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Hannah: Hey, Lily, I want you to file these, copy these, then flag every mention of HCU Hong Kong in these.

Lily: Uh -- these -- these can't be here right now. I'm on assignment for Zach, and I'm on schedule.

Hannah: Oh, your assignment can wait. These take precedence.

Lily: No -- um -- these have a quarter-inch overlap, and the headers flush right, and --

Hannah: Hey, business means we have to shift priorities. Are we on the same page?

[Hannah places her hands on Lily's shoulders]

Lily: No, don't touch, don't touch, don't touch! Don't touch, don't touch!

Zach: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- easy.

Lily: Don't touch, don't touch.

Zach: What's going on? You all right?

Lily: Don't touch, don't touch.

Zach: What's wrong?

Lily: Don't touch, don't touch.

Zach: It's ok.

[Aidan sighs]

Aidan: When you finish that burger, how about we have a little chat? Play a game of get to know you.

Ava: Oh, I'm happy to introduce my boot upside your head.

Aidan: Nice. Ava Benton, born January 4, 1987, El Paso, Texas. Cs and Ds until you dropped out of high school in 2003. Well done. Worked at a steak joint for about two months. Hey, where do you think you're going?

Ava: Wait -- what's your deal? How do you know all this?

Aidan: You keep walking out on me like that, you're going to hurt my feelings.

Ava: Oh, is this how you like it? You like it rough?

Aidan: Listen, I'm here, because I know someone who wants to meet you.

[Ryan brings flowers to his sister's gravesite]

Ryan: I'm getting married. You brought Annie into my life. Did you see this coming before either one of us?

Annie: Six, seven -- oh, God. Eight is hideous. Nine --

Kendall: Ooh, yikes. Eight is pretty bad.

Annie: You -- you can't be here. The baby --

Kendall: Oh -- oh, no, no, no. Don't worry about it. I've actually -- I've had the chicken pox before, and Julia said if you're scabbing over, you're not contagious, and you're scabbing over, all right.

Annie: Did you come to gloat, or --

Kendall: No. Actually, I came to congratulate you. You and Ryan are getting married. Yay.

Annie: You're yaying, which can only mean one thing. I must be sicker than I thought.

Josh: What'd I miss?

Bianca: Zoe -- your -- you've changed. What -- what is going on?

Zoe: Would you two mind if my mother and I had a --

Bianca: If you need me, I -- I'm going to be right --

Zoe: Thank you, sweetness. I'll be fine.

Josh: Hey, just hang out upstairs until --

Bianca: Until what? Until Zoe breaks even more?

Zoe: Look at me, Ma.

Marjie: What do you want me to see this time? I -- I saw the makeup and clothes and all that. You told me to go, and then stay, and --

Zoe: Yes, and you did, and I'm so glad.

Marjie: I'm trying to understand, Freddie.

Zoe: Stop trying. There's nothing to understand, Ma. It's over. I'll be your son. I'll be your Freddie again.

Bianca: I -- I brought Zoe's mother to your apartment to see Zoe, and Zoe was half made up. I mean, like half man, half woman. It was crazy. Zoe's mother was completely freaked out.

Josh: Well, now they're both calm and in the same room, which is all very good news.

Bianca: Not necessarily. Come on, Josh. Who can make you feel more vulnerable than the people who are supposed to love you, no matter what. "Don't do this terrible thing." That's what her mother said to Zoe. I mean, she might as well have said "Don't be yourself, don't fix your life, don't ever let the hurt stop." I know what that feels like.

Josh: Bianca, I sat with Marjie. She loves Zoe -- Zarf -- Freddie -- whoever. Don't tell me you can't see that.

Bianca: Zoe needs her mother to accept her for who she is right now, but when she came out in men's clothing --

Zoe: I'm sorry to put you through all that. I was wrong. Huh. No more Zoe. I'm Freddie. I'm your boy. Wonderful, isn't it? So -- tickets! We need to get you tickets. We need to get us tickets. You're going to love first class, Mom. I may be Freddie, but I still have Zarf's money.

Marjie: But, Freddie, you hate it there. You said you'd never go back.

