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All My Children Transcript Monday 4/2/07


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Sean: Lily? Lily, look -- look, I know you're freaked out, and my mom's moving your stuff, and then sucking our air. I get that, ok? I get that. But you said you wouldn't leave. Ok, call me. Call me -- you have to come back home. Where are you?

Woman: What are you looking at?

Aidan: Lily?

Woman: Yeah. For a couple of bills, I'll be whoever you want. I can be a Lily, or Fern, Daisy -- I'm your girl.

Jamie: Well, how the hell does that happen? Did Janet go out for a latte and not come back? How does a patient escape from a high-security psychiatric hospital?

Derek: She was on a day pass. Escort blinked, Janet was gone. Now, last time she was on a pass, she came here. I figured this would be her first stop.

Amanda: No, we haven't seen her.

Derek: Would you tell me if you did?

Amanda: Yes. I promise, Derek, the last thing that I want is for my mom free to do something that everyone will regret.

Erica: You must be famished after a night of sea air.

Jack: I don't remember ordering anything.

Erica: All my treat.

Barbara: What the hell are you doing?

Erica: I brought this especially for you.

Barbara: Oh. What is it, a boiled bunny?

Erica: A sense of humor in the morning -- how adorable. Try it. You'll like it.

Colby: Dad, what are you talking about? Josh isn't your son.

Babe: What are you doing here?

J.R.: Is this some kind of joke? Get him out of here.

Adam: Colby, I want you to welcome your new brother into the family. Embrace him, as I have.

Colby: Uh -- I don't think so. I have a brother.

J.R.: Yeah. You know, you really are certifiable, you know that?

Tad: Come on, don't pull this.

Adam: Every empire needs an heir. Since I don't have a son anymore, I had to go find a new one. A vast improvement over the old model.

Josh: Well, I feel the love already, Dad. Who should we destroy today?

Colby: So that's how it works, Dad? You don't like what J.R. did, so you replace him? What, am I next?

Adam: Oh, no, sweetheart. You didn't betray me. You wouldn't.

J.R.: Oh, no, sweetheart. Dad wants a spineless "yes" man. One who rolls over, chases bones. It's fine by me.

Adam: No, Josh is his own man. He's brilliant. He's talented --

Josh: Hmm.

Adam: And he's loyal. That's quite a catch, isn't it, Babe?

Josh: Well, I just want to make you happy, Dad.

J.R.: Why stop with a son? Why not hire a whole new family? And they can suck up to you, cash your checks, and it won't be a big deal. because they won't give a damn about you.

Adam: Why don't -- why don't we just look around, settle you in? We have a lot of work to do.

Josh: Well, I can't wait to get started.

Babe: Josh, you should go. It's hell enough around here.

Tad: What's one more? At least we'll have a doctor to look after the baby.

Colby: Yeah -- Dad, please, don't do this.

Adam: Sweetheart, believe me, I know what I'm doing. The first order of business is going to be the absolute complete dissolution of Chandler Enterprises. The pathetic ingrate who got me removed from the board will just have to settle for his company being a -- a mushroom cloud. Do you have any -- any experience in hostile takeovers?

J.R.: Yeah, before you get amped about torching Chandler, you need to think it through. You mess with the company, you mess with Babe's holdings. Is that any way to treat the woman that you love?

Josh: No, you're always finding new ways to use Babe, huh?

Babe: Josh, you shouldn't even be here.

Adam: Oh, says the adulterous squatter.

Krystal: Ok, shut up, all of you. That's enough.

Derek: When's the last time you saw your mother, Amanda?

Amanda: Just the other day, I went to visit her. Jamie was with me.

Derek: How was she? Did she say anything? Give any indication she was planning this?

Amanda: No, she seemed fine. She showed me the lanyards that she made. Totally normal -- for my mom.

Derek: You notice anything, Jamie?

Jamie: Uh -- same old Janet on her meds.

Jonathan: She's been taking them?

Amanda: Uh -- just because she has to. She says they still make everything beige. She hates beige. What -- what if that's why she ditched the hospital? To get away from taking her meds?

Derek: Well, let's hope we find her before that becomes a problem.

