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Amanda: Do you expect my mom to just walk up to you, put out her hands, and say "Cuff me, take me in"? Look for her, look for clues -- buy a vowel, anything.

Officer: I have my orders.

Amanda: Ah, to waste taxpayers' money -- great job. God.

Kathy: Aunt Julia!

Julia: Yes? Oh!

Kathy: You're it!

Julia: Oh, honey, I'm sorry. I can't play tag with you right now.

Amanda: Who's moving?

Julia: Well, this is Kathy's stuff from her old house.

Amanda: Oh.

Julia: Oh, hey.

Amanda: Very cool. Ooh -- who is that?

Kathy: Amanda Panda!

Amanda: Oh, well, you made that up just now. What's the panda's name?

Kathy: Now it's Amanda!

Amanda: Oh. Well, that could get confusing if you call the panda for a tea party, and I show up.

Julia: Oh -- or, on the other hand, Del calls out, "Amanda, I need you."

Amanda: Oh, and we threw the panda at him.

[Sitting nearby is a certificate of adoption for "Kathleen Mershon" with the date of birth 6/2/2002 and Dr. Greg Madden, as the attending physician]

P.A. Announcer: Dr. Simmons to Maternity, Dr. Simmons to Maternity.

Colby: She's so perfect, isn't she?

Sean: She looks like a baby.

Colby: Oh, God.

Sean: I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

Colby: She's a perfect 10. Hmm.

Sean: No, she looks great.

Colby: Yeah. Too great for my father. I'm glad she's not his. He doesn't deserve her.

Adam: You don't look so bad, everything considered.

Krystal: If that's your idea of an apology, it's too little, too late.

Adam: An apology? I should kick your butt out of that bed and all the way to the county line.

Bailiff: All rise. This court is now in session, the Honorable Judge Arthur Feinberg presiding.

Judge: Mr. Cambias, the issue before this court is your competency to stand trial, to aid in your own defense. Do you understand? Mr. Cambias, I want to make it clear I won't tolerate any evasion of due process. Do you understand?

Alexander: Ah!

[Alexander gags]

Judge: Counselors, get your client --

Attorney: Your Honor, obviously we have no control over our client -- that's why we're here.

Second Attorney: Your Honor, this is exactly the kind of ploy --

Judge: Order.

Alexander: Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who was not there. He was not there again today! How I wish he'd gone away. Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn't there!

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: One more outbreak like that, and I'll have you ejected, Mr. Cambias. Do you understand?

Attorney: As you can see, Your Honor, the defendant's behavior is erratic at best. Expert testimony will show that Mr. Cambias is in fact non compos mentis.

Jack: Your Honor, everyone in this courtroom, including the defendant's well-compensated attorneys, knows that he's faking his condition to avoid prosecution.

Judge: Then I should ignore the psychiatrists testifying today that Mr. Cambias is indeed as incapacitated as he appears to be.

Jack: I'll put it to you this way, Your Honor -- I look forward to questioning them.

Judge: I read their reports -- don't be so excited.

Del: This murderer pulls the crazy card, and you're going to let him walk?

Di: Del?

Del: He killed our sister!

Judge: Order.

Del: You're not going anywhere. You're not walking out of -- get your hands off of me! Give me two minutes with him! He'll admit that he's fine, and you will be "begging" to go to prison!

Judge: Get him out of my courtroom.

Officer: Take him now.

Del: Dixie came back to us. She came back to us, and you took her away from her kids, from her grandson, from her family? He killed her, and he is "not" insane, and I will prove that!

Judge: Recess.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: In my chambers, now.

Bailiff: All rise.

Di: I've got to go check on Del.

Jonathan: He's right -- they all wanted to live!

Kendall: What did he just say to you?

Zach: He'll be back.

Amanda: This is like the bad old days. Mom hasn't contacted me, but I don't expect anyone to believe me.

Julia: I do. You know, we're all here for you -- me and Jamie, Di and Aidan, Del, Jonathan. We'll do everything that we can.

Amanda: Thanks. It just feels terrible, you know? My mom's out there somewhere without her meds, anything could happen -- and with my mom, it usually does. They just have to find her before something awful happens.

Julia: They will. I have to get to the hospital.

Amanda: Yeah.

Julia: Ok. Kathy, do you want to take the panda to the Miranda Center?

Kathy: Yes!

Julia: Yeah?

Kathy: Panda daycare!

[Julia chuckles as she packs away the papers in a cardboard box]

Julia: All right. You run and get your coat, then.

