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J.R.: Oh, you in my face - that's the last thing I need.

Adam: Well, J.R. -- J.R., wait. I'm going to work things out.

[Unbeknownst to Adam, lying amidst Julia's important papers is Kathy's New Mexico adoption certificate.]

Tad: Hello, gorgeous.

Krystal: Well, hello to you, too.

Tad: Oh, did you miss me as much as I missed you today? Did you? Huh? I don't think so. I don't think so. Man, it's a cold world out there -- cold, cruel world. It is so nice in here with you. So what'd you do today, huh? Get a snack, take a nap? Wave that little fist around?

Krystal: She's too young for fist-waving, Tad -- and for this, thank God. Come on, this is no -- there's no way this can work. You and I have just got to stop --

Tad: Krystal, I'm not going to fight with you today. I can't.

Krystal: Something's happened?

Tad: Man who murdered Dixie just skated out of court today -- faked his way out of a trial. If I wasn't here with her, I'd be out there with a gun.

Babe: We need the projections on the national rollout for the sterling edition eye smudge -- I can't find it anywhere. What kind of system allows a murderer back out on the streets? It's ridiculous.

Annie: Oh, here they are.

Babe: Thank you.

Annie: You know, how can Cambias just get off and be shipped to a hospital?

Babe: Seriously.

Kendall: That's for the west coast market. You know what I wish? I wish that Jack would've shoved that ball down Alex's throat instead of just throwing it at him.

Ryan: Whoa, ok -- wow, wow. Everybody, just take it easy here -- you're going to implode. Why don't you all just get out of here, head home?

Babe: You can go ahead. I'm going to stay.

Annie: Me, too.

Babe: Unless you want to go, because I told Zach that I would stay with you -- are you ok? You look a little green. Kendall?

Zach: You did it. You fooled everyone. There's all those bodies, and you don't have to pay. And, man, what a performance. It was amazing, brilliant. And now, you're as good as dead. But I know you want to ask me something, don't you? I mean, you want to ask me why I screwed up. I had a chance to kill you, I didn't take it -- you're right, I did screw up. So go ahead. Tell me, teach me my lesson. No? Nothing? Oh, oh, you -- you think the cell is wired, huh? Right -- oh, you think I'm wired, maybe. Well, come here, pat me down. That's right -- you can't do that, either, can you? No, that's good -- we got to do it your way. We got to be quiet, stay still, because, I mean, the moment you'd start running around and doing things, you're going to be back in the courthouse -- bam. And then, it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to the big house. That was smart, man. So all you have to do now is go to a psychiatric facility. How bad that can be? I mean, come on -- you got a few doctors maybe, guards, cameras -- cameras. They do have cameras. Ever been to one of those places? They got cameras everywhere, man -- your room, bedroom, shower, the bathroom. What are you going to do? I mean, you know, if -- if you can't get up, and you can't call anybody, then what are you going to do? Diapers, I guess, huh? Oh, well. Small price to pay. What about TV? You can't really watch TV or glance at a newspaper because the moment you do, you're made and then you have to go back to trial. No, you're doing the right thing -- smart. You did good, man. Fooled everyone -- the shrink, everybody. So how about right now -- is it -- the chair hurting you? Your bones aching a little bit? Want to get up for a second? Can't really do that, huh? I mean, not really. And now every time you want to get up, you can't. Every time you want to say something, you can't. Every time you want to beat the system a different way, you can't, because you won. You wouldn't have to go to maximum security. This is your prison, right here -- because you screwed up, finally.

Kendall: Oh. I'm fine, you can go.

Annie: You're not fine. I'm not going anywhere.

Kendall: I can take care of myself.

Annie: I'm sure you can, but I'm really hard to get rid of. Haven't you figured that out yet?

Babe: You know, maybe I should have gone after Kendall. Annie's going to try to help, and next thing she knows, Kendall's going to give her a swirlie or something.

Ryan: Don't worry -- Annie will give it right back. She might even beat her to it.

Babe: I really like her. I'm -- I'm so happy for the two of you.

Ryan: Oh, thank you. I'm happy for me, too.

