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Annie: Oh -- oh. Hmm.

[Annie sighs]

Ryan: Don't do it!

Annie: No.

Ryan: Don't give in to the itch -- don't.

Annie: I -- I need to scratch. It's my -- it's my dream to scratch! Please, please, please.

Ryan: You're beautiful.

Annie: Ok, maybe you're the one with the fever.

Ryan: Or maybe you're just that beautiful.

Emma: Mommy!

Ryan: I --

Emma: I have the chicken pops, too!

Ryan: Oh. Oh, my goodness.

Annie: Aw!

Kendall: Ethan's mother? Hannah. Well, thank God you're ok.

Zach: Kendall Hart Slater, my wife.

Kendall: I can't tell you how great it is to meet you. Zach and I, we were afraid his father may have gotten to you.

Hannah: He did in his own way. Alexander is the reason I had to change my name, hide who I really was, abandon everything that was Hannah Nichols except for her pain. I outlived the son I never knew.

[Jack and Barbara kiss until he breaks it off]

Jack: Barbara? Don't.

Erica: I'm sorry, Jeff. I know this is not what you wanted to hear. And believe me, it's not because I don't find you attractive and fun and exciting. I mean, you're all of those and more. I just think that in both our hearts, we know that this relationship has run its course.

Jeff: No, we -- we fought, we -- we said some things to each other that we probably shouldn't have, but no, I refuse to believe that this relationship is -- is over. I mean, you and I will always be connected.

Erica: Because of our son, but not because of us.

Josh: Come on, Matt. Best way to appeal to the millenials is to glam it up.

Zoe: But you see that even though -- the negative product, the sales were steady. Please tell me those figures exist.

Bianca: Yes, they do. I'll get them now.

Zoe: Excellent I'll fax those figures right over. Thank you, bye-bye. Ah -- oh! That deal is as secure as locked.

Bianca: Awesome.

Zoe: And I'm even two accounts up on you.

[Zoe sticks her tongue out at Josh]

Josh: I would absolutely be willing to start with glosses and work from there. Sure, just send me over your fax number, and we'll send over the order form. Perfect.

Woman: Freddie, is that you?

Zoe: Mom?

Josh: Sure, I'll send over our bestsellers and get back to you. Ok.

Bianca: Mrs. Luper, I'm Bianca Montgomery. Can I offer you something to drink?

Josh: Would you like some coffee, some tea? Water?

[Mrs. Luper hugs her son/daughter]

Kendall: So Ethan swept Simone right into his arms and carried her over the puddle, but he never put her down. He carried her all the way to the restaurant. That's the kind of guy he was.

Hannah: I'm -- I'm sorry. These are wonderful stories, but this is a lot to take in.

Lily: Um -- the analysis from the Paris office was just delivered.

Hannah: Go ahead, it's fine.

Zach: I'll be back.

Kendall: Hannah, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I -- I hope I'm not upsetting you. I just want you to know what an amazing man your son was.

Hannah: You don't have to apologize. It's wonderful to hear that he was happy and loved by this woman, at least.

Kendall: Do you know how things were between Ethan and Zach?

Hannah: Well, Zach completely rejected Ethan.

Kendall: No, Zach did that out of love, Hannah. He knew what it meant to be a Cambias. He wanted to protect his son from suffering the way he did himself.

Hannah: Well, he seemed to have survived very well.

Kendall: Zach saw his father kill his mother.

Hannah: My God. No wonder Zach hated him so much.

Kendall: Well, Zach blocked all that out, but he knew what it meant to be a Cambias, he knew how evil that name was. So Zach did the only thing that he thought he could do, the only thing that he thought was best for his son. Zach rejected his son to protect him. Ok, listen, I know this is hard for you to hear, and it's hard for Zach to even think about. But, please, Hannah, don't hold this against Zach. He hated what his father put you through -- the fact that you had to give Ethan away, and then neither of you were able to raise him? Zach blames himself for that. He also blames himself for the murders. Zach's father is still torturing him.

Hannah: And you can relate to him, because his father tortured you, too.

Jeff: Erica? Stay with me. This time, I know we can get it right. None of this on-again, off-again BS -- I'm in it for the long haul. Now, I know that I blew it when we were married, but I -- I didn't know the first thing about love. I -- well, I certainly wasn't prepared to handle a firecracker like you. But I am now. Look, if you let me, I'll sweep you off your feet every day for the rest of your life.

