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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 2/28/07


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Babe: Do you really want to help me get out of here?

Nurse: While you're still recovering? They'd not only fire me, they'd take away my nursing license.

Babe: I feel so much better, though, and if I was in a wheelchair, I'm sure I'd feel fine.

[Phone rings]

J.R.: This is J.R.

Erica: This is Erica.

J.R.: And the next sound you'll hear will be me disconnecting this call.

Erica: Don't hang up -- this is something you'd want to hear.

J.R.: Not if it's about your son, Josh.

Erica: This has to do with your wife.

Zach: Start talking.

Miss Johnson: You threaten me. I'm calling security.

Ryan: Believe me, my friend here isn't the treat. His father is.

Zach: The last woman that helped him ended up dead. Do you want to be next? Do you want to be the next one?

Ryan: We can protect you. We can keep you safe, out of prison if you just tell us what you know.

Zach: Hey -- why are you doing this? Why are you protecting him? Do you think he has any loyalty to anyone but himself? No. When he's done with you, he'll cut your throat.

Ryan: What we're doing here is we're offering you a way out of this, so don't be a fool, Miss Johnson. You should tell him.

Zach: I'm taking her in.

Miss Johnson: No, it's true. With help from me and one of the attending physicians, Mr. Cambias convinced the world he was dead.

Kendall: No -- ow, ow, ow!

Alexander: Ah -- and we were having such a lovely evening.

Kendall: You think if you wave that gun in my face, I'll what? I'll back down, cry for mercy? Throw up my hands and quit?

Alexander: The threat of a bullet through one's brain usually encourages compliance.

Kendall: I'm not shaking, Alexander. No tears. I'm not about to fall apart.

Alexander: My son would be so proud of his beautiful, brave wife.

Kendall: If you're going to kill me, I'm going down fighting.

Erica: Stop talking for two seconds and listen to what I have to tell you.

J.R.: Yeah, I've heard it too many times, Erica -- Babe's toxic, she ruined your son's life. Well, choke on this -- Babe's dead. We don't have to have this conversation anymore.

Erica: You trust me, J.R. -- there is a reason for this conversation, and this is not an attack on Babe. This --

[Josh grabs the phone out of Erica's hand and hangs it up]

J.R.: Hello? Erica? Hello?

Jamie: She hang up?

J.R.: No, I think the call dropped.

Jamie: Well, what'd she want?

J.R.: I don't know. She wanted to tell me something about Babe.

Jamie: Then call her back, find out.

Erica: I was trying to help a grieving family.

Josh: You're trying to stick it to Babe.

Erica: Babe's family deserves to know the truth.

Josh: You're going to stand there and actually pretend that you care about the Chandlers, that you care about J.R. -- no. You're just ticked that Kendall's in danger and Babe is safe -- that's what this is about

Erica: Well, of course, I'm worried about Kendall.

Josh: Well, so am I, but if you go around telling people that Babe is still alive, she could be attacked all over again, Erica.

Erica: Look, it seems to me that Babe is completely safe, all tucked in at the casino under your watchful eye, under the watchful eye of a thousand security guards, while Kendall is out there God knows where with a big target on her back.

Josh: So this is about Kendall?

Erica: Well, of course, it is for me. But what you're doing, Josh -- hiding Babe from her family -- Josh, that is just wrong. And when she finds out, she just might end up hating you.

Josh: And -- and you expect me to believe that you have a problem with that?

Erica: I have a big problem with that. I don't want to see you hurt.

Josh: Well, I'm not trying to win a popularity contest, Erica. I am trying to save Babe's life.

Erica: This is not the way.

Josh: Erica, when -- when you thought Babe was dead, and I was grieving, you begged me to stay in Pine Valley. You told me my brand-new family would help me through this, that -- that you would support me. You told me that I could depend on you.

Erica: And of course, you can.

Josh: Well, this is not over. Babe's life is still up in the air. So, here I am, cashing in on the offer if it's still there. Will you help me save Babe's life?

Nurse: I let you leave, Mrs. Chandler. Dr. Madden won't even authorize you getting out of bed.

