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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 4/25/07


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[Music plays at the Yacht Club]

Erica: So I just thought we'd have a nice, quiet, simple little dinner before you take off for Europe.

Bianca: Mom, "simple" as in "Erica Kane simple"?

Erica: Uh -- something like that.

All: Surprise!

Bianca: Oh, my God! Mom -- oh!

Ryan: What, a guy can't surprise his future wife without talking about menus and seating arrangements and everything?

Annie: Well -- well, we need to meet with the caterer to sample choices.

Ryan: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, great. Well, that can all wait, because we have much more important wedding business.

Annie: I know. I promised myself I wouldn't be all Type-A about this. I'm turning into a Bridezilla, aren't I?

Ryan: No. No, you're perfect. Honestly, and the wedding is going to be perfect. It's just that I wanted to have a little insurance.

Annie: Hi.

Man: Hi.

Annie: Louis van Amstel from "Dancing with the Stars."

Louis: Yes, I am. Nice to meet you.

Ryan: Welcome to your own private lesson. Feel free to call in and vote for me, you know, later, if you want.

Annie: How did you do this?

Ryan: What do you mean, how did I do this? I still have some pull.

Louis: Are you ready to get started?

Ryan: Absolutely.

Jamie: Cut the crap, Amanda. You know something about my sister. Where is she? Where's your mother?

Amanda: I don't know where they are.

Jamie: You're lying to me.

Amanda: No, it is true. I do not know where Krystal's baby is.

Jamie: Ok, then why did you just freak out when I mentioned Janet? Why did you run? You see? There is something you're not telling me. What is it?

Babe: Leave her alone, Jamie.

Amanda: I -- I got it, Babe.

Babe: No, if Amanda knew anything that could lead us to our sister, she would tell us.

J.R.: Well, it wouldn't be the first time that Amanda's covered for her mother.

Babe: Would you stop it? She is not a monster, she's my friend.

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

Babe: She wouldn't leave an innocent baby in danger.

J.R.: Where is she, Amanda? Where's Krystal and Tad's baby?

Tad: You sure that he hasn't moved? Ok, no, no. You just stay on Adam, ok? Please.

[Tad looks in on Krystal as she sleeps and dreams]

Krystal: Where's my baby?

Adam: Charlotte's on her way.

Krystal: Charlotte?

Adam: Yes.

Krystal: You called her Charlotte.

Adam: Yes, you better get dressed. Charlotte gets very impatient. Let's take our baby home.

Krystal: "Our baby"?

Adam: Sweetheart, are you all right? You want me to call the doctor?

Krystal: Huh. I had a bad dream. Oh, my God -- I had the worst dream. Our baby's ok?

Adam: Oh, she's perfection.

Krystal: Oh --

Adam: She's everything we knew she would be. Here she comes now.

Krystal: Oh. My baby --

Tad: Shh --

Krystal: What?

Tad: Shh. It's ok. We'll get her back. We'll find Jenny.

Adam: Who poisoned your mind against me?

Colby: I love you, Dad, ok? I love you, no matter what.

Adam: Ah. And you think I'm capable of abducting an infant?

Colby: Everyone screws up. I have done it tens of times. But we can make this right. We could fix this, Dad.

Adam: Krystal should have been fixed nine months ago.

Colby: Just give the baby back, and I swear I will move back in.

Adam: Ah. You didn't go to school, did you? You -- you lied to me. You've been with Martin and my soon-to-be ex-wife, haven't you?

Colby: It doesn't matter where I've been.

Adam: Yes, it matters a great deal, honey. Where is your loyalty?

Colby: You know, I want to be with you. Even when Mom took me away, I fought to be home with you.

Adam: Is that why you left me to go live with her?

Colby: You -- you have done some horrible things, and so have I. I've hurt you and everyone in this family. But you all forgave me. Just give Jenny back to Krystal, and I'll forgive you. I want to forgive you, Dad. Please. Just give the baby back, and I swear, we can start over.

[Piano plays]

Bianca: Oh. You know, you didn't have to do this.

Erica: Did you really think that your family was going to let you travel 3,000 miles away and move 3,000 miles away and -- and not give you a proper sendoff? Yes. And you, Zoe -- you have made such an amazing impression on everyone. We -- we just really want to wish you well.

