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All My Children Transcript Friday 3/2/07


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Babe: Where am I?

Josh: In the hospital.

Babe: No. No, I got out of bed, and I saw. It's not real.

Josh: You had a dream, Babe. That's all -- just relax.

Babe: No, don't lie to me. What is this place, and why am I here?

Colby: Babe looked great in this. She looked great in everything. And I shouldn't be touching her stuff.

Adam: Sweetheart, I know this isn't easy, but we're doing it to make it easier for Krystal.

Krystal: Hands off.

J.R.: Why is your computer so damn slow?

Jamie: Well, because it's sifting back through every building permit issued in the Vegas area after Cambias supposedly died.

Aidan: Yeah, we've been at this all night. And there's still no word from Tad.

Jamie: Yeah, he's been gone for hours searching for Ryan and Zach, so --

Aidan: And neither of them are answering their cell phones, either.

J.R.: Well, we need to get out there right now.

Aidan: Listen. Let's just keep it calm, all right? Tad is the best in the business. I'm quite sure he's closing in on Ryan right now.

Tad: I should've kept talking until they released us.

Ryan: Oh, Cambias killed that woman. It's not your fault that the cops wouldn't listen to you.

Tad: Yeah, well, the only problem is we're stuck in here instead of out there looking for Kendall. Cops took away my phone before I could call Jamie or Aidan or J.R.

Jack: What the hell is going on here? I come out here to get Las Vegas PD Involved, they tell me they've caught the killers, and here you two are.

Ryan: Jack, you don't understand. You got to get us out of here. The killer has got Kendall.

Kendall: Zach would never hurt me.

Alexander: He won't be able to resist. Ah-ah -- you see?

[Alexander holds up the trigger of the device connected to Kendall's neck and depresses the red button.]

Alexander: One more step, Alex, and she's dead.

Josh: You are recovering from a major heart attack. I didn't want to cause you any more stress. But you're right.

Babe: This -- this isn't a hospital.

Josh: You're in a secret room under Zach and Kendall's casino. It's stocked with the top-of-the-line medical supplies. The killer came after you twice -- we couldn't give him another chance.

Babe: "We"?

Josh: Jeff and Joe helped sneak you out of the hospital. Jackson covered our tracks, Zach gave us a place to go to, and Kendall backs us all the way.

Babe: It is the same thing that -- that Derek did when Dani was attacked, so -- so you moved me out, and you left a decoy in the hospital so the killer would think I'm still there?

Josh: Makes sense, right?

Babe: I guess, but -- but Mama's not here. That's -- that's not like her.

Josh: Krystal is looking after Little Adam.

Babe: Well, she could at least bring my son to see me.

Josh: No, no. Babe, you have any visitors while you're here, especially not Krystal. All right? Whoever this killer is, he's smart, and he's watching. If Krystal starts making regular visits to the casino, disappearing for hours, she'll tip him off, and he will find you.

Babe: But why -- why go to all the trouble to fool me? Why couldn't you have just let me in on the plan when I first woke up? What aren't you telling me?

Josh: Just rest. We'll -- we'll talk more when you're feeling better, all right?

Babe: Oh, my God, I -- "You're supposed to be dead," that's -- that's what Erica said to me when she saw me.

Josh: Erica wasn't supposed to see you. She doesn't know what she's talking about.

Babe: Oh, my God -- does everyone think that I'm dead?

Krystal: J.R. was right after all, wasn't he? Babe is hardly cold and you're -- you're pawing through her things

Colby: I'm not stealing, honest.

Adam: Krystal, sweetheart, I asked Colby to give me a hand with Babe's belongings.

Krystal: Babe's belongings -- not yours, not Colby's.

Adam: We weren't going to dispose of anything. I -- I just thought it best to pack up Babe's things, and I didn't want you to have to be the one to do it.

Krystal: It's just too soon. Adam, it is -- it's too soon. I know my daughter is gone, but what if Little A wandered in here and saw that his mama's things were gone?

