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Zoe: It's me. I'm Zoe.

Babe: You did it.

J.R.: Give me a break. What, you talking in song lyrics?

Derek: You said he was going to kill Zoe, now you say you are Zoe?

Ryan: Somebody explain something fast.

J.R.: It's a scam!

Babe: Very brave.

Kendall: Oh, shut up, Babe.

Tad: Is he on something?

Bianca: Josh, did you find them?

Josh: Get over here fast, Chandler Mansion.

Bianca: Oh, ok, I'm on my way. Claire, could you watch Miranda? I have to run out.

Derek: You'd better take this slow so we can get every word.

Babe: It's ok. You can do this. This is Zoe.

Derek: I want to hear it from him.

Babe: Her.

Zoe: It's all right, Babe.

J.R.: You'd better clear this up, fast.

Derek: We got two women dead and one still on the critical list, and you're talking about killing someone else.

Zoe: Only myself -- by denying myself.

J.R.: Oh, yeah, here we go. Double talk as art, great.

Zoe: I want to tell you who I am.

Ryan: The whole world knows who you are.

Tad: We need to know what you've done.

Derek: The truth.

Zoe: That's what I'm trying to tell you. I am not who you think. That's part of the problem.

Tad: You're not the world-renown rock star known as Zarf?

Derek: Damn it. I'm not playing 20 questions. You talk here, or in a cell.

Zoe: Oh, God, Babe --

Babe: Ok.

J.R.: She can't do this for you.

Babe: Ok, look -- look, all you have to do is you tell the truth. You've already started. You're Zoe. You finish it. Tell them the rest.

Zoe: I'm Zoe --

Ryan: Let me ask you something. Let me ask you -- let me just him something!

Babe: Ryan, stop it.

Ryan: Was it Zoe that gave V-tach to Erin, Simone, and Dani? What does Zoe have to do with my sister? I mean, you're running around murdering all these women -- that's all because of Zoe? Is that right?

Josh: Zarf -- Zoe?

J.R.: You can't plead freak like it's some kind of defense.

Tad: If this is a trick, it's not going to work.

Derek: The vials of estrogen are part of this --

J.R.: What kind of sick crud is this?

Babe: It's not sick. Zoe was upset. You made her feel worthless.

Derek: I don't give a damn about his feelings.

Tad: Why should he? He just confessed to trying to get rid of Simone.

Zoe: I only wanted to get rid of Zoe.

Zach: Why did you have my mother's picture? Why did you have all those pictures of all those women?

Colby: Neither of them?

Zach: What were they for?

Zoe: They were for me! It's the difference between Zoe and Zarf.

Ryan: Multiple personalities --

Zoe: I didn't! I didn't! I'm not!

Ryan: Which one? Which one?

Derek: What are you?

Babe: She can't think with all of you attacking her. Please --

Ryan: Oh, oh, I'm so sorry -- you think this is an attack?

Tad: Everybody in this room was either related to or very close to those girls.

Zoe: They were wonderful women.

Ryan: No, don't -- don't you tell me what my sister was like -- not after what you did!

Derek: Hey, ok! Zoe did it, Zarf did it -- whatever.

Zoe: I'm real. This is very real.

Derek: You're damn right it is, and no psycho scam is going to get you acquitted.

Ryan: Like J.R. said, the freak defense just isn't going to fly, man.

Zoe: Freak. Killer. Oh, it doesn't matter. They're all the same. I'm both.

Derek: You confessed to the murders and the attempt on my daughter. Then the lab results. The vials we found in your hotel suite were full of estrogen and not V-tach. Why?

Zoe: I was raised as a boy. Um -- I mean, I had all the boy parts. My name was Frederick -- Freddie. Such a good boy, but I never felt like a boy. I was expected to do and to react to things that were completely foreign to me. I was treated like a boy, but inside, I felt like what I was -- a girl.

Colby: Trans-Pine Valley.

Derek: So the estrogen --

Zoe: And syringe -- they were to help save my life, not to take anyone else's.

Tad: You're taking hormones.

Zoe: It was the next step. I was trying to find the courage.

Ryan: You got to be kidding me. You don't suddenly just decide to drop by the hormone shop.

Derek: Why not? If you felt you were a girl all your life?

Zoe: Oh, you think it's that easy? I was alone. I needed a friend.

