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Kendall: I'm pregnant. We made a baby.

[Kendall sighs]

Kendall: I know, I know -- this is huge. And this is not exactly how I wanted to tell you, but you're listing off all the reasons to take over Cambias, and I didn't want you to leave this little guy off -- or little girl. I know, I know -- it's a lot to wrap your head around right now. I know all of our focus has been on -- on killing and -- and murders and death. And after all of this loss, how can your brain even begin to compute a new life? But that's why this happened now. Our baby is the perfect reason to move ahead and change our focus. It's ok to want this, Zach. It's ok to be happy.

Zach: How do I do this?

Ryan: You make me crazy. [Italian accent] You make-a me crazy.

Annie: What are you doing?

Ryan: [Normal voice] Well, you said you love it when I say that, and I'm trying to give you the perfect delivery, but I got to -- here we go. You make me crazy. Nothing? I don't even know if we're engaged yet.

Annie: No.

Ryan: "No" maybe, or "no" never?

Annie: Oh, my God, you're impossible.

Ryan: Well, I -- I like to say "persistent," really. It's more persistence, I think. So, is that -- seriously, is that a "no" maybe, because "maybe" -- totally fine with me. I can live with "maybe."

Annie: You haven't said anything about love, Ryan. What about love?

Bianca: And this is where you should record the donations. I know that this seems a bit tedious. What?

[Zoe giggles]

Zoe: You and I working here together.

Bianca: Yeah, what about it?

Zoe: Babe would've loved it.

Bianca: I'm kind of loving it myself.

Erica: J.R. has something on Babe. He threatened to use it against her. This is a stretch for you?

Tad: No -- no, but he just found out she was alive. I mean, surely they can't be at each other's throats just yet.

Erica: This blackmail threat was pre-death, but apparently it is still serviceable, so I -- I need to find out what it is that he has against her. You'll find that out for me, won't you, Tad?

Tad: Why? So you can use it against Babe instead?

Josh: Babe's still recovering. You need to leave. Now, J.R.

J.R.: Thank you for saving her.

[Though J.R. extends his hand toward Josh, he refuses to shake it.]

Josh: You take your phony gratitude and get the hell out of my face.

J.R.: You think this is fake? My wife is alive. I didn't think that I'd ever see her face again. I prayed so hard to see it just one more time. I thought that if I saw her in my dreams, it meant that God was listening to me. But this? I never thought that I'd look into those eyes ever again. And it's all because of you. How could I not be grateful? I have my wife back.

Josh: Is that how it is, Babe? Does J.R. have you back?

Erica: I'm not the blackmailer, J.R. is.

Tad: Ok. If that's the case, then why are you so determined to find out about Babe's little secret, huh? I mean, why are you doing this now? Personally, I don't give a damn what happened before Babe's accident. Our family has been given a -- a gift, a veritable miracle, ok, a second chance. Would it really hurt anybody to be able to step back long enough and let them enjoy it?

Erica: Tad, believe me, I would like nothing better than for Babe to go back to J.R.

Tad: Well, you're the only one that's worried about Josh getting together with Babe in the first place. If my son is so determined to reconcile with his wife, then why are you so determined to get ammunition that would force Babe out of your son's life?

Erica: Am I the only person in pine valley who has noticed that Babe is married and makes no move to get unmarried? I mean, ok, J.R. is your stepson. But Josh is your nephew. Haven't you noticed? Doesn't it bother you that your nephew has gotten his heart slammed and slammed time and time again by that woman? Or do you only care about protecting J.R.'s feelings?

Tad: That's not fair, I care about all three of them.

Erica: Well, then what do you do? You just sit back and -- and just throw up your hands or --

Tad: Erica, Dixie's dead. J.R.'s mother is dead. And for a while there, he thought his wife was dead, too. Now, I was there, I saw what it did to him firsthand. I saw him grieve over all the mistakes he ever made with her. Now he's got a chance to make up for it, and I say more power to him. And as much as I want J.R. to be happy, I want the same thing for Josh and Babe. All I know is life is too damn short to try to rob anybody of a shot at happiness.

Bianca: Jeff, I really appreciate you offering to help out here.

Jeff: Well, I spent quite a bit of time in Africa doing almost the same thing. I enjoy it. And if I can mend a fence between you and your mother, that'd be all the better.

