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J.R.: I'm sorry, Babe. Oh, please. You don't know how sorry I am.

[Monitor beeps]

Babe: My God. Where -- where -- where -- where am I?

Josh: Babe --

Babe: Where am I?

Josh: You're safe. You're safe, don't worry. Just relax. I won't let anyone hurt you. How are you feeling?

Babe: I thought I was dead.

J.R.: How -- how do I -- how do I say good-bye to my mom?

Tad: I'm worried about J.R. I don't know if he's going to make it through this one.

Joe: Right now, I'm worrying about Krystal and the baby.

Julia: Ahem -- everyone is invited back to Wildwind to celebrate the lives of these wonderful women.

Palmer: Thank you.

Julia: Sure.

Krystal: You'll always be my baby doll. Always.

Colby: I'm -- I'm so sorry, J.R.

Adam: We'll meet you back at the house.

[As Krystal walks away with Adam, Tad grabs her hand.]

[Zach crouches by his son Ethan's gravesite with the headstone reading "Ethan Andrew Cambias * Steadfast, Righteous, and True * Born: 3/22/1981, Died: 2/20/2006"]

Zach: I'm going to find the man who took the woman you loved, son. I'm going to find him and I'm going to stop him. Tell Simone I won't let it go, ok? Tell her I'm sorry.

J.R.: If you -- if you still love Maggie, forgive her. She may be -- she may be gone tomorrow.

Bianca: Oh, God, I'm so sorry, J.R. I can't even imagine.

J.R.: Neither can I.

Bianca: I understand why you didn't speak during the services. There are no words.

Zoe: Words aren't necessary, unless they're used as weapons. Isn't that right, J.R.? Tell her why you really didn't speak, why you didn't pay tribute to the mother of your child.

Bianca: Zoe, this is not the time or the place --

Zoe: So no one would call you a hypocrite. A loathsome husband. You put Babe in that coffin as surely as the killer did.

Joe: Ruth wanted to come, flu or no flu, but I wouldn't let her.

Tad: I know, Pop. I talked to her this morning.

Joe: Son, if you need anything --

Tad: I know.

Opal: Yeah, you got to remember that you are never too old to need your folks.

Tad: You honestly think I don't know that?

Opal: Oh. Joe, you think you could take Palmer home? Maybe find some excuse to give him a once-over?

Joe: I don't think today he will even give me a fight.

Opal: Hmm. Thanks.

Tad: I'll talk to you later, Pop.

Joe: Ok.

Opal: Ugh! And I could just grab that old coot and hold him tight, tell him I am not going to let this take the fire from his eyes.

Tad: Then why don't you?

Opal: Yeah, and have him call the dogs on me?

Tad: Mama --

Opal: Because I can't fix what broke when Dixie died. You know, you can love and love and love. But you can't fill the empty spaces in your heart. You take care of your heart, too, honey.

Tad: I will, Mom.

Bianca: J.R. said good-bye to his mother and his wife today, so whatever it is you think you need to say --

Zoe: You planned to toss her out and steal her son. You tormented her with blackmail to get sole custody. Admit it. I don't know all of the sordid details. Only that you were threatening to ruin her mother's life, as well.

J.R.: What do you know? Huh? You only knew Babe for five minutes.

Zoe: I held Babe after the attack. I held her hand while she asked for her mother and her son. She didn't ask for you. She died hating you.

Ryan: Oh, hey. Hey. Hey, my little sweetheart? How are you doing?

Emma: Now I'm good.

Ryan: You're good now? Oh, that's nice. What's going on? Where are you going?

Annie: She just wants to show you her room.

Ryan: Oh, really?

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: You want to show me your room? You going to come?

Annie: Sure.

Ryan: Ok, great.

Julia: Ok, guys, hey, it's been a tough day. You don't have to do this. I've got everything.

Aidan: That's all right. We're happy to help.

Julia: Thanks.

Di: Hey -- hey, hey. Why don't you go take care of the cocktails?

Del: Yeah. Finally, something I can manage. Cocktails -- the more complicated, the better.

Aidan: How are you?

Di: I've had better days. Ugh.

Amanda: Do you still feel like you'll turn around, and she'll be there?

Jonathan: All the time.

Amanda: Like she'll come up to you and give you a big hug and have this really good story to tell you.

