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Tad: Adam, what exactly is it you think you know?

Adam: Look around, you idiot. Everyone in this room knows you had sex with my wife.

Tad: Adam, it was a mistake -- a huge mistake, and I am deeply sorry. So is Krystal. But you're dead wrong about that baby.

Adam: You know this how? I mean, you -- have you asked Krystal? Has she told you it's not yours?

Tad: Yes.

Adam: Don't you see? They're all in on it. Your beloved Dixie learned it from Krystal's own mouth. And your cherished stepson, J.R.? He knew, and used it to blackmail his wife. They all got together just a few moments ago and begged me not to tell you -- begged me. Said maybe it'll be a family secret of ours, that "Tad doesn't have to know, ever. " And then dear, sweet, sweet Krystal who gave so generously of herself in your hour of need, and then lied to your face. Ask her.

Krystal: The baby is yours.

Babe: Tad, please. Just remember how close Mama is to her due date.

J.R.: Why don't we get some air?

Adam: Moonshine and pity -- that's how come I let you stay around so long.

J.R.: Are you all right?

Babe: Fine, thank you. Can you just please talk to your dad?

J.R.: Yeah.

Krystal: I need to talk to Tad.

Tad: I believed you. I believed in you. You told me she wasn't mine, and I had no reason to think that the Krystal that I know and love, that I trusted -- my former fiancée -- would ever, could ever lie about something like this. And I was wrong?

Krystal: You were wrong about everything.

Babe: You got your wish -- the big secret's out. You happy now?

[Colby runs up to Babe and hugs her]

Adam: God, it was a -- it was a damn lie. You, you --

Adam: You were a damn lie.

[Adam laughs]

Adam: Oh, I hoped you'd finally come around to letting me love you.

J.R.: Dad?

Adam: Go away.

J.R.: Krystal made a mistake. She made one mistake. You going to let that wipe out all the good she's given you?

Adam: She doesn't mean a thing to me -- you understand? Nothing, nothing. She's like a -- a hangover that won't go away.

J.R.: No, no. You said that Krystal made you feel like a better man, a better father. Why can't you give her another chance?

Adam: Oh. Do you think I'm a complete idiot?

J.R.: What was Krystal's big crime, anyway? She loved you so much she wanted to give you a baby?

Adam: Oh, oh. And what an interesting way to go about it. When you -- when your wife was bed hopping behind your back, and you caught her, you were -- you flew into a homicidal rage, you -- you got drunk and jumped out a fourth-story window. And now -- now you're preaching forgiveness?

J.R.: No, when I came home from the hospital, I saw Babe in the parlor. And I was the one calling you a traitor, but you convinced me to let my wife stay.

Adam: Yeah. Wasn't that symmetry marvelous? Your slut wife cheats, and I plead her case to make Krystal happy? And my slut wife cheats, and you plead her case to make Babe happy. Perfect.

J.R.: You see? We both did what was best for our wives.

Adam: Yeah, but we got -- we got taken, buddy. We got duped. We got taken for a ride with a couple of gold diggers. We were blinded by their assets. Think for a moment. Think how we could've bonded if Josh's spawn were in Babe's belly.

J.R.: Oh, stop it.

Adam: No, I'm asking you a question, a serious question. If your wife was pregnant carrying her lover's child, huh, would you take her back?

J.R.: I thought Babe was gone forever. I'm not wasting any more time -- I know what matters.

Adam: Yeah, the children are what matters. When you thought your son was dead, you were inconsolable. You couldn't -- nobody or nothing could pull you up out of that despair. Well, Charlotte isn't just dead -- she never existed. Now, give me your condolences and get the hell out.

Tad: You let me think she was delusional. You let me think she got all those crazy ideas about giving me your child, because Dixie was grieving for ours. She was feeling jealous and guilty, and you knew. When I came to you and apologized, because I thought she was hounding you, said I would get her to swear to let it be? I'd even suggest therapy? You knew the entire time she was telling the truth?

Krystal: Yes.

Tad: So basically, she died thinking I took your word over hers, because you knew she was desperate over our child, and you figured out a way to use that against her, to use her pain -- my pain.

Krystal: Tad, I -- I don't know what to say. I -- I'm sick over this. I didn't want to hurt anybody.

Tad: You're sick? You -- it certainly turned out that way, didn't it? What am I supposed to do now? How can I possibly go back and make this right? How can I go back to Dixie and say I'm wrong, I was a fool, because I let this cruel disgrace of a woman use our 4-year-old daughter to make us look like fools? To cover up her own selfish lie? She's gone. She's dead, I can't -- it's over and done. She died thinking that I didn't believe in her, because of you. Because of you. But you are the mother of my child.