Josh: Like Bianca? You mess with her head, then you confess it's a joke?

J.R.: What's wrong with you?

Kendall: What's right?

Josh: Then later, you chalk off the dress as research. What's the truth? Is there any?

Babe: Why wouldn't she hold back? Everyone has been out to get her since the day she got to Pine Valley. Nobody understood Zarf. Nobody knew him. So how could they even begin to understand her?

Tad: Babe --

Babe: But of course -- no, of course, she's the number one suspect in the murders!

Tad: We were trying to protect you, and Dani and Kendall.

Babe: But we don't need protecting -- not from Zarf, not from Zoe. Just because she started working at Fusion before Simone died doesn't mean that she's a suspect.

Derek: Zarf admitted he was the last one to see Erin and Simone alive.

Babe: Except the killer.

Zach: He just confessed 15 minutes ago.

Derek: Did you hide out at my place? Hmm? When Dani was in cardiac arrest, did you get some sick thrill? Did you think she was dead when you dropped the flowers and the ribbons on her?

Zoe: No, I wasn't there. I could never hurt Dani.

Zach: Ok, what are you now, fragile, are we?

Zoe: You don't know what this is like!

J.R.: You're damn right.

Zach: My mother's picture -- why do you have it? And who was she to you? What do you want from me and my wife? What do you want?

Zoe: I can't -- I don't --

Babe: Stop torturing her. Please, everyone.

Tad: We need the answers.

Zoe: I have -- I've told you already. Haven't you heard enough?

Derek: Not even close.

Zoe: I don't know what else to say.

Bianca: Everything that we haven't heard. All of it. Anybody who doesn't want to hear it can go.

Derek: I'm in no hurry.

Tad: Ok, everybody just take a deep breath. Zoe, the woman in your drawing -- that's you?

Colby: Transgender, male to female. You guys, it happens. You need to catch up. Oh, my God -- "Inside Out" -- those lyrics make sense now.

J.R.: Stay out of this.

Colby: This is so cool. And don't worry about your fans. We're smart.

J.R.: Would you get back? Stay put.

Colby: All right. Women --

Kendall: You know what? You jerked Bianca around with some "love at first sight" trip. And then you run around our office dancing around naked, spewing out your stupid New-age Zen crap. And now, two of my friends are dead, and a third one almost died. Now, that's a hell of a roundabout way of going after my husband.

Tad: Did you come to Pine Valley to -- expressly to work with the Fusion girls?

Zoe: No, I stayed because I thought I'd found a home.

J.R.: Where no one knew you?

Kendall: And you never even visited?

Zoe: Fusion was perfect. Built by strong women, for strong women. The atmosphere was so -- um -- creative and supportive. I met Babe in Philadelphia.

Josh: Yeah -- if I recall right, you -- you hit on her a very straight male.

Zoe: I love women.

Derek: So you are a guy?

Zoe: No. Like Bianca, I'm a woman who's attracted to women.

Kendall: Now you're a lesbian?

Colby: Oh, wow.

Ryan: This is -- this is too many lies on top of lies.

J.R.: You know, you should have quit while you were ahead.

Derek: Ok, ok. Let's just skip to your arrival.

Zoe: It was such a dynamic atmosphere. I really felt so alive. And I feel completely in love with the idea of coming out. I thought it was the very -- the perfect place to reveal the true me.

Ryan: So after a life of hiding, you meet a few nice women, and then problem solved, right?

Zoe: Oh, it was more than that. I still found it terrifying. There was so much I couldn't predict.

Zach: Hate to break up your little story there -- why did you pick Fusion again?

Zoe: They asked me for my music.

Zach: It just happened to be a Cambias business?

Zoe: Oh, I didn't -- uh-uh -- that had nothing --

Zach: And you just happened to have a picture of Amelia Cambias?

Zoe: I didn't know who she was!

Zach: My mother?

Zoe: They were all just exquisite women, that's all! If I could have looked into the mirror and seen that lady looking back at me, or any of them -- the girls or the women -- I clipped those pictures, because I needed them. I was trying to figure out what kind of woman I was. Does that sound pathetic? Maybe it was.

Tad: "What kind of woman I was"? I feel sorry for him -- her. I feel sorry for you.

