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[Knock on door]

Bianca: Josh, are you there? It's me. What are you doing here? This is my brother's apartment.

Zoe: I'm staying here.

Bianca: This is my building.

Zoe: Best part about it?

Bianca: Are you stalking me?

Ryan: You're not alone. I'm here, ok? And -- hmm -- and you have to trust me, ok, because I definitely have the cure to your tummy ache. "Hello." Oh. "My name's Dr. Feel Better. What's your name?"

Emma: Emma.

Ryan: "Emma. Oh, I see. So, Emma, what seems to be the trouble here today?"

Emma: I have a -- a bellyache.

Ryan: "You have a bellyache? Hmm. Well, first thing -- whoa -- we got to do here is, I got to listen to your heart. Let me see. Oh, there it is. Mm-hmm. Wow, really? Ice cream, huh? Well, you got a very strong heart, and hugs are good, too. Yes, hugs -- hugs are very, very good." Do you have any idea --

Emma: Do you have any idea --

Ryan: What a great little girl you are?

Annie: You think you can run Ryanís life?

Kendall: Zach, can you leave us alone for a second, please?

Annie: Good idea.

Zach: I'm not leaving you alone anywhere.

Kendall: I'll be fine. I'll be fine. Go ahead. This may not be pretty.

Adam: Well, I'm not letting people listen in to my home to hurt my family!

Krystal: Oh, God -- he heard me order those pancakes. What else does he know about us?

Tad: That your husband is absolutely predictable when it comes to sheer stupidity.

Adam: You want to save it for posterity? Is that it?

Tad: What about evidence? That's worthless to us now.

Adam: Yeah, well, why didn't you find this before what happened to Dixie? That is your stupid mistake. And it got Dixie killed, didn't it?

J.R.: My mother told me about Krystalís baby. She said it was Tadís.

Babe: Dixie told you?

J.R.: Yeah. Right as she collapsed. And it blew my mind, too. There she is lying on the floor dying, and she wants Tad to know his daughter.

Babe: This can't be happening.

J.R.: And the question is, what do I do?

Babe: Nothing. Nothing. You do nothing, J.R.

J.R.: What, I -- I go on letting my dad believe a lie, or I give Tad his baby? Do I go against my mother's last, dying wish?

Babe: You don't tell anyone. Please. You can't.

J.R.: Oh, my God. You knew.

Babe: Dixie thought that Mamaís baby was Tadís. I knew that and Mama knew that.

J.R.: And where did she get this idea? She pull it out of thin air? She make it up?

Babe: David. My horrible father, David.

J.R.: Yeah, because she decided to believe David after all the lies he told her about Kate?

Babe: Because Dixie was so desperate to give Tad a child. She didn't think that you would find Kate, and she was feeling guilty. So of course, David preys upon that and tells her that the baby Mama is carrying is Tadís. Dixie wouldn't let it go. She went to my mama. Mama swore that it wasn't true, but Dixie just wouldn't believe it.

J.R.: You knew all the this? You knew that my mother was struggling with this, and you decided to keep it from me.

Babe: I didn't find out until Thanksgiving.

J.R.: No, you lied. Again. You had an opportunity to tell me the truth, and you kept a secret.

Babe: But David has been doing nothing but messing with Dixie since she got back.

J.R.: And what have you been doing to me? What has Krystal been doing to my dad?

Babe: My mama loves that baby and your father more than her own life, J.R. Don't say that.

J.R.: Oh, yeah, sure enough. Yeah, to keep it on the down low. Now, my mother knew something was up. Colby did, too.

Babe: What does Colby have to do with this?

J.R.: Colby told me that you were doing Josh. I chose not to believe her. But it was true. She also told me that Krystal had a secret from Tad. That was true, too, wasn't it?

Babe: Colby doesn't know anything.

J.R.: Tell me, Babe. Was Colby lying? Was she lying? What did my mother know that your mother was so afraid she'd tell?

Babe: Dixie saw Tad and my mother together.

Krystal: Adam, what happened to Dixie was not Tadís fault. What a horrible thing to say. You apologize right now.

Adam: All right, all right, all right -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I -- I was out of line. I never should have said anything. The killer's probably that Zarf character anyway. He was in the house when Dixie was drugged.

Krystal: Let's wait to hear what the police have to say about that.