Zoe: Oh, no, just because I -- I just wasn't thinking it through. But now I've had time, and I just want to be with you, Ma. And I promise I won't argue with dad or embarrass you in public. It'll be perfect.

[Zoe chuckles]

Zoe: Just like it was before.

Marjie: It was never perfect.

Zoe: Well, it will be this time.

Marjie: Look, I know you. It wasn't a lie or a joke. You meant every word of it, and now you change your mind. Why? For you, or for me?

Zoe: No, for us, for our family. This is what's meant to be.

Marjie: Hey, you were 12 years old. You came home with a gash over your left eye. A locker door in the face, you said. You didn't tell me it was some bully who pushed you.

Zoe: Oh, you don't whine to your Ma when things like that happen.

Marjie: You lied to protect me then. Don't lie to me now.

Kendall: A vase -- you need a vase for those flowers.

Annie: The last time we talked about me marrying Ryan, it was more like, "Hmm, he doesn't really love you that much, and you two could probably never be happy."

Kendall: Ok, does the term "peace -- peace offering" -- does that mean anything to you? I'm happy for you.

Annie: Right. Keep it up. Next, you're going to tell me I look gorgeous.

Kendall: I'm seen worse.

Annie: Black plague? Oh!

Kendall: Have you always been this suspicious?

Annie: When I'm around people who tell me that my relationship is doomed, yeah.

Kendall: Oh -- you know what? I'm sitting here trying to be nice to you, and you're all up in my face. My God -- enough.

Annie: Because you know what? I am tired, and I feel like hell, and I look like hell, and you're lying to my face, and it just makes me kind of crabby.

Kendall: All right. Fine. Fine. Here. You know what? You want honesty? Ok, have it your way. Hi. We bug the hell out of each other. Would you like some flowers? I got a lot of them and some fancy bridal magazines. Ok, let's make nice, but not too nice, because we might vomit on each other and gross each other out.

[Annie laughs]

Ryan: I gave you such a hard time about bringing Annie into the apartment. But you hung tough. You did. "She goes, I go." You meant it. Rescue was your thing. One person at a time, including me. God, I wish that you could be there when we say our vows, Erin. You'd probably help me with my bow tie. And I would probably convince you not to bawl your eyes out.

[Ryan pulls out a copy of the comic book "Dynamite Kiddo" and places it on the headstone.]

Ryan: I'm giving this back to you again. Here you go. Yeah. I was never your hero, Erin. But you're mine.

Ava: What, are you some kind of perv? You stalking me?

Aidan: My name's Aidan Devane. I know a family member of yours. I know your father is Dennis Benton.

Ava: Was. That guy was a total waste of space. Ok? He dumped me and my mom when I was born. And then he had good sense enough to die.

Aidan: You're not the only kid he left behind.

Ava: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Aidan: Your father, Dennis, married a -- a girl named Laurel. They had a daughter. See this? This is your half sister, Lily Montgomery.

Ava: Holy -- that girl has my face.

Lily: 79, 78, 77, 76, 75, 74, 73 --

Hannah: Look, she was being difficult. I just tried to get her attention.

Zach: Just give us a minute, ok, please?

Lily: 65, 64, 63, 62 --

Zach: Hey --

Lily: 61 --

Zach: Shh.

Lily: 60 --

Zach: I'm sorry.

Lily: 59 --

Zach: I didn't think through all the possibilities.

Lily: 57 --

Zach: I made a mistake.

Lily: 56, 55 -- plan -- plan doesn't work. Plan, it doesn't -- doesn't work. I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't.

Aidan: She's an amazing girl. She's very special.

Ava: Oh, so I'm supposed to be jealous?

Aidan: She's brilliant, honest. And she's autistic.

Ava: Oh. So not like special "fabulous," but like special "special"?

Aidan: She doesn't really see the world like you or I do. If you ever get to meet her, maybe you'll see what I mean.

Lily: I can't be here. Go home -- I want to go home. I -- I can take the 7:25 bus and be home by 8:04.

Zach: Shh -- no, no, no. No buses. Just you and me. We can figure this out. We just have to go over the plan, the scenario. I hired you because I need you here. I need you to stay. Please.

