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Kendall: Josh, Zach left this morning. Ok, this morning. It is now nighttime. It is now dark out. Stop, ok? You're telling me he left right after I did, and you say you haven't seen or heard from him since?

Josh: Kendall, maybe he had an appointment outside the office or something. What's so weird about that?

Kendall: His father is being transferred to the sanitarium today. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Josh: "See you again soon, son. Your loving father."

Derek: Shots came from up there. Check the rooftops.

Officer: Find the guy who shot the cop-killer?

Derek: Is that a problem? Get to the roof now.


Zach: Is the bastard dead?

Ryan: Tad, we just saw Erica on TV. Tell me this isn't about your baby. I mean, you don't think Janet has her, do you?

Tad: That's the party line, courtesy of Adam Chandler.

Ryan: Look, if you need help tracking her down, you just tell me where to meet you, and I am there.

Tad: I appreciate it, but between Aidan and the cops and the FBI, I think I've got it pretty well covered.

Ryan: Ok. Ok, you change your mind, you let me know.

Tad: Well, hopefully it won't come to that. With any luck, Janet will respond to Erica's appeal to give herself up.

Amanda: Hello, Mom? If it's you, please answer me.

Babe: Is it Janet?

Amanda: I thought I heard her talking to someone.

Babe: Ok, well, hit speaker, turn it up as loud as it goes.

Janet: I'm sorry, what did you just say?

Man: We're here to take the baby.

Janet: "Take the baby"?

Woman: Are -- are you the woman who's been looking after her? Oh, honestly, we can -- we can never thank you enough.

Janet: Don't thank me.

Woman: Maybe nobody told her we were coming. Um, we're the couple that's adopting the baby.

Man: Our attorney finalized everything this afternoon. He put us in contact with a Mr. Prince, who gave us this address. We're supposed to be meeting him here.

Woman: Peter? Oh, that's our little girl. Oh, gosh.

[Peter chuckles]

Woman: Oh, honey, hi.

Krystal: You hand over my baby, or I'll blow that piece of gristle you call a heart right out of your chest.

Adam: Get the hell off my property.


Krystal: I only have four bullets left, Adam, but trust me, I only need one. If you want to live to see another minute, you better give up the game! What'd you expect, a sobbing mess? Huh? Some lowly tramp crawling back on her hands and knees begging for her baby, pleading for your mercy? Well, I don't do victim. And my days of asking nice are long gone.

Adam: You never asked nice. Save your bullets, I don't have your damn child.

Krystal: Oh, you're a damn liar!

Adam: Will you get this through your head, woman? Will you? I don't care enough about you or that brat to take her.

Krystal: Oh, yeah, "brat," "spawn," "evil seed," "bastard child" -- you've called her every name in the book!

Adam: Yeah, except "Charlotte." Haven't called her that yet, have I?

Krystal: I want my baby! What, you think I haven't paid enough? Is that it? All the tears, all the apologies, and my whole world turned upside down, because I lost the one man that truly made me happy, but none of that qualifies, does it?

Adam: You brought it all on yourself.

Krystal: You throw me out of your house, you throw me out of your life. You leave me scared stiff to deliver my baby alone on your floor. But none of that compares to the agony that you've been through, right? The great Adam Chandler was betrayed. So you want to make sure I never forget it by taking away the -- one of the only things I have left in this world to love!

Adam: Should I remind you that, while you're interrogating me, there's an insane woman somewhere out there playing house with your child?

Krystal: Yeah, yeah, Janet Dillon! Yeah. Amanda told me you broke her out of the hospital.

Adam: If Janet Dillon is involved in this, then that's none of my doing.


Krystal: Get back. Adam, I don't want a penny of your money. You can take everything. If I have to, I'll go back to taking donations from churches, eating ketchup soup to survive.

Adam: Always the martyr. Maybe you should start charging Tad Martin for the favors you've been giving him all this time.

Krystal: You can trash my name, too, if you want, Adam. That's right, go ahead. Tell the world that I'm a gold-digging, backstabbing cheat, and I won't deny a word of it. But no way in hell am I going to let you keep me from my baby. You call the FBI right now, and you tell them where Janet is keeping my baby, or you enjoy your last breath.

Babe: Mama's phone -- it just goes straight to voicemail.