Adam: The police -- they should have arrested him while they had him here. Hell, they shouldn't have let him out of jail in the first place.

Bianca: Excuse me. What is this? What are you doing? Keeping Zoe an elevator ride away from my apartment? She's rich. She can stay wherever the hell she wants. She can get a hotel, or -- or rent a house, or anything. She doesn't have to be in my building. No, Erica Kane. This isn't about you. This is about an insane killer who's on track to off Kendall, or Babe, or you.

Zoe: Don't you get it, Bianca. Your brother wants to keep an eye on me. He still thinks I'm the Satin Slayer. Isn't that right, Josh?

Adam: Zarf spent the night here, you know. He snuck in. Nobody searched him, looked in his pockets. He had plenty of time to poison everything in that --

Tad: Why don't you knock it off? Leave Zoe alone, ok? She's not the killer.

Adam: Ha! She -- he -- why can't we settle on one nice androgynous pronoun? Let's call it an "it."

Tad: Oh --

Krystal: All right, Adam, don't go there.

Adam: Zoe is bitter, jealous. Takes out the women in its path.

Tad: Zoe is a very gentle person who wouldn't hurt a fly. Have you taken a good look at her lately?

Adam: Not something I'd like to do again.

Krystal: Come on, Adam, she looked so lost, so sad.

Adam: Yeah, well, maybe -- maybe Zarf is not the killer. Then who is it? Who the hell is going after my family?

Tad: A better question is, who is going after Zach Slater?

Zach: Hey, you got 895 pounds of bodyguard. Don't go anywhere without them.

Kendall: I have too much work to do to leave. Parties don't plan themselves.

Annie: Hmm. Children don't raise themselves, either.

Zach: Good luck.

Kendall: Yeah, thanks. I'll be fine. Ok, dinner, buffet. What would the guys prefer?

Zach: Hey --

Kendall: I'm good, I'm fine. I can do this. Just e-mail me your guest list.

Annie: You knew that Ryan is Emmaís biological father.

Kendall: Yep. Hello, can I please speak to Alan, please? This is Kendall Hart-Slater. Now.

Annie: Oh, no. No, no, no, don't even think about blowing me off. You kept this from Ryan, from me.

Kendall: It's not my secret to tell. Can you please have him call me back right away? Oh.

Annie: Where do you get off, Kendall?

Ryan: So the doctor prescribed as much ice cream as necessary. That's a pretty good deal. Isn't it? Do you like ice cream? I know you like ice cream. Can you -- can you tell the doctor -- um -- when your tummy started to hurt? Because it was feeling fine this morning, wasn't it? Yeah? So it was after this morning? So did -- did something happen today? What happened?

Emma: That mean boy laughed at me.

Ryan: A mean boy laughed at you? Oh. Um -- well, Doctor, do you think that you could tell Emma here what you think she should do? What? Oh. Really? Then -- really? Because the doctor thinks that you should laugh right back at the mean boy. And he says that you need a lot of practice. She needs a lot of practice, right? "Mm-hmm, yes, she does." You need a lot of practice laughing, so we got to have a little practice with the laugh. Do you think -- what about if -- if we made a funny face on me with the ice cream? Like, we put a little ice cream on my nose like -- oh, I see a little smile.

Annie: You kept Emma from her father on purpose.

Kendall: Ok. You are the one who said you didn't want to know who Emmaís daddy was. And Ryan donated anonymously. So who was I to throw Emma in his face?

Annie: Oh, no, no, no -- I know why you did it. You want Ryan to have only one child, yours. You want him to love only one child, Spike. You -- you want him to love only one woman, you.

Kendall: Ryan's a big boy. Ok? He can date whoever he wants to. He can have a whole litter of kids -- I don't care.

Annie: Oh, sure, sure, as long as he can tune into the Kendall show 24/7.

Kendall: Wow, you're -- you're quite selfish. There's a killer running around here, and you're worried about trying to get Ryanís attention taking care of his child, making him depend on you.

Annie: Ryan and I are friends.

Kendall: And wouldn't it be nice if the killer got me? Ryan would have one less friend in your way.

Ryan: "So -- um -- how is your tummy ache now?"

Emma: All gone.

