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Ryan: Oh.

Annie: Ah.

Ryan: Um -- morning.

Annie: Morning.

Ryan: Yeah, uh --

Annie: I'm --

Ryan: I -- I'm sorry --

Annie: That was my fault.

Ryan: I'll just --

[Annie and Ryan laugh as they meet in front of the bathroom in their undies and feel sparks]

Ryan: Yeah, I'll just -- ok. Hmm. Whew. Ok.

Annie: Ok, I'm just going to --

Ryan: And me, I'll just kind of move this way, like that.

Annie: That's good.

Ryan: Then I put you here.

Annie: Ok. I'm just going to go in.

[Ryan laughs]

Ryan: All right.

Aidan: How long did it take you to hack into the system?

Jamie: Most of the night. Come on!

Aidan: You know, the sun's coming up. You should take a break, get some coffee.

Jamie: I'm good. Babe was the target.

[As Kendall naps, Zach continues to look through his mother's possessions, remembering her laugh until someone walks into the storage unit.]

Babe: I'm so sorry, J.R.

J.R.: I know.

Babe: No. No, you don't. No one wanted to tell you, make this even harder for you, but you do need to know. I'm the reason your mother is dead. The V-tach -- it -- it wasn't in her coffee. J.R., it -- it was in the pancakes. It was in the peanut butter and banana pancakes that were meant for me. The killer wanted me dead, not your mama. Me. I know that you must hate me. And every time you look at me, you'll remember and hate me even more. And I'll hate myself.

[Picking up his cane, J.R. stumbles toward Babe and hugs her]

J.R.: Ahem.

Di: Thank you.

Krystal: Maybe you would've gotten a little bit more sleep if you slept in one of the other rooms.

Di: Yeah, but I just wanted to say good-bye. It seems like Dixie and I barely even got to say hello.

Ugh. Maybe I should've just gone home, but everybody there would just try and make me feel better, you know?

Krystal: Yeah. Sometimes better isn't even possible.

[Di sighs]

Krystal: I think we both learned that way back when we were sharing that cellblock, right? You know, sometimes it's just all you can do to get to the other side. There's no such thing as better. It's just survive or don't.

Zach: Dixie's gone?

Kendall: Tad -- I'm so sorry, Tad.

Tad: I want the bastard, and I want him now.

Zach: So do I. That's why I'm here.

Tad: I don't care why you're here. Whatever you're doing isn't working. Kendall's still here. It's too late for Dixie, just like it's too late for Erin and Simone, because you can't seem to flush this son of a bitch out in the open. Well, you figure it out. You fix it, Zach. Now.

Jamie: Damn it! How does he do it, huh? How does he get to his victims? How -- how does he get to Erinís wine, Danielleís soda, pancakes? How does he get to this stuff without being seen?

Aidan: How does he get to his victims? That's a good question. It's not "how does he get to his victims?" But "how does he know how to get to his victims?"

Ryan: You -- you sleep ok?

Annie: Um -- yeah.

Ryan: Yeah? This me-as-Emma's-dad thing kind of freaking you out?

Annie: No.

Ryan: No?

Annie: No, not really.

Ryan: Hmm. That's a cute sweater.

Annie: Thanks.

Ryan: Yeah, you're welcome. You always wear it with the tag out like that?

Annie: Oh --

[Ryan laughs]

Annie: Whoops. Where's my head?

Ryan: Where's your head? Your head's on top of that gorgeous neck. That's where your head is.

Annie: Well, maybe I should probably --

[Ryan laughs]

Ryan: If you want, I can hold your shirt down.

Annie: Yeah, sure, if you --

Ryan: All right. Just like that. Ok.

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: Ok. Wow. Ok.

Annie: Whoa --

Ryan: Whoo.

Annie: Let me just get this --

Ryan: Yeah?

Annie: Ok --

Ryan: You all right?

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: Am I in the way here?

Annie: No, no, that's --

Ryan: You sure?

Annie: I'm ok. I'm good, thanks.

Ryan: Yeah.

Annie: Thanks. Maybe I am a -- a little distracted.

[Ryan and Annie chuckle]

Ryan: Well, you got a lot to think about.

