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Zach: You were with my dad when he died.

Ryan: He didn't say anything about your mother.

Zach: Well, what -- what did he say? You found him in the desert. Spent his last hours with him at the hospital. What did he say to you? Anything? Something? What?

Ryan: What are you hoping to find out, Zach?

Zach: I'll know when I hear it.

Ryan: Still keeping secrets?

Zach: No. I don't have the key to these murders. I'm hoping you do. You just don't know about it.

Ryan: That's a long shot.

Zach: Only shot we got.

Erica: Oh, Tad, get in here right now.

Tad: Hey, Jeff.

Jeff: Hey, Tad. Erica, what's -- what's going on?

Erica: We have no idea, do we? Tad, we have no idea where our son is. You have got to find Josh.

Josh: J.R., get the hell out of here.

J.R.: I thought we got rid of you.

Josh: Kendall's my sister. You're the one in the wrong place.

J.R.: No, you don't get to tell me where I can go or what I can do.

Josh: You want to take this outside?

Kendall: Ok, listen to me. J.R. was just leaving.

Otto: I thought that Mr. Madden was ok.

Kendall: He is, he is. I want to see him. Guys, can we just calm down for one second, please? Now, Josh, J.R. came because he misses Babe. He just -- he just misses her, that's it.

J.R.: You're not the only one who's mourning her.

Josh: Are you kidding me? After everything you put Babe through, you deserved to lose her.

J.R.: Babe should still be here. But she's dead, because of you.

Babe: Who are you? I don't know you. You -- oh –

Nurse: Oh, no, no, no, no. No escape for you until you're all well.

Babe: Escape -- escape, no. No -- no -- escape.

[Lying in bed, Babe remembers the person who attacked her]

[At the cemetery, Zoe sees the same person who attacked Babe and lashes out at the killer.]

Zoe: It's you. You killed her.

[The figure in black continues to beat up and strangle Zoe until she lies unconscious on the ground.]

Babe: No. No, it's you.

Nurse: Please, you need to lie still.

Babe: No, no –

Nurse: No one can hurt you.

Babe: Don't kill me, no!

Nurse: Try to stay calm, please. Please, lie still.

J.R.'s voice: If you don't hand over all rights to our son, I'll ruin your mother's life. Choose. Your mother, or your son. Your mother, or your son. Your mother, or your son. Your mother, or your son.

Erica: Our son is bereft. He is devastated by Babe's death. He needs us.

Jeff: No, he needs some time alone.

Erica: But where? Doing what? You have no idea.

Jeff: Well, when Josh wants to get back in touch with us, he will.

Erica: If he's able.

Jeff: Erica, please, he's not going to do anything rash.

Erica: And -- and you say that because he's always shown such good judgment before?

Tad: Erica, I'm busy. There's -- there's a serial killer on the loose out there.

Erica: No kidding. My God, Tad, you don't think I know that? I mean, my daughter is out there with a target on her back. We're doing everything we can to protect her.

Jeff: Well, no one knows more about that than Tad.

Erica: And no one knows more about losing a child.

Tad: Erica, this guy usually aims at women. Do you really think for one minute that Josh is in danger?

Jeff: No.

Erica: Oh -- men. Look, with all due respect, you weren't there. You weren't with Josh. I was there, and I saw him. He is not just in mourning, he is beyond -- he's -- he's lost his reason for living. I mean, his -- his love for Babe -- that was beyond all kind of understanding.

Jeff: Oh, please, Erica, he's -- he's lying low, that's all.

Erica: Look, first he finds out that the man who raised him was a madman. He thinks I didn't want him to be born. Jeff and I are still on probation as far as Josh is concerned. His love for Babe -- that was everything to him. It was the only thing that was holding him together.

Tad: So, now that Babe is dead, you're rooting for her?

Erica: No. What I'm saying is that Josh has pinned all his hopes on her, and that was the worst thing, and to a Chandler. What I'm saying is that we have to act now, before Josh does something -- something just completely irrational and desperate -- that he can't undo.