Amanda: God, how could I lose my signal? I had her on the phone.

Tad: What'd your mother say?

Babe: It -- how did you even know that Janet called?

Jamie: Aidan is monitoring Amanda's cell phone.

Amanda: Ok, please, God, tell me that he can trace the call.

Tad: Why would he have to? She didn't tell you where she is?

Amanda: She didn't say anything to me.

J.R.: Guess who single-handedly stopped --

Tad: Wait a minute, wait a minute, she called, and you didn't talk to her?

Babe: Janet called Amanda.

Amanda: I tried, but she put the phone down before I could get her to say anything. I heard a man say something about "We're here to take the baby," but I didn't recognize his voice.

Tad: Take her where?

Jamie: Damn it.

Amanda: I don't know -- the call got cut off, I lost my signal, and nothing came up on the caller ID, and I didn't hear anything else.

Babe: But that is not just it, there's more -- I can't find Mama. I think she left to go find Jenny on her own. She couldn't stand going home from the hospital without her.

J.R.: You stay here with Tad, I'll go with Babe to help her find Krystal.

Babe: Ok, please let us know the minute you hear anything.

Tad: Aidan, as soon as you trace that call, you've got to get back to me. Why? Janet's about to give my baby away to a couple of strangers, that's why.

Janet: I don't mean to be a party pooper, but you all are going to have to leave.

Woman: Hi, sweetheart.

Janet: There's been some kind of a mix-up.

Woman: Oh, no, no, no, this is definitely the baby we were promised. Here, look.

Peter: Our lawyer gave us that picture when we first found out Jackie was available.

Woman: I mean, you've obviously taken wonderful care of her.

Janet: Yes, I have!

[Peter laughs]

Woman: Peter, look at her eyes, they're so gorgeous!

Peter: They remind me of yours.

Janet: Adam --

Peter: She kind of looks like you.

Janet: It's Janet. Call me, call me, call me. There are a couple of ut-nays here who say that the aby-bay is theirs.

Woman: Mama.

Peter: Yeah, she's going to do just fine.

Adam: Maybe I could wear a sandwich board with the words "I am not a baby snatcher" emblazoned across my chest, parade up and down in front of your window day and night. Maybe it'd finally --

Krystal: Yeah, yeah, go ahead. Keep being a smart-ass, see where that gets you, Adam.

Adam: Well, it's not going to get me dead, I know that. If you think I have your child, then you'd be a fool to kill me. If I die, the baby's whereabouts die with me.

Kendall: Zach's father should not have been able to send this, ok? He's pretending to be insane, he's -- he's locked away somewhere, he can't even form logical sentences.

Josh: Do I have to remind you that you're pregnant, that all this stress is dangerous for your baby? Because I can rattle off some pretty scary statistics.

Kendall: He has someone on the inside working for him, he has to, someone who knows that he's faking, someone who can get to us. Josh -- Josh, he threatened to take Spike.

Josh: No, no one is going to lay a finger on your son. Zach won't let it happen, I won't let it happen.

Kendall: What if Zach can't protect him? What if Alex already got to Zach?

Hannah: Did you hear? Alex Cambias was shot.

Derek: Not dead. I guess bullets aren't as effective as our man's V-tach.

Zach: He'll make it?

Derek: Maybe, maybe not. At the rate he's bleeding --

Zach: He'll die right here, huh?

Derek: He's a killer -- women, a cop, anybody who got in his way.

Officer: No sign of the shooter.

Derek: Get back up there, look for a shell casing. Go. Hell of a thing -- watching a man bleed to death, knowing he deserves it, and it's my job to find the person who did this.

Zach: He almost killed your daughter.

Derek: I raised my hand, took an oath -- it slips my mind at the moment. Do I even want to know why you're here?

Zach: Me? Just making sure the transfer went off without a hitch.

Derek: This count as a hitch in your book?

Ryan: Emma's perfectly safe -- in fact, she's pretty bossy. Did you hear her tell Kathy how to redecorate the playhouse? Or do you feel better?

Annie: That our daughter is the world's youngest domineering interior decorator? Not really.

Ryan: Actually, I meant that our daughter is safe.

Annie: Yeah, much better, thank you.

Ryan: I know my phone call with Tad freaked you out a lot.

Annie: It brought back some pretty terrible memories.

