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Tad: Ok, jackass, so where the hell is she?

Otto: You know what? I only answer to Mr. Slater.

Ryan: If you don't tell us where she is, I swear to God --

Otto: I don't know!

J.R.: Wrong answer!

Otto:  It's the only answer that I have. The last time that I saw Mrs. Slater she was in that room! I don't know where she is.

Kendall: Zach? Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Zach? Zach? Zach? Zach -- ok, ok, ok.

[When she checks her husband's pulse, Kendall is glad that he's still alive.]

Kendall: Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Alexander: You're welcome. Stand up.

Kendall: There's no way I'm listening to you.

Alexander: Really? Life is so fragile. And his ends right now unless you reconsider.

Kendall: What are you doing?

Alexander: Quicker than V-tach, don't you think?

Kendall: For God sakes, he's your son.

Alexander: My son died years ago in a car crash. This man --

Kendall: He is your son.

Alexander: It's your choice, Kendall. Do as I ask, or I end it now.

Erica: Babe?

Jeff: Erica, I know that you want to see Josh, but this really isn't a very good time.

Erica: You're alive?

Babe: Thanks to your son. He's a miracle worker, Erica. So is everyone else in this hospital.

Erica: Hospital?

Josh: Babe's not allowed visitors right now, Erica.

Erica: You're supposed to be dead.

Alexander: Dead or alive -- it's your choice, Kendall.

Alexander: The bluff -- very good. Poker is your game? Chess is mine, you want to play? This is the end game. All the pawns are gone, it's just you and me -- and him. Move away from him. It would be so anticlimactic to end it this way, don't you think? Very well.

[Alexander points his gun at Zach]

Kendall: Ok, ok, you win. You win. I'll do whatever you want. Just don't shoot him.

Alexander: Still smart and still beautiful. Stand up, my dear.

Kendall: I love you, Zach. Always only you.

Alexander: Touching. Too bad he can't hear you. Let him go.

[Kendall gives Zach a kiss as he lies on the warehouse floor unconscious with a dart in his neck]

Kendall: I will never give up on you, ever.

Jeff: Erica, Babe is still critical. We have to insist that she has no visitors.

Erica: Why are you playing doctor on her?

Jeff: Erica, please --

PA Announcer: Dr. Conway to ICU. Dr. Conway to ICU

Erica: What's going on?

Jeff: Erica, let's talk outside now, please?

Babe: I get that I'm not on Erica's top 10, but -- hmm -- "She's supposed to be dead"?

Josh: No, don't worry about her. She's upset with me, not you. I re-upped as a doctor -- which she always wanted, but --

Babe: But she doesn't like that you have one patient -- me.

Josh: Well, she's just afraid I'm asking for more trouble.

Babe: Are you?

Josh: I don't care.

Erica: What in the world is going on? And I don't want one more smug, condescending lie out of your mouth.

Jeff: Would you just hold on and let me explain?

Erica: I just went to that girl's funeral -- explain that! I saw her mother throw herself on her daughter's coffin, while all the while that girl was holding my son's hand in a fake hospital. Explain away. And when you're finished, you can explain to me why you lied to me about Josh. I told you how worried I was about him, that I didn't know where he was. I didn't know if he was safe or if I'd ever see him again. I begged you to help me find him, and you told me to trust you.

Jeff: No, you saw for yourself -- Josh is fine.

Erica: And practicing medicine in the basement of a casino on a woman who's supposed to be dead. So what in the world is going on? Oh, don't tell me this is some father/son project to get Babe away from J.R.?

Jeff: Oh, Erica, why don't you shut up and listen for once? Huh? There is no conspiracy except to try and save Babe's life. Your son is one impassioned young man.

Erica: Yeah, and it's so comforting to see that both you and he are impassioned about lying to me.

Jeff: Erica, do you want to know the truth? Or would you rather carry on with this tantrum on your own? Now, we had a chance to save Babe's life, and we took it. It was a last-minute decision made by Josh, Zach, and Jackson.

Erica: Jackson? Jack knows?

Jeff: Yes -- well, Jack had to deal with the legal aspects and the autopsy reports.

Erica: Jack lied to me? And Jack broke the law?

Jeff: We have to make the killer believe that Babe is dead, all right? And no one, including you, is going to tell a soul otherwise until the Satin Slayer is caught.

Erica: You have just made Kendall the next target.

Ryan: How did Kendall get out?

Otto: I don't know

Ryan: Say that again, and I will beat it out of you.

Otto: She wanted to leave. She said that she got a phone call from Mr. Slater.

Tad: From where?

Otto: She didn't say. But I told her no go -- Mr. Slater's orders.

Aidan: Hey, guys? There's a balcony, a bit of a drop. It's not going to stop Kendall.

Jamie: If she tried to get out through the hallway by herself first, that means she probably wasn't forced.

Tad: I thought Zach wanted her to stay here. Why the hell would she leave? Where would she go?

J.R.: What about Mr. Slater? Do you know what he said on the phone call?

Otto: No.

Ryan: What do you know, out of curiosity? I mean, you got six guys here guarding one person, and she gets away.

Otto: Step off, ok? Step --

Ryan: You don't know where --

Dexter: What's going on here? I've heard noise complaints. And who are you people? What are you doing here? Where are Mr. and Mrs. Suarez?

Tad: Mrs. Suarez is missing. You're the manager?

Dexter: Yes.

Tad: Do you have surveillance video cameras on the site of the hotel?

Dexter: I've been very accommodating, gone out of my way to help. I don't want any trouble from "your kind" at my hotel. Is that understood?

Tad: Just please answer the question. If you have surveillance video, we need to look at it now.

Dexter: If there's been a crime, I'm calling the police.

Ryan: No, no, no, no, no police. No time for police.

Aidan: Mr. Suarez loves his wife very much, which is why he keeps his protection. She's gone, and you refuse to help locate her? I'd hate to think what he's going to do to you when he finds out you didn't care to help.

[While unconscious Zach dreams about his mom]

Amelia's voice: Alex? Alex, wake up. It's me.

Zach: Mom --

Amelia: There's my boy.

Zach: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to push you. You got to forgive me. I --

Amelia: It's all right. You have nothing to be sorry about. You never hurt me.

Zach: You died.

Amelia: You didn't hurt me. Don't ever think you did. My sweet son, all you ever did was love me. You were my joy, my heart.

Alexander's voice: That damn gardenia. Did you think I wouldn't notice? Did you think I was stupid, Amelia? That I'd let you leave?

Zach: Mom?

Alexander's voice: Let you humiliate me?

Zach: Mom?

Alexander's voice: You won't win. You won't get away from me. You won't win. You won't get away from me. You won't win. You won't get away from me.

Zach: No! No! No!

Alexander's voice: You won't win. You won't get away from me. You won't get away from me. You won't get away from me.

[In his dream, Zach finds himself on some rocks then sees something glowing red.]

J.R.: This is so Kendall -- you tell her to stay, and she leaves.

Aidan: Yeah. You tell her no, she goes out the balcony.

J.R.: We can't lose her, too.

Jamie: We won't. We're going to find her.

Aidan: Did the surveillance cameras show anything?

Tad: Yeah -- Kendall risked her life going off that balcony. She left on her own, got in a cab. She looked like she was on some kind of mission.

J.R.: Oh, this is great -- she's gone.

Tad: Not necessarily. We got the number of the cab.

Ryan: Yeah, I need to talk to one of your cabbies. I don't give a damn about policy. This is an emergency.

Josh: Erica's freaked out that Kendall's a target for the same guy that tried to kill you, and she's divorcing Jack. Don't let her get to you.

Babe: It's kind of hard not to -- the way that she looked at me.

Josh: Listen, forget about Erica. You need to concentrate on getting better.

Babe: If I could just talk to my mama and my son, I swear I would jump right out of this bed.

Josh: Babe, you're not that strong yet. We need to stabilize you first, all right? No stress, no strain, and no excitement -- not even the good kind.

Babe: You know, you really need to work on your bedside manner.

Josh: Yeah, well, whatever it takes to get you better. We keep the insanity of Pine Valley as far from you as possible.

Josh: Monitor Mrs. Chandler, keep her quiet, let me know if anything changes.

Wendy: Yes, Doctor.

Josh: I'm going to see if I can find Erica and talk her down.

Babe: Hmm -- good luck with that.

[Babe chuckles]

Babe: How am I doing, Wendy?

Wendy: Very well, Mrs. Chandler.

Babe: Wonderful. How about we share the good news? I want to use the phone.

Erica: You two are so busy patting yourselves on the back for saving Babe, you put a red flag on Kendall. If the killer thinks that he has killed Babe, he's going to move on to his next target -- Kendall, my daughter. How could you do that? How could you set her up like that?

Jeff: Kendall is fully aware of everything.

Erica: Oh, my God. Is everyone in Pine Valley in on this?

Jeff: No, no, no, they are not, and it's going to stay that way. Kendall agreed to this 100%.

Erica: Well, I don't agree. I only have your word about Kendall, and we both know what that's worth. I can't reach her, I don't know where she is, I don't know if she's safe, and you just expect me to shut up and go along with something that could get Kendall killed?

Josh: Erica, we have this under control, so just relax.

Erica: Don't you dare tell me to relax. You are so pie-eyed about Babe that you have put Kendall in further danger. You have betrayed your sister. I am so ashamed of you. I am so ashamed that you're my son.

[As Zach imagines white flower petals showering down on him, Ryan, Tad, Jamie, and J.R. come to his rescue.]

Ryan: Zach?

Tad: Hey --

Ryan: Zach

Tad: Zach?

Ryan: Hey -- hey.

Ryan: What -- what happened?

Aidan: We'll take a look around.

Ryan: All right, yeah, take a look around.

Tad: We thought you were headed for the light there for a while.

J.R.: Kendall?

Ryan: Oh --

Aidan: Kendall?

Zach: What happened?

Ryan: Where's Kendall, Zach? Do you know where Kendall is?

Zach: She -- at the hotel.

Ryan: No, no, she's not.

Tad: She's not.

Zach: I told her to wait there.

Ryan: Well, she didn't.

Tad: She got a call, supposedly from you, saying that you wanted to meet her.

Zach: He's got her.

J.R.: Your father?

Ryan: All right.

Aidan: Guys, over here. Somebody help me lift this.

[Looking around, the guys find a woman's body]

Josh: Babe is dirt? You want us to just let her die, because you don't like her?

Erica: That is not what I meant.

Josh: The killer has already tried to murder her twice, Erica. What do you want us to do -- put her back out there to give him another chance?

Erica: Of course not, Josh. Please don't twist my words. Look, there are plenty of ways that you could save Babe and still not put your sister Kendall in jeopardy. You could lock Babe up in a real hospital with real police, dozens of them guarding her. You could protect Babe and still keep Kendall one step further away from that madman. And you -- how could you, of all people, possibly be involved in this insanity? You stood at our wedding, and you took Kendall for your own daughter. So how is it even remotely right to put Kendall in further danger?

Jeff: We've explained everything to Erica.

Josh: Yeah, it's gone really well, too.

Erica: Oh, this is nice -- all three of you decide to talk down to me. Well, why don't you talk to me? Tell me this is going to end now.

Jack: It won't end. Erica, it won't end until we catch this killer, and you -- you will do your part. You will not say one damn word to anybody about what you've seen here today.

Erica: You tell me where Kendall is. What's going on, Jack? Where is she? Where is Kendall? Is she all right? Can you swear to me that she's all right?

Jack: No. No, I can't.

Babe: One phone call -- my little boy, just to say good night. Please?

Wendy: As much as I'd love to help you, Dr. Madden would have my skin.

Babe: He wouldn't have to know.

Wendy: I'm sorry, Mrs. Chandler. You might be feeling better, but your heart is still fragile. Any emotional stimulus could cause a relapse or worse.

Babe: I'll take the chance.

Wendy: I know it's hard. But the best thing to do is to follow the doctor's orders until you're strong enough to go home and tuck in your little boy.

Babe: All right. But I am going to ask for a phone again.

Wendy: I wouldn't expect any less.

[Babe becomes suspicious when she spots a sign on the equipment in her room from Ace Hospital Rentals.]

[Zach finds the mask of his mother]

Zach: It's my mother's face.

Aidan: She's been shot.

Jamie: Add another woman to the list.

Tad: Zach, what happened?

Zach: Um -- my dad asked me to meet him here, and then she distracted me, and he hit me with the -- with the dart.

Aidan: Well, at least you're still standing.

J.R.: My mother and wife are dead, because of your whacked-out father.

Tad: Take it easy, J.R.

J.R.: No. How long have you known it was him?

Jamie: Yeah, you couldn't have clued us in before you left?

Zach: I wanted to end it, Jamie.

Ryan: So you brought Kendall -- that was your idea of protecting her?

Jamie: And now she could be anywhere.

J.R.: Or worse -- because you had to come alone, play hero.

Tad: Do you have any idea where your father would take her?

Zach: If I knew that, I wouldn't be here.

Tad: What do you got, Aidan? Aidan?

Zach: "Kendall chose to save your life instead of hers."

Alexander: Home, sweet home.

Kendall: Oh, my God.

Alexander: You like it?

Kendall: This is -- this is our house. This is mine and Zach's. You duplicated it?

Alexander: Not quite. It's a blend of the old and the new. I prefer an eclectic mix, don't you? A nod to the past gives it a deeper resonance. You did realize that your new house was very similar to the one Alex grew up in?

Kendall: This was your plan all along?

Alexander: One doesn't discuss strategy until it's too late for the outcome to be altered. Armagnac? Lady's choice. You're even more beautiful than when we first met almost four years ago. You remember -- you and your friend had just started Fusion? Bold move going head-to-head against your mother, proving yourself, your enthusiasm, your belief in your work. Inspiring.

Kendall: I still believe in it.

Alexander: Hmm. That confidence -- if you could only bottle it for all the spineless fools of this world. I should've invested in Fusion. But you were busy playing games with Michael then.

Kendall: Yeah, well, Michael was a sick freak and a rapist.

Alexander: I always wondered if he was my true biological son. I mean, how could he? What he did to your sister -- horrific.

Kendall: Maybe he learned by example. You know, one thing about Michael -- he was always trying to impress his daddy. Do -- do good for the great Alexander Cambias.

Alexander: Michael was an embarrassment.

Kendall: Yeah, well, compared to you, he was a prize. He didn't murder innocent women to terrorize his son.

Alexander: You're missing an important nuance, my dear.

Kendall: And what nuance is that -- the V-tach?

Alexander: There's always been a purpose to my actions, a goal to be achieved.

Kendall: Insanity? You're already there.

Alexander: Hmm.

Kendall: You can stop now.

Alexander: Michael was weak. He gave in to base urges, he lost control. Michael is the reason I had to die.

Kendall: Because of what he did to Bianca? You died and took away the two things that Michael lived for -- your approval and Cambias Industries.

Alexander: Very astute.

Kendall: Zach figured it out.

Alexander: Huh. Alex was always the brilliant one. I thought I'd lost Alex, Michael was dead to me. No heir, no one worthy enough to carry on the Cambias mantle, but then -- a miracle, destiny. I met a man in every way my heir, a real man. Ryan Lavery -- a mirage shimmering out of the desert sun, offering me the future I thought had been destroyed. With Ryan, my hopes were renewed. I found peace, I could die, so I did.

Kendall: It's too bad you didn't stay dead.

Alexander: Hmm. You understand Ryan very well, don't you? You two were lovers once, now you have his child, Spike. I've watched the boy -- play with my granddaughter, Miranda.

Kendall: You what?

Alexander: He's smart, strong. He'll be a real man like his father, deserving of his inheritance.

Kendall: Don't you -- you talk about my son. Don't talk about my son or my niece. Don't even say their names.

Alexander: Oh, my dear, I meant absolutely no harm.

Kendall: I swear to God -- I swear to God, if you go anywhere near Spike or Miranda, I'll kill you.

Alexander: Kendall, please, darling, no need to get upset. I'd never dream of hurting a child.

Kendall: You're a liar. You threatened to kill your own son tonight.

Alexander: You haven't touched your drink. Why not? Take one.

Kendall: I'm not thirsty.

Alexander: I'm not asking.

[Kendall takes one of the drinks Alexander is holding]

Alexander: Very good. Now drink it.

[Kendall breaks the glass against the wall]

Alexander: What a waste -- it was an excellent year. Lovely vintage, small. You can almost taste the sun sweetening the grapes. I didn't start this, Kendall. I didn't begin this war. My son did. Alex struck the first blow. He's the one who hurt me.

Zach: This is my father's punishment. I took away his firstborn, now he wants to make me pay.

J.R.: Oh, we're paying, all right. Mothers, wives, sisters -- they're all dead.

Jamie: And now we can help end it.

J.R.: With or without you. We got here without you, you can make damn sure we're going to find Kendall whether you help or not.

Tad: J.R., stop. Look, either way, we got to move fast if we're going to get to Kendall in time. Do me a favor -- go back to the hotel and get online. I want you to check out every real estate purchase within three months of Alex Cambias, Sr.'s death, ok?

Jamie: We're on it.

Tad: Do it.

J.R.: All right.

Tad: You still got Kendall's cellphone ID?

Aidan: Yeah.

Tad: Good -- we can trace that.

Ryan: There is a stop that Zach and I can make.

Zach: Let's go.

Tad: No -- just keep me posted.

Babe: When did the hospital start renting equipment?

Wendy: Excuse me?

Babe: My husband -- he's on the board, and there was -- um -- there was a big fundraiser last year. It was all about raising money to buy new equipment. But this equipment is rented. Why?

Wendy: You must be getting better -- you're bored, noticing little things like rented equipment.

Babe: So what's up with that?

Wendy: There was a recall last week on the new monitoring setups. He didn't want to take any chances when it came to your recovery.

Erica: What's going on, Jack? Where is Kendall? Truth.

Jack: The truth is as far as I know, she is in Las Vegas with Zach.

Erica: "As far as you know"? "Las Vegas"? Tell me that Zach took her there to keep her out of danger, away from the killer. Tell me that they're all right.

Jack: We've lost touch with them.

Josh: Well, when was the last time you talked to her, Jack? We agreed to this, because we knew that Kendall was going to be protected. If she's out there --

Jeff: I'm on my way to Las Vegas. I just came by to tell you that.

Jeff: Well, are there any new leads, Jack?

Jack: There have been some new developments, yes. Tad's on his way out there now.

Erica: Oh, my God.

Jack: Listen, Kendall will be all right, Erica. Zach will take care of her.

Josh: Keep me posted. I have to get back to Babe.

Jack: Yeah.

Josh: You breathe so much as a word that Babe is still alive, I swear to God you're not my mother.

Jamie: Ah -- real estate sales, four years ago up until three months after old Cambias' death.

J.R.: Three months ago? Good luck. I'd say the chances are slim to none.

Jamie: I'll take slim.

J.R.: Do you know how many transactions have gone down in the Vegas area in that amount of time?

Jamie: Thousands.

J.R.: What if this guy doesn't use his own name, social security number? What if he's a month-to-month kind of guy?

Jamie: He needs a base. He needs someplace that he feels safe, someplace that he can control. He's going to buy. If we find that property, we find Kendall.

J.R.: If we find Kendall.

Jamie: Help me out, ok? Pretend you're some shady tycoon who doesn't mind manipulating people to get what he wants. That wasn't so hard, was it?

J.R.: All right, you know what? Hold off on the real estate transactions, contact the Nevada Department of Corporations. I mean, if Daddy bought anything, he would set up a set of dummy corporations -- sub corps.

Alexander: I'd survived so many things in my life, but the death of my son, my Alex -- that I didn't think I would. He was my life, my future, the part of me that would live on.

Kendall: You wanted a clone, not a son.

Alexander: Huh. Hey, don't even think about it. No, no, I -- I adored Alex, I gave him everything. He could've had it all -- money, power, freedom.

Kendall: As long as he waved the great Cambias flag.

Alexander: He just never appreciated it. He didn't understand. I gave him everything. How did he repay me? He ripped out my heart.

[Alexander chuckles]

Alexander: That cannot go unanswered. A good parent knows the importance of teaching a lesson.

Kendall: "A good parent"? You murdered women. Is that your idea of teaching a lesson?

Alexander: My son needs to be disciplined.

Kendall: You tortured Zach. You -- you made him think that all those deaths are his fault.

Alexander: Aren't they? Had to be done. Alex has to see how wrong he was.

Kendall: Right -- because he didn't do what Daddy wanted. So your answer is murder? You know what? You're the son of a bitch who needs to be taught a lesson.

[Alexander laughs]

Wendy: Mrs. Chandler asked to use the phone. I talked her out of it.

Josh: Good. Thanks.

Wendy: Not so good. She noticed the equipment was rented, but I made up something about a recall. I think she bought it.

Josh: So, Nurse Wendy tells me you tried to charm her into using the phone.

Babe: I just want to talk to my mama and Little A.

Josh: I know you do, but, Babe, it's clinically proven that even the shortest phone conversations can raise blood pressure. That's the last thing we need. I won't take the risk.

Babe: Yeah, but if I could just hear their voices, I --

Josh: I know you do. What if I told you I just talked to your mom a little while ago? She told me to tell her baby doll that she loves her and Little Adam is fine, that they'll see you tomorrow. Can you wait that long?

Babe: My doctor won't give me a choice.

Josh: Well, your doctor needs to go over your latest test results. You get some rest. I'll check on you in a little bit, all right?

Miss Johnson: Mr. Suarez, are you all right? Where's Mrs. Suarez?

Ryan: That's exactly what we'd like to know. Do you remember me, Miss Johnson?

Miss Johnson: Mr. Lavery -- or course, I do. It's been a long time. Mr. and Mrs. Suarez mentioned you.

Zach: My name isn't Suarez. It's Cambias, and you're going to tell me how you helped fake my father's death.

Tad: What the hell -- are you still getting a signal?

Aidan: Yeah.

Tad: What?

Aidan: It's right here, on the other side of that door.

Tad: Are you sure?

Aidan: Yep.

Tad: Well, then, I guess it's time we see what's behind door number one.

Kendall: All of those women, dead, because you have some perverted idea of how to discipline your son.

Alexander: I wouldn't expect you to understand.

Kendall: Those women had nothing to do with -- with your issues with Zach. They had lives and -- and families and a future. And you destroyed them all to teach him a lesson?

Alexander: My son can be very stubborn.

Kendall: Dixie Martin -- she died, never seeing the child that she searched years to find. Erin Lavery -- she was the rock of her brothers' lives and now she's gone. And Dani Frye -- she's so young and now you have ruined her life forever. And Simone -- she was the love of your grandson's life, and you cut her down as if she were nothing.

Alexander: Tell me, how do you think it has affected Alex -- those deaths? Does he understand now he can't control his destiny? Does he fully comprehend, or will it take losing you to make him truly understand?

Jeff: Erica, this will be over soon.

Jack: Please don't worry. We will bring Kendall home safe.

Erica: If anything happens to my daughter, I will never forgive either one of you.

J.R.: This is going to take all night.

Jamie: This is just step one. We've got to run all these down after we get them.

J.R.: Kendall is out there God knows where. We got to find her before she ends up --

Babe: Did Dr. Madden leave?

Wendy: Yes, and he said to make sure you get plenty of rest.

Babe: I've got a better idea. How about you grab me a wheelchair? I've got to get out of here.

Miss Johnson: I don't understand. Mr. Cambias passed away almost four years ago. You were there.

Ryan: Yes, but I wasn't in the room, and I didn't see him take his last breath. I was told it by you and by his doctor.

Miss Johnson: I'm sorry, Mr. Lavery. I'm afraid I can't help you.

Zach: Is he still paying you?

Miss Johnson: I don't know what you're talking about.

Zach: Answer me. My father has killed people. My wife may be next, and you will tell us what you know.

[Woman screams]

Tad: Come here.

Woman: Oh

Aidan: Who are you?

Woman: Can't a girl make a phone call.

Tad: Not on a stolen phone.

Woman: This phone ain't stolen. I paid for my minutes.

Tad: Yeah, sure. Ordinarily, I'd make a joke about that, but lives are on the line. Hang up the phone.

Woman: I'm fine. Some guys with guns just kicked down the door.

Tad: I said hang up the phone.

Woman: Something else I can do for you? Two-for-one special?

Aidan: Where did you get the phone?

Woman: It was a gift.

Tad: Like hell. That phone belongs to a woman that was kidnapped. You want to go down and talk to the cops about it?

Aidan: And be charged as an accessory?

Woman: Is that supposed to scare me? Oh.

Tad: Hey, you know what? Now, listen -- how about a half dozen dead women, one who just happens to be my ex-wife? The only way I got through the funeral was, I swear to God, I was going to get the son of a bitch who did it, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. For the last time, where'd you get the phone?

Woman: Some guy tossed it out of a car down the block.

Aidan: When?

Woman: A couple of hours ago.

Tad: You get a look at the car?

Woman: Dark, tinted windows. That's the best I could do.

Ryan: Where is Alex Cambias, Sr.? We know that you helped fake his death -- we know that.

Miss Johnson: That's -- that's ridiculous.

Zach: My father's alive -- where is he?

Ryan: He's a murderer, and if you don't tell us what you know, you will be charged as an accessory.

Miss Johnson: I'm telling you the truth. Mr. Cambias is dead.

Zach: Hey. If you don't start cooperating, the only one dead's going to be you.

Kendall: Zach doesn't need to learn any lesson.

Alexander: Ungrateful, arrogant, spiteful -- the pain he caused me. Huh. And he didn't even care, as if I were nothing, and I created him.

Kendall: What, what, in your own image? You're not God -- you're a lunatic.

Alexander: Alex needs to be taught respect. He needs to be punished, see his mistake, and he will. I won't stop until he does. These deaths mean nothing to him? I'll take more lives, break him the way he broke me -- the nearest, the dearest, until he's on his knees begging for mercy, groveling dust

Kendall: Oh!

[As Kendall attempts to hit Alexander from behind, he spins around and grabs her]

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Erica (to J.R.): Don't hang up. This is something you want to hear. It has to do with your wife.

[Babe gets out of bed, opens the door, and sees realizes she's not in the hospital.]

Recording: Dr. Conway to ICU. Dr. Conway to ICU.

Kendall (to Alexander): If you're going to kill me, I'm going down fighting.

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