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Bianca: Thank you for saying that, but my heart is not magnificent.

Zoe: Nonsense.

Bianca: Zoe, I rejected you, and I said some really harsh things. I'm sorry. I guess I didn't want to believe that you were for real.

Zoe: Oh, hell. There are times I don't want to believe I'm for real, either. Don't sweat it.

[Zoe sighs]

Bianca: Hey, can you hang out for a little while?

Zoe: Just because I'm crashing downstairs at your brother's doesn't mean you're obligated to entertain me.

Bianca: Maybe I just want to get to know you better.

[Standing outside with Jamie, J.R. spies Babe and Josh kissing through the window.]

Man: Amelia? Oh, my God, Amelia -- is it you?

Zach: Take your hands off her!

Jenkins: What?

Ryan: Whoa, whoa! Get away!

Zach: Are you ok?

Kendall: I'm fine, I'm fine. He didn't hurt me.

Ryan: Are you sure?

Kendall: Yes.

Jenkins: What are you doing?

Ryan: No, you -- you shut up. You don't get to speak.

Tad: Derek, get in here. We got somebody.

Jenkins: What is going on here?

Zach: What are you doing here?

Jenkins: You're not -- you're not her. How could you? How could you dishonor your mother's memory like that?

Zach: How do you know my mother?

Jamie: Come on, J.R., let me help.

J.R.: Help me back to the house.

Jamie: We're here. Let's just end this.

J.R.: I will do this my way.

Josh: So this is good-bye?

Babe: It has to be -- for real this time. Do you see it?

Josh: Yeah. I feel it. I felt it in that kiss.

Babe: You gave me a special gift, loving me the way that you did. No, you understood me, and you reminded me that I am needed and -- and special and valued. And you reminded me what happiness feels like. I'll never forget that, Josh.

Zach: Why are you here and why'd you attack Kendall? It's all right.

Jenkins: That's Kendall? I -- I didn't attack.

Aidan: Don't play dumb. Start talking.

Tad: The police are on their way.

Jenkins: Police? I haven't done anything wrong.

Kendall: Yeah, you grabbed me. You grabbed me, you freak.

Jenkins: No, look, you have this all wrong.

Zach: You called her by my mother's name.

Ryan: How do you know his mother?

Jenkins: Look, you have misunderstood.

Kendall: Are you kidding me? You called me Amelia.

Derek: Nice work.

Ryan: No --

Jack: Whoa -- Zach, don't.

Zach: Last time -- why are you here?

Derek: Easy.

Tad: Stop it.

J.R.: Hey! What are you doing to Jenkins?

Tad: You know this man?

J.R.: He came with me.

Ryan: What are you talking about, he came -- who is he? What's his full name?

J.R.: Raymond. Raymond Jenkins.

Bianca: We got off to an intense start. But there are still so many basic things that I don't know about you.

Zoe: You know my innermost secrets, but not how I take my tea.

Bianca: Right, or your favorite food or what you like to do to relax.

Zoe: Cheesecake and hot baths, preferably at the same time.

Bianca: You see? I would've guessed you'd say foie gras and shopping sprees.

Zoe: Dirty little secret about celebrities -- we're not as interesting as you think.

Bianca: This from a person who stage-dives off 15-foot speakers.

Zoe: Oh, that's all part of the image, the facade erected to sell concert tickets and CDs. I've actually been quite bored with the whole rock-star thing for some time. Deep down, I'm just an ordinary Indiana girl. Hard to believe I'm a Hoosier, isn't it? Huh. I like basketball -- does that help?

[Bianca chuckles]

Bianca: I don't want to pry.

Zoe: Oh, please. You, I'll tell anything.

Bianca: Ok. Well, how the heck did you come up with a crazy name like Zarf?

Zoe: Oh, God, here we go.

[Bianca giggles]

Zoe: When I was cutting my first album, my agent suggested that I do the single-name thing like Prince or Slash, Sting.

Bianca: Hmm. That makes sense. I mean, nobody ever asks, "Madonna who?"

Zoe: No. Uh -- my -- my bass player, total conspiracy theorist. He was always poring over obscure military websites and one day he learned that the government had recently declassified the code name Zarf.

Bianca: Ah. That's very cool. It's very covert.

Zoe: Well, no one knew the deep, dark secret behind it, and I thought, how apropos. Thus, Zarf was born.