Jonathan: But then reality sets in, and she's not there. It's up to us to make it ok.

[After helping Krystal out of her boots, Adam lovingly covers her with a soft throw then lies down next to her.]

Adam: I'd do anything to give her back to you.

Babe: He -- he's out there. The killer -- he's -- you have to be careful. The killer's out --

Josh: She's on some pretty strong meds.

Kendall: We're both safe, Babe. You screamed. You screamed, and you fought back, and you got help. You did great.

Babe: I did?

Kendall: You did. Yeah.

Babe: Mama? My son and Mama --

Josh: Babe, they're fine. Listen, you just need to relax right now, ok?

Kendall: Yeah, Josh isn't going anywhere.

Josh: You had a heart attack. Your rhythm is good, but your pulse is low.

Babe: Am I going to be ok?

Josh: Yeah. You were injected with V-tach. We stabilized your heart with some medication.

Kendall: You're going to be fine, Babe. You're going to be great.

Josh: Your heart just needs to heal. Just rest, ok?

Babe: Where am I?

Krystal: Babe?

Colby: No. It's me. Oh, God, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have. I'll go.

Krystal: No, no, no, that's -- that's -- that's ok, Colby. Come on in. Come on in.

Colby: Dad said that you'd probably want some tea. And I know you haven't eaten in a while, so Winifred set this up.

Krystal: I'm not hungry.

Colby: I know I can't help. I wish -- I guess I don't know you all that well. All I know is you love Babe.

Krystal: Well, then you know everything there is to know about me.

Kendall: Come here. How long can we keep this from Babe?

Josh: As long as we can.

Kendall: Ok, well, that was really close. She can go in and out that fast?

Josh: Yeah, with the attack, the crashing, bringing her back? She's been through hell. She'll be out of it for a while, though.

Kendall: You love her. You're trying to save her. I can't come down on you for doing something wild and crazy and loving. The last time someone was this crazy, it saved Spike's life.

[Zach appears next to Kendall]

Zoe: You never deserved a chance to be Babe's destiny. And you can live with that. That's your reward.

Bianca: Ok, ok, enough. Stop. Today is about Dixie and Babe. It is not about what J.R. did or didn't do to Babe, or what anybody thinks of him. J.R., I'm sorry for your loss.

J.R.: Thank you for your sympathies.

Tad: J.R. -- J.R.? What's wrong? Where are you going? What are you doing?

J.R.: Not to the bar. Isn't that all that matters?

Kendall: So, was the funeral horrible?

Zach: Lots of tears, lots of SWAT Team guys. It was kind of weird, yeah.

Josh: Sounds cozy and intimate.

Zach: Zoe sang. It was beautiful.

Kendall: And J.R.? Did he go off on you again?

Zach: Nothing I haven't heard before.

Kendall: Yeah.

Josh: Any news from the cops? Jack?

Zach: No, no news.

Kendall: Krystal must be a total wreck. And, I mean, pregnant. I just -- I wish we weren't doing this to her.

Josh: Krystal was always pushing Babe back to J.R. Krystal's part of the problem. Zach offered a solution.

Kendall: Right. Tell the world Babe's dead to keep her alive.

Josh: Yeah, and it keeps her away from J.R.

Zach: Babe's safe. And only the necessary parties know about it.

Kendall: I've been on the other side before with Ryan. And how is Krystal going to feel? How is everyone else going to feel when they find out the person they've been grieving for is alive and stashed in a secret room in our casino?

Zach: Babe's safety is the most important thing. We'll deal with the fallout later, ok? And Ryan was there.

Kendall: Did he bring Spike to the service?

Zach: No. Must have been with Annie and Emma.

Ryan: Whoa! This is your bedroom? This is like a princess bedroom! This is awesome! Whoa, you got Dr. Feel Better over here. You even got your Little Mermaid doll. This is amazing. I like your big sheets. Look at you all set up. Do you like living at Wild --

Annie: Well --

Ryan: What was that?

[Annie laughs]

Annie: Welcome to real parenthood. One minute you're all that, the next, you're nothing.

Ryan: Taken for granted already.

Annie: Hmm.

Ryan: Awesome.

Annie: It's how you know your child feels happy, and loved. You look tired.

Ryan: The funeral was pretty brutal. Not that they're ever any fun.

Annie: I thought about Erin all day, too.