Josh: What planet are you on?

J.R.: How many times did Babe tell you -- she wanted me? She wanted a life with me.

Josh: A life she thought she wanted.

J.R.: She didn't tell you she loved me? She didn't tell you to back off so we could work things out? But you wouldn't let her walk away, would you?

Josh: She deserved better.

J.R.: Better than you, that's for sure.

Kendall: Ok, this is not helping anyone.

Josh: You couldn't believe her. She told you the truth about us.

J.R.: Oh, I couldn't believe her? At least I listened to her. You kept messing with her head.

Josh: You kept ripping into her. You treated her like dirt, J.R.

J.R.: And why was that? Oh, cause you couldn't keep your damn hands off of her! You know, if you really respected her, I would never have caught you in that lip lock in that shed.

Josh: We were just --

J.R.: Oh, just saying good-bye? Yeah, Babe told me. But how long was that going to go on for? You kept dogging her. You kept stirring things up between Babe and me. And thanks to you, she didn't stay with me where she would have been safe.

Josh: You were blackmailing her.

Kendall: That's foreplay to the Chandler men.

Josh: You tried to keep her away from her own son.

J.R.: My son. Because you were in the picture. If you respected Babe and my son, she would still be alive, and we would still have the opportunity to be happy again.

Josh: In your dreams, J.R.

J.R.: Right, because that's all that I have. Not to mention, Babe's life was in danger. That she was next on that maniac's hit list. You gave that killer an opportunity, and he took it. Nice job. Yeah, you saved Babe from me once and for all. You're a real hero.

[Phone rings]

Josh: What is it?

Nurse: The patient's heart rate is 180.

Josh: I'll be right there.

J.R.: No, I don't think so. We are not finished here.

Ryan: Your father -- your father -- I mean, he was a tortured man. He was stubborn. But I don't need to tell you that. Um -- honestly, he seemed ok to me. He didn't seem like he was sick to me, until -- until he started writing that check.

Ryan's voice: You just go ahead and sign that, and I'll just get out of your way. Go ahead, you just sign that.

Alexander: Agh!

Ryan: Yeah

Alexander: Agh!

Ryan: Hey, hey, hey, you all right?

Alexander: I can't --

Ryan: Hey --

Alexander: Oh!

Ryan: Hey. Hey! Shh. No, no, no, no.

[Ryan recalls Alexander clutching at his left arm and collapsing on the floor]

Ryan: So I brought him to the hospital as fast as I could. But his heart was pretty much shot. I mean, he hadn't exactly taken care of himself. He didn't talk much about family until he was stuck in that hospital bed.

Alexander: All his life, Michael competed with Alex and always came in second. He was always compared to Alex and suffered the comparison.

Ryan: You don't think Michael --

Alexander: I don't want it to be the truth. What father would? But in my heart, I know. Michael may not have raised his hand against his brother, but he's responsible for Alex's death.

Ryan: He missed you, Zach. That's why he wanted me around. Obviously, Michael didn't turn into a son he could be very proud of.

Zach: Yeah, and whose fault was that?

Ryan: When Erica called -- when Alex found out what Michael had done to Bianca -- I mean, the old man almost checked out right there and then. They called Code Blue. Crash carts came in, the whole deal.

Zach: Yeah. I'm not getting anything I can use here.

Ryan: Your father was human, Zach. He was horrified that Michael had raped Bianca.

Zach: My father was horrified, because Michael blackened the Cambias name.

Ryan: It wasn't like that, Zach.

Zach: He hated my brother, because he was weak. Because he was less than he thought I would have been. And if I had raped an innocent girl, my father would have paid her off, made it all disappear.

Ryan: He was sick about the whole thing, Zach.

Zach: He made Michael what he was.

Ryan: I really hope that you are not trying to excuse what your brother did.

Zach: Excuse? No, I'm not making excuses for anybody. Those are just words, Ryan. Words. But you know what they are? They're a remarkable weapon. Remarkable. No blood, no bruises, and no way to fight back. No way to defend yourself. The only thing you can do is survive, or escape. And you know all about that. When I escaped, I left all my father's hatred for Michael, and he couldn't take it.

