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Erica: I believe the bachelor party is down the street. And you'd better hurry or some other tramp will take your pole.

Babe: You know, with all the real heartbreaking problems in the world, all your son thinks about is himself and what he wants.

Josh: I want Babe.

Kendall: Uh -- what happened to your concern about Ryan? His right to know about Emma?

Josh: You put the deal on the table. I'm picking it up.

Kendall: Ok, all right, get a grip, Josh. I can't exactly pack Babe in a trunk and drop her off on your doorstep.

Erica: As if you have any idea what's going on in the world. Well, I'm certainly not going to stand here while you badmouth my son.

Josh: You told me you'd help me win Babe in return for my silence. Now pay up.

Babe: I need you to make Josh leave me the hell alone.

Ryan: No, seriously, what's with the look? What, you -- you don't think -- you don't think that Spike is safe, because heís with me, Zach?

Zach: What? No. Why don't we figure out why Derek called us down here?

Ryan: Well, if it's about Spike, I'd like to know.

Zach: Hey, what did I just say? Hmm? Spike can stay with you. He's going to be safer with you, and you're grateful. I think that's really nice. Ok. What's going on with you and Annie McDermott? You got tight really fast. So, what, you and her daughter Ė youíre going to take care of Spike?

Ryan: So is that what this is? Kendall's been on the Annie tear with you, too. What is it with that? Why is Kendall so bent out of shape about Annie?

Zach: You're a smart guy. Figure it out.

Dixie: Wow. We're winning Lucky Ducks, honey. What are we going to do?

Little Adam: What happened to that lucky duck?

[Dixie turns duck game off]

Little Adam: Oh, ducks in there.

Dixie: What's the matter, sweetheart?

Little Adam: He died.

Dixie: You're still thinking about your mommy?

Little Adam: He died.

Jamie: No, he didn't die.

Kathy: She's in the hospital.

Dixie: I know. She's thinking about you a whole lot right now and sending you lots of love.

Jamie: It's true.

Dixie: Yeah. So, she wants you to have fun, I think. So why don't we beat these silly boys at Lucky Ducks, huh? Ok? Ok, come on. Let's get them. All right?

Tad: Hey, Dixie --

Dixie: Oh, hey, Tad.

Tad: Well, hey there, you.

Dixie: This is Kathy.

Tad: Oh, yeah, I know. We're old friends. So, you need any quarters from me?

Kathy: I'm not full of quarters.

Tad: Are you sure? Are you sure that you wouldn't fib me, huh?

[Kathy laughs when Tad pulls a quarter out of her ear]

Julia: You spoke with Dr. Martin?

Linda: Nice guy. He left out the important part. Got it. I don't have much time. I'm going to die.

[While sheís working, someone spies on Dani from the other room.]

Tad: I was wondering if I could get a moment alone with you.

Dixie: Sure.

Jamie: You guys smell cupcakes?

Kathy: Cupcakes!

Jamie: Oh. Well, hey, let's take a break and go check it out. What do you say?

Tad: Bring me back one.

Jamie: Oh. Come here, buddy.

Dixie: Yeah, well, one for him, a dozen for me.

Jamie: Oh.

Tad: That'd be nice.

Kathy: One for me. Nothing for him.

Dixie: Oh, you're right.

[Dixie chuckles]

Dixie: See you later. What's wrong?

Tad: I've been hired to investigate Zach.

Dixie: What?

Tad: Yeah, I'm supposed to dig into his past, come up with everything I can.

Dixie: Well, not that I don't want to cooperate, but, I mean -- who could possibly have it in for Zach?

Tad: The man himself.

Zach: Got a few other things to worry about right now.

Ryan: Look, I understand that Kendall doesn't like to share, but Spike's mine, too.

Zach: Yeah, he is yours, and now he's with you.

Ryan: Hey, Zach, that's what I'm saying, so Kendall can relax.

Zach: Kendall can relax -- you with another woman and another kid somewhere else, and she can relax. I get that, sure.

Ryan: Look, I said this to Kendall already. I'll -- I'll say it to you. Nothing -- not hanging out with another family -- nothing can come between me and my son.

Josh: Ryan's other kid, Emma, is our little secret. Suddenly you don't care if I let him in on it?

Kendall: It's not that simple.