Ryan: Really? It's all gone? I mean, you're cured? I mean, she looks cured, Doctor. Is she cured? "Yeah, yeah, she's cured now." Oh, great, so I can take her back? "Sure, go ahead." All right, good. Why don't I take you back? And you know what we should do? Yeah? You know what we should do? We should practice laughing on the way. You think we can do that? Because we have to make sure that we laugh back at the little boy, remember? All right, here we go. Oh, and I'll bring Ariel. How about that, ok? Off we go.

Annie: You are amazing. Accusing me of wishing you dead is an all-time low, even for you.

Kendall: Low? It'd make life easier.

Annie: No, see, I wouldn't want Spike to lose his mother. I'm not the one trying to keep a child from a parent. How can you know Ryan as long as you have and not know what kind of a man he is?

Kendall: Ok. I know that Ryan is grieving his sister and that he's worried about his family.

Annie: His heart is so big. He loves his son. Why can't you trust that he would have loved both of his kids the same way?

Kendall: I do trust Ryan. It's you I don't trust.

Annie: Because Ryan is interested in me, and you don't like it. Because you can be happy with Zach, but Ryan has to spend the rest of his life pining after you.

Kendall: Ahem. Oh, no, keep -- keep going. This -- this is really quite good.

Annie: And you know what? You kept your mouth shut so that you would win, and I would lose. And that's fine. Take what you want from me, but when you try to take from my daughter --

Kendall: All right, I was trying to give you peace of mind. If you don't want it, ok by me.

Annie: Huh. It is like talking to a pile of rocks.

Kendall: What are you and Ryan going to do about Emma?

Annie: None of your damn business.

Zoe: It's ok, Josh. You're suspicious. After all, I did show up at the Chandler Mansion. And bam -- that poor, sweet woman was dead.

Bianca: You could have told me.

Zoe: It was a spur-of-the-moment decision. Right, Josh?

Josh: Exactly.

Zoe: I think that I'll ask Officer Friendly down the hall if he'd like to go for a walk. Ahem. The fresh air might do him good. Have either of you spoken with Babe? Is she ok? I'm worried about her.

[Zoe sighs]

Bianca: I'm sorry that I bit your head off before. I was taken a little bit by surprise.

Josh: Don't worry about it, and don't worry about Zoe. I'll make sure she stays out of your way.

Bianca: Have you heard from Babe?

Josh: I have no idea how she's doing. I hate not being able to protect her. I hate not knowing where she is or not being able to be there to make sure she's ok. And if Zoeís not the one -- and I don't think she is -- then this guy is somewhere out there planning the next dinner, or drink, or snack to poison. You know, Babeís the one he's after. And if he gets to her again --

Babe: It wasn't like Mama and Tad had some big affair. It was one night.

J.R.: And that makes it better?

Babe: It was right after the earthquake. J.R., they had just found Greg Madden. Tad was in really bad shape. He lost all hope of getting to Kate.

J.R.: So she cheated on my dad.

Babe: She just went there to reach out to him. To comfort him.

J.R.: Just like you comforted Josh?

Babe: That's all it was. It was comfort. Mama and Tad -- they are just good friends, but Adam -- Mama loves Adam, and she's devoted to him. What happened with Tad was no threat to their marriage.

J.R.: Like Josh was no threat to ours? No, Krystal cheated on my dad, like you cheated on me.

Babe: J.R., it doesn't matter anymore.

J.R.: No, the reason why it matters is because this baby is going to be born in a couple months. Let's see, Madden was found in July. August, September, October, November, December, January, February -- Krystalís seven months pregnant. Now, last time I checked, seven and two are nine. That's Tadís baby.

Tad: There's a lot that Zach can't remember about his childhood. But the notes, the ribbons, the gardenias -- it all adds up.

Adam: The killer blames Zach.

Tad: Something like that.

Krystal: So he's leading up to Kendall one death at a time.

Adam: Why doesn't he just take Zach out and leave the women alone?

Tad: Being a master of vengeance, I'm surprised you have to ask the question. You take out your victim too soon, they don't suffer. The killer wants to prolong Zachís agony. He wants Slater to watch all those women die and know he can't do anything about it.

[Zach sighs as he approaches Dixie's casket]

Zach: Give me a minute, please?

Man: Certainly.

Zach: I'm sorry, honey. I'm so sorry.

Maggie: Yeah, you're -- you're Zarf, aren't you?