Bianca: Don't tell me -- Special Forces tracked down your tour bus?

Zoe: One day I learned that "Zarf" had another meaning. You know those things you put around coffee cups to keep your hands from burning?

Bianca: Are you serious?

Zoe: For a laugh, some --

Bianca: Oh.

Zoe: Air Force Team decided to name some trivial internal operation after them. So that's what a Zarf really is -- a disposable joke. But, is Zarf really disposable? Do I just toss "him" away? Hmm.

[Zoe sighs]

Bianca: You've lived most of your adult life as Zarf. You're allowed to like parts of him.

Zoe: Oh. But how do I know which parts are -- are genuine? I've lost track of what's real about me, like this silly accent I can't seem to shake.

Bianca: Well, you mean that that's not pure Elkhart, Indiana?

Zoe: Definitely not.

[Bianca laughs]

Zoe: But are my verbal inflections Zarf or Zoe? How do I choose? I -- if I keep parts of Zarf, is that a betrayal of Zoe? If I throw Zarf away, do I lose a true piece of myself? Don't know. No milk, tons of sugar.

Bianca: Excuse me?

Zoe: That's how I take my tea. So, now you know several vital pieces of information. You know what I do to relax.

Bianca: And I know some very interesting trivia about the name Zarf.

Zoe: Trivia -- exactly. Step it up, Bianca. Music writers would kill for an interview like this.

Bianca: Oh.

Zoe: Oh, come on. Ask me something deep and soul-searching.

Bianca: Are you going to start taking the estrogen?

J.R.: He's been with me through my whole recovery. Why are you all over him? Raymond Jenkins is my nurse.

Jenkins: Hello, Little Alex.

Zach: It was you. You were in love with my mother, and you wanted to run away with her the day she died.

Jenkins: I should've gotten there earlier. If I had, she'd be alive.

Zach: So now you blame me for her death? That's why you're killing all these women. Did you kill these women to punish me?

Jenkins: No. I didn't kill anyone.

Ryan: You made a move on his wife -- what do you call that?

Jenkins: I am not trying to get to you. Why would I want to harm Ameliaís son?

Tad: J.R.? Where was he the night that Dixie died?

J.R.: He was in our house. When I don't need him, he hangs in the kitchen with Winifred.

Aidan: Where the food that killed Dixie was prepared.

Jonathan: Did you do it? Did you do this?

Jack: No, no, no. Do not try to be a hero, we got this. Jonathan, we got it.

Palmer: Forget that. You killed my niece, you son of a bitch.

Opal: Calm down. Calm down, Palmer. Honestly.

Zach: There's a serial killer in Pine Valley, and he's connected to me.

Ryan: Just tell us what the deal is?

Kendall: You got a thing for gardenias, Raymond?

Jenkins: I did not kill anyone.

Babe: What's going on in here?

J.R.: Someone's been living a lie.

Zoe: The police confiscated my estrogen, and they've been a little too busy to contact my supplier.

Bianca: Your supplier?

Zoe: My candy man, my connection.

Bianca: Well, your hormones weren't prescribed by a doctor?

Zoe: Do you think I had the nerve to see a doctor? I did some research on how much estrogen it would take to begin the transition, and I bought it on the street.

Bianca: Zoe, you can't do that.

Zoe: Oh, he's a very reputable dealer -- A-list clientele.

Bianca: Black-market estrogen -- if it even is estrogen -- could kill you. I mean, how do you know if you're getting the right dosage or what your side effects will be?

Zoe: If I showed up at a physician's office, do you know how fast the receptionist would be on the phone with the gossip rags?

Bianca: Well, I'm sure that there are doctors who can be discreet. I'll help you find one, or we can ask Josh.

[Zoe sighs]

Bianca: You know, we should probably call GLAAD -- I'm sure that they have tons of information --

Zoe: You make it sound so simple.

Bianca: Simple or not, this is your life we're talking about. You can't risk it by doing this illegally. Please promise me that if you go through with this process, that you will contact a doctor. I have no right to lecture you.

Zoe: No, no, no, no, no. You're concerned about me, and you care. Thank you, Bianca.

J.R.: Can you guess who the liar is? My nurse Jenkins knew Zachís mother. Now he's a suspect.

Babe: What? But -- but you've been in our house, with our son.