Josh: Oh -- sure it is. "Hey, Ryan, remember those anonymous deposits you made at the sperm bank?" Babe, Kendall. Use your influence. Break up the marriage, whatever.

Kendall: I told Zach about Emma.

Josh: Oh, that's a great way to keep a secret. You know you just blew it? Zach's brilliant. He's going to drop the Emma bomb, Ryan's going to hook up hot and heavy with her mommy. Then Zach gets you and Spike all to himself.

Kendall: Zach doesn't think that way.

Josh: Listen, you've struggled way too hard to get what you want. You deserve to keep it. I just want you to be happy any way you can. What's wrong with that, Kendall? Huh? I mean, where's the unwritten law that says you can't have everything?

Babe: Hello, Erica? What are you doing? What are you looking for?

Erica: I'm looking for recording equipment. What, did you have this place bugged?

Babe: Huh. Don't be silly.

Erica: J.R., I hope you're not falling for this ridiculous act. It's so lame. Because your wife is still carrying on with my son.

Babe: One, it's not an act.

Erica: Oh --

Babe: I know that you want your son away from me. Two, that makes two of us. I -- my husband is getting better. I can't have Josh trailing around making my life hell. I need to be taking care of my husband and my son and doing my job at Fusion.

Erica: Oh, yes, keep that copier humming.

Babe: He shows up acting like he's the solution to all my problems. Josh is my problem.

Erica: Your problem is that you can't stay dressed and vertical for more than 15 minutes when you're around him.

Linda: God, all this hardware -- I can't get any rest.

Julia: Well, you'll get rest when you're at Wildwind. You get rid of all these machines, and youíll have your own private nurse and a whole army of willing babysitters for Kathy.

Linda: When I'm ready to leave here, we'll talk. Kathy Ė tell me more. How is she doing?

Julia: Oh -- everybody loves her. She's a -- and she's so helpful. We have a dishwasher, but she likes to do them by hand.

Linda: She likes to splash and swim in the sink.

Julia: Yeah, she does get pretty wet. Last night, she tried the sprayer on us, so there's now a gang shower at Wildwind.

Linda: I don't want to leave her. Kathy can't be alone.

Julia: She won't be.

Linda: You'll stay with Kathy. You'll take care of her. Promise. Promise me.

Julia: Don't worry. Until you're ready to come home, Kathy's with her Wildwind posse.

Linda: But you, Julia -- I want her with you.

Julia: Aunt Julia's got it under control, I promise. You know, you and Jim have done --- when I think of all that time that you spent trying to have a child, all the doctors' appointments and all those procedures with -- wow. What a payoff, huh? Kathy's just a joy. I wish I could've been there for you when Kathy was born. And if Noah and I hadn't had to disappear -- it's ok, we're -- we're together again now.

[Linda gasps]

Julia: Are -- um -- why don't I get a doctor to increase your morphine drip?

Linda: Oh, that was bad.

Julia: You don't have to suffer. On a scale from 1 to 10 --

Linda: 26. I told the duty nurse an hour ago. Hey, it doesn't matter.

Julia: Yes, it does.

Linda: I'm dying, Julia. I don't want to, but I am. God answered our prayers once with Kathy. I can't pray my way out of this.

Julia: You don't know that.

Linda: I do. You're the next step in Godís plan for Kathy. Can you accept that?

Doctor: I hear you're due for an increase in pain medication.

Linda: Julia, don't leave.

Julia: I'm just going to be right outside. Ok? I'll come back, I promise.

Dixie: What are you looking for, exactly.

Tad: I wish to God I knew. Zach is connected to the Fusion murders.

Dixie: What? You don't -- you don't think Zach --

Tad: No, no, no, no, it's nothing like that. It's just that the killer either knows Zach or knows a hell of a lot about him. Either way, we have to answer a lot of questions, or somebody else is going to end up dead.

Dixie: Zach's past -- I don't know. We were so busy figuring out my past.

Tad: Yeah, ok. Did he ever mention his mother, ever, for any reason, or -- or somebody that might've been an old enemy?

Dixie: We talked about Ethan -- finding him, losing him.

Tad: Ok. When -- when you were staying with him at the casino, did you ever see anything weird, or anybody acting weird that you might think had a hate-on for Zach?