[Erin hugs Ryan]

Jonathan: Hey, is --

Annie: Oh.

Jonathan: Sorry.

Annie: No, no, no --

Jonathan: Sorry, no, my bad --

Ryan: Hey, hey, Jon, get back in here. What are you doing?

Jonathan: No -- no, I'm going to give you guys space to talk, ok?

Ryan: What? What's -- what are you -- what's going on?

Annie: I don't -- don't look at me. I'm going to go see if Spike's still napping.

Jonathan: I'm --

Ryan: Wait -- what'd I miss?

Jonathan: Hey, I'm happy for you, man.

Ryan: Huh.

Colby: You're holding that pillow like it's a person. That's what I do when I miss my mom. I called her today.

Krystal: Oh. I'll never hold my daughter again. I -- I still -- just, I can't accept it. I -- it just does not make any sense.

Colby: I -- I don't know what to say.

Krystal: I mean, that's why God gave me these arms, wasn't it? I mean, what good are these two things if I can't hold her?

Colby: I know I'm not your daughter, but maybe you could hug me and close your eyes and pretend that you have Babe back?

Krystal: Oh -- you don't have to be anybody but you, Colby. Come here.

[Adam walks into the bedroom and smiles to see Krystal holding Colby]

Jamie: You made guacamole.

Julia: You mentioned Babe liked it.

Jamie: You know how wonderful you are, don't you?

Julia: I just listen.

Tad: Hey.

Di: Tad, she loved you, you know?

Tad: Yeah. I do. The truth is, I thought we'd lost it forever, but she managed to let me know one more time before she died. Together Forever, huh?

Di: In a way, you are.

[Tad sighs]

Tad: Yeah, I guess so. Other than finding our daughter, I guess that's the best I could hope for. It'll be ok.

Kathy: Tad!

Tad: Uh-oh. How's the shortest, best-looking woman in Pine Valley? Come here, give me some. What are you doing?

Kathy: Ah!

Tad: What are you wearing? Oh, my God. You're like an elf.

Kathy: Whoa!

Tad: Get ready for shock therapy.

[Kathy laughs as Tad tickles her]

Zoe: May I join you?

Bianca: Yeah. Of course.

[Zoe sighs]

Zoe: Look, I'm sorry for what I said to J.R. It wasn't the time. What's this?

Bianca: Happier times.

Zoe: Yeah.

Bianca: Before everything went to hell.

Zoe: Oh, the joy in your faces -- they absolutely glow. It's breathtaking.

Bianca: Babe and I were quite the team once upon a time.

Zoe: I can see it. Your eyes were dancing.

Bianca: That's what it was like to be with Babe. Then everything changed.

Kendall: You're going to be ok, Babe. You're going to be dancing in no time.

Josh: I ripped into you at the hospital.

Zach: You weren't wrong.

Josh: You helped save Babe.

Zach: We had to do something.

Josh: Well, you knew what you had to do, and you did it. You helped protect Babe from J.R. and the killer.

Kendall: You ready to go?

Zach: Yeah. Let me know if you need anything, ok?

Josh: Thanks. I will. Thank you.

Kendall: Sure.

Zoe: You kept the picture of your friend.

Bianca: I was moving to Paris. I needed new -- well, everything, really.

Zoe: I can understand that sentiment.

Bianca: Babe gave this to me. I didn't want to take it, but I just -- I couldn't help myself.

Zoe: Well, we all need pieces of our past to hold on to.

Bianca: Babe should have this back.

Zoe: What are you doing?

Bianca: Babe would have wanted this.

[Monitor beeps]

Babe: I'm safe?

Josh: Yeah.

Babe: Oh.

Josh: You're safe. You're going to be weak for a little bit, though.

Babe: Did you save me?

Josh: You were right. I don't know when to quit.

Babe: Hmm. You saved me -- hmm.

Zoe: Babe knows you love her. You don't have to do this.

Bianca: I just -- I can't let her go without -- hmm. Wanting to put a photo in a coffin must seem pretty silly.

Zoe: Oh, no. The ancient Egyptians put many objects of value in with their loved ones, to send them to the next life -- a greater life with better jewelry.

Bianca: It's just her body.

Zoe: When life is unbearable most days, the alternative doesn't seem so bad. When Simone passed, that's exactly where I was -- aching to let my spirit go, jealous of their freedom. Your forgiveness will give her peace.

