen, Janet Dillon has the baby. She had her stashed in the cottage.

Derek: Slow down, Tad.

Tad: No, the house is all the way out on the end of Freeport Road -- the northern end.

Derek: On my way.

Tad: No, wait, listen. Listen, there's something you got to know. She's stolen a car. She's taken off. I have no idea about the direction or the destination, so you better throw up roadblocks anywhere within a six-mile radius.

Derek: Ok. Do you have anything on the car?

Tad: No, unfortunately, just that it's a rental. But I do have a gentleman here who's going to give you a very thorough description.

Colby: Go ahead, pull the trigger.

Adam: No.

Krystal: Get out of the way, Colby! Get out of the way!

Colby: Dad, no!

Adam: Get out of the way!

Babe: Please, put the gun down.

Adam: This is between Krystal and me.

Colby: What about me? This is my family! This is family!

Adam: Well, there's a woman with a gun over there.

Krystal: No, no!


Krystal: Aah!

Jamie: Look, Amanda could stay with you in case Janet comes back.

Amanda: Like you're not going to need me if you spot my mom.

Tad: She's right. I want you to get in my car, get out there, start looking now. Please? I got to stick around, at least until the cops get here. Aidan's going to show up. look. We can cover -- no, James -- we can cover more ground that way. Please, just go. So, this is terrific. The lunatic is on the run with my daughter. Where do you bet Jenny is right now, huh? Sprawled across the backseat or on the floor squirming, you know --

Woman: No, no, no. We rented a car seat. We thought we were --

Peter: We thought we were taking her home with us.

Tad: Did you? Who arranged for you to adopt my daughter?

Peter: Look, we thought this was on the up-and-up.

Woman: We had no idea this wasn't legitimate.

Tad: No, I know you did. I just want to know who set it up.

Peter: A lawyer, for the birthmother, we thought.

Woman: Mr. -- Mr. Prince. He knows so much more about --

Tad: Mr. Prince? Are you kidding? Is that his name, "Mr. Prince"?

Woman: Mr. Prince.

Tad: Yeah -- who -- who's Mr. Prince?

Peter: He's supposed to meet us. He -- he has the mother's power of attorney.

Tad: It's a big vote of confidence, isn't it? So where did you meet him?

Woman: We didn't actually meet him. He --

Peter: Just on the phone.

Woman: Right, he --

Tad: Your definition of on the up-and-up is a lot different than mine. So how is she? I mean, did she look ok? Did she look like she was being cared for? Was she crying a lot?

Woman: No. No, she looked beautiful. She looked perfect.

Peter: That woman obviously cared about her.

Woman: She's going to take really, really good care of your -- of -- of Jenny.

Tad: Ok. That's good. Thank you.

Woman: Peter, I can't -- I can't believe this is happening.

Peter: It seemed so simple.

Woman: No --

Peter: That should have tipped me off.

Woman: No, now the police are coming. What about -- did we break any laws?

Peter: I don't think so. God. That woman didn't just steal our car, she stole our baby.

Tad: What "our baby"? Did you just say "our baby"?

Peter: I didn't mean --

Tad: What the hell is your problem? What's your story, huh? You got tired of red tape, tired of waiting for some agency to slip a baby through your mail slot, so you thought you would just take a short cut?

Woman: No, honestly --

Peter: We didn't think it was illegal.

Tad: Yeah, you didn't think about anything. You didn't think the fact that it was so easy is because she was taken, because she was kidnapped.

Woman: No, no, we were told that the mother gave her up --

Tad: The mother is being sedated, because she is out of her mind with worry.

Woman: Oh.

Tad: Your baby? Your baby -- she came ready-made with brothers and sisters and grandparents that are praying for her safe return. She's not something you can buy.

Peter: We never thought of it that way.

Woman: Honestly --

Tad: I mean, she's not a piece of furniture or a stick of gum, something you could just hand a check to a lawyer for, like he got it out of a vending machine.

Woman: Honestly --

Tad: And Mr. Prince -- let me tell you something about Mr. Prince. He doesn't give a damn about that child. He doesn't care where she ends up, how's she's doing. For him, this is about hurting people, ok? This is about revenge, pure and simple. To you, he's a Godsend. To me, he's nothing but a sadistic son of a bitch!

Aidan: Tad? You all right, mate?

Tad: Yeah, I'm fine.

Aidan: Maybe you two should stay outside and wait for the police.