Babe: It's not like I'm trying to bust out permanently. I just need to get out of this room, look out a window, get some fresh air or something. It's really starting to get claustrophobic in here, please.

Nurse: Cardiology is on the basement level. None of the rooms have windows.

PA Announcer: Dr. Conway to ICU, Dr. Conway to ICU.

Babe: Dr. Conway gets paged, like, 10 times a day.

Nurse: She's a pretty prominent cardiologist -- replaced Dr. Hayward actually. She's in high demand. I know it's late, but I thought you might like a little snack. Tada.

Babe: Wow -- looks amazing. Thank you. You know, this hospital food is so much nicer than any of the hospital food I remember.

Nurse: The hospital changed food service companies. Some improvement, isn't it?

Babe: I'll say.

J.R.: I'm so sick and tired of Erica telling me that my wife was a mess. Look, if she wants to talk to me, she can talk to my voicemail. What I want to find out is what Zach's father did with Kendall.

Jamie: Well, these are the real estate transactions from around the time Cambias supposedly died, and so far, nothing is right. Hey, did you track down Kendall's cell phone?

Tad: Yeah. Unfortunately, she wasn't on the other end of it. Cambias threw it out of a car window. You should've seen who found it.

J. R: Well, I guess we're no closer than where we were before.

Jamie: Where -- where's Aidan?

Tad: He's checking out some little casita that Zach rented with Maria Santos back in the day. What did you come up with?

Jamie: You tell me.

Alexander: You're simply wasting your energy fighting me, Kendall. I never lose.

Kendall: You already have.

Alexander: Huh, funny -- I feel victorious.

Kendall: You are so obsessed with power and control, you're too blind to see that you've already lost both.

Alexander: So I'm only imagining holding you at gunpoint?

Kendall: You may kill me, but you'll never control me. I owe that much to Zach, and more. He beat you when he was 18. He escaped your control when he made a new life for himself.

Alexander: Yes -- a life with you, which is about to end.

Kendall: You can't stand it. You cannot stand the fact that you may not be God. That's why you killed all of my friends -- to torture my husband. You're trying to make Zach pay for being his own man, but you will never, ever break him. And you will never break me.

Alexander: I offered Alex, Jr., the world. I only wanted the best for my son.

Kendall: He is the best. Zach is an amazing man, but you are too blind to see that. He is strong and -- and reassuring and selfless and caring, all of the things that you are not. And all of your attempts to mold your son into your own image, to control his every thought, every move, every breath -- you know what that got you? Nothing. He will never, ever be like you.

Zach: Keep talking.

Ryan: Now, I saw Alex's heart monitor go flat. I saw the doctor rush in there and try to revive him.

Miss Johnson: It was all staged.

Zach: Been established. How?

Miss Johnson: Mr. Cambias was devastated his son raped that poor girl, couldn't bear the disgrace it brought to his family name. He just wanted to disappear, so he asked if the attending physician and I could help make that happen.

Ryan: And I'm assuming his request had a few zeros on the end of it?

Miss Johnson: An envelope with cash is delivered to me annually.

Zach: When and by whom?

Miss Johnson: I've never seen the delivery person. The cash is left in an old, abandoned warehouse.

Zach: Number 2 Sunset Avenue -- I know.

Miss Johnson: Yes, how did you know?

Zach: We were just there. When is the next delivery?

Miss Johnson: Not for another six months.

Ryan: All right, what about Alex? Has he ever contacted you personally?

Miss Johnson: No, never.

Zach: What about the doctor who helped you do this? Where is he?

Miss Johnson: Dr. Najimy passed away four months ago.

Ryan: Does he have any family?

Miss Johnson: He was a widower, no children.

Zach: Of course.

Miss Johnson: Can I go now? I've told you everything --

Zach: No. It's not enough.

Alexander: You obviously think the world of my son. It's really quite moving. I'll be sure to let Alex, Jr., know how much his wife loved him.

PA Announcer: Dr. Conway to ICU, Dr. Conway to ICU.

Babe: The mango's super sweet.