Zach: All right, so we missed some possible scenarios. All right? I got to revise the plan. Let's see. All right. If there's someone that makes you feel unsettled, maybe you should just tell them that I need you.

Lily: But what if you don't need me?

Zach: But I do need you. I mean, I need you to be safe and calm. I mean --

Lily: Well, I used to have the hollow tree that I would go to. But my dad tore down the tree house when Jonathan and I broke up. It's still hollow, but I don't think it's safe there for me anymore.

Zach: What if we find a replacement? We find a place right here? What do you think?

Lily: I think that's a very good solution.

Bianca: Men's clothing, Josh. When's the last time we saw Zoe dressed like that?

Josh: She didn't want to weird out her mother.

Bianca: Yeah, you're right. So she dresses in men's clothing today and tomorrow and next week and every week, so that her mother doesn't flip out. Then she lets her mom call her "Freddie" and "son" for the rest of her life, all so Mommy will be ok.

Josh: She's met with her reassignment doctor. She's gone to group. She knows who she is. That's not about to change.

Bianca: "Please, Mama, don't go" -- that's what she said. Doctors and group -- they go right out the window when you compare them to your mother's love and acceptance.

Josh: Look, sometimes figuring out who we really are can be hell. But Zoe will get through this.

Bianca: Or she won't. She'll call herself "Freddie" and stay in hell forever.

Zoe: This is my choice, Ma. I look at you and it feels right. It's what's meant to be.

Marjie: But is it real, Freddie? Not about me or Dad, but you? I mean, we are talking about you.

Zoe: Oh, it's a terrible thing, Ma. You said it, and we both know it. It's a terrible thing. And you're right and I'm wrong, and this is what you want. And -- and -- and I want it, too, now. Isn't that enough?

Marjie: Is it enough for you?

Zoe: Oh! Why won't you just listen to me?

Marjie: Because you're not making any sense. You are my child. I want to understand, Freddie.

Zoe: You can't! Dad can't! Can't we just accept it and move on? Or move back? We'll sit at the table, and we'll have smothered chicken, and you can tell me about the new neighbors and everything's going to be all right, and we can go back this minute if you just listen to me. Oh. You're confused. So was I. But I can fix it. I can fix it right now.

[Zoe picks up a pair of scissors and starts to cut her hair.]

Marjie: Freddie, no!

[Kendall covers Annie's chicken pox scars with make-up]

Kendall: Here you go. Ok. Hmm.

Annie: What is it you want from me? Just tell me.

Kendall: What, I can't just be nice to you? Ok, fine. You and Ryan are making a commitment to each other, and Spike is part of that deal. So, whenever he comes over to your house, I don't want him to be involved in any weirdness -- which includes me. So, I play nice with you, you play nice with me, and Spike grows up saner than any Kane or Lavery in history.

Annie: I've got to hand it to you, you're a smart mom.

Kendall: I'm a damn genius.

Ava: I'm an only child. I guess I was. Wait, so she -- she knows about me? She told you to come find me?

Aidan: No, she didn't, no. Meeting you was a total coincidence. When you walked up to me in that alley, I saw the resemblance. I went home, and I did some research.

Ava: She wants to meet me?

Aidan: Doesn't mean she has to.

Ava: Oh, right. You don't think she should. Because nasty Ava will give her lice and call her names and teach her how to hook.

Aidan: Yeah, amongst other things.

Ava: Look, I don't use, ok?

Aidan: What, you're just a genius that turns tricks?

Ava: God, what are you -- you're so arrogant. I don't hook, ok? I play the "Hey, baby, you want a date" thing, and then I just grab the wallet and the money.

Aidan: Wow. A real lady.

Ava: Look, if I want a date, I pick him. Ok? He doesn't pick me. And what do you think, I -- I sit in some bathroom somewhere, all crawled up in a ball and feel dirty and used? Well, I don't.

Aidan: Too tough for that, are you?

Ava: Yeah, you want me to be weak, instead? Is that what you want? A hooker with a heart of gold, huh? You want me to be your own pretty woman. Well, I told you. I'll be whoever you want.

Aidan: Hey, I'm not interested.

Ava: Oh, mate, you are more than interested. Come on. I'll even let you keep your wallet when we're done.

