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All My Children Transcript Friday 4/13/07


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Zach: Whoa. Someone's getting bounced off the boards. There seems to be a lot of hostility on the ice.

Kendall: Ahem. Spike, will you please tell your dad I'm not speaking to him right now? You see, I asked him to help Aunt Bianca, but he said no.

Zach: Will you please tell your mother that helping someone and interfering in their life is not the same thing at all?

Kendall: Ahem. It's not interfering when you try to help your sister from becoming involved with someone who can clearly hurt her.

Zach: Mm-hmm. See, there, that's your mom -- always assuming the worst.

[Kendall sighs]

Kendall: Spikey, I'm being realistic. Zoe is not what your Aunt Bianca needs right now.

Babe: Oh, hey.

Zoe: Hey! Congratulations. I heard Krystal had a baby.

Babe: Yes! It's official -- I'm a big sister.

Zoe: How are they?

Babe: Beautiful and little Jenny looks just like Mama. Hey, is it true what they say about caffeine being a substitute for sleep, because I seriously did not close my eyes for a second?

Zoe: Well, that makes two of us. Help me, Babe. Help me stay strong.

Babe: What is it? Come here, sit down. What happened?

Zoe: Oh. I told my secret admirer that we were over before we even started.

Babe: You're not giving Bianca a chance?

Zoe: I can't -- for her sake. Please, Babe, help me do what I need to do.

Bianca: Whew -- is Zoe here?

Josh: Good morning to you, too, sis.

Bianca: Oh, sorry. I need to talk to her.

Josh: She left for work already.

Bianca: Oh, damn it. I was hoping I'd catch her.

Josh: She told me what happened last night.

Bianca: You mean the rain all over my big, romantic dinner?

Josh: I'm sorry, Bianca.

Bianca: She just turned me down. I mean, everything was going great and then -- done, over.

Josh: Well, maybe she just wasn't comfortable.

Bianca: I was just asking for a couple of dates, see where it went -- not a life partnership. Josh, you got to help me. Help me persuade Zoe not to shut the door completely.

Josh: It may be too late for that, Bianca. Zoe's leaving Pine Valley.

Lily: Thank you for coming with me to this convention.

Sean: Yeah, it beats Calculus.

Lily: Hi -- Lily Montgomery, Cambias industries. Thank you. I don't know anyone here.

Sean: Well, that's why I'm here. So, when do I rip off my clothes and streak through this techno-nerd convention? Kidding.

Lily: Can you help me find out if someone's lying to me?

Aidan: Ava Benton, B as in bravo -- booked on a commercial flight to LAX. Check all ticketed passengers.

Jonathan: Morning.

Di: I'm sure Ava's having a grand time in LA, but what happens to her when the money you gave her to leave town runs out?

Jonathan: Di, I will protect Lily.

Di: And who's protecting Ava? That girl needs help, Jonathan, not a shove out the door.

[Ava hums as she emerges from the shower at the Valley Inn]

Ava: Ahem.

Ava: Not bad. Can't even see a bruise.

[Knock on door]

Waiter: Your breakfast.

Ava: Yes! Thank you.

Waiter: How many people?

Ava: Just me. Haul it in anywhere -- I don't care. Oh, my --

Erica: Lily? What are you doing here?

Zoe: My transition will take months -- scratch that, years -- and I just don't know what I have to offer.

Babe: But if Bianca is willing to take this ride with you, why are you pushing her away?

Zoe: Well, because Bianca's so very special to me. She deserves 100% love and support, and I'm just afraid I'm going to mess it up. It's all about me -- you know, my transition, my issues, and I -- it's not fair. It's been all Zoe all the time. I'm annoying myself.

Babe: First off, you're not annoying, and second, Bianca wouldn't be around if she didn't want to be.

Zoe: I've just asked so much from Bianca from the day that I met her -- for love, support, and understanding.

Babe: Ok, but why -- why is that a bad thing?

Zoe: I don't want to hurt her.