Bianca: Hmm. Well, about that, I should apologize. Your relationship with my mother really is none of my business, and I'm going to do my best to stay out of it. Who knows? She might even return the favor.

Jeff: I wouldn't hold your breath.

Bianca: Uh -- have you had a chance to look at the First-Aid area yet?

Jeff: I was just about to do that.

Bianca: Ok, when you do, let me know if there's anything else you need -- any supplies, equipment, whatever --

Miranda: Come on, guys!

Bianca: Thanks.

Miranda: I drove here.

[Bianca chuckles]

Bianca: Um -- these are the toddler sizes over here.

Zoe: No, no, no, those are infants.

Bianca: Oh. Huh. Of course.

Zoe: No, no, no, no -- already did that. This one.

Bianca: Hmm.

Ryan: I don't want you to feel pressure. You know, I thought that my marriage proposal was spontaneous enough. I don't want you to feel forced into telling me that -- that you love me when -- when you don't.

Annie: I -- I don't.

Ryan: And I'm -- I'm ok with that, I mean, for a lot of reasons, really. One, we have fun together -- tack room at the stables is evidence of that. Two, we work well together -- our short time at Cambias, you know, was evidence of that. And we make each other laugh, right? We do. Have you seen my social calendar recently? I mean, if you remove the "woo Annies," I'm left with just play dates with Emma and Spike. I mean, that's not a lot, really. And as far as roommates go, come on, we're perfect. We like the same TV shows. We don't argue about whose turn it is to do the dishes. And who makes a better cup of joe, who? I'll give you a hint -- it's not you.

[Annie laughs]

Ryan: Come on, we fit. You know we do.

Annie: Not too long ago, the person you wanted to fit with was Kendall.

Kendall: This baby will mark a whole new chapter in our lives, Zach. Think about it -- when you see that -- that perfect, beautiful, little face, that -- that combination of you and me -- I mean, come on. I know you. I know you will think about the future and -- and our family and you and me and Spike and Baby X.

Zach: I know you want me to pick you up and throw you around and be excited about this, but I got to tell you I --

Kendall: I don't need this -- I don't need that from you, Zach, I don't. I know you want this. I know, because your biggest regret was not raising Ethan. I'm just waiting for you to see it.

Zach: I didn't raise Ethan because of my father.

Kendall: Right, but you were a teenager when Ethan was born, you didn't even know he existed. This is so different, Zach. Your father cannot keep you from this child. You'd be going into this with both eyes open.

Zach: I lost Ethan, I lost my mom, and I almost lost you. Hey, I --

Kendall: You didn't. Look, I'm right here, I'm still here. And I'm carrying our child. We've been given a reason to believe in the future. This -- this is going to happen and -- and it'll be right, and no one will ever come between us and our child, no one. Just tell me you believe it. Tell me that you want this.

Kendall: Say you want this. We can do it.

Zach: I want this.

[Kendall chuckles]

Zach: I want this, I want this.

Kendall: Yes! We made a baby.

Zach: Maybe a Valentine's baby, right? Is that it? Is that when our little cupid baby -- Valentine's Day when we --

Kendall: I -- well, maybe. I don't know, I don't know.

Zach: With the thing?

Kendall: "With the thing." I -- I don't know, I haven't really calculated the date. But in my heart, that's when it happened.

Zach: Yeah?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Zach: It's got a beautiful mom, a cool little brother --

Kendall: And a sexy dad.

Zach: Hmm -- yeah.

Kendall: Yeah.

Zach: I can't wait to hold her/him -- them? Them?

Kendall: Them -- "them"? Let's not -- no, don't -- no, don't -- don't go there, please, sweetie.

Zach: I love you. I love Spike. I love -- what is it, "Baby X"?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Zach: Now I know I can't take Cambias.

Ryan: I had hopes that Kendall and I would go further, raise our son together, have a family. But I got over it, and I moved on. I mean, completely separate of that, I met you, and -- I mean, how do I feel about you? Love? I mean, love is very loaded. Clearly, I love to be around you, and -- and now I want to be around you all the time. I want to be the guy whose arms you jump into when you're scared. I want to take you to the Garden to see, like, a million more shows, and this time when the bass player hits on you, I can say "Back off!"

