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Zoe: Come in. Would you like some more champagne?

Bianca: You don't want this night to end.

Zoe: Do you?

Annie: [Irish accent] When Irish eyes are smiling -- Oh.

Ryan: Wow. Wow. You're like the off-key Irish tenor, right?

Annie: [Normal voice] Oh, give me that.

Ryan: I can't see anything. It's stuck on my head.

[Annie laughs]

Annie: Oh, give me that.

Ryan: It's stuck. You got to pull it off.

Annie: Shh, you have to be quiet -- we don't want the pack down here.

Ryan: Oh, right, right, right. Shh. Be quiet. Do you think crackling logs will wake anybody up? You know, a little fire? What do you think?

Annie: Let's risk it.

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: Oh.

[Music plays]

Ryan: Very impressive.

Annie: Uh-huh.

Ryan: Kind of gives me -- whoa, I'm ok -- some ideas.

Annie: Well, it was supposed to. Oh.

Singer: You know it's hard

Ryan: Did you put that in there just for me?

Annie: That, and the revolving mirrored bed.

Ryan: Oh, yeah

Annie: Yeah, yeah.

Ryan: Don't taunt me.

[Tad does some research on the Internet, remembering previous conversations.]

J.R.: Can we just stop with this whole blackmailing thing?

Josh: She's right back under J.R.'s thumb, and you gave him the weapon that'll keep her there for the rest of her life.

Tad: Hmm. Ok. Come on, Krystal. Somebody, anybody. Give me something.

J.R.: I just left Krystal with my dad, ready to tell him that he's not going to be a dad again.

Babe: Mama wouldn't. She wouldn't.

J.R.: She's confessing it to him right now. She thinks that she has to.

Babe: And why? Why all of the sudden would she feel like she has to? Did -- did you say something? Is it because of me?

J.R.: No, I tried like hell to talk her out of it.

Babe: Oh, God.

Josh: Babe, I won't let you do this.

Babe: I have to. I have to try to stop her.

J.R.: What did you say to Krystal, anyway?

Josh: I won't let Babe risk her health for nothing.

Babe: Nothing? Oh, my God. We might already be too late.

Adam: It's -- it's Tad's baby.

Krystal: I want her to be yours.

Adam: Huh. It's Tad Martin's.

Krystal: She's Charlotte, Adam. She's ours.

Adam: Hmm. I want to hear it from you. That baby -- is it Tad Martin's?

Krystal: Yes. Yes, she is.

Adam: Marriage to you is never dull. Hmm.

Krystal: You kept reminding me, Adam, of our promise. No secrets. Damn it, Adam, I do love you, and I am willing to do anything to prove it to you.

Adam: What, even give me Tad Martin's kid?

Krystal: That's not what I was going to say.

Adam: No, you and Tad are the happy parents. How did Dixie find out?

Krystal: Dixie saw us.

Adam: Oh, priceless. Obviously, she didn't take the secret to her grave.

Krystal: No, she -- she told J.R.

Adam: Oh, poor Krystal.

Krystal: Adam, I knew what this would do to you.

[Colby listens from the other side of the door then runs off]

Adam: If Dixie hadn't blown your cover, and you didn't have this blackmail threat going on, were you going to let me go to my grave thinking that Charlotte was my daughter, my flesh and blood? You were never going to tell me that she was Tad Martin's kid, were you? You were going to let me raise this child?

Krystal: Let you love her. And she would love you right back.

Adam: You weren't going to tell me -- ever.

Krystal: No. I never wanted you to find out.

Sean: Hey, wait up. What's the bad news?

Colby: My father. Oh, God, this is really, really bad. My family's not going to make it.

J.R.: No, I think you've done enough.

Josh: You aren't ready, Babe. If Krystal wants to tell Adam, you don't have --

Babe: Josh, please. I don't know if -- if I can stop Mama, but at least I can be there to support her.

Josh: Ok, fine, then we'll go.

Babe: No, you stay.

J.R.: You know, I think I got this covered.

Babe: Oh --

Tad: Nothing. And nothing.

[Knock on door]

Tad: Oh --

Julia: Disappointed?

Tad: No, I just need some enlightenment, that's all.

Julia: Oh. Well, I came to ask a favor.