Bianca: Oh, thanks, Mom.

Erica: Well, you can come back anytime you want.

Zoe: I'll take my gift horse and run with it.


Erica: Hi.

Jack: Hi back.

Erica: Thank you for -- for coming here and thank you so much for bringing Sean and Lily. I mean, it just means the world to Bianca.

Jack: How about to you?

Erica: It's good to have the family together.

Jack: Well, I certainly wouldn't miss the opportunity to say good-bye to Bianca, and for Zoe. Huh. I saw the show you did with Zoe. It was very -- very good.

Erica: Thank you.

Jack: And you're right, it is nice -- everybody together in one place.

Erica: Kind of like old times.

Man: Excuse me, Ms. Kane. The chef would like to know if you're ready for dinner.

Erica: Excuse me.

Josh: Jack?

Jack: Josh?

Josh: You may have noticed my dad's not here.

Jack: I did, in fact, notice that, yes.

Josh: Maybe you don't know why.

Jack: Oh, maybe I don't care why.

Josh: Erica kicked him to the curb. They're officially over. Anyway, have a good night.

Zoe: You look like a different man.

Zach: How so?

Zoe: Oh, happier, freer, lighter.

Zach: Yeah? I've been working out a little bit, maybe that's it. No, a weight has been lifted.

Zoe: Does this mean that you've shaken off your father's shadow?

Zach: My father isn't large enough to throw a shadow on anyone anymore.

Zoe: I wish I could say the same for mine.

Kendall: How am I going to do this here without you?

Bianca: Well, I don't know -- you'll butt into Josh's life, instead.

Kendall: No, I mean I've been spoiled having you here, and so is Spike. He loves playing with Miranda.

Bianca: I know, you're telling me -- I just got off the phone with Claire. She said that they both played until they dropped, and now they're fast asleep.

Kendall: Raging game of patty-cake.

Bianca: Come on. Listen, you'll be so busy baking that bun. Next thing you know, you're going to be huge, and I'll be able to see your swollen ankles all the way from Paris.

Kendall: Summers at the beach, and I'll be the beach ball.

Bianca: Oh. I'm sorry I'll miss that. I'll miss you, too.

Jack: So, is it going to really? Oh, I can't eat this napkin. It was worth it, though, wasn't it? It's a good one, huh?

Zach: Ahem -- oh, boy.

[Greenlee spies on Kendall from the shadows]

Kendall: I feel like I'm losing my best friend all over again.

Bianca: Who will ever put up with you?

Kendall: Thanks.

Greenlee's voice: You're my chosen family. You're my sister, my best friend.

Kendall: I'm the only one who can put up with you.

Greenlee: Oh. Well, you're the one I trust, Kendall.

Krystal: Are they bringing the baby?

Adam: I don't think so.

Krystal: It's -- it's time for us to go home now.

Adam: You don't deserve to be a mother. You're a disgrace.

Krystal: Where is my baby? Where is she?

Adam: You have no baby.

Krystal: What have you done with my baby?

Adam: No.

Krystal: Get out of my way!

Adam: You're never going to see her again. Ever!

Adam: You're acting on their behalf! Their behalf! The people who betrayed me.

Colby: Why do you love me when I mess up and scream at me when I finally do something right?

Adam: No, right would be staying with your father. Right would be standing up to those traitors when they try to vilify me. You know, I turn in this -- this illegitimate mongrel that I allegedly snatched, then they can just cart me off to a prison cell. That would be right, too, wouldn't it? Because then you'd have the whole house. You could just give it to them.

Colby: I don't want you to go to prison. I only want what's right, Dad. And it's partly my fault, too. Maybe if I hadn't walked out of here, you wouldn't be so lonely. I should have helped you. And I -- I didn't help you. Now, looking at baby Jenny must have been really hard. I understand. She was supposed to be yours.

Adam: Yes. She wasn't.

Colby: Maybe you didn't take Jenny to get back at Krystal. Maybe you took her, because you needed to. You needed something to hold on to.

Adam: Here. Hold on to that.

Colby: What for?

Adam: If you really think I kidnapped that baby, I want you to call the police and report me.

Colby: Oh --

Amanda: I don't know where she is. I didn't even know that she was missing until I got to the hospital.