J.R.: Krystal, Babe, and I -- we are far from perfect. But we're your family -- there's nothing more important than that. You taught me that. And there's no way in hell I'm going to let you forget it.

Adam: Yeah, but there was a time when your opinion was important to me, but that time's passed. When you chose those two piranhas over your own flesh and blood, you ceased being my family. So forget the inheritance. You're no longer a Chandler, and you're no longer my son.

J.R.: You can't get rid of me.

Adam: Hmm. I already have.

Krystal: Oh -- one night. One night of trying to comfort my friend, and my whole world has spun out of control.

Tad: Oh, you poor thing. You want sympathy?

Krystal: I made a choice. I had to choose -- save my marriage or tell the truth and tear my husband's heart out. I chose Adam.

Tad: No, you chose to lie to Adam like you chose to lie to me. And then you chose to let other people carry that lie for you, like Babe and J.R. And when Dixie tried to stop it, you chose to let her look like some kind of grief-crazed lunatic.

Krystal: When Dixie finally got the confirmation from me, Tad, she didn't go to you with the truth, because of one good reason -- she knew that you didn't want just any child. You wanted Kate.

Tad: Don't you dare -- don't you dare try to put this off on her. Do not make it look like her decision. She came to me time and time again. She begged me to listen to her, and every time I shot her down, because of you.

Krystal: The happiness you wanted was Kate.

Tad: I wanted my daughter -- so what? Dixie and I swore we were never going to give up on Kate -- I wanted my daughter! You're going to hold that against me? The entire time, I had another daughter, and after everything I've endured, after all the pain I had been through, Dixie thought I deserved to know about it. And you manipulated her.

Krystal: No, Tad --

Tad: Yes! You've --

Krystal: Can't you see that everything I did, Tad, I did to protect my family

Tad: What about my family?

Krystal: Tad, you and I had one night, and we were both -- both of us -- irresponsible. There was no vow, no strings, no future. My future is with Adam -- he wanted this baby!

Tad: He doesn't want another baby. He doesn't care. All he wants is another thing, another possession, another kid he can dominate. He doesn't love his children, Krystal.

Krystal: No --

Tad: He ruins them, like every other thing he touches in this world.

Krystal: No, Tad --

Tad: He destroys them.

Krystal: He is not like that anymore, he's changed.

Tad: Well, why? How the hell would you know? Because of the love of a good woman? You were there. You were there. You helped Babe kidnap Little Adam because God forbid J.R. should have the chance to turn him into another Chandler. And now, you want to take another child, an innocent child -- my daughter -- and hand her to that maniac? Huh. A man who single-handedly hardwired every evil impulse J.R. has into his head? You're worse than Greg Madden, because I trusted you. He took one of my children, you took the other.

Krystal: Would you have even wanted this child?

Tad: How could I know? This isn't about me, Krystal -- this is about you. It's about you and your selfishness.

Krystal: You are damn right! I am selfish, especially when it comes to my children. I had to make a choice for myself and my child.

Tad: Oh, I'll say. In a rare moment of charity, in a flash of kindness, you decided to pick me and Dixie as the baby's godparents?

Krystal: Do you think I wanted that? That was all Adam, and it twisted me up inside.

Tad: What am I supposed to think? You needed Dixie to keep quiet! How do I -- how do I know you didn't try to buy her off with some kind of lame consolation prize.

Krystal: Do you think this was an easy decision for me, Tad. Just the opposite -- it was hell! But I knew that you didn't create this child out of love and commitment -- you don't want that with me.

Tad: That doesn't give you the right to decide who gets to be a parent and who doesn't.

Krystal: Are you angry. because I didn't tell you, or because I'm right?

Tad: "Right"? In all of this --

Krystal: You don't want this baby, Tad!

Tad: This disaster area -- you think this is right?

Krystal: And God willing, you will find your little girl, but she is not Kate!

Tad: Don't you say her name! You don't have a right to say her name.

Krystal: My baby is Charlotte Carey Chandler, and she is Adam's daughter in every way that counts. Can't you see how devastated he is. He loves this baby. I love this baby. Can you honestly say that you do, too?

Tad: You never gave me the chance.

Babe: I want to make things better. But I don't know how.

Colby: What are we now, Babe? Friends? Family? You were a real part of my life. I even started to love you, but -- because of what Krystal did, I should hate you, right?

Babe: I can't tell you how to feel.

Colby: If Krystal loves my dad, how could she do this to him?

Krystal: I do love him, Colby.

Babe: Why did you do it, Mama? Why did you tell?

Krystal: I had to -- for Adam and for Tad. But most of all, for you.

[Adam takes a drawer of Krystal's clothes outside and throws them into the garbage can, then pours a flammable liquid on them, and sets them on fire sobbing.]

