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Alexander: Ryan. Nice of you to visit.

Ryan: Since your death was obviously fake, your will is meaningless. I don't own any of Cambias. It belongs to you.

Alexander: True. It does.

Ryan: And unless you want to run it from prison, you're going to have to find somebody else on the outside to take it over.

Alexander: Don't you want to work for your old friend? Make me richer?

Ryan: I'm done.

Alexander: Great minds. I've already named your worthy successor.

Zach: I don't believe him.

Kendall: Oh. Ok, let me see this. "Transfer of properties and any and all interests therein"? Your father is giving you Cambias Industries?

Zach: No -- the only thing I want from him is a real death certificate, that's all.

Kendall: Oh -- but, honey -- hey, Rachael, can you please look after Spike? We'll be back as soon as we can.

Josh: Are you sure? This is your life.

Babe: And Little A's. Is this my first choice? No, but there's no time to come up with a Plan C, so -- ]

[Babe sighs

Babe: I have to get my son out of that house before J.R. realizes I didn't really die.

Josh: Well, we can do this. Don't worry.

Babe: We could only do it if nobody blames Mama. I will not ruin her life. Oh, God. This is such a freaking mess.

Josh: This is a manageable mess, Babe.

Babe: Dr. Joe, Jack, Erica -- there is no way they're going to go along with this new plan.

Josh: Well, they're not going to buy that you took a turn for the worse.

Babe: Yeah, especially not when my son just all of a sudden disappears?

Josh: Right. Listen, you stay calm. I'll work this out, all right?

Babe: Just do it fast.

Erica: You did hear me? Babe is alive. She didn't die.

J.R.: How sick are you?

Erica: No, J.R., I'm trying to help you.

J.R.: You are out of your mind.

Tad: Take it easy, take it easy. Obviously, something's going on, ok? Why don't you sit down with me for a second, I'll get you a nice glass of water.

Erica: What's the matter with you? Why are you acting like that -- Jeff still hasn't told you?

Tad: Told me what?

Erica: What they did, their -- their plan. Look, I know that it's a shock, J.R. I know that it sounds inconceivable, but it's true. Babe is alive.

J.R.: Is my mother there? Is she at the Valley Inn dining room -- how about ConFusion? What about Simone or Ryan's sister?

Erica: No, only Babe.

J.R.: Was this part of Jeff's plan -- a reunion?

Erica: Look, Jeff is in on this. You can call him, or your father or Jack.

Tad: No, wait --

Erica: They'll tell you.

Tad: Enough is enough, ok? It's not funny. Why are you doing this?

Erica: Would you believe Kendall? She can tell you, or Zach, or you know what? Better yet, let's get Krystal in here. She can confirm it. Babe's death was staged. Babe is as alive as we are. Is -- is Krystal here?

J.R.: Krystal doesn't need this. She's been a wreck ever since Babe died.

Erica: But Babe didn't die.

J.R.: She wouldn't go along with some death scam.

Erica: No. Krystal just found out, just found out. I mean, haven't you noticed any difference in Krystal's behavior, how maybe she's better able to handle Babe's demise?

Tad: J.R., what is it?

J.R.: Little Adam. Little Adam said that he saw his mommy.

Tad: Ok, now, wait a minute. Wait, enough is enough --

J.R.: No, he said that --

Tad: Children are going to believe what they want to believe.

J.R.: He said Krystal took him.

Erica: Krystal took him? Well, Krystal knows that Babe is alive.

J.R.: But -- at the hospital after Babe died, Krystal saw Babe's body.

Erica: She saw Babe all dosed up on medication. Her heartbeat was slowed, her -- she was barely breathing. Anyone looking at Babe would have thought she was dead.

J.R.: Oh, my God. Could she be alive?

Tad: No, hang on. Look, if that's true, if Babe is alive, then where has she been all this time while her family was being torn to ribbons?

Erica: Ok, listen to me. I want you, first of all, to understand why they did it.

J.R.: I can't believe this.

Erica: They did it to protect her. They -- they did it, because she had been attacked, and the Satin Slayer was still out there and -- and they had to make him believe that -- that she was -- survived.

Tad: Erica, who is "they"? You're talking -- my brother, my father?

Erica: And Zach and -- and Josh. Josh and Zach, they figured out way to -- to save Babe, to protect her, to keep her safe.