Del: Yeah, you'd better.

Derek: My men are done here in the house. We're going to search the outer buildings, the grounds, and I'm going to leave a few officers here until Janet's found.

Amanda: All right.

Derek: You see Janet, you hear anything at all, you call me immediately, ok?

Amanda: I will. I just want my mom safe, and I couldn't stand it if she hurt someone else, or herself. Just please, find her.

Derek: We'll do our best.

Di: Amanda, do you have any idea why your mother would want to take off? What she'd be after?

Amanda: Not a clue.

Erica: Tsk, tsk, tsk. You are so suspicious. It will get cold. Et voila. From the yacht club buffet.

Jack: Waffles. My favorite.

Barbara: What are you doing, Jackson? They're probably full of cyanide, or hemlock!

Jack: Maple?

Erica: Of course.

Jack: Please.

Barbara: Do not touch those waffles! Jackson!

Jack: Mmm. You should try them.

Barbara: This is ridiculous! This is absolutely -- why are you falling for this, Jackson? Oh, whatever this is.

Erica: Oh, this is just breakfast among consenting adults. This is for you. Oh, well, I don't want to make you uncomfortable.

Barbara: Well, then leave.

Erica: I think I'll just have my tea. You can pretend I'm not here.

Barbara: You are bitter, you are angry, and you cannot stand that I'm here with Jackson. You whipped this thing up. You know what? It's not working.

Jack: You know what, Barbara? Why don't you try a little bit of this sausage? It is so delicious. What am I tasting? Wait, wait -- like a -- a touch of fennel?

Erica: Oh, don't worry. It won't go direct to your thighs.

Barbara: I will not touch anything with your prints on it.

Erica: Too late for that.

Barbara: I'm going to go take a shower. When I return, it would be lovely if you were gone.

Jack: All right, Erica. What the hell do you think you're doing exactly?

Erica: Well, this is just my little way of saying how happy I am for you, that you've moved on, that you have a new love in what's her name --

Jack: Nonsense. Corinne the maid came here to make some kind of a point. So why don't you make it and then go?

Erica: All right. I will.

Woman: Hunka hunk like you? A hottie like me -- the sweet end to a long, long night.

Aidan: Have you been out here all night?

Woman: Yeah, just looking for the right man. And you, my dear, are so right. Let's go. Ok, do you want the date or not?

Aidan: This isn't funny. Are you working a case, or is this one of your mysteries?

Woman: Ok. Um -- what are you, soft in the head a little bit? No problem. As long as it's only in the head, we're fine, in business. Oh, it looks like you got a nice big wallet, too.

Aidan: Yeah -- if you're trying to work undercover, this isn't the place --

Woman: Ok --

Aidan: All right? Or the way.

Woman: Let's go. I'm tired. It's late. If you want me under the covers, you got me.

[The woman kisses Aidan]

Aidan: Ok, you are definitely not Lily -- who are you?

Woman: What, are you like a cop or something? Are you a cop? You trying to bust me? Because look, I didn't do anything, ok? Fun is over. See you later.

Aidan: Hey, do I look like a cop to you?

Woman: Doesn't mean you aren't one. And you don't actually sound like a cop, either. Is that little accent you got there for real?

Aidan: Yes, it is.

[Woman giggles]

Aidan: And so am I. So how about that date? What's the matter? Change your mind?

Woman: Hell, no. Absolutely not. One ride of your life coming right up. But mama needs to make a little pit stop first.

Jack: I'm waiting. What's with the devoted friendship, little Mary sunshine?

Erica: Come on, Jack, you know me well enough to let my actions speak for themselves.

Jack: Oh, no. No, not so very long ago, you told me I didn't know you at all. So you don't get to play the "you know me so well" card.

Erica: Oh.

Barbara: Bravo. Bravo. Thank you. Thank you very much. I thought the fennel had gone straight to your head. Thank you for putting an end to this. Game over. You may kindly leave the yacht now.

Erica: I haven't finished my tea.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Hello?

Sean: Uncle Jack -- hey, I hate to blow your hookup, but Lily's gone. Yeah, I -- her cell isn't on, and I don't -- I don't know where she is.

