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Annie: Did you just say you're Emma's father?

Ryan: It's out of nowhere, I -- I know.

Annie: You're not doing this because of me, are you?

Ryan: Well, you're -- you know, you're part of the equation obviously.

Annie: Because if you're -- if you're doing this, because you feel bad for me or some twisted sense of obligation, I don't --

Ryan: What? What? No --

Annie: I don't think --

Ryan: No, no. Nothing like that.

Annie: I mean, I know I'm doing the whole single mother thing, but I think I'm doing a pretty decent job, or is this about Spike? You don't owe me anything for helping you out with --

Ryan: This has nothing to do with me owing or favors. This has to do with truth. There was a DNA test, Annie. Emma and I are a match. I am Emma's biological father.

Babe: It was supposed to be me.

Bianca: Babe, are you ok?

Josh: No, no, she's not ok! The killer went after Babe and got Dixie instead.

Jack: All right, all right. Now, Josh, just calm down.

Josh: "Calm down"? Dixie's on her way to the hospital right now!

Zoe: She's barely breathing.

Bianca: Oh, God.

Adam: Since you moved into my house, you have cursed my family.

Derek: Adam, this isn't helping anything.

Adam: You have brought nothing but pain and hardship to my son from the instant that you weaseled him into your life. And if Dixie dies, it's going to be on you, sweetheart. Do you understand? You will have killed her.

Jeff: Get back, Tad, now!

Tad: Don't leave me.

Joe: V-fib. Get the paddles. Charge to 360.

Jeff: Bag her now.

Tad: Come on.

Joe: Clear!

Tad: Come on, Dixie.

Jeff: Still in v-fib.

Joe: Charge. Clear.

J.R.: Mom?

Jamie: J.R., just let them do their job.

Tad: Come on, come on.

Jeff: Two, three, four --

Tad: Come on.

Joe: Son, you have to wait outside, please. You have to wait outside.

Tad: I'm not going anywhere, Dixie. I'm going to be right here.

J.R.: Mom will be ok, Tad.

Nurse: I -- I'm sorry, but we have to close the door. Please. Please.

J.R.: They'll save her. She'll be fine.

Babe: You think I want Dixie in that hospital instead of me?

Josh: Just lay off Babe, all right?

Adam: Who in the hell do you think you are. Threatening me in my own home?

Derek: Hey, no one's threatening anyone. Now, both of you, stop it. Dust everything here and then start in the kitchen.

Jack: Adam, J.R.'s at the hospital with Dixie. Why don't you join him? We'll finish up here. We'll take your statement later.

Babe: I'm coming with you.

Derek: Sorry, Babe. We have some questions for you.

Babe: Because I was the target?

Adam: You're no victim.

Jack: Adam, go to your son.

Derek: I need a sample of --

Jack: Go to your family, ok?

Derek: Those pancakes to the lab and to the hospital.

Jack: What?

Bianca: Babe? Here, come here. Sit down. You're shaking.

Josh: It's probably shock.

Zoe: I'll get a blanket.

Jack: Check the alarm system, will you?

Derek: Maybe the killer didn't need to trip the alarm. We have some more questions for you, too.

Jack: Zoe, where were you when Dixie and Babe were having breakfast?

Zoe: Outside for a walk on the grounds.

Derek: Who's seen you today?

Zoe: I already told you.

Derek: Tell me again.

Babe: Let him tell you! I -- ok, leave her alone, for the last time. She -- she didn't do anything wrong. She was trying to protect me. She's not a killer. If you want to blame someone, it's me. Adam was right -- those are my pancakes and I am the one that told Dixie to eat them.

Josh: Babe --

Babe: It was mine, and it's my fault!

Josh: Babe, no, listen. What happened to Dixie is not your fault, all right? You had no idea that food was laced. The only one to blame here is that maniac who was out to get you. He's the one who put the drug in the pancakes. This is not your fault.

Babe: I need to go to the hospital. I need to see J.R., please.

Josh: Is it ok if she leaves?

Bianca: She's told you everything she knows.

Jack: Yeah, that would be fine. Go ahead.

Josh: I'll stay here and make sure they go easy on Zoe, but you're taking a bodyguard with you.

Babe: Thank you.

