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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 3/20/07


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Ryan: All right.

Zach: Don't pack up everything yet.

Ryan: Oh, I'm out the door already.

Kendall: No, no, you put everything -- keep that down right now. You're not going anywhere.

Ryan: I'm not keeping Cambias.

Zach: No, you're not. I am.

Kendall: He will take over his father's company and make this a legacy to be proud of.

Ryan: Huh. Sounds good. Let me know how that goes.

Kendall: Yeah.

Zach: You'll know how it's going. You'll be right across the hall. Run Cambias with me.

[J.R. enters Babe's bedroom and gently kisses her on the cheek as she lies in bed sleeping.]

Tad: Oh, thank God you're here.

Jamie: Dad? What's up? Babe's alive, so why do you look like hell?

Tad: Thank you. Actually, hell's a pretty good word for it.

Julia: Mm-hmm -- Tad, come on, sit down. Why don't I get you some coffee?

Jamie: Well, it doesn't look like he needs any.

Tad: Well, there is that. You ever get the feeling you jumped out of a plane, forgot your parachute?

Julia: I think I'll give you guys a couple of minutes, then.

Tad: No, no, sweetheart, I want you to hear this. So what do you think, guys? You want to hear the good news or the bad news?

Jamie: Why am I getting the feeling they're one and the same?

Tad: It's about Krystal's baby. Turns out, she's my baby, too.

[Krystal walks into Adam's bedroom with breakfast on a tray]

Krystal: Ahem -- Adam? Good morning.

Adam: It was.

Krystal: I, um -- I made your favorites. Uh, scrambled eggs and -- and bacon. Here, eat something, and we can talk, ok? Oh --

[After taking the tray of food from Krystal, Adam flings it against the wall]

Adam: I'm done talking to you.

Kendall: Ryan, this is a win-win, ok? Zach still has the casinos. He can't do this by himself. So you both work together, you'll make tons and tons of cash. Plus, you'll secure Cambias assets for Binks and Miranda and Spike and this little munchkin on the way.

Ryan: Who were already taken care of without my involvement.

Kendall: You both know how to share. Ok? You shared Daddy duty with Spike. So, can't you just play well with others? What's the downside? If there is one, I'm not seeing it.

Ryan: Huh.

Kendall: All right? We'll be one, big, happy, crazy, dysfunctional family running the family business. The casinos, Fusion -- we'll have it all covered.

Ryan: Signing a new contract already, are we? What about you, Zach? Are you onboard with this?

Zach: Oh, no, she's a lot more persuasive than I'll ever be.

Kendall: Mm-hmm. And I'm just getting started.

Ryan: Yes. I got that, Kendall. Thank you very much. And thank you, Zach, for this very generous opportunity and the challenge, but -- but --

Kendall: No, no. No "buts." I don't want to hear you say that again. Now, say it with me. "Where do we start?"

Ryan: No, you say it with me. "I can't do it."

Zach: Anything we can do to change your mind?

Ryan: Nothing personal. But when I found out that I was handing over Cambias, it was actually a relief to me. I don't have to deal with the shareholders, all that stress. So I am going to plan something on my own. I'm going to start my own venture capital firm.

Kendall: Ok, well, why can't you do that through Cambias?

Zach: Because he wants to do his own thing.

Ryan: You got it. My mind is made up.

Zach: I know this company is tainted. But Alex can't control it, can't control us -- not anymore.

Ryan: Agreed.

Kendall: Ryan -- come on, Ryan, don't go.

Ryan: Look, I am the first guy to want to forget the past. I really am. But this is not my fight.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Excuse me. Hello?

Annie: Ryan, it's Annie.

Ryan: Hey. What's going on?

Annie: Could you stop by Wildwind when you're done? I need to talk to you.

Ryan: Ok. I'm on my way. I got to go.

Kendall: You'll still be around, right?

Ryan: Of course, I'll still be around. Spike's still my son. You kidding me? You're not done with me. You're stuck with me. And if there's anything you guys need, I'll be here for the transition. You just call me, all right?