Tad: And Dixie.

Zach: Were you with my mom the day she died?

Jenkins: I wish to God I had been. I was waiting along a road where we were supposed to meet. She never came. The news next day said Amelia died of natural causes. That's not true. Right, Alex?

Zach: How long have you been in Pine Valley?

Ryan: And why did you come here?

Kendall: When did you start stalking us?

Tad: Are you even a nurse? Or were you just risking J.R.ís life so you'd get close to these women?

Zach: One way or another, you're going to talk.

Derek: Mr. Jenkins will do the rest of his talking down at the station.

Zach: I'll come with you.

Jack: No. In fact, Zach, you wonít. You're too close to this. Just let us handle it.

Zach: He went after Kendall. I can't just let him out of my sight.

Derek: We can't -- if this guy's guilty, we can't afford any incidents that might compromise the case.

Zach: What if he gets away --

Jack: Zach, do you really think if I thought there was any chance of him going after Kendall, that I would let him loose?

Derek: You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney and to have one present --

Kenny: Am I finally off the hook?

Tad: Pop? Would make sure that Mama and Palmer get home?

Joe: Yes, absolutely.

Opal: You take care of yourself.

Tad: I don't care how hard Derek and Jackson fight me. I'm going to be in that interrogation room.

Ryan: Tad, there's something that you need to see. Come on.

Babe: This is so wrong. Sweetie, are you ok? Are you in pain? Jamie, can you help me get J.R. home?

Jamie: Is that what you want?

J.R.: Get me out of here.

Del: We found our psycho.

Aidan: We don't know that yet.

Amanda: Oh, come on, Aidan. The guy who's fooling around with Zachís mom just happens to fall in Pine Valley?

Del: Working for J.R. Chandler -- how'd he get that gig anyway?

Amanda: You know, if Raymond Jenkins didn't do this, then it is a serious coincidence.

Jonathan: Because the point is, it's -- it's done. Ok? They're all dead.

Del: And Jenkins killed them.

Aidan: Or he didn't, and the murderer is still out there.

Amanda: Everything about that guy screamed guilty. Did you look into his eyes? It was freaky. Didn't you think so?

Di: Uh -- uh, yeah, I mean, I guess.

Aidan: You know, it doesn't matter whether he has three heads and a tail. With no evidence, he walks.

Jonathan: Free to attack more innocent women.

Del: No, no. I bet Jackson and Derek are getting a confession out of him right now.

Aidan: Yeah, well, we better hope so, because there's no forensic evidence.

Amanda: That you know of.

Aidan: Oh. Every crime scene was searched thoroughly, and they found nothing, not even a fingerprint. And I searched Raymond Jenkins myself. He had no syringe or silk ribbon or the famous gardenias.

Del: Well, aren't you Mr. Positive.

Jonathan: You know, guilty, innocent -- it doesn't matter, ok? Erin -- Erinís gone. None of them are coming back.

Amanda: There was something in his eyes. Yeah, I could totally see him dosing a woman with V-tach and tossing his creepy flowers on them and watching them die.

Aidan: Di, wait.

Julia: Hey. What happened tonight?

Aidan: Somebody took the bait.

Jack: Tad, listen to me -- it's not going to happen. I wouldn't let Zach in that room. I'm not going to let you in that room, either.

Tad: You don't want me to say anything, I get it, but I'm telling you I got to be in that room.

Jack: I get it, Tad. I loved Dixie, too -- we all did -- but I'm not going to compromise this investigation.

Tad: Jack, it's got nothing to do with Dixie. Look, I'm an expert on the Cambias family. I know their history, their relationships. I can help you, anything you want -- good cop/bad cop.

Jack: You're not a cop, Tad. That's the problem --

Tad: No, I'm a professional.

Jack: You're a private investigator.

Tad: I know what I'm doing. I get it, I understand why you don't want Zach in that room. At this point, he's so traumatized, he's got to be a loose cannon, but not me. You know me. You know I'm not going to make you any problems. Just let me listen. Please. That guy says one word to trip himself up, if anybody's going to know about it, it's me.

Jack: Let's do it.

Derek: Do you understand your rights?

Jenkins: Yes, I understand my rights. And I have done nothing wrong.

Jack: Well, then you won't mind answering a few questions, Mr. Jenkins.

Jenkins: Look, uh -- maybe I ought to talk to an attorney first.

Derek: I thought you didn't do anything wrong.

Jenkins: Well, all right. Go ahead.

Jack: You knew the Cambias family.

Jenkins: Yes.

Derek: You knew Zach Slater, aka Alexander Cambias, Jr., when he was a child.

Jenkins: I -- I don't see what this has to --

Jack: Here's how this works -- we ask the questions, you answer them. You got it?

Jenkins: I -- I met him once. He was a -- he was a sweet boy.

Derek: That's nice. Isn't that nice, Jack?

Jack: That's so nice.

Derek: Did you have an affair with Amelia Cambias?

Jack: You know, Zachís mother?

Derek: Were you her lover?

Jack: It's a simple question, Mr. Jenkins.

Derek: Yes or no?

Jenkins: Yes.

Tad: I mean, she died when she went over that balcony. Inquest ruled it a mistake caused by her son. Did you blame Zach for her death? Do you still blame him for it?

Jenkins: He loved his mother.

Kendall: Good night.

Zach: Thanks for the backup.

Ryan: It's a lot to take in, but I'll do whatever I can.

Kendall: You can go now.

Ryan: You going to be all right?

Kendall: What do you think, I need protection from my husband? What are you, crazy?

Ryan: Just trying to help, Kendall.

Kendall: Ok, well, you want to help, Ryan? Why don't you start by taking care of someone who actually needs you -- our son. I'm staying here with Zach.

Zoe: I want to do it, but I'm scared. Fear -- that's why I didn't take the estrogen.

Bianca: Well, now you have people to help you, who will support you.

Zoe: What if I start taking the hormones and those people can't handle it? What if I can't handle it?

Bianca: I'm not an expert on transitioning. But I'm sure that we can find somebody who is -- a doctor, a counselor. GLAAD can probably put you in touch with somebody who's gone through the same process.

Zoe: Oh, God. It would be so nice to not feel so isolated, to have at least one person who could give me some idea of what to expect.

Bianca: If this is what you want to do, you can do it.

Zoe: Every time I get close, I flash back to New Year's at ConFusion. That hideous attempt to blow this all off as a drag routine. The walls closing in on me, wanting to disappear from the face of the earth -- I never want to feel that again. Do you know what I really -- tea's perfect.

Bianca: I put in four sugars. Actually, I need to use a little bit more hot water. Excuse me. I have my own New Year's story. A couple of years ago, there was this big party, Crystal Ball. Hmm. If only I had gone to a fortuneteller beforehand. I don't really need to get into all the gory details, but let's just say I wasn't in the best place at the time. I had just come out to my mother, who was so ashamed that she didn't even want me present at the party. But, of course, I went. Cut to huge gala -- tons of fabulous people and a reporter from the "Exposer."

Zoe: I've made the cover many times.

Bianca: Well, Donald Steele had gotten himself a hot scoop that Erica Kaneís daughter was a lesbian.

Zoe: He confronted you?

Bianca: And my mother in front of everyone.

Zoe: Oh.

Bianca: The place went dead silent, all eyes on us. I wanted to --

Zoe: Disappear from the face of the earth?

Bianca: Part of me wanted to run away so fast and so far and never look back, but there was another part of me, stronger part, that wanted to take a first step. I knew that if I could take that first, hard, terrifying step towards living life in the world as my true self, that after that, every step following would be easier. And over time, with a lot of support, it has been. If this is what you really want, you can do it -- one step at a time.

Zoe: You are a very wise woman, Bianca.

Bianca: Josh. Well, what are you doing here? Is Kendall all right?

Josh: Everyone is fine. What are you doing here? Is she bothering you?

Bianca: No, I invited Zoe up Josh, why are you so upset? What happened?

Babe: We gave Jenkins full access to our home.

J.R.: And he won't be back.

Jamie: You need me to stick around?

J.R.: I know what you're worried about. But I swear on my mother, I will not pick up a bottle of booze or lay a hand on Babe. I'm in control.

Jamie: I trust you.

Babe: Thank you, Jamie. Night. Oh. Do you think that maybe we should wake up Mama and Adam and tell them about Raymond?

J.R.: No.

[J.R. flashes back to Babe and Josh kissing]

J.R.: Let them sleep.

Babe: Do you think he's the one?

J.R.: I don't know. But from what I saw, it sure looks like it.