[Annie laughs]

Ryan: "I'm her husband!" All tough like that, you know?

Annie: Ahem.

Ryan: And, man, do I want to make love to you. And then make love to you, and then make love to you, and -- well, you get the idea. Because I can't stand not being that close to you. And because you're really, really good at it.

[Annie laughs]

Ryan: Just so I'm clear -- in fact, that's my first reason.

[Annie laughs]

Ryan: So this is so not rebound, ok? It's not. I want a future with you, till death do us part. I know I said I wouldn't pressure you. And if I'm not playing fair right now, then -- well, then too bad, because I really, really want you to say yes.

Babe: J.R. doesn't have me back. Neither of you has me, and I plan to keep it that way.

Tad: Wow. Aren't you beautiful.

Babe: Hey-hey.

Tad: Oh. Hi, gorgeous.

Babe: Hey.

Tad: I just want look is it me, or did the whole world just get a lot brighter?

J.R.: You don't even know.

Tad: Right now you are the answer to a prayer.

Babe: I know. And I'm so grateful to be here. I just wish we could pray hard enough to bring back Simone, Erin, and Dixie.

Kendall: Our baby is exactly the reason you should take Cambias.

[Zach sighs]

Kendall: Now, I -- ok, so -- so the company has your father's name. So what? Ryan and Bianca, they -- they took the company, and they made it into something amazing. But you -- you'll make it even better. This is -- you deserve this, you deserve a chance.

Zach: Deserve what? I can do my own thing. I don't need my dad or his money.

Kendall: Ok. Well, then in the meantime, Alexander will ruin all the hard work that Bianca and Ryan put into this company. And then he'll establish the -- the Michael Cambias Foundation for -- for defending violent criminals? No, Zach, you don't want that.

Zach: What I want is for my children to not be connected to that man or his name.

Kendall: Ok, well --

Zach: Our child -- no, we're going to have a new start, a new beginning, right?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Zach: That's what I want. I want that -- something that is not linked to my father. Is it too much to ask?

Kendall: Cambias hasn't had Alexander's imprint on it in years.

Zach: He's behind it. It won't go away.

Kendall: Ok, well, why don't you think about what will go away if you don't do this? All the hundreds of jobs -- maybe even the Miranda Center.

Zach: And Fusion. I know -- I know you want that place, I understand all that.

Kendall: No -- but, listen, this is -- I mean, of course I would hate to lose Fusion, but this is not about me. I want you to have this because you should. Because you can make it your own, and you can make it amazing. Cambias is the only thing that your father ever really loved. So take it from him and change it. Make it so he doesn't even recognize it. This is the way for you to get even with him, this is for you to come out on top. You want to tell your dad to shove it? Well, then say yes -- run Cambias, take it away from him.

Zach: My father's still calling the shots. He's boxed me in, he's making me do things I don't want to do.

Kendall: No one makes you do anything. You control whether you say yes or no. And -- and if -- if you say yes, that doesn't mean that you're caving in.

Zach: I want my children to respect me, and I want to be ok with the choices I've made.

Kendall: Your children are going to worship you and adore you no matter where you work or what you do. Now, I know you were born under the Cambias name, but you're not your father, you never will be. This baby is going to be all Slater -- with a little Kane thrown in -- passionate, smart, and fantastically beautiful and funny, and in total awe of his or her dad.

Zach: I need some time.

Annie: You are so not playing fair.

Ryan: Hmm -- I know.

Jonathan: So what are you waiting for? Why don't you just say yes already?

Babe: Tad, thank you. But would you mind if we visit a little bit later? I -- I need some time with J.R.

Tad: For you, the world.

Babe: Hmm.

Tad: Josh?

Josh: You go ahead. Babe's had a pretty big day. I'm going to stay to keep an eye on her.

Babe: Josh -- please, I need to be alone with J.R.

[Door closes]

J.R.: Thank you for letting me stay. Just being near you --

Babe: What's that all about -- you thanking Josh, offering him your hand? Was that all just an act to set me up again?

Zoe: How are you doing?

Zach: I'm better. If you ever need anything, you let me know, all right?

Zach: What is that? You know about the kid, don't you?

Bianca: Oh, I do! Congratulations.

[Zach chuckles]

Bianca: I'm so excited. It's so great.

Zach: It's pretty great.