Jamie: Then what are you hiding?

J.R.: Last time Janet was on the loose, she kidnapped our son, twice. Not to mention, your mother kidnapped your friend Babe. Yeah, kidnapping's right up there with murder on Janet from Another Planet's to-do list.

Babe: J.R. -- Amanda, please, my baby sister is missing. She's only a few days old. If you know something, anything, please tell us.

Amanda: My mother would never hurt a child.

Tad: She would take a child from its parents. And now, we may never see our daughter again. You can't let that happen to Krystal. And I'm begging you not to let it happen to me.

Babe: Amanda, you know something, don't you?

Amanda: I do.

Tad: Where's my daughter, Amanda? Where's Jenny? Is she being taken care of?

Amanda: I don't know. I haven't seen Jenny. I don't know where the baby is.

J.R.: Quit -- just quit jerking us around.

Amanda: I saw my mother once after she escaped. Adam busted her out of the mental hospital.

Jamie: I knew he was in on this.

Tad: Wait, wait, wait.

Amanda: He's holding her somewhere, promising her a new life.

J.R.: And you thought that this should be on a need-to-know basis?

Babe: Why didn't you tell anyone?

Amanda: I didn't have a choice.

Tad: There's always a choice.

Amanda: Adam threatened my mother, and if I didn't do exactly what he said, he said that she could die.

Tad: Wait a minute. Wait, wait. Go back. What else did Adam say?

Amanda: He's been trying for me to get something he can use against you or Jamie. I've been stalling him to --

Tad: Amanda, are you telling me that Adam stashed my child with a mental patient?

Adam: You can't turn your father in to the authorities, huh?

Colby: I don't want to call the cops, Dad. I don't want you in trouble.

Adam: I won't be in trouble, because I haven't done anything.

Colby: Ok -- you don't have to give the baby back yourself. Give Jenny to me, and I'll take her back. I'll say that --

Adam: Huh.

Colby: I found her somewhere, or someone called me. Or I did it -- whatever.

Adam: Nobody's going to believe you'd be involved in this.

Colby: Then they won't press charges. And if things get too heavy, we could hop on your new yacht and sail away. And then we can go wherever until things calm down. Why don't we do that, Dad?

Adam: I'm not going anywhere.

Colby: We can get out of here.

Adam: Colby, I would give you almost anything in the world. But this time, I can't give you what you want.

Colby: You mean you won't.

Ava: Oh.

[Ava walks onto the set of "New Beginnings"]

Ava: Hi. Excuse me -- um -- can I talk to Erica Kane, please?

Man: You're Lily, right?

Ava: Yes. Erica's my stepmother.

Man: Yeah, I'm sorry. She's already left for the night. Can I help you?

Ava: Um -- actually, Erica was supposed to leave me some stuff. Can I check around, please?

Man: Yeah, help yourself. Just let me know when you're done, and I'll lock up.

Ava: Not at all a problem. Thank you.

[Music plays as Ava makes herself at home]

Ava: Thank you so much. I will help myself. Huh.

Bianca: So, are you and Ava getting along?

Lily: Yes, very well. Well, we're a lot alike. We -- we're like you and Kendall. We share one biological parent.

Kendall: Well, Lily, it took a while for Bianca and I to get along.

Bianca: Yeah, give Ava some time.

Lily: I spent 5 hours and 49 minutes with her last night.

Kendall: Well, that's a start.

Lily: I'd like to start spending a lot of my free time with her. Well, at least 85%.

Bianca: Where is she tonight? I'd love to meet her.

Lily: I wanted her to come, too, but Ava said she was too tired.

Ava: Well, yes, Ms. Kane, it does get hard sometimes dealing with all the fame. I mean, there's the photographers in the bushes outside your home, trying to snap pictures of you all the time. And the paparazzi waiting outside the clubs for you to take your picture.

[Ava sighs]

Ava: But what can you do? I mean, what can you do? You're a star. Everyone loves you. Everybody wants you. Oh -- you know how that is, Ms. Kane, right? Yeah. I mean, I never -- I never thought that this would happen. I mean, who gets discovered like that? Who? I'm walking down the street one minute looking for a pair of new jeans. And then the next, I'm in the lead role of a feature film. But I'm sorry to cut this short, but I have a limo waiting for me outside. My new movie premieres tonight. Love you, sexies!