Krystal: Oh, God, Colby, I -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry I jumped on you. And, Adam, thank you for being so thoughtful. I know you were trying to spare me and I -- I appreciate it, I really do, but I just -- I can't get over this pain. I know I have to face it, but it's -- it's too soon.

Adam: I will do whatever it takes to help you. Just tell me what you want.

Krystal: I want Babe.

Adam: Yeah. I'll get you some tea. Will you stay with her?

Colby: Yeah.

Winifred: Mr. Chandler? Little Adam keeps asking me the same question over and over again, and I -- I just don't know what to tell him.

Adam: What does he want to know?

Winifred: Oh, where his mommy is.

Jamie: Why couldn't Cambias have settled in Maine or Alaska instead of the fastest-growing housing market in the country?

Aidan: There must be a way we can narrow down the search, man.

J.R.: Hey, Dad. What's up?

Jamie: Hey --

Adam: This morning, when Little Adam woke up, he -- he told me he missed his parents. So I said, "Why don't we call Daddy? "

J.R.: Hey, buddy. Don't worry -- Daddy's going to be home real soon to give you a hug. Little

Adam: Where's Mommy?

Jack: So Alexander Cambias is the Satin Slayer?

Ryan: Yes. Zach dug up his grave and it was a coffin full of rocks.

Jack: Well, that explains the Cambias crest on that button that Zoe ripped off his attacker's coat, and the saliva sample we took from Zoe's jacket was a near match to Zach's.

Ryan: Exactly. Alex is our man and I was supposed to help Zach bring down his father, but he sucker-punched me, and he took off, and when I opened my eyes, I had a gun in my face --

Jack: Oh, oh -- so now you know what it feels like to have a vigilante hotshot cut you out of the loop, huh?

Tad: Come on, Jack.

Jack: No, you come on, Tad. We were working on this case together, my daughter's life is at risk, and you're blowing off my phone calls? What the hell is that?

Ryan: Ok, all right, all right. We are together, ok? We don't have time for this, please everything is -- is out on the table, ok?

Jack: Fine. Raymond Jenkins is dead. Someone pushed him off a balcony.

Tad: Listen, if Alexander Cambias is taking the time to settle old scores, that means he's nearing the end game.

Ryan: Kendall is the end. We don't have any time.

Jack: Do you have any leads, anything that might point us in the right direction?

Ryan: Well, yes, yes. Alex dropped off this toy bear for Zach, and it plays this weird song, and I don't know what the message was, but as soon as Zach heard the song, he decked me, and he split.

Tad: Jack, this is serious. We got to light a fire under this thing. Just bail us out of here.

Jack: No.

Alexander: My son, self-appointed savior of women everywhere, only this time his misplaced need to be a hero will get his wife killed. The satin collar around Kendall's neck contains a dart poised to pierce her delicate skin and inject her with a fatal dose of poison. Here's the trigger. Have you heard of dead man's switch?

Zach: As long as his thumb is on the switch, you're fine.

Alexander: But if I were to trip, flinch, or become distracted long enough to release the button -- hmm. Might as well lose the gun. If you shoot me, Kendall will be dead before you reach her. It's better to remove the temptation. Haven't learned your lesson yet, have you? Still want to challenge my authority? Even though you know that the moment you do so, Kendall dies. In a matter of minutes, my son will have killed his wife just like he killed his mother.

Zach: You did that. You -- you take responsibility for --

Amelia's voice: This is not all on my shoulder! You know that!

Alexander: You will not leave me!

Amelia: Ah!

Alexander: No one ever leaves me!

Amelia: I'll leave you! I will do whatever I have to to save my son from you! No -- no! Ah!

Young Zach: Mama!

Alexander: It's not your fault, Alex. You didn't mean to do it.

Young Zach: I didn't do it I didn't do it! Mama! Mama!