Tad: Shoot, whatever you need.

Julia: You know that Kathy's got a thing for you.

Tad: I know. It's kind of hard not to notice.

Julia: Yeah. Well, the parents' picnic is next week, and I have explained it to Kathy again and again that you're not her father, but she has her own ideas, and she would like it if you would go with her, as her daddy date.

Annie: Oh.

Ryan: Hey, hey --

Annie: Ooh.

Ryan: Oh.

Annie: Oh.

Ryan: Oh.

Annie: Ryan Lavery, is that a ring in your pocket, or are you just happy to share this fire with me?

Ryan: It's just a reminder --

Annie: You're keeping it in your pants.

Ryan: Ah. Wow. Oh, are you telling me that's what a trip to the New York skyline does to you?

Annie: It's what you do to me. I'm happy.

Ryan: Really? I see. Ok, so happy gives you a little of a smart mouth, huh? So that's a fun fact we didn't know. I want more.

Annie: More fun facts?

Ryan: Yeah -- no. Wait, I want more dreams. Tell me about your dreams.

Annie: My dreams?

Ryan: Yeah.

Annie: Like -- um -- like I go to the supermarket, but it turns into a zoo. It's weird. And then I start walking on the ceilings and the cages disappear and --

Ryan: Ok, you're scaring me. I mean your awake dreams. All right? You know, like, for me, I want to invest in people and their dreams. I want to do that. I want to give them seed money, and help make their dreams come true. Kind of like a startup company I had once, only on a bigger scale, I guess.

Annie: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: What about you?

Annie: I want to inspire Emma. I want to support her so she grows up to be everything she can be.

Ryan: Aw, that's beautiful.

Annie: Mm-hmm.

Singer: You and me always

Annie: Emma -- she -- she found this in the attic the other day. Hummingbirds are her favorite because of the way they fly. Almost like they're floating, you know? I want Emma to fly high and fast and feel good about herself. And I want to make that possible. I want Emma to feel -- to feel warm and glowy when she remembers these years, you know? These years, when adults are so tall, and -- and second-graders are so cool, and life is so mysterious. That's my dream to give Emma the best she deserves.

Ryan: And I want to make that dream come true.

Bianca: Mmm.

Zoe: Glorious.

Bianca: Ah. Could this night get any better?

Zoe: Funny you should ask.

Bianca: Oh, no. Should I be concerned?

Zoe: No. It's chocolate.

Bianca: Mmm!

[Zoe giggles]

Zoe: I've been eating it for courage.

Bianca: Oh, my God.

[Bianca laughs]

Zoe: Yummy, yum, yum, yum.

Bianca: Mmm. Oh, delicious.

Zoe: Have you heard from Maggie?

Bianca: Um --

Zoe: Oh, I'm sorry. That was awkward.

Bianca: No --

Zoe: No, no, no. Girl talk's like learning to wear heels. Takes a little practice.

Bianca: No, it's no problem. No real contact, either. But I do think about her a lot. I don't know. I always believed that we could get through anything.

Zoe: Well, it's rather hard to test theories all the way across the Atlantic. Why not hop on a plane back to gay "Paree"?

Bianca: No.

Zoe: Bianca, you don't have to stay on my behalf. I'm a big girl. Well, I'm a grown girl. And I have my doctor and my group. I'll be fine.

Bianca: No, it's -- it's not you, really. It's -- some relationships can survive cheating, and for others, it's the end.

Krystal: Adam, what do you want to know?

Adam: Well, I guess the big question is, why do I give a damn?

Krystal: What I've done, I did out of love.

Adam: Oh, really? "Out of love"? What does that mean? The love for Tad? Or -- or the love you had for doing the act with Tad Martin?

Krystal: What I am saying is I couldn't tell you, because I couldn't hurt you

Adam: Oh! Your consideration moves me.

Krystal: Adam, Adam, we have come so far. This marriage started out as a drunken con.

Adam: Yeah -- is that your excuse? You want to bring it full circle? Here -- here, have a drink.

Krystal: I'm not making excuses.

Adam: I know all about infidelity, Krystal. I've practiced it myself.

Krystal: Would you listen to me?

Adam: No, no. The mistake I made was believing in you.

Krystal: I wanted to give you a child.