Myrtle: Oh, your mother is so proud of you today.

Erica: Oh, Myrtle, I was just thinking about her.

Myrtle: You know, the -- the way you -- the way you invited Zoe to this lovely party, and how you supported her in your show -- you know, I see a lot of your mother in you.

Erica: You do?

Myrtle: Mm-hmm.

Erica: Do you think that she's looking down on us right now?

Myrtle: I wouldn't be surprised.

Erica: Yeah.

Myrtle: And you know, I'll bet she's very happy that you and Jack are doing so well.

Erica: Oh. Well, don't get ahead of yourself, Myrtle.

Myrtle: Now, listen. Are my eyes playing me tricks? Or is this some kind of progress?

Erica: Progress? That -- that implies a goal.

Myrtle: Sweetheart, your goal, and Jack's, is to put an end to this stupid divorce.

Erica: Well, you know, we're just -- we're just being civil.

Myrtle: Oh, civil? You're civil to your accountant.

Erica: Oh --

Myrtle: This is the love of your life, darling. You hang on to this.

Kendall: All right, check this out.

Sean: Ah.

Bianca: Oh.

Lily: Oh, Spike is so cute.

Sean: He's getting big, huh?

Kendall: I know. Isn't he yummy? Look. Ok, look at this one. This is -- he's clearly telling me he wants another brother.

Sean: Yeah.

[Kendall laughs as Greenlee recalls a moment from the past while eavesdropping]

Kendall: I think so. Here you go. A toast. To Ryan's baby.

Greenlee: To "our" baby.

Kendall: Hmm. He's so ridiculously cute, is he not?

Sean: Huh. Yeah, he's really cute.

Kendall: Are you over my pictures yet? Because I got lots more.

Ryan: Yeah, I am a dancing machine, my friend.

[Salsa music plays]

Louis: Ready?

Annie: No, you're not.

Louis: You're supposed to have fun, yeah?

Annie: Have fun! Ok. Ok.

Ryan: Yes, fun. Whoo!

Annie: Ok, we can do this.

Louis: One, two, three, four --

Annie and Ryan: One, two, three, one, two, three --

Louis: Not too quick -- two, three -- one, two, three, and to the side.

Ryan: Wow, I got it.

Louis: There you go.

Annie: Uh-huh. Whoo!

Louis: There you go. That's good, that's good. Two -- turn.

Ryan: Wow! Whoa!

Louis: Turn -- good!

Annie: Whoo!

Ryan: Do that again.

Louis: Turn -- and don't go too quick -- two, three.

Ryan: Ok, will you show me that move? Show me that move.

Annie: From where?

Louis and Annie: One, two, three -- one, two --

Louis: Already step out --

Ryan: Ah, I like it! I like it!

Louis: There you go. And turn.

Annie: One, two -- whoo!

Ryan: Nice -- you have done this before, my friend. Fantastic. I got it now. Come on.

Annie: Ok, come on, you can do it, from there.

Louis: Five, six, seven, eight. One, two -- turn -- one, two, and to the right.

Annie: Three -- there you go. One, two, three. One, two --

Louis: Turn. One, two --

Ryan: Whoa!

Louis: And change places.

Ryan: Now, if my wedding night is going to be --

Louis: Six, seven, eight.

Louis and Ryan: One, two, three. One, two, three, one, two, three.

Louis: And half jump.

Ryan: Ah! Whoa!

Ryan: You know, they say that the slow dance is the truest measure of kismet.

[Rumba plays]

Louis: So now we're going to do rumba.

Ryan: Yeah, rumba.

Annie: Ok.

Louis: To the music, right away.

Annie: Ok.

Louis: The most sensual dance of all is the rumba.

Annie: Ok.

Louis: And you might like to hear that this is the most appropriate dance for your wedding. It's the most romantic.

Annie: Ah.

Ryan: Perfect.

Louis: Step on two.

Annie: On, two -- ok.

Louis: Two, three, four.

Ryan: Ah.

Louis: Two -- and you don't have to look at me all the time. But when you do it with your future husband --

Annie: Uh-huh.