Babe: You are not giving her enough credit. Bianca is way stronger than you think.

Bianca: Zoe can't be leaving.

Josh: She talked to her new manager this morning.

Bianca: But she lives and works here. Her doctor, her therapist, her support group -- they're all here.

Josh: Yeah, I know. She's going to London to do an album -- apparently, she's already started.

Bianca: Wow! She didn't say anything about that. When did she make this decision? When is she leaving?

Josh: I don't know. I didn't hear a date but it sounded like soon.

Bianca: Did I push her into this?

Josh: Look, Bianca, maybe what the two of you need is some space.

Bianca: You want her to leave?

Josh: Well, it wouldn't be the worst thing --

Bianca: For us to be apart? God, you are just like Kendall. Can't you see that Zoe is good for me, transgender or not?

Josh: This has nothing to do with transgender.

Bianca: Oh -- so you're telling me that if she were just your average lesbian, you would -- you would also want her gone?

Josh: Someone has to bring you down to earth about all of this.

Bianca: About what? About finding somebody I like and want to spend a little more time with?

Josh: Ok, Zoe didn't seem to get through to you. I guess it's my turn.

Zach: Aunt Bianca doesn't like your mom telling her what to do.

Kendall: Well, Spikey, when you have a little brother or a little sister, you will do everything you can to help them, too.

Zach: And when you have a little brother or a little sister, you will let them make their own decisions, same way that Bianca needs to make a decision about Zoe.

Kendall: Hmm. Yes, well, Aunt Bianca needs time and distance before she can make any decisions.

Zach: Why don't you tell your mom that you want Bianca to stay, because you want to play with Miranda? Oh, and tell your mom to mind her own business.

Kendall: Spike, can you tell your dad to stop using you to get to me?

Zach: Oh, come on, Mom. Look how cute I am. Just kiss Dad -- he's rugged and handsome. You guys should make up, because I am starving! Come on. Feed me.

Kendall: Ugh.

Jack: Well, listen, I -- I got you a room here for as long as you'd like.

Barbara: This really isn't necessary, Jack.

Jack: I insist, and I will have your other stuff brought over, ok?

Barbara: Jack, you don't have to do this. Look, it was one night. It happens, Jack. We're both adults, we could live under the same roof.

Jack: But Lily won't live under that roof if you're there. I'm not going to lose my daughter over this.

Barbara: What about my son? I came to Pine Valley to spend more time with Sean.

Jack: You can spend more time with Sean and not live in the same house. Hi, I'd like you to -- I'd like you to meet my guest, Barbara Montgomery.

Man: Good morning, ma'am.

Barbara: Hi.

Jack: Hi. Listen, anything you need, Anthony here will take care of it for you, ok?

Barbara: Ok, thank you.

Jack: Great. Thank you. Have a good day.

Barbara: Jack, what -- what if this was, like, a temporary --

Sean: So, who's lying to you, Lily?

Lily: Well, I've met with Aidan twice to find my look-alike, and he says he hasn't found her yet.

Sean: Well, people searches can take some time.

Lily: But when he told me that, he looked away and his voice was different. He's never done that before and -- and voice changes and looking away can indicate that someone is hiding something from you.

Sean: Well, what can I do?

Lily: I need your opinion.

Sean: Well, I -- I don't really know Aidan that well. You know, maybe you should ask his girlfriend or Tad Martin.

Lily: But you're really good at lying.

Sean: Excuse me?

Lily: Maybe you'd be good at seeing if someone else is lying. Can you please go talk to Aidan and see if he's lying about my potential relative?

Sean: Well, why would he lie?

Lily: Maybe he's lying for the same reason that Jonathan lied to me -- to protect me. But it doesn't work -- it doesn't protect me. It's a bad plan, because when I found out he lied, it really hurt me a lot.

Jonathan: Don't you think that you're going a little far in Ava's defense?

Di: Someone has to -- she's got no one.

Jonathan: Di, the girl plays hooker to scam money from guys.