Ryan: I bet it did. But, hey, you got your daughter back safely. Let's just hope that Tad gets his little girl back, too.

Annie: I just so know what he's going through right now. When Emma was missing, it was probably the emptiest, loneliest, most helpless feeling in the world. And the way I treated Tad and Dixie back then --

Ryan: You were just trying to protect your daughter.

Annie: Yeah, and they were just trying to find theirs. I should've shown more compassion.

Ryan: Come here.

Annie: Ok, this is the part where I ask you to make a promise that you realistically can't keep.

Ryan: Try me.

Annie: Promise me that nothing bad will ever happen to Emma or Spike ever again. Promise me that, once we're married, everything will be -- will be perfect and we'll never have a single problem. And if -- or when -- we add more children to our family, promise me that they'll never suffer a second of heartache.

Ryan: Is that it?

Annie: I am so scared for Tad and Krystal. I never want to be in those shoes ever again.

Ryan: Hey, I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that you are not. And I am going to do everything to make sure that they bring a smile to your face every day, all right? Ok?

Annie: Do you think Tad and Krystal will really find their little girl?

Ryan: I have to believe they will.

Adam: If you wanted to shoot me dead, you'd have done it by now.

Krystal: You're right. You're right, I do have to keep you alive until I find Jenny. But there's nothing to stop me from blowing off a few fingers, a hand, a kneecap. Or if you really piss me off, I can get a little bit more intimate.

Adam: Hmm. We've been married long enough for me to know when you're bluffing -- and you're bluffing. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've wasted enough of my time.


Krystal: God, Adam. How did we let it get to this, huh?

Adam: I've asked myself the same question, believe me.

Krystal: I knew better than to fall for you. Every time you said "I love you," a little voice in the back of my head told me that it would never last. I fought it. I fought it for as long as I could. But somehow I buckled. I went against my conscience, and I fell. I fell hard, and you let me! You made me believe that I was everything, that you loved me so much we could get past anything, even the biggest mistake of my life.

Adam: Please. If the tables had been turned, you would've --

Krystal: I would've forgiven you, Adam! Yeah, I would've been mad as hell, but I would've found a way to love your child. And I could promise you I would never, ever do to you what you're doing to me and my daughter right now, and not because I'm a better person or because I have such an enormous heart. Because I loved you with everything in me. I loved you. God, forgive me for being such a fool.

Adam: No bigger fool than I.

Derek: Let's see if my men found anything.

Zach: Ay-yi-yi. Blood, huh? Your blood this time. Didn't see that coming. I got your note. It's "see you again soon, son." How can that be? How can someone in your state put a complete sentence together? Must've had help, right? Well, I'll find out who it was, it won't be too hard. So, here we are, in the alley, you're shot, bleeding pretty good. You probably don't even know I'm here -- that's what your lawyers are saying, that you're not aware of anything. You just thought you were going to go to some psychiatric facility. Now it looks like you're going to the morgue. So come on, man, just say something. Some lucid word, ask for help. Just yell for help one time, we'll get it for you. Huh? Just going to lay there and die like that, being crazy? It's your call. Come on, Alex. Running out of blood and running out of time. Say something, and you'll survive, just say something.

Alex: Let's go to Red Rock, let's go to Red Rock and play all day

Zach: Chief?

Alex: Let's go to Red Rock

Zach: Call an ambulance.

Derek: You sure about that? Did he ask for one?

Zach: No.

Alex: To Red Rock

Zach: It shouldn't end like this.

Alex: And play

Zach: I want him to suffer. Put him in prison for a long time.

Derek: 901-S -- shooting in the alley, we need an ambulance.

Alex: Red Rock

Derek: If I hear that damn song one more time -- you know --

Alex: Red Rock

Derek: This isn't the kind of thing civilians should be around for.

Zach: Oh --

Derek: It'd be better if you headed out now. It'd be better if you were never here.

Zach: Don't go on a limb for me. You know I was here, I know I was here -- and he knows I was here.

Kendall: Do they know who shot him?

Josh: Why don't you sit down, Kendall.

Kendall: No, no, no, not now, Josh, no.

Josh: Kendall, sit.

Kendall: Josh -- all right, ok, I'm sitting.

Hannah: Kendall, if -- if they know, I didn't hear.

Kendall: Is he dead?