Dixie: Now, look, I -- I was so busy thinking about Greg Madden and Kate, I -- I wouldn't have seen anything. I'm sorry.

Tad: No, that's ok. That's ok, it was worth a shot. But you know what? You could do me a favor. While this is going on, you keep your eyes open?

Dixie: Sure. If I hear or see anything, I'll let you know.

Tad: No, no. I mean you keep your eyes open for you. You take care of yourself.

Dixie: Oh, I'm fine. I always do.

Tad: I know, I know you do. But, you know, if you want, you might feel better if I got you a guard -- you know, somebody to stand outside the house, make sure you're ok, keep an eye on you.

Dixie: What worries you the most -- my connection to Zach, or the fact that our daughter-in-law is a co-owner of Fusion?

Tad: Anything with a connection to you worries me. After everything we've been through, I want to keep you nice and safe.

Josh: Ryan worships that kid -- well, he should after all the trouble you went through to have that child. It would be criminal to separate that kid from his father.

Kendall: I -- I don't know what to do anymore.

Josh: Well, you're a mother. Do what's best for your child. This can be a win-win, Kendall. We can all get what we want, what we deserve.

Babe: I made a terrible mistake with Josh. But I am trying to do what's right, and Josh won't let me.

Erica: And you swear you'll never do it again. And then Josh walks up and gives you that look and melts your heart, and, so, what can you do -- except rip off your clothes and jump on him? You know, I have no sympathy for a girl like you. Why don't you just flounce your way out the way you flounced your way in?

Babe: Josh needs to leave me alone so I can save my marriage, but he won't listen.

Josh: I mean, aren't you being just a little bit selfish, Kendall? I mean, think about it -- Spike doesn't need Ryan as much as Annie's kid does. I mean, right now Spike has you, Zach, and Ryan. Emma only has her mommy. She needs a daddy, she needs Ryan.

Kendall: Just stop, all right? Please, get out of my head. I don't need you telling me what I want or what I deserve or what Spike deserves.

Josh: Well, I --

Kendall: Ok, I know that a hell of a lot better than you ever will.

Josh: I'm just trying to help you out.

Kendall: I don't care. I don't care if you think it's ok for me to want what I want. I can deal with my life and the men in my life just fine without any help from you.

Ryan: Wherever this relationship with Annie leads, Spike is still the most important thing in the world to me, now more than ever, all right? There is nothing I wouldn't do -- nothing -- to protect my family.

Derek: You two feeling helpful?

[Derek presents an old newspaper clipping with a picture of Zachís mother.]

Zach: Where'd you get this?

Ryan: What is it? "Mrs. Alexander Cambias at the 18th Annual Beaux Arts Ball."

Zach: Where, Derek?

Derek: A rocker's London penthouse. What the hell does your mother have to do with Zarf?

Julia: I havenít been a very good nurse Ė not today.

Linda: Youíre my friend.

Julia: Thatís what makes it so hard. Sometimes reality --

Linda: Bites?

Julia: Itís easier to talk fantasy. I should be reassuring you.

Linda: You are. Kathy loves you.

Julia: Sheís my shadow. I caught her going through my bureau.

Linda: She shouldnít do that.

Julia: Oh, no, no, no, itís okay. She was after my San Antonio sweatshirt. On her, itís a dress Ė she wanted to wear it to dinner, because she knows itís my favorite.

Linda: Thatís my baby.

Julia: Yeah. She sleeps in it now. Oh, and when sheís upset I let her come into my room, and I hold her Ė

Linda: Until she falls asleep. You may have to hold her a lot of nights after Iím gone. Is that ok?

Julia: Linda, I donít want Ė

Linda: You donít have much to say about it. I need to settle this. Kathy canít be alone.

Julia: She wonít be.

Linda: You love my daughter. Youíll be a wonderful mother to her. Canít you see that this is his plan, Julia?

Dixie: Come on, nothingís going to happen to me.

Tad: Dixie, weíve already been through enough, right?

[Dixie sighs]

Dixie: Cross fingers. Hmm.

[Jamie enters]

Tad: Are you out of your mind? You left a couple of kids alone with cupcakes?

Jamie: Winifredís watching their sugar intake.

Tad: Oh.

Jamie: Julia called. I have to take Kathy to the hospital.

Dixie: Oh, no, her motherís worse?

Jamie: Yeah. This could be it.