Zach: Thank you.

Ryan: You're welcome. There's the annual forecasts, the annual reports. They should be out of here within the next hour, and then I'm good. I'll see you guys later.

Zach: Do I really want this?

Babe: Don't ever do that again.

J.R.: I only kissed you good morning.

Babe: You lost all rights to kiss me.

J.R.: I thought that I'd lost you forever.

Babe: The only reason I am in this house right now is to protect Mama from Adam. I am not here to be your wife.

J.R.: I'm not asking anything of you right now.

Babe: We are not back together, we are not getting back together, and as soon as this situation is resolved with Mama, hopefully -- hopefully, we can figure out a way to share Little A.

J.R.: We can still be a family.

Babe: J.R., we have said that so many times, it -- if it weren't so sad, I would laugh about it. But I -- I just don't think I can forgive you for blackmailing me about Mama.

J.R.: I get that. You've made that real clear to me.

Babe: Good, so then we're done here.

J.R.: You can't blame me for wanting you back.

Babe: Mama slept with me last night. Where is she?

J.R.: Probably downstairs having it out with my dad. I'm rooting for her.

Krystal: Make you feel better? Throwing things?

Adam: You think I would have eaten anything off of that tray? It's probably poisoned.

Krystal: Oh, Adam! If I had wanted you dead, you think I would have woken you up to do it?

Adam: Thanks for the warning. Now, why don't you take your tray and Tad Martin's baby and get the hell out of my house?

Krystal: Ok, you think yelling is going to work, Adam? You are not going to scare me out of here. I love you, and I am not leaving you.

Adam: Yeah, leaving is just a matter of geography.

Krystal: Oh, no. No, I'm not leaving. I am here.

Adam: Don't you have any pride? First, you get yourself knocked up by a man her husband loathes. And then you -- you try to pass that belly off as mine. And your daughter -- puts us through the mockery of a funeral, and you convince my own son to lie to his father. And I ask you to leave, and you just refuse to go. Don't you know when you're not wanted?

Krystal: I don't believe that.

Adam: Yeah, yeah -- why don't you run off with Tad Martin? There you go. This is your big chance.

Krystal: I don't want Tad.

Adam: Nine months says different.

Krystal: You know, if I step one foot out of this door, you'll have all the locks changed, and we both know that you'll regret that for the rest of your life, because you still love me.

Tad: It's a fact. Krystal is carrying your baby sister.

Jamie: Another little girl?

Tad: Surprise.

Julia: Tad, how are you?

Tad: Shocked. Angry. More shocked. Exhausted -- take your pick.

Jamie: I'm so sorry, Dad. Whatever you need, just -- just let me know. So, J.R. knew?

Tad: For a long time.

Jamie: And he never said a word?

Tad: Uh-uh. He found out from Dixie, when she was dying.

Jamie: Look -- ok, so wait -- all those days that I stood by him over Babe's death -- all those days in Vegas chasing down that nut job -- why didn't he tell us?

Tad: Because he wanted it to remain his little secret. What are you doing? James, don't. James!

Julia: Just let him -- let him go.

Tad: Like that's all I need. Just when you think your life is predictable, you know, one day after another. I guess the joke's on me.

Julia: Tad, do you want this baby?

Adam: You must be chock full of hormones to be talking about love when I can't stand the sight of you.

Krystal: Huh. Adam --

Adam: I've got a call in to Barry Shire -- you're going to be the ex-Mrs. Chandler before the bars open.

Krystal: No. No way am I consenting to a divorce.

Adam: Well, good thing I don't need your consent.

Krystal: Adam, think about it! Think about everything before last night. The time I told you I was pregnant. When we found out that it was a little girl. I mean, even partying with the -- the truckers on Christmas Eve -- you have never been happier than you were with me.

Adam: You ended that.

Krystal: Adam, I love you too much for you to throw this marriage away.