Hannah: I don't know that, either.

Kendall: What if Zach shot his father?

Josh: You don't know that.

Kendall: No, he -- he's been gone all day, we haven't -- you haven't seen him --

Josh: Look --

Kendall: And then there's this picture. He had to have freaked out when he saw this.

Josh: There are a ton of people in this town with a grudge against Cambias. Zach isn't the only one. Each and every one of them has motive to see that old man dead.

Annie: Uh -- excuse me! This still is your wedding present, you know. And I know Sir Ryanovich would never knowingly spoil a surprise. Uh-oh, that's not a good look. That looks like the look I drew when Sir Ryanovich first saw the green meanies. What is it? Don't tell me the florist canceled on us.

Ryan: No, no, they e-mailed over a list, but, uh, while I was online, a headline caught my eye.

Annie: Not Tad's baby?

Ryan: No, Alexander Cambias was shot.

Annie: What? Is he still alive?

Ryan: Yeah apparently, he's hanging on.

Annie: Do they know who shot him?

Ryan: No, they have no idea.

Annie: Well, they have plenty of people to choose from.

Ryan: Yeah, they do. Alex ruined a lot of lives.

Annie: Ryan, you don't think Jonathan --

Ryan: No. No, I talked to him at ConFusion after the hearing, and he swore to me that he would stay away from Cambias. I believe him.

Annie: Ryan, I'm not accusing him, but I've been worried about your brother lately. He's gotten up a few times in the middle of the night to get Emma milk and things, and I've caught him just pacing the hallways.

Ryan: Yeah, well, you know, he hasn't really slept through the night since Erin died, you know, and honestly, there's nights when I -- I don't, either. It hasn't been that long.

Annie: Yeah, and I'm sure that's part of it. But, Ryan, these nights that I've caught Jonathan pacing, I've looked into his eyes and -- there was a lot more than grief.

Adam: You know, a long time ago I vowed I would never let myself be taken in by another woman. Of course, I knew there was no such thing as the perfect wife. Then why did I think I could find her in you? Why? I ignored my gut when you told me that you and Tad had spent the whole night together alone, just talking. I knew you were lying. And I just looked away when I sensed that you weren't telling me the whole story. My own daughter told me that you had a big secret, and I refused to believe her. Why? Because I loved you. And I really believed that you'd be different, that I could trust you, that you would never lie -- never lie to me, or -- or deceive me. What -- oh, what a joke, what a joke.

Krystal: I messed up. But this was never about you, Adam.

Adam: Don't -- don't say that. It's all about me! All of it! I didn't give a damn what Tad needed that night to comfort him. No. But if you had -- if you had loved me 1/10 as much as you say you do, you wouldn't have gone to bed with him. You wouldn't have given yourself to him. You wouldn't have given our baby to him! I know it just -- it's as simple as that.

Krystal: I can't defend what I did that night, Adam. If -- if that night hadn't happened, then I don't know -- maybe we would be standing here waiting for our own child to be born. But that's not what happened. I'm not perfect. I never was, and I never will be, and neither will you. But when we were together, and it was good, it was as close to perfect as I'd ever known. You were the love of my life, Adam. You were the love of my life.

Tad: Thanks, Aidan, I owe you.

Jamie: He found Janet?

Tad: Not quite, but he narrowed it down to a two-mile radius outside of Pine Valley. Let's go.

Amanda: Please, God, let us get there in time.

Peter: I'm -- I'm sorry. I didn't catch your name.

Janet: No, you didn't.

Peter: I -- I can see how this would catch you off-guard. The adoption did happen fast, faster than even we expected. And I'll admit some rules were bent to push things through quickly, but our lawyer assured us that Jackie and her biological parents weren't being compromised in any way.

Woman: We -- we were told that the baby was in urgent need of a home -- oh, not that you haven't done a wonderful job with her.

Janet: Well, maybe I was a -- a bit shocked. I -- I never expected Jackie to have a new mama and dada so quickly, and you see how attached I am to her. Oh, I don't know how I'm going to part with this cupcake. But que sera. Yes, congratulations. You are going to be a wonderful mama and papa to our wonderful -- Jackie. Mm-hmm. Yes. Well, you know what? Phooey on old Mr. Prince. We don't have to wait for him. I can put an end to this myself.