Di: She's desperate.

Jonathan: So desperate that she tried to steal your jewelry.

Di: I swung around a pole to make a living, so I guess that excludes me from your judging committee.

Jonathan: You didn't break any laws.

Di: You did. Do you want everyone to judge you from your sketchy past? I don't think so, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Can we leave this on Ava, please?

Di: Yeah, yeah. She needs someone to hold on to, to ground her. Family could do that for her.

Jonathan: Or she could take that entire family under with her.

Di: You know what? Finding Dixie helped me. Ok? It gave me a place to belong. Now, Ava has got a right to meet her sister just like I did. I got to spend time with Dixie, even though she's gone. I got to see myself in her, Jonathan. I got to change my life around.

Jonathan: Family isn't always great. You want to use me as an example, that's fine. Look what I did to Ryan when I first came to town. Because you have a sibling out there doesn't mean it's going to be a guarantee that that's some great event.

Di: I don't think Ava's going to go around blowing up anybody in a cave.

Aidan: Ava never boarded that flight to LA.

Jonathan: What? I give her cash and a plane ticket, and she snows me. This is who you want in Lily's life?

Di: You deserve to be snowed.

Jonathan: Is Ava still in town?

Aidan: That's what I'm afraid of.

Erica: Lily, are -- are you all right? Honey, why are you staying in a hotel room? Did something happen at home? It's Barbara, isn't it? You couldn't stand to stay in the same house with her. Oh, I don't blame you.

Waiter: Ahem. Mrs. Lavery, could you sign? Thank you.

Erica: Lavery? You're using Jonathan's last name again? Oh, of course. I know what's going on here. You're using your married name so nobody finds you. You're hiding. Oh, honey, I am so sorry. I am so sorry that Barbara is so difficult.

[Erica sighs]

Erica: You know what? You stay here, you enjoy your breakfast, and don't worry. I'll take care of everything.

Zoe: No one thinks they're going to be hurt at the beginning of a relationship.

Babe: Ok, you would never hurt Bianca intentionally, and if something were to happen, if something went wrong, she can stand up for herself.

Zoe: Why would I go into something that I knew could go wrong?

Babe: No one knows what's going to happen in a new relationship. That is part of the fun, and besides, if you ask too much of Bianca, she'd let you know.

Zoe: Bianca gives so much already, to everyone -- to her mother, to her cranky sister, and to her silly brother and to her little daughter and to the Miranda Center and to her friends and to even people that don't deserve it.

Babe: Yeah. And I'm one of those people. There is no reason that Bianca should've ever forgiven me, but she did.

Zoe: I think you're easy to forgive. You should've seen how Bianca reached out to J.R. at your funeral. I was awful to him, but she deserves to get some of that goodness right back.

Babe: So give back. Bianca wants a chance with you. Give her that chance.

Josh: You and Zoe told me not to push Babe, that she was going to have enough going on with J.R. and her family. Maybe you should take your own advice.

Bianca: Zoe wants to be with me. Why does this have to be so difficult?

Josh: Bianca, Zoe's going to be going through a lot of therapy. There will be times when she won't know what she wants. She's going to have reactions to the hormone treatment -- mood swings, body image issues, possible depression. This is not going to be easy.

Bianca: All the more reason why I should be with her.

Josh: Look, relationships are hard enough trying to make them work, let alone trying to change your life while you're going through it.

Bianca: Ok, so I should just forget about Zoe? It's too difficult -- done, over?

Josh: You might want to do just that.

Erica: Well, Barbara. I didn't realize they let just anyone into this hotel.

[Barbara chuckles]

Barbara: Upset that Jack booked me a fabulous suite?

Erica: Didn't take long for Jack to come to his senses and kick you out.

Barbara: Well, actually, I insisted on leaving. Oh, yes, I did. I do care about Jack, but he's a little needy sometimes -- all those phone calls during the day and the knocking on the door at night. I'm just not getting my sleep, so I had to come here.

Erica: Right.