Babe: But I have to admit, I was really worried when she first started working here. All I could think about was my first days here -- total war. I mean, Kendall and -- and Simone and Dani, they -- they were on my back about everything but not Erin. She -- she took a stand. She -- she even threatened to quit a job that she loved if there wasn't an attitude change. And she pulled it off. She pulled off the impossible -- we all even began working together. She made it easy.

Ryan: Stop.

Krystal: If Babe had died, I would be out of this hospital room and on my way to the jailhouse with an ax.

[Tad chuckles]

Tad: Well, the way things have been going between you and me, with my luck, you'd probably use it on me first.

Krystal: Tad, I'm sorry about earlier. I -- I really shouldn't have gone off on you like that. I -- you got a brand-new baby girl. Of course, you're going to be thinking about the future and making plans.

Tad: Yeah, as long as I stay on my side of the line -- that's the way it's supposed to be, right?

Krystal: I felt pressured.

Tad: I felt lied to.

Krystal: I got that.

Tad: Well, you just gave birth to the world's most gorgeous and active baby girl I've ever seen. Maybe we should focus on that. Look at her. You should sit back and congratulate yourself -- you do good work.

Krystal: You haven't rubbed it in. And you were right all along. I was a moon-eyed moron, and you were dead-on about Adam.

J.R.: What do you want?

Adam: I understand your grief and your anger. Dixie and I had our differences, but you two were very close. I -- I did come to respect her. You know that.

J.R.: It's a little late for that, don't you think?

Adam: Yeah, well, I was lost in a sea of lies. And Dixie was the only voice of truth about Krystal's child.

J.R.: And I'm the voice of betrayal -- is that where you're going with this, because I got things to do.

Adam: No, no, please, please come back here. Please. I know it's -- it's devastating, it's a kick in your guts. But Dixie's killer is -- is free, and you've lost your son.

J.R.: I didn't lose Little A. Babe and I are sharing custody.

Adam: Well, I know, I know, but it's a blow. I couldn't fail to identify with your pain, because I've just lost my own son, too.

J.R.: You didn't lose me. You disowned me, and you even tried to replace me. Let me ask you -- how is sonny boy Josh working out there for you?

Adam: How did we ever come to this?

J.R.: Is that some sort of trick question?

Adam: No. No, I want to try to save what's left of this family, and I think there's a way I can make it work.

Krystal: I kicked and I fussed when you moved into the mansion telling me that my husband was a danger to me and the baby. I refused to believe it -- until he looked me in the eye and walked out. Jenny could've died, because I was stupid and selfish and stubborn.

Tad: Well, you're not the first woman to be suckered by Adam Chandler -- you won't be the last.

Krystal: Well, he didn't even sucker me, Tad. He told me that the marriage was over. Hell, he -- he barricaded the house and shut off the electricity. You'd have to have a concrete head to think that love could break through that kind of hate.

Tad: Yeah. Well, he's gotten to more than one intelligent woman in his time. I mean, there was Brooke, Liza -- even Dixie.

Krystal: Dixie wanted to tell you the baby was yours. And I told myself that she was just trying to find you a replacement for Kate.

Tad: I don't think that we should go there right now --

Krystal: No, Tad, what I am trying to say is Dixie had more reason to get out the truth.

Tad: The truth wasn't reason enough? Come here, baby. Come on. Come here.

[Jenny fusses]

Tad: Come on, you're ok. You're ok.

Krystal: She knew who Adam was, Tad -- what kind of father he was. He did his worst on her and J.R. And the flip side -- she saw how you raise a child, and the love, the wisdom, the -- the kindness.

Tad: Come here.

Krystal: For so long, I regretted that this baby wasn't Adam's. And now, I thank God every day that you're Jenny's daddy.

Tad: Oh, baby.

Krystal: I'm sorry I kept it from you for so long, Tad, but I promise I will make it right. And when I get out of here, I'll make it legal.

Tad: You hear that? You and me are going to be official.

Krystal: You're the kind of father that every child deserves.

J.R.: If you were so interested in getting this family back together, you would never have walked out on Krystal when she was in labor.

Adam: If I'd known that she was that close to delivering --

J.R.: No, you stepped right over her and then you went and drove Jamie off the road!

Adam: I had nothing to do with Jamie's car accident, nothing.

J.R.: Oh, as if you would even admit it.