Adam: And you thought Tad Martin's would do. Did it ever occur to you, ever, to do the right thing? The honest thing?

Krystal: Christmas Eve.

Adam: Oh, Christmas Eve? You were afraid you were going to get a lump of coal in your stocking if Dixie told me first?

Krystal: I wanted you to hear it from me because I owed you at least that much.

Adam: Well, you -- didn't you owe me loyalty and fidelity?

Krystal: I love you!

Adam: You were quaking in your boots until you found out that -- that Dixie wasn't going to reveal your filthy little secret, and so you clammed right back up.

Krystal: I saw how happy you were, Adam. I saw the light in your eye, and I wanted to keep it there. We can still have a life together, Adam. We can.

Adam: You said to me that there was something you could tell me that would change our love. Well, you were correct. You've taken everything that matters from me, including any feeling I ever had for you.

Krystal: I never wanted to share my life with any man until you.

Adam: You and Tad were ready to walk down the aisle together a short time ago. You win.

Krystal: I don't want to "win. "

Adam: No, no. No, you prefer -- you prefer [Southern accent] tracking down the main line to a trucker's shack on the interstate. Ah!

Krystal: I renewed our vows because I wanted to share my life with you.

Adam: You should have warned me that I'd have to share you -- along with another man's child. I'm not that generous Krystal.

Krystal: Charlotte could be yours --

Adam: As if I'd made her? Well, that doesn't fly, morally or legally.

Krystal: Adam, Charlotte touched your heart. She did, just as strongly as if she were yours biologically, and I know that your love for her can get you past anything.

Adam: Do you really believe that crud you're spewing? My God, Krystal, you don't know anything -- anything about the one man you worshipped enough to follow to the altar.

Julia: I have never encouraged Kathy, or no one ever has.

Tad: Are you sure about that?

Julia: I am so sorry this bothers you.

Tad: Well, then why doesn't somebody just lay out the truth for her?

Julia: Well, maybe I would if she didn't just lose her mother and her father.

Tad: She's not the only person who's lost someone.

Julia: All right, maybe I have confused her. Because I told her that sometimes you can choose who your family is. And she chose you.

Tad: Well, that's too bad. Because after everything I have been through, no child can ever, or will ever, replace Kate.

Adam: I got out of Pigeon Hollow using this and this, brains and guts, and the few times I've allowed myself to be distracted, as I was with you, it's ended badly.

Krystal: It doesn't have to end.

Adam: And the night the red flag went up -- the night you were supposedly alone all night with Tad Martin, talking -- I knew better. But I wanted to believe you. I wanted to keep my faith. Congratulations, Krystal. Congratulations. You're one of the few handful of people who have been able to get the best of me.

Krystal: I never wanted to -- we both loved what our relationship brought out in you, Adam. You wanted a child so badly.

Adam: I have children.

Krystal: And that faith that you had -- that wonderful, warm side of you -- I just wanted to keep it alive.

Adam: What, with lies and deceit?

Krystal: Everything that I have said about what you mean to me, and how much I want you, it --

Babe: Mama?

Krystal: Babe? Babe, honey, should you be up? Are you really well enough to --

Babe: I'm too late.

Adam: You knew. My devoted son, my namesake. You knew!

Bianca: You know, I really thought we would get past it. I thought that she would take me in her arms and tell me that she was an idiot, that she'd completely lost her mind. But you know what? She came here, and she did that, and I still couldn't take her back. How could she sleep with somebody else? I mean, how could she cheat on the person that she supposedly loved more than life itself? What -- what is up with that?

Zoe: I don't know.

Bianca: I could never have done what she did. It changed everything. It changed the way I feel about her. Maybe being back here in Pine Valley changed me, too. I mean, my family. My friends dead, hurt, threatened. Or maybe it was you. Maybe you changed me. You've been a lesson to me. Come on. Don't laugh or kick the dirt.

Zoe: Never.

Bianca: You taught me what bravery is.

Zoe: No.

Bianca: Yes. In Paris, with Maggie, I -- I found a really safe, comfortable little life for myself. I settled in. But look at you. Every day, you're out there on the high wire without a net.

Zoe: There are many different kinds of nets. Friends, you, Babe. Your silly brother.