Derek: Bob, escort Mrs. Chandler to the hospital. You two? You can follow in a squad car.

Zoe: Be careful, Babe.

Babe: I will, thank you.

Zoe: We almost lost Babe. How can we protect her, Josh?

Ryan: So Josh somehow got samples and ran the test, and Emma and I are a match.

Annie: And this -- this is all started with David Hayward?

Ryan: Exactly.

Annie: The same guy that rigged the fake DNA test on Emma and Tad?

Ryan: Not the most reliable source, I -- I know. If another test hadn't been run, then -- I mean, it's crazy. I have a daughter.

Annie: But I don't -- I don't get it. David Hayward disappeared on Thanksgiving. I mean, Kendall's known this whole time. Why wouldn't she say something?

Ryan: Didn't you talk to Kendall around that time about how Emma came to be?

Annie: I mean, about -- about my anonymous donor, yes. About the fact that her children share the same father-- no. I mean, I was -- I was just with Kendall. We were just talking about Emma and Spike and families. Why wouldn't she have said something? She didn't say a word.

Ryan: Kendall doesn't want it to get out.

Annie: Oh, my God. It all makes sense why Kendall freaked out when Emma said that she wanted you to be her --

Ryan: Daddy. Kendall's motives tend to be about Kendall.

Annie: This is crazy. This is -- this is weird, science fiction, deja vu crazy.

Ryan: You know what we could do? We could run another test.

Annie: Another DNA test? No, no. I -- I never want to see another one of those tests in my life.

Ryan: Truthfully, I don't think that we need another one. I mean, why would Kendall keep quiet if it wasn't true?

Annie: Oh.

Ryan: Are you ok?

Annie: You are my little girl's father.

Ryan: I couldn't be more surprised myself or happy or confused. Name it.

Annie: I can't.

Ryan: So, now --

Annie: Now --

Krystal: J.R., honey? Honey, why don't you sit down?

J.R.: I'm fine.

Opal: Sweetheart, we are all far from fine. Oh, my baby.

Tad: Thanks, Mom.

Krystal: Dixie's going to be ok. You know, your mama didn't come back from the dead just to walk out on you again. Can I get you anything? You need anything?

Dixie's voice: Krystal's baby is Tad's.

Julia: Hey. Would you like to build another snowman, this time from scratch? I brought my makeup. What do you think, huh? Maybe some snow angels? Are you hungry? We could stop by the store and -- and pick up whatever, whatever you like to eat, your favorite food -- mac and cheese? Pizza?

Father Clarence: Chicken tenders -- Kathy's favorite food. Isn't that right, Kathy?

Julia: How do you know what Kathy's favorite food is?

Father Clarence: Now you know what to get at the grocery store, Aunt Julia.

Opal: What happened in there?

Del: She's going to be ok, right?

Di: What do you know?

Jamie: My grandfather and Uncle Jeff are doing everything that they can.

Del: What, and we just hang here while my sister's in there? I don't think so.

Jamie: They will come out as soon as they have something to report.

Dixie's voice: Together.

Tad's voice: Together forever.

Adam: Any word on your mother?

[Tad flashes back to moments from the past]

Tad: Oh --

Dixie: Oh!

Tad: Oh, oh. I'm --

Dixie: Oh, I'm sorry.

Tad: I'm sorry. Heaven help me, I've just forgotten every woman I've ever met. Come on.

Dixie: Oh!

Tad: Oh.

Dixie: Oh, Tad, I was so scared!

Tad: I know, I know. Come on, baby. We got to get out of here.

Dixie: Is this the way to church?

Tad: You ever try to get a horse in an elevator?

Dixie: I love you.

Opal: I can't find Palmer anywhere. Where the hell is he?

Tad's voice: Oh, that's just his allergies.

Palmer: This is the suitor you expect me to take seriously for heaven's sake?

Tad: Cluck!

Palmer: It's a sophomoric display.

Tad: Stick around, Palmer. It gets better.

Palmer: Yeah -- uh --

Tad: You ready for the grand finale?

Dixie: Oh, I don't know.

Opal: Did those two young people know that you don't want them to get hitched?

Palmer: Well, they do and they don't. I've been doing a little work behind the scenes.

Opal: Yeah, without much success, so you called in the Reserves.


Woman's voice: "And an angel of the Lord came down to the shepherds in the field to herald a miracle. Unto you, a child is born."

[Piano chord]

Woman: "Unto you, a child is born."

Dixie: O little town of Bethlehem how still we see thee lie

Dixie: Above thy deep and dreamless sleep

Dixie and young J.R.: The silent stars go by yet in thy dark streets shineth the everlasting light the hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight

Young J.R.'s voice: They don't care. They'll just get another one at the pond tomorrow.

Young Jamie's voice: Then I'll steal that one, too. It's gone!

Dixie: It's gone?

Young Jamie: Yeah, it must've jumped out.

Tad: We'll look for it.

Young Jamie: Look for it. It's got to be here somewhere!

Tad: That's all we need. All right, don't -- just stay calm. Everybody fan out. It's got to be someplace.

Dixie: Look around the bed. Maybe -- it probably is, like, right somewhere really close by.

Tad: There it is, honey, right by your knee.

Dixie: Where? Oh!

Tad: Psyche.

Dixie: Very funny!

Tad: I thought you liked frogs.

Dixie: Hardy-har-har.

Young Jamie: There it goes!

Young J.R.: Come on, let's go. Come on, come on!

Tad: See you outside.

Joe's voice: Pregnancy will stress a healthy woman. Your body is not up to it.

Dixie: But you don't know that, Joe. I mean, I could be one of those exceptional people. I could be, you know, one of those miracle people, you know? I -- I feel lucky about this, I really do.

Joe: I know you do, I know you do. Your heart is so filled with joy, there's no room in it for fear or for doubt. But I must tell you, my heart is filled with those things and so is Tad's. We're looking forward, you know, to years of being together as a family.

Dixie's voice: We're going to look for Kate. We can help each other, all right? I -- I just don't know where to start anymore.

Tad: That box of photographs, the one you found in Madden's storage locker -- that's the only thing we've got going for us. I'm working on trying to identify every child in that box, but what if I can't?

Dixie's voice: You will. You will, ok? We will. You have to believe that.

J.R.'s voice: I heard Tad talking to me -- here. He said, "Come back, Mom needs you."

Tad's voice: J.R. and Jamie, Di, Del, Opal -- they are all out there praying for you. You got to do it for them. Now, if you can't do it for them, you do it for me. We got to find Kate, that beautiful little girl with her mother's eyes. We earned ourselves a miracle.

[Wedding music plays]

Dixie: I love you, Tad. I always have, even when I hated you.


Dixie: You know what? I wanted to kill you because I couldn't understand your stupid reasons for trying to do the right thing. I just --

[Dixie sighs]

Dixie: I always knew that you were the man for me, so I promise you that I will always stand by you, that I will be your best friend. And I will promise you that no matter what, I will never do anything to hurt you or that beautiful heart of yours and all the love that it holds.

Priest: Tad, will you take Dixie to be your wedded wife?

Dixie: For better or for worse --

Priest: In sickness and in health --

Dixie: In sickness and in health.

Tad: Through good times and bad times, come rain or come shine, to be my lawful wedded wife --

Dixie: To be my lawful wedded husband.

Tad: Until we are parted by death --

Priest: For so long as you both shall live.

Tad: And nothing will ever separate us again.

[Tad and Dixie kiss]

Annie: You donated sperm anonymously. You didn't sign on to be a parent.

Ryan: I didn't sign on, you know, for Spike until well after he was conceived.

Annie: Yeah, but you weren't anonymous to Kendall.

Ryan: True.

Annie: Yeah. You know, I mean, I -- this doesn't have to change things between you and me and Emma.

Ryan: Are you kidding me? This changes everything. This is huge. I have -- I have a little girl. I have a beautiful, smart, wonderful little girl who is going to change everything for you, for me, and for her.

Father Clarence: Kathy and I are old friends.

Julia: Did you now her parents?

Father Clarence: Oh, yes -- wonderful people, wonderful mommy and daddy. It's hard without your mommy and daddy, isn't it, Kathy? It's so hard to say good-bye to the people you love. See that? Snow is God's way of letting us keep in touch with the people we love who are not here on earth. So when it snows, it means mommy and daddy are sending you little messages from heaven. I know you're sad now, but I promise you'll be happy again because, see, Aunt Julia -- she loves you so much, and she'll take good care of you. So when you're mad or sad or scared, right, tell Aunt Julia and she'll help you feel better. Right? Huh? Promise? Good girl. There.