Babe: This is crazy. He -- he was in our home. I --

J.R.: And he might have been playing me all along, and I left myself wide open for it.

Babe: Well, if he did do it, he will not get away with it.

J.R.: That's for damn sure. I made a decision about telling my father that Krystalís carrying Tadís baby.

Bianca: So Derek arrested this guy?

Zoe: But they're safe now -- Bianca, Babe, and Kendall?

Josh: It's too soon to tell. Keep your friendly security guard outside there. You got any scotch?

Bianca: We're having tea, if you -- yeah, that's -- that's scotch up there.

Zoe: Something tells me three's a crowd.

Bianca: He's beelining to the single malt. I'd say you're probably right.

Zoe: Thank you for having me. Good night, Bianca.

Bianca: Good night, Zoe. So, what's up with you?

Josh: Nothing.

Bianca: Josh, what's going on?

Josh: Absolutely nothing, Bianca, I told you.

Josh: All right, I said good-bye to Babe tonight.

Babe: That's huge, J.R. What did you decide?

J.R.: I don't want to tell my father that Krystalís carrying Tadís baby. It was a tough decision. But tonight really sealed the deal.

Babe: I'm so grateful.

J.R.: And you were right about my dad. If he knew, it would just break his heart, it would destroy his marriage. He and Krystal seem happy.

Babe: They are.

J.R.: You were right about Tad, too. He's looking for Kate, not some child that doesn't exist. It'll be better for everyone this way.

Babe: I know what this must be hard for you, pushing aside Dixieís last wish, but I swear to you, J.R., you won't regret it.

J.R.: No. I don't think that I will.

Julia: J.R.ís got to be flipping out. He thinks -- he -- he hired this guy, right?

Aidan: Yeah. But he could be a victim of circumstance.

Del: Oh, he's no victim.

Amanda: You didn't find anything on him at the party. So what? He could have a secret stash of V-tach hidden in the Chandler tunnels.

Julia: What about the gardenias? Did the police ever figure out who ordered them?

Aidan: No, but they now know the numbers that were used to call the florist. And they were able to track the funds that were used to purchase the flowers.

Del: We -- that's something right there, isn't it?

Aidan: No, it's a dead end. Because every call was made from an untraceable, disposable cell phone or routed through an Internet phone line, which is also impossible to trace. And all orders were charged to a stolen credit card or Fusionís account. Hey, you ok?

Di: Much better after a hot shower.

[Door opens and closes]

[Jamie sighs]

Julia: I'm glad you're home. Everything cool?

Jamie: It's better now.

Jonathan: All Raymond Jenkins did was touch Kendall. He didn't attack her, he didn't hit her, didn't do anything else to her. We have no evidence on him. Now, what if he is the killer and the cops have to let him go?

Jack: Mr. Jenkins, how did you come to know the Cambias family?

Jenkins: I already told you that.

Tad: So, tell us again.

Jenkins: I lived down the road from them.

Derek: You know you shouldn't be here.

Ryan: Did you get anything?

Derek: No confessions. All we know is he was Amelia Cambias' lover. He met Slater as a kid and moved to Pine Valley a couple years ago.

Ryan: All right. Well, maybe he's starting to spill the good stuff now.

Tad: Did you give that message to Ryan Lavery?

Jenkins: I never met Ryan Lavery.

Tad: But you do know he inherited the Cambias fortune, don't you?

Jenkins: Well, yes, of course I do. But why are you asking me these questions? Why are you interrogating me? I haven't done anything wrong.

Ryan: Tough nut, but they'll crack him.

Derek: Let's hope he's the right nut.

[Voices arguing]

Amelia's voice: This has been really cooking for far too long.

Alexander's voice: You think you're entitled to make choices? Decide things for yourself?

Amelia's voice: Don't make this harder on any of us, please.

Alexander's voice: You're the one who's done that.

Amelia's voice: I'm not going to fight anymore.

Alexander's voice: You think it's your decision.

Amelia's voice: You have to know it's the right solution for everyone!

Alexander's voice: Don't presume to know what's best. There's more than one solution to every problem.

Amelia's voice: What kind of -- you're not even looking at this rationally!

Alexander's voice: Rationally? After what you've done, you expect a rational response?

Amelia's voice: I expect decency! This is not all on my shoulders! You know that!