Ryan: At your funeral, your father was watching Michael. And he saw him smile at your coffin. And your father never forgave Michael for that, never. That's why he hated Michael.

Zach: Before the old man died, what'd you guys talk about, huh? What was it?

Ryan: I mean, he'd recovered. They were going to release him. And -- and then we watched Michael's preliminary hearing, and -- we saw that they were going to release him, too. I mean, they didn't have enough evidence to make Michael pay for what he had done to Bianca.

Ryan's voice: I bet you wish now I'd turned that damn thing off. Alex? Hey, hey. Hey, man. Hey, hey, hey.

[Alexander groans]

Ryan: You all right? Oh.

Alexander: Agh --

Ryan's voice: Hey, I need some help in here, now! Listen, man -- shh, it's ok. It's all right.

Ryan: And then all hell broke loose. They brought him back, but his heart had sustained too much damage. He lingered for a little while, but then he crashed again, and -- and that was it.

Zach: But before all that, what did you guys talk about? What did he say to you?

Ryan: I mean, we talked about his will. He talked about changing his will -- you know, one last slam to Michael. Gave me Cambias Industries. And then -- and he had the nurse give me the pocket watch.

Zach: That funny to you? Here's a man, he's dying. All he thinks about is possessions. Not his life, not regrets, not his family, friends. Not his wife, the way she died. Nothing.

J.R.: You think I'm just going to forget about Babe?

Josh: This is an emergency.

J.R.: Yeah, right.

Josh: A patient needs me!

J.R.: You don't even practice medicine anymore! What, you got a game you're missing?

Kendall: How is this helping anyone?

J.R.: What, maybe you got another woman stashed somewhere. Hmm?

Josh: No --

Kendall: Enough, enough. Ok, enough, J.R. --

J.R.: Oh, what --

Kendall: I will not -- we will not let you pick a fight, ok?

J.R.: You make his decisions for him now?

Kendall: He's my brother, J.R.

J.R.: Well, you got a lot to live down. You're so thick with Josh, you need to get it through his head -- he's not welcome here. He's not wanted in Pine Valley. He's not wanted in the state! So you tell him to get the hell out, and stay out!

[As Josh accesses a private elevator, J.R. barges in]

J.R.: Where do you think you're going?

Josh: Get out.

J.R.: I'm coming along for the ride.

Josh: No, you're not.

J.R.: You dogged Babe and my life.

Josh: I'm not playing.

J.R.: Neither am I.

Jack: J.R. -- you can't be here.

J.R.: A casino? A public place?

Jack: Not this area, son.

J.R.: Oh, yeah, you're in charge of this investigation.

Jack: That's right, and I'm not going to see our security compromised.

J.R.: So protect Kendall. It's too late for Babe.

Jack: We're all very sorry about your loss.

J.R.: Oh. You're sorry?

Jack: Your family has suffered a -- a terrible loss. And -- the fact is, however, the police have secured this floor, and you're going to have to leave.

J.R.: And he gets to stick around? After what he did to Babe? Oh, I get it. He's Kendall's family. He's privileged.

Jeff: Tad is grieving, too.

Erica: Of course. Poor Dixie. You know how sorry I am, Tad. And my goodness, your loss is even more tragic given your situation with Kate.

Jeff: Erica, say good night to Tad.

Erica: Tad, I trust you. I know what a fine detective you are. And I know that you understand how much this means to me.

Tad: And I appreciate that, Erica, but the fact is, even if I did find Josh --

Erica: Oh, you will. I know you will.

Tad: Even if I did find him, he's not going to come back with me.

Erica: Oh, that's all right. He doesn't have to. I just -- I just would like to speak to him. I -- I want to know that he's all right. I want him to know that we love him.

Jeff: No, no, no, Josh needs some time to himself.

Erica: But we could lose him, Jeff. He's so angry at -- at the world, at God.