Kendall: Tell me how I can help you.

Zach: I just need a second -- I'll be ok.

Tad: I know.

Babe: You ok?

Kendall: Yeah, he just needs a second.

Babe: I asked about you. You're pale.

Kendall: Can you just -- just for a second? Tighter.

[Babe holds Kendall's hand]

Tad: No. Let him be.

Ryan: Hey. You hanging in?

Jonathan: I'm faster than Del. They wouldn't have been able to stop me.

Di: Hey, don't, Del. Don't let him do this to you.

Del: He killed them, and now he's laughing.

Di: Just take it --

Del: Do not mess with me right now, J.R., I am warning you.

J.R.: Will you just shut up a second? I just want to say thank you. You really spoke for all of us in there.

[Babies cry in the hospital nursery]

Colby: Oh -- they're completely innocent. How can anyone blame them for anything?

Sean: "Anyone" like your father? What's he done now?

Colby: No big surprise, but I won't turn on Krystal, so I no longer exist.

Sean: Pretty harsh.

Colby: No, that's my dad. I'm another nonchild like J.R. I'm dead to dear old dad, too.

Sean: He's such a loser. Look, you don't need him. Ok? We'll stick together.

Colby: Hmm, she's so sweet.

Adam: It's bad enough you're a lying whore -- you want to take my daughter away from me. Stay away from Colby.

Krystal: She showed you who she really is -- a fine, compassionate young woman.

Adam: You're not going to use my daughter against me. She's not going to live with you. I won't allow it.

Krystal: Well, I don't think you have a damn thing to say about it, Adam, because Colby can do what's right for Colby.

Adam: She's too young to know what's right for her. You've already raised one slut. God knows what you're going to do with Tad Martin's spawn. But I'm not going to let you work my daughter into a gold-digging self-image.

Krystal: This conversation is over, Adam. Get out!

Adam: Say it. Say it, say you'll leave Colby alone or, by God, you and your yowling brat will be very, very sorry.

Krystal: You come anywhere near my daughter, you harm her or just look at her cross-eyed, and I swear it'll be your last act on this earth. Your daughter finally sees you for what you are, and she wants to get away from you.

Adam: Yeah. I rest my case. Colby will live with me in my home.

Krystal: You don't have a home! You have a house. And she needs to be with somebody who cares about her.

Adam: I care about my daughter. You don't have any legal right to my daughter.

Krystal: Colby is 16. If she wants to live with me, she can live with me. If she wants to live with Liza, she can live with Liza.

Adam: I won't allow it.

Krystal: Oh, you won't allow it? You push her, Colby will stand up in court and tell the whole world just how much she hates her very own daddy -- every dirty detail. You don't think she won't? That girl had the courage, the courage to help me when she knew that you wanted her to run the other way. Skulk on out of here, Adam. I want some rest. Ok, fine. Fine, I'll call security.

[Adam chuckles]

Jack: Doctor, have you ever seen anything like this before? A man who can conceive of and commit a series of vicious homicides over the course of --

Attorney: Objection.

Jack: Months and then suddenly turn into the drooling spectacle we see before us?

Judge: Montgomery, tone it down.


Jack: I'll rephrase. [Distorted voice] Doctor, have you ever heard of such a rapid deterioration?

Doctor: It's rare, but it happens.

Jack: Now, you'll be paid for your report and your testimony here today. Can you please tell us who --

[Voice echoes and grows distant in Kendall's mind]

[Heartbeat intensifies]

Jack: You're a court-appointed psychiatrist the defendant has paid for.


Jack: Do you actually --


Doctor: Yes.

Jack: Have you found any medical reason whatsoever for the defendant's sudden mental incapacity?

Doctor: Nothing -- MRI, CT scan, EKG, various blood tests. We've found no obvious medical cause at this time.

Jack: Nothing? So it's safe to say, he just may well be faking?

Doctor: Well, he's unresponsive and incoherent. We need to observe him over a longer period of time.

Jack: How long? Days, weeks, months? That's time the defendant has but his victims no longer do.

Attorney: Objection.

Judge: Enough. You may step down.

Zach: Hey.

Kendall: Hey.

Zach: You shouldn't be here. I'm going to put you in a car -- go home to Spike.

Kendall: No, no, no. Um, I -- I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be fine.

Babe: I'll come with.

Kendall: No, no, no. Honestly, I'm fine -- I'll just be a second. I'll just be one minute.

Hannah: You're not ok.