Zach: This is the key to the supply closet just down the hall here. I'm going to have them empty it out, and you can put in whatever you want. It's your new hollow tree.

Lily: But not -- not a real tree, like, a metaphorical one?

Zach: Yeah, and it's yours.

Lily: Oh, thank you. I'd like to see it now.

Zach: Good.

Lily: Thanks.

Zach: Ah. I'm sorry. I forgot to mention her condition.

Hannah: Yes, you did.

Zach: But she's a great asset to the company, and she's my friend, so if you have a problem with her --

Hannah: How could you be so good with her and so awful to our son?

Marjie: No --

[Zoe sighs]

Zoe: Mom, just let me call for the tickets. I don't need any luggage. I'll just get carry-on and --

Marjie: Stop it! Don't do this! Don't be this way. I want to talk to you -- what your doctor friend said. Josh said that there are theories, explanations. You know, that -- that it's not a choice.

Zoe: Oh, why on earth would you listen to him?

Marjie: So I can understand.

Zoe: Well, stop trying to understand. I give you permission not to understand, and to forget it.

Marjie: No -- will you forget it, all of it? You will never look back?

Zoe: Will you just let me get the tickets?

Marjie: Please, come on. You know me. Huh? We -- we come from the same place. You can say it to me, so it'll all make sense. Please, Freddie. Please. I want to hear it from you.

Bianca: I just want to hear Zoe say that she's ok.

Josh: Look, when you got through to Erica, it had to be the two of you alone, right? And you did it. The both of you survived.

Bianca: It was months. It wasn't one day. And how the hell do you know what happened? You weren't even here. And you never had to go through this. You're straight, and a guy.

Josh: Yeah, and I also found out that the guy that I called my dad turned out to be the second cousin to Frankenstein. I get it, Bianca.

Bianca: You don't get this. Zoe hates her body. She hates the mirror. She hates the fact that nobody will ever be able to look at her and see who she truly is on the inside. Hormone treatments and surgery and changing her gender on her driver's license -- these are all things that you and I will never have to worry about. And she's not like you, Josh. I mean, you're ready to write Mom off every other week. Zoe can't do that. She'll do anything to keep from losing her mother.

Marjie: It scared me, Freddie. It still does, and not because of Dad or the neighbors. It's not like that. You are my son. My baby. And if somebody said cruel things about you or looked at you or hurt you, I -- I couldn't stand it if someone hurt you.

Zoe: I've been scared, Ma. I've been hurt. Freddie, boy, Zarf, he, him. Blue is for boys, pink is for girls. It all hurt me, Ma. I -- I wasn't one of them. I didn't belong. And I couldn't tell anybody. Not a soul. I wasn't normal. No one had to tell me, I knew it already. It was in my head. Oh, I was never off the hook. The fear, Mom -- it was there, every day and every night, and I tried to fill up the seconds to make it go away. First, it was -- school and sports, and then it was music and -- and tour dates and parties. Anything to make me forget. Anything to make the fear go away. Just wanting not to care that my old life was wrong and aching. Just one day to make me feel right. And then I realized that I couldn't stop it, unless I stopped me. And there were so many options. I mean, it could've been razor or pills or a rope or a gun or --

Marjie: No. No, sweetie. You can't say that.

Zoe: It was the only way, Ma. It was the only answer. I wanted to die.

Josh: She's come this far. She's earned the right to do this on her own.

Bianca: So just sit here and wait.

Josh: Well, you could bust out the loot. That'll keep you busy. Would you treat yourself to some retail therapy?

Bianca: Feathering the nest. Zoe said that Pine Valley was like her new nest. But she went straight from the Valley Inn to your place, and, like, nothing's really hers. I mean, not books or music. Look at this. She loves these guys. She told me that -- that they're the reason that some women are straight. And then movies -- I got all these, like, movies about people who've gone through her journey. Just so that she doesn't feel alone, you know? I don't want her to ever feel alone. She should never --

Josh: Well, this is all very nice. When's her birthday?

Bianca: I don't know.

Josh: So this is because --

Bianca: Oh, you know -- all this is because --

Josh: Because of what?

Bianca: Because she was right. When Zoe first came to town, she was right -- about us.