Adam: Oh, let me make one thing very clear to you. You -- you threw this marriage away, and I want you to throw yourself out with it.

Krystal: No, no. I am staying here, and I am going to fight for the life that we could have had, the life we can still have, even though I was a fool.

Adam: Yeah, well, too bad there's no room for you in the bordello.

Krystal: I am your wife. I know I'm flawed, I know I disappointed you, but if you think for one second that I am going to slink out of here with my tail between my legs --

Adam: No, no. No room for your tail. Tad Martin's already there.

Babe: Can you go? I need to get dressed and check on Mama.

J.R.: I'm leaving. Just wanted you to know that I was on Krystal's side, and yours.

Babe: I find that hard to believe.

J.R.: Here's a list of the top attorneys in the state that have not worked for my father or Chandler. Jack Montgomery's on this list. He wrote my father off a long time ago. Choose any one of them. I will pick up the tab, all of it.

Babe: With nothing in return?

J.R.: Nothing.

Babe: This could just be some sneaky setup for your dad.

J.R.: You're mistaking me for the former heir to the throne. I'm out, just like you and Krystal. My dad made that very clear to me last night when I went after him. I've got no more inheritance, no more stake in protecting anything of my father's.

Babe: I'm sorry that Mama's secret cost you, too.

J.R.: I knew what I was getting into when I agreed to keep quiet. I've been to Adam's rodeo before. I just didn't think Tad had to know.

Babe: Do you regret keeping my mother's secret?

J.R.: No. Not if it brought me closer to you.

Babe: I don't know about that.

J.R.: I do. I just don't think Tad will ever forgive me.

Jamie: I sure as hell never will.

Kendall: Thank you so much. Can I give you a hand on those reports?

Zach: Uh-uh. Why don't you go over to Fusion? You got your own company to run.

Kendall: Yes, sir. Hmm. For you. Welcome to the neighborhood.

Zach: Who are these beautiful people?

Kendall: Oh, they -- they came with the frame. Right here, though -- this is where you insert the sonogram. Just a reminder that things are different now.

Jonathan: What are you doing in my brother's office?

Zach: Change of management.

Jonathan: Huh. That's perfect. Haven't you messed enough up already?

Kendall: Stop it, Jonathan.

Jonathan: First my sister's murdered. Now my brother's out of a job? And that's all because of you. The two of you -- you're fine. You're -- you're better than fine. Question for you, Zach. How does it feel to profit from other people's deaths?

Ryan: When you asked me to come to Wildwind, I didn't know you were talking about this place.

Annie: Uh-huh. Uh-uh-uh. That's not exactly what I meant.

Ryan: Not "exactly" what you meant? Then it means it's sort of what you meant, which means maybe just a little bit, because it felt really good.

Annie: Wait, wait. Not so much.

Ryan: Yeah?

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: Are you sure that you didn't call me down here to take this -- this friend of mine off my hands?

Annie: You really never give up, do you?

Ryan: No, I don't. I don't, I don't.

[Annie pulls away from Ryan's kisses]

Annie: Ok, ok, ok. Ok, for the record, your brother is wrong. I am not in love with you.

Ryan: Ok. You're not.

Annie: That's really ok?

Ryan: You're ok, I'm ok, we're ok.

Annie: Can -- ok, can -- can you just -- can you -- can you not do that for a minute, please?

Ryan: Oh, all right.

Annie: Yes.

Ryan: Ok. All right. Look, obviously, my brother is like your fan club president, all right? He wants us to be together, and he's not the only one. He's not. He wants us to be the family that we never had growing up, but I don't want him to pressure you into anything that you don't want.

Annie: Ok. So we're good.

Ryan: That's my job.

Annie: Oh, God.

Ryan: So, what are we going to do today?

Jamie: So you sold my dad out, huh? Totally screwed him over.

J.R.: There's more to it than that.

Jamie: Yeah, with you, there usually is, but I don't understand this one. Your stepdad loses his little girl, so you cheat him out of another one?