[Zoe chuckles]

Zoe: If you'd like an autograph, you're going to have to supply the pen.

Maggie: Nice work, Officer. Escorting your suspect to jail, I hope.

Zoe: I believe the term is "person of interest." And I didn't do it.

Maggie: Sure you didnít.

Zoe: Is there a reason for the hostility?

Maggie: Why are you still hanging around Pine Valley anyway? Don't you have concerts to do and CDs to sell?

Zoe: Pine Valley has its perks.

Maggie: Like the women of Fusion?

Zoe: You know the lovely ladies?

Maggie: Kendall, Babe, and Bianca, yes.

Zoe: And you are?

Maggie: I'm Maggie.

Zoe: So you're the Maggie?

Maggie: You know who I am?

Zoe: How could you do it?

Maggie: I beg your pardon?

Zoe: How could you be loved by Bianca, and then betray her?

[Knock on door]

Kendall: Don't you call yourself a Kane. You're a traitor. Where the hell is your loyalty? What, do you -- you think, "Hey, this is going to ruin my sister's life. Great, go for it"?

Josh: Hello, Kendall.

Kendall: You drugged my husband, and then you make him blurt out that Annieís little girl is Ryanís daughter.

Bianca: Excuse me? Ryan has a little girl?

Kendall: Why didn't you tell me you weren't alone?

Josh: Well, you didn't exactly give me a chance there, Princess.

Bianca: Will someone please tell me what is going on?

Josh: Well, Kendall found out that Ryan, through his past not-so-charitable donations to a sperm bank, might be Emma McDermottís biological father.

Kendall: I never should have told you that.

Josh: Never should have asked me to run a DNA test, either. It was a match.

Bianca: And you have known about this for how long?

Josh: You care to jump in, Kendall? Explain to our little sister why it took you so long to tell Ryan? Because I'm still a little fuzzy myself.

Kendall: It's complicated.

Bianca: No, no -- no. No explanation needed. So this is what you've been holding over her? This is what you used to get her to help you get Babe.

Kendall: A lot of good that did.

Bianca: What is wrong with you two? You know what? Forget it, I already know.

Josh: You know, Kendall and I fight for the ones we care about. Sometimes we fight dirty. Sometimes it pays off.

Kendall: Sometimes not.

Zach: You died because of me. First Simone and Erin. Now, you. I should have saved you. Try to forgive me. I'm sorry.

Ryan: I'm sorry, Zach. I was wrong to accuse you of holding back. You do care.

Zach: Well, it's done. No more. No one else is going to die because of me.

Ryan: And how can you be so sure of that?

Zach: Well, we're throwing a party. A going-away party, a fundraiser. And the guest of honor is the killer.

J.R.: You and your mama talked this out, didn't you? Just exactly what story to follow. Just like your plan to keep Josh a big old secret. Look, no more covering. Do not make me do a DNA test when this baby's born. Let me have it.

Babe: Look, J.R., you're not thinking straight. With everything with your mom, now is not the time to talk --

J.R.: You tell me the truth, for once in our marriage, Babe. Is Krystal carrying Tadís baby?

Babe: Yes. The baby is Tadís.

[Knock on door]

J.R.: Is there something that you need, Tad? Something of mom's?

Tad: No -- uh -- no, thanks. I -- we found a -- a listening device down in the parlor.

Babe: Are you serious?

J.R.: Somebody's spying on us?

Tad: Must be. Krystal was in the parlor when she ordered breakfast that day.

J.R.: So somebody planted it.

Babe: Oh, my God. Are you kidding me? He heard everything.

Tad: Yeah, I just thought I would look through the house for more.

J.R.: Well, do you need any help?

Tad: No, I'll be fine.

[Tad picks up a colorful crocheted afghan]

Tad: You know your mother made this. She always said she -- she was going to make one for Kate someday. Well, this room is clean.

Babe: Thank you for not telling Tad about the baby.

J.R.: I didn't tell him, because it was hard for him to be in here with my mother's stuff and his memories. I didn't tell him because he's numb. I didn't tell him, because I didn't know what to do. Do I give my father the child that he loves? Or do I give Tad the child that he needs? How do I choose one over the other?

Babe: I don't know how. But I do know that Mama and Adam have an amazing chance to be a family.