Jack: Barbara, my marriage is over. That doesn't mean I'm starting up with you.

Barbara: Erica has moved on, Jack.

Jack: Oh. Boy, you're really playing me hard, aren't you?

Barbara: You know, it's -- it's not like we don't have any history.

Jack: No, we have plenty of history, Barbara. But when I knew you before, you were a sharp, self-sufficient businesswoman. Now you spend your days in boutiques and your evenings in a bottle of wine waiting for -- what? A man to take care of you?

Barbara: Affection, familiarity, safety, excitement -- the same things Erica went looking for when she went back to her ex, Jack.

Ryan: How do my chicken pops look, huh?

Annie: Cute.

Ryan: Cute?

Annie: Cute.

Ryan: Yes!

Annie: But a little un-itchy.

Ryan: Oh.

Annie: I can't take it anymore.

Ryan: No, no, no, no!

Emma: Mommy!

Annie: Please, please!

Ryan: Don't, we got to -- we got to come up with an idea. We got to think of an idea -- ah -- to get your mom to stop scratching her chicken pops. Do you have any ideas? Anything we can do? Think. What? Oh, Emma, that is a great idea! Why didn't I think of that idea? Great idea. We're about to perform something. You are about to witness a never-before-seen presentation of the don't scratch yourself players.

Annie: Oh.

Ryan: Ladies and gentlemen --

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: Here they are. Ten little monkeys jumping on the bed

Ryan and Emma: One fell off and bumped her head

Ryan: Mama called the doctor

Ryan and Emma: And the doctor said

Emma: No --

Ryan: More --

Emma: Monkeys --

Ryan: Monkeys jumping on the bed! Nine little monkeys

Annie: Yes! Jumping on the bed.

Mrs. Luper: You always had such pretty hair.

Zoe: Oh.

Mrs. Luper: Please, Freddie. Don't do this terrible thing.

Kendall: There was no reason for any of these women to die. They had no connection to Alexander. He didn't even hold a grudge against any of them. They died for effect. And the grand finale was my death -- only I'm still here, and they are all gone.

Hannah: I am so sorry.

Kendall: Me, too. The whole thing, you would not believe it. It was -- the worst nightmare that you could ever imagine. You know, I have a little boy. And there were so many times that I thought I would never see him again. And that he would never know how much I loved him. Listen to me. Ethan knew. He knew that you gave him up to save him. And he knew an enormous amount of love that took. Your son died knowing that he was loved.

[Zach watches from the doorway]

Bianca: You two haven't seen each other for such a long time, maybe this isn't the best place --

Zoe: No, no, it's all right, Bianca. My mother's come a long way. What she has to say must be important, and I'd like to hear it.

Mrs. Luper: Maybe she's right, Freddie. Maybe we should --

Zoe: No, no, just say it, Mom. What's this terrible thing that I've done?

Mrs. Luper: It was on all the channels you might be the Satin Slayer.

Zoe: Mm-hmm.

Mrs. Luper: Of course, I knew it wasn't true. I mean, my sweet Freddie with a heart so big, he could never hurt anyone. I was so relieved when the police let you go. I wanted to come see you then.

Zoe: Well, what stopped you?

Mrs. Luper: The reports I heard on television that you believe you're really a woman. You know, at first I thought it was a publicity stunt. You always did such crazy things to sell those CDs, but then saw pictures in the tabloids of you dressed as -- and I -- I knew I couldn't stay away any longer. I had to come and talk you out of this. It's not right, honey. You're Freddie Luper.

Zoe: I am Zoe.

Mrs. Luper: Just please don't give people a reason to talk. I mean, just don't make that mistake, Freddie.

Zoe: I'm trying to fix that mistake, Mom. I was born a girl. I know I have boy parts, but on the inside, I am a woman. Look into my eyes. You can see -- look at me. You must have seen it my entire life -- you had to. I tried your way, Mom. For years, I tried to be Freddie, and when that hurt too much, I tried to be Zarf and, um, I -- I just can't fake it anymore.

Mrs. Luper: You have accomplished so much at such a young age. You have made gobs of money, you've won countless awards. But you've also been exposed to drugs and alcohol, and I --

Zoe: Oh --

Mrs. Luper: I don't say that to judge you. Just so you know I understand how you could buy into this. I -- I promise if you come home with me and go back to being Freddie, you'll be happy again. We could be close again. But you can't keep pretending. No. You've got to stop this, Freddie.

Zoe: I -- I --

Mrs. Luper: Freddie?

