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Tad: Yes, you can. I'm calling on behalf of the US Postal service. Am I talking to a branch manager? My name is Benjamin Browning. I'm calling on behalf of a wire transfer case we're working on. It may involve one or more of your branches in Pine Valley. We're looking for a woman. Her name is Hannah Nichols, or any variation thereof. We're talking about wire transfers, cashed checks, even currency exchanges. Yeah, I'll hold.

Aidan: No, she -- she checked in using a fake Pennsylvania driver's license. And she's still there? I'm going to be about 10 minutes. Ok -- what? What are you doing?

Tad: We're trying to catch a killer here. If you're not up to the job, then by all means, get the hell out.

Erica: You know where my son is?

J.R.: Your son? How can you even say that considering you didn't even know he existed five minutes ago?

Erica: Where is Josh?

J.R.: Way the hell away from me if he's smart.

Erica: Oh, I see. Yeah, go ahead, threaten him some more, see where that gets you.

J.R.: I am so petrified. No, I saw him at the casino. Maybe Kendall got him a job he's actually qualified for -- dealing crap.

Erica: You have no right to talk about my son.

J.R.: He had no right to touch my wife. But maybe you can mention that in your next Mommy/son chat. As far as this is concerned, I've had enough lectures from Kane women for one day.

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Hi.

Bianca: Hey.

Ryan: Hi.

Bianca: We need to talk.

Ryan: Ok. Come on in. Hey, you didn't expect Aunt Bianca to play blocks with us? Do you think she can? Unless, of course, Aunt Bianca doesn't want to play blocks with us.

Bianca: What does this mean to you?

[Bianca holds up the button she found at the cemetery with a bird on it matching the one on Alexander Cambias, Sr.'s headstone.]

[Zach finds a note in his father's casket filled with rocks]

Zach: "My son was dead and is alive again. He was lost and is found."

Kendall: Zach, you were right.

Man: Mr. Slater, my staff and I deeply regret this unfortunate discovery, but we are in no way responsible for the disappearance of your father's body.

Zach: When was this grave opened?

Man: Opened? I don't understand.

Zach: My father didn't know I was alive when he was supposedly buried. No one knew.

Kendall: Someone had to dig up this casket and put that note inside of it.

Man: I assure you that no one did that.

Kendall: Well, my husband wants an answer.

Man: I'm quite certain I'd remember.

Kendall: What?

Man: I -- I took a vacation -- I'd completely forgotten -- according to my records, someone did authorize disinterment at that time.

Zach: Who? Who?

Kendall: Well, who was it, Zach? Who dug up your father's coffin?

Zach: It was me.

J.R.: You trashed my wife every chance you got.

Erica: Well, at least I never tried to kill her, like you did.

J.R.: Babe and I were working things out. Josh kept dogging her, even though she was way out of his league.

Erica: Oh, Josh was oceans above Babe.

J.R.: No, Josh was a loser who couldn't take a hint. She told him to leave her alone, that she was done with him.

Erica: The only reason Josh pursued Babe is because Babe was so miserably unhappy with you. Now, maybe if you had been able to satisfy your wife --

J.R.: Well, you certainly know about satisfaction from a Martin, don't you? And you call Babe a tramp. [Erica slaps J.R.] Hmm. Oh, the Kane family. So smug, so self-righteous. Figures, considering you're juggling husbands. Bianca took up with a she-male, and Kendall's hitched to a man who brought the murderer to town!

Erica: Don't you dare talk about my children. You have threatened them for the last time.

J.R.: Well, maybe if Josh was able to take rejection like a man --

Erica: Oh, you want to talk about doing things like a man? You? You'd rather drink yourself into oblivion and dive out a window rather than take control of your life. That was when you had a life. What have you got now, J.R.? No wife. A little boy you're bound to destroy.

J.R.: Well, you do like to shoot low, don't you?

Erica: Oh, you are deluded. Proclaim your love for Babe all you want. But the fact is that Babe always cared more for Josh than you. And you know it.

Aidan: You're in the business of smashing up phones now? What the hell is your problem?

Tad: I'm looking at my problem.

Jamie: Relax.

Aidan: How dare you take a phone out of my hand when I'm on the phone?

Tad: Aidan, we're wasting time that we don't have.

Aidan: That call was a solid lead.

Tad: That call was a joke! I was at that hotel two days ago, and you would know that if you ever bothered to take the time to read the notes that I don't know why I bother to take! That call was nothing but a glorified waste of time!

Aidan: I am half this company for a reason. I never interfere with your work, so don't you dare interfere with mine.

Tad: How am I supposed to do that when I'm looking over your shoulder every five minutes?

Aidan: What, this shoulder, huh?

Jamie: Knock it off! You two want to rumble, you do it after we catch this psycho! Until then, you let Aidan do his work.

Tad: He's not doing his job.

Jamie: Well, we're doing the best we can.

Tad: It's not good enough! In case you've forgotten, there's a psycho out there taking off our friends one by one. And obviously, there's nothing we can do to stop it. I made her a promise. I made Dixie a promise I was going to nail this son of a bitch, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. I don't care who I have to walk over to do it. I don't care if she's not here to see it. That is exactly what I'm going to do. I'm not going to let her down. And that's all we're doing right now is letting her down.

Ryan: Rachel, will you do me a favor and take Spike to -- to my room? The new baby Einsteins and the DVDs are there in the player, ok? Thanks.

Rachel: Let's go.

Ryan: Ok.

Rachel: Let's go, little man.

Ryan: Where did you get this?

Bianca: I found it at the cemetery. I came straight here. Zoe went to the cemetery last night alone. She needed to talk to Babe to -- to feel close with her. I know that it wasn't the smartest thing in the world, but things at Wildwind were incredibly tense, and Zoe is just beginning life as a woman. It's very complicated --

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Ok, slow down, slow down.

Bianca: No -- ok. At the cemetery -- at Babe’s grave, Zoe saw someone wearing the same black hood that the killer was wearing at the parking garage.

Ryan: When he attacked Babe?

Bianca: Yes. Maybe the killer knew that Zoe had seen him. I don't know, but -- but he went after her. He beat her up, and she's in the hospital.

Ryan: What? Is she ok?

Bianca: She will be. She put up a really good fight. At one point, she pulled that button off the killer's coat. It -- it dropped when she passed out, and I just went back there to look for it.

Ryan: You went back? Please tell me you did not go alone.

Bianca: Do I ever go anywhere alone? No, of course. My bodyguard was with me, but I've answered enough questions. Now it's your turn. When you look at that, what do you see?

Ryan: I see what we both see when we're at work, Bianca, on the letterhead, stationery, business cards. It's the Cambias crest.

Bianca: I thought that Miranda and Zach were the only remaining relatives. Is there another Cambias out there we don't know about who's committing murder?

Zach: Someone pretending to be me gave the order to dig up my father's grave.

Man: You have every right to be upset, but as I explained, I was on vacation at the time.

Zach: You run this place, right?

Man: Yes, sir.

Zach: So I hold you personally responsible.

Kendall: This is a crime. We're talking serious jail time and a civil suit that will bankrupt the next 10 generations of your family.

Man: We will take every possible step to rectify --

Zach: I want to know everything about this phony Slater -- what he looked like, what he sounded like, what kind of car he drove. Everything.

Man: I'm afraid that's not possible.

Zach: Stop talking to me! Get on the phone. Get whoever's responsible. Tell him the real Zach Slater wants to talk to him right now.

Man: My deputy cannot speak with you.

Kendall: Why the hell not?

Man: He died -- seven months ago, just after this order was issued.

Kendall: This -- this grave was dug up seven months ago. That means that he started planning all of this before then.

Zach: When, exactly?

Man: The date is -- is right here. It's --

Zach: July 23. The anniversary of the day I died.

Zoe: Disappointed I'm not dead, that I didn't expire in the cemetery, where you left me?

J.R.: If you choose to get dolled up and cruise a graveyard, that's your business. I'll stay out of it, but you stay out of mine.

Zoe: Are you going to be here long? If so, I'll ring the nurse for a more powerful pain killer.

J.R.: No, you know what you need to do is you need to shut the hell up about me trying to blackmail Babe.

Zoe: Or what, you'll beat me up? The person who put me here was a formidable adversary. But you --

J.R.: You wouldn't even be in this bed if you'd stop sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong.

[Zoe groans]

Zoe: The truth will come out, J.R. Sooner or later, everyone will find out that you tried to force Babe to choose between her mother and her son. I prefer sooner.

J.R.: You know, you need to stop blabbing before somebody gets hurt. If you keep running your mouth, how long do you think it's going to be till somebody starts digging up the truth about what I know about Babe’s mom? How long before Krystal's life is blown apart?

Zoe: Angry, possessive, defensive -- that's the J.R. Chandler I know and loathe. Desperation -- that's a stripe I haven't seen before.

J.R.: Oh, yeah, I'd have to be desperate to reason with a mess in a dress like you. I'm here for Babe and Krystal.

Zoe: You don't care about them. All you care about is yourself. So what's the truth? What's the real reason behind why you want to silence me so badly?

J.R.: Oh, you really expect me to explain myself to you?

Zoe: Well, then get out of my hospital room. You don't want me to blab about you blackmailing Babe. You very much want the exact opposite. And I will shout it from every concert stage across the country.

J.R.: What, you really think that all your new-age-aura garbage gave you some sort of insight on my wife?

Zoe: Babe and I shared a bond you could never understand.

J.R.: Well, I hate to burst your bubble, Zarf, but my wife wasn't the goddess that you think she was. All the secrets, the lies, the hurt. Babe gave as good as she got.

Zoe: I never knew anything of Babe but pure benevolence.

J.R.: Then you didn't know her at all -- I did. And if she were here right now, she would tell you exactly the same thing -- to keep your mouth shut, just the way that I'm doing. Nobody's going to find anything out unless you blow it.

Kendall: Ok, Zach, this is not possible. It's not. It's -- it's -- it's a trick or a sick joke.

Zach: He finds what you want more than anything in the world, and then he takes it away from you.

Kendall: Why would your father fake his own death?

Zach: It's a lesson.

Kendall: But, honey, he thought that you were dead.

Zach: Yeah. Things changed.

Kendall: God -- ok, you know what? We need to back up and go through this step by step, because none of this makes any sense. All right. You faked your own death when you were 18.

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: And you were dead, gone forever as far as your father knew. So then Ryan finds your father in the desert. He has a heart attack, and Ryan brings him back here to Vegas where your father pretends to die? Why, Zach? Why would he do that?

Zach: Michael.

Kendall: This is about your brother?

Zach: My dad was in the hospital when Michael was in custody for raping Bianca.

Kendall: Yeah, I know. Ryan told me that they watched the hearing on TV.

Zach: Yeah. And then when Michael was exposed as the monster he really is -- it's when he put together this plan.

Kendall: So your father faked his own death because Michael was a rapist?

Zach: Michael betrayed him, dishonored the Cambias name, so he had to be punished. And he used his favorite weapon to do it.

Kendall: Right. He found out what Michael wanted the most and took it away.

Zach: My father's approval. His whole life, that's what he wanted -- my father's approval.

Kendall: Oh, I remember. He used to go on and on about it. Bianca even said in -- in her testimony that Michael wanted her to believe that nothing he did was his fault. He did it all, because he wanted his daddy's approval.

Zach: Huh.

Kendall: And the ultimate stamp of approval would be your father handing him the reins to Cambias empire.

Zach: The legacy, right? The power, the money. That's what he wanted more than anything else, and that's why my father gave it to Ryan.

Kendall: Yeah, but why go to such an extreme? I mean, your father could have stuck it to Michael by -- by grooming Ryan to do it himself.

Zach: Sticking it to Michael was only part of the battle. He had to redeem the Cambias name. And what better way to do that than to give it to a complete stranger and play dead?

Kendall: Right, ok. So Michael is gone, your father's out of the picture, and Ryan takes over -- Cambias gets a clean slate.

Zach: It didn't end there, did it? Ryan takes over the company. Then he finds out that I'm Alexander Cambias, Jr.

Kendall: Your father found out, too.

Zach: "My son was dead and is alive again." I betrayed my dad. The same way Michael did. And just like Michael, I need to be punished.

Kendall: Your father was a terrible, terrible man, but --

Zach: My father killed innocent women. And he wants two more lives before it's over.

Kendall: Mine and yours.

Ryan: Zach and Miranda are the only living Cambias relatives. There is nobody else, nobody.

Bianca: Who but a member of the Cambias family would have a piece of clothing with this button on it?

Ryan: I have no idea. I have no idea. I mean, it's not part of any Cambias uniform, it's not part of any swag that we've ever sent down to any clients.

Bianca: Can't get it from a catalogue, you can't buy it off the racks, so where did it come from?

Ryan: I honestly have never seen this button, or any button -- anything like this ever before.

Bianca: Well, whoever Zoe pulled it off must have some connection to Cambias.

Ryan: Wait a minute. Why are you doing this? Why -- why are you doing the detective work here? Why not pass this off to Jackson or Derek?

Bianca: My Uncle Jack is extremely busy. I just wanted to see if this is the real thing before I called him, and Derek doesn't know about the button, and there's just absolutely no point in telling him.

Ryan: Other than the fact that he happens to be the chief of police.

Bianca: Derek thinks that Zoe was a victim of a hate crime. He refuses to acknowledge that the killer might have any involvement.

Ryan: What? He didn't know the guy at the cemetery was wearing the same dark hood?

Bianca: According to Chief Frye, what the assailant was wearing is not nearly as important as what Zoe was wearing.

Ryan: Oh. Derek hasn't exactly warmed up to the whole transgender concept, huh?

Bianca: Derek is acting like a narrow-minded jerk.

Ryan: But he is a very good cop, Bianca. I'm not -- I'm not saying that you're wrong. I'm just saying, until we have definitive proof, we have to consider all the possibilities, including the possibility that Zoe was a victim of a hate crime.

Bianca: Zoe is in the hospital. Kendall is in danger. I -- I just want this whole thing to be over.

Ryan: We all do.

Bianca: I don't know what the button means, but I want you to find out. You know Cambias. You know the family history, you know the company. I trust that you'll do this right.

Ryan: Right.

Zoe: Now you want to do right by Babe. It's a little late.

J.R.: You think that I don't know that? My wife is dead. It rips me apart all day long. I don't need a reminder from you.

Zoe: The last time we saw each other, I was lying on the ground, just having been beaten to a bloody pulp. And did you lend a hand? Did you call for help? No. You stepped over me like a worthless piece of trash. I can only imagine what the details of your last encounter with Babe was like.

J.R.: I would do anything to bring Babe back. I would want to bring back my son's mother in a heartbeat. But there's nothing I can do about that.

Zoe: Suddenly, you're awash with compassion for Babe. I don't buy it.

J.R.: Babe was holding on to a secret about her mother. I promised that I wouldn't let it come out, and it sure as hell won't because of you.

Zoe: How do know your motivations are pure?

J.R.: It's what Babe wanted. Look, I was her husband. Who were you? You were no one to her.

Zoe: I was her friend.

J.R.: You were her charity case. You threw your life away and now you decide to take over Babe’s? Don't even try it. It's an insult to her memory.

Erica: Don't be ridiculous. This is my daughter's room. And then my son might be in there with her.

Man: I'm under strict orders.

Erica: I'm going in to see my children now.

[The bodyguard blocks Erica's path.]

Kendall: I'm calling Jack. He can help us. Oh.

Zach: Not Jack.

Kendall: Come on. Zach, listen to me, ok? I have faith in you, and us. But this is way too much for us to handle on our own. Now, please -- please --

Zach: No one in Pine Valley can help us now.

Kendall: Fine, ok. Well, then we help ourselves.

Zach: "We"? No. You don't do anything.

Kendall: No, Zach, I'm not going to let some ghost make us his victim. I did this -- my choices.

Kendall: I came here with you -- to help you, to find answers and end this.

Zach: We have answers. My father's killing these women to blame me.

Kendall: For your mother's death. That was an accident, Zach. Your father told you when you were 5 years old it wasn't your fault. Now, after all this time, he suddenly changed his mind? He's decided to get revenge?

Zach: This isn't about my mother's death, it's about mine.

Kendall: Ok, but I thought that the -- the gardenias and the silk ribbon -- those were messages to you. "You took away the woman I loved. Now, I'm taking away the women you love."

Zach: You heard what Raymond said. My mom was an accessory to my dad, a possession.

Kendall: But you were so much more?

Zach: Oh, yeah. The golden child. Could be anything that he decided I could be.

Kendall: Until you escaped?

Zach: Yep, killed myself in a fiery crash, and all his hopes and dreams went up in smoke.

Kendall: You took away his control.

Zach: The thing that he loved more than anything in the world. And now he wants to do the same to me.

Kendall: He can't, Zach. He won't. Just let me call Jack. Let me tell him what's going on, and he can alert everyone back at home.

Zach: The danger isn't at home.

Kendall: Well, your father's on the loose in Pine Valley. What, you think he followed us here? No, Zach, we have -- we have the plane, the disguises, the fake name. We planned everything down to the last detail. There's no way he knows where we are.

[Phone rings repeatedly]

Kendall: It's -- it's nothing. It's a wrong number or a coincidence. All right. You shut the hell up -- we're not here.

[Zach finally picks up the phone]

Zach: I'm here.

Alexander: Hello, Alex. May I call you Alex? It is the name I gave you.

Zach: You want me, I'm ready.

Alexander: How generous. But after so many years without my son, I've moved on to other interests.

Zach: Just you and me, no one else -- just you and me.

[Alexander chuckles]

Alexander: Mano a mano -- I do like the sound of that.

Zach: Say the word.

Alexander: The warehouse at 2 Sunset Avenue.

Kendall: You go, I go.

Erica: Kendall, I'm right outside your room. Please come out into the hallway, honey. There's someone you need to fire. Did you hear that? You're about to lose your job.

Man: I told you before -- I can't let you pass.

Erica: I will get in there to see my children. And my daughter, who owns most of this casino -- she's going to be told exactly --

Ryan: What's going on here?

Erica: Ryan, this -- this -- this monolith -- he won't let me in to see Kendall.

Ryan's voice: "Stay away from Slater. He killed your sister, he'll kill the mother of your child."

[Ryan knocks down the guard and crashes into Kendall's room]

Ryan: Kendall!

Jamie: The killer got by all of us, not just you, so you can blame Aidan, you can blame me, you can blame yourself, but it's not going to get us any closer to finding him.

Tad: By all means. Why don't you just tell me -- what will? Stop looking at me like that. If you want to do your job your way, you do it your way. Just get busy, ok? Make yourself useful.

Aidan: Let's just get something straight here, shall we? Ever since this whole mess started, I've had your back. You're not the only one that lost someone in this mess, you know. Now I know you are hurting because of Dixie, but it does not give you the right to talk to me the way you just did. You don't need my help? You think you can save the world on your own? Then go ahead.

Tad: Why not? That's my job, isn't it? That's what I'm supposed to do? It's written all over my face -- Mr. Come through in the clutch, and I guess you wouldn't know that unless you've taken a look at the stellar job I've been doing around here. First, I promised Dixie to find Kate.

[Tad sighs]

Tad: Came through with flying colors on that one, and then I promised her I would get this guy and -- she's the one that ends up paying for all my mistakes. I swear to God, I fall asleep at night, and all I can hear is this bastard laughing at me. But that's not your fault, either, Fish and Chips. I'm sorry. I apologize. I guess I did let her down after all. Come to think of it, that's all I ever did -- is let her down.

J.R.: No. My mom loved you. She believed in you. You never let her down.

Erica: All this talk about strict security and my daughter is missing!

Man: Hand over your badge and weapon. You're done.

Erica: Ryan, Kendall is supposed to be here, and she's gone. Josh is supposed to be gone, but J.R. says that he's here -- I mean, where are my children?

Man: You two are not authorized to be in here. I have to ask you to step outside.

Erica: My daughter is gone. She's not answering her phone. She could be in tremendous danger. She has disappeared from her room. Did you let somebody get to her?

Man: You need to leave.

Erica: Where is she?

Kendall's voice: Is there another Cambias out there we don't know about who's committing murder?

Zach's voice: I need to know what happened when my father died.

[Zach loads a gun and sticks it the back of his belt]

Kendall: Your father is alive -- dangerously, psychotically alive. You are not going to meet him without a small army behind you.

Zach: This is what I have to know.

Kendall: Zach, I know that you would do anything to protect me. I mean, you can take on a dozen serial killers by yourself, but not this one.

Zach: Come here.

Kendall: Yes?

Zach: Come here.

Kendall: Hmm.

[Zach sighs]

Zach: You're my wife.

Kendall: Yes.

Zach: Ahem. You're my partner.

Kendall: Always.

Zach: And you're Spike's mom. You're not coming.

Kendall: That wasn't fair.

Zach: You're not coming.

Kendall: Ok, so I'm supposed to just watch you walk out that door?

Zach: Yeah. Those guys out there, they're going to barricade you in. Don't call the police, don't call anybody, and do me a favor, please? Take it easy on the room service.

Kendall: Zach?

Zach: All right.

Kendall: So I'm supposed to just sit here and wait for you and wonder if the next time that I see you is going to be in a body bag?

Zach: Shh. Everything -- all of it's been leading up to this -- father and son. It's between him and me, alone.

Aidan: So are you ladies ready to get back to work?

J.R.: I'm ready.

Tad: No. No, I appreciate the fact that you want to be involved, J.R. --

J.R.: Well, this killer took my wife and my mother. I want him as much as you guys do.

Tad: J.R., you just ditched the cane. You're not ready to start chasing down leads.

J.R.: What are you talking about? I could answer the phones, I can surf the net. Just -- just let me help.

Jamie: He's in. I have been hacking into all the systems of the area -- Dad's trying to find out if anybody ordered a little too much V-tach.

J.R.: Well, a couple of guys in my AA group actually belong to Narcotics Anonymous. They probably know some local drug dealers you can talk to.

Tad: It's a good lead. Well, don't just sit there -- get on it.

Ryan: Well, women and their bubble baths, right? I'm a little embarrassed, too, here. We're freaking out out here, and Kendall's in the tub with her headphones on. I want to apologize to you for, you know, any false alarms or anything like that.

Man: No problem.

Ryan: And thank you very much for letting us see Mrs. Slater -- we really appreciate it. I'll spare you the exact words, but she definitely doesn't want to be disturbed again. In fact, why don't you wait here until Mr. Slater comes back -- how about that?

Erica: What was that?

Ryan: Slater did it, Erica. He got Kendall out without the killer knowing.

Erica: The cards are just for show.

Ryan: This is exactly what -- this is exactly what we wanted -- Kendall as far away from Pine Valley as possible.

Erica: Are you sure she's ok? I mean, I have to know that my daughter is safe.

Ryan: Zach is going to protect Kendall -- I guarantee you that, ok? But we have to do our part, too. ourselves. Can do you that -- for Kendall?

Erica: Oh, damn it, Kendall. Why don't you pick up your phone?

Kendall: Only because I know that you'll come back to me. Just promise me that you'll come back.

[Zach and Kendall kiss then he picks up his things and silently leaves her crying]

Bianca: Zoe? Are you ok?

Zoe: I think I've made a grave error in judgment -- about the enigma that is J.R. Chandler.

Bianca: Oh.

[Bianca scoffs]

Bianca: Forget it. Don't even waste any mental energy on that jerk.

Zoe: Well, but what if I was wrong about him? What if I'm wrong about everything?

Bianca: You're not, so just relax. You need to focus your energy on trying to get better.

Zoe: You and Julia told me I have so much to learn, and you're right. Ever since I've come out as a woman, I've made bad decisions and misjudged situations and people.

Bianca: Well, you -- you shouldn't have been in a graveyard late at night alone. Sure. That doesn't give a murderer any right to attack you.

Zoe: But what if it wasn't a murderer? Derek's right -- he just beat me. He didn't use a syringe, he didn't sprinkle me with gardenia petals or satin ribbons.

Bianca: Yes, b you did say he was wearing the same kind of hood that the person who attacked Babe was wearing.

Zoe: But what if that was all in my head? What if my mind just turned some prejudiced punk into a serial killer just because I wanted justice for Babe so badly?

Bianca: Oh, well, look, you weren't wrong. You were attacked by the Satin Slayer, and you're lucky you're alive.

Tad: What about that sleazy motel out by the airport?

Aidan: It's done. I crossed it off the list yesterday.

Jamie: Dr. Robert Lee -- he orders lots of dog vitamins, but not too much V-tach.

J.R.: Why would anybody take a drug that's a sedative for horses? That doesn't even sound like fun.

Ryan: What did Danielle remember about her attack?

Aidan: She thought it was a guy wearing black gloves.

Ryan: What else?

Aidan: A bird. She remembers a bird swooped down on her.

[Ryan sets down the killer's button]

Ryan: Gentlemen? We know who the killer is.

Kendall: You will come back to me. I know you will.

[When Zach arrives at the warehouse brandishing his gun, a spotlight goes on, and he's staring at the image of his mother smiling at him.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

[Tad, Ryan, and are on a plane]

Tad: Killer left another message.

Ryan: Saying?

Tad: He set a trap and Zach and Kendall walked right into.

[Kendall receives Zach's pre-recorded message while he lies bound and gagged on the floor]

Zach: Listen carefully and do as I say. Come to the warehouse, 2 Sunset Avenue. I need you right now.

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