Zach: You did that. You killed my mom. You pushed my mother over the balcony. I tried to save her, and I was too late.  You killed my mom, because she was leaving you. She wanted her life back, so you took it from her before -- before she ever had a chance to live it. Man, you -- She made the world wonderful, and you took her. You took her from me, from Michael, from Raymond. Yeah, I read those letters. They loved each other, and they were going to run away together, and you know what else? They were going to take the kids with them. They were going to give us a wonderful life, because Raymond did love her. He wasn't scared. He wasn't scared of his strength, his courage, because he was a real man. He wasn't like you. He wasn't a coward, pushing a woman over a balcony and blaming his 5-year-old son. You --

Alexander: Oh, oh, oh! My 5-year-old son was turning into a spineless wimp because of Amelia! When I tried to discipline you, what did you do? You whined to Mommy! It had to be stopped! So, you see -- you did cause your mother's death.

Zach: Oh. You told me I killed my mom to toughen me up? That was it -- to toughen me up? It wasn't to save your ass from the police? It wasn't to guilt me and to control me -- it was to toughen me up! Well, you did it. I believed your sick little lie. And you know what happened that day? It was funny. Every time I looked at you, I felt hate. Every time I heard that voice, hate. Every time you touched me, hate! And I had no idea why it just kept growing and growing and growing, until one day I just -- I had to kill somebody, you or me. And there was little Michael sitting there looking at me, saying, "Hey, what's wrong, man?" You're the Cambias heir. What more could you want? I -- I told him, more than anything, more than power, more than money, more than anything, I didn't want to be you. And I didn't know why not until this morning. Now I realize it's not because you wanted to control me. It's because you took away everything beautiful in my life. Everything. And there was nothing more beautiful than her.

Alexander: You were better off without her. Amelia was a bad influence on you.

Zach: Oh, you --

Alexander: She refused to learn her lesson, and she got exactly what she deserved.

Zach: "Beloved husband, beloved father." You sad, pathetic man. No one loves you. No one ever has. You're a sick, twisted old man, and you're filled with hate and vengeance. You go after innocent children, innocent women. You killed your wife because you couldn't control her feelings, and you couldn't control me, so you got rid of Hannah. You denied me my son, and I denied you yours. Enough.

Alexander: Should have been, but you didn't learn your lesson, either. You were the coward who couldn't stand up to your father. The traitor who abandoned his brother. The heartless ingrate who betrayed me by staging his own death in a car crash! I didn't kill those women in Pine Valley -- you did! The moment that car went up in flames.

J.R.: You don't have to worry about Mommy. She's just taking a rest. Ok? I love you. You put Grandpa back on the phone, so I can say good-bye.

Adam: J.R., hold on a second. Um -- Little A, why don't you show Winifred your new truck.

Winifred: Oh, yes. Come on, what a good boy! Yeah!

Adam: What should I tell him, J.R.?

J.R.: You don't tell him anything. I'll talk to him about Babe when I get back home.

Adam: Where are you?

J.R.: I'm with Jamie and Tad. I don't think I should tell you anything else.

Adam: You're -- I'm very proud of you.

Jamie: You know what? I'm going to search houses with balconies. If this psycho is all about re-creating Zach's childhood -- maybe he got a place with one or built one of his own.

[Knock on door]

Waiter: Room service, gentlemen.

Aidan: Wow, that food smells good.

J.R.: Yeah.

Aidan: What exactly do we have?

Waiter: Ah! Oh!

Krystal: Take anything you want.

Colby: No, I can't. It wouldn't be right.

Krystal: Look, I -- I went a little crazy before, it's ok.

Colby: No, it's not. I'm horrible, Krystal. Babe tried to be my friend, and I was so mean.

Krystal: Well, you weren't exactly sweet.

Colby: You know, you were right when you said J.R. could love Babe, and it didn't take anything away from me. But that's not the only reason why I hated her. I hated her because she was cool. I spent hours trying to get my makeup to look like hers and do my hair like hers. But it never worked. I just felt like a lame, ugly loser, and I blamed it all on Babe.

Krystal: Now, you are a beautiful girl.