Dixie: Oh.

Tad: So what can we do?

Dixie: You know, J.R. is sleeping. I could go with you if you want.

Tad: Yeah, Iíd love to go, too.

Erica: Josh has pride. Not a lot of taste, but pride. Great pride. So Iím sure that if you told Josh that you wanted him to stay away from you, he would.

Babe: He doesnít.

Erica: Because you want him. Thatís the signal youíre sending him. If you really want a man to leave you alone, he will.

[Jeff knocks on her door, then unaware that Babe is there, he kisses Erica when she answers it.]

Josh: Arenít you the one that came up with this arrangement?

Kendall: I wasnít serious.

Josh: Like hell.

Kendall: Well, then I thought it through. And what happened to your big streak of nobility. I thought you were going to back off and leave Babe alone.

Josh: Yeah, well, I canít let her live with that jerk. Yeah, I thought Iíd take the high road, but it ended in a detour.

Kendall: Well, that doesnít mean that the thought is wrong.

Josh: Ok, you know what? You do the noble thing then. You tell Ryan that Emma is his. Youíll regret it, and once that genie is out of the bottle, thereís no sticking him back there.

Kendall: Ok, so maybe Ė maybe doing the right thing is going to be really hard, but maybe this is a test. Maybe weíre being tested. Maybe we have a chance to change our lives. I mean, we can do what Bianca did. We can take the higher road, and maybe things will be even better than they were before.

Zach: Zarf had this?

Derek: Yes, whatís the connection?

Zach: There isnít one.

Derek: Donít stonewall me, Slater.

Zach: I donít know the guy. I know of him. Who doesnít know him? But I Ė he has no connection to my family.

[Zach sighs]

Derek: Lavery, you were with Cambias, Sr., at the end. You were closer to him Ė anything to add?

Ryan: I donít think Alex was a big rock fan, Derek. Was Zarf even famous back then? The guyís name is Zarf. I would remember a name like that. It didnít come up, and neither did hers.

Zach: What the hellís all that?

Ryan: What? Whereíd you get this?

Derek: Your motherís picture was in with them. Sift through. Go on, take a look. See anything that triggers a memory? Find some missing link. Youíre a smart guy, Slater. You can talk and look at the same time. Hey Ė a rocker comes to town hired by your wifeís company, and women at that company are killed. An ocean away in London, the rocker has held onto a picture of your mother. Now thatís a hell of a series of coincidences.

Zach: I canít explain that to you.

Derek: When we all thought Simoneís death was a suicide or an accident, you knew better. You were the first to label it ďmurder.Ē

Ryan: Tell him, Zach.

Zach: Tell him what?

Ryan: If itís Ė

Zach: I donít know anything. Tell him what?

Ryan: If it can save somebodyís life like Kendallís or Daniís or Babeís --

Derek: You damn well better talk.

Zach: The white ribbon and the gardenia. When my mom died, she was wearing a white ribbon and carrying a gardenia. That is why the killer is doing this. Heís sending a message to me.

[Unaware that sheís being watched, Dani listens to music and drinks from a soda bottle.]

Kendall: I want you to imagine an ideal world, where you and I were model citizens. We did everything for no other reason than it was the moral choice. We would completely steer clear of any selfish interests. You -- you would stay away from little tramps, I would tell the truth. We would rise above our baser instincts.

Jeff: Oh, I -- I didn't know you had company.

Erica: I don't.

Jeff: Shall I referee?

Erica: I've already won.

Jeff: Oh. Well, it was nice to see you again, Babe.

Babe: Hmm. Interesting. Does Jack know that you told Jeff to go away? Or maybe you didn't, and you're just sending out the wrong signal.

Erica: Oh, Babe. How could I possibly explain the big differences between you and me? Where do I begin? You don't have the capacity to comprehend. You are just so limited in so many ways.

Babe: Where exactly do you get off?

Erica: You cheated on your husband twice -- that we know of -- with his brother, with my son. You've lied in court several times to cover up for that criminal husband of yours.

Babe: Cheating? Oh.

Erica: You are trying my patience. First, you -- you come on to this wonderful young man, you seduce him, and then you say you don't want him, and then you expect me, his mother, to help you? Ha! There are not enough shrinks on the planet to help you.

Babe: You really should be nicer to me.

Erica: Why?