Jeff: Yeah, so, he went out and took a walk.

Erica: But he could keep on walking right out of our lives. Is that what you want?

[Phone rings]

Jeff: Ah. Excuse me.

Jeff: Hello?

Josh: We got a situation. I need your help.

Jeff: I'm at Valley Inn now. I'm on my way. Excuse me, I -- I have to go to the hospital.

Erica: Jeff, we're talking about our son's life here.

Jeff: Listen, I have a feeling about this. Josh is fine. Trust him. When he wants to get in touch with us, he will, hmm? See you, Tad.

Ryan: Alex was obsessed with Michael joining him in hell.

Alexander: Flames all around -- beckoning me.

Ryan: Alex -- Alex, your son is not dead, ok? And you're not going to hell -- not on my watch.

Alexander: If only -- if only you had been my son, instead of that miserable --

Ryan: Forget about Michael, all right? Let's just focus. Let's focus on getting better.

Alexander: This is the end for me, Ryan. I can feel death breathing down my neck.

Ryan: That's the air conditioner. I'll have them turn it down.

Alexander: Promise me -- promise me when I'm gone, you won't forget what we -- what we talked about.

Ryan: You're not going anywhere.

Alexander: Promise me.

Ryan: I know what to do. I won't let you down.

Alexander: Thank you. You're a good man, Ryan.

Ryan: Alex? Alex? The staff raced in, and he went through it all again with the crash cart and shocks to his heart, except this time, that it was -- you know, it was too late. Dr. Najimy came in, coded him, and that was it. He never mentioned your mother, never mentioned the name Amelia.

Zach: We're missing something. Why can't we figure this out?

Jack: So how are you holding up?

Kendall: Well, I'm anxious to get things back to normal.

Jack: Yeah, well, aren't we all?

Kendall: Yeah. You know, when J.R. showed up here, I freaked out. I mean, if he discovered our secret in the subbasement, my heart would have stopped.

Nurse: She's been groggy, and then she went off. Her heart rate accelerated so rapidly, I was afraid to medicate. I thought it might be a reaction to --

Josh: She's in SVT. Vagal massage should slow her heart rate, but ready some adenosine just in case. I need to see the pulse ox machine.

Josh: That's it. That's it, Babe. Keep the adenosine ready. She may go out on us again.

Nurse: I'll have it ready. Is she going to be all right?

Josh: You know what? Draw some pentobarbital, just in case. It's what we used to induce her coma at the hospital. Sensory stimulation is not good for her right now. We got to keep her under long enough to make sure her heart becomes less sensitized.

[J.R. visits his mother's gravesite]

J.R.: You're not supposed to be here, Mom. I'm so sorry it took me so long to forgive you. Before, when I thought that you were dead, I always wondered where you were. I never stopped thinking about it. But you're not alone anymore. You'll never be alone anymore. You're with Babe. You're lying where I always thought that I would be one day. At least before everything went wrong with us.

[As J.R. sits on a bench next to Babe's grave, someone reaches out and grabs his ankle]

J.R.: What the hell? Who are you? You.

Zoe: You. J.R.

J.R.: What are you doing? What is this supposed to be, some sort of dramatic farewell to my wife? She's dead! Leave her alone!

Zoe: Babe. Not --

J.R.: What? What is your problem? Huh? What the hell? What, did you get loaded, huh? What, did some -- some bad man hurt your feelings at the bar, big girl? Did you come on to the wrong guy? You kept playing him until he found out you were a she-male? What do you expect. You're not a woman, you freak! You don't have the right equipment. And no amount of booze will ever change that. You just had to bring your gender-bending game into Pine Valley, right? You couldn't just leave us alone. You couldn't just give Babe and me a chance? She could still be here right now. Are you happy now? Pathetic. You don't belong here. You don't belong anywhere. You've destroyed my family. You give me one good reason why I should let you destroy anybody else's. You tell me why a freak show like you should be able to walk this earth when so many people, so many good people, have already died. Answer me!