J.R.: Well, why couldn't I know? I mean, at the funeral Joe was there, Jeff and Jackson. Didn't they see what I was going through?

Erica: I know. It was -- it was really horrible. But your grief and Krystal's grief -- that made Babe's death seem even more believable.

J.R.: But I was dying inside.

Erica: J.R., please understand that Josh has been keeping Babe from dying. He's been treating her. He's been keeping her healthy --

J.R.: Where is she? Where is my wife?

Babe: You know, it wasn't long ago that I ran off with my little boy, and Jamie, and -- oh -- it's like I was another person then or something. I thought I realized what I was giving up, but now, I --

Josh: Your mother, your friends, your work -- I know, Babe, but I swear to you, wherever we end up, I will help you build something just as good. And I'm with you for as long as you want -- you got it? This is your travel agent telling you to relax, and keep the faith.

Babe: Thanks.

Annie: Oh. What -- hey, hey -- give me --

DI: No.

Julia: Way to sublimate desire. Babushka? Oh, and the gloves are lovely.

DI: Oh, and they match her purse.

Julia: I hope we have a lot of time to get you ready for the wedding.

Annie: Oh -- there isn't going to be a wedding.

Julia: Oh. You didn't turn him down, did you?

Annie: Well -- no, I'm not certifiable, yet. But when I look in those big blue eyes of his, I do feel like I could lose my mind.

Julia: I think there's hope for recovery.

Annie: Oh, God, you guys. When Ryan asked me to -- you know -- him, I seriously --

Julia: What -- to --

Julia: "You know" him?

Julia: We're not saying the word anymore?

DI: You don't want to jinx it?

Annie: I guess. To m -- to m --

DI: "Ma--"?

Annie: Let's call it "macaroni. "

DI: Will you macaroni me?

Julia: I love macaroni.

DI: Oh, no!

Annie: I'm serious! Listen, when -- when he asked me, it was all I could do to stay standing.

DI: And you didn't say yes?

Annie: I need more alphabet. I jump to "M" before "L."

DI: Yeah? Ok, that -- that's enough code, for now. Can you speak English?

Julia: "L," L -- love. Oh -- Ryan didn't tell you he loved you?

DI: Ok. There -- there are reasons here. There are -- are mitigating factors in --

Julia: Yeah. I mean, some guys are emotionally ready before they can actually say the word.

DI: Right.

Annie: Guys, this is Ryan, though -- compassionate, generous, amazing Ryan. You think he say "I love you"? "I am in love with you"?

DI: Well, you know, I'm not without sensitivity, and I adore Aidan. But I haven't told him that I love him yet.

Annie: Ok, ok. If you were proposing to the guy, you'd say you love him.

DI: Ok.

Julia: Hmm. I think this might be because you refuse to "D" him.

Annie: Excuse me?

Julia: D -- date.

Annie: Oh.

Julia: Well, you should probably go back and D him for a while, and then kind of linger around L.

Annie: Well, actually, that's what we're trying to do.

DI: Ok! Great!

Julia: Well, good Then, in no time --

DI: We'll be -- we'll be planning a macaroni!

Julia: Ooh!

Annie: No, no, no, no, no --

DI: Yes!

Julia: You can have the wedd -- wedd -- wedd -- whatever here at the Wildwind Chapel.

Annie: No, no, seriously, you guys, I --

DI: We'll have the reception, Annie. It'll be so beautiful.

Julia: Oh! I'd be so great.

Annie: I don't even know if Ryan and I are right for each other.

Ryan: I've done rich and I've done poor, Alex. I do both very, very well.

Alexander: All the power you had as CEO of Cambias industries, it's a real pity, and you tended to it so brilliantly, lovingly even, as a mother might her newborn baby.

Ryan: Well, I have real children, Alex. That makes me a rich man, no matter what I have in the bank.

Alexander: Hmm. Thanks to me, I'm sure you've amassed a tidy sum.

Ryan: Wow. You don't get it, do you? You see, all the power and all the money -- they only matter when you use them to do good. And one moment holding your child -- that's worth all the cash in the world, Alex.

Alexander: Is this an attempt at reverse psychology? Am I supposed to beg you to continue at the helm of Cambias?

Ryan: Do you really think that I would work for the man who killed my sister?

Alexander: I just never thought of you as a quitter.

Ryan: I just know what's worth fighting for, Alex.