Bianca: God, I hope so.

Jack: I'm sorry to interrupt, but we need to clear this area. Listen, honey, I know you have a bodyguard here, but I really would like you to go while the SWAT Team is still in the place, ok?

Bianca: Ok. I will. I'll grab Carl and go.

Jack: Ok.

Bianca: Hey. Thank you. I'm proud of you. This is what we all needed, and you made sure that it happened. I'm proud you're my uncle. I love you.

Jack: I love you, too.

Bianca: Catch this guy.

Jack: Will do.

Bianca: I'm going to head over to Wildwind. Would you like to join me?

Zoe: I'm not so sure I'd be welcome.

Bianca: Zoe, everyone who loved Babe needs to be together right now.

Zoe: Then I will celebrate her spirit.

[Zoe sighs]

Kendall: Would you sit down, please? Let me order you some food.

Zach: I'm not hungry.

Kendall: Honey, you've been going 24/7 since -- since you took Babe from the hospital -- honey, the secrets and the lies --

Zach: Lies, right.

Kendall: Right, right, and the funeral. And I'm sorry I wasn't there with you, I'm sorry that you had to go alone, but I need you to sit down right now and relax for one second. Please, sit down, just for a second. Take a deep breath, close your eyes. You need to relax -- now, close your eyes, just for a second. Close them, breathe. You got a lot of tension here.

[Zach sighs]

Kendall: Ok. Is that better?

Zach: I can't do this. I got to go. You going to be all right?

Kendall: Yeah, I'll be fine. I'll be right here when you get back.

Zach: Ok.

Kendall: Ok? Oh --

[Door closes]

Jonathan: Annie's good. The two of you together -- it's good. It makes sense, and you know it.

Ryan: Instant family is not the solution, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Why don't you just see where it goes, Ryan?

Ryan: Because it could go somewhere not very good, and so we've agreed not to date, that's all.

Jonathan: Oh. Right -- because that will work until you go --

[Jonathan claps hands]

Jonathan: You know, fall right into her face. Come on.

Ryan: That's not going to happen, it's not going to happen.

Jonathan: Four people have been buried here in the last eight weeks -- four. That's how fast life can change, Ryan.

Julia: Oh.

[Julia chuckles]

Annie: Yeah, that's pretty, right? Pretty Valentine's card for Valentine's Day -- let me read that.

Tad: Well, it looks like we're reading a book, huh?

Julia: Oh --

Kathy: Yes?

Julia: Kathy, honey, I think -- think maybe Tad doesn't want to read a book right now. I can -- I can read it with you or maybe he can later?

Kathy: Emma has her new daddy. Tad is mine.

Sean: Colby? Security said you were back here.

Colby: I'm here.

Sean: Colby?

Colby: No -- Sean: Let me --

Colby: I'm ok.

Julia: Kathy? I don't think -- Tad is --

Tad: Is obviously a very good friend. Why don't you go play, ok? It's ok, really. I come by it honestly. At this point in my life, I probably have "Tad the dad" written across my forehead.

Julia: Huh.

Tad: Along with "bad jokes" and "just don't tell your mother."

Julia: Oh, great.

[Julia chuckles]

Tad: No, I mean it. It's ok. Actually, it's kind of an honor. That's one terrific kid. I knew it the minute I met her in the hospital.

Julia: Did I ever properly thank you?

Tad: For what?

Julia: You told me I could do it and I -- I guess you were right.

Tad: I never had a minute's doubt you were going to make a terrific mother. And not for nothing, but it's pretty easy to love that kid.


Amanda: Thank you for coming, and thank you for singing. It was really beautiful and I know Babe would've loved it.

Zoe: Well, I only hope my voice matched her heart.

Del: Dude, the guy's wearing a dress again.

Aidan: Oh. Nice one, Del.

Di: No, I just don't know what to say "Sorry we trapped you and accused you of killing all of our friends?"

Del: Hey -- you want a drink?

Zoe: Yes, please.

Del: Well, what'll it be -- cosmo or a shot of whiskey?

Zoe: A margarita, please, in honor of Babe -- rocks, no salt.

Amanda: Here -- here, Zoe. Take mine -- I haven't touched it. Hey.

Kathy: Zoe?

Julia: Yes, Kathy, this is Zoe and this is her friend Bianca.