Peter: Yeah. Yeah, that's a good idea.

Aidan: I'll keep an eye on them.

Tad: Cheers.

Babe: It's ok.

Krystal: No, it's not ok! Nothing is ok!

Babe: It's going to be fine.

Adam: What you did was very foolish.

Krystal: I -- I didn't mean to -- I didn't want to shoot the gun.

Colby: No, I'm ok. I know.

J.R.: No one -- no -- no one got shot.

Krystal: Oh, God.

Adam: You don't have to be so brave.

Colby: You have to stop this.

Adam: I don't think I could go on with -- it was crazy, sweetheart.

Colby: Dad, now you know how I feel. Not about you, but our family! And no matter what you think, Jenny is a part of it! Of us! Me, anyway.

Adam: I know, I know. You're very close to Krystal.

Colby: No, Jenny, Dad! And you're not just hurting her, you're hurting all of us. Yourself, too. You think just because that bullet's not in me, I wasn't ready to die? What, it was all me, Miss Drama Queen? Wrong. You're killing me. That's how I feel. It is. But you can stop this. You could stop it and let baby Jenny come home. Please, Dad.

Tad: I can't do this.

Peter: We believed it was legal. We had no idea anyone wanted the child.

Tad: Janet's cell phone's right there.

Derek: Check the call log.

Tad: Did you cut off the roads in and out?

Derek: Yep, 10 miles. And every squad car and plain wrapper we have is cruising the area.

Tad: Thanks, Derek.

Derek: But I need you to fill in some blanks for me.

Tad: I'm sorry. My daughter needs me more.

Del: Come on, bud, just try the special.

Ryan: No, thank you, but --

Del: Consider it an apology, man, seriously. I guess Jonathan's not late. He called in sick. I don't know, he looked pretty healthy to me this morning, but spring fever can be a killer, huh?

Jonathan: No, you're it! Aah! No, you're it. Whoo!

Annie: So, Jonathan --

Jonathan: Yes?

Annie: Did you trade shifts tonight?

Jonathan: Huh? No, I'm not going in tonight. Ooh.

Annie: Why, did they -- did they change the schedule or something?

Jonathan: No. I'm playing hooky. I called in sick. You know what? Oop. Now, it's my turn to hide. And you're both in trouble. You know why? Because I know all the good hiding places around here. So I want you to close your eyes. Here you go, stand up. Close your eyes and start counting, ok?

Annie: No, no! It's late. And -- and it's almost past your bedtime, ok? So it's time for you girls to go get your snack in the kitchen. Ok? Go on.

Jonathan: Bye. Bye-bye. Good night. I'm going to take a shower.

Annie: Jonathan -- you never told me how you knew Alexander Cambias was shot.

Jonathan: The radio.

Josh: I ask for their sources, and this is what they give me. I mean, where's the connection? This goes back six years. Look at February. Where's the link that proves ownership? Are you even hearing me?

Hannah: Just get it done.

Josh: Get what done?

Hannah: I can't lead you through everything.

Josh: By the way, your secret -- it's safe with me. Word gets out that you're not steel, hard-wired for business 24/7, Cambias stock might never recover.

Kendall: That photo of me, Zach, with the syringe from -- from the night with your father --

Zach: It's over.

Kendall: No, listen to me. Listen, Zach, ok? Alex didn't send it. He's got someone working for him.

Zach: We're looking into it. You're safe, I promise you.

Kendall: I'm worried about you, Zach. I'm worried what that photo did to you.

Zach: It can't get to me.

Kendall: Ok, well, whoever sent the photo can.

Zach: Look at me. Perfect life. I've got you, Spike, whoever's in here. And I took Cambias, and I'm going to turn it into something we can all be proud of. That'd really mess with his mind, wouldn't it?

Kendall: Is that enough? You thought you had won. And then that photo showed up. You didn't want to get back at Alex?

Zach: Try to kill him, you mean?

Kendall: Is that how it was?

Zach: No. I didn't shoot him. Come on.

Kendall: Thank God. Oh, thank God.

Zach: I'm sorry I worried you.

Kendall: Well, I'm fine. And Hannah helped. She was -- she was amazing. She really calmed me down.

Zach: Yeah?

Kendall: Yeah. Is there a problem with that?

Zach: With what? Someone amazing calming you down? No. No problem at all. But I think that's my job. So next time, come to me, ok?

Kendall: Ok. What is going on? Why are you so weird about me confiding in Hannah?