Jack: I'll be right there. Sean can't find Lily anywhere. She's gone.

Erica: Lily's missing? Let's go. What? What is it? What -- what are you waiting for?

Jack: This is not your concern anymore, Erica.

Erica: Jack, I'm still Lily's stepmother. Nothing changes that.

Jack: I'll handle this.

Barbara: Jack, I can come help you, if you'd like.

Erica: Are you sure you wouldn't like some breakfast?

Barbara: Actually, I am starving -- after last night. Sex with Jackson is better than I remember it.

Erica: Well, then, you better eat up, because you may not be that hungry again for a long, long time.

Woman: Oh.

Aidan: Here you go.

Woman: All right, good.

Aidan: So, did I -- did I get you everything you wanted?

Woman: Mmm, it's delicious. Oh, would you hand me the hot sauce, please?

Aidan: Sure.

Aidan: You know, it actually helps if you -- if you chew your food first.

Woman: Oh, thanks.

Aidan: It's better for your stomach. When was the last time you ate?

Woman: Look, chill, ok? You'll get your money's worth. We're not on the clock until we're in bed. You want me to have my energy, don't you?

Aidan: I never got your name.

Woman: Ava.

Krystal: Well, isn't this just dandy?

Josh: Anything to help Dad.

Adam: Ah, such loyalty.

Krystal: No, anything to help yourself get closer to my daughter, and rub J.R.'s nose in it.

J.R.: Well, it's not going to work. Get the hell out of here.

Krystal: Well, I'm all for the getting-the-hell-out part, but don't get so righteous, J.R. As much as you love your daddy, you're all about scoring points with Babe, and you'll shish-kabob your own daddy to do it.

Tad: We're all here because of you.

Krystal: I don't need you, Tad. And this baby is plenty protected, if you would just back the heck off and let me have her in peace!

Tad: As long as my baby is exposed to el fuego diablo, I'm not going anywhere!

Krystal: Right, because you are having so much fun stripping Adam down and getting him locked up in some asylum!

Tad: Beats watching reruns.

Krystal: Always with the jokes. You know, there is nothing funny about watching a family implode.

Tad: There is nothing funny about watching my daughter grow up in this house after she's born.

Babe: If you are so concerned about Mama and your baby, go away, Tad. You being here just stresses her out even more.

Tad: Wait, all Krystal's got to do is agree to move out of this hellhole, and it is over.

Krystal: I am staying here, Tad, and I am fighting for my marriage and for my family! But you -- you three amigos -- you are enjoying this! You get to roll around in the mud and kick it in each other's faces and fling it as far as you can. You don't care who gets hit. If you're going to skin each other alive, would you just do it somewhere else? Because this is between my husband and me. Shame on you. Shame on all of you -- for turning a family tragedy into a three-ring circus.

Colby: This isn't the way it's supposed to be. We're supposed to be a family. Don't any of you care?

Krystal: That's what I'm talking about. You see that poor kid? Poor anybody who want to get muddy with all of you. I'm tired. Now, I'm going to go take a nap. If you all have to kill each other, could you do it quietly?

Adam: Did somebody just say anything? Funny, I didn't hear a thing.

Erica: I'd offer to let you try on my French maid's outfit. But of course, it would never fit you.

Barbara: You are so desperate, it's pathetic.

Erica: No, if anyone would know about desperate and pathetic, that would be you.

Barbara: You know, I have every right to be here with Jack. You left him. You're divorcing him. And you're here.

Erica: Yes. Here I am.

Barbara: Is it more fun to punish Jack than to be with Jeff? I mean, why don't you just go play with Jeff Martin? You just leave Jack to live his life.

Erica: With you?

Barbara: Maybe.

Erica: Jackson couldn't get out of here fast enough. As a matter of fact, I bet he arranged for Sean to call him. So much for all that fabulous sex.

Barbara: My God. You want him back.

Jack: Sean! Have you heard from Lily?

Sean: No, zero.

Jack: Oh.

Sean: She must have taken off early. Look, her cell's still off.

Jack: Hand me your phone. I'm going to call Derek. Lily?