Annie: Oh, yeah. Oh. How was it?

Ryan: Uh -- it's good. It's great, actually. Um --

Annie: Ahem.

Ryan: Wow. Huh. So, did you have a chance to, you know, think about the decision about how -- how you want me involved in Emmaís life or not or --

Annie: I want to tell you what you want to hear.

Ryan: Ok. I sense a "but" coming.

Annie: Emma is my life. And you are -- are smart and -- and generous and -- and you make acorns turn into wishes. In -- in a way, this is -- this is a good thing. I'm thrilled to know that Emma has such good genes, that she has a father who's a -- a kind, decent man. I -- I just -- but am I ready for her to know that?

Babe: How can you do that? How can you hug me when I'm the one that --

J.R.: What, do you want me -- you think I should get angry, throw something and curse you out, wish that you died instead? I've given you plenty of reasons to think that.

Babe: There was a time when you wanted me dead, and now your mama's dead -- because of me.

J.R.: And I will grieve for the rest of my life. But, my God, Babe, what the hell would life be without you? Do you really think I want my son in my place -- missing his mother's love?

Babe: I keep hurting you.

J.R.: Not so much last night. I thought that I'd die. The world shut down, it was black and cold, and it felt like I had nobody to hold on to. But you touched me, and you held me and you gave me a reason to live, and I don't ever want that to stop, ever. Ever.

Adam: What the hell? Your wife sheltered that freak show in this house and got your mother killed, and you're kissing her?

Di: I mean, all night last night I was thinking over and over about meeting Dixie, about knowing and keeping her secret, and then setting myself up in her life and betraying her.

Krystal: Oh, no you did what you had to do.

Di: I can't take it back. And now Dixieís dead. I can't undo it. Oh.

Babe: The police released Zoe, so they can't think that she's the killer.

Adam: If the police had their heads --

J.R.: Dad! Enough.

Adam: Yeah. Yes, "enough" -- enough Babe, and her lies and her secrets and her betrayals.

Babe: I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry.

J.R.: Then you don't have to. I will.

[Babe kisses J.R. and leaves the room]

Adam: Son, please tell me that this is all part of a plan to get rid of her.

J.R.: Dad, can you just leave my wife alone?

Babe: Mama? How you doing? Are you ok?

Krystal: Oh. I saw you and J.R. asleep on the couch -- a little bit of peace in all this mess. It looked so right, I just didn't have the heart to wake you.

Babe: It felt right, too. I was so afraid that J.R. would think that there was nowhere to go but the bottle.

Krystal: No, you weren't the only one.

Babe: But he didnít. He chose me. He -- he held my hand, and he cried in my arms, and we talked till dawn, and we woke up safe, together, and it's what I have always wanted. And all it cost was his mama's life.

Krystal: Oh, honey --

[Aidan and Jamie sweep Fusion's office and find a bug]

Tad: How many more, Zach? How many more innocent women have to die before you come to terms with your past?

Kendall: We -- Zach -- Zachís been up all night, ok? He hasn't slept, he hasn't stopped for -- for days, for -- for weeks. He -- he's been digging through here trying to find some answers. Now, what happened is beyond horrible, Tad, but you can't blame Zach.

[Phone rings]

Tad: What?

Aidan: The killer has Fusion bugged.

Tad: Oh, it's no wonder. That's how he knew what they liked to eat, drink, where they were going, when they'd be alone.

Aidan: I found one. Jamie's still looking.

Tad: Ok, just -- just stay on it.

Kendall: Who was that? What happened?

Tad: It was Aidan. They found some kind of listening device at Fusion. Apparently, our killer's been eavesdropping.

Kendall: Listening to us? For how long? Is -- this place bugged, too? What, can you hear us? Can you hear us right now, you freak?

Tad: No, no, no, they've already swept this place, it's clean. The only thing they found is an ordinary surveillance camera. It's attached to a listening post.

Zach: So he was watching me when I was trapped in here.

Tad: Odds are.

Kendall: This is -- this is really creepy.

Tad: We never see him coming. Not you, not Ryan, not me, not the cops -- nobody. All that's got to change. Whatever it takes.