Nurse: Glad you like it. The more you eat, the stronger you'll get.

Babe: And the sooner I can get out of here? You know, you were right about me needing my rest. Suddenly, I'm exhausted.

Nurse: It's to be expected.

Babe: Maybe I should get some sleep.

Nurse: Good idea. Sweet dreams.

[Once alone, Babe pushes away her tray table and starts to get out of bed.]

J.R.: All right, scroll down a little bit.

Jamie: Do you see there? The property was purchased the same week that Zach's dad supposedly died, and a building permit was authorized a month later.

Tad: "Boulder City"?

Jamie: Yeah, it's about 25 miles outside of Vegas.

J.R.: Does it say who bought it?

Jamie: Yeah. The property purchase and the building permit are under the same name. And it's the Corporation Novus Order -- Ortus?

J.R.: What is that, what is that? Is it -- is that Latin?

Tad: Yeah, it is. It stands for "new birth. "

Alexander: I'm sure Alex will take great comfort in knowing how much you adored him, Kendall.

Kendall: You said that you'd leave Zach alone. That -- that's the only reason that I agreed to come here with you.

Alexander: And I find it very charming that you actually believed me, especially knowing how difficult it is for you to take anyone at their word.

Kendall: You met me once, at a press conference in Pine Valley. So -- so that makes you an expert?

Alexander: Huh. I know more about you than you think, Kendall. You're a feisty, headstrong woman. When you love, you throw your entire body and soul into it. You're passionate, intense. You have a wickedly dry sense of humor, and above all else, you're sexy. No wonder you've had so many admirers -- my grandson, my two sons, and let's not forget Ryan.

Kendall: I'm not having this conversation with you.

Alexander: Oh, did I strike a nerve? Sorry. You know, perhaps you should've listened to your mother. Erica is right to want you to choose Ryan. For a minute there, thought you would.

Kendall: How do you know all of this?

Alexander: I was there -- that night, on the roof of your company building a few months back. Maybe this will refresh your memory. "You're noble, Ryan, honorable, true. I should devote myself to you. You're the one who deserves this. " Ring any bells?

Kendall: You had Fusion under surveillance way back then?

Alexander: Not just Fusion. I've kept a watchful eye over all of Pine Valley, but I focused mainly on you. I wanted to know the ins and outs of the woman my son loves so deeply.

Zach: What are you not telling me?

Miss Johnson: I swear on --

Zach: What?

Miss Johnson: My life, I've told you everything I know. Please, I have to get back to work.

Ryan: Oh, no, your shift just ended -- permanently. Here's a card. I want you to call the number that's on there and do yourself a favor and don't go home.

Miss Johnson: "Benjamin Holt"?

Ryan: He's an attorney. He'll give you some cash, and he'll give you a safe place to stay.

Miss Johnson: I really go back to my house?

Zach: I wouldn't risk it.

Ryan: Holt will make sure that you're safe and that Alex's men get to you.

Zach: Do it.

Ryan: I promise you'll be safe.

Zach: He's covered every track.

Ryan: We'll find her, Zach. We'll find her, and your father will be punished.

Alexander's voice: I have no choice but to punish you, son. You've made a grave mistake. I'll summon you when I decide what the punishment will be.

Ryan: Zach? Lost you there for a second.

Zach: I'm going to call some of my business associates.

Ryan: All right, let's go.

Zach: No. They don't really like talking to strangers, so -- I'll be back.

Alexander: You gave Ryan such a hard time when he took in that houseguest. Annie, is it? I mean, I don't blame you one bit for being furious at Ryan. Of course, you wouldn't want that woman raising your son, and I applaud your impulse in keeping Ryan away from his daughter, as well. Too bad he found out anyway. Don't look so ashamed -- I understand. I kept the truth about a child from someone once myself. So, you see, we have plenty in common. I've grown to admire you very much, Kendall -- so much so, I think I actually will let you live -- on one condition.

Josh: It took a while, but I'm really trying to be a part of this family. I want to be closer to you and my sisters.

Erica: I am so grateful to hear that. It means the world to me. But then, Josh, how can you protect Babe at your sister's expense?