Lily: What? What, what's wrong? Is Barbara here?

Sean: Where the heck did you go? Why isn't your cell on? Why didn't you tell me you were leaving?

Jack: Sean, Sean, Sean -- it's all right.

Sean: No -- we thought you took off, bolted, split. You freaked me out.

Lily: I didn't bolt. But I plan to.

Aidan: Ok. So -- you know, I'm kind of new at this dating thing. How about you?

Ava: Nothing to it at all. Just follow my lead.

Aidan: Hey, can we -- can we not? Can we just talk?

Ava: We don't have the room all day.

Aidan: I'm just talking about for a little while, you know? Just hang out.

Ava: All right. The clock's running, though.

Aidan: Fine. I'll pay for it.

Ava: Ok. Um -- whatever.

Aidan: You know --

Ava: Talk.

Aidan: I'm not from around here. I'm just visiting.

Ava: Well, good for you.

Aidan: I'm here on a conference.

Ava: Oh.

Aidan: I sell pinball machines. I work for a company that's based out in Pine Valley. Have you ever been there?

Jonathan: Hey, hey, hey, hey -- if Janet's on the property, the cops are going to find her. Ryan and Annie are with Emma. I've got to give them the heads-up.

Di: You know what? Julia's at work. I'll call her and tell her to keep an eye out --

Jonathan: Uh-huh.

Di: At the hospital.

Amanda: The hospital? Why?

Di: Well, Janet could be disoriented or confused, and maybe --

Amanda: She could hurt herself.

Jonathan: Hey, hey, hey, hey -- no, the last time Janet went AWOL, she snatched Joe Martin and several other people, so it's not going to hurt to have Julia put people on alert.

Amanda: What if we don't find my mom, and she -- she spins out again?

Jonathan: No, don't worry. We're going to find your mom. She's going to be safe in no time, I promise.

Del: I'll check with the uniforms, make sure they don't scare Kathy and Emma.

Amanda: Thanks, guys. You've hardly said a word. Any clue? Anything weirder than usual about my mom when you saw her?

Jamie: Nothing. Except for Adam. You think he could have anything to do with this?

Amanda: No way. Mom is crazy, but she's not whack enough to tangle up with Adam. And why would he even bother to mess with my mom? His whole family's exploding all over the place.

Jamie: Something isn't right.

Amanda: Where are you going?

Jamie: Chasing down a hunch.

Adam: Ah, nobody with this name under this address.

J.R.: Will you knock it off? I'm still here!

Adam: Ah, a ghost. My son died, trying to knife me in the back.

J.R.: You can't ignore me forever.

Adam: Yeah? Really? I'm just going to -- I'm going to have to have this place exorcised, I'm afraid.

J.R.: Yeah? Really? Does that make Josh the priest?

Adam: No, too much of me in him.

J.R.: Nice work bringing him in here, by the way. It's not going to work.

Adam: Really? Having your wife's lover under the same roof? I've been there. I am there. And it brings the bile to your throat, doesn't it?

J.R.: Josh and Babe are done.

Adam: Ha-ha! Yes, in denial, and weak. Well, I'm still a man, and it disgusts me that Tad Martin is living under my roof. All of you -- traitors. Ah. Oh. Here's something you shouldn't miss. Your wife is flirting with my new son.

Babe: Why are you still here?

Josh: Why wouldn't I be?

Babe: Did you not hear one word that my mama said? She is fighting for her marriage, and it's hard enough without you mixing it up with J.R.

Josh: I'm not big on guilt, Babe. You should know that. And even if I were, I have nothing to be guilty about. Adam offered me an opportunity.

Babe: Yeah, one that you could have said no to.

Josh: Are you that blind? I'm here to make sure that you're ok.

Babe: Ok? We've got Tad here, and that's about all the protecting that Mama and I can take right now.

Josh: He's focused on Krystal. You're vulnerable, Babe. I don't want J.R. to take advantage of you.

Babe: What, and you haven't? My family is falling apart at the seams, and you're using it as an opportunity to stick it to J.R.

Josh: Your mother slept with Tad. I didn't force her to do that. You want to pin that on me, go ahead! But it would have come out sooner or later.