Zach: Someone is adding touches of my mother's life to these murders -- gardenias, the white ribbon around her neck. So we got Jenkins, right? Had to be him -- turned out it's not him. So who is it? Who is so obsessed with my mother and her death, they would kill innocent women?

Ryan: I want that answer as badly as you do, Zach.

Zach: Yeah, well, you got the watch, you got the watch. What else did my father give you -- and I don't mean Cambias, I don't mean the money -- what kind of clues did he give you? What did he say to you?

Ryan: You went to the storage space. You've seen everything there -- you went.

Zach: And -- yes. What about the hospital? What happened -- was there anyone there? Who -- who did you meet that was there?

Ryan: There was the doctor, Dr. Najimy, and the nurse -- Zaza Johnson. That's it.

Zach: All right, it's a start.

[Spike cries]

Zach: Ryan? Do you mind?

Ryan: No, go ahead.

Jack: Nothing's going to happen to you, Kendall.

Kendall: I know that. With you and Zach protecting me, I'm not worried.

Jack: All right. You need anything -- I mean, anything at all -- you let me know.

Kendall: I will.

Jack: Ok.

Kendall: You don't blame Zach, do you -- for everything that's happened?

Jack: Zach didn't create this maniac.

Kendall: I know that, but he feels responsible.

Jack: It's not his fault. As a matter of fact, I think Zach's doing everything he possibly can to catch this killer be -- you know, be -- ah.

Kendall: I wish everyone felt that way.

Zach: I think people just need some time and some distance from all this pain. You know I love you, right?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Jack: And no matter what happens between your mother and me, you'll always be my daughter. That's a marriage vow that will stand forever. Ok?

Kendall: Ok.

[Jack laughs]

Kendall: More than ok.

Erica: Look, I -- I didn't mean to be inconsiderate or thoughtless. If I weren't so concerned about Josh, I --

Tad: I know. I know. Well, the truth is I want to keep busy, you know? I have to.

Erica: Well, it can help to keep your mind off things. Tad? If there's anything I can do to help you, please -- please let me know.

Tad: I will. Thanks.

Erica: If only I could bring Dixie back to you.

Tad: Yeah -- if only.

Erica: Didn't you think that Jeff was strange?

Tad: In what way? He's always been a little unique.

Erica: No, really. I think that Jeff should be just as anxious for you to find Josh as I am. I mean, I know he cares.

Tad: Oh, yeah, no doubt there.

Erica: So he just wants me to ignore the situation?

Tad: Well, Erica, he didn't exactly say that.

Erica: It's just so male.

Tad: Huh?

Erica: Look, Tad, I don't want to do the wrong thing. My relationship with Josh -- it's still so new. So please tell me what you really think. Do you think that Jeff was right? Do you think if I just give Josh some time and some space, that he will get over Babe’s death and -- and he will come back?

Josh: She's in normal sinus rhythm now. What set her off exactly?

Nurse: It was when she realized that she wasn't in a hospital.

Josh: Then the next time she wakes up, she's going to be in her own hospital. Call this number, ask for anything you want. You have any questions?

Nurse: I can handle it.

Josh: You don't have to be scared anymore. I'm not going to let you die on me. You have too many years left. You should be having sweet dreams about your long, long life watching Little A grow up, marry a girl you don't think nearly is good enough for him, playing with your grandkids. That's it.

Jeff: Hey, Josh. How is she?

Josh: She was in SVT when I -- when I came in. Stimulating her vagal nerve seemed to do the trick, but why don't you take a look at her, make sure I didn't miss anything.

Jeff: All right.

Josh: I can't lose her

Tad: Erica, if I'm any judge, Josh is probably very raw right now. He's got to do some healing before he's fit to be around other people.

Erica: But I'm not "other people."

Tad: And he knows that. He knows how much you care about him. Maybe he's just trying to spare you some grief.

Erica: I don't want to be spared. I mean, if my son needs silence and rest, I want him to have it, but I just want to know that he's all right.

Tad: "All right"? He's a highly intelligent adult. I don't think you have to worry about him.