Josh: You're going to make me say it, aren't you? Ok, um -- I love Kendall. I don't know how the hell it happened, because most of the time, she's a major pain in the ass. But she's had my back more times than I can count, and I guess that's what siblings are all about, right? So I -- I would never do anything to put her at risk.

Erica: Well, that is just so wonderful to hear. Now, I just want Kendall to be able to hear those words from your mouth.

Josh: Yeah, but she's safer out of Pine Valley than she is in it, and her husband is protecting her.

Erica: Well, Zach is the reason that all these women are dying.

Josh: Yeah, but Jackson is on his way to help.

Erica: Josh, if you really feel this way about Kendall, then why aren't you out there with Jack? I mean, why are you focusing 100% only on Babe?

Josh: Because Babe almost died, Erica. She needs round-the-clock medical attention.

Erica: And you are the only one who can give it to her?

Josh: Well, Jeff and Joe have their patients at the hospital that need them, and we can't tell anyone else that Babe is still alive. It's too much of a risk. Look, this was Zach's idea, not mine. He came up with a way to save Babe and Kendall, and I jumped at the chance. I know you don't like Babe. But I love her. And please don't make me choose.

Bianca: Josh? Oh, my God. Are you ok? I thought I would never see you again. What brought you back to Pine Valley?

J.R.: Damn it, I really thought that we were on to something.

Tad: Well, unless Alex decided to open up his own private yoga spa, we're back to square one, which means we keep looking.

J.R.: We got to find this guy, Tad. I can't wait to get my hands around this maniac's throat.

Jamie: Hey, I'm not going to let you get payback for Babe's murder by committing one of your own.

J.R.: Not just Babe's, James. He killed Mom.

Jamie: Yeah, and I want him to pay just as much as everybody else, but not at your expense.

J.R.: Yeah, but, we have to do something. We have to do something for Mom, for my wife. I even say that word anymore -- my "wife" -- not after the way I treated her near the end.

Tad: J.R., you got to stop doing this to yourself.

J.R.: If I could just have one more chance. If I could just get Babe back.

[Babe shakily gets out of her hospital bed, opens the door, and sees a tape recorder playing the same message she keeps hearing.]

PA Announcer: Dr. Conway to ICU, Dr. Conway to ICU.

Zach: All right, Father, I'm here. You wanted me here! I'm here. I'm waiting the same way I would wait when I was a little kid.

Alexander: It's actually a wonderful proposition for you. You don't lose.

Kendall: Then say it. Just tell me what I have to do to live.

Alexander: No, no, not just live. If you do as I ask, I'll keep my word and stay away from Alex, Jr.

Kendall: What do I have to do?

Alexander: Divorce him. Leave your Zach and return to the man with whom you truly belong, the man who loves you more than anyone ever has. Go back to Ryan.

Zach: I told you not to come here.

Ryan: It's all been building to this, hasn't it? The big showdown. That's why he lured you back to Vegas, that's why you're back here in the warehouse. You're waiting for a face-to-face with your old man, aren't you?

Zach: Just go.

Ryan: I'm not going anywhere, Zach. I'm staying here whether you want me to or you don't.

Zach: My father's going to call on me, and I'm going to deal with him myself.

Ryan: I can help you, Zach. Alex likes me. He left me his fortune for --

Zach: Hey. He doesn't like you. He sent you a note, you let him down. This has nothing to do with you. This is between me and my father, not you. And I will save Kendall, I will take care of her. Now, go.

Kendall: You want me back with Ryan?

Alexander: Sounds nice, doesn't it?

Kendall: Sounds ridiculous. I love Zach.

Alexander: Huh. Must've been a difficult decision choosing Alex over Ryan. It still causes you great pain, doesn't it?

Kendall: I chose Zach, because I belong with Zach. I want to be with him.

Alexander: That's the party line, but it's just the two of us now. You don't have to hide your true feelings from me. I've watched you with Ryan many times.

Kendall: We -- we share a son. That's why we're together so much.

Alexander: You still love Ryan -- don't feel guilty about it. Ryan is a remarkable young man. I've been a fan since the day I met him, when he stopped and helped me on the side of the road, right here outside of town in Vegas. In the few short days that I knew him, he's done more for me than either of my children ever has. That's why I left him my inheritance. He's a very special young man, and if you took him back, Kendall, he'd be the happiest man on earth.

Kendall: Ryan's moved on. We both have.

Alexander: No, Ryan still loves you, he wants you. I mean, things haven't always been easy for you two. That's partially why you turned to my son, but you've both grown up, and you have a beautiful child together. Ryan deserves you, Alex doesn't, and you deserve Ryan.

Kendall: No, no. Zach and I are in love.

Alexander: My son doesn't know how to love.

Kendall: You -- no, you're wrong. You don't know him at all.

Alexander: Forget Zach. Be honest with yourself. If not now, when -- staring at the end of your life? Admit it -- you never stopped loving Ryan.

Josh: Well, once I got out of town and cleared my head about Babe, I realized Kendall was still in danger. It didn't feel right being away, so here I am.

Bianca: What? Did -- did you hear from Uncle Jack? Is there news about Kendall?

Erica: No. No. As -- as far as we know, Kendall is safe with Zach.

Bianca: Well, then what was that look?

Erica: Well, Josh knows how concerned I am about Kendall. And -- and Josh was trying to reassure me and -- and so, I don't know. I guess that look was just to see if -- if I'd come around. And I have.

Eric: Hmm.

Josh: Thank you. Keep an eye on her? I got to get going. You watch out for both of them, all right?

J.R.: I knew what it was like to live without Babe, and I hated it. So why didn't I just trust her? Why didn't I just fight to save our marriage?

Tad: It doesn't do any good to beat yourself up now.

J.R.: Yeah, but I was always the guy to find out last. I'm always the guy to -- to do something stupid and vicious to people and then, bam, they're gone. And I realize what a fool I was. Babe was always about saving our marriage. Why couldn't I just go with that?

Jamie: Do not put this all on yourself. You both made mistakes.

J.R.: Yeah, but I always about hers, never about mine. She turned to Josh, because she said I shut down, and she was right.

Jamie: Yeah, and Josh completely took advantage of it.

J.R.: Yeah, but if I was the husband that she needed, he would've never had the opportunity to.

Tad: You're going to kill yourself with "what ifs. " I know. I've spent a lot of time where you are right now. After your mother disappeared, I told myself over and over and over again "if I only had a second chance. " But, J.R., the fact is I got my second chance, and I still managed to mess things up.

J.R.: Yeah, but I wouldn't mess up.

Tad: You don't know that. Love -it stirs up everything in a person, both good and bad.

J.R.: But I wouldn't hurt her again. If -- if I had that chance again, I would put all of my faith in Babe. I would fight for our marriage, I would fight for us, I'd fight for our family. I -- if -- if I just -- if I could just hold my wife one more time.

Recording: Dr. Conway to ICU, Dr. Conway to ICU.

[While trying to walk away from the staged hospital set, Babe gets dizzy and falls on the floor unconscious.]

Bianca: I trust Uncle Jack and Zach to keep Kendall safe.

Erica: Oh, Bianca, please don't do this. Please don't take their side. Look, I know that you said that you don't want to be anything like me. But can you see how difficult this is for me? I mean, they just expect me to -- to sit on my hands while everybody else is out there trying to keep my daughter safe.

Bianca: Mom, I know what I said before was hurtful. I was angry. I -- I don't understand this thing between you and Jeff, but you're my mother. I love you. And I never want you to feel like you're alone -- you're not. That's why I'm here. You have me, you have Myrtle, you have Sean, Lily, and now Josh is back in town -- that is huge. I never thought we would see him here again. I -- I thought that he would spend the rest of his life alone, missing Babe.

Josh: Babe. Are you ok? What are you doing -- oh. What are you doing?

Babe: Josh. Josh, where am I?

Josh: Come on. Let me help you up. Oh, God.

Babe: Where is this? I was --

Josh: What, did you decide the view was better from the floor?

Babe: Where -- where did -- where did you bring me? This -- this isn't a hospital. Where are we?

Josh: Babe, don't talk, all right? You just need to get some rest.

Babe: Why won't you tell me?

Ryan: I'm not leaving, Zach, and I'm not letting you do this alone. I'm not.

[Car speeds off]

Ryan: He leave that?

[Zach winds a teddy bear and music plays]

Zach: This is for you, Mama.

Amelia: Oh, it's beautiful, honey -- the best birthday present your mom ever got. And I love how it plays our favorite song.

Both: Let's go to red rock red rock, red rock. Let's go to red rock and play all day

Amelia: Oh.

Ryan: What's it mean, Zach? What's the song?

Alexander: These tears can only mean one thing -- I'm right. You still do love Ryan.

Kendall: No. Stop saying that. I love Zach. I'm married to Zach.

Alexander: You can't throw away your future, because you feel some debts towards Alex.

Kendall: I don't. I don't. I belong with Zach.

Alexander: You don't have to keep up the pretense with me.

Kendall: I love him.

Alexander: Not the way you love Ryan. Maybe you haven't allowed yourself to imagine this. Maybe you don't want to admit Ryan's the man for you, because you've told yourself for so long that it's over. But why do you think you tried to keep Ryan's daughter away from him? Was it just to protect your son?

Kendall: Yes, yes. That's all it was.

Alexander: Come on, Kendall. Let's be honest. You didn't want to share Ryan, because you can't bear the thought of him having that sort of connection with any woman but you. You bear it because you want him for yourself, because you love him.

Kendall: Would you stop? Stop it.

Alexander: It's all right. You can say it out loud. You love Ryan, you love Ryan. I already know -- say it, Kendall. Your heart belongs to Ryan.

Kendall: All right -- all right! I love Ryan. I never stopped loving him, ok? Is that what you want -- is that what you want to hear?

Alexander: Take that love and use it to save your life. Leave my son and make Ryan yours.

Kendall: I can't just leave Zach for -- for you to destroy him.

Alexander: If you go back to Ryan, I leave Alex, Jr., alone. I'll never hurt him again, I swear it. The decision is yours, Kendall. Save my son's life and spare your own for the man you truly love. Or --

Kendall: Ok.

Alexander: What was that?

Kendall: I'll do it. I'll end things with Zach.

Alexander: It really is for the best.

Kendall: Where are you going?

Alexander: To bring the car around so you can go.

Kendall: Thank you.

Alexander: Oh, but first -- I have something I want to show you.

[Babe sighs as Josh gives her an injection]

Babe: Why won't you tell me where -- where --

Josh: Babe, you're safe. You'll always be safe with me.

Bianca: Mom, why don't you go home to your room and try to get some sleep?

Erica: I can't sleep. I won't be able to sleep until Kendall is home, safe and sound, till I can see her, until I can hold her.

Aidan: The desert house didn't pan out. A family lives there now, no connection to Cambias.

Jamie: Wow, we're batting . 1000 tonight.

Aidan: Any word from Zach or Ryan?

Tad: No. They've got their cellphones turned off.

J.R.: Well, we should've heard something by now.

Tad: I agree. I don't like this.

Ryan: What's the significance of the bear, Zach? Why would he leave it?

Zach: He wants me to meet him.

Ryan: Where?

[Zach punches Ryan unconscious and leaves the warehouse]

Alexander: Nothing quite like the fragrance of gardenias, is there? Kudos on your performance back there at the house. I didn't buy it for a minute, but you really gave it your all.

Kendall: You're a sick bastard.

Alexander: You know, Kendall, I told you I know more about you than you know. You'd do or say anything to get away from me. Unfortunately for you, there is no escape.

Alexander: Tie this around your neck.

[Alexander hands Kendall a white satin ribbon]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Kendall (to Alexander): Let me bring back Amelia. Let me try.

[Kendall kisses Alexander]

Ryan (to Tad in jail): Alex is sticking it to Zach the way it'll do the most damage. He's making him watch Kendall die.


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