Barbara: Mm-hmm.

Erica: Well, you do get that sleep, and keep on dreaming.

Jack: Lily has a half sister.

Aidan: Denny Benton had another daughter -- Ava Benton -- and she was actually here in Pine Valley last night.

Jonathan: Yeah, Di thought it'd be a good idea to bring a streetwalker into our home.

Di: You, of all people, should believe in second chances. She's not really a hooker, Jack.

Jonathan: Yeah, she's more a thief.

Di: Jonathan paid her to leave town last night.

Jonathan: Yes, I did. She's bad news, Jack -- stealing, lying. Who knows what else?

Jack: Ok. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Where is this woman now?

Aidan: We don't know.

Di: Whose fault is that?

Jonathan: Maybe we should've let her steal your jewelry.

Jack: Aidan, what's your take on all this?

Aidan: Ava Benton is -- she is a challenge.

[Ava gasps]

Ava: Here he is. How do you always know exactly when I need you?

Anthony: The laptop you requested, miss.

Ava: Oh, you're the greatest -- you know that.

Anthony: The front desk still hasn't heard from you about your credit card. We need an imprint of the card -- you said it was in your luggage.

Ava: Oh, right. Um -- well, I still haven't found it yet, but I gave a call to the credit card company, and they said that they were going to be giving me one right away.

Anthony: I have already bent the rules for you, miss.

Ava: I know that, and I thank you very much, and I will repay you anything.

Anthony: You will let us know when you receive it?

Ava: Of course. The minute I get it, I'll be straight down to your office.

Anthony: Thank you.

Aidan: If Ava met Lily, who knows what would happen. Maybe it would be a good thing, maybe it would be a disaster.

Jack: Well, Lily doesn't know that Ava's been here or that they're half sisters, right?

Aidan: Only that we're looking for her.

Jonathan: Ava could be anywhere in town.

Di: Or she could've taken Jonathan's cash and be long gone.

Aidan: She is a wild card.

Jack: A sister -- I still can't get over it.

Di: Oh.

Aidan: What do you want me to do, Jack? Do you want me to track her down again? Do you want Lily to meet Ava?

[Ava uses the computer to search for information on Erica Kane Montgomery and Who's Who in Pine Valley]

Lily: Ok, talk to Aidan and see if you think he's lying. If you think he is, then I can come up with a plan.

Sean: I'll check him out. I'm not sure how much help I'll be, but --

Lily: You can go see him after this conference, ok?

Erica: Hey, Sean. Lily -- I just saw you upstairs in your room.

Kendall: Wow! Oh, my goodness, let me get the nose! Let me -- yes. You have made quite a -- quite a mess. You did a good job.

Zach: What are you talking about a mess? Look at this. Come here. You just couldn't see it in the light, but this is a work of art. We should wallpaper the new kitchen with it.

Kendall: Spike thinks that's a really lame idea.

Zach: Spike told me he wants to hang signed hockey jerseys all over the living room.

[Kendall sighs]

Kendall: Spike has taste.

Zach: Are you talking to me right now?

Kendall: You know what? Uh -- Spikey, come here, my little monkey. You need to tell your daddy that you're just tired, you're just as tired as could be. Right?

Zach: Oh, whatever.

Kendall: You know, your dad is good, but there's no way he's going to break me. Right?

Zach: Oh, God!

Zoe: If I give Bianca a chance, I'm just afraid that she won't get very much in return.

Babe: You can give just as much to Bianca as she can to you.

Zoe: Not quite. Bianca's the only one with a woman's body.

Babe: She knows that. She sees you.

Zoe: What if this is all she ever sees?

Babe: Aren't you going through transition?

Zoe: I don't know how far I'll go. I might never have a woman's body.

Bianca: There are things about Zoe that you will never understand. I can. I know what it's like to live a secret, to give the other side a chance, and to realize that it's completely wrong for you.

Josh: Well, this isn't just coming out, Bianca. You didn't have surgery. Your body didn't change.