[Janet pulls a large knife out of a drawer]

Krystal: I want Jenny back.

Adam: Then, by all means, go find her. I can't help you.

J.R.: What the hell happened here?

Babe: Mama?

J.R.: Dad?

Babe: Mama, are you here?

J.R.: Dad?

Babe: Mama! Hello! She's not upstairs. Mama!

Colby: Hi, I got your message. Did you find Krystal?

J.R.: Not yet.

Babe: Oh, my God. This is not good.

Janet: All righty. There. Wouldn't you like some?

Woman: Oh -- oh, sure. Thank you.

Janet: I made it myself -- old family recipe. You know, the baby -- she loves it when you sing to her. Um --

[Janet hums "Row, row, row your boat"]

Janet: Don't you, darling? You just love it when we -- oh, and she loves to have her hair brushed. Absolutely. You know, Amanda had the most beautiful, real brown hair. Oh, my sweetie. My sweetie Amanda.

Erica: Call your daughter right away. It's extremely urgent. Amanda is in serious trouble and desperately needs your help. Please, get in touch with Amanda now. There's no time to waste.

Janet: Amanda. Why? What's wrong?

Adam: This is ridiculous. How -- how long are you going to keep me hostage?

Krystal: Until you tell me where you stashed my daughter -- or better yet, until you lead me to her.

Adam: I'm hungry. Are we going to stand out here all --

Colby: Krystal?

Adam: Colby. Thank God. Go -- go back to the parlor, call the police.

Krystal: Colby -- Colby, don't call anybody. Just turn around and go back the same way you came in.

Colby: What are you doing?

Krystal: He has Jenny. This is the only way to negotiate with him, this is the only way to get her back!

Adam: Can't you get it through your thick skull? I don't know where your daughter is!

Colby: Quiet! Both of you, stop!

Hannah: So yes, I do hate Alexander, and I am not sorry that he was shot. But if you're suggesting that I'm the one who pulled the trigger --

Josh: Did I say that?

Hannah: Not only don't I know how to use a gun, I can't even imagine taking things to such an extreme.

Kendall: Zach swore to me he wouldn't risk it. We sat right there this morning, in this very spot, and he swore to me that -- that I meant too much to him and -- and Spike and the baby. He said he would not risk losing us. He swore to me he would never risk losing us. He promised!

Josh: Kendall, stop, all right? You're getting worked up again.

Hannah: I have something that will help. Wait with her.

Josh: You think? She's my sister. God, I hate that woman.

Kendall: Josh, listen to me. I want Alexander gone just as much as anyone. But if Zach did this, and his father dies, then he will have to live with that forever. Or if he did this and his father lives, well, then Zach will become obsessed with trying again. I mean, how in the hell can we ever get Alexander out of our lives if Zach is the one who gunned him down?

Julia: Ok, guys, I know that you are all exhausted after being on the picket line -- I am, too -- but this is what we were fighting for, and we are back. So let's make sure we give those patients 100%, all right? Thank you.

Joe: We're working on stabilizing Mr. Cambias so we can get him into surgery.

Derek: Any idea what we're looking at, Joe?

Joe: On first look, it appears the bullet is lodged in the spine. Of course, we won't know for sure until we go in. I'll keep you posted.

Derek: Thanks, Joe.

Ryan: So who do I have to thank?

Derek: Well, that remains to be seen. Where have you been tonight?

Ryan: I've been making wedding plans, actually, with my fiancée at Wildwind.

Derek: See your brother while you were there?

Ryan: I will not let you pin this on him, Derek.

Derek: I can't rule out anyone with a motive.

Ryan: Yeah, that's a good point. So if that's true, where were you at the time of the shooting?

Colby: What is wrong with you? Look at you guys. You know, it's bad enough that you stole Krystal's baby, Dad. And then you hand her to some mental patient?

Adam: For the last time, I didn't -- I didn't have anything to do with that.

Colby: Hey, I know you're mad at him, and I am, too. And I am so scared for Jenny. But, God, Krystal, are there really bullets in that thing? Would you really shoot my dad? Is that who you are? You know, maybe I'm completely clueless, but I used to think I was missing out on something so great, not having a family, separated from you and J.R.? I used to lie in my bed at night and cry, hoping that you guys would come find me and take me home.

Adam: We tried, honey, we did, we tried.