Kendall: Whatever it takes. And you don't get to wave me off this time, Zach.

[Zach sighs]

Kendall: No, no, you don't. I mean, we have tried everything, and nothing has worked. Now, our -- our defense sucks, so it's time to launch an offense -- me. And we'll -- we'll bring him right out into the open.

Zach: No, I'm not going to let you be bait.

Kendall: I already am, Zach. At least let me be bait on my own terms.

Ryan: I'm not asking -- I mean, you know, I'm not asking for parental rights.

Annie: I know, but Emma doesn't know parental rights from anonymous donors. All she knows is that she wakes up every morning in what feels like a family. But it isnít. You and I are roommates.

Ryan: Who started dating.

Annie: And now have a child.

Ryan: Which brings us back to complicated.

Annie: Yeah. Thing is, let's say I do tell Emma the truth. We're linked for life. Where does that leave Emma and you? Where does that leave you and me?

Ryan: You know, I -- um --

[Ryan sighs]

Ryan: You know that I love Emma. Right?

Annie: I know. That just makes it more complicated.

Ryan: And you also know that I -- I find you very attractive, right? I mean, you know that. And -- um -- I like you a lot, and I care about what happens to you, and I really do want to pursue this. After this morning I really want to -- to pursue this.

Annie: Ok, so let's say we go for it, and we get involved and things don't work out. We're -- we're hurt, and we're angry. Where does that leave Emma? She comes first, always -- her -- her happiness, her security, what's best for her. Which is why Emma and I can't live here anymore, Ryan. We have to move out.

Adam: You are mourning your mother. You're vulnerable. Babe is using that.

J.R.: How do you think I got through last night sober, in one piece? Because of Babe.

Adam: Oh, that's the least she could do. She's still a liar and a cheat, and I want her gone before she hurts you again.

J.R.: You told me to listen to my mother -- that day when she told me to let Babe stay, to work it out for ourselves and Little Adam?

Adam: Is that what this is about? You're going to stay in this marriage, because that's what your mother wanted? Dixie is a -- was a good woman. God rest her soul, a good woman. But that doesn't mean you owe it to her to do everything she wanted you to do.

Dixie's voice: Give Tad his child. Not Kate. Krystal's baby is Tadís.

Adam: I don't want to tell you how to live your life, J.R., or make choices for you. What's -- that's long since gone by. But Babeís choices are hurting you. This Zoe/Zarf character --

J.R.: Will you just drop the subject?

Adam: All right. Can you really forget about Babeís affair with Josh Madden -- not her first, by the way?

J.R.: Just because you would never be able to forgive Krystal doesn't mean that I can't forgive Babe.

Adam: Huh. Dixie was right. You have her heart, God help you.

J.R.: You love Krystal. Are you willing to just throw that all away?

Adam: I would -- it would be like ripping my heart right out of my chest, yes. If she had an affair, I would wipe her out of my life. I'd have no choice.

Tad: You and I have been here before -- grieving for your mother. We got through it together then, and that's how we're going to get through it now. Because no matter what happens, no matter what occurs, you will always have me.

Adam: And me. Anything I can do, son?

J.R.: Can you give us a minute alone?

Adam: Yeah. Of course.

Tad: "How are you doing?" is a stupid question, so I won't ask it.

J.R.: I didn't get drunk. I didn't get violent. I didn't get stupid.

Tad: That's a good start.

J.R.: What -- what I mean is I have my wife, I have my son, I'm solid. And I'm here for you, whatever you need.

Tad: I know. "You have your wife" -- does that mean what I hope it does?

J.R.: We're working our way back, and I think that it might just work this time.

Tad: That would make your mother very happy.

J.R.: But what are you going to do? To get through, I mean?

Tad: Huh. I'll get through. I'll get through because of my children.

Babe: Dixie would still be alive if it weren't for me. I told her to eat --

Krystal: You're alive, Babe. You're alive. So, come on, you -- you get up, you -- you dry your tears, and you splash your face, and you go to him and you help him, and you love him. That's all that matters. Ok? A little cold water, a little soap? There's time for crying later.