Adam: Why is it so easy for you to believe Tad and Jamie, and not your own father? Why? Why can't -- why can't you believe that I want what's best for this family?

J.R.: Why should I?

Adam: Because deep down inside, you know I'm telling you the truth.

J.R.: And why would you think that?

Adam: Well, because you're here, you're a CEO, you're rich. You could be anywhere. You're not sentenced to live in this house with a father you claim to detest. No, you're here because you choose to be here.

J.R.: Hmm. Or maybe I choose not to be driven out of my house. I drove you out of that company, I could drive you out of here, too.

Adam: Yeah. Well, you won't because you, deep down inside, want to be part of a family just as much as I do. You've lost your mother, you've lost your wife. You have a child that you see part-time.

J.R.: We'll work it out.

Adam: Yeah? Is that like your brother Jamie? Jamie resents you because you dared tell lies to his beloved father, Tad Martin. And Tad Martin, who staked his moral high claim already. Did you notice the way he looks at you nowadays? He looks at you differently. He sees all those disappointments, and they'll never go away. You're alone, J.R. -- just as alone as I am. And you don't have to be.

J.R.: That doesn't mean I have to choose you.

Adam: No. No, no one understands you the way I do, no one -- not Jamie, not Tad, no one. You're blood, we're blood. That's a bond you cannot break. So, we can live in this house as enemies, or we could try to crawl up out of this -- this quagmire of hatred and anger and vengeance, and be a father and son again. It's up to you.

Babe: I didn't mean to be insensitive. I -- I mean, after that murderer got off for what he did to Erin and all those other people, I can understand it's probably hard to talk about her.

Ryan: Actually, I could talk about Erin all day -- really, I could, and I'm -- I'm really happy that you guys were close. The problem is -- is you. You -- you survived Cambias and Erin didn't, so you're wondering why you're here and why Erin isn't.

Babe: It's not fair.

Ryan: No, it's not fair that Erin's gone -- or Simone or Dixie, but would it be more fair if -- if you died, too, or instead? Absolutely not.

Babe: I've hurt people, I stole a baby. I've done terrible things.

Ryan: Yeah -- who in this town hasn't?

Babe: Erin. She helped people. Me, I just -- I cause trouble.

Ryan: Look, Babe, I was at your funeral. I saw your mother, and I saw your husband, and I saw your friends and they were heartbroken. It was very clear to me that you had done a lot of good things. And if Erin could see you right now, she would be -- she would be all over you.

Babe: Probably right. She would totally kick my butt.

Ryan: So go on, get out of here. Go spend time with somebody that makes you feel glad that you are alive.

Babe: Ok. Hey, thank you.

Ryan: You're welcome.

Babe: Very sweet of you.

[Babe sighs]

Ryan: See you.

Babe: Bye.

Josh: I feel the same way -- SOB walks on the crazy card? What do you say we blow the quarterlies and, I don't know, go shoot some hoops or something?

Hannah: Shoot hoops? That's your answer?

Josh: Instead of putting my fist through something, yeah. There's nothing quite like a little game of one-on-one.

Hannah: You know, I don't -- I'm not interested in games or the people who play them. I'm here to work. How about you?

Josh: Fine.

Kendall: Mmm. Um -- actually, I think I -- I need a little bit of time alone.

Annie: Oh. That is the last thing you need.

Kendall: Hmm. Since when did you become an expert?

Annie: I've been here.

Kendall: Oh, ok -- you do this a lot?

Annie: No one believed me about Terry, the threat he was to my child, to others. He convinced the authorities he was harmless, so my husband was free, and I became the prisoner -- always on the run but no freedom, Terry always a breath behind me just waiting to grab my daughter.

Kendall: So I should be happy that Alex is off the streets? I -- I would get up and do the happy dance, but I'd probably throw up.

Annie: That's not what I'm saying. You wanted justice, Kendall -- the happy ending the good guys are supposed to get, and you didn't get it and it sucks.

Kendall: Right, so I should be grateful that Alex will spend the rest of his life in a padded cell -- that's great. You know, I know I can't bring back the women that he killed, but is it so horrible to ask for a little bit of justice?