Babe: Because with very little effort, I could be calling you "Mom."

Josh: You and I, Pine Valleyís new moral minority? Yeah, why not?

Kendall: We could be a brother/sister team who -- who does what's right.

Josh: Yeah -- Babeís nothing but trouble. And you know, I'm probably selling Ryan short anyway. What's another kid in the mix? Ryan would never desert Spike.

Kendall: He'll always be there for him.

Josh: Yeah. Except no, it doesn't matter that Annie's one hot lady, the hot mama of Ryan's adorable, sweet daughter. No way she'd want to run off with Ryan to start a life of her own so that she can keep him all to herself. And what -- what woman wouldn't want to be a part of your extended family? You know, babysit Spike while you're busy doing your stuff at Fusion -- yeah. You're making the right decision, Kendall. It won't take a village to raise Spike, just you and Zach and Ryan, Annie, and Emma -- one honest, moral family.

Erica: You will never be part of my family.

Babe: A Kane woman by marriage -- oh, that's what Josh wants for me.

Erica: Look, however much Josh might appreciate your so-called talents, men like Josh don't marry girls like you.

Babe: But Josh wants me for the long haul, Mama. Think of the holidays --

Erica: Oh, cut it out.

Babe: Turkeys and kids and Christmas.

Erica: You have a cheap thrill? Get out.

Josh: Do you finally see it's bull? If Ryan finds out Emma is his, you'll implode. "Decent" and "honest" will be your new curse words because you will have lost Ryan.

Kendall: It's not like I want Ryan for myself. I have Zach.

Josh: Well, it doesn't mean you don't want Ryan to be with anyone else.

Kendall: Well, what has Annie ever done to deserve him? Huh? Why should he end up with her? He loved me and then he lost me. And now he's mourning Erin, so -- so what is Annie? What is she, a consolation prize?

Josh: Ryan deserves better.

Kendall: Yeah, you're damn right he does. He shouldn't end up with the short end of the stick. Annie shouldn't have him.

Derek: Slater, I could charge you with obstruction.

Zach: There's nothing to go on.

Derek: Oh -- you were going to solve it yourself? Well, lousy job, Slater. Erin Lavery's dead and the murderer is somewhere biding his time.

Zach: If you want to find out why Zarf has a picture of my mom, why don't you ask him?

Ryan: Why don't we just focus on nailing this guy?

Derek: You cost us valuable time. We could've been exploring this weeks ago.

Zach: My mother died in a fall. Simone was poisoned. The white ribbon was part of a drink at ConFusion, and it was Simone that ordered the flowers, so no, I didn't make the connection, not until I found out what happened to Erin.

Derek: I had Zarf here, answering questions. I could've ambushed him with --

Ryan: You had him here before you had this information? Now who's dropping the ball?

Derek: I didn't have anything to hold him on thanks to him! You know what? From now on, you share any and all information. You don't decide relevance. Full disclosure. Now, get the hell out of my station. Pick up Zarf. Hank, where are you? Go in right now and check on my daughter.

Danielle: Now, what if you had just ruined a brilliant idea?

Hank: Orders.

Danielle: Hi, Chief Worrywart. I'm great, fine, fantastic, and careful. Yes, Daddy. Yes, I've got guards out front and back. Don't worry -- I will be fine. I love you, too, Daddy. Bye. Thanks, Hank.

Derek: And you're going to stay fine.

Linda: I know you love her enough. I just need to hear you say it.

Jamie: Someone wanted to say hello.

Kathy: Mommy, Mommy!

Julia: Oh.

Jamie: There you go.

Josh: Well, it's good to see you regain your Kane-ness.

Kendall: Ahem.

Josh: Poor Annie.

Kendall: Ah, don't say her name again.

Josh: I'll be sure not to mention it or Emma to Ryan.

Josh: Don't jerk me around, Kendall. Stick to the bargain.

Kendall: I made it, didn't I? Ok, I will plot how to trap the tramp and -- once Zach and I clear up this investigation thing.

Josh: Just so you know --

Kendall: Yeah?

Josh: When I get bored and disappointed, my lips get itchy. I get chatty.

Kendall: Don't even think about threatening me.

Josh: My sister, my favorite sister?

Kendall: Ahem.

Josh: No way in hell.

Babe: Josh and I, