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Jeff: Please sit down.

Krystal: Why does everybody keep saying that?

Jeff: We did everything we could possibly do to bring her back. We just -- couldn't start her heart again.

Krystal: No --

Jeff: I'm so sorry.

Krystal: No, no, there has been a mistake.

Jeff: Babe is gone.

Krystal: There has been a mistake! Adam, tell him there's been a mistake!

Adam: Darling, I -- I can't.

Krystal: J.R., you're on the hospital board. You got to do something, you got to fix this. J.R.! Ok, fine, fine, I'll handle this myself.

Adam: No, no, no.

Krystal: No –

[Looking deep into her husband’s eyes, Krystal realizes the truth and falls in a heap on the floor, dissolving in tears.]

Krystal: No, no, no, no, no, no!

Adam: Krystal --

Krystal: Get away from me!

Adam: I'm here --

Krystal: I don't want you -- I don't want anybody, I just want my Babe! Babe! Babe --

Adam: Help her. Can't you give her something?

Krystal: Please, please --

Jeff: I'll have to speak with her doctor first.

Krystal: Oh, please, I need my baby!

Tad: Come here. Come here. Listen to me. Listen. Nobody is going to blame you if you want to kick and scream and take this place apart. You understand? Nobody. I will help you do it. I swear to God, I'll help you do it, because I understand. I understand what it feels like to have your life ripped open, to have your heart torn out, to know that what you loved the most is gone. I understand, you know I do, because you were there with me. You remember -- I know you do -- staring over the edge, looking at the same darkness. And you asked me if I wanted to quit, and I said I did, and you wouldn't let me. You pulled me back. You helped me realize that life -- life is going to go on. And now Adam and I and that beautiful baby girl growing inside you are going to help you, because we need you.

[Holding on to her husband, Krystal gradually stands while J.R. remembers his wife.]

Babe's voice: You can't replace one child with another. Do you think that giving him this baby is going to make up for the one that he's already lost? Do you really want your father to go through what you did -- to lose a child, a marriage? And what about Tad and Adam? Adam is going to go after Tad and you know it. Do you really want your two fathers at war while Tad is still grieving?

Julia: Come on. Why don't you let me find you a room, huh? Come with me.

[While Zoe and Aidan console her, Amanda breaks down in the ER waiting room.]

Jeff: Josh, let's go get some air, huh?

Erica: Oh, yes, that sounds like such a good idea. Josh, please say something.

Jeff: Oh, God.

Jamie: Uh, J.R., say something. Do you want to see Babe?

Josh: You don't even want to see your own wife? You really did want her dead.

Jamie: Leave it alone!

Erica: Josh, your sisters and I would like you to come home with us.

Josh: What, so you can hold my hand and tell me how -- how shaken up you are that Babe is gone?

Erica: Because we're your family, and we want to help you through this.

Josh: Oh, come on, Erica, you can't wait to pop open the champagne and dance on her grave!

Bianca: Josh, don't do this right now.

Josh: Don't do -- don't do what? Oh, come on, Bianca, how many times did Babe come to you asking for forgiveness? Begged you to open up that -- that supposedly huge heart of yours, and every time you turned her down?

Kendall: Josh, come on, please.

Josh: Oh, and you -- Erica and Bianca can be cold, but, Kendall, you're the worst. You -- you freeze Babe out, you stand by Zach -- he's the reason all this is happening! Mothers, sisters, daughters -- you're gone!

Kendall: Stop, stop!

Josh: No, don't -- don't try to comfort me. Because of your -- your husband, Babe is dead! To hell with you! To hell with everyone, all of you self-righteous hypocrites! I am done with this whole damn town!

Erica: No, no, no, I'll go.

[Jack consoles Bianca]

Ryan: Kendall, Josh didn't mean what he said.

Kendall: I need to find Zach. I have to find Zach.

Ryan: Dani, Erin, Simone, now Babe. You're next, Kendall. This danger is very real, so, please, let me protect you, please.

Kendall: Ok, Ryan, Ryan, I'm not going to turn my back on my husband.