Babe: Yeah, but it was all in your time.

Josh: I'm not going anywhere. If I make my bed, clean up after myself, there shouldn't be any problems. I'm only in the way if you want to get back with J.R.

Krystal: You still love me.

Adam: Like hell I love you.

Krystal: No, you can say what you want, but I saw it, Adam. It was there -- your eyes don't lie.

Adam: But you do.

Krystal: You looked so sad, as if you had lost everything, but you haven't, Adam, and you won't unless you want to lose it.

Adam: I came up here to shower.

Krystal: I'm right to be here, because there's something worth fighting for, and I'm not going to back down. I'm not going to give up.

Adam: And all this from a woman who's convinced that I should raise Tad Martin's child -- Tad Martin, Tad Martin, the man who made a cuckold of me and a mockery of your love for me. How stupid do you think I am? Every time I look at your belly, I want to tear down the walls. I want -- I look at you, I want to retch. You touch me and I -- chills go up my spine. And your voice, the lies -- they never end, never, never, never end. No. There's something in me that's broken, Krystal. You broke it, but you can't fix it. So, why don't you just -- yeah, just stay and -- and fight. Then maybe somewhere down the road, when you're still trying to convince yourself you love me, maybe you'll understand why I detest you.

[Door slams]

Krystal: Oh. It was there. I saw it.

Josh: I'm not here to hurt Krystal. I'm here to make sure that you get out of a bad marriage in one piece with custody of your son.

Babe: Millionth time -- don't want your help, don't need it.

Josh: Yeah, it's none of my business, right? Yeah, well, what'd you do? Did you -- did you hire an attorney? Did you serve J.R.?

Babe: Not your business.

Josh: No, you didn't, because you're afraid.

Babe: I'm not scared.

Josh: You slap J.R. with divorce papers, demand custody, he's going to get real ugly, bare those teeth. You know what? That's right -- it's none of my business. Well, you know what? The new Chandler heir is going to go check out his cars. I hear I have a Ferrari!

[Babe slams the door]

Tad: Josh? Do you really like being on Adam's payroll?

Josh: I've had worse offers.

Tad: Working for the father of the man who hates your guts?

Josh: I'm doing exactly what I want.

Tad: Yeah, just like you did when you refused to tell me that Krystal was carrying my baby.

Josh: It's out, Tad.

Tad: Hey -- you know the difference between you and J.R.?

Josh: Yeah -- I am smarter, and I'm better-looking.

Tad: No, you're both willing to use whoever you have to to get to Babe so you can be the chosen one. Well, J.R. may be a mess, but at least he loves his son. Do you care for anybody else?

Josh: No -- not like I do Babe.

Jamie: What the hell is he doing here?

Tad: That is Adam's latest weapon.

Jamie: That's why I stopped by -- to see what else Adam's been up to lately.

Jonathan: Hey.

Amanda: Anything?

Jonathan: No. You?

Amanda: No, the grounds are too big. She could be here or not, anywhere -- who knows?

Jonathan: I know, I know. Ok, ok, ok, ok. Listen -- listen to me. Don't give up.

Amanda: Can I just crawl into bed and start this day over?

Jonathan: Hey, Amanda, we're going to find her. We're going to talk her down, and we're going to get her back on her meds.

Amanda: You were so kind to my mom the last time she was here, and she tried to frame you for all those horrible things, and you forgave her.

Jonathan: That's because I understand what it's like for nothing to make sense in your head. You're alone, you're out of control, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. That's when you need someone who cares, and she has you, and she has me.

Amanda: You're so good to me. Oh, I'm glad we got through all that bed buddy stuff -- still friends.

Jonathan: It wasn't so terrible.

Amanda: No, it wasn't. But now, even better.

Jonathan: Always.

Jonathan: I'm going to go check the stables.

Amanda: Jonathan? Don't let anybody hurt her.

Erica: You have no idea what I want.

Barbara: Oh, it hasn't changed. It hasn't changed at all. You want what you can't have, Erica -- the eternal spoiled brat. You threw Jackson away. He moved on, and now you want him back? Sorry, he doesn't want you. What happened last night proved it.