Zoe: You're horrified.

Marjie: You wanted to die? All right, you will not say it, you will not think it. Do you hear me? If you die, I die, do you hear me?

Zoe: Mom, I didn't say it to upset you.

Marjie: If I thought I did anything to -- if -- if I made you question --

Zoe: No, no, not you, Mom, me! This body, this thing that I'm in.

Marjie: When? When did you want to do this? Last year, or last week? Today? Is it over?

Zoe: Sit, sit. Remember when I was really little and my hair was really long and curly? And you'd laugh when the little old ladies in the market would say, "Oh, look at the pretty little girl"?

Marjie: Yeah.

Zoe: I loved it. And then it came time for the haircut. You and Dad took me to his barber, and you sat me on the booster, and you sat on one side, Dad sat on the other side. And I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. I didn't want my hair cut, because I knew what was going to happen. The little old ladies weren't going to say "Look at the pretty little girl" anymore. And you turned your back and walked away. And Dad told me to be a big boy. But I couldn't. I didn't know how. And that was just the first time. And I didn't want to kill myself or anything like that. But I did want the earth to open up and swallow me whole. Make me go away. Because if I couldn't be a girl, then I didn't want to be anything at all.

Zach: I was a terrible father. I tried to love him, and I did it all wrong.

Hannah: Listen to you, so calm. You got a gift, a son after all these years, and you blow it. It took you a while, but you destroyed it in the end. I read everything I could once I found out. I wanted to know everything I could about my son, and how you treated him.

Zach: Badly.

Hannah: Why? Why, because he wasn't worthy? Because his mother was a maid? Why?

Zach: Because I wanted him to have a better life, and I thought he'd have a better shot without me as his father.

Hannah: You broke him. You denied him. You didn't even tell him you loved him. You tortured our son. Don't you give a damn?

Zach: What do you want to do? You want to curse me? You want to condemn me? You don't think I do that already? I go to bed every night. I wake up every morning knowing that my son died hating me. Every day.

Hannah: His last moments.

[Zach sighs]

Hannah: Sacred moments -- I want to know what happened.

Zach: No, you don't want to know.

Hannah: I do. Tell me.

Zach: It was his worst nightmare. He was with me stuck in a hole. And he wanted to get out, whatever it took. So he started digging, he started clawing at things, and this boulder fell on him. Internal bleeding. The last thing he said to me is "Go to hell." And he was right.

Kendall: "In the castle gardens, by the stream of rainbow frogs and pink lily pads, Sir Ryanovich and Sir Spikeman danced with the royal maids till the speckled sun set."

Annie: It's a wedding present.

Kendall: Did you commission this?

Annie: I made it.

Kendall: You -- you made this? You created this whole little world for Ryan?

Annie: Well, it was just for me and Emma at first, but we decided to invite Spike and Ryan in. I love him, Kendall. And we're going to be really happy together. I would not have said yes otherwise.

Kendall: Hey.

Ryan: Hey.

Annie: Hi.

Kendall: Hi.

Ryan: Wow. This is -- this is a surprise. Or surreal. "Surreal" works, too.

Kendall: Yeah, well, Fusion makes house calls. It's our newest marketing ploy.

Annie: Mm-hmm. You like it? It's the better-than-natural look.

Kendall: Yeah. In her case, much better.

Ryan: That's why you came? You came for make-up?

Kendall: Yes, that, and to bring flowers and to give you good happy wishes on the great news.

Annie: Aren't they gorgeous?

Ava: Oh, you're playing with your tech toys rather than me?

Aidan: No.

Ava: Come on! Let's give it a ride.

Aidan: I'm calling your mother. You don't believe me about Lily? Maybe your mother can tell you about your father's other family.

Ava: Yeah, call her. Before you can say hello, I can break your hand and steal your wallet.

Zoe: I made dad sick. I just learned to lie. "I'm sorry, Dad. It's only a game. Don't be mad at me anymore." I just wanted him to smile and to take me places. To love me. I wanted you both to. And being a boy was the only way, even though it felt so wrong.

Marjie: You were only 4 when you got that haircut. I mean, you couldn't have -- even then?