Ryan: You're just giving this guy an open target, that's what you're doing.

Kendall: Please stop -- stop trying to scare me, Ryan, please!

Ryan: Scare you? You know what's really scary? What's really scary is this guy getting anywhere near our son. That is scary. So if you want to stand by Zach, then give Spike to me.

[With Adam looking on, Tad tucks Krystal into a hospital bed.]

Tad: Anything you want, anything you need -- anything.

[Krystal sighs]

Adam: Tad? Thank you. I got way out of line earlier. I -- I came down awful hard on you after Dixie --

Tad: Forget it. Just take care of your wife.

Adam: How?

Tad: Love her, be with her. That's all you can do.

Krystal: I -- I need to see my little girl.

Amanda: This is so wrong.

Julia: My shift is over. Why don't I take you home?

Amanda: You were friends with her, too. Are you going to be ok?

Zoe: Go on home.

Julia: Come on, I just have to get my stuff.

Amanda: Ok.

Julia: Come on.

[As Zoe sits down heavily, Bianca walks over to her.]

Di: We heard Babe was attacked.

Del: In a parking garage?

Di: Is Babe ok?

Amanda: Babe's dead. I wanted to bring her here, to show Babe my new home. You know, hang out, do girl things, and watch old 1980s movies, stay up all night talking. We -- we were always so busy, we never got a chance. "Tomorrow" -- that's what we always said, that we would see each other tomorrow. But now --

Jonathan: Hey. Hey.

[Bianca sits down next to Zoe and gently touches her hand as they look into each other’s eyes.]

Jack: Well, it looks like our killer is getting bolder and bolder.

Derek: Well, we know Raymond Jenkins didn't kill Babe. He was in custody when it happened.

Tad: What about Kenny Adler?

Jack: Kenny Adler was at an attorneys' conference and there's about a half dozen people that can vouch for that.

Tad: Well, I've already spoken with Zoe, she's a mess -- was actually in the garage with a cop when it happened, still wasn't able to stop it.

Jack: Officer Hannity told us that he and Zoe walked Babe back to her car, left her with her guard. When they heard a scream, they ran back again.

Aidan: Well, one of them must've seen something.

Derek: Some guy in a hood fleeing the scene. Hannity chased him, but he got away.

Aidan: And he didn't hear his voice or see his face?

Derek: Hannity wasn't even sure whether it was a "he."

Tad: Well, Jamie pitched an interesting theory. The mother of Ethan Cambias -- what happens if she blames Zach for his death and this is how she lets him know it? I've already made a couple calls -- her name is Hannah Nichols -- but nobody can seem to figure out where she is.

Derek: Well, the list of people with grudges against Slater just keeps growing and growing.

Aidan: Where is Zach? Maybe we should run this by him.

Jack: No, he was here earlier, but he took off.

Tad: He's probably at home losing his mind. The killer made it through the entire list of women. Kendall's the only one left standing.

Kendall: Oh. Hey. Hey. Hey, my boy. I missed you so much. Mama's here.

Ryan: Thank you, Rachael. You can take off now, thanks.

Kendall: I love him.

Ryan: I know.

Kendall: You know, the first time that you took Spike from me, I missed him so much, I didn't think I'd make it through the day. And -- and at -- at night, out of habit, I would walk over to his crib. Well, then I would look inside, he wasn't there. The only thing that helped me through was that little gray outfit of his. I would take it out, and I would smell his little, sweet, baby smell. And I would tell myself that my son would be back. And when he was, I would never be separated from him again.

Ryan: Kendall, you know --

Kendall: I know, Ryan. I know. It's too dangerous for Spike to be with me. He could get hurt. I know. I got the message loud and clear.

[Kendall shows Ryan the note she receives earlier stating “Leave him now or you die!”

Josh: I'm going to leave the key. You can tell Zoe she can crash here as long as she wants.

Erica: I won't let you do this.

Josh: Not your call, Erica.

Erica: I am your mother, and you will listen to me. My whole life people tried to tell me who I should love and who I shouldn't love, but I didn't care. I didn't listen to them, I followed my heart. That's exactly what you've done with Babe. I understand that. I understand you. I am so sorry for the pain you're going through right now. And I know you think you've lost everything, but you haven’t.

J.R.: Look, I'm not going to bust out the booze, so you don't have to stand here and watch me.

Jamie: I'm here, because I care about my brother.

J.R.: I said I'm fine.

Jamie: Ok. Then how about you tell me what happened between you and Babe the other night after the party.

[J.R. sighs]

Jamie: I dropped you both off here and I left. Then what?

J.R.: Come on, James, don't push me on this.

Jamie: Tell me what happened.

J.R.: I want you out of here.

Jamie: You talk and I'll go.

J.R.: I confronted her. She came to the office with that freak-show friend of hers, Zarf.

Jamie: Why?

J.R.: To humiliate me, threaten me, get the goods on me.

Jamie: For what?

J.R.: She wanted a divorce as bad as I did. She wanted to take Little Adam away from me. Then Josh showed up.

Jamie: What did you do?

J.R.: She wanted to be civil about this. She said that we could handle these things like adults. But I was -- I was so pissed at her. I said that she was trash, and that her life wasn't worth my mother’s. I wanted her to hurt as much as I was. I wanted to take her son away from her and blow this family to bits. And I had the ammo to do it. I was right there, Jamie. I was about to tell.

Jamie: Wait -- tell what?

Krystal: Babe --

J.R.: It doesn't matter anymore.

Jamie: You matter. And whatever it is, you know you can tell me.

J.R.: Ugh!

[J.R. flings a decanter of alcohol against the wall]

J.R.: First, my mother. Now, Babe. He took everything! I never stopped -- I swear, Jamie. I swear I never wanted her dead.

Krystal: You look so peaceful. When you were a little girl, I -- I couldn't get you to sit still for a minute. I'd chase you around, get you to go to bed, close your eyes, and go -- go to sleep. You didn't want to miss a thing. You wanted to be by my side every moment. My buddy. My best friend. My firstborn. We deserved the best, and together, we were always going to get it. I don't know if I deserved you, but you are the best thing I ever did. I wonder what beautiful parts of you I'll see in Charlotte. You'll always be sisters, my babies, my girls. My sweet baby doll, sleep and know that your mama will never, never, never stop loving you.

[Krystal bends down and kisses Babe then takes her limp body in her arms as she cries.]

Krystal: You were my joy. You were my greatest joy. My Babe.

Bianca: Babe saved my life. Josh was right. I never forgave Babe. And now it's too late.

Zoe: It's never too late.

Jack: Ethan's mother, huh? I don't know. Sounds like a long shot to me, but I guess we better -- better check it out.

Tad: Well, I'll give you what I've got. It's not much, but at least it's a start.

Kendall: I wonder if it happens the way people say -- that your life just flashes by in an instant. Babe’s life, the people that she loved, her little boy.

[Kendall sighs]

Kendall: Take him. Take Spike and protect him.

Ryan: I'm going to take care of our son, Kendall. You got to take care of yourself.

Kendall: Ryan, I'm not doing this with you, please. I am not leaving Zach, not now, not ever.

Ryan: Spike needs you.

Kendall: Yes, I know, but my husband needs me, too, and I will fight this with him. Let's get our son ready to go.

Josh: I haven't lost everything? You know, as much as I appreciate a branch on the instant family tree, I -- I don't belong with the Kanes. I don't belong with the Martins, I don't belong in this town. I don't belong anywhere. The only place I felt like I belonged was with Babe. You know, when I was with her, it was like -- for the first time in my life, I finally felt like I had found my place in the world. And now that she's gone, it's like I'm right back where I've always been -- alone.

Erica: Josh? We're here -- your father, your sisters, me. A chance -- that's all we're asking. And I think if you give it to us, I think you'll be surprised. I think you'll find that you're not alone.

Jamie: I know you never wanted Babe dead.

J.R.: Drop it, Jamie.

Jamie: Come on, J.R., she was your wife.

[Krystal and Adam come home and hug J.R.]

Adam: How are you, son?