Kathy: I like applesauce, too.

Julia: Well -- ok. All right, sweetheart, we'll get some of that, too. Thank -- thank you.

Babe: Hey.

J.R.: Her heart stopped. But they're working on her. She won't leave me again. She can't.

Jack: Zoe, just to be clear -- when Dixie was having breakfast, you were --

Zoe: I told you -- I went out for a walk. When I found the box of flowers, I came into the parlor immediately. Dixie had already collapsed.

Josh: You know what, don't say another word, all right? Call your lawyer.

Bianca: Yeah, that's -- that's a good idea.

Zoe: Ah, I don't need lawyers!

Zoe: I want to cooperate.

Derek: Then tell us the truth.

Bianca: Well, maybe she is, and you're just not giving her a chance.

Zoe: I had just met Dixie. She was so nice, genuine, and welcoming. Oh. I can't believe she's --

Joe: We lost her.

[Tad walks out of the ER as everyone stands in stunned silence]

J.R.: What do you mean, you lost her?

Dixie's voice: The other night, dear

Babe: J.R. --

J.R.: Why don't you get back in there and fix her?

Babe: J.R., stop it!

J.R.: Why don't you get back in there, and you do your job?

Babe: J.R., come on, stop it! It's not his fault.

J.R.: That's my mom in there! That's my mother in there!

[Crying, J.R. clings to Babe]

Dixie's voice: Held you in my arms when I awoke, dear I was mistaken and I laid down my head and I cried

Jack: I see. Thank you. She's gone. Dixie didn't make it.

Derek: She's dead?

Jack: Yeah.

Bianca: Oh, my God.

Josh: That could have been Babe.

Babe: Can he see her?

Joe: Are you sure?

J.R.: I want to see my mom.

[J.R. takes Dixie's hand and breaks down in tears]

Dixie's voice: You'll never know, dear how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away.

Annie: You're not tied to Emma simply because of DNA.

Ryan: Well, I -- I would love to be tied to her. You know, I love -- I love Emma. I'd love to be her father. When -- when Spike came along, I realized so much -- I realized that I could be a great dad. I realized that I could give and love more than I ever knew. I mean, I have a daughter. A daughter that could grow up and look to her dad. A daughter that -- that I could walk down the aisle with someday.

Annie: Huh. God, aren't you -- aren't you thinking a little far ahead?

Ryan: You know, honestly, I don't know what -- I don't know what I'm thinking right now. I honestly don't. But I do -- I know that -- I told Josh -- I said, "if I ever had a daughter, I'd want her to be exactly like Emma." Ok, I'm -- I'm sorry, ok, because I don't mean to be pushing anything on you. I honestly don't. My mind's in a million places right now. But I want you to know that I meant what I said. I would -- I would never, ever take Emma from you.

Annie: It's still complicated.

Ryan: Yes, it is. It's very complicated. I just -- I didn't want you to continue being scared that someday some donor would show up and try to stake claim on Emma, because if there's one thing I can guarantee you, I can guarantee you that would never happen.

Annie: Thank you.

Ryan: And you got to think long and hard about this. But my role is up to you. I mean, I love Emma, but you're her mother, and you always have been. So, whatever you decide, I'll deal.

Annie: I -- I'm not -- I'm not sure how I feel yet.

Ryan: I'm sure you're not. But just know that I would never have told you if I wasn't fully committed to respecting whatever you choose.

Emma: Mommy!

Annie: Hi, sweetheart! Oh -- how was the park? Huh? Emma has something for you.

Ryan: Did you find that through the snow? An acorn? Why, it's just like that favorite bedtime story that we read, isn't it? About the squirrel who finds the magic acorn, and then makes a wish. And what happens when he makes a wish?

Emma: It came true.

Ryan: Right. And of course, like a squirrel -- he wished for a million acorns, and they all fell out of the sky. They hit him on the head, they hit him on the belly, and then over here. They hit him all over the place. And he just kind of rolled around in all these acorns.

Emma: And your forehead.

Ryan: And my forehead. They hit him on the forehead, too? What about the nose? And the chin?