Zach: Take your company to hell with you.

Erica: I know that you want to go to Babe. But first, you have to get something very clear -- Josh was only helping.

J.R.: I need to see her.

Erica: Do not punish Josh for saving Babe.

J.R.: I understand. Where?

Erica: At Zach's casino in the subbasement. You'll see it. But first you have to promise me. J.R. -- promise --

Tad: No, no, no, you don't. You got to tell me the rest of it.

Erica: You have to warn Josh.

Tad: It doesn't make sense.

Tad: The Satin Slayer's already been locked up, Alex Cambias is behind bars. Now, you did not come here with the good news for J.R.'s well-being. I know you better than that.

Erica: What exactly are you accusing me of?

Tad: Nothing. But I know that Josh has always been your first concern. What are he and Babe up to?

Erica: You need to ask Babe.

Tad: Hi. If you're planning on going and seeing Babe, you'd better put it on hold.

Julia: You are smart and you're gorgeous. What is not for Ryan to love?

Annie: Guys, sometimes what we think we want now, we don't want one or two or 10 years down the line.

DI: Yeah, but you're fantastic, Annie. Ryan would be lucky to get you.

Annie: Yeah, but Ryan's used to a lot of drama in his life, you know?

Julia: Hmm.

Annie: God knows Kendall dishes it out on a regular basis.

Julia: You provided your share, don't forget.

DI: Yeah.

Annie: No, I know, but I -- I'm done with all that craziness, guys. I don't want it in my life anymore.

DI: And you think Ryan does?

Annie: No. No. But I want Ryan to want what I have to offer, and never regret it later.

DI: And what do you have to offer?

DI: No, I know. I know -- I want her to review it.

Annie: I get it. Um -- after all of the fear and -- and hiding and worrying about Emma, I want peace, guys. I don't care about money and power. I mean, obviously, I wouldn't turn it down, but I don't think it's worth wasting your life piling up a big bank account.

Julia: You think Ryan's priorities are off?

Annie: No, not at all. No, it's just -- oh. If I didn't have to go into an office every day to pay the bills, I wouldn't. You know? The most interesting career to me is raising my daughter. I -- I sit at work every day and wonder what she's discovering without me, you know? I think about all the things that she's interested in and wanting to learn about that if I were with her, I could -- I could put some cool magical spin on.

Annie: You know? Her eyes glisten every time she's engaged or -- or learning about something, and it makes my heart stop. I would give five years of my life to be able to teach her about -- about caterpillars and butterflies again for the first time.

DI: Yeah, ok. Well, Annie, maybe I'm slow, but what's the potential problem?

Annie: Will Ryan wake up one morning and realize he misses the kind of woman who makes him crazy?

Kendall: I thought this craziness was over.

Zach: What are you trying to do -- piss me off more?

Alexander: I want to do right by my son. You can't escape heredity. They know.

Ryan: Shut up.

Zach: You couldn't control me when I was 18, I'm not going to let you do it now. You have no hold on me.

Alexander: I might believe that if you didn't have to announce it so frequently, and you're here.

Zach: I'm here to give you this and to tell you what you can do with it.

Alexander: All the sweat and care you took with Cambias Industries, only to see it rejected and spurned like that. Sad, very sad.

Zach: We're on the same page.

Ryan: Definitely.

Alexander: Both so selfish, set on ruining so many lives. Did they give you a vote?

Kendall: I didn't need one.

Alexander: How old-fashioned -- the devoted little woman.

Kendall: Zach and I are equal business partners. I'm with him all the way on this.

Alexander: And with Ryan, too?

Kendall: Yes. Yes, they're both right.

Alexander: Oh, what a smug, cozy threesome.

Kendall: All right, let's -- this is -- I've had enough. Let's go home to Spike, please.

Alexander: Yes, yes, the three of you run home to your boy.

Zach: Hey -- stop. The interview's over.

Alexander: Well, you say you love Kendall, but if you reject my legacy, you will wipe her out.

Zach: You threaten my wife again, and I will kill you -- it's that simple.

Kendall: Zach, Zach, don't, please.

Ryan: Let him go, Zach. Let him go.

Zach: Hmm.

Alexander: Ah. Cambias Industries owns enough shares in Fusion to cost your wife her dear little playground. You and your dear, departed friends worked so hard to establish Fusion, didn't you?

Kendall: Fusion will survive.