Annie: I never told anyone this. Every night Emma and I were on the run, I'd pray Terry would die. And every night since he was killed, I thank God for answering my prayers.

Kendall: So I should pray?

Annie: Worked for me.

Zach: The brainpower of a potted plant -- that's how people are going to remember the great Alexander Cambias, Sr. I got to tell you, I'm -- I'm -- I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh at you -- that's not nice. I'm -- that's rude, but you probably don't even know I'm here, huh? I should leave you. But before I do, I want to give you something to think about when you're staring at the wall with this stupid look on your face. What if I really am Raymond's son? A horrible thought? All that hatred and all that revenge that you wasted on me? Think about that -- you gave the one thing that you cared about in this world, Cambias Industries, to the bastard son of your wife's lover. Ooh -- how do you sleep with that? All right. Oh -- got something for you. A little gift for you. Remember this guy? He's quite a trouper. Kept me company -- those lonely, frightened, confused nights. Man.

["Red Rock" plays in the stuffed teddy bear]

Zach: Guard. Let's go to Red Rock, Alex. Bon voyage.

Kendall: When I first found out that I was pregnant, I swore to Zach that no one would ever hurt us.

Annie: You want to be happy, Kendall? Fight for it. You fight like hell for everything else in your life. Fight for your future, fight for -- for the family that you want. I'm betting you'll get there.

Zach: Kendall?

Kendall: Hmm. I'm in here. You can come -- come in.

Zach: Hey.

Kendall: Hi. Hmm.

[Jenny fusses]

Krystal: I know. Just so you know, your daddy and I aren't on the greatest terms, but he's a real pushover for you. You are going to have him wrapped around every little finger.

Colby: Room service.

Krystal: Ah! Oh!

Colby: Oh.

Krystal: What's this? Oh!

Colby: Hi!

Krystal: Oh.

Colby: Oh, well, hospital food sucks, so -- and I know you need your strength. Here, let me hold Jenny so you could eat.

Krystal: Oh, honey. You're so sweet. Look who's here, Jenny. Look who's here. Oh. Ah.

Colby: Hi.

Krystal: This is great. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Mmm. Boy, I was hungrier than I thought.

[Colby chuckles]

Babe: Hey, looks like a party.

Colby: It is. It's a total celebration.

Babe: Hi, peanut. I needed to see you so much. Oh.

Krystal: You all right, Babe?

Babe: You heard.

Krystal: Yeah. Tad told me. But we're not going to let monsters hurt us anymore. We have a whole new life to celebrate, right?

Babe: Yes, we do.

Colby: Mm-hmm, and I am totally psyched we're all going to live together.

Babe: You're going to live with us?

Colby: Yeah -- I mean, yeah, if it works for you. Or not.

J.R.: So it's all up to me? I've got the power to make everything better between us, yeah?

Adam: Mm-hmm. It'll take more than a snap of your fingers, yes, but, yes, our entire future is in your hands.

J.R.: Well, define "snap of my fingers."

Adam: Huh. Well, we need a common purpose, something that we can work on together, make grow together -- something that we'll both benefit from. And then, we will be on our way to being father and son again.

J.R.: You want the company back.

Adam: Yes. And you. Together, we can steer this company to its highest position ever.

J.R.: And that's all you want from me?

Adam: That, and one other thing.

Zach: You ok?

Kendall: Hmm, yeah.

Zach: You want to sit down?

Kendall: No, no, I'm good.

Zach: Lie down, anything?

Kendall: I'm good, I'm good. I was a little queasy, but I'm -- I think I'm better. Ahem.

Zach: There's a lot to be queasy about.

Kendall: You look different, you -- better.

Zach: Better?

Kendall: You actually look better -- yeah, yeah. What happened? What did you do?

Zach: I -- I don't know. When the judge ruled in my father's favor, I thought I was going to lose it in there, and I didn't want you to see that, so I went for a walk.

Kendall: I'm your wife.

Zach: I know. I know. And I didn't lose it, because I was thinking about that -- you are my wife.

Kendall: Hmm.

Zach: I got Spike and -- and whatever we're growing in here and Myrtle. It's my family. And everything was ok.

Kendall: Long walk.

Zach: Yeah.

Kendall: I'm glad it worked.