Zach: I feel a little guilty. You were stressed, and I wasn't here to help you. You confide in a perfect stranger, and I -- I feel like a bum.

Kendall: Ok. Well, you are a very sexy bum.

Zach: Yeah?

Kendall: Oh, yeah.

Zach: Hmm.

Kendall: And as for the stress goes, I'm -- I'm getting used to it. It's pretty much the norm these days for me.

Zach: We need a vacation.

Kendall: Yes, yes, yes. We do, we do. I really don't care -- I don't care -- I don't care where we go, I don't care what we do. I just want you to be ok.

Zach: I want us to be ok. All of us -- you, Spike, this, and me.

Kendall: Yes, you.

Zach: Mmm. Sexy me.

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Josh: Oh, good. I was going to buzz you. I just called the hospital. About the old guy you hate so much? Well, maybe you already talked to him -- no?

[Fax machines beeps]

Hannah: If you have something to tell me, tell. Otherwise, don't waste my time.

Josh: Right, because time is money. Sorry. It's -- it's bad news. Alex, Sr. -- he's stable. He's going to live. Wow. You're so brave. How can you hold it together like that?

Hannah: You love baiting me.

Zach: Ay-yi-yi. Josh? You got to do me a favor.

Josh: Sure. At least someone appreciates me around here.

Zach: Take my wife home and stay with her, please. I got a lot of stuff to do, ok?

Josh: I'd be glad to. If -- can you get along without me all right?

Hannah: I'll try.

Kendall: Ok, you guys, I don't need a babysitter.

Zach: Humor me.

Kendall: Oh, all right.

Josh: Come on, we'll have some quality sibling time.

Kendall: All right, you're both crazy, but I'm going to go, so let's go, Uncle Josh.

Zach: Take care of my family, Uncle Josh.

Josh: As if my job depended on it.

Zach: Ok. Bye, honey.

Kendall: Bye!

Hannah: I have made a very big mistake asking you about the past -- what you would have done if you knew I was pregnant with Ethan.

Zach: It was a fair question.

Hannah: No, no, I shouldn't have reopened old wounds. Your father robbed us both.

Zach: Well, I got to spend time with Ethan.

Hannah: Your father played with our lives -- yours, mine, and Ethan's. It's amazing, isn't it? He's even worse than you thought. You didn't even know he sent me away. You didn't know you had a son -- when you escaped, your father and recreated yourself as Zach Slater.

Zach: I didn't know what he did to my mom, either.

Hannah: No one would blame you for --

Zach: What? Hating him?

Hannah: Yes. Anyway, I'm sorry for bringing this up again. All the stuff you need to forget. I'm sorry.

Emma: Daddy, Daddy! Ryan!

Ryan: All right, you guys! How you doing? Wow, you guys are fast. Do you know there's a speed limit in here? I'm going to have to write you both up. I really am. Now, hold on a minute. Isn't it your bedtime?

Emma and Kathy: No, no, no, no, no!

Ryan: Ha-ha-ha.

Annie: Ok, ok, you each get one more game, and then it is straight to bed.

Ryan: Yes!

Annie: You understand, huh?

Ryan: That is the best news I've heard in a long time. I'll tell you what -- you guys go hide. I will count to ten. One, two --

Annie: I'm beginning to like this game. One --

Ryan: Hmm.

Annie: Hey, after you're done playing with the girls, I need to talk to you about something

Emma: Mommy!

Annie: Emma? Sweetie.

Ryan: Hey, hey, hey.

Annie: Are you ok? What is it?

Ryan: What's going on?

Annie: What is it?

Amanda: My mother is still out there. I don't care if we're running around in circles.

Jamie: Your cell keeps going in and out of range. We can't risk missing Janet's call.

Amanda: I want to keep looking. We're so close!

Jamie: Hey, hey, hey, hey. You don't go anywhere until your mom contacts you, and we do another trace.

Amanda: Jamie, she doesn't even have her cell anymore.

Jamie: Yeah, she'll find another way. Erica went on live TV to tell Janet you're in trouble. There's no way she's going to let that go. That's why you're here. As soon as Janet calls you, we got to move fast to get that baby.

Amanda: You can't keep me prisoner.

Jamie: Watch me.

Amanda: Oh, this is way too extreme!

Jamie: No, that would be your mother. Look, we have to do this.

Amanda: There has to be a better way than me as hostage.