Zoe: Freddie Luper couldn't let anyone in on her secret. Anyone that would tell. I had no role models. All those women looking back at me. I just wanted to look into one pair of eyes and see me.

Derek: Frederick Luper, aka Zoe, aka Zarf, you are under arrest.

Babe: This is insane. Zoe didn't do it.

Derek: He -- or she has been back and forth on that point.

Ryan: And it's the only point that we care about.

J.R.: Suddenly, he is a tortured she?

Babe: No, not suddenly. Not suddenly. Zoe tried to tell Bianca on New Yearís. She trusted her, and -- and wanted to come out to her, ok?

Zoe: I'll pay for my mistakes.

Ryan: And what mistakes would those be?

Zoe: I'm sorry.

Derek: Let's go.

Babe: No, no. I promise you, I will get you out.

Tad: No.

Babe: Zoe! This is stupid!

Derek: Babe, no one wants to make trouble for you.

Babe: How? How could you? How could any of you, after everything that Zoe just shared, or the courage it took for her to say those things? What, you just don't give a damn about her as a human being? Is that it, huh?

Kendall: Listen to me, listen to me. Zoe killed two of our friends. She killed them. You think that took all of Zoe's courage?

Babe: You can't all possibly feel that way? Please tell me, someone.

Colby: I'm undecided.

J.R.: Go to bed.

Colby: Fine, I won't argue.

Babe: You know. Don't you? You know inside that she couldn't hurt anyone. Even you.

Julia: I'm going to go get some coffee. Do you want something?

Livia: Oh, besides a miracle cure that'll get my niece up and around and talking like a blue streak?

Julia: Hmm. I wish.

Aidan: So do I, so we could put the guy away who did this.

Amanda: The daughter of the chief of police --

Jonathan: Our friend Ken with the credit card -- did he have Dani's picture, too?

Amanda: Yes. Do you really think that he could be the killer?

Del: Well, he's got a lot of questions to answer.

Kenny: Hey, remember me? I -- I forgot my credit card.

Jonathan: Thanks for making this easy on me, kid.

Kenny: What is he doing? Get him off me!

Jonathan: Del -- Del, come grab his wallet.

Kenny: What Ė

Jonathan: This is an interrogation

Kenny: What -- what are you doing?

Amanda: Do yourself a favor and don't fight.

Del: What the hell are these?

Jonathan: That's my sister!

Kenny: No! You're breaking my arm!

Amanda: Guys -- guys, just let the cops deal with him.

Del: Oh, yeah, right. He'll lawyer up, and it'll take forever to get anything out of him.

Kenny: I am a lawyer. I -- I was theirs. Kenny Adler. I worked for Fusion.

Babe: How could you? How could you let them take her?

J.R.: They have a case against him. Your new pal could have killed your old ones.

Josh: They owe it to Erin, Dani, and Simone to check Zoe out.

Babe: Is everyone really that narrow-minded? You guys let them drag an innocent woman away like an animal.

Josh: Babe, if she's innocent, they'll release her.

Babe: Can't you see when someone's heart is breaking?

Josh: Can't you see when someone wants you dead?

J.R.: Get the hell out of my house.

Babe: You heard my husband. Go.

Aidan: Zarf was apprehended at the Chandler Mansion.

Livia: Was he after Babe?

Aidan: Babe was with him. Don't ask me. It's a long story. But if Dani can ID this guy, he is as good as convicted.

Livia: Don't count on it.

Aidan: She'll pull through this. And the chances are good that she saw the killer.

Livia: If she weren't in there, I could be the person asked to defend whoever is charged with killing Simone and Erin.

Aidan: That is your job.

Livia: Yes. And I -- and I tell myself I don't -- I don't defend the guilty. But am I kidding myself? How many times have I let somebody go free? I sit there, and I'm holding her hand, and I wonder how I've ever done this, and if I can ever do it again.

Derek: Nobody said squat about a special prosecutor.

Jack: Look, Derek, Bill's up for reelection, ok? I promise, I'll make your job easier.

Derek: Like hell. He's handing you my investigation.

Jack: No, he's just trying to cover his butt.

Derek: I just made an arrest.

Jack: I know.

Derek: The suspect's in lockup. Stuff your help. Everybody get out of my police station. I have work to do.

Jack: No, Derek, we have work to do, so you may as well get used to it.