Erica: Well, I am worried about him. And I'm worried about myself. And I know that's very selfish. But I can't help thinking -- I mean, what if -- what if Josh has -- has written me off? What if he never wants to see me again?

Tad: Why would he do that?

Erica: Because he might blame me. He's so in love with Babe, and maybe he thinks he should've run off and had a life with her. But I tried to keep them apart because I hated Babe, and he knows that and -- and I said horrible things to her.

Tad: Don't, ok? Don't. You had nothing to do with what happened to Babe -- nothing. You're not to blame. Look, as your friend, you want me to put out some feelers?  It's done. I'll get some guys out there, we'll find Josh, we'll bring him home to you. Don't worry.

Zach: Ah, little man -- it's like old times, huh? Just you and me, hanging out. Ah -- your mom would be so jealous right now, because you're her favorite little man. It's a fire over there. I'd like to be you for a day, loved by so many people -- no, think about it. You got your dad, got your mom, you got me.

[Spike babbles as Zach kisses him]

Zach: Hmm. I got to tell you, I got a bad feeling about this. But you know what? I promise you something right now -- no matter what's going to happen, there's always going to be a voice for you -- a voice that's going to tell you that you're loved the way you are right now. Come here, give me love. Oh, little stinker. Come on. Hey.

Ryan: Hey.

Zach: Ah.

Ryan: Hey, buddy. All right, now. I went to Fusion, and I tried to -- I tried to communicate with the killer. I talked into the bug that I knew was there, hoping he was listening. I want you to know that -- I told him I would do anything to save Kendall, anything that he wanted.

Zach: And?

Ryan: And nothing. But if does try to contact me, Zach, I will follow whatever instructions that he gives me.

Zach: Good. You do what you have to do.

Jeff: It's nice work, son.

Josh: Yeah, well, I got lucky. I don't want to take any more chances with her.

Jeff: Well, she has a fine doctor. Now, are you sure you don't want to reconsider coming back and working at the hospital?

Josh: You know, you put a lot on the line to make this happen. I can't thank you enough, Dad.

Jeff: Your calling me "Dad" -- that's thanks enough.

Josh: Yeah, well, if -- if this doesn't work out, even if it does, you could be in a lot of trouble.

Jeff: There's nothing new there.

Josh: Yeah, but your career is your life.

Jeff: No, no, it's not everything, and don't worry about me. What matters is we keep her safe, all right?

Josh: Thanks.

[Josh gives Jeff a hug good-bye]

[While taking care of Spike in his apartment, Ryan receives a fax from the killer saying, "Nice try. Too late!"

Kendall: Well, I feel safer.

Jack: Oh. Well, then you won't mind if I look in on you every day?

Kendall: I think it'll be the high point of my day.

[Jack chuckles]

Kendall: It will.

Zach: Hey. Jack.

Jack: Hey, Slater.

Zach: Pack your bags.

Kendall: Ryan couldn't tell you what you needed?

Zach: I'll explain on the way to the airport.

Kendall: No, no, Zach, I told you I'm not leaving you.

Zach: I'm going with you.

Jack: Wait, wait, wait, wait. And -- and what would your destination be, exactly?

Zach: Vegas.

Kendall: Vegas? Ok, I -- I'm guessing this is not a vacation.

Zach: No. There are some answers in the desert, and you'll be just as safe there as you are here.

Jack: Maybe safer if we can convince the killer that you're still in Pine Valley.

Kendall: Yeah, but leaving?

Jack: Yeah, it might -- just might give us the opportunity to feed this guy enough rope to hang himself while you're safe in Vegas and Babe is hidden downstairs.

Zach: Doesn't get safer than that.

Kendall: Ok. Let's pack light.

J.R.: Well, ain't that a pretty picture. Want to know who you look like? The same sick, ugly, drunken trash you are. Oh. Sleep it off.

[As J.R. walks away from Zoe, she opens her hand and reveals a large button.]

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Babe: I'm in the hospital?

Josh: Where else would you be, Babe?

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