Colby: When I came home, I know I didn't make it easy on you guys. I was jealous of you and Babe, and afraid that you and J.R. would love them more than me. But then I watched you two together, and I could see that you really did love each other -- and loved me, too. It took a while, but I finally got psyched about having that perfect family again. You know, it may have been all of like, two seconds, but we were happy -- when Jenny was Charlotte, and Babe was coming home. So how did we get to this?

Krystal: I know it's hard for you to see, but this is between your daddy and me.

Colby: Not anymore. I'm here, and I'm not going anywhere until it ends. Put the gun down, Krystal, please put it down.

Woman: Is everything ok?

Peter: You were about to make a call?

Janet: Huh.

[Janet chuckles]

Janet: Oh, I'm -- I'm fine. Everything's fine, of course. I don't know where my head is! Oh -- would you like some coffeecake?

Woman: Uh -- we have some.

Janet: Of course, you do. Of course, you do, yes.

Peter: Maybe you'd like to lie down, get -- get some rest?

Janet: No. No.

Woman: We'd be happy to look after Jackie.

Janet: I'm fine. Come on -- oh, you little cuddle bunny.

Woman: Oh --

Janet: Let's get you all pretty and fresh before you leave here.

Hannah: Sorry that took so long. I had an important phone call. Have you finished sorting those files?

Josh: I got through more than half of them. I'll finish the rest tomorrow.

Hannah: I need them finished tonight.

[Josh leaves the room]

Hannah: It's chamomile. It's good for the nerves.

Kendall: Oh.

Hannah: No caffeine.

Kendall: Good.

Hannah: I haven't properly congratulated you yet on the new baby. I really do wish you and Zach the best.

Kendall: Thank you. That means a lot. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything that Alex put you through with Ethan. I know I've said this a million times, but your son really was an amazing man.

Hannah: Never stop telling me that.

[Zach returns to the office and remembers what Hannah told him]

Hannah's voice: Alexander puts on a crazy act and gets away with everything. How do you not want revenge?

Derek: Have Forensics call me the second the results are in.

Ryan: So, Derek, you never answered my question.

Derek: Do I have a motive to kill Cambias? You're damn right I do. He nearly killed my daughter.

Ryan: Do you have an alibi?

Derek: That I do, too, my friend. I was escorting the prisoner to a van at the time of the shooting.

Ryan: Oh.

Derek: I have plenty of witnesses who'll vouch for me.

Ryan: Great. Good. I just want you to know that Jonathan does, too, because he's been at work since this afternoon, so --

Derek: Ok.

Ryan: Yeah.

Derek: Il be sure to check up on that.

Ryan: Great. Look, you do what you got to do, I just want you to know this -- that I'm not going to let you make Jonathan a scapegoat every time that there's a violent crime in Pine Valley.

[Annie gasps when she sees Jonathan enter Wildwind with a hood over his head.]

Tad: Where is she? Where's the baby?

Peter: Are you Mr. Prince?

Jamie: Who's Mr. Prince?

Amanda: Mom?

Tad: Was there another woman in here with you?

Woman: Yes.

Tad: Where is she?

Peter: She took our daughter into the other room to get her changed. What is all this?

Jamie: Wait, who are you? What are you doing here?

Woman: Honey, maybe you should call the attorney.

Amanda: Coffeecake -- this is my mother's favorite recipe. She was definitely here, Jamie.

Tad: The window's open. They're gone.

Krystal: Colby, just turn around and leave. Trust me on this.

Colby: No. Put the gun down, Krystal.

Adam: Krystal, you're traumatizing my daughter, damn it. Do as she says!

Krystal: Don't you talk to me about traumatizing a child! I am not going to put the gun down until he tells me where Jenny is.

Colby: Tell her, Dad. Tell her where the baby is!

Adam: I can't, sweetheart, because I don't know.

Colby: If you won't give up where she is, and you're gearing up to kill my dad, I lose my family -- and I have no reason to live.

[Colby stands in front of Adam as J.R. and Babe enter the tunnel behind Krystal]

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Tad: Who arranged for you to adopt my daughter?

Woman: Mr. Prince.

Tad: Is that his name -- Mr. Prince?

Janet: What were they thinking, hmm, trying to separate us? They're not going to get away with that. They're going to regret it, aren't they?

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