Winifred: Mr. Chandler, is -- is everything all right, sir?

Adam: Go, go.

Winifred: Uh -- sir, are you sure? I --

Adam: Go! Now!

[Adam adds the baby's new toys and blanket with the initials "CCC" to the bonfire]

Adam: My Charlotte. My -- my Lottie. Oh.

[Adam screams in agony]

Adam: Oh, oh. Oh! No! Oh, no!

J.R.: My father just tore me a new one. Why don't you let me have it, too?

Tad: When did you find out? When?

J.R.: When Mom was dying.

Tad: What did she say?

J.R.: "Give Tad his baby."

Tad: You decided to use that as something to get what you wanted out of Babe?

J.R.: I hate what I did to Babe. It was vicious, it was wrong.

Tad: What about what you did to your mother?

J.R.: What I did to my mother? What about what you did to my mother? And what kind of dying words are "Give Tad his baby"? I didn't get, "I love you, son." No, I got hit with a choice -- apparently one that you don't understand!

Tad: Don't play self-righteous with me, you little son of a bitch! You didn't do what you did out of a sense of honor, you didn't do what you did for Babe. You did it to get yours, whatever you decide that is in the moment.

J.R.: You've been just like a father to me. And we have hit low points, we've fought, and we've yelled, but we've always come back, back to each other. But need I remind you, you let me know that my son was dead. Dead! And I forgave you for that.

Tad: Really? Or did you just slip it in your back pocket, keep it safe until you saw a chance for payback, because that's what this is, isn't it? Payback? So is this how you pay back your mother? She disappeared, so you decide you're going to spit on her dying wish?

J.R.: Oh, my God. You know, you're so off base. I love my family.

Tad: Really? You could've fooled me. Dixie gave you something sacred, and you chose to use it as a weapon.

J.R.: I loved my mom. She would've understood.

Tad: No, she wouldn't. She would be just as ashamed of you as I am right now. All that time, all those years gone, she came back to do the right thing. And you? J.R., it's like she died for nothing.

Colby: Daddy, what are you doing? Get away from there!

Adam: No!

Colby: It's Colby. You have to get over here now.

Babe: You should not have done this, Mama, not for me.

Krystal: I want you to be free to live your own dreams, not to be held hostage by mine. As long as you were protecting my secret, you were a prisoner. Josh was right.

Josh: Where's Babe?

Tad: I told you I would do anything to protect Babe from J.R., but I had to know why, and you wouldn't tell me. But you said that you hoped someone did. Why? Because you wanted to get to Babe?

Josh: Like I told you before, some secrets are better left buried.

Babe: We are in this together, Mama, and we always will be. Oh, Mama.

[Door closes]

Babe: What is it? Mama?

Krystal: It's Adam. He's sending it all up in flames. You know, I had a dream that David was going to try to torch our family and burn it to the ground. But it wasn't David. And it wasn't J.R. or Josh. It was me.

Babe: No --

[Krystal groans]

Babe: Mama -- Winnie! Winnie, please come quick! Here, sit, sit. Come here.

Krystal: Oh --

Babe: Will you -- breathe. Mama, look at me, focus, focus. Take a deep breath.

Colby: Dad, stop, please!

Adam: No.

Colby: Stop! You're scaring me! Dad, stop!

Adam: Oh, God -- oh, Colby forgive me. I'm sorry. You knew Krystal. You saw her from the very beginning, and you tried to protect me. But I listened to a stranger before I listened to my own daughter. Never again. You were right.

Colby: No, I -- I didn't want to be, Dad. I would give anything to make this all go away and for us to be a family again.

Adam: No, it's just you and me, Colby. Charlotte is not my daughter. J.R. is not my son. And Krystal -- oh, is the same lying tramp that she always was.

Babe: Ok, that's it.

Krystal: I'm fine. Just a panic attack.

Babe: You just keep breathing. You're fine. I'm right here with you.

Krystal: Ok.

Babe: Deep breaths.

Josh: Maybe we should get her to the hospital, just in case. Actually you both should get out of here. This place is toxic.

Krystal: I'm not leaving, Josh.

Babe: Don't worry. You're not going anywhere. Don't listen to him.

Krystal: I have to stay here to fight for my husband and my marriage.

Babe: Are you sure you're ok?

Krystal: Yeah, I'm ok.

Babe: I'll be right back. Ahem. "Don't worry, Babe"? "Everything's under control, Babe"? "I've got your back, Babe"? What, so you can just stab my mama in her back? You pushed her into ruining her life.

Josh: This was Krystal's choice. Babe, I only want what's best for you.

Babe: What? You think that I could be happy in my own life when my mother's is wrecked? What, that I would just run off with you and leave her here to fight Adam alone? No.