Erica: Oh. You let one night cloud that little brain cell?

Barbara: There is more between me and Jackson than one night, as fabulous as it was.

Erica: Well, you hold on to that, but don't get too comfortable.

Barbara: I want you out of here.

Erica: I bet you do. You think this is your yacht now?

Barbara: You think that Jackson is still yours? Pitiful.

Erica: Unlike some people, you see, I have several successful careers to manage. But little unemployed you -- you stay, relax. Try the mango -- it's delicious.

Barbara: Don't worry, Erica -- I'm not planning on going anywhere.

Lily: The newspapers come out on the newsstands at 5:30 a.m., and the real estate listings come out from the rental companies at 8:30 a.m. on Monday mornings. I wanted to be the first to get there so I could get the best deal, and I was.

Jack: Rental company? What -- are you saying that you want to move?

Lily: Yes, I -- I tried to use blackmail to make Barbara go away, but I realized that was illegal, and when I asked her to go away politely, she refused, so the only solution is if she stays, then I have to move.

Sean: Getting a clue?

Jack: Yeah. Lily, what -- what -- what's happened with Barbara?

Lily: She moves things all the time, and she invades my personal space. She comes into my room without even knocking, and she's not very good at picking up on social cues.

Sean: Yeah, no kidding.

Lily: Like when Sean and I want her to leave us alone, she won't. And at Miranda's birthday party, she wasn't invited but she came anyway, and I could tell that she was invading your personal space, because your mouth went down.

Jack: Honey, if Barbara was making you so unhappy, why didn't you come and tell me?

Lily: Because when you told me that I couldn't live with Jonathan, it upset me, and it wouldn't be right for me to tell you that Barbara can't live with you. I didn't want to upset you.

Sean: Look, you know my vote -- pack Mom up and put her on the first plane, train, car or bus, pogo stick.

Lily: Well, a pogo stick wouldn't work with all of her luggage that she has.

Sean: Just anything with wheels or wings. I'll buy the ticket. Ok, you buy the ticket, I'll pay you back.

Jack: I'm afraid it's not that simple.

Sean: Well, it was until last night.

Jack: Sean, how about we handle one thing at a time, huh? Hmm? Lily, do you really want to move away?

Lily: Well, this is my home -- well, it was. But if Barbara stays, then I go.

Ava: I've never been to Pine Valley -- I don't even know what the hell that is. Are we done with the talking yet?

Aidan: Hey, I'm just being friendly, all right? Are you from around here?

Ava: Oh. Oh, my God -- this is so my luck.

Aidan: What?

Ava: Ok, it takes me all night to find a guy that doesn't gross me the hell out, and I pick some -- some Melvin who wants to talk me to death. Great. Oh, are you, like, a social worker? Like a priest or something? Well, take off, just leave right now, because I don't want your saving. I just want your money, ok? Thank you for breakfast.

Aidan: Hey, hey, wait. No -- you want some money? I've got loads. How much do you want?

Sean: Oh, look, two-bedroom -- a room for me.

Jack: Sean, you have no job, you're still in school, you're underage. You go nowhere.

Sean: Look, I'm taking a cue from Lily. I'm trying to be proactive.

Jack: Hush. Sweetheart, I really don't want you to leave, you know?

Erica: Oh, Lily. Oh, I'm so glad that you're home. I'm so glad you're all right.

Jack: Erica, if you've come to cater lunch, why don't you go ahead and leave it in the kitchen? I had my fill at breakfast.

Erica: Lily, where did you go?

Lily: I went to go pick up rental listings. I'm moving out since Barbara won't. If you wouldn't have left, I don't think she would've moved in.

Erica: You know something, Lily? Honey, you don't need to move out, because actually Barbara wanted me to come here and tell Sean that she had to jet off somewhere for a meeting.

Jack: Where exactly did Barbara say she was going?

Erica: She didn't.

Aidan: Jack?

Erica: I have no idea.

Lily: Aidan, is there something wrong? Why are you looking at me funny?

Jack: What's up?

Aidan: There's definitely something funny going on.

Jack: What?

Aidan: Lily has a double out there.