J.R.: This isn't about Kate.

Jamie: The hell it isn't. My dad, who's supposed to be yours, lost the only woman he truly loved -- and the child they had together. You could have helped him. You could have given him something, but no. You had to help yourself first.

J.R.: Don't you think I already feel bad enough?

Jamie: No, I think you should feel worse, because you were going to let Adam Chandler raise that child.

J.R.: My father would have done a brilliant job with that little girl.

Jamie: Mm-hmm, but of course he would. Lie, blackmail, steal. Hey, apple, say hi to the tree for me.

J.R.: I didn't create this problem.

Jamie: No, you're right. You were the hero in all this. So much sympathy for losing Kate. "Come on, James, let's go find our sister." Apparently, that's different when it's only my sister by blood.

J.R.: Did I cheat on anyone?

Jamie: You hugged my dad when we lost Dixie, but you failed to mention her dying wish for him. You would have kept Tad away from his daughter forever, unless, of course, you needed to use it against Babe.

J.R.: I would never use it against Babe or Krystal ever again.

Jamie: "Again"? Don't try to be noble with me. You know what? I have to ask you one question. When Babe "died," how hard was it for you to choke up all that emotion? Because, man, that was a great performance.

J.R.: Oh, will you come off it, Jamie? You're the last person who should be lecturing me about stealing babies.

Tad: I'm going to be a father all over again, whether I like it or not.

Julia: Well, I do think your opinion counts. It's a question you should answer, if only for yourself.

Tad: Hmm. I just wrapped my mind around being a father to one little girl. A little walking, talking Dixie. Ugh. And I vaguely remember screaming at you about one child not substituting for another. I just -- I don't know -- how am I supposed to feel?

Julia: Well, no child can ever replace Kate. But only you can decide if this child is a gift.

Tad: Hmm. A baby was the last thing I expected. I'm supposed to be happy. I mean, aren't you supposed to be happy?

Julia: Well, what's in the way?

Tad: Krystal. I mean, I never thought she was a saint, far from it, but at least I thought she'd be honest with me. For God's sake, I used to be engaged to her. I used to love her. She just, you know, told one lie to me after another, just so she could hang on to Adam Chandler?

Julia: Don't ask me. I don't get that, either.

Tad: Am I wrong in thinking she's nuts to want that man to raise her child? Honestly, I mean, I -- I thought I knew Krystal. It turns out, I -- I don't know her at all.

Krystal: You can insult me. You can hurt me. You can do your worst, Adam, because I know you. I know your stubborn, arrogant, moonshine-drinking soul. And I have never known a love as sweet and as strong as yours. You've been the greatest surprise and the greatest blessing in my life.

Adam: Well, you've been the greatest disappointment in mine.

Krystal: It was not a long, drawn-out affair, Adam. It was one night, one stupid night that got out of hand.

Adam: Yeah, apparently, you didn't know that it only takes once.

Krystal: Adam, I wasn't trying to do anything bad in our marriage, I don't know what I --

Adam: Just spare -- spare me! I don't care.

Krystal: Yes, you do! You care! You cared the moment you said those vows to me. And you cared when you gave my daughter another chance with J.R. in this house, for me. You cared every time we made love, and every morning we woke up together. And yeah, you cared when I would dish it right back to you when you were giving me hell. You love me! You love me, and you need me, just as much as I need you. And if you want to punish me -- if you want to punish me before we carry on, then just bring it on! Because this is the big one. This is the capital L for both of us, Adam, and it is not going to end, not even for this.

Adam: Maybe there is something that you could do.

Krystal: Name it.

Adam: It may be the only way. Get rid of the baby.

Krystal: You can't be telling me to hurt my own child.

Adam: I don't mean hurt it. For God's sake, I -- get rid of it. Dump the mongrel off at an orphanage or something, put it up for adoption -- I don't care.

Krystal: There's no way.

Adam: Well, you do that and maybe we can talk.

Krystal: Oh. You are an SOB, Adam Chandler.