Josh: Babe, listen to me, you are exhausted.

Babe: I'm fine. Look, thank you for saving my life. Now stay the hell out of it.

Colby: Oh, Uncle Stuart, thanks for coming so fast.

Adam: Oh.

[Adam hugs Stuart]

Adam: Stuart, we were going to call her Charlotte.

Stuart: Well, how is she? Is -- is she --

Adam: The baby's healthy. About ready to make her debut. She's not mine. It's Tad Martin's baby. I -- I loved Krystal with all my heart. She betrayed me. Oh.

Josh: I came to check on Babe.

J.R.: You set a bomb off in this house. Now you swing by to check on her? Real smooth.

Josh: You don't actually think that hero act will fly, do you? Throw yourself between Adam and Krystal to score points with Babe?

J.R.: I thanked you for saving Babe's life. I told Tad how grateful I was. I even told Erica all the hate I had for you was behind me. That was before you shot it all to hell.

Josh: Or maybe you're just pissed that I took the weapon right out of your hands.

J.R.: Mmm.

Josh: No more power over Babe. No more control over her life.

J.R.: It's my house, my family, my wife. All that work you put in there, Dr. Do-too-little -- where did it get you? A whole lot of nothing.

[Adam pours himself a drink and offers one to J.R.]

Adam: Care to join me? How do you take it? Straight? On the rocks? You want -- want the whole bottle?

J.R.: You don't want me to drink.

Adam: Why, what do I care? Who the hell are you?

J.R.: That's right, shove alcohol in my face. Call me a horrible son. I can take it. Because I love you.

Adam: Oh, really? Hmm. Deceive and destroy -- that's your version of love.

J.R.: What I did to Babe was sadistic, but it was textbook Chandler. It came right out of your playbook. Yeah, revenge can be good, it can feel good, it can feel freaking great. But it can be -- also be like a drug -- it can get you high, then you crash. It never takes your pain away. We hurt you, Dad. We can get through this thing together.

Adam: No. I'm not going back to that woman. I'm not weak, and I'm not pathetic. And I do have a little bit of pride left.

J.R.: Yeah. Pride, power, money. What good is it if you're alone?

Adam: Huh.

[Door opens and closes]

Adam: Well, I'd offer you a drink, but I'm sure you can help yourself. You've gotten very adept at putting your hands on my things.

Tad: Whether you accept it or not, you're not the only person that got hosed in this deal.

Adam: Yeah. You know, there was a time -- well, I thought with your missing daughter, and Dixie's passing, I actually felt pity for you. The man who bedded my wife --

[Adam laughs]

Adam: Could be a godfather. Made you a godfather -- to your own child! I mean, that's -- that's lunacy. That is -- huh. That is so -- that's sick. That's a sick joke.

Tad: Whatever happened between the three of us is between the three of us. That baby has nothing to do with it. She's an innocent.

Adam: Come on, laugh! It's funny! Really funny! I married her because of sex. And now, I'm going to divorce her for the same reason.

Krystal: I have to keep trying.

Adam: Get out! I said get out. We're finished. Take her and go.

Krystal: Nobody is taking me anywhere. We don't have quiet love, Adam.  Those are your words. We don't have an easy love, either. That's not who we are. But I wanted you to hold on to my heart forever, and I still do. You married one stubborn powerhouse, Adam. I will never give up.

Adam: Colby, you've heard enough filth for one night. Please go to your room.

Colby: No. I'm not leaving -- not until we fix this. Someone say something or tell me what to do. I'll try anything, please.

J.R.: Colby --

Colby: No.

Adam: You name that child Charlotte, and I'll kill you.

[Tad leaves]

Babe: Adam, please --

Krystal: No -- No, honey. This is between Adam and me.

Adam: Out.

Krystal: No.

Adam: I want you out of this house.

Krystal: You can't force me.

Adam: You watch me!

J.R.: You touch her, and I will touch you.

Adam: Touch that? And me without my gloves on. Well, look at -- look at them, son. Right there -- that's all you have left. You deserve each other.

[J.R. sighs as he helps Babe tuck Krystal into bed]

J.R.: Don't worry. I'll protect you both.

Babe: We'll find a way, Mama. Adam loves you. He loves you both.

Tad: God -- a baby -- my baby -- ok, Dixie, you were right. Now what do I do?

Adam: You will know what it is to be burned. When I'm done, you'll have nothing left. All of you will pay.

[Adam throws his wedding band into the flaming trash can]

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Zach: Run Cambias with me.

Jamie: You going to stay married to my brother?

Babe: No, I'm not.

Jamie: Good.

Julia (to Tad): Do you want this baby?

Adam: Maybe there is something that you could do.

Krystal: Name it.

Adam: Get rid of the baby.

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