Alexander: Yes -- how long? Let's see -- after all the recent tragedies, who actually owns shares? Me, of course, you. Your sister, Bianca, owns quite a few, because your niece, Miranda, inherited them through my will, but all those revert to me.

Ryan: Yeah, you do what you have to do, Alex.

Alexander: And the Miranda Center -- who will fund that?

Kendall: Human beings with human hearts.

Zach: Let's go.

Alexander: Then I'll have to resort to my alternative plans for Cambias Industries, and you better hear it, son, before you make your final decision.

Winifred: Oh -- oh, well -- oh, Little Adam, come on. Let's go get a nice, healthy snack in the kitchen with Lucretia.

Krystal: Who -- who told you? Jeff?

Tad: No. Erica just delivered the good news -- to J.R.

Krystal: Oh, God, no.

Tad: So, obviously, this is about a hell of a lot more than just keeping Babe safe from a killer.

Krystal: Did Erica tell J.R. where Babe is?

Tad: He's on his way right now.

Krystal: No, no, Tad. We have to stop him.

Tad: You're not going anywhere. When the hell were you planning on telling the rest of us that Babe is alive?

Adam: That Babe is what?

Josh: Nice job, Dan.

Dan: I'm on Mr. Slater's payroll.

Josh: Oh, I want to take care of you myself.

Erica: Josh? You have to put an end to this now.

J.R.: It's true. You're alive. It's unbelievable how you could be here like this. I -- I don't deserve it. But somehow that -- you're alive. The miracle I prayed for is right here.

Josh: You can't stop me, Erica.

Erica: I shouldn't have to. You should care about your life.

Josh: How did you even know?

Erica: I overheard you and Babe hatching this -- this crazy, horrible plan.

Josh: You have problems, you know that?

Erica: No, I have only one son.

Josh: I'm in a hurry.

Erica: Look, Josh, I know that you think you're in love with Babe.

Josh: Yes, I do love Babe, and I'm going to protect her.

Erica: You want to steal her away, you want to live some romantic fantasy, but Babe is not in danger anymore.

Josh: J.R. tried to kill her, Erica.

Erica: J.R. worships Babe. You have no idea.

Josh: Do you realize what J.R. would do if he found out Babe was alive?

Erica: J.R. would be shocked, but he would be thrilled. He would be delighted.

Josh: Babe is taking off, because she can't live without her son.

Erica: Well, she wouldn't have to, because they would all be one big happy family in the Chandler Mansion. Now, I know you don't want to hear that. I know that. But it's true. You have to let Babe go back to her life. Is it crazy? Yes. Would I want her life? No. Do you want her with J.R.? No, of course not. But it is what Babe chooses at the end every single time, no matter how J.R. behaves.

Josh: You have no idea what you're talking about, so leave.

Erica: What do you mean, I have no idea what I'm talking about?

Josh: Before she died, he was blackmailing her, all right?

Erica: He was blackmailing her with what?

Krystal: I just found out.

Adam: You mean this morning? Five minutes ago?

Tad: What do you mean, longer than that?

Adam: That's -- when you -- when you passed out the other day -- when you started coming around, you kept -- you kept muttering, mumbling something about Babe being alive. And then Josh sent me out of the room to check on your medicine cabinet. You knew then, didn't you?

Krystal: I was in shock.

Adam: Krystal, that was some time ago. You've known. Josh told you.

Krystal: I couldn't tell you, Adam.

Adam: But you could tell Tad.

Tad: Oh, no, don't look at me. Erica just filled me in.

Adam: Oh. How many of you are in on this?

Krystal: Nobody is in -- I am not in on anything except trying to protect my daughter.

Adam: I think you and I need to have a discussion.

Tad: Then I'll leave you to it. I guess in the meantime, we should all try to remember that this is good news.

Adam: You couldn't trust me. You lied and -- and lied. I want to know why.

Alexander: I would have preferred you rising to the occasion and assuming the leadership of Cambias Industries. But if that cannot be --

Kendall: No one in this room wants your business. Give it to someone else. Give it to a charity.

Alexander: Exactly my intent. A charity of my own making, to honor my other son, the son who at least wanted to please me -- Michael.

Ryan: I think you mean the son that was a rapist Michael.

Alexander: I will sell every bit of Cambias Industries, liquidate every asset, to endow the Michael Cambias Foundation.