Bianca: Dixie never found her little girl.

Zoe: Dixie had a daughter?

Bianca: A little older than Miranda.

Zoe: Oh.

Bianca: Kate's missing. Dixie never gave up looking for her.

Zoe: And now she's gone.

Bianca: I always wished the best for Dixie. I remember so clearly what it was like for me when I was without Miranda. For months, I ached for my little girl. I -- I needed to hold her, to love her, to -- to take care of her.

Zoe: Your daughter is a very lucky little girl.

Jack: Excuse me. Bianca, can I speak to you for just a minute, please?

Bianca: Yeah, sure.

Jack: Thanks.

Josh: How are you doing?

Zoe: I can't stay here, not now. Not while this family grieves.

Josh: What are you going to do?

Zoe: Oh -- I'm certainly not going to stay at the Valley Inn. The press is all over that place. I can't see them. I can't deal, not now. I'll just find someplace else.

Jack: Bianca, what's going on with you and Zoe in there?

Bianca: Nothing. Why do you ask?

Jack: Just be careful. We don't know a thing about this guy.

Bianca: Well, he's a she. That's a start.

Jack: Well, she seems to be right in the middle of all this.

Bianca: Zoe is not a killer.

Jack: I didn't say she is.

Bianca: Ok.

Jack: Ok.

Bianca: Well, then you shouldn't have any problem with me talking to her.

Jack: You know I can't not worry about you. I mean, you do know that, right?

Bianca: Yes, I do.

Jack: Ok. Hmm.

Zoe: The last thing I would do is hurt Bianca.

Opal: Sweet dreams, Dixie. Say hey to my Jenny.

Adam: I'm sorry, Dixie. I'm sorry.

Di: Ugh, that shouldn't have happened! My sister should still be here. She should still be standing right here. We should have -- we should have caught that guy. We should have caught that guy before he killed my sister, and -- I mean, I'm going to make him pay for this. I'm going to make him pay!

Aidan: Shh.

Di: My God. Oh. Why? Aidan, no --

[As J.R. sits staring, Dixie places her hand on her shoulder then on Jamie's. She then surveys the scene in the ER and wonders where Tad is.]

Dixie: Tad?

Julia: Tad? Tad? Is it Dixie?

Kathy: Will you show me your trick now?

Ryan: Thank you for my magic acorn. Magic acorn -- how lucky am I? You know what I'm going to do -- is every night when I read you a bedtime story, I'm going to bring this with me. And you know what we can do? Maybe we can make a wish -- or two. Is that a good idea? Yeah?

Jack: So, Josh, what happened to believing this Zoe person, huh?

Josh: She was here, right before the satin ribbon was tied on the gate.

Jack: Right.

Josh: Also when Dixie was drugged. It couldn't hurt to keep an eye on her.

Jack: Absolutely right. And I'll be honest with you -- we can use all the help we can get with this thing. I'm going to check the team on the perimeter there, ok?

Derek: Where can we reach you?

Josh: She'll be staying with me. If you're ready to go, I am.

Zoe: Ready.

Derek: Don't go too far.

Zoe: Catch him. Don't let him hurt anyone else. Don't let him hurt Babe.

Babe: Hey. They took it off her when they brought her in.

J.R.: I love you, Mama. You're with the stars now.

Tad: Come here for a second. You know something? I lost a quarter here a long time ago. I was a little older than you. And -- this was a long time ago. Do you know what a quarter used to buy back then?

Kathy: A car?

Julia: That's some quarter.

Tad: Yeah. Well, I looked everywhere for that quarter. All over the place. I looked everywhere I could possibly think of. Never found it. You know something? You know the one place I didn't look? Hmm?

Tad: I guess we found it. I guess we found it after all.

Dixie: Kate -- my beautiful Kate.

[All of a sudden, it begins to snow]

Dixie's voice: Oh.

[As Kathy hugs Tad, she waves to Dixie who blows her a good-bye kiss.]

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Babe (to J.R.): I'm the reason your mother is dead.

Annie: Emma and I can't live here anymore, Ryan. We have to move out.

Zach: I'm not going to let you be bait.

Kendall: I already am. At least let me be bait on my own terms. What's first?

Zach: Invite the killer.

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