Jamie: Anything?

Aidan: I just got off the phone with the police. They found the car that Janet stole.

Amanda: But not my mom? The baby?

Aidan: No, not yet. The car was abandoned just outside town.

Amanda: My mom is off her meds, alone, freaked out.

Aidan: The police are searching the area, and the FBI are monitoring all your calls to your cell. Keep an eye on this one, Jamie. She's the key.

Amanda: Would you guys stop treating me like the enemy? I am trying to help.

Jamie: We're close, Amanda. We just need that call.

[Amanda sighs]

Amanda: No one can get lost better than my mom. She really was the greatest mom. She did the cookie thing, she made the costumes. She played make-believe with me for hours. And I could almost pretend that she was like any other mom. Except that she'd want to keep playing make-believe when I was too old for it, and she'd have to leave. So, when I was old enough, I decided that I'd be the one who left.

Jamie: It's called living your life. You didn't do anything to your mother.

Amanda: She thinks I abandoned her, Jamie. And look how many people she hurt, or worse. And -- and that was it, you know? I -- I could not forgive her for that. I could not get past it, so I stayed away. And I abandoned her again. And now Janet from Another Planet is on the loose.

Jamie: Amanda, it's not your fault.

Amanda: Maybe if I had just visited her more, and let her know how much I love her, she wouldn't have even wanted to escape.

Aidan: The best way you can help your mom is to make sure she cooperates with the FBI and to get her back in that sanitarium.

Jamie: The FBI will be here soon.

Aidan: You keep me posted.

Amanda: Look, I'm sorry about trying to leave before. Ok? It won't happen again.

Jamie: Until I turn my back?

Amanda: I just want my mom and that little baby to be ok.

Jamie: Well, maybe your idea of ok is taking off to help your mom. The last time you thought that was a good idea, Babe almost died.

Amanda: I swear I will do whatever you want.

Jamie: I sure hope so. Because if anything happens to my sister, it's on your head.

Colby: A gun was shot. Somebody could have died -- it's your fault.

Adam: She wants me dead.

Babe: Just tell us where Jenny is.

J.R.: You can make this right.

Adam: This isn't a good time. I have a meeting that I really can't miss.

Colby: Wait -- you have a meeting? I could be lying in a pool of blood, and you have a meeting? What the hell is wrong with you, Dad?

Adam: Sweetheart, I'm sorry.

Colby: Don't "sweetheart" me. And, yeah, you are sorry. You're pathetic! Well, looks like he's got better things to do than return your baby. He's sub-human. Why do I care?

Krystal: Love.

J.R.: You know, I thought you were so messed up you couldn't get somebody to love you enough. Well, Colby just proved me wrong.

Adam: You know, sorry I can't stay and chat right now.

J.R.: Colby was willing to put herself between you and a bullet! Does that not register with you? She was ready to die for you! She loves you too much. You don't deserve her.

Adam: Despite what you think, I love Colby.

J.R.: Your definition of "love" is as twisted as you are. That's why you can just walk right out of here and just stab that little girl in the heart.

Adam: You couldn't possibly understand.

J.R.: Hell, I understand! I know what it's like to be a Chandler. If we get hurt, we fight back. Damn it, Dad, you -- you could turn this whole thing around!

Adam: Not if I can't get out of here! Now, get the hell away from me.

Tad: What'd you think? You think you could send my daughter, just go out in the world and find her a new set of parents? Huh?

Jamie: The minute Adam started to blackmail you, you should've came to me.

Amanda: That would've made it worse.

Jamie: Worse than what? Chandler put me in the ER when he ran us off the road. All you had to do was clue me in, and you could've stopped this before it started. My sister could be with my dad right now, I could be with Julia -- she's pretty wrecked after the strike.

Amanda: Now everything is my fault?

Jamie: Right now, I'm your babysitter. We're not here because you made smart choices.

Amanda: I was trying to protect my mother!

[Jamie sighs]

Amanda: I wasn't trying to hurt anyone! Adam is the bad guy here, ok, not me, not my mom. Rip him!

Jamie: My dad is taking care of Adam.

Amanda: He scared me, Jamie. If I didn't do what he wanted, he said my mom could die. I believed him. I made a mistake.

Jamie: And now my sister is God knows where with a crazy woman.

Amanda: Why is my mom even out there? How did Adam get the idea to use her? You --

Jamie: Don't put this on me.