Jamie: I'm sorry, I really don't think that J.R.ís nurse is a murderer.

Jonathan: We need proof.

Del: Well, think about it. Old Raymond was in love with a woman who dies, and he blames Zach for killing her.

Amanda: And all these years, he's been obsessed with revenge, but he couldn't get it, because he thought Zach was dead.

Julia: Then he goes off the deep end when he finds out that Zach is living and breathing and running a casino in Pine Valley.

Del: So he spends a couple of years plotting and, hello, Satin Slayer. Sorry.

Aidan: It all sounds right, but --

Di: But what?

Aidan: When Amanda said she saw something in Raymondís eyes, she was right. I mean, the guy was genuinely grief-stricken when he saw that Kendall wasn't Amelia.

Jamie: Yeah, or maybe he just freaked out because he got caught.

Aidan: No, the killer's got ice water running through his veins. These are definitely not crimes of passion.

Jonathan: Uh-uh. They're calculated. He's precise.

Aidan: Almost clinical.

Di: Very David Hayward.

Julia: What? How do you know that he didn't slink back into town?

Aidan: My mates at Interpol have been tracking him. He's been in Indonesia all this time.

Amanda: So it isn't David. Fine. We keep going. What's our next move?

Josh: Ha, ha, ha! Finally got it through my thick skull -- Babe and I are over.

Bianca: Are you sure about that? I mean, you have thought that before.

Josh: Yeah, it doesn't matter what I thought. It's what I felt, it's what I saw. We're done.

Bianca: I'm sorry.

Josh: Well, don't be. I was an idiot. I was stupid to think I could even be with her. I even tried to rope Kendall into it. You know, she said I was a selfish jerk. Maybe I am.

Bianca: I wish I knew what to say.

Josh: Well, you don't. No one does.

Bianca: The knot that you feel in your stomach -- the ache in your heart -- I felt it, too. Until recently, that's all I felt. So I know how much it hurts.

Josh: Well, I'm just going to have to learn to deal. Because it's final. I've lost Babe forever.

Babe: Forever. That's how long Mama will make Adam happy. And she'll be a great mom to your new little sister -- our little sister. And of course, Tad will be a huge part of Charlotte's life, too.

J.R.: Yeah. There's only one thing that could get me to tell my father and Tad the truth. And it's all in your hands.

Babe: What do you mean?

J.R.: Exactly what I just said. What happens next is entirely up to you.

Derek: It's going to be a long night.

Jack: It's going to be a long night.

Tad: Yeah. You know, maybe you should get a cup of coffee or a sandwich -- something like that, because we're going to start over and go through all this again.

Jack: And here we go. How did you come to know the Cambias family?

Jenkins: I lived down the road from them.

Zach: That voice --

Kendall: Tell me.

Zach: Hearing Raymondís voice after all these years -- it made me remember something.

Kendall: Ok, what do you remember, Zach?

Zach: The argument, and -- and the yelling.

Kendall: Was it Raymond? Was he fighting with your mother?

Zach: No. The man yelling was my father.

Aidan: See you in the morning.

Di: Good night.

Julia: Good night.

Jonathan: Good night.

Amanda: I'm headed up, too.

Del: Right behind you.

Jonathan: Amanda, I'll keep you company on the way up.

Jamie: Later.

Julia: Bye.

Jonathan: Good night.

Julia: Something else is going on. What is it?

Jamie: All hell's about to break loose tomorrow. But it is still tonight. And I'm here alone with you. And all I want to think about -- all I want to do -- is this.

[Jamie kisses Julia]

Josh: Bianca, I still feel it.

Bianca: You're probably going to feel it for a while. It's normal.

Josh: No, it's wrong.

Bianca: What do you mean?

Josh: I still feel like J.R.ís going to hurt her.

Babe: What is that?

J.R.: All you have to do is sign it.

Babe: Not until you tell me what it says.

J.R.: It's a simple document, one that makes all agreements between us regarding our son's custody null and void. It waives off any rights that you may have to sue me in the future.

Babe: You can't do this.

J.R.: It's like I said. It's all in your hands. You either sign over custody of Little A to me, or I blow your mama's life to hell.

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Annie (to Ryan): I've decided what to do about you and Emma.

Babe: I am not leaving you or our son.

J.R.: You don't have a choice. I'm divorcing you.

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