Bianca: Hmm. You inspire me to get back out there and spread my wings and find out more about myself. You're exactly what I needed.

Zoe: You would have done that all on your own.

Bianca: No, I'm not -- I'm not so sure about that. I --

[Zoe giggles as she eats chocolate cake]

Bianca: Oh, my -- you've got some --

Josh: Babe is with J.R.

Bianca: But what do you mean, Babe is with J.R.?

Josh: Babe, Krystal -- it's all about to blow sky-high.

Adam: You knew the baby wasn't mine, and you kept the secret so you could work a blackmail scheme.

J.R.: No one wanted to hurt you.

Adam: You know, in the bigger picture of your life, I'm like a bank account who bails you out occasionally.

J.R.: That's not true, and you know that.

Adam: Her brat means more to you than I do!

Babe: Do not talk about little Adam like that.

J.R.: All right, Dad.

Adam: I'm not the alcoholic in this family. Uh -- was it fun watching Krystal make a fool out of me?

Krystal: You could never be a fool, Adam.

J.R.: Look, you wanted this baby.

Adam: No, I wanted my baby.

J.R.: No, you loved this baby!

Adam: I didn't know who it was!

Krystal: Charlotte is yours, and you love her!

Adam: No -- Charlotte is mine? Do you really believe that garbage?

J.R.: You -- can you blame us for not wanting you to find out? You made it perfectly clear what you would do to Josh and Babe if you were in my situation.

Adam: You mewling hypocrite. You spared me because withholding the information could get you something. You don't give a damn about me.

J.R.: Oh, I'm worthless, right? I'm selfish? Huh. Yeah. Ok, so I used Krystal's secret. I blackmailed Babe. I've ruined my life in so many ways, it's hard for me to choose the worst! Why don't you learn something from me for a change?

Sean: Families -- they're so pathetically predictable.

Colby: Thanks for coming.

Sean: Yeah, why wouldn't I?

Colby: You were mad at me.

Sean: No, I was just mad at the same old stuff. Life, families. You'd think we'd all be used to it by the time we can speak. "Mama, Dada. Back off, you bogus freaks."

Colby: Hmm. I thought Krystal was for real. I finally really liked her. Hmm. I thought I did.

Sean: Big mistake. Parents, parental figures -- it's all about them -- what they want, and when they want it. And if we're smart, we stay out of their way.

Ryan: Emma is very lucky to have a parent who knows her like you do. If everybody had a mother like you --

Annie: What are you dreams?

Ryan: To share yours. Big house, raise kids together. Matching tattoos.

Annie: From the sublime to tattoos?

Ryan: Yes, yes. Maybe we can -- hummingbirds -- little hummingbirds on maybe the back of your neck, right back here somewhere. We could have them put it on our honeymoon. How about that, mm-hmm?

Annie: Big guy like you with a hummingbird tattoo? What would the guys at the gym say?

Ryan: Oh, yeah. You think I care, really?

Annie: I -- I can't think.

Tad: You've got to know how much I appreciate your friendship and your consideration. And I'm not going to lie to you. As soon as Dixie passed, things have been pretty bad. And since the trail's gone cold on Kate, you know -- ok, I've had better days. But I want you to tell Jamie that I am going to be ok. I don't want him worrying about me. I haven't come this far to give up. There's always room for hope.

Julia: That's the rumor.

Tad: I'm not kidding. Well, you remember when we were talking about prayers, when Kathy's mother was dying?

Julia: Yeah, I remember.

Tad: Yeah, well, I've been praying a lot lately. Been arguing with the guy upstairs about my rights. Because I think I have a right to know my daughter before I pass over to the other side.

Julia: Any answers yet?

Tad: No, he's got me on hold.

Tad: But -- I have my boys. I have Jamie and J.R., you know. I've got my work -- ferreting out things and people. It's what I'm good at. It's what I do.

Julia: Is that enough?

Tad: It keeps me off the street. And every morning I wake up in a world without Dixie, without Kate, and I manage, because that's just the way it has to be.

J.R.: I haven't told tad about the baby. What does that say? He lost Kate, not to mention my mother. I mean, for God's sakes, Dad, this baby could be a reason for him to go on living. But you -- I couldn't do that to you.

Adam: Hmm. King Solomon, you're not.