Bianca: So, what's bothering you?

Zach: How have you made sure that the past never touched Miranda?

J.R.: I said and did some horrible things before your attack. After they told me that you were dead, I hated myself for hurting you, for threatening you. I told Tad and Jamie if I ever had the chance to do it over again, that I would trust you completely. No doubts, no more questions. But I never thought that I'd ever have this chance again. And now that I do, I'm sticking to my word, and I hope that today will prove that.

Babe: Just because you're playing remorseful doesn't mean that you actually are.

J.R.: Maybe not. But if you look at the facts -- I haven't run off with Little Adam. I haven't called my lawyer. I haven't said anything about Krystal's secret, and I didn't go off on Josh.

Babe: You wished I died instead of Dixie.

J.R.: I hate that I said that.

Babe: I do believe that you regret it. But it won't last. You'll turn on me again, and then Mama's secret won't be safe, and I'll be terrified of losing my son. For so long, I tried to believe that you could change, J.R., but all I can ever count on is that someway you'll find a way to hate me again.

Tad: I promise you I'm not trying to play favorites, I'm not trying to screw with anybody's life. But I do care about Babe -- almost as much as you do. If anybody makes her feel caught or cornered, I want to know about it, I want to help.

Josh: Yeah, well, I already tried to help her. I offered to take her and her son away before J.R. found out that she was still alive. A little late for that, right?

Tad: You mean run away? Why the hell would she do that? Josh, I promise you, I will do anything I have to to get Babe out of this, but I can't do it unless somebody tells me what J.R. was up to. What could possibly be so bad that she would even consider leaving her home, her family?

J.R.: I've given you a million excuses to end this marriage for good, but somehow we've always found a way back to each other. And I believed that.

Babe: Now you're the believer?

J.R.: You're right. It's my turn to convince you that we're worth fighting for. We're going to make this work, Babe. I'm going to make sure of it. And as far as Krystal is concerned, I won't say anything about her secret. And I mean it. And I will prove to you that I can keep my word. Anything to make you love me again.

Josh: Well, you know how it is with secrets, Tad. Some are better left buried.

Tad: Take it easy. I just want to help Babe.

Josh: Yeah, well, I just wanted justice for the man who raised me, but it didn't turn out that way, now, did it? I didn't say anything about your secret, now you can drop this one.

Tad: Josh, you know better than anybody how close Babe came to dying. I say she suffered enough. Now, I can get through to J.R. He will listen to me, he will trust me. And whether you know it or not, you can trust me, too. All I want to do is help, and all you have to do is tell me. If you want -- Babe doesn't --

Josh: Damn it, Tad, you can't help, so drop this.

Zach: I look around, I see all the incredible things you guys are doing, and I don't want to turn my back on that.

Bianca: You need to do what feels right to you. This will survive, the Miranda Center will survive, maybe not quite the way it is now, but I'm going to make sure it doesn't disappear. And if it's Miranda you're worried about, I promise you, she's not going to miss her millions.

Zach: Does it bother you that all this started because of what Michael did to you?

Bianca: I really don't think about that anymore. I mean, when I hear the name Cambias, I think about Ethan and Ryan and all the people I worked with in Paris, and it has such good associations for me now.

Zach: Better person than me.

Bianca: This didn't come easy. It didn't happen overnight. It's because of a lot of help from people like Kendall and Ethan and Ryan. Mostly, it's because of Miranda. You know, before she was born, I had a lot of fears. I was afraid that I wouldn't -- I wouldn't be able to love her, because of the way she was conceived. I was afraid that when I looked at her, all I would see is Michael. Of course, that's ridiculous. When I look at her, all I see is my beautiful daughter.

[Miranda yells]

Bianca: Speaking of which -- hey, guys! Are you having fun?

Woman: Come on, girls.

Bianca: Hey.

Zach: Come here. Ah!

Miranda: Ah!

Zach: I got you.

[Miranda squeals]

Zach: I'll see you.

[Bianca giggles]

Bianca: If you do decide to take over Cambias, it can be about your father, but it doesn't have to be. It's up to you.

Zach: That's what Kendall said, too.

Bianca: Hmm. And if you do decide to go for it, you'll have one heck of a cheering section -- me, Myrtle, Kendall, Spike, Miranda. And don't forget the new baby on the way.