J.R.: Hanging in.

Adam: Huh.

Jamie: I'm very sorry.

Krystal: Thanks, Jamie. Have you talked to Little Adam?

Adam: Anything you need, son?

J.R.: I'm good.

Adam: Then I'm going to take my wife up and tuck her into bed.

Krystal: I -- I want to -- I want to stop into the nursery first and kiss little -- Babe’s little boy good night. Babe loved you very much, J.R. You know that? I was so happy you two were finding your way back to each other. You will always have that to hang on to.

Bianca: I never forgave Babe. I tried to hate her. I tried as hard as I could. But I just couldn't -- there was just something about her.

Zoe: The first time I met Babe -- huh -- I was in Philly, and I was in a foul mood. The concert the night before had been a technical disaster, and my label was breathing down my neck about songs for the new album. The last thing I wanted to do was sit down with corporate drones.

Bianca: Hmm. Something must have gone right, because you gave your song to Fusion.

Zoe: Well, Babe went right. She was enchanting. Not only did she talk with passion about Fusion and wax poetic about glam metal versus grunge and toss back gel shots like a champion, said "Mike Patton’s God," in those few hours, Babe gave me something no royalty check could ever pay for, she gave me hope.

Bianca: What happens to that hope now that she's gone?

Zoe: For all my mystical musings about death, I don't have an answer. Babe's life shouldn't have ended. A woman like Babe should have lived forever.

[As Jonathan holds Amanda, Del turns on the music at Wildwind. As Avril Lavigne sings “Keep Holding On,” Julia offers Amanda a cup of coffee, then Di places a blanket on her while she cuddles in Jonathan’s arms.  Meanwhile, Josh allows Erica to comfort him with a hug, and Kendall hands over a tearful Spike to his daddy.]

You're not alone
Together we stand
I'll be by your side, you know I'll take your hand
When it gets cold
And it feels like the end
There's no place to go
You know I won't give in
No I won't give in

Keep holding on
'Cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through
Just stay strong
'Cause you know I'm here for you, I'm here for you
There's nothing you could say
Nothing you could do
There's no other way when it comes to the truth
So keep holding on
'Cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through

So far away
I wish you were here
Before it's too late, this could all disappear
Before the doors close
And it comes to an end
With you by my side I will fight and defend
I'll fight and defend
Yeah, yeah

Keep holding on
'Cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through
Just stay strong
'Cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through.


Zoe: I should get going.

Bianca: You came here in the ambulance, didn't you? Maybe I can drive -- I can drive you home.

Zoe: I wouldn't want to hurt Officer Hannity’s feelings.

[Zoe sighs]

Bianca: Stay safe.

Julia: How's J.R.?

Julia: How about you, Jamie? Is there anything I can do?

Jonathan: What do you want to do? Do you want to -- do you want to go upstairs and go to bed?

Amanda: Can't we stay down here? I don't want to be alone.

Jonathan: I'm not going anywhere.

Del: Neither are we.

Di: You're home, Amanda. We're your family. You're not going to be alone.

Jamie: Can I get you anything?

J.R.: Is it real, Jamie? Because I'm not drunk. I'm not sleeping, and I ain't been dreaming. How could this actually happen? Babe, my wife. My son's mother. She can't -- she can't --

Jamie: I'm sorry, J.R. It's real.

J.R.: But I don't understand. I don't understand.

Kendall: Ryan, will you promise me that if I'm not there, you'll tell Spike how much I loved him?

Ryan: I promise.

Kendall: Wait, hold on.

[Kendall removes the sash from her dress]

Kendall: Give him this. And put it in his crib. Ok?

[Ryan nods, kisses Kendall, and leaves her to cry alone.]

Erica: Does this mean you'll stay?

[Josh kisses Erica on the cheek, grabs his suitcase, and leaves Pine Valley.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Zach: Open. What?

Kendall: It's -- it's bowling.

Zach: Come on -- romance.

Kendall: Snazzy.

Zach: Like bowling under the stars.

[Giving in to their passion, Ryan and Annie tear off their clothes and kiss with abandon.]

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