Babe: Yeah. I think you're the smartest person I ever knew.

Krystal: No, smart doesn't have anything to do with it. I've just lived long enough to make every kind of mistake possible -- some of them twice. So if I could save you half the grief that I've caused myself --

Babe: Oh.

Krystal: Hmm. I'll see you downstairs? Ok.

Kendall: I want to do this, Zach. I really do. Just put me out there. Let the Satin Slayer come after me, and then we'll get him. And this will work. I know this will work, Zach. And then this whole mess will be over.

Zach: My mother had a birthday party the night she died.

Kendall: Then we'll have a party. That's what we'll do -- we'll have a party. I'll -- I'll put on my prettiest clothes, and then dare that sucker to come after us.

Zach: No, we'll have somebody else pose as you.

Kendall: No. No. Come on, you -- the guy can't be fooled, you know that. He's smart, but we're smarter. We're smarter, and together we can take him down. We can. I know you will not let anything happen to me, Zach. I know that. Do you trust me to do this?

Zach: You trust me to keep you safe?

Kendall: Absolutely. More than anyone in this world.

Zach: Letting you marry me is the smartest thing I ever did.

Kendall: Yeah. Well, I'm always up for a party. So, what do we do? What's first?

Zach: Invite the killer.

Ryan: Moving out? I mean, don't you think that's a little extreme?

Annie: You know, this is a lot for you to deal with, too. Maybe you could use some space.

[Ryan sighs]

Ryan: I want you to stay.

Annie: You're just saying that to be nice. You feel like you owe us because you're Emmaís father.

Ryan: Annie, I have never lied to you. Actually, I have.

Annie: When? About what?

Ryan: About the coffee.

Annie: Oh!

Ryan: Yeah, it's actually the worst coffee I've ever had in my entire life.

Annie: You said it was great!

Ryan: I know, I know I did. I lied. I -- I lied.

Annie: Oh!

Ryan: No wonder -- you load it up with milk and sugar and all that stuff. It's burning a hole through -- through my stomach lining into my gut. You know -- no, no, no, no, you know what that is, actually? I'm sure that feeling in -- in my gut is just me freaking out, because you guys might be leaving. Am I crazy to think that we can do it, that we can make this work -- us three living here together?

Annie: Crazy? No. Optimistic? Yes.

Ryan: Oh --

Annie: We -- we need some space, too, to find our roles in -- in Emmaís life, in each otherís.

Ryan: You need to do this. You need to make -- make the choice. Just the -- the thought of -- of you guys not being here, you know? No more dancing in doorways.

Annie: It wasn't dancing.

Ryan: Really? It sure felt like dancing. No more helping you get dressed. I mean, what are you going to do without my help?

Annie: One inside-out sweater, you won't let me forget it.

Ryan: No more drinking the worst coffee on the planet together.

Annie: Sweet talker.

Ryan: I just don't want to give that up, that's all. Once you guys pack your bags, walk out the door --

[Annie and Ryan kiss]

Adam: Tad's in there. They talk, they don't fight. He reaches J.R. in ways that I never could. How does he do that, and why can't I?

Krystal: Oh, honey, you reach him in ways that Tad doesnít. You reach me in ways that nobody ever has. And I thank God every day for you and our family. I would die a thousand deaths if Babe left this earth before me. But the look in J.R.ís eyes when he knew that his mother was gone way too soon -- I never want Babe to have to feel that loss -- or Charlotte.

Adam: Or me. Or me. I -- I could survive if I had to go through what Tadís going through -- life without the other half of my soul.

Annie: Yeah, if Emma wasn't smack in the middle of this, I would go for it, but --

Ryan: But she is. I get it, I get it, I get it -- romance on hold.

Annie: I must be crazy to leave.

Ryan: No, you're -- you're a mother who -- um -- who wants what's best for her daughter. That's -- that's who you are.

Annie: And you're a dad who wants the same.

Ryan: Yeah. Huh. Um --

[Annie sighs]

Ryan: Do you think you're going to tell Emma? Do you think you're going to tell her that I'm her dad?

Annie: Uh -- you and I just found out about this. The only person who's actually had time to think it through is Kendall. I -- I have to -- to catch my breath first.