Louis: You can look at each other.

Ryan: Wow --

Annie: Whoo!

Ryan: I like that. Look at that little move.

Louis: And you never leave each other out of sight.

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: Well --

Louis: Two, three -- and turn around. Two, three. Ryan, are you ready to do this?

Ryan: I'm probably not, but I'm going to try my best.

Louis: There you go.

Ryan: A tough act to follow.

Annie: Here we go, on the two, so we hold the one.

Louis: And just think of that wedding night.

Ryan: Ok. Yeah!

Louis: This will be inspirational.

Ryan: Whoo! Here we go.

Louis: One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four -- there you go -- two, three, four.

Ryan: I've got it!

Louis: And you can still get a little closer, if you want. And turn around. And go to the right.

Ryan: Oh.

Louis: And --

Louis and Annie: Two, three, four.

Ryan: Hold.

Louis: And two, three -- there you go. Great. You guys look great.

Annie: Turn.

Louis: And two, three -- and go outside now -- two, three --

Annie: Three and four, right? And then turn out -- two --

Ryan and Annie: Three, four.

Annie: And out --

Louis and Annie: Two, three --

Ryan: Nice.

Louis: And now and you turn.

Annie: Three, four.

Tad: So where did you see your mother?

Amanda: I don't know.

Jamie: What do you mean, you don't know?

Amanda: I was blindfolded.

Tad: Well, do you remember anything before the blindfold?

Amanda: I met Adam right outside the grounds of his house, so it has to be somewhere on his property.

Tad: Ok. So what did you hear? What did you feel? What did you smell? Anything?

Amanda: I don't know.

J.R.: Oh, she's worthless.

Babe: Enough, J.R. Amanda, please -- ok, come on. Just think. Help us. What do you remember?

Amanda: That there were stairs. Adam kept my mom behind a locked door. It was one room. It -- it smelled musty, like it had been closed off. There were eaves, like an attic.

J.R.: Did Adam take you anywhere else?

Jamie: We've already been in that room.

Babe: Ok, great, then let's go. Let's go now.

Jamie: No, I mean we've already checked there.

Tad: We searched -- no, we searched the tunnels. We searched the attic room. Jenny isn't there.

Babe: What?

J.R.: Where else, Amanda? What else?

Amanda: I don't know anything else.

Tad: You got to know something. Adam had to say something. He had to give you some kind of a clue.

J.R.: He's too smart for that.

Amanda: I'm sorry, you guys. Look, I know I should have said something sooner.

Jamie: You're damn right you should have.

Babe: Ok, maybe -- maybe they're still on the grounds, right? That's a possibility.

J.R.: No, there is nowhere else for them to hide the baby.

Colby: I may know where they are.

Jack: Folks, excuse me for just a second -- if I may, I'd like to make a toast. You know, you don't get to choose your family -- not usually, anyway. And every family member, I believe, is a -- a special gift, someone who should be treasured, because I think we're all together to teach each other something. And, Bianca, you, my dear --

Bianca: Hmm.

Jack: You have taught us all so much, you have given us all so much. And though you're going to be very far away -- and I hate that idea -- you're always going to be very close, because you'll be in our hearts, every one of us. Oh, good-bye.

[Jack chuckles]

Jack: Godspeed. Bianca, everyone.

[Still looking on from the sidelines, Greenlee fondly remembers a scene with Jack]

Jack: And we laughed and just hit it off, and I remember thinking "This young woman is smart and funny and so full of it." Now I find out you're my daughter. And I got to tell you, it couldn't make me happier.

[Jack chuckles as he hugs Greenlee]

Erica: And I'd like to make a toast to Zoe, our new friend. Zoe, you have taught us all to be true to ourselves. May the world soon be singing your song. Hear, hear -- to Zoe.

All: Cheers, cheers.

Myrtle: Zoe.

[Glasses clink]

Erica: Zoe.

Kendall: Huh.

Erica: Fight your fear, Greenlee. Don't hide, don't surrender. Sound your battle cry and never give up. I know it's hard, but by staying true to yourself, you stay true to your love. You can do it. I have faith in you.

Greenlee: Thank you, Erica.

Erica: You're welcome. Just don't go away with the delusion that I'm your new best friend.