Kendall: A foundation for a rapist?

Alexander: Exactly. Rapists, pedophiles, murderers, especially serial murderers.

Zach: And your mission would be what?

Alexander: To afford the best defense attorneys that money can buy.

Ryan: Yeah, well, money can't buy justice, Alex.

Alexander: Oh -- the loopholes we'll find, the convictions we'll overturn on appeal. Won't that be something? A foundation devoted to releasing vicious criminals back on to the street. A startling concept whose time has come. Unless you, Alex, have a better idea for Cambias. It's up to you what legacy you want to leave to your son. Michael's, or one of your own making.

Zach: There's a special place in hell for you.

Alexander: Ryan, perhaps you can use --

[Door closes]

Alexander: Some of your influence over Zach.

Ryan: My old man, he was very sick, and he was dangerous, and he was crazy, but compared to you, Alex, he was an amateur.

Alexander: Is that a compliment?

Ryan: Well, Alex, you've lost your power, haven't you? You have. So whatever sick hold you and my father had over us, it's gone now. Zach and I survived. So whatever he decides, you're still going to be that twisted psychopath, Alex. Only now, you're going to be the one that's slowly dying in a cage.

Zach: Here you go.

Kendall: No, I'm -- I'm fine.

Zach: That was a lot of fun, wasn't it?

Kendall: You know I -- I support whatever you decide. And I totally get why you don't want to run Cambias. But there is one reason why you might want to consider --

Zach: One reason? That's all you heard, one reason, out of Alexander? That's all you heard, one?

Kendall: Ok. Well, there's one that he didn't mention, because he doesn't know about it.

Zach: Enough. I don't need you fighting his battles.

Annie: Uh-oh.

Ryan: I have some good news, and I have some -- some bad news.

Annie: Good news first, please.

Ryan: Ok. Um -- we're free tomorrow. No work. Or the next day or -- the next. In fact, we can go to New York. We can have some dinner and theater, you know? Whatever you want.

Annie: Ok. What's the bad news?

Ryan: We're unemployed.

Annie: Oh. Oh. I'm sorry -- I'm sorry -- wait, I -- when you said horrible news, I thought you meant, like, horrible, like somebody was hurt or something, or -- oh, this might be horrible for you. I just -- I was one step above office drudge, so it doesn't really --

Ryan: No, you were not.

Annie: You -- you were like a corporate god. Are you all right? What happened?

Ryan: Well, in a nutshell, Alex Cambias is alive, and so I never owned anything Cambias, and so I'm jobless.

Annie: Oh. Well, you'll find another position like that.

Ryan: Hmm. I kind of like this position right here. You make me crazy.

Annie: Crazy? Really? Oh! Ryan Lavery, that is the most romantic thing you've ever said to me.

Krystal: Only the people that had to move Babe from the hospital to the casino and cover her tracks knew. They couldn't tell us, Adam. The killer could have caught on. It wasn't even until Babe finally woke up that -- that she made Josh tell me.

Adam: You and I swore to be completely honest with each other. No more -- no more secrets between us.

Krystal: I had to go along with them for Babe's safety.

Adam: Well, then, so much for our little honesty pact -- based supposedly on our love.

Krystal: Adam, please -- I do love you. I would have done the same thing for -- for you and for Charlotte.

Adam: You didn't trust me.

Krystal: If I had told you, you'd have had to have told J.R., wouldn't you? And how could we keep him from -- from going to Babe? I mean, we didn't even know who the killer was. He had this whole house bugged. He even knew when Winifred was shopping for peanut butter, for God's sake.

Adam: J.R. and I would have been able to handle Babe. But you let him grieve. That was cold, Krystal.

Krystal: Oh, oh --

Adam: That was very, very cold.

Krystal: Need I remind you that before Babe's death, J.R. was playing her for a sucker. The whole time she thought they were on their way to Happyland, he was plotting a divorce and planning on taking full custody of their son.

Adam: J.R. is in a very different place right now. And he regrets any pain he may have caused Babe.

Krystal: Yeah. J.R. ,the grief-stricken widower. Oh, yeah, he's really good at repenting, but how long does that last, Adam? How long before he turns right back around and rips my baby doll apart?

Babe: You can't have forgotten what it was like between us.

J.R.: You mean how cruel I was to you.

Babe: You hated me. You wanted me dead.

J.R.: I was freaked out. My mother had just died.

Babe: And you blamed me. You said I should have died instead.

J.R.: I lost my mother all over again. I felt alone. And you and Josh --

Babe: I wasn't sleeping with Josh.

J.R.: I saw you kissing him, and I thought you were. I was screwed up. I didn't know what I was thinking or what I was feeling.

Babe: You wanted to take our son away from me.

J.R.: I can make up for that. I can. I mean, my God, Babe, when I thought that you had died, everything that I had said to you -- everything that I had done that made you unhappy came back to me, and it made me sick. That was wrong, and I was stupid. But now I have another chance. I have another chance to prove my love to you, and it's the kind of love that will last. I will never hurt you again, Babe. I swear to you, you are everything to me. You and Little Adam. Please, just -- just give me another chance to prove it to you. I'll do anything. I'll be anything. I'll -- I'll give you anything.

Babe: I want a divorce.

Erica: My God, kidnapping a child?

Josh: Babe's child. And she is a wonderful mother.

Erica: Ok, but there are laws. Don't you think that Adam and J.R. will spend every cent they have tracking down that little boy?

Josh: They'll never find us.

Erica: Of course they will. And you will spend the rest of your life in prison. Please, Josh, stop it now!

Josh: It's too late, Erica.

Erica: Maybe it is.

Josh: What have you done?

Erica: Josh, you're on your way to losing everything. Your livelihood, your heart. You could spend the rest of your life in prison. Sometimes, a -- a parent just needs to protect their child no matter --

Josh: You told? Did you tell J.R. that Babe's alive? Did you tell him where she is? Damn you.

Ryan: You deserve better than that.

Annie: Not possible.

Ryan: "You drive me crazy" -- I mean, that's not even romantic.

Annie: Well, it depends on who's saying it, and who's hearing it.

Ryan: Oh. Ok. So do you have any other secret catch phrases that I can use on you?

Annie: Depends on what you're after.

Ryan: A "yes" to the question that I asked you earlier. I want to marry you, Annie. Will you?

Kendall: I only want to make sure that you have all the information --

Zach: I have the information. I could flush people's hopes and dreams down the toilet, along with the Miranda Center, if I don't take over Cambias. And my demented father -- he could start the Michael Cambias Foundation just to help the criminally insane and the weird and the freaks.

Kendall: And there's Spike.

Zach: Yeah. Here's to my legacy, to my stepson.

Kendall: And our baby. I'm pregnant.

[Knock on door]

Tad: Where's Josh?

Erica: I was hoping you were him.

Tad: Really? Well, I just wanted to make sure that J.R. and Babe were all right.

Erica: Tad, J.R. was blackmailing Babe. I need to know what he had on her.

Krystal: I had to do it, for Babe. Adam, I swear, I never want to keep anything from you, ever.

Adam: You know, I can't guarantee that J.R. loves Babe as much as I love you. But he has had a change of heart. I think they can get back together Again.

Krystal: I wish I could believe that.

Adam: Well, believe it. J.R. will prove it to you.

Krystal: I pray that he does.

Babe: I'm serious, J.R. I am so done with this marriage. So go ahead. Trash the place. Tell me I'll never see our son again. Threaten to tell Adam that Mama is carrying Tad's child. You do your worse, but it won't stop me.

J.R.: That's what I've made you expect from me. That's not me anymore.

Babe: I've heard that one before.

J.R.: You don't know this me. Yeah, I know. How many miracles can happen? I'm looking at one right now. And that's all that matters to me.

Babe: Until you walk out that door and make my life a living hell.

J.R.: If you decide to divorce me, or not --

Babe: There is no "if."

J.R.: I won't make Krystal's life, or my father's -- I won't ruin their lives. They don't deserve it. They deserve their happiness. Especially Krystal. She helped me. She helped me deal with losing you. And I needed that. You know, after my incredibly stupid drunken accident where I threw myself out that window, you asked me for another chance. And you didn't lean on me for guarantees. You told me let's just take it one step at a time, see what happens. Well, it's my turn. Babe, can we take it one step at a time? Can you at least think about giving me another chance? Ok. I know that this is a lot to think about.

[J.R. takes Babe's hand]

J.R.: I missed you. I thought that you were dead.

[Josh enters Babe's room]

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J.R.: I have my wife back.

Josh: Is that how it is, Babe? Does J.R. have you back?

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