Colby: Not next to Babe. And if it would bring her back, I'd wear a hair net and scrape gum every day for the rest of my life.

Krystal: Thank you. You know none of this is your fault, you know that.

Colby: There's one thing that Babe had that I wanted more than anything. A real mother-daughter relationship. You guys were really close. How did you do it, Krystal. What keeps you going?

Krystal: My baby girl. Babe's little sister.

Babe: I want the truth.

Josh: I told you everything.

Babe: Answer me, Josh.

Josh: Babe, this is not good for your heart.

Babe: If you don't tell me right now, I swear to you, I'm going to walk out of here.

Josh: Yes. Yes, you're dead. The only way to keep you safe, Babe, was to make the killer think that he succeeded. Once he's caught, you can go back to life as usual.

Babe: But Mama knows that I'm ok? Wait, you talked to her? Josh, tell me my mother knows that I'm alive.

Josh: No.

Babe: What?

Josh: Babe, Krystal would go to any extreme to protect you, and that's what she's doing right now. She just doesn't know it. Her grieving is keeping the killer away from you. It's keeping you safe.

Babe: My mother is -- she's pregnant. Do you have any idea what this could be doing to her and my -- my son?

Josh: I don't know what they told Little Adam:

Babe: Oh, my -- you let my mama and my child think that I'm dead? Oh, my -- No, I won't let them think that. I'm leaving.

Josh: Babe, listen. It's only for a little while, all right? It's better that they think you're dead for a little while than this maniac getting ahold of you, and you stay dead forever.

Babe: And what about J.R.? Did he really not come to see me, because he doesn't care, or is it because he thinks that I'm dead.

Josh: Babe, you need to take it easy, all right? Your heart can't take this.

Babe: Are you doing all of this just to steal me away from J.R.?

J.R.: How the hell did Cambias find us so fast?

Adrian: Hey, Cambias may be good, but I'm sure he didn't think we were going to get the upper hand. Now, these two geniuses are going to lead us right to them.

Jamie: Start talking.

Man: Or what?

[J.R. shoots his gun]

Man: Ah! Ah, Ah!

[Man groans and pants]

Ryan: I got to get out of here --

Man: Sit down --

Ryan: If anything happens to Kendall --

Man: Sit down!

Jack: A woman is out there, my daughter. She's with a serial killer, for God's sake. The four of us -- this whole station house, in fact -- should be out looking for her. This interview can wait.

Man: I found them in an empty warehouse out cold next to a dead body. They both resisted arrest. This interview happens now.

Jack: Come on, we told you what happened. You need verification, you call Pine Valley PD or check Alexander Cambias' grave. Do whatever you have to do. Just do it fast.

Man: I will not have two bozos and a Philadelphia lawyer come into my station and tell me me how to do my job. Keep an eye on them. This might take a while.

Jack: Oh.

Ryan: So do you think this guy's crooked, stupid, or what?

Tad: Not for nothing, but that's exactly why I didn't want to get the cops involved.

Jack. Yeah,  Tad, I get the point. I get the point. You think I don't want to find Kendall just as badly as you do?

Ryan: And how are we going to do that now?

Zach: You killed those women. You will not put this on me like you did my mother's death -- no more.

Alexander: What's past is past. Let's focus on the task at hand, shall we? Oh, these Fusion women, and then there was one.

Zach: Get your hands off her.

Alexander: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Kendall doesn't mind me touching her, at least not tonight. You should've heard the offers she made me.

Zach: I'll make you an offer right now -- let her go, and take me.

Kendall: No -- No, Zach.

Zach: Spike needs you. Let her go. Come on, you and me. Teach me any lesson you want.

Alexander: Spike is Ryan's son. You stole Kendall from Ryan. He is the one she belongs with -- I thought she would see that. But after your acquittal for murder, she was foolish enough to take you back in, and you started to plan a long, happy life together, and you bought that house just to mock me. Did you think I was going to allow you to forget what you did to me? That I would let you have a future with your family after you destroyed mine? You'll learn who's in control, Alex. Last chance -- I want to hear your apology.