Bianca: When I came out, I could finally look in the mirror and recognize the person I saw.

Josh: Yeah, well, you could identify with any transgender person you met. That doesn't mean that it's a good idea for you to be with Zoe right now. I mean, you could get seriously trampled in the process.

Bianca: So I get hurt -- it happens. What's wrong with giving her a little support and understanding during the hardest time of her life? I'm just asking for dinner.

Josh: Yeah.

Bianca: Maybe rent a movie -- I'm not talking commitment ceremonies or a moving van.

Josh: Do you really think it would be that easy to keep things casual?

Bianca: Zoe and I have something. We owe it to ourselves to figure out what that is. We'll never know if she just shuts me out and I give up and walk away completely.

Josh: You think I don't know what it's like to want to love someone, to want to take care of them? What do you think I've been doing for the past year?

Bianca: Babe's heart was somewhere else.

Josh: Being pushed away sucks. It hurts like hell, and it's hard to accept.

Bianca: You can't compare us.

Josh: You have to accept what the other person wants.

Bianca: You didn't accept it when Babe pushed you away. You fought like hell, you went to extremes.

Josh: Yeah, and I made a lot of mistakes. It didn't get me any closer.

Bianca: You convinced the world that she was dead, you were willing to drop off the face of the planet for her. All I'm asking for is a date.

Josh: Oh, yeah. Yeah, you want more than just a date.

Bianca: Let's face it, Josh. If you came up with another way to hook Babe, you would do it in a second.

Josh: Oh, see, that's where you're wrong. I finally got the message. I've backed off Babe.

Babe: Is that what you want -- to keep your body?

Zoe: This thing that I've tried to break out of for all these years?

Babe: So why would you stick with something that makes you feel so uncomfortable?

Zoe: Well, I've educated myself more on the whole process. I've read more books than I can count, and websites and my doctors and the support group. There's just so many factors that I didn't even think about. I may not respond well to the hormones -- physically or emotionally -- and that's before I even think about surgery.

Babe: Can -- can you still be you without the surgery?

Zoe: Oh, of course. Lots of transgender people transition without the operation. And the reasons are -- some are financial and some are medical and some are personal and -- a lot of people are just happy with a new name and a new wardrobe.

Babe: And are you one of those people?

Zoe: I don't know. There's just so many risks in surgery, so many complications that can happen.

Babe: Well, even if you don't have the surgery, it can still work with Bianca. You are a woman -- with or without the equipment.

Zoe: I talked to my manager this morning. I'm working on a new album in London -- I've actually already started. Babe, I'm leaving Pine Valley.

Babe: Don't be a coward.

Zach: Hey! Gross. Whew.

Kendall: A spider?

Zach: Ah.

Kendall: Right, ok -- you can take on the entire world --

Zach: Oh.

Kendall: But you are afraid of a little spider?

Zach: It was a good-sized spider, and --

Kendall: Yeah?

Zach: It got you to talk, didn't it?

Kendall: I hate you, Zach Slater.

Zach: No, you don't. Come here.

[Zach and Kendall grunt as they hug]

Zach: I know you're concerned about your sister, but let the kids work it out. You know, you just -- you need to have a little faith.

Kendall: Did you just tell me to have faith?

Zach: Yeah, it's, you know, something Myrtle told me to work on -- faith. Have some faith.

Kendall: Hmm. Ok. Yeah. Well, I -- I do have faith in Bianca, but it's Zoe I'm worried about.

Zach: I know more about Zoe than you may think.

Jack: I used to make all of Lily's decisions for her -- that didn't work out so well.

Aidan: If you want me to find Ava, I will.

Jack: How can I choose to cut someone out of Lily's life?

Jonathan: Because Ava's never been in Lily's life, Jack. She's not going to miss anything.

Di: No -- except the -- the chance to know her sister.

Jack: When Lily first came to live with me, I made all the choices for her -- right up to the point that she chose to make a life with you. It scared the hell out of me. I mean, I -- and not for all the reasons you might think. Mostly, it scared me because I thought you were going to hurt her. Well, it turns out I was wrong about that, and I regret it.