Amanda: The only reason Adam locked on to my mom is because you thought it was all kinds of fun to get him committed. You set up the blind date from hell, throwing them together, not me, so how this whole thing started out is your fault!

Peter: Oh, yeah, that's her.

Woman: Her father knew. Oh, he was furious with some man he said stole the baby.

Peter: I thought he was going to the house

Woman: He's out for that man's blood.

Tad: So right now, even as we speak, there is a poor young couple out in the woods waiting for their grand prize, which just happens to be our daughter.

Krystal: Oh, my God.

Babe: But Janet's still got her?

J.R.: Was that your important meeting?

Adam: Oh, am I being included in this conversation?

Tad: Oh, absolutely, considering the fact that they're waiting there for Mr. Prince to officially hand over our kid.

Babe: Some prince.

Adam: Any idea where Janet went?

Tad: No. But Derek's throwing up roadblocks, checkpoints.

Adam: Yeah. The police -- ha-ha.

Tad: Face it, Adam -- Janet pulled an end-run, and you can't call her in. She's completely out of your control.

Adam: I have nothing to do with that woman.

Krystal: Damn it, Adam, it's not too late to help!

J.R.: You and Janet have a Plan B? Hmm? Someone got wise to you, were you going to change locations from that cottage?

Adam: Janet and I are not pals or partners in crime.

J.R.: Hmm.

Adam: I don't know where she was or where she is.

Tad: Right, and you weren't the white-haired guy that snatched the baby out of the hospital, huh?

Adam: Right -- I'm not.

Tad: Well, I know different, and so does Derek. And one way or another, you're going to pay for this, Adam.

J.R.: Do you want some help?

Tad: No, thank you. I'm going to get back on the road, get in touch with Derek, see if he knows anything else about Jenny.

Krystal: Thanks.

[Krystal sighs]

[Door closes]

Adam: Krystal --

[Krystal slaps Adam hard across the face and leaves]

Ryan: Girls all right?

Annie: Better than I am. I really wish you hadn't picked that thing up.

Ryan: No, the trigger has a -- a child safety lock on it, and it's not loaded, you know, so won't be any accidents.

Annie: Yeah -- that only makes me feel slightly better.

Ryan: You think it's evidence?

Annie: Don't you? Can you tell if it's been fired?

Ryan: Yeah, it has been actually. I just can't really tell how recently. You know, just -- because Jonathan went for a jog, and he came back, and he took a shower doesn't mean that he shot Alexander Cambias, all right, so --

Annie: No, no, it doesn't, but Jonathan has a motive, and he calls in sick the night Cambias gets a bullet?

Ryan: I thought we had this conversation.

Annie: Ryan, I'm sorry. I can't dance around this. Jonathan comes in here all happy-happy, because Alexander Cambias bought the farm, or so he thought.

Ryan: Yeah, well, I got to tell you, I'm not really all that broken up that the guy who killed my sister took a bullet.

Annie: Ryan, Jonathan's had problems before.

Ryan: Those were medical --

Annie: I know, and then we find -- no, then Emma finds a rifle hidden? Excuse me while I freak out just a little! I -- look, either way, I'm not staying here tonight. I'm not tucking our daughter into bed in a house that's -- with walls that are lined with guns. And I'm sure Julia feels the same way about Kathy.

Ryan: You're right. Just, you know, go pack up some things, get some things for the girls. You guys stay with me tonight, and I'll call Julia, and I'll let her know, ok?

Annie: Thank you.

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: And I'm not changing my mind about this.

Jonathan: Oh! Hi. Where did you get that?

[Ryan sighs]

Ryan: I know, right? You've never seen it around here before, have you?

Jonathan: No. Is it yours?

Ryan: No, no. Actually, Emma found it while she was playing.

Jonathan: I mean, what -- some idiot leaves a -- leaves a gun out for the kids to find?

Ryan: No, it was actually hidden, but Emma was looking for a place to hide, so --

Jonathan: Oh, man. We were playing hide-and-seek. Is she ok? She --

Ryan: Yeah, she's fine.

[Jonathan sighs]

Ryan: Everybody's fine. But they're going to stay with me tonight, you know, just to feel better about -- even Kathy.

Jonathan: That's a good idea. So we better get rid of that, then.

Ryan: Nah, not yet. It could be important.

Jonathan: What, you think it's a murder weapon?

Ryan: Cambias isn't dead.

Jonathan: That's too bad. So you think that whoever shot Alexander Cambias, they used -- they used that?