Kendall: He's in there, he -- he's in there sitting and staring. I can hear him breathing. He's -- he's singing. He wanted to watch me die. I -- I grabbed his -- the -- the gun, and he grabbed my hand and -- I shouldn't have come here. I -- I should not be here right now. If he gets out, if he tries to touch, tries to hurt my son --

Hannah: Ok. You know what? I want you to listen to me. After today, that man in there will never hurt anyone again. Ok?

Kendall: Don't tell Zach that I'm a mess. He's carrying enough already.

Hannah: Not a word. If you need to talk, you let me know, ok?

Kendall: He'll never hurt anyone again.

Colby: Ugh. It was so gross and so the miracle of birth. Sounds lame, right? But it's true.

Sean: I'll take your word for it.

Colby: I made sure she can breathe, I held on to her, and then I pulled her out.

Sean: Ah, look, that's cool, but I don't -- I don't need the details.

Colby: No. It's going to stay between Jenny and me and Krystal. So Jenny is not my dad's. We don't have the same DNA. What's that got to do with anything, Sean? Love and family isn't about all that medical stuff, like blood and genes. It's about how you feel in here and what your heart tells you.

Sean: So this is what delivering a baby does -- makes a person jelly.

Colby: I guess -- hmm.

Sean: You did good, Colby -- really good.

Colby: Yeah. She's here because of me. So I'm in her life, no matter what my dad does.

Sean: And as long as I have a home, you have a home.

Colby: Are you inviting me to crash out at your place, huh?

Sean: Why not?

Colby: Ok, but where would I sleep?

Sean: I have a couple of ideas.

Colby: Oh, gosh -- I bet you do. Oh, look how cute she is.

Sean: Hmm.

P.A. Announcer: Dr. Simmons to Maternity.

Julia: Dr. Joe? You know, you're going to have to do something -- otherwise, we're going to have to walk.

Joe: Julia, it's the board's decision.

[Julia sighs]

Julia: You don't want a nurses' strike --

Joe: No, I don't, no more than you do, but I cannot give the union what it wants. It's not my call.

Julia: Why won't the board listen?

Joe: Well, they tell me that every penny in the budget has already been allocated.

Julia: But the patients are the ones who are going to suffer.

Joe: Yes, I know that. I -- I'm going to be at the negotiating table, Julia, but if I can't get more time --

Julia: Yeah, we walk out tonight.

Joe: Can you not talk to some other union reps? If you could just postpone it for 24 hours, I might be able to turn things around.

Julia: Hey -- this is restricted. What are -- what are you doing? What's in -- what's in this vial? Have you lost your mind?

Josh: No, but Alexander Cambias is about to get away with multiple murders by pretending he's lost his. Do you want him to live the good life in some sanitarium a few steps below a spa?

Julia: No, I want him to rot in hell.

Josh: Then pretend you're thirsty and go get a coffee.

Julia: Josh, I can't do that.

Joe: Josh? Put the drug down. Julia, would you give us a moment alone, please?

Julia: Sure.

Josh: Joe, the Alex Cambias show is going on at the courthouse right now. He's faking psychosis to escape from prison. A few cc's of that and the show will be over, and it'll loosen him up enough so that he'll have to drop the act. Jack can prove that he's lying.

Joe: The end justifies the means, huh?

Josh: Exactly.

Joe: Yeah. Well, I'm not going to let you commit a crime.

Josh: Joe, we've bent the rules before. We lied about Babe's death to -- to make everyone believe that she was dead.

Joe: That was different, son. That was different. We were protecting a patient, we were saving a life. Now, I understand you want Cambias punished for his crimes, we all do. But it's got to be done according to law.

Josh: No, Joe, if you would just let me do this, I can take --

Joe: Josh, Josh -- life is not always fair -- this is one of those times. Now, you find another way to do this.

Colby: Sean.

Sean: Yeah, I don't want the kid to get the wrong idea.

Colby: Yeah. We better check with Krystal first.

Adam: Stay away from Krystal, and him. I'll see you at the house later.

Colby: Later.

Adam: Stay out of Colby's life.

Sean: That's your assignment.

[Adam stares at baby Jenny through the nursery window]

Kendall: Wait, wait. Where --

Josh: Not now.

Kendall: Wait -- where -- where did you go?

Jack: Your Honor, move for extension. Given the heinous nature of Mr. Cambias' crimes, we'd like to have a stay so we can bring in our own medical experts to evaluate him.

Judge: Denied. Please call your first witness.