Kendall: Ok, it's my turn.

Josh: Oh, here we go. Anyone care to take bets on how long this one's going to last?


Bianca: Hey!

Kendall: I'll -- I'll keep it brief, I'll keep it brief. Ok. My beautiful sister, I love you so much. And you better hurry back, because I'm not having this baby without you.

Bianca: Oh.

Kendall: Once again, to Binks.

Jack: To Binks.

Kendall: To Binks.

Bianca: Thank you.

Josh: Binks.

[Glasses clink]

Greenlee: You are saving me again with Ryan's baby. How can I save you? What can I do? What do you want most?

Kendall: Nothing, all right? Nothing. Zach and I are just business. He's mad at me for some reason -- I have no idea why. I mean, I saved his life, and he couldn't see that, so to hell with him.

Greenlee: Sounds like a typical husband.

Kendall: Yeah, well, who needs him? Right now, all I care about is giving you this baby. Really -- this is all I need, you and me. Hmm.

[All talking at once as Greenlee leaves]

[Music plays]

Louis: You're both naturals. You're going to be beautiful at your wedding.

Ryan: Ah.

Annie: Well, we'll have to make a date for Mondays.

Ryan: And Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

[Annie chuckles]

Annie: Well --

Louis: Two and two and three --

Annie: Looks like you're stuck with me for life.

Louis: Two, three, four --

Ryan: And when we miss a step --

Louis: Two, three, four --

Ryan: We just keep on dancing.

Louis: And turn around. One, two, three, and take your time, take your time, really slow. Take her leg and slowly, and keep -- remember it's -- um, uh, wait till your wedding day. Wait till your wedding day, not yet.

Amanda: Adam, get my mother on the phone.

Adam: Now, how would I know how to help you find your mother, hmm? You haven't even done your chores.

Amanda: I'm not your dog, Adam.

Adam: Woof, woof, woof. You haven't given me anything on Tad or Jamie, so your mother's fate is out of my hands.

Amanda: I want to talk to my mom. How do I know that you haven't already hurt her? How do I know that she's not at the bottom of a well?

Adam: You don't.

Amanda: Let me talk to her. Where is she, you slimy piece of --

Adam: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah -- no name-calling. Now, that gets you nowhere. Faith, on the other hand, buys you time until my patience wears out.

Amanda: You have that baby.

Adam: My patience is growing very, very thin.

Amanda: God! Oh -- ugh! God.

J.R.: Bad connection?

Amanda: Oh. Go ahead. Let me have it, tell me that all of this is my fault. No, I -- Tad and Krystal's baby would be safe in their arms if I had just --

J.R.: You can beat yourself up all you want, but it won't make him go away. Once my father gets ahold of your life, you'll never be the same.

Krystal: Look at all those empty beds, all those name tags.

Joe: You should be in bed.

Krystal: Is this payback? Do I deserve to lose my child?

Joe: Of course, you do not.

Krystal: Do you hate me? Joe, do you hate me for lying?

Joe: How could I do that? You brought my granddaughter into the world.

Krystal: But I couldn't protect her.

Joe: Well, let me tell you something. One time when Tad was a little fellow, he used to like to play in the vacant lot that was nearby -- he had a lot of boulders, a lot of rocks, and so we told him "You've got to be careful playing there. Please, please be careful." Then, one day, he came home, and he had this horrendous gash in his leg. He was playing and he slipped, and he cut himself on the jagged edges -- a really, really bad cut, eight or nine stitches anyway. I'll never forget the look on Ruth's face. Yeah, she was cleaning him up, Tad pipes up, he says, "Cuts happen, Mom." And he was right -- they do, they do. We can do everything we can think of to protect our children, but we can never make them completely safe. All we can do is our best.

Krystal: What if I never get to try?

Joe: You will. We'll find Jenny -- we will. And then we're going to raise her, and we're going to love her, because you're a part of my family now.

[Josh taps glass]

Kendall: Oh.

Josh: My turn.

Kendall: Great.

Josh: When I found out I was a part of this family, my first impulse was to run --

Jack: Yes.

Josh: Far away. But someone who shall remain nameless convinced me that I had three good reasons to stay -- Kendall, Bianca, and Erica. I didn't believe them at first, but now here I am, part of this big, dysfunctional Kane bunch.