Zach: The past is something that always --

Bianca: No, no. No, no, no, no. You can beat that. I see it all the time. Women in here, they have so much strength. They fight through so much -- crime, poverty, addiction, abuse, lack of education. It's amazing what a person can accomplish if somebody just believes in them. I believe in you.

Zach: My kid has a wonderful aunt.

Bianca: Oh. Thanks.

Jonathan: Wait a minute, why aren't you out there looking for flowers and DJs and things like that?

Annie: Ok, A, I'm having a band at my wedding.

Jonathan: Ok.

Annie: And, B, I haven't made up my mind yet.

Jonathan: You love my brother, right?

Annie: Would you keep it down? I don't think the neighbors heard you.

Jonathan: I think the neighbors know. Everyone knows.

Annie: Except Ryan.

Jonathan: Well, he just asked you to marry him, so I think it's time that you clued him in.

Annie: I can't.

Jonathan: Because?

Annie: Because he doesn't love me.

Jonathan: Hmm. Well, that's -- listen, that's just how Ryan does it. He weds first, and he loves later. Now, I -- it's not a big thing. All right, his first wife, Gillian, he married her for her money. But love did come later, after the ceremony. Greenlee -- they were friends first and love second, then sex third.

Annie: Really?

Jonathan: Hmm. With Kendall, now, he did fall in love with Kendall, but that relationship was doomed from day one, if you ask me. When I first came to town, she was so obsessed with Ryan that she seduced me to get under his skin.

Annie: Ok, ok, ok. Too much information.

Jonathan: Oh, ok. Greenlee. Greenlee was so in love with Ryan that she got pregnant behind his back, and it blew up in her face. I think you should be really honored, because you're the first woman that Ryan's proposed to for the right reasons.

Annie: He hasn't been over Kendall for very long.

Jonathan: You know what? He knows that he wants to be with you. He finally got a clue, and I'm happy for him. I'm happy for the both of you. And now I'm going to stop this before I turn into a woman and ask to be one of your bridesmaids.

[Annie laughs]

Jonathan: Besides, I've got to go. My shift's about to start. Um, oh, Annie? Get a clue.

Ryan: I am going to miss you too, Karen. I honestly am. You've been a great assistant. You really have. And if things don't work out for you here at Cambias, I want you to know, I will give you a great severance and a great reference, all right? So don't worry about that.

Karen: Thanks, Mr. Lavery. I can't imagine my next boss will be half as good as you.

Kendall: I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, Karen. If you convince my husband to take over. Make him see it's the best way to get back at his dad.

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Karen, will you give us a few minutes? Do you mind?

Karen: Sure.

Ryan: Kendall, the only thing that I have to do with Cambias now is pack up my desk.

Bianca: Hi.

Erica: Hi.

Bianca: Hi.

Erica: Bianca. I need you to come with me right now.

Bianca: Oh, Mom, I'm swamped. I can't leave.

Erica: This is a family matter.

Bianca: But I can't leave.

Erica: Honey, Josh is planning to leave, and he may never speak to me again.

Bianca: Well, I told you that would happen if you stuck your nose in his business, which I guess you went ahead and did anyway.

Erica: Bianca, I had to try to stop him from throwing away his life.

Bianca: What did you do?

Erica: I told J.R. that Babe is alive.

Bianca: Oh, my God. That is so horrible. I -- I -- how could you do -- how could you lie about something like that?

Erica: Oh, no. It's not a lie. Josh has been hiding Babe in the casino all this time, and he's planning to leave town with her and kidnap her baby from J.R. I mean, Babe is very much alive.

Erica: Bianca, I didn't want to tell J.R., but I had no choice. Babe has convinced your brother to -- to leave town with her -- for good -- and to help her kidnap her baby from J.R. Look, that's where you come in. We might never see your brother again. But you -- you could help, because you're so good at being peacemaker.

Bianca: Oh, Mom, this is -- um -- amazing. Oh -- hold on a second. Zoe? Ok -- um -- look in my eyes. You can tell that I'm being really serious right now, right?

Zoe: What happened? Is something wrong?

Bianca: No, everything's ok. It's -- it's Babe -- she's not dead. Josh staged her death to keep her safe from the serial killer, but, in fact, she's -- she's alive.