Jack: The prosecution calls Alexander Cambias, Sr. to the stand. Mr. Cambias -- Alexander? Ah, there you are. Thank you. I'd like you to hold something for me, if you would.

[When Jack throws a small ball at Alex, he lets it fly by.]

Attorney: Objection, Your Honor. Counsel is mocking this defendant, and this court.

Judge: Mr. Montgomery, enough games, do you hear me?

Jack: Yes, Your Honor, I hear you. Mr. Cambias, I'd like to talk to you about the crimes that you committed -- against Simone Torres, Erin Lavery, Danielle Frye, Dixie Martin, Babe Chandler, Kendall Hart, as well as your own wife, Amelia Cambias, Raymond Jenkins, Officer Max Stockton. My God, that's a -- that's a long list of victims, isn't it? And yet you have no reaction whatsoever? You don't recognize those names? Huh. Maybe you'd recognize a face, huh? How about that young woman sitting right there, Babe Chandler? The one that got away?

[Babe screams in a flashback of her attack]

Babe: No -- no, no, no!

Jack: None of these women's lives mattered to you in the least, except as dramatic devices.

[Jonathan recalls the night his sister Erin died]

Jonathan: She just needs a doctor, you guys, that's all. She just needs a doctor. It's not too late.

Jack: Their deaths were to build interest and fear and anticipation as you worked your way up to the one who counted.

[Tad remembers how Dixie died]

Krystal: She has a history of heart trouble.

J.R.: No -- no, no, come on, come on, stay with me, ok?

Babe: Mama, how much longer? Come on.

Krystal: Ok, and hurry.

Jack: To you, human life is far from sacred, isn't it, Mr. Cambias? To you, the only life that matters is your own.

Dixie: Together.

Tad: Together forever.

Jack: You consigned people to eternity without any thought for them, their husbands, their wives, their children.

[Jamie flashes back to the doctors trying to save Dixie's life at the hospital]

Joe: Clear.

Tad: Come on.

Jack: Oh, yes, the only life that counts is yours. Isn't that right, Mr. Cambias? The rest of us have been put on this earth only to help you settle old scores. You decide who lives, you decide who dies, and whether or not you'll even stand trial. Life and death and justice -- they're all in your hands.

[Derek remembers seeing Danielle regain consciousness after her close call]

Derek: How's my beautiful baby girl?

Danielle: Daddy?

Jack: You can put on this act only so long, Cambias. You played dead once. You'll not do that again.

[Josh recalls Babe almost dying at the hospital]

Josh: Babe? Is she all right?

Jack: You can't recite poems forever, drooling your life away. You're only delaying the inevitable. This act won't make you safe.

[Tad remembers kissing Simone]

Simone: Have I told you just how incredible you are lately?

Jack: You didn't return from the dead to spend the next 20 years staring off into space.

[Kendall gasps as Alex grabs her from behind]

Alexander: You couldn't be more wrong. I want him to suffer excruciating pain, and I know exactly how to use you to do it.

[Alex's voice echoes as Kendall is subjected to the collar of death he rigged around her neck]

Jack: How about this one, Mr. Cambias, huh? Or this one? Or maybe this one, huh?

Judge: Before counsel objects, enough. The witness has yet to respond. You're wasting this court's time. Call your next witness.

Jack: I call Zach Slater to the stand.

Krystal: You get in here.

Colby: I just saw Jenny.

Krystal: I just saw your daddy.

Colby: I know. Me, too.

Krystal: So you two had a falling-out?

Colby: Huh, worse.

Krystal: And you want to come and live with me?

Colby: Maybe. I could help you with Jenny and everything.

Krystal: And I'm sure we would have a fine time, but Adam's -- well, "opposed" is putting it mildly.

Colby: Well, that's his problem.

Krystal: Honey, as perverse and wrongheaded as Adam is, he does love you more than his own life.

Colby: Well, if you don't want me, that's fine.

Krystal: No, no, no, no, no. No, no, of course, I want you. And so does Jenny. I couldn't think of two better big sisters than you and Babe.

Joe: What are you doing here, Adam? Adam, you harm any of my family, after Tad is finished with you, it'll be my turn.

Jack: State your name for the court, please.

Zach: Zach Slater.

Jack: But your real name is Alexander Cambias, Jr. isn't it?

Zach: It was, yes.

Jack: And that means you are the defendant's son.

Zach: No, I'm not.

Jack: Oh, you're not? Well, is that because he disowned you?