Zoe: Come on, come on, come on, come on! God!

Mrs. Luper: Freddie, please don't run off.

Bianca: Zoe, wait!

Kendall: Is everything ok? What happened?

Zach: Everything is fine. We made an offer on one of our subsidiaries by a company called LTB.

Hannah: Chop shop buyers. You should get in touch with Revan -- direct competition. Give them a chance to put the screws to LTB, and you'll end up with 20% more of what the company's worth.

Kendall: How do you know all of this?

Hannah: Conference in Bangkok. The LTB man talks a lot over vodka.

Zach: You just sealed your deal here. You got to take the job now.

Hannah: I'll let you know soon. Kendall, it was really nice to talk with you.

Kendall: You, too.

Hannah: I'll be in touch.

Kendall: That woman walked through this door and completely changed your life.

Ryan: You are just determined to scratch.

Annie: Yes, please, God.

Ryan: What do I have to do, tie your hands to the bedpost? Hey.

Annie: Stop. Stop being cute and -- and funny and irresistible.

Ryan: Right. Ok. All right, I will go.

Annie: Yes!

Ryan: And I will try not to take that personally.

Annie: Ok. Ok, go now. I'll miss you.

Ryan: I'm not going for very long, I'll be back soon.

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: Back soon.

Annie: Ok. Bye-bye.

Ryan: I'll be watching.

Annie: I'll miss you a lot.

Ryan: I know, I -- I'm sure you will.

Annie: Bye. Go. Oh, thank you.

Erica: I think about it a lot. How wrong we were for each other back then and how right we seem to be now.

Jeff: Which brings us back to -- what do you mean, it's over?

Erica: Jack and I finalized our divorce today.

Jeff: Oh, why didn't you tell me? I'm so sorry. Well, look, if you need somebody to help you forget, I'm right here, huh?

Erica: It's very tempting, but' I -- shouldn't take advantage of your strength and of your goodness, if only just to numb this horrible sting.

Jeff: It's okay with me.

Erica: It's not with me. I -- I can't. I can't ignore what's in my heart. I don't want to. I love Jack. And, Jeff, I just can't pretend that the divorce today is the best thing t ever happened, when I know that in my heart, I'm always going to want Jack.

Jeff: Well, then why -- why did the two of you take that -- that final step and sign the divorce papers?

Erica: When we were over there today, and we sat there with the attorneys, and they were talking about assets and cars and investments -- I mean, who cares? The only thing that I could think about was the first time I met Jack, the first time Jack told me that he loved me, and promises that we made to each other on our wedding day. You can't divvy up memories.

Jeff: Do you still want him? Even after everything the two of you have been through?

Erica: He's my heart. I'm his.

Barbara: Jack, here's what I know. I haven't felt connected to any man since I lost Travis. I mean, sure, I had affairs. Even thought I was in love. But deep down, something was missing. I felt homesick. Not for a place, for a feeling. Being truly connected with someone. It's the feeling I -- I have when I'm with you, Jack.

Jack: Barbara, I just -- I can't -- I can't be that man for you, I'm sorry.

Barbara: Jack, I know you're hurting. I know how to help the pain stop. Let me help you.

[Jack walks away from Barbara and leaves]

Josh: Listen, I know -- I know it's hard to wrap your head around all this.

Mrs. Luper: Whoa -- do you think you're a woman --

Josh: Josh.

Mrs. Luper: Josh?

Josh: No, I was lucky to be born into a body I can relate to. But I am a doctor.

Mrs. Luper: Well, then you should know this isn't right. I -- I carried him nine months. I was in labor 17 hours, and when the doctor delivered Freddie, he said "Congratulations, it's a boy. " I shared a home with that child for 16 years. I know him like I know the back of my hand. How can he say I don't understand him? What, I don't know who he is? If you're really a doctor, Josh, please help Freddie. Fix my son.

Zoe: Ugh! I should have known that's how she'd react.

Bianca: When I came out to my mother, she rattled off every excuse in the book. She blamed my friends, and puberty, and her divorce from my dad. And when I shot down all of those excuses, she decided that I was a cruel, spiteful brat. How could I do this to her? That's what she said. At the time, all I could think was, how could she do this to me?

Zoe: And you and your mother fought and fought, and then she accepted that you were gay. Now everything's perfect, and you live in mother/daughter bliss, the end.

Bianca: Are you insane? Have you seen me with my mother? It is not perfect. It's nowhere near perfect. She still finds fault with absolutely every woman I connect with -- except you, of course.

Bianca: You know why she likes you so much?

Zoe: Because I'm a genuine fan?

Bianca: Doesn't hurt. No, because, as she puts it, "He's a man, Bianca. A man." She loves it. I'm surprised she hasn't dedicated an entire episode of "New Beginnings" to it.

Zoe: So that's why her producers keep calling me. But you're wrong, Bianca. My mother doesn't love me. She loves Freddie, that hideous creature that I pretended to be. Oh. That's whom she embraced when she walked through that door. That's whom she cried for and wants back in her life.

Bianca: That is not true. She does love you.

Zoe: Oh, all she sees now is a mistake.

Bianca: She looks at you and what she sees is a path that she can't bear for you to take. Ok -- when that stupid moron client came into Fusion offices today --

Zoe: Ugh.

Bianca: And he said those ridiculous things to you, how did it make you feel?

Zoe: A lot like I do now. Numb --

Bianca: Embarrassed?

Zoe: Angry, mm-hmm.

Bianca: Humiliated?

Zoe: Yes.

Bianca: Gutted?

Zoe: Yes.

Bianca: My heart broke for you on a million levels, Zoe. But I'm ashamed to say I also thought something else. I thought "Please, God, please don't make Miranda go through this kind of intolerance. Please don't make life any harder for her than it has to be. "

Zoe: But you can't tell me that if Miranda said she was gay, or that she had a little boy on the inside, that you wouldn't accept her.

Bianca: Yes, of course, I would. And I would love her, and I would be just as proud of her as ever. But if it does turn out that Miranda is just your average straight girl -- she never has to face the prejudice that we do -- I wouldn't be sorry, Zoe.

Zoe: My mother didn't speak about intolerance or prejudice. She said, "Don't give people a reason to talk. Don't do this terrible thing." I'll never forget those words for as long as I live.

Josh: Zoe didn't choose this.

Mrs. Luper: Maybe not consciously.

Josh: This might have occurred in utero, Mrs. Luper.

Mrs. Luper: No, I had a very healthy pregnancy.

Josh: Well, it wouldn't have mattered even if you hadn't. One of the theories suggests that the brain and the body develop at different times. Now, it's very possible that while Zoe's body was developing as male, she didn't get a certain hormone surge that should have changed her brain male, as well. It's all a bit technical, but the bottom line is Zoe's mind -- who she is in here -- is female. She's a woman in her heart and soul. And she just wants the outside to match.

Mrs. Luper: This happened when he was inside me?

Josh: You can't blame yourself. It's no one's fault. This -- it just happens.

Mrs. Luper: I did this to him.

Erica: I love Jack. I want Jack.

Jeff: It really matter what I say, does it? What if he doesn't take you back?

Erica: It's a chance I have to take. And if I fall flat on my face, I can't turn to you, or any other man to -- to pick me up and dust me off. It's time I fly solo. And, Jeff, you were never a substitute. I felt the connection, too. It's just that this is what I need to do. This is where I need to be.

[Jack sadly walks into the yacht's bedroom and sits on the bed, shaking his head]

Ryan: I gave you unsupervised, have-at-it scratch time, and you're still not feeling better. So now, we do this my way.

Annie: Ew. Ew, are you kidding me?

Ryan: It's an oatmeal bath.

Annie: Oh.

Ryan: It's supposed to be soothing.

Annie: Ew. Oh. Ok. Ok, let's do this. Oh.

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: Got it?

Annie: Excuse me.

Ryan: Ok, I'm not looking.

[Annie laughs]

Ryan: Careful getting in, all right? It's a little slippery.

Annie: I think I got it.

Ryan: All right.

Annie: Oh -- ah! Oh. Oh, it's still itchy.

Ryan: Can you at least give it about 60 seconds before you make your decision? Ok. Oh, hey, hey. Don't -- no, no --

Annie: No -- hey, hey!

Ryan: My way. My way. Oh, man.

Annie: What, are you going to come in with me?

Ryan: My shirt just got a little wet, thank you very much.

Annie: Hmm. I think delirium is setting in. Julia warned me it could happen.

Ryan: Hmm. I told you you'd like it.

Annie: Hmm.

Ryan: Ten little monkeys jumping on the bed. One fell off and bumped his head. Mama called the doctor and the doctor said "No more monkeys jumping on the bed. "

Kendall: Hannah's alive. And you're different. The weight is lifted, and that fear is gone. I can see it's totally gone. Mmm. Which is ok, Zach. I mean, she's -- she's better than ok. That woman has made quite a life for herself.

Zach: And that bastard will never get near her again.

Alexander: Ah. Not another damn psyche test.

Hannah: It's Hannah Nichols, Mr. Cambias -- you remember me.

Erica: [Barbara's voice] Jack, are you ok?

Barbara: Expecting somebody else?

Jack: Yeah, actually, for a minute, I -- it really is over, isn't it?

Barbara: Jack -- I wish there was something I could do to help.

[Jack kisses Barbara as they drop together onto the bed]

Zach: I've been so angry missing out on Ethan's life, but at least I had a chance to know him. I can just imagine what she's suffered and what she went through.

Kendall: Well, I -- I mean, it killed me to give Spike up to keep him safe. That was just a few weeks.

Zach: Yeah, it takes an amazing woman.

Kendall: True. And apparently, everything that she touches turns to gold. This is unbelievable. Isn't it weird? That instead of my ex working here, it could be your ex.

Zach: It's not that weird. It's just we are incredibly mature as a couple.

Kendall: Yeah?

Zach: Yeah.

Kendall: Yeah. You keep telling yourself that. Just -- you just go with that.

Zach: What do you want from me?

Kendall: What do you think I want from you?

Zach: Huh? You want this?

Kendall: Give me a piece of this.

Zach: You want a piece of this?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Zach: Yeah?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Hannah: It's been a long time. Surely you haven't forgotten. You caught me going through your desk. I thought you'd flip out and accuse me of stealing, but you -- you stayed surprisingly calm.

Alexander: What exactly were you looking for?

Hannah: Alex, Jr. 's phone number at school. I was pregnant with your grandchild.

Alexander: Huh.

Hannah: You remember what happened next, don't you? You handed me some money, told me to take care of it. I didn't want to "take care of it, " I wanted to talk to your son. That's when you showed your true colors. I can still see the hate in your eyes when you called me a lowly housemaid, unfit to be the mother of the Cambias heir. "You don't belong here, Hannah. " Do you remember saying that? Yeah. And then you had me fired, blacklisted, and shipped out within minutes. Fast forward to "Alex, Jr. dies in a fiery crash. " I get the word you want my child, after all. So I took off. Hmm. You had me followed for how many years? God, you were relentless. Sometimes I could feel your breath on the back of my neck. But you wasted your time. As horrible as it was to give up Ethan -- and it was pure hell -- it was worth it. He never came close to his lunatic grandfather, and I thank God for that. Huh. I belong where I want to belong. And you belong in there.

Josh: I know you're looking for a clear-cut excuse, something or someone to blame. But you did nothing wrong. Zoe did nothing wrong. It just is. Please, try to be grateful. Zoe finally has a chance to be herself. It's obvious that you love her very much, and I'm sure you want her to be happy. And maybe now, that can happen.

Bianca: I don't think that you and your mother would be this torn up if you didn't love each other very much.

Zoe: I thought it hurt when she kept her distance. But now that she's here, and I know how she really feels about me, it hurts worse.

Bianca: I came out to my mother the same week that my girlfriend married a man.

Zoe: Tsk --

Bianca: She didn't love him. She was just too afraid to tell her mother that she was gay. She was too afraid to admit it to herself. Well, last I heard, she was still trying to make it work with him, and I don't know if they're still together anymore. I don't know if she even talks to her mother, but if Sarah is still living that lie, it's tragic. Because she and her mother will never know each other the way my mother and I do, the way you and your mother can -- if you give it a chance.

Ryan: Want to know something?

Annie: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: I haven't been this happy since the birth of my son. It's true. It's amazing to think that it wasn't that long ago that I thought I'd be better off dead. But because of you, and because of two incredible kids, I know why people fight to live. They fight for oatmeal baths, bad coffee, purple lemonade, and mirrors that can predict maņana. Thank you for -- thank you for another fantastic day. Now, who wants some soup?

Annie: Me.

Ryan: Yeah.

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: Thought so. Coming right up.

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: Ahem.

Annie: Huh.

[Annie takes out her engagement ring and thinks]

[Erica walks into the yacht's bedroom and sees Jack lying in bed with Barbara]

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Krystal: I'm not going to let this baby be some kind of tug-of-war rope.

Tad: And that's why we've got a court date.

Erica (to Josh): Aren't you going to tell that I got exactly what I deserved?

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