Adam: Good, good. Thank you. Now we can begin to understand one another.

Krystal: You know what my children mean to me.

Adam: Yeah, well, obviously you've made your choice already.

Krystal: So that's the way it is, huh? It's either her or you?

Adam: Yeah, yeah -- her or me, yeah.

Krystal: You honestly believe the only children worth raising are ones with your DNA!

Adam: Well, Martin's are not worth raising. And if I ever opened my heart to a child that wasn't mine, it wouldn't be one that came about because you fell on your back for Tad Martin!

Krystal: So you could never look at this child without thinking of me and Tad in bed? Well, don't let me leave it up to your imagination, Adam -- let me give you the juicy details. What do you want to know, huh? You want to know what we said, how he touched me, how it felt?

Adam: Stop! God. We're done.

Julia: I can't even pretend to -- to guess what's in your head. But I -- I do know what it's like to get a child you didn't expect. Kathy just showed up out of nowhere.

Tad: No, Kathy was an expression of love, of trust. Turns out I'm having a child with a woman I can't believe a word out of her mouth.

Julia: Well, do you remember what you told me? You told me that maybe Kathy was part of God's plan. Maybe now he's knocking on your door.

J.R.: Don't stand there all sanctimonious when you don't have jack to stand on! Unlike Tad, I knew about my son. I loved him, yet you let me think that he was dead. So don't go there, James.

Jamie: The difference is you held this secret to help yourself.

J.R.: And you held the secret about Little A while you were helping yourself to my wife.

Jamie: You know what -- and I was right. Babe and I ran because you were a danger to yourself and to everyone around you.

J.R.: You know, I'd worry about all these insults if it wasn't coming from a glass house.

Jamie: Huh. You -- you think I want Little A brought up by you now? Like his father? I was there when Babe was gone, and you kept this from me. No wonder she wanted to stay dead. Thank God you're alive. You -- you're ok? Everything's all right?

Babe: I'm fine. Thank you.

Jamie: Well, for now anyway. You going to stay married to my brother?

Babe: No, I'm not.

Jamie: Good.

Annie: I had nothing planned today other than talking. Talking.

Ryan: And planned -- this is a very, very good place to talk. It's just that it reminds me of other things that we could do.

Annie: See that is not -- that is not fair.

Ryan: It is -- it is fair if -- if you say "Yes."

Annie: What do you want me to do? You want me to just throw up my arms and say, "Take me, Ryan. Take me right here"?

Ryan: Oh, yes!

Annie: No, no, no.

Ryan: That's exactly what I want you to do, yes.

Annie: Stop -- time out, time out, time out, ok. I -- I want to learn how to ride --

[Horse neighs]

Annie: A horse.

Ryan: Ok. I can teach you how to ride -- a horse.

Annie: Ok. You know how?

Ryan: Yes -- I know how. I've got a lot of hidden talents. There. There we go. Hop on up. Let me help you out here.

Annie: I got it, I got it!

Ryan: I just was --

Annie: Just keep your hands to yourself.

Ryan: Ok, let me --

Annie: I got it! Oh --

Ryan: I'm just going to make --

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: Ok, careful.

Annie: Ok. Oh, oh, oh.

Ryan: Ok. There.

Annie: Ooh.

Ryan: Comfortable?

Kendall: We are trying to hold Cambias together for everyone, including Ryan's son, your nephew.

Jonathan: Look at you, little miss self-sacrifice.

Kendall: Jonathan, stop, stop. We wanted the killer caught just as much as you did. And if it weren't for Zach, there would be more women dead.

Jonathan: Yeah, I know. He saved you just in time.

Kendall: You're not being fair.

Zach: It's all right.

Jonathan: Not -- I'm sorry, Kendall. I'm failing to see what's fair all about this, except for your happy ending.

Kendall: Jonathan, sometimes people get hurt without someone intending it. You, of all people, with your shady past, should know that. You can't blame Zach for the way things turned out.