Bianca: Uncle Jack, you're handling the case against Zarf?

Jack: Yeah. Lucky me, huh?

Bianca: Good. I need to see him.

Jack: You want to see the guy who bumped off two of the Fusion women? No, Bianca.

Bianca: Oh -- come on. He's locked up. Maybe I can even find out if he's guilty or not. Please, Uncle Jack. I got to know the truth.

Kendall: Entitled, spoiled rocker thinks he can get away with murder. What a great defense. What, just try to confuse the jury -- was it Zarf? Did Zarf do it, or was it Zoe? And then, he's going to go for the classic insanity plea -- which I -- I hope does not work. Now, I don't give a damn -- I don't care how rich or powerful he is. No one gets away with torturing you about your mother's death.

Bianca: Look at me. Is this my fault? Did I do this to you?

Kendall: We don't have to celebrate, but Zarf's in custody. He can't hurt anyone else.

Zach: They have nothing to hold him on. He'll be out by morning.

Kendall: Uh, the syringe.

Zach: The syringe what? It's estrogen, not V-tach.

Kendall: Well, Derek will find some old charge that can keep Zarf behind bars until they do find evidence. There's no way he'll let him get another crack at Dani. And I just -- I can't wait to get Spike back home and just get rid of these bodyguards. It's creepy having some stranger shadow me all the time.

Bianca: You've made me think about everybody that I came out to and how some of them responded, because they didn't understand or they were afraid or -- I don't know -- maybe just repulsed. And I was so disappointed in them and so hurt, and I never imagined that I could do that to somebody else. Did I? On New Year's Eve, I thought that you were lying, but now I think maybe I was wrong.

Zoe: It was a lot to take. Ahem. I expected too much from you.

Bianca: I could've listened.

Zoe: What you felt at first before I overwhelmed you with neediness, there was something, and it was real. Wasn't it?

Bianca: Yeah. There was something. That's what confused me.

Zoe: You mean terrified you.

Bianca: Yes. I -- I couldn't accept it.

Zoe: Oh. I knew every detail -- the rings we'd design, the house we'd build, the anniversary parties we'd throw, the amazing life we'd share. I -- I knew it so well. I'd written so many songs about you before I even knew who you were -- ha, ha. Silly.

Bianca: No. It's very romantic.

Zoe: Fantasies usually are. I would become fully myself, and the world would understand, and they would love you and us.

[Zoe sighs]

Zoe: Reality is so different. Zoe's out now, and Zarf -- he's just clothes I was never comfortable in and a life I only played at. He was childhood. Can't go back now.

Bianca: Yeah. Coming out is like growing up.

Zoe: It's a death, but it's also --

Bianca: A -- a kind of a rebirth.

Zoe: Of your true self.

Tad: How long do you think you can hold him?

Derek: Long enough.

Jack: You hope. Look, Derek, you can't place him at the crime scene at the time the crimes were committed. You've got no drug, and you've got no DNA. You've got nothing.

Derek: Just a bunch of women's pictures including Zach's mother's.

Tad: And a man who thinks he's a woman.

Ryan: Come on, guys. Haven't you seen "Silence of the Lambs"? I mean, you know it's about a psycho who's ticked off because he's not a woman, so he takes it out on women. Zarf adored the women at Fusion. He was jealous of them. Maybe they weren't welcoming enough, I don't know.

Jack: And the man maybe has had his dream shattered? Well, people have killed for less, and we've got two dead right now.

Ryan: And Dani injured. You let this guy go, he could finish the job -- Dani, Kendall, and Babe.

Babe: Tell Mr. Hoover that Zoe -- Zarf needs his attorney. This is serious. Then let his manager manage, ok? They -- J.R. --

J.R.: Stay out of it.

Babe: Zoe needs help.

J.R.: Lots of it, but not from you.

Babe: Look, I know this whole transgender thing takes some getting used to --

J.R.: I don't give a flying freak if he is she, male, female, transvestite, neither, or both. I do not care!

Babe: Zoe is a woman.

J.R.: Zoe is also a confessed killer.

Babe: She only said that because she was stopped --

J.R.: Because the world is so cruel? My heart does not bleed. My only concern is about you and our son and your safety.

Babe: Zoe is no threat to anyone.

J.R.: Well, did you happen to miss the connection between your tranny pal, Zach's mother and the murders? Whoever this Zarf guy is, he is a threat. He has turned up on the scene where people have been murdered.

Babe: But that doesn't mean that she killed anyone.

J.R.: He was being questioned. And when he was being pulled in, he ran to you as she and played on your sympathy to hide as her.

Babe: But this isn't an act!

J.R.: Maybe not.

Babe: Oh.

J.R.: Maybe he's just so screwed up. But who's to say he's not so screwed up that he couldn't commit murder?

Babe: I say so.

J.R.: You know what? Josh is a pain in my rear, but he's right. You are too trusting. You are careless when it comes to danger.

Babe: You do realize he was making a crack at you.

J.R.: No, Janet, Zarf, me.

Babe: You just don't trust me!

J.R.: I don't trust anybody when it comes to my family, especially some transvestite rocker! He could hide behind you. He could play on you until everybody believes his story. And then -- well, then you wind up in ribbons and gardenias. That is not how we will end.

Di: When I put myself out as bait at Fusion to try and pull the killer out into the open, I -- I wanted to catch the guy, Julia, but mostly, I just --

Julia: You just want to do something.

Di: Anything to still feel like I had any control.

Julia: Just get some power back.

Di: Exactly.

Julia: Yeah.

Di: And catching Zarf -- it was a rush, but that rush is over. And I just --

Julia: Hmm. What now?

Di: Well, I've surfed enough highs and lows, with Garret, with -- with prison, living Dixie's life to know that the worst is not over yet.

Jack: So where are we with this connection to Zach's mother?

Ryan: We are deep enough to hit rock bottom.

Tad: I disagree. I disagree. I think that all of the pictures that Zarf had in his possession were random, so that part of his story is legit.

Derek: Well, according to the profiler, our killer despises women. And what weapon was the killer using? A drug popular among homicidal females. Maybe we have our girl.

Zoe: You're wondering if I killed your friends?

Bianca: I was just thinking how unlike Zarf you seem right now.

Zoe: The rock star persona is a great shield. People expect larger than life -- strutting and the wilder, the better. Then you don't have to allow people to get too close.

Bianca: And Zoe is completely different?

Zoe: Oh, yes. Ahem. Now everything hits me and it sticks, and it's weighing me down. It's crushing me, actually. But I'll just take the hits and let them roll over me for as long as I can, then wash away.

Zoe: If only things had been different, if Erin and Simone were still alive, and Dani hadn't been hurt --

Bianca: What? What if those things hadn't happened?

Zoe: They were so vibrant and strong and self-assured.

Bianca: Did you resent them?

Zoe: You mean did I kill them? Oh. All that stuff about death being preferable to this life, about the better plane they'd achieved -- that was just Zarf posturing, smart-mouth rock star denying his feelings.

Bianca: And what about your feelings?

Zoe: Oh. It's so hard to think of them. They were such light. Now, it makes me feel dead, too.

[Zoe sighs]

Zoe: I didn't kill your friends. I admired them for everything that they were -- are. Please, tell me that you believe me.

Kenny: I -- I was doing some contract work for Fusion when the company was first formed. Then Simone started getting into all this kind of trouble.

Amanda: Keep talking.

Kenny: She got thrown into prison a couple of times. It was silly stuff. She was plastering all these sites with posters -- I defended her. I -- we dated, I -- I loved her. I even proposed.

Jonathan: But she turned you down, so you killed her.

Kenny: Oh, no, God, no. I -- I left the country for this job, but I still kept track of Fusion.

Del: Yeah, I bet.

Kenny: I knew Simone fell in love with Ethan Cambias.

Jonathan: I bet you were real happy about that.

Kenny: It was horrible when he died. Simone must have suffered.

Del: So you put an end to her suffering?

Kenny: I wanted to get in touch. Uh -- I thought maybe she and I -- when I finally got the courage, it was too late. She was gone.

Jonathan: Do you expect us to believe that?

Kenny: I am so sorry about your sister. Fusion was such an amazing place -- all that beauty and youth and energy.

Amanda: Yeah, well, we told the cops about your private Fusion women gallery.

Kenny: I missed them. I missed Fusion. I -- I thought maybe one day it could be my future both professionally and personally. Those pictures helped me feel less lonely. Look, I'll -- I'll go to the chief of police and explain.