Zoe: Mom, when did you first know that you were a girl?

Marjie: Well, always.

Zoe: Always.

Josh: Bianca? Zoe was right about what?

Zoe: The moment I saw you, it was like being struck by lightning. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Bianca: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Josh: From the bar to the beach, with the craziest, bravest blonde I've ever met.

Bianca: When Zoe looked at me -- but you know what? It was -- it was just -- it was too much. It was -- she was Zarf, she was famous. But at the same time, she was Zoe. And she was right. I couldn't see it then. But now I do.

Zoe: Now what do I do?

Marjie: Tell me what I need to hear.

Zoe: Oh. There's nothing left, Mom. You know everything already.

Marjie: Just tell me you'll never think that way again. That -- that you'll never wish the world would make you go away again.

Zoe: I don't feel that way when I'm me. A woman.

Marjie: A mother wants her child to be safe. A mother wants her child to be happy.

Zoe: And I don't want to lose you, Mom. But I can't be your son. I can only be your daughter.

Kendall: I am going to throw you a party, but not like a frou-frou girlie thing. It's going to be men and women and cocktails -- that sort of fun thing. Dancing, going crazy.

Ryan: Ah.

Kendall: But the caterer needs to have a date, so you guys need to choose a date. Pick a date.

Ryan: Anything else?

Kendall: Yeah. Spike better be part of your wedding party, or you can kiss your wedding gift good-bye. Bye.

Ryan: Wow. Kendall, flowers, party?

Annie: I know. I know.

Ryan: No, no, I don't think you do. No, I don't think you do, because that right there -- that -- oh -- that was a miracle --

Annie: No.

Ryan: By the way.

Annie: That right there was a mom.

Hannah: Was it all anger in the last minutes? I -- I know his fiancée was there, but did he have comfort?

Zach: I think he did. She was wonderful. You know, she -- she touched his face and kept him warm, and wasn't about to let him go.

Hannah: But the wounds were too much?

Zach: Yeah. We knew he was slipping away when he said he saw his mom. He said how beautiful she was.

Hannah: Which mom? Edith or me?

Zach: I don't know. He just said "Mom."

Hannah: But you know whom he meant. Who was it? I'll have those Venice mergers on your desk soon.

Aidan: Why don't you let me help you get a real job -- today?

Ava: Don't you even know the next "it" girl when you see her? I mean, look at me. There's a million TV shows out there just waiting to make me an instant star. I mean, I'm -- I'm street smart, I'm sassy, and I just ooze sex appeal. I'm good TV, baby.

[Still upset, Lily takes refuge in the supply closet]

Aidan: If you need my help, call me.

Ava: Whew. Red carpets, or Pine Valley? Touch choice.

Ava: Hey, um -- tell that Lily girl I said hi.

Annie: Been thinking a lot about Erin.

Ryan: A lot of that going around.

Annie: You think she would give us her blessing?

Ryan: Only the second that she brought you into the apartment.

Annie: Hmm. Protecting her own niece. It's kind of cosmic, isn't it?

Ryan: Much like me finding Kendall here, with you, and in good spirits.

Annie: Hmm.

Ryan: You brought her around. That's pretty amazing.

Annie: Well, she knows real love when she sees it.

Ryan: Either that, or you gave her some purple lemonade to put her away. Either way -- oh, either way, I want to marry you as soon as I possibly can.

Annie: No, no, no. No wedding until I am clear-skinned and pox-free.

Ryan: Or we could just call the minister right now and get you a really thick veil. Oh!

[Annie shoves Ryan right off the bed]

Annie: Oh!

Ryan: Oh!

Zoe: Look, Ma, I can't blame you for not wanting me. You didn't sign up for a daughter.

Marjie: That -- that day at the barber, when I turned away -- it was because I didn't want you to see me. I was crying, too. I didn't want him to cut off all that beautiful hair. I am glad you're growing it out again, Zoe.

Bianca: She's just so brave and beautiful. I just -- I love looking at her face. I love being with her. And I -- I want to be there for her -- during the -- the transition. I -- I don't want to miss a second. The whole journey, all of it. I'm falling for her. I'm -- I'm falling for Zoe. And I don't want to stop.

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