Jamie: Huh -- Josh replacing J.R. as the Chandler heir?

Tad: Hmm.

Jamie: Ah, it's tough to know who to root for.

Tad: Yeah. Even if J.R. does need a kick in the head, Adam's pushing his buttons with a sledgehammer.

Jamie: Don't expect me to feel sorry for J.R.

Tad: I'm more concerned about you right now. Why are you sniffing around Adam?

Jamie: Look, I want you out of this house -- Krystal, too.

Tad: Krystal won't budge, no way.

Jamie: Then how about we carry her out?

Tad: Well, if you take the end that bites. I don't think that's particularly legal, and I don't think it's a very good idea to give a pregnant woman a panic attack, especially when she's prone to panic attacks.

Jamie: Well, Dad, with Adam on the rampage, it's not safe here for either of you.

Tad: It's not safe for anybody, so do me a favor -- get out of here. Go tell your Uncle Jeff and your grandfather to watch their backs, please.

Jamie: Fine, I will.

Tad: While you're at it, you watch yours, too.

Jamie: Well, I am not about to let Adam touch me or anyone else I care about.

Amanda: Mom, are you here? Mom, I want to help you, please. Mom, let me take care of you -- come on. Mother --

[Amanda gasps when Adam appears in the garden]

Lily: If there's a girl out there who looks almost exactly like me, then there's a strong possibility that we share genetic material. I could have a biological relative.

Sean: Yeah, don't get too excited. Biological relatives aren't what they're cracked up to be.

Jack: Well, I'll tell you, I really don't know that much about Laurel's extended family and in regard to Dennis Benton, her husband, I -- I don't know one damn thing.

Erica: Well, Aidan, what else can you tell us about this -- this Ava?

Aidan: She's -- she's quick, she's tough -- maybe not as tough as she makes out. Hungry enough that she was about to turn a trick for a meal.

Jack: I'll tell you what -- let's try to find this girl, figure out who she is. At the very least, get her off the streets.

Aidan: Yeah. I'm on it.

Jack: All right, Aidan, thanks.

Erica: Well, I should go. I really just came by to give Sean the news about Barbara.

Jack: Speaking of Barbara, what did you do with her? Did you push her overboard?

Erica: I didn't touch her.

Jack: Speaking of breakfast, don't you ever pull anything like that again. Now, you have no right to give a damn about what I do or who I do it with. You signed the divorce paper, and you're with Jeff.

Erica: You're wrong. Bye-bye, Sean. Lily, I'm so happy you're home safe and sound, honey.

Jack: What am I wrong about? Erica, what am I wrong about?

Barbara: No. What? Wait a minute. Wait a minute! Oh, come on! Open this door! Who's driving this boat? Hello! Help me! Someone stop this boat! Where are you taking me?

J.R.: You ok?

Babe: You know, I -- I keep saying that we're through. But I haven't done anything about it. But I -- I blame the craziness, tell myself that the timing's not right. But no matter what's going down here doesn't change what's happening between you and me. We need to talk about the divorce and work out custody of Little A.

[Knock on door]

Krystal: Come in. Don't start, Tad.

Tad: No. You're right.

Krystal: You going to try to sweet-talk me now? Is that what you're doing?

Tad: No. I mean it. I apologize. You were right. This whole circus has to stop.

Krystal: Oh.

Tad: It's not good for you, it's not good for the baby. It's not good for any of us.

Krystal: Yeah, well, it's going to be over soon, Tad, because I saw it. I saw the look in Adam's eyes, and he still loves me, which means I can fix this. I can fix Adam, my marriage, and my family, and I am going to make it right.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Hello? What? No, I'll -- I'll be right there. I don't believe it. The son of a bitch just lit my house on fire.

Amanda: We did this. I said no, no way in hell I help you take down Jamie.

Adam: Not even to help your poor mother?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

J.R. (to Babe): I know that you still love me. Can you please just give me another shot?

Janet (to Adam): Are you asking my daughter to do anything illegal?

Adam: No, I'm asking her to take a message to the people who destroyed my life.

Jamie (to Tad): Adam didn't just burn down your memories. He burned down mine, too. This is war.

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