J.R.: What about Tad? What about Dixie? I mean, I can just see my mother lying in this bed here struggling with her conscience.

Babe: But she never did tell. That has to mean something.

J.R.: She told me. She made up her mind. It was her last dying wish, Babe. She wanted me to tell Tad. And -- huh -- the one thing that she asked me to do, you're asking me not to -- to protect your faithless mother.

Babe: I'm asking you not to tell to protect your father.

Adam: If you had tasted those -- you would have been -- I can't, I -- what about -- what about Colby? What about Little Adam?

Krystal: Oh, honey, don't, don't -- don't do it, ok? We're all here. We're alive. We're safe. Don't drive yourself crazy with all those "what ifs."

Adam: Oh, I can't -- I can't help -- I can't help it. If I lost any of you -- especially you.

Zach: Kendall is in charge of all the details, and with any luck, the bastard won't be able to resist.

Ryan: You're going to dangle Kendall in front of him like that? You sure about that?

[Zach sighs]

Zach: There's security, surveillance -- the works.

Ryan: All right. What can I do?

Zach: Wear a nice suit and come to the party. It's done. No more.

[Di shows up crying]

Ryan: Oh, I got you. I got you.

Di: I want my sister back.

Maggie: My relationship with Bianca is none of your business.

Zoe: I know. I'm sorry. I just can't fathom it. To be loved by someone who loves more than he ever dreamt possible -- to -- who drenches you in light when you look into her eyes. And then -- what -- on the other hand, a passing fancy? Cheap thrill?

Maggie: No, it's not like that.

Zoe: What is it like? What could you have been thinking? I mean, did -- did you have a breakdown? Did you start drinking? How and when did you decide to trash Biancaís heart?

Maggie: Ok, you stop it right there. This is between Bianca and me, and we will deal with it. She doesn't need you fighting for her.

Zoe: Perhaps I need to fight for her.

Maggie: How do you know about us?

Zoe: Bianca and I have talked about many things -- including you.

Maggie: Ok, so you're her friend?

Zoe: It's complicated. I am in love with her.

Bianca: Call me the morals police, but fighting dirty isn't exactly something to be proud of.

Kendall: Speak for yourself, champ. I was not fighting dirty. I had many great reasons why I didn't tell Ryan about Emma.

Josh: Oh, give it up, Kendall. It's over. The secret is out. You should be focusing on the more important issue here -- you're in danger.

Kendall: Don't you mean Babe is in danger? Babe, Babe -- blah, blah -- Babe, bibbity-Babe -- Babe --

Josh: You know what?

Kendall: Babe, Babe, Babe.

Josh: This Satin Slayer is still out there, ok? And no one knows when he's going to strike next or where he's going to strike next, or who.

Kendall: He's right. It's time to regroup.

Bianca: How could you, of all people, keep a little girl from her parent?

Kendall: I did it for Ryan.

Bianca: Oh, really? And Babe kept Miranda from me. Have you forgotten holding me in that hospital bed while I was sobbing, because I thought that I had lost my daughter?

Kendall: I'll never forget that.

Bianca: Good. Because neither will I.

Kendall: I need you to promise me something. Zach and I have a plan to trap the killer. I'm going to be the bait. So if something goes wrong --

Bianca: No, no, don't. Don't even say it.

Kendall: Promise me that you will take care of Spike. Promise me.

Bianca: What's the plan?

Kendall: First, just swear that you will fight for my son.

Bianca: Who would I have to fight?

Kendall: Ryan.

Maggie: You cannot be in love with Bianca.

Zoe: Completely, with everything I am -- and am not.

Maggie: Bianca couldn't love you. I know all about you. Zarf, Zoe, gay, straight -- whatever. The media is very clear about your disorder.

Zoe: It's not a disorder.

Maggie: Ok, well, I'm a med student, and it's in my psych manual. Gender dysphoria.

Zoe: You don't know anything about who or what I am.

Maggie: I know Bianca. She has the biggest heart in the entire world. You're trying to take advantage of that, and you damn well better stop.

Bianca: I will not help you put yourself in danger. Isn't that what undercover cops are for?

Kendall: The killer wants me and Zach, so that's what we're going to give him.

Bianca: No, I can't. I can't be a part of this.