Zach: Because I was never his son to begin with. During his killing spree, I found out that my mom had had a lover -- Mr. Raymond Jenkins, another one of his victims. Before Mr. Jenkins died, he suggested I have DNA tested against his, so I did. It turns out he was right. I am his son.

Man: What? What is this?

[Gallery murmurs]

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Quiet.

Zach: What do you say to that, huh? What do you think, Alex? Your son, your golden boy -- not your child after all. You gave Cambias to the bastard child of your wife's lover.

Alexander: Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who -- who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. Oh -- how I -- I wish he -- he'd go away. Yesterday, I met a man upon a stair who wasn't there again today. He wasn't there. How I wish he'd go away. Yesterday, yesterday, yesterday, yesterday --

[As everyone files out of the courtroom, Jonathan approaches Jack]

Jack: Oh, go ahead, go ahead. Say what you're thinking. I let them down, I let them down. Those women deserve justice, and I -- I couldn't get it for them, could I?

Jonathan: Hey. Hey, hey, hey. You fought like hell, and we all saw it, no matter that judge says when he walks back in.

Annie: I know you can't see it, but there is justice, and it will find that man who killed your sister.

Ryan: How, and when, because I don't see it, I honestly don't, and I really need to.

Jamie: Guys, the judge is coming back in.

[The guard prevents Del from reentering the courtroom]

Judge: This is one of the moments hated by those who love the law. You're a killer, a murderer. And like most of those in this room, I believe you're in there, lucid, amused, defiant. But I don't have any proof of that. And the law is clear. The defendant will be remanded to a state psychiatric facility --

Jonathan: No, no!

[Gallery murmurs]

Judge: Until deemed competent to stand a trial. Adjourned.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Bailiff: All rise.

Adam: Ah, Amanda. You look guilty. We made a deal. You gave me a promise, and you didn't keep it. I don't like liars. And I don't like being played.

Amanda: You don't scare me.

Adam: Oh, another lie. You're terrified, as well you should be, because you're not a stupid girl. I don't deal with stupid people.

Amanda: You jerk. You ran us off the road. You set Jamie up trying to find my mother. You tried to kill us.

Adam: Wrong, because look -- very much alive.

Amanda: You don't intimidate me. You can't use my mother to do that. I don't think you can put her away.

Adam: Well, you see, I think your mother's been off her medications for a very, very long time. That could be dangerous. Something terrible could happen to her, like falling down a well and never being seen again, which would be ironic after what she did to Natalie. Or she could swan-dive onto the rocks in the river.

Amanda: Stop it!

Adam: Why? I don't scare you. So in spite of everything, you still love your mother? Well, then I think you'd better pay her insurance premium. Mm-hmm. Which is something, anything I can use against Tad or Jamie. And make it fast, because --

Amanda: Here. Just take this.

Adam: What is it?

Amanda: I don't know exactly, but Jamie and Julia said it's important.

Adam: And they just leave it lying around?

Amanda: Look, if you don't want it, then you'll have to wait until I find something else.

Adam: No, I'll take it. But if the payoff's not here --

Amanda: I'll find it, ok?

Adam: Make it fast -- for Janet's sake.

[Adam leaves Wildwind with the box containing Kathy's adoption papers]

Colby: You sure? I mean, if it's just because I helped you, you don't have to be all grateful.

Krystal: You want me to beg you? Is that what it is?

Colby: No, but I just want to make sure it's ok with you. Think of what my dad did to you.

Krystal: You and I were in a pretty good place for a while here. And thanks to you, my little Jenny is a perfect 10.

Colby: Well, I think they should increase the scale for her, because she's, like, an 11 or 12, at least.

[Colby chuckles]

Krystal: You have got some grit. You're brave. And you're smart. And you've got the most beautiful heart. I would be so honored if you became part of my family. Will you?

Kendall: So that's it? That's -- this is how it ends?

Annie: Well, we -- we can -- we can try again. Right?

Babe: I thought that was it. I thought that you broke him. So is it true what you said? Are you not really his son?

Zach: No.

Babe: You're nothing like him.

Zach: I got to go.

Kendall: Where? Where?

Zach: Just take a minute. Keep an eye on her, ok?

Babe: Right beside her.

[Aidan sits in front of Tad in the almost-empty courtroom]

Aidan: Due process and expert witnesses -- a lot of bucks. Another time, another place, it'd be a bullet right through the head. That would be justice served.

[Someone wearing black gloves opens a case revealing a large rifle]

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Tad (to Adam): Tell me where my daughter is, or I swear to God, I'll kill you.

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