J.R.: All right, stop it, Dad. You need to get real with this.

Adam: Get real? Well, you better watch what you ask for, son, because I'm being very understanding and very civilized so far, and you're all still breathing.

J.R.: All right, the blackmail was my lowest point. I freaked out. I didn't know what to do. I felt cornered, I felt alone. But you are not alone. On the contrary to what you believe, every person in this room is 100% devoted to you! Don't make the kind of mistakes that I did. Don't do something that you will regret. Just please, take the -- the time that you need with this.

Krystal: Adam, if you can accept this, no one has to know.

J.R.: The secret can stay in the family.

Adam: Tad Martin is your family.

J.R.: And Charlotte is yours. Tad will never have to know anything. I swear.

Bianca: And you're not racing over there to stop it. To help Babe?

Josh: There's nothing I can do. And Babe made it perfectly clear that I'm not welcome.

Bianca: Did you set all this honesty in motion?

Josh: When the person responsible for this confesses and the dust settles, Babe will be free.

Zoe: Yes, Josh, but at what cost?

Bianca: You wanted this to happen. You wanted this explosion. You -- you couldn't wait for the truth, whatever it might be, to come out.

Josh: You're damn right. Babe can't have the life she deserves with this hanging over her head.

Babe: Please. Listen to J.R., Adam.

J.R.: Look, think about all the plans you made with Charlotte. Focus on your feelings, your love, your pride.

Babe: What Mama did was terrible, but don't let it wreck your life. It was just one night. Don't wreck your life and hers and an innocent baby's --

Krystal: It was worse than terrible, Adam, and I own that.

Babe: But Mama is crazy about you.

Adam: Yeah. She gave herself away to Tad Martin.

J.R.: And she regrets it.

Babe: You found it in your heart to forgive what I did.

Adam: Josh didn't get you pregnant, did he?

J.R.: Babe?

Krystal: Honey? Honey, take it easy now. Babe?

Babe: I'm fine. Please -- Adam, I just need you to think about the joy that Charlotte has given you, how protective you felt, that love. Just think on that for a day or two before you decide anything. You have had so, so many dreams for Charlotte, and they can all still come true, please.

[Adam storms out of the room]

Julia: So, anyway, that's the official invitation. I promised Kathy I would give it to you.

Tad: Well, I'm sorry, but I don't think I can stand in for Daddy. But any time you've got one of those uncle-type events, I'm your boy.

Julia: Now I know what you're saying about the no-substitutes thing. Love can't ever be duplicated, can never be like what came before or -- or what'll come after. Love is always unique.

Tad: You want to know the truth? Maybe it's just my need, but lately when I look in Kathy's eyes, I see Kate or Dixie staring back at me, and that's just too much to take right now.

Julia: Work's going to seem easy after this.

Tad: You'd think. That's the problem -- you just never know what's going to hit you.

Sean: Krystal and my mom should compare notes. My mom was getting it from another guy just before my dad died.

Colby: Well, maybe she was making up for everything that --

Sean: No, my mom's here sucking up for one reason only -- to nail my Uncle Jack. And the only way to deal is not to care. You know, when they -- when they make their promises, smile and take them for everything you can get. But don't believe a word, because they'll go down in flames and try to drag you along. Don't let them.

Ryan: Are you -- are you feeling the lure of the stables?

Annie: Definitely.

Ryan: Yeah.

Annie: Hmm.

Ryan: But too much, too fast, right? I mean, the ring and then the tattoo plan and --

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: Yeah.

Annie: All that.

Ryan: All right, so, we'll just -- we'll just keep it in second gear, ok? Just --

Annie: Hmm.

Ryan: Hmm. Just enough.

[Annie giggles]

Ryan: Kiss me harder.

Jonathan: Whoa.

Annie: Oh.

Jonathan: No, I was never here. I'm sorry.

Annie: No, no, no, it's ok.

Jonathan: No, you guys. I thought I smelled a fire --

Annie: It's ok.

Jonathan: Never mind. Listen, you guys go for it.

Annie: Jonathan?

Jonathan: Good night.

Ryan: It's ok, it's ok -- stay. I was -- I was on my way out. I was -- I was on my way out, I was.

Jonathan: You didn't look like that you were on your way out.

Ryan: No, I was.