Kendall: Fine. Just swear to me that you will do whatever it takes to get custody of Spike if something happens to me.

Bianca: Spike has his dad.

Kendall: Yeah, and Annie. I can't let Annie raise my son.

Bianca: No more talk about raising kids and custody and -- you're going to be here to raise your own son. We're going to watch our kids grow up together. Please don't do this.

Kendall: I have to. Ok? I have to do this. If not for me, I have to do it for Zach. He's just -- he's in so much pain. And he blames himself for everything -- for -- for Simone and Dani and Dixie --

Bianca: Ok, but that doesn't mean that you have to risk your life. Imagine how Zach will feel if he loses you.

Kendall: Binks, when I was in that coma, Zach risked his life for me. And it's time for me to do the same thing for him. Now, this killer is torturing him. And it's time to put a stop to it.

Zach: I came to offer my condolences.

Adam: We don't need sympathy, Slater, we need answers. Find out who's murdering women in your name and stop him.

Tad: I finished sweeping the rooms upstairs. No more bugs. What's up?

Zach: Can we talk down here?

Tad: Yeah, it's clean.

Zach: All right, you were my next stop.

Adam: Why did you stop here?

Zach: You asked me to flush out whoever's behind this. I think I have an idea. And I want you in.

Babe: Adam and Mama have made Tad Charlotte's godfather. He'll always be in this baby's life.

J.R.: And we made Bianca a godmother to Miranda when she was living with us, right? And we called her Bess, but we all know how that worked out.

Babe: And do you remember how it felt when that little girl was taken away from you? Do you really want your father to go through what you did -- to lose a child, a marriage?

J.R.: Tad has lost both.

Babe: And what about Tad and Adam? Adam is going to go after Tad, and you know it. Do you really want your two fathers at war while Tad is still grieving the loss of Dixie?

J.R.: She wanted me to tell him.

Babe: J.R., please, you can't possibly think that telling him that Mama is carrying his child is going to make losing Dixie any easier. Please, J.R., just think about it. Before you do anything, think about it.

Tad: So that's why you stopped by? To invite Babe to this party?

Krystal: Oh -- no way am I going to let my daughter step one foot in that party.

Adam: You might as well paint a big red bull's-eye on her back.

Krystal: Yeah.

Zach: Adam, she has to be there. She's supposed to be next.

Krystal: You don't think I know that? You just want me to make it easier for that psycho to get to her?

Zach: He missed. He knows he missed. He's going to try again.

Tad: And if it happens, it's better it happens in a controlled environment.

Adam: J.R. will never let her go, nor should he. He just lost his mother, for Godís sakes, and you want him to risk his wife, as well? No, not going to happen, now or ever. So go plan your party somewhere else, both of you. You're done here.

Zoe: I would never hurt Bianca. You don't have to worry.

Maggie: Well, don't tell me how to care about the woman I love.

Zoe: I could say the same to you.

Maggie: You know, why don't you do us all a favor? Just stay away from Bianca. You're not even her type. Well, you never will be.

Bianca: There's no way of talking you out of this?

Kendall: Not a chance. Now, please, promise me that you will make sure Annie gets nowhere near Spike.

Bianca: That's not even going to be an issue. Because you're not leaving him -- or me. I won't let you. Please, please be careful.

Babe: Please just give us all a chance, J.R.

Dixie's voice: Give Tad his child. Krystal's baby is Tadís.

Tad: You better pray this works. Because you don't want to lose what I just lost.

Di: I brought you this. This is Dixieís mother's bible. I -- I want it to be -- can you -- can you please place it with her?

Man: I'll take care of it.

Di: Thank you. And thank you.

Ryan: Anytime.

Di: I swear, Dixie -- I swear on that bible, we will find him.

Man: This was just delivered for you, sir.

Ryan: Thank you.

[Ryan opens the envelope and reads the note]

Ryan's voice: "Stay away from Slater. He killed your sister. He'll kill the mother of your child."

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Kendall (to Zach about Kenny): Well, look who's here, one of Fusionís biggest fans. Maybe we're looking at the killer.

Ryan: I do hope this guy makes a move tonight, because this time I'm ready for him.

Bob: Mr. Chandler, I can't seem to find your wife.

J.R.: What?

[Someone sneaks up behind Babe, covers her mouth with his gloved hand, and pulls her backwards]

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