Jonathan: Can't I?

Jamie: Babe, I want you to know you don't have to deal with J.R. on your own. Whatever you need, you let me know.

Babe: Thanks, Jamie. But hopefully, J.R. can be sensible about all this.

Jamie: Hmm -- good luck.

J.R.: You know, Babe kept Krystal's secret about the baby, too. That's ok? So Babe's the saint. I'm the big bad wolf?

Jamie: Babe would do anything for her mother. I expect that from her, but I thought you loved Tad.

J.R.: Who said I didn't?

Jamie: You chose Adam over the father who was always there for you. Tad was a better dad to you than Adam could ever pretend to be.

Adam: What are you doing sniffing around my son's wife? You Martin boys sure like sloppy seconds.

[J.R. chuckles]

Jamie: Unlike you, my father is a great man, a decent guy.

Adam: Golden words from the baby-stealing, adulterous son of an adulterer.

Jamie: Has it ever occurred to you, Adam, that perhaps Krystal saw something in my father that she couldn't see in you? Like a human being?

Babe: Where is my mother?

Adam: I left her dead on the floor.

Jamie: You know, that's nice, Adam -- real classy.

J.R.: It's not funny, Dad.

Adam: What makes you think I'm joking?

Babe: Oh. Mama --

Krystal: Thanks, Babe.

Babe: No, this cannot be good for you or the baby. You need to take it easy these last few weeks.

Krystal: I'm fine, I'm fine. I will be fine, I swear.

Babe: You do realize that we don't have to stay? We have our own money, we can hire great lawyers. Let's just go.

Krystal: I can't.

Babe: You mean you won't.

Krystal: That, too.

Babe: Mama, Adam Chandler is not worth your tears.

Krystal: Oh. No, that -- that's good. Oh, I -- I can't believe you're saying that to me. How many times did I tell you to stay away from J.R.? Did you listen to me? Huh. Adam is my life. You and Charlotte and Adam -- I don't work without any of you.

Babe: And I get that. But, look, J.R. showed me who he really is just like Adam's doing -- I finally get it.

Krystal: I went into this knowing about Adam's temper, honey. The way he's acting now -- whose fault is that? Look what I did to him -- he has every right to be upset at me.

Babe: "Upset"? He told me he just killed you.

Krystal: You know what? When he's mad, he's mean. Huh. And right now, he's embarrassed, he's betrayed. He has every right to lash out at me. Oh.

Babe: He's threatening to kick you out, and you're making excuses for him.

Krystal: Yeah. That's right, because I am going to stay here until I convince him that we belong together. Babe, but you -- you don't have to stay here for me. I don't want to push you to stay here with J.R.

Babe: I'm not leaving you.

Krystal: I'm a big girl.

Babe: I'm not ditching you, and I'm not leaving Little A here with J.R. I'm staying.

Stuart: Oh. Babe, it's you.

[Babe giggles]

Stuart: It's you -- look at you. You're a -- you're a miracle.

Babe: It's me. Hi. Oh, gosh, I missed you, Stuart.

Stuart: I always thought you'd be so good for Adam.

Krystal: I wish there was some way I could undo everything I --

[Krystal sighs]

Krystal: I never wanted to cause Adam any pain.

Stuart: Oh, but you did. Oh, poor Adam. Poor baby.

Babe: Look, Stuart, Mama knows that she hurt Adam and that it was wrong. But she's hurting, too.

Stuart: Hmm. I -- I used to be the one to help -- to help my brother, help put him back together when bad stuff happens. I think he may be broken for good.

Tad: I asked Krystal more than once if the baby was mine, and she lied to my face.

Julia: I'm sorry. But for what it's worth, we both know that Krystal is a devoted mother, and she'd do anything for her children.

Tad: Including wanting Adam to raise a child? A man that can't take care of a goldfish. He doesn't understand unconditional love. The only thing he understands is power, manipulation, control. I spent the last half of my life trying to limit the damage to J.R., and we all know how successful I was there. I just don't understand why Krystal couldn't come to me. I -- I don't know what she was thinking. I mean, I wouldn't let Adam Chandler raise a flag.