Di: Then let Lily choose. She wants to find Ava.

Jack: You know, I was afraid we weren't going to get Lily back after that attack. But she did get better, thank God, but she was never the same again. She seemed to have to -- I don't know -- grow up faster than she needed to or something. I don't -- there's something about her that seems lost now.

Jonathan: There has to be something you can do, Jack, that -- some therapy?

Jack: She is in therapy regularly. But I think what she really needs is that human connection -- like the one she had with you, Jonathan.

Di: See, Ava could be that connection for Lily.

Lily: I -- I don't understand.

Erica: I'll take care of the problem.

Lily: Wait, what problem?

Erica: The reason that you got a room here.

Sean: Whoa -- hold on a second.

Lily: A hotel room?

Erica: Sean, I ran into your mom upstairs.

Sean: Did you run her over?

Erica: She's checked in.

Sean: Wait, she -- she left Uncle Jack's?

Erica: Yeah. So, Lily, you can check out.

Lily: Do you know what Erica's talking about?

Sean: My mom's a genius at rattling people. Maybe she got Erica confused, you know?

Lily: Sounds like a bigger mystery to me.

Barbara: Sean, um, may I have a word with you alone, please?

Lily: I'll be back.

Sean: No, Lily, don't go. Look, there's -- Mom, there's nothing to say.

Lily: No, I need to be alone. I have a mystery I have to solve.

Sean: Mom, make it quick. There's a session on computer viruses coming up.

Barbara: Sean, what have you told Lily about me?

Sean: I hate to tell you, Mom, but the world doesn't revolve around you.

Barbara: You know that -- that Jack's thrown me out of the house?

Sean: Well, did you think you were staying permanently?

Barbara: How can you hate your own mother so much? Sean, I came here to make things right with you.

Sean: Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Look, Mom, stop using me to work Uncle Jack. You know that's why you're here.

Barbara: I want my son back.

Sean: Come off it, Mom. You and I both know I've never been a son to you.

Lily's voice: Number one -- Erica saw me upstairs in a room. Number two -- I haven't been upstairs. Number three -- I don't have a room in this hotel. Number four -- Erica couldn't have seen me upstairs. Number five -- Erica doesn't lie to me. Number six -- Erica must've mistaken me for someone else. Number seven -- who is that "someone else"?

Ava: "The happy couple with Mr. Montgomery's daughter Lily." Erica's Lily's stepmom? Sweet.

Barbara: How can you say that? I gave birth to you, Sean. Of course, you're my son. What kind of nonsense is this?

Sean: You needed a bone marrow hookup for Molly -- that's the only reason you had me.

Barbara: Oh, Sean, will you stop being so melodramatic? What you did for Molly was a wonderful thing -- you saved your sister's life, Sean.

Sean: Yeah, once I did the whole donor thing, my job was over. You were done.

Barbara: I love you.

Sean: Dad loved me -- as a son. You didn't even try.

Barbara: How can you say that? Sean, I have given you nothing but the best. I've given you the best clothes --

Sean: "The best"? "The best," Mom? You know what? It bothered me for a long time. It did, but I'm -- I'm done. Not anymore. You know what? Do us both a favor -- quit playing the family card, call it quits.

Lily's voice: Number eight -- see the room where Erica saw the other person. Number nine -- see the other person.

Anthony: Any chance you found your credit card?

Lily: Cred-- what cred-- uh -- you -- you need credit cards to pay for the rooms here, and you think I -- I should pay for my room.

Anthony: I need an imprint.

Lily: If -- if I give you my card, I -- I can get an extra key to the room, right?

Anthony: That shouldn't be a problem.

Lily: And -- um -- and my -- my room number will be on the receipt, right?

Anthony: It will say "Room 416" on your receipt, yes.

Babe: Look, I understand that you've dealt with some drama since coming to Pine Valley -- coming out, murder charges, being attacked -- but through it all, you have been graceful and brave.