Jonathan: I'm sorry.

Ryan: Look, I had an incredible night, I did.

Annie: Thank you. Tonight was an amazing night.

Ryan: I know. I'll call you tomorrow, ok?

Annie: Ok. Ok.

Ryan: All right. Good night. Ooh. It's ok. Good night.

Jonathan: Good night.

Ryan: All right.

Annie: Ahem. Oh.

Jonathan: Yes! I knew I was right.

Annie: About what?

Jonathan: You guys! I knew I should tell Ryan how you felt about him. Is this great, or what? Did you -- you guys --

Annie: You told him? You didn't.

Tad: Well, I'm sorry. It's not very fair. You come over to deliver a child's invitation, and I end up jumping down your throat.

Julia: That's no problem. It's cool. And Kathy, I'll just give her the "Tad is not your father" drill again. I guess it's kind of like having an imaginary friend.

Tad: Well, fantasies are never a very good substitution for the real thing.

Julia: Sometimes I think they help.

Tad: Sometime -- maybe, but rarely.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Hang on. Yeah, hello? Oh. It's you. Listen, I'm busy -- I can't. Ok, shut up. Just leave me alone, all right? I'll -- I'm on my way, but this had better be good.

[Tad sighs]

Annie: How could you? What were you thinking?

Jonathan: Ryan needed to know.

Annie: No, he didn't, and if he did, how about I get to tell him?

Jonathan: Uh -- you wouldn't and, look, you had a fantastic night -- am I right?

Annie: No, not anymore. Now it's a total disaster.

Jonathan: "A to --" Ryan was happy. You were happy.

Annie: Yeah, because I thought he was falling for me -- me.

Jonathan: Yeah! Who else? I told him that you were crazy about him.

Annie: Oh, God. So -- so Ryan's treatment tonight, it could've been all just -- just reflex? You know, like I yawn, you have to yawn.

Jonathan: Huh. You and Ryan weren't yawning. Annie -- oh, come --

Annie: Oh -- no -- Ryan is a completely honorable man.

Jonathan: So you should be happy.

Annie: No, no, you don't under -- he loves Emma. God. He doesn't want to -- he doesn't want to break my heart, so he convinces himself he loves me back.

Jonathan: No, no. Ryan does not lie. He says what he means.

Annie: Yeah, but does he mean it because of me or because of what you told him?

Josh: I was only doing what was right for Babe in the long run.

Bianca: Yeah -- sacrifice Krystal to get Babe away from J.R.

Josh: When did you become such a big Krystal fan? She made your life hell.

Bianca: You know, when our mother didn't want you to leave town with Babe, she went to J.R. and told him the truth -- that Babe was alive. Then, you were all righteous indignation -- now, you pull the exact same trick. So, let me ask you, Josh, again -- how are you different from Mom?

Colby: I can't give up on them. Oh.

Sean: You don't always have a choice.

Colby: I want to do something to fix things.

Sean: Yeah, but you can't do it alone, and they're not going to help you. They'll just mess with you.

Colby: I want my family.

Sean: I know. I know.

Annie: Love -- it's complicated.

Julia: Yeah, it is, isn't it?

Josh: I told Krystal she could sacrifice her daughter to save herself, or she could do what was right for Babe. It was Krystal's choice.

Zoe: Does this mean we'll hear explosions from the Chandler Mansion this evening?

Josh: Could be pretty bad.

Bianca: And Krystal's marriage to Adam -- will this end it?

Josh: Could be. But if Krystal does leave, she won't be alone. Babe and Little A will be right behind her.

[Doorbell rings]

J.R.: I'll take care of this.

Tad: Oh, thank God. Are you all right?

J.R.: Yeah. Hey, hey, hey, listen, it's not really a good time right --

Krystal: Tad --

Tad: What's going on?

Krystal: Why are you here?

Tad: Well, you tell me -- it wasn't my idea. This is a command performance. Ok. You want to tell me what the hell this is about?

Adam: Take your woman and the spawn you put in her and get the hell out of my house.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Krystal: The baby is yours.

Adam: You're no longer a Chandler, and you're no longer my son.

J.R.: You can't get rid of me.

Adam: I already have.

Krystal: Oh --

Babe: Mama?

Babe: Winnie! Please come quick!

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