Jonathan: No, no, hold on. You're not going anywhere alone. I'm going with you.

Kenny: Ok. Could I please have my credit card back?

Singer: Right next to me is what I really want, but Iím dreaminí of dreaminí nothingís real. Iím hoping and praying for

Kenny: Sorry I scared you.

Singer: So I had to explain the way I feel so now

Del: Hey, hey. Don't get in his car with him. Take your own car. Follow him.

Jonathan: Yep, straight to lockdown.

Kendall: Well, Zarf loves newspapers and little bits of magazines and stuff. I mean, that -- that picture of your mother and -- and this, it's -- it's all part of that, right? Why aren't you with me on this? Zarf acted guilty as hell.

Zach: Guilty of murder? I don't think so. I saw desperation and fear -- that's what I saw.

Kendall: You bought his act?

Zach: It must've looked like that when I set my car on fire trying to get away from Cambias.

Kendall: No, don't even compare yourself to this nut case.

Zach: Faked my own death. How well-adjusted is that? He has a life that's killing him.

Kendall: You feel sorry for him?

Zach: No. I understand some of what he's going through.

Kendall: Ok, so if this whole freaky transgender thing is on the level, fine. But he could still be a murderer.

Zach: I don't think he's guilty.

Tad: Derek? Aidan's at the hospital. When Dani can talk, we might be able to ID the killer, but it's going to be tough on her.

Derek: Dani can take it. We're going to nail whoever did this, as soon as she starts talking.

Livia: Please wake up. Wake up.

[Livia gasps]

Livia: I must have sung that a million times and here you are. Oh. Sweetheart, your daddy is going to be so, so happy. Do you know where you are? It is a hospital, but you're going to be fine. Do you remember anything before you passed out?

Danielle: Soda. It was a -- a soda bottle.

Livia: Before that? Before you passed out, did you -- did you see anything?

Danielle: Yes.

Livia: Dani, baby?

Bianca: I wasn't ready for all your expectations. I barely knew you or Zarf, for that matter. And then suddenly to have so much responsibility -- I got scared. I am so sorry.

Zoe: You don't have to apologize, Bianca. But tell me -- do you think that I killed your friends?

Bianca: I can't imagine you hurting anyone. Yes, I believe you're innocent.

[Bianca tenderly puts her hand over Zoeís]

Zach: Spike can't come home yet.

Kendall: That's not fair, Zach.

Zach: And the guards have to stay 24/7.

Kendall: Ok, but Zarf has that picture of your mother.

Zach: Doesn't know anything about her.

Kendall: Or so he says.

Zach: And she's tied to the killings in some way. That's why I called you earlier -- I remembered something about that night, the night she fell, and I -- I was -- I was so frightened. And I kept saying I didn't do it, I didn't do it. I kept repeating it -- "I didn't do it."

Kendall: Ok. Of course you didn't do it. That just proves that this whole thing was an accident.

Zach: I didn't do what? I didn't know who I was talking to. I didn't know what it was about.

Kendall: Can you just drop it now?

Zach: No. Not until it's over.

Amanda: Jonathan? Hey.

Jonathan: Is he there?

Amanda: Del?

Jonathan: No, Adler, Kenny Adler. Did he come back there?

Amanda: No. Why would he --

Jonathan: I lost him, Amanda. I lost him. That SOB -- I don't know where he is right now. He could be anyplace.

J.R.: Then you'll forget about Zarf or Zoe?

Babe: Let's not fight about this. J.R., please?

J.R.: It's fine by me.

Babe: Well, Little A's tricycle is outside, and it looks like snow, so --

J.R.: I'll tell Winifred to get it.

Babe: No, I could really use some air.

J.R.: You make sure that George is with you.

Babe: I'm just going to grab Little A's trike.

[While Babe goes out to get the tricycle, someone wearing black gloves ties a white ribbon to the Chandler Mansion fence.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Jamie (to Babe): I found this outside, tied around the gate.

Bianca (to Kendall): I need you at Fusion. We have problems.

Kendall: Bigger problems than a murderer?

Bianca: Just get down here as soon as possible.

Zoe (to Josh): The satin slayer is still out there. You must protect them.

Ryan: I'm closing down Fusion.

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