Zoe: Uh --

Bianca: I know!

Zoe: Babe is alive?

Bianca: I --

Zoe: Oh, oh, oh! My best girlfriend! Can we -- can we talk to her?

Bianca: I -- I don't know if we can. I don't know anything --

Zoe: Cool -- I need to tell Amanda!

Bianca: No, go.

Zoe: Why am I still holding this? Miss Kane?

Bianca: Just go.

Zoe: Erica, sorry.

Erica: Yes, go.

Zoe: "Zoe, put it down."

Erica: Ok, Bianca -- Bianca, I need you to speak to Josh. I need you to convince him, first of all, to stop this crazy plan with Babe. And I need you to -- to make sure that he's not overly upset with me for telling J.R. Please explain to him why I did this. I did this to protect him. I told J.R. the truth to -- to help keep Josh out of prison, or spending the worst life possible with Babe -- only, say it in kinder words.

Bianca: I don't -- I don't quite understand this. You told J.R. that Babe was alive before Babe did?

Erica: Oh, honey, Babe had no intention whatsoever of -- of telling J.R. Don't you understand? That's what I'm trying to explain to you -- she convinced your brother to leave town with her for good. You -- you've got to talk to him. Did -- did you maybe miss the part about the kidnapping? I mean, you, of all people, you should be really disgusted about that. Bianca, are you going to talk to your brother or not? Bianca --

Bianca: I -- I --

Jeff: You broke your word to our son.

Ryan: I took over Cambias from a guy in the desert. The guy in the desert ended up being Zach's father. If my father offered me something, I would watch it burn before I even touched it.

Kendall: Ok, well, you've had time to move past what Patrick did to you. But this is all really fresh for Zach, and he thinks if he rejects this offer, it'll be step one in putting Alexander behind him. But I think it's just a knee-jerk reaction.

Ryan: He's trying to send Alexander a message saying -- well, you know what it's saying.

Kendall: Yeah, I do, I do, and I know Zach has a lot to work through when it comes to Alexander, but I think if he takes over here, he'll have control over his legacy.

Ryan: Look, I really get where you're coming from, Kendall, and Zach's wife has every right to tell him this -- Zach's wife, you. So do me a favor and leave me out of it.

Kendall: Come on, Ryan.

[Ryan sighs]

Ryan: Kendall, despite the parents that Zach and I had, we both ended up being very good parents. You know? Good fathers to Spike, both of us at the same time, without butting heads. I really want to keep it like that.

Kendall: Ryan, please. Please, just help me make this happen.

Jeff: I understand how you felt, but I -- I don't understand what you did. Bianca was right. It wasn't your call to go to J.R. behind Babe and Josh's back. This time you may have lost our son completely.

Erica: You want to play "good cop"? Fine. You keep getting our son into these messes, and I'll keep digging him out. I'm willing to sacrifice being his buddy for his well-being.

Jeff: I've told you before, Erica -- stay out of our son's life.

Erica: Enjoy having our son stay close. I won't hold my breath waiting for you to say "Thank you."

Guard: Visitor.

[Zach arrives at the jail to visit Alexander]

Ryan: Now, I have to get back to packing.

Kendall: It's not enough that you're blowing me off? You're blowing me off to pack?

[Ryan chuckles]

Kendall: You don't have a job anymore, Ryan. You can talk to me all day. You have all the time in the world.

Jonathan: I am thrilled. You asked Annie to marry you? Now, how do we make this happen?

Amanda: What? Hey --

Zoe: Do you know? Have you seen her?

Amanda: I'm sorry? What?

Zoe: Babe -- she survived.

Amanda: Oh, Zoe, I know you wouldn't joke about something like this, but -- is this for real?

Zoe: She survived. Babe's alive.

[As Bianca arrives in Babe's room, they smile at each other.]

[Knock on door]

Krystal: Josh, what are you -- is -- is Babe ok?

Josh: Oh, she's great. She's right back under J.R.'s thumb -- and you gave him the weapon that'll keep her there for the rest of her life.

Krystal: Come on in.

[Standing outside Chandler Mansion, Tad listens to their conversation.]

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[Kendall storms out of Ryan's office, slamming the door behind her.]

Bianca (to Babe): I forgive you for everything.

Adam: What have you done, Krystal? What have you done?

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