Zach: Had to make one stop along the way -- saw my dad in jail.

Kendall: Why?

Zach: I don't know -- I just wanted to make sure he didn't have any power over me. And I don't even know when it happened, but finally I'm in complete control.

Josh: I apologize for being flip.

Hannah: I need the latest revenue numbers by tomorrow.

Josh: When I heard the judge let Cambias off -- that guy deserves the death penalty. I know how you feel.

Hannah: Don't flatter yourself. You couldn't possibly understand how I feel.

[Music plays at ConFusion]

Tad: Here's to a hell of a day.

Derek: Mm-hmm. I remember the thugs who nearly killed my nephew. I got to one of them, put the gun to his head. It felt so good, my training flew right out the window. All I could see was Terrence, bloody and beaten. I just wanted to pull that trigger. Now, my daughter almost died -- I feel like blowing the rules to hell and snapping Cambias' neck. I still do.

Tad: You're not going to, are you?

Derek: Hmm. No, let him rot. We're here to celebrate -- a new hope, a new joy, a little happiness. Here's to your beautiful little Jenny. May she bring you as much joy as Dani's given me.

Tad: Here's to my beautiful little Jenny.

Krystal: And so, Colby walked out on Adam.

Colby: I hated doing it. I love him, but -- oh. I get my dad's tough. He shreds anyone who gets in his way. But when he walks out on a tiny baby, he has gone way too far -- on you, J.R.

Krystal: And you.

Colby: You know, I could tell when I was yelling at him, I hurt him. And he said if I left, I wasn't his daughter.

Krystal: You're still mine. That's why I want you to live with us.

Colby: I would totally understand if you wouldn't want me to. I have been a major brat ever since I came back.

Babe: Well, you've made mistakes. But believe me, Mama and I are way ahead of you in that department. And you're going to make more -- that's just life -- but it doesn't mean that your family stops loving you.

Colby: You don't hate me?

Babe: Are you kidding me? I would be over-the-top insulted if you choose to live with anyone but us.

Colby: Hmm!

Babe: Hmm.

Krystal: Oh, my God. I go my whole life without shedding a tear, and now I feel like I'm crying all the time.

[Babe and Colby chuckle as they hug]

Adam: I begged Colby to listen -- pleaded with her, tried to reason with her. Krystal had her brainwashed against me. Colby wants to live with Krystal and Babe. It would mean a great deal to me if you could talk to her.

J.R.: Oh. Colby doesn't exactly listen to me.

Adam: She loves you. She respects you -- she'll listen. You and I have had a lot of losses. If we can't -- if you can't convince Colby to come back to us -- I can't bear another loss, not my Colby.

J.R.: So I get you your company back, I talk to Colby, I make her listen. You'll do what?

Adam: Well, I'll try very hard to -- to let go of my anger, and try to trust you again. I just -- basically, I want to be the father that you need, the father that you had before all this happened -- loyal first, last, and always, to you, to the family. Do we have an agreement?

J.R.: It's a great pitch. You really think I'd fall for it?

Adam: I'm trying to offer an olive branch.

J.R.: And you know what you can do with it?

Adam: Oh. Well, I hope you remember that next time you find yourself in pieces on the street. I won't be there to scrape up what's left.

J.R.: And I hope you have somebody who gives a damn next time you kneel over and have a stroke. Oh -- what do you care about most? Your company or your daughter?

Adam: Colby is my one and only priority.

J.R.: Well, where do I fit in?

Adam: Huh, you don't.

Colby: I cannot wait till you and Jenny get out of here, and we're going to be all together.

Krystal: Me, too.

Colby: Oh, yes. We can go to the park. Oh, she is going to love the playground, and the boathouse.

Babe: Oh.

Colby: Oh -- the lake. That's going to be so much fun, and -- and what about the mall? We could take her to the mall, you guys.

Krystal: Mm-hmm.

Colby: And the movies?

Babe: The movies?

Colby: Yeah -- what? I see babies there all the time.

Babe: Really -- sleeping or crying?

[Krystal laughs]

Colby: Well, if it's good, she's going to be watching it. Oh, wait, hold on. Um, um, um, um -- oh, this one right here opens Friday -- "Nanny Diaries."

Babe: No --

Colby: Looks amazing.