Ryan: Anything's possible.

Jonathan: Yeah -- no, ok? Not anything. So obviously, Annie thinks I did it. Do you?

Zach: Oh, good, you're still here. I thought I missed you.

Hannah: Huh. No, do you need something?

Zach: Yeah -- I need to go home to my family. Before that, I want to set something straight.

Hannah: All right, shoot.

Zach: I didn't -- for the record.

Hannah: Excuse me?

Zach: I didn't shoot my dad, so you didn't have to apologize. Nothing you say can incite me.

Hannah: Oh. So nice to know you're so highly evolved and forgiving.

Zach: I didn't forgive my father, but he has no power over me.

Hannah: You have your whole life worked out.

Zach: When I saw him lying there bleeding out, there was a lot of things running through my head. But I didn't want it to end that way.

Hannah: Amazing, all you've been through.

Zach: It would've been too easy. Didn't want him to die like that. I want him to suffer for years. I don't know, I'm sure whoever's responsible wouldn't appreciate that, but I think the longer the old man lives, the better. How about you?

Hannah: I haven't thought about it.

Zach: Really? Huh. Well, whoever it was -- he or she -- whoever shot the old man, maybe they thought about it. They probably wouldn't agree with me, either. Anyway -- getting home to my family. Good night. Can I walk you out?

Hannah: No, I have a lot of work to finish.

Zach: I'll wait.

[Hannah sighs]

Hannah: No. It could take a while.

Zach: Good night. See you tomorrow.

Jonathan: I come down the stairs, I see a rifle in your hands, and I don't jump to the thought that you're the shooter, ok?

Ryan: Well, I want to believe that you wouldn't.

Jonathan: Yeah, I did not shoot Alexander Cambias. I didn't, Ryan.

Ryan: Ok.

Jonathan: I didn't.

Ryan: Ok.

Jonathan: Do you believe me or --

Ryan: I do. I believe you. I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry, I just -- every time I think about how we grew up, I just -- oh.

Jonathan: Just please forget about look at what you have going on now. You -- you have Spike, you have Annie, you have Emma -- you have a family, Ryan!

Ryan: I know, I know, I know, and you are a very big part of that family.

Jonathan: And we're finally going to get to be happy, all of us finally happy. I just wish that -- I just wish that Erin --

Ryan: Erin was with us?

Jonathan: You know what? Erin's looking down on us from somewhere right now, Ryan, and she's smiling.

Amanda: I made a mistake. I shouldn't have caved to Adam's blackmail, but you gave him the weapon.

Jamie: Maybe baiting Adam wasn't my best idea.

Amanda: You think?

Jamie: We'll find Janet and the baby. As soon as she tries to call you, or she tries to contact Adam, we'll get her. And she'll be ok. So will the baby.

Kendall: Silly. You silly nilly. Oh. Hmm?

Babe: Come on, Mama. Little A and Winnie are waiting.

Kendall: Krystal.

[Spike fusses as Krystal stares at him adoringly]

[Music plays as Emma says good-bye to Jonathan and Ryan leaves Wildwind with her, Annie, and Kathy]

Singer: I've got a story I've got a story to tell and I wish it was a pretty one but, oh, no it's a story and it's witnessed so well I'm talking 'bout things we never talk about

[Hannah sits alone at her desk thinking]

Singers: 'Cause it's raining every day now and I know I'm going to get wet I'm as low as I want to get

[Josh leaves when Zach arrives home and happily greets Spike as Krystal watches the cozy family scene through her window blinds]

Singer: I've got a secret I've got a secret to tell but it's too damn hard to carry it myself 'cause it's

[Adam sadly sits in front of the fireplace, staring at a Chandler family photo]

Singers: Raining every day now and I know I'm going to get wet and it's raining every day now I'm as low as I want to get 'cause it's raining every day now, every day now, and I know I'm going to get wet. I know, I know what's going to happen. Raining every day now every day now every day now, I'm as low as I want to get

Janet: Hmm, what were they thinking, hmm -- trying to separate us? Oh. Oh, no. They're not going to get away with that. They're going to regret it, aren't they? Oh, yes, they are -- they're going to regret it b-i-g time.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

[Josh and Hannah kiss]

Annie (to Kendall): As much as I love the idea of watching you throw me a party, there's a little problem.

Greenlee (addressing an envelope to Ryan): I want this delivered right away.

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