Zoe: Oh the outside perhaps.

Babe: Come on. You have found the courage to start your transition -- that is huge.

Zoe: Oh, but it's not enough for Bianca. You don't go to bed with courage. You don't cuddle courage, you don't caress it.

Babe: She wants something more than friendship, and you're afraid. You're giving up because you're frightened.

Zoe: No, I'm being practical.

Babe: You are never practical. Why are you turning your back on something that can be so wonderful?

Zoe: Fear. I've never been so afraid of something before.

Babe: Ok. Well, I have said my peace, but now I have to go see my mama.

Zoe: I love you.

Babe: Love you, too.

[Babe sighs]

Bianca: You're actually going to stay away from Babe this time?

Josh: Well, I finally figured it out -- with some help. I can push and push and push. It doesn't work. You both have to want it to work.

Bianca: Zoe said that I brought light into her life. She brought light into mine. I can't just watch that light go out.

Zach: When we got back from Vegas, I went to Ethan's grave, and Zoe was there.

Kendall: You didn't tell me that you saw her.

Zach: Yeah. We came back, and I just -- I was thinking about all the stuff that my father did -- all those innocent people -- I didn't know where to put that. You know, I didn't know how to live with that.

Kendall: And she helped you through that?

Zach: Yeah. Yeah, she did. She saw through years of anger and pain, and she was compassionate and blunt and dead-on.

Kendall: I didn't know that you guys were close.

Zach: We're not close. It's not -- it's not that. It's just that she helped me that night, and I -- I see her differently now.

Kendall: Well, I'm glad she was there for you.

Zach: My point is if Bianca does get involved with her, then at least she'll have someone who's understanding and -- and will listen to her.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: That's good.

Zach: Where we at? What are you talking about? No, he can't, no. No, you're going to stop him right now.

Zoe: What are you doing here?

Bianca: I came to see you.

Zoe: I was at work. You waited?

Bianca: And Josh was here. We talked.

Zoe: And?

Bianca: He told me to let you go.

Zoe: That's funny. I spoke with Babe -- she told me not to let you go.

Bianca: So what do we do?

Di: Ava could fill that void in Lily's life, and Lily would do wonders for Ava.

Jonathan: This is none of your business, Di.

Di: And neither is it yours, Jonathan.

Aidan: All right, guys, can I just -- can I be alone with Jack for a minute, please?

Aidan: Jeez.

[Aidan sighs]

Aidan: What do you want me to do, Jack?

Jack: I want you to find her. I want you to find her, bring her to me, and let me ask her a few questions, then I'll decide from there.

[Knock on door]

Aidan: Hold that thought.

Erica: Aidan, hello. Jack. Jack? Your office told me that you were here.

Jack: And here I am, but I'm kind of right in the middle of something, Erica.

Erica: Why didn't you tell me that Lily was staying at the Valley Inn?

Ava: Hmm.

[Ava answers a knock on her door and comes face to face with a stunned Lily]

Jack: The reason Lily is at the Valley Inn is because she's attending a convention there having something to do with her job at Cambias.

Erica: She's taken a room.

Jack: What are you talking about? I saw her at the house this morning.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Excuse me.

Erica: Huh.

Jack: Hello? Derek, what's going on? I'll be there as soon as I can.

Erica: What, Jack, what's wrong?

Jack: Alex Cambias, Sr.

Zach: Well, he can't do this, I won't let him do it, it's not going to happen.

Kendall: Who? What? Who?

Zach: I had a chance to kill the bastard, and I didn't take it.

Kendall: What, your father?

Zach: He might actually do it, he might actually get away with murder.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Tad (to Krystal): You and our daughter don't have a place to live. So, by all means, what's your next move?

Colby (to Adam): I'm going to go live with Krystal and our baby.

Adam (to Colby): If you go to them, I don't have a daughter.

Kendall (to Zach): So then it's not over? Your father can terrorize us all over again.

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