Zach: You're insane.

Alexander: Do as I say, or Kendall dies.

Zach: I'm sorry I disappointed you, Father.

Kendall: You don't have to do this, Zach. I love you. And I know Amelia loved you.

Alexander:  Amelia has been eliminated. And yet, she continues to interfere with my plans for my son. Give me that photograph. I won't ask twice!

[After Zach hands his father the old photo of his mother that he carried in his wallet for years, Alexander flings it over the balcony like a piece of trash.]

Alexander: Now, you were saying?

Zach: I'm sorry I disappointed you, Father.

Alexander: Ask me for her life.

Zach: Let Kendall go. She's done nothing wrong. Ryan needs her and her son needs her.

Alexander: I think I'd be more convinced if you were on your knees.

[Zach gets on his knees]

Alexander: Now, son, begin again.

Zach: I deeply apologize for offending you, Father. I deserve to be punished. Not Kendall, me. I deeply apologize for causing you pain. You're always right. I will always listen to you. You win. You understand? You win.

Man: Tell that guy to put the gun down.

Aidan: What guy?

Jamie: What gun?

Jack: So?

Officer: Well, I spoke to the guy who runs that cemetery. Alexander Cambias' grave is empty. I also spoke to the Pine Valley Police Department. I put out an APB on Mr. Cambias.

Ryan: It's about time.

Tad: Let's go.

Officer: Not so fast. I'm holding you two for trespassing.

Ryan: What?

Tad: Are you kidding?

Officer: That warehouse is private property. You need me to read you the statute?

Tad: Oh, for God's sake --

Jack: No, I don't need you to read me any statute, because this is a Philadelphia lawyer with his fancy suit and designer shoes, doesn't need a refresher course from a would-be Sipowicz.

Officer: I have had it with these little rich boys who think they can fly in here in their private jet, get their kicks in my town, and leave me to clean up their mess. It ain't happening this time.

Jack: My clients are going to be out of here before you can say "six-figure retainer. "

Officer: Not if I slap them with a homicide charge.

Jack: Oh, oh.

Officer: Yeah.

Jack: I'd like to see you try it, little red.

Officer: Back off, old man, or you're looking at assault.

Jack: I know your DA. I've had drinks with him at a conference we were attending together.

Officer: Hmm.

Jack: And your mayor, a big fan of my wife. I'm sure they'd be very interested to hear what kind of outfit you're running down here. You know, I'm sure they wouldn't have to dig very far before they found something really stunk. Something we wouldn't want anywhere near them, son.

Officer: You let them get away?

Adam: It's time for someone to get to school.

Colby: I can stay.

Krystal: No, no, Colby. Come on, now. You've been focused on your grief for too long now. It's time you start thinking about your homework and going out with friends and going to a movie. Really. Live life. Enjoy it.

Babe: She would have stayed right with me every minute until the end. How did you do it?

Josh: Jeff and Joe gave you a drug that drastically lowered your heartbeat and brought your body temperature down. When I saw you like that, I realized we can make it seem like you were dead.

Babe: You made -- you made my mama see my dead body?

Josh: No, no. We did not make Krystal do anything. She just wanted to say good-bye.

Babe: Did I have a funeral? Was I buried?

Josh: Next to Dixie.

Babe: Oh, God, that is cruel.

Josh: It was necessary, Babe.

Babe: Oh, my God -- my family -- did my -- did my son see me when I --

Josh: No. No.

Babe: Oh, God. And what about J.R.? Did he throw a party in the waiting area?

Josh: He didn't even ask to see you, not once. It's his own damn fault he wasn't in on this plan.

Babe: I guess as long -- if J.R. thinks that I'm dead, he thinks that he has Little Adam all to himself, and he won't blackmail my mom anymore. She's safe.

Josh: Yeah, it's all the more reason for you to stay out of sight, until you're sure it stays that way, and you'll stay alive.

Babe: Fine. I'll stay. But I will not let my mama suffer one more minute.