Bianca: Yeah, I met you once before. How are you?

Kathy: There's Miss Zoe at play group, but you don't look like her.

Emma: Zoe has brown hair.

Julia: Hey, girls, let's go play. Come on.

Bianca: Maybe we should go get something to eat.

Zoe: Yes.

Jamie: I'm -- I'm glad you guys came.

Bianca: Thanks.

Zoe: Thank you so much for inviting me. You have a lovely home.

Jamie: Oh, it's -- it's all Julia.

Zoe: Excuse us. I think I really must be going.

Bianca: Are you sure? I'm so sorry.

Zoe: No apologies necessary. Thank you so much for your hospitality.

Julia: You're very welcome.

Julia: Can I -- can I do anything?

Amanda: "Cosmo or a shot of whiskey?"

Del: Oh, what did I do?

Tad: So what's the deal? You come up with anything yet?

Aidan: The guys are on it and the cops are looking, too.

Tad: Just remember -- Hannah Nichols in any form.

Aidan: All aliases or variations of the name. I mean, hotels, rental apartments -- I've been to every single British pub to see if there's any women hanging around.

Tad: Aidan? Kendall's the only one left. We have to find this woman.

Aidan: Yeah, I know. And if it is Ethan's mum, she's going down, Tad.

[Someone wearing black gloves gently strokes Ethan's gravestone.]

Jonathan: Ok, well, Annie, this is so sudden. I had no idea.

Annie: I'll give you an idea -- what was that before with me and Ryan?

Jonathan: What was that? What -- I -- I don't know. I don't remember.

Annie: I tell you I'm falling for your brother, and you decide to put up a billboard?

Jonathan: Billboard -- no. I get free advertising.

Annie: It's not funny. It's -- it's --

Jonathan: Complicated -- right? That's what Ryan said, too.

Annie: He did?

Jonathan: Yeah. He also said you two weren't dating.

Annie: Did he say anything else?

Jonathan: Well, I mean, I could slip him a note during third period.

Annie: No, thank you.

Jonathan: I'm out of it. I'm backing off, it's none of my business. Done.

Annie: You really want us to be together, don't you?

Jonathan: Well, you know what it is? For me, I don't care either way.

Annie: Get out of here.

[Annie sighs]

Ryan: What's going on? You got something new? Killer contact you?

Zach: I need to know what happened when my father died.

Colby: You think I'm a big baby, huh?

Sean: I cried for a month after my dad died -- like a freaking baby. In my room, pillow on my face with the headphones on. I didn't want anyone to hear me. I didn't want to hear me. Sometimes I miss my dad so much, I still do.

Colby: I won't tell.

Sean: I know you won't.

Adam: Babe was all you, you know? You just had to look in her eye to see the spirit and the life that was her gorgeous mother. You raised her all by yourself. I missed out, seeing the point at which she became a slice of her mama. I don't want to miss a second of Charlotte's life, because she'll be you, too.

Krystal: I want Charlotte to be you, and she will be. Did I ever tell you about the time Babe made mustard soup?

[Adam and Krystal chuckle together]

Babe: Huh -- oh. Oh. This isn't the hospital. Where am I?

J.R.: Before you have your muscle kick me out --

Kendall: J.R., this is -- honestly, this is not a good time right now.

J.R.: You weren't at the ceremony.

Kendall: Yeah, well, SWAT teams and me don't mix.

J.R.: I just wanted to make sure that you were ok and to admit that I've been an ass.

Kendall: Fine. Apology accepted. My sympathies, please.

J.R.: No, please, talk to me.

Kendall: I'm sorry about Dixie, ok? I know how much you loved her. And I'm also sorry about Babe, but not for you -- for her mother and her son and for all the people who actually cared about her.

J.R.: Excuse me? I cared.

Kendall: I'm not about to let myself get killed, so thanks for coming. Good-bye, J.R., please.

[When Kendall opens the door for J.R., Josh is standing there.]

[At the cemetery, Zoe kneels by Babe's gravesite when someone dressed in black knocks her down with a couple of punches.]

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Zach (to Ryan): I don't have the key to these murders, and I'm hoping you do. You just don't know about it.

Zoe: It's you -- you killed her.

Josh (to Jeff): I can't lose her.

Josh (to Babe): I'm not going to let you die on me.

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