Josh: And I'm finding it hard to say good-bye.

Tad: Jack? Look, where is it -- where's the yacht? The one you sold to Adam.

Erica: What, is something wrong?

Jamie: Where is it?

Jack: Wait, wait. Is there a problem here?

Tad: We think he's kidnapped my baby girl, and Janet Dillon has her onboard.

Tad: Jack, we need to get on that boat.

Jack: Whoa. It's not in its usual slip.

Erica: Well, what can we do?

Tad: I don't know, but you got to think of something.

Jack: I'll make some -- Tad, I'll make some calls, all right?

Zach: Tad? Maybe this guy has some answers for you.

Jamie: Are you the harbormaster?

Tad: Where is Adam Chandler's yacht?

Babe: Oh.

Bianca: Hey, we just heard about the baby.

Babe: Oh. God, it is so good to see you guys.

Zoe: Hmm.

Babe: Oh.

Bianca: Could I speak to Krystal for a second?

Babe: You know, I -- I don't know if she's up to it.

Bianca: I -- I promise, I will be very brief.

Babe: Yeah, go ahead. Oh.

Bianca: I am so sorry, Krystal.

Krystal: I can only imagine what you're thinking.

Bianca: Well, I -- I know exactly what's going through your head. I know it better than anyone. You're wondering if you could've done something different, if -- if -- if maybe you could've changed things and -- and it would've worked out better if you could've just stopped it. This is the worst hell that a mother can go through.

Krystal: You know better than anyone, because I did it to you. And now, what goes around comes around.

Bianca: No, there is no justice in this.

Krystal: Didn't I learn? I did it all over again and now this is my punishment. Is this what you wanted? Well, I got it. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, Bianca.

Bianca: You deserve to be with your daughter, and she deserves to be with you, and she will. She will.

Zoe: Bianca and I will stay in Pine Valley until you find your sister. Europe can wait.

Babe: I can't let you do that.

Zoe: No, we'll cancel our flights. Everything will be fine. Anything you want.

Babe: Stop it, stop.

[Zoe sighs]

Babe: It's nonsense. Of course, I'm going to miss you. But we'll stay close -- we have texting and e-mails, and we'll talk, and I'll come see you, and you could come see me --

Zoe: Yes, and I'm going to miss you. And I love you, and I'm only just a plane flight away. And thank you -- girlfriend.

Babe: Girlfriend. You have to go anyway, because you're starting this new life. It's full of hope and I -- I have hope that we're going to find Jenny. I have faith in Tad.

Tad: Look, if you can't legally give me the slip number, then just point me in the right direction.

Man: Mr. Chandler's yacht sailed this afternoon.

Jack: Whoa.

Tad: Sailed where?

Man: We have no information.

Tad: Call Derek, now.

Jack: Tell him to meet us at the pier.

Tad: How the hell do I get in touch with the Coast Guard?

Michael Kiser sings "Carry On": And if you woke up on the bad side of a dream and if the worst of your fears came to make you scream, and if the world you've known slipped into the sea, and if they tell you what you don't want to hear, and if you see the road turning and everything's unclear, you might stop in your tracks and shed a million tears, but you could still carry on. You could still carry on. You could still find the music and dance to the song. Look at the pages that life has written with you. All of the words in your heart. You know what's true, and you could still carry on. You could still carry on. You could still find the music and dance to the song

[As the music plays, Babe comforts Krystal and tucks her into bed, Adam drinks alone in his mansion, Jamie sees his dad off, Annie and Ryan slow dance and kiss, while Greenlee spies on them from the bushes and recalls being with Ryan.]

Ryan's voice: I love you, Greenlee. I love you with all I got. Really, you're it. I mean, you're all that I'll ever want, all I'll ever need.

Singer: Still carry on

Ryan's voice: Nobody will ever replace you, nobody ever.

Singer: Still find the music

Singer: And dance to the song

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Kendall (to Zach): Today is the day, and I am completely freaked out.

Krystal (to Babe and Colby): Janet has my baby?

Tad (to Erica): I need to borrow your studio, some cameras, and a one-of-a-kind -- you.

Janet (to Jenny): If Adam disappoints us, he is going to regret it.

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