Ryan: Hmm.

Annie: When I do, I'll decide what to tell Emma.

Ryan: I understand.

Annie: Um -- ahem -- I have to run an errand. We'll talk later?

Ryan: Yeah. Huh.

[Once Annie leaves the apartment, Ryan dumps ice on his face]

Ryan: Ah.

Tad: Why don't you do me a favor. Why don't you -- why don't you go be with your wife. Hold her, tell her you love her, kiss her. Don't waste any more time, don't risk any more regrets.

J.R.: I think I'd rather just stay here and talk.

Tad: J.R., do it for me. Do it for your mother. Come on. Come on. Yeah, that's my that's my boy. Will you be ok? You sure?

[As Krystal and Adam walk in, J.R. hobbles out]

Tad: He'll be ok. He'll be all right.

Krystal: From your lips.

[Tad begins to sweep the room for surveillance bugs]

Adam: What in blazes are you --

Zach: I hate being here, this place is tainted.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I hate it, too, but I can't just stop working here because of some freak. I mean, I can't just leave this for my mom, ok? And I'm -- I'm sick about Dixie. She loved her family so much, and her sons were the light of her life. So I -- I want to catch this guy. I want to do it, because it's the right thing to do -- for her.

[Kendall hugs Jamie then mouths good-bye to him and Aidan]

Zach: Come on. Get what you need, let's get out of here.

Kendall: No, I refuse to -- to stop living because of some -- of some pathetic waste of life. And I refuse to get chased out of my office. I also refuse to stop loving you. So we stay here, we do what needs to be done.

Zach: Yeah, like keeping you safe.

Kendall: I -- I have a better idea. Let's throw a party. There's been so much death and misery lately, I -- I think we should honor our friends, our love, and our new home. It's perfect. It won't be just any party, it will be a fundraiser for the Amelia Cambias Foundation -- in honor of your mother.

Ryan: Hey. What happened?

Rachael: Oh, Emma has a tummy ache.

Ryan: Oh.

Rachael: She -- she wants her mommy.

Ryan: She wants her mommy?

Rachael: Yeah.

Ryan: Her mommy's not here -- uh -- but I am. Will I do?

Rachael: Want to go to Ryan?

Emma: I want to go to Ryan.

Ryan: Yeah? You want to go go to me? Oh, come here, you big girl. You got a little tummy ache?

Emma: Uh-huh.

Ryan: Do you? Oh.

Kendall: We are going to throw the most amazing fundraiser this town has ever seen. You with me?

Zach: Thank you for doing this.

Kendall: Thank you for letting me. We're going to raise money for all the families who have lost young women too soon. For Amelia and Simone and Erin and Dixie. A tribute to their love and goodness. Hmm. Ok, let's go. We have a party to plan.

[Tad finds a bug under the fireplace mantle]

Adam: How did that get in here?

Tad: Oh, hey -- um -- Krystal, don't you think that Adam needs some air?

Adam: Some maniac has been bugging my house?

Tad: Congratulations. That's just perfect. Did you get all that? You just screwed any chance we had of using this against whoever put it there.

Krystal: He heard everything we said? I stood in this room and asked Winnie to whip up those pancakes, and she said she was out of peanut butter and had to go to the store.

Adam: You will pay. If it's the last thing I ever do, you will pay for this.

Krystal: He was listening. And he used me to try to kill Babe, and now Dixie is dead.

Adam: No, no, no, no, no. No, no.

Babe: J.R.? What are you doing?

J.R.: I just wanted to be with her things.

Babe: Is there anything that I can do? Someway I could help even the tiniest bit?

J.R.: Yeah. Actually, there is something you can do. Tell me what to do.

Babe: About what?

J.R.: Should I change Tadís life and destroy my father's by telling them both that Krystalís baby is Tadís?

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Bianca (to Zoe): What are you doing here? Are you stalking me?

Annie: You think you can run Ryanís life?

Kendall: Ryan, can you leave us alone for a second? This may not be pretty.

J.R.: Is Krystal carrying Tadís baby?

Babe: Yes.

[Tad walks in]

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