Julia: Well, you have a vote now. What are you going to do with it?

Ryan: So riding is -- it's partly in the hips, right in here. And you got to make sure that your weight is nice and evenly distributed on both sides, ok? And you see that foot right down here?

Annie: I can't see anything -- you're in the way.

Ryan: Oh.

Ryan: Well, it should be a little bit further back. Oh.

[Horse neighs]

Ryan: Now, when you gallop, you want to sit nice and tall, so just dig in with your heels. Feel the horse on the inside of your calves. And you want to just sort of tighten up your stomach, you know. Just sit up straight. You want to just like -- what's happening? You a little bit ticklish in there. Is that what it is?

Annie: No. Not at all.

Ryan: Are you sure?

Annie: Continue.

Ryan: Feel the saddle on the inside of your thighs.

Annie: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: Ok?

Annie: Ahem.

Ryan: And when you're sitting up tall like that, then you'll be ready to jump.

[While pushing Ryan away, Annie falls backwards]

Kendall: Should we even be doing this? I mean, all this -- this Cambias legacy stuff, this is too much, Zach. This can't be easy on you.

Zach: Whatever. It's a new life, a new start, and I want him to --

Kendall: "Him"? Him or her --

Zach: Him, her, him, her --

Kendall: Yeah.

Zach: To be proud of our new life.

Kendall: Well --

Zach: Be proud of their dad, you know?

Kendall: I already am.

Zach: Let's do something here. And then when he/she is old enough, they can take over or, you know, she can be a makeup queen.

Kendall: Makeup queen? Ok, and or he -- if it's a he -- he could be a train conductor.

Zach: Or she could be --

Both: A train conductor.

Zach: Yeah, whatever they want. Whatever they want. I'm going to encourage whatever they want.

Kendall: Hmm. I can't wait to see. I can't wait.

Ryan: Oh, it's all right. This -- this kind of thing happens all the time, especially when there's no horse.

Annie: Shut up.

Ryan: I'm just kidding. I'm kidding.

Annie: Oh, God.

Ryan: No, really. When that little piece of hay flew up at you, it must've been terrifying. No wonder you -- oh, ok.

Annie: Oh, my --

Ryan: All right, here. Take your shirt off and put this on, all right? And then --

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: Oh, my pants! Oh.

Ryan: Ok. There you go. All right.

Annie: Oh, gosh. Don't even think about looking.

Ryan: Whoa -- ok! It's not like I haven't seen it before.

Annie: Oh, that's funny -- you're funny.

Ryan: That's me -- funny guy.

Annie: Oh, God.

Ryan: Oh.

Annie: Oh.

Ryan: You really are incredibly beautiful.

Annie: Oh, hell. I am in love with you.

Julia: You have to do what you need to do.

Tad: No. I need to do what that baby needs me to do.

Julia: Uh-huh. I think you have your answer.

Tad: I'm going to get my daughter out of there.

J.R.: Can I help you, officers?

Officer: We're here to make an arrest.

J.R.: An arrest?

Krystal: What's going on?

Officer: Krystal Carey Chandler?

Krystal: Yes?

Officer: You're under arrest.

Babe: What? She's -- she's almost nine months pregnant.

Krystal: What is the charge?

J.R.: Dad? What is this all about?

Babe: Oh, you seriously --

Officer: Arabella Carey Chandler, you are under arrest.

[Babe gasps as the officers cuff her alongside her mother]

Babe: Are you kidding me? This has got to be a joke.

Officer: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Bianca: Zoe and I are friends.

Kendall: You're totally falling for her.

Krystal (to Erica): You know, I may be pregnant, but I can still take you on.

Tad (to Livia): How hard is it go get custody of a child that hasn't been born yet?

Adam (to J.R.): You've never been on the receiving end of my wrath.

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