Babe: Seriously, it's supposed to be really good.

Krystal: Is it?

Babe: Yeah.

Colby: Here, here. Look, take a look. Um -- let's see, what else? Oh! How about the zoo? We could take her to the zoo and -- oh, no. What if I throw her the best Sweet-16 party ever?

Babe and Krystal: No way!

Annie: Hey. You still want to work?

Kendall: I think we've accomplished enough for one night. But you better go home and get some sleep because tomorrow, you head up the sterling edition eye smudge project.

Annie: You're kidding. The entire national campaign?

Kendall: Yep -- coast to coast, it's all yours. You'll be great.

Annie: Ok. Well, I have a lot to live up to. Uh -- we are going to go get some food downstairs. Do you guys want to come with us?

Kendall: You know, I would love to tonight, but actually I think I need to go home, put on my pajamas, play with my son. Take a rain check?

Annie: Sure.

Kendall: I mean it.

Annie: So do I.

Zach: Hi.

Kendall: Hi.

Zach: I missed something.

Ryan: Yeah, you're not the only one. Wow -- what happened in the ladies' room?

Krystal: Ah, here we go -- to being an official Carey woman.

Babe: Cheers.

Colby: I am? Really?

Babe: Well, you will be, but there's a few things that you need to learn first.

Krystal: Like --

Colby: Like what, though?

Krystal: Ketchup soup or grade-A sirloin, always enjoy each and every day.

Babe: And if you're feeling bad, you just turn up the music, and you dance.

Krystal: And always leave the conga line -- never be the tail.

Babe: Absolutely, and can't forget, very important -- our own Carey motto.

Krystal: Oh.

Babe: We deserve --

Babe and Krystal: The best, and together, we can always get it.

Krystal: And you definitely deserve the best.

Babe: Think you can handle it?

Colby: Absolutely.

Babe: Ok, then. Pinky, please.

Krystal: Move it in there.

Babe: Get in there.

Colby: We deserve the best --

All: And together, we can always get it.

Adam: Ah.

[Adam sighs as he scatters papers all over the floor]

Adam: Oh, there's got to be something here somewhere. Got to be.

Amanda: Where do you get off?

Adam: You're late.

Amanda: You -- you can't just summon me like some servant.

Adam: We have a deal.

Amanda: Oh. You almost killed Jamie and me.

Adam: Say that again, take out the "almost," and you'll get an idea of what you're dealing with.

Kendall: Do you want pizza?

Reporter: You must be pleased with the verdict.

Man: The ruling that Mr. Cambias is incompetent to stand trial was a victory for the mentally ill, a sign of social progress. We're very happy with the decision.

[Zach turns TV off]

Zach: Pizza sounds good.

Kendall: Mushroom?

Zach: Anchovies.

Kendall: Ok. I'll see you in the morning.

Annie: Yeah. I can't wait to get started.

Kendall: Bye.

Zach: Good night.

Annie: Are you all right?

Ryan: Yeah, it's just Jonathan was so ticked when he left the courtroom, I just hope he doesn't lose control.

[Music plays at ConFusion as Hannah enters, sits in a booth, and recalls scenes from her past]

Alexander's voice: You're a maid, Hannah. You clean our dirt. You're not fit to carry a Cambias child. Leave now. Never contact my son again, or I will make your life pure hell.

Hannah's voice: As horrible as it was to give up Ethan -- and it was pure hell -- it was worth it. He never came close to his lunatic grandfather, and I thank God for that. I belong where I want to belong, and you belong in there.

Judge's voice: The defendant will be remanded to a state psychiatric facility --

Jonathan's voice: No, no!

Judge's voice: Until deemed competent to stand trial. Adjourned.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Hannah: Um -- scotch and soda.

Waiter: Sure --

Hannah: You know what, make it a double.

Waiter: Sure, no problem.

[Del picks up his rifle and cocks it]

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Adam (to Amanda): You and Jamie suffered a terrible accident. It would be wise to think of this as a warning. Tragedy can happen at any time. Some people might not be so fortunate as others. Who knows what terrible thing could happen?

[While Adam talks, images flash of Jamie, Tad, Babe, Krystal, and baby Jenny innocently going about their lives.]

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