Josh: Please, don't.

Adam: Hello? Hello? Who is this? Hello?

Josh: Can I please speak to Krystal?

Adam: Josh Madden? You have one hell of a nerve calling this house. If you -- if you dial this number again or get anywhere near my wife, I'll kill you

Jamie: We have been all over the web looking for information on Alexander Cambias since yesterday. There are programs that could alert him, tell him where we are.

J.R.: He doesn't want anybody closing in on him, come to Kendall's rescue.

Aidan: If he can trace our computer, that means we can trace his.

Jamie: Your boss' e-mail address.

Man: Good luck. Nobody cracks those things but the Feds.

J.R.: Who do you think owns the Feds?

Alexander: Do you see how weak he is? You made the wrong choice, Kendall. You should have had Ryan, instead of this embarrassment.

Kendall: On his knees, he is a million times the man that you will ever be. And no matter what happens tonight, I know who my husband is. He is the bravest, strongest, most loving man I have ever known. And I will always be right by his side. I will be there for him, always. And never, ever in my entire life have I been more proud of him than I am right now. Now, he did what you wanted. So you have to let him go.

Alexander: Do I?

Zach: No. Let her go. You still got me.

Krystal: What do you want?

Josh: I came here to talk to you about Babe. It's important.

Krystal: Huh. Misery loves company, huh?

Josh: Krystal, I'm not miserable. I came here to bring you something.

Krystal: What?

Josh: I guess you could call it a miracle. Krystal, no one should have to go through the kind of pain that you had to go through. But sometimes there are reasons.

Krystal: So you're saying that it was God's plan?

Josh: Maybe -- maybe it was. Maybe we were just trying to help. But Babe had to go someplace else. She wasn't safe here.

Krystal: She's in a better place.

Josh: Yeah, better than here. Yes, in my opinion.

Krystal: Josh, I know you loved Babe. And I know you're right.

Josh: Krystal, the other place wasn't heaven. It's here with us. Babe is still alive.

Krystal: I know, I know, and she always will be -- in our hearts. I know that. I mean, I -- I see her sometimes. I -- I feel her next to me.

Josh: Krystal, Babe is alive. We faked her death to hide her from the killer. I swear to you, it's the truth. She's hidden in a secret room at the casino.

Krystal: Oh--

Josh: Krystal -- Krystal --

[Adam walks in just as Krystal faints to the floor]

J.R.'s voice: You're trash, Babe. I stand the stink of you. Your life was so not worth my mother's. My mother died in your place. She's dead because of you. You should be in the ground, not her!

Josh: Sorry, J.R. There's nothing more we can do.

J.R.: I'd like to be with my wife alone.

J.R.: So, you really are dead. That's good. Now I can raise my son my way. From now on, you're nothing but a memory. We'll both forget you.

Man: Hey, no, I'm claustrophobic!

Jamie: I got something.

J.R.: What is that, a blueprint? Wait a minute -- that's Zach and Kendall's house.

Jamie: No, it's not. This place is about 20 miles away from here.

Tad: You think your Cambias pull can get us into the lingerie trade show down the strip? No pun intended.

Ryan: I hope this works.

Tad: Well, the manager says it's a piece of cake. All you got to do is hum a song into the microphone. The computer tells you what it is.

Ryan: I just hope I can remember how the song goes.

Tad: I just hope it doesn't matter that you're tone deaf.

Ryan: Yeah, me, too.

[Ryan hums the nursery rhyme into the microphone]

Ryan: Hmm?

Tad: What the hell is Red Rock?

Alexander: I cannot let Kendall go. If you're to learn your lesson, it has to cost you as much as it has cost me.

Zach: No, Father, please.

Alexander: She had to see you crawl to know who you really are. Now you have to see her die. Say good-bye to your wife, Alex.

[Rolling around on the floor, Alexander and Zach struggle for the button.]

Kendall: No! No!

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Kendall: Zach! Zach, the gun!

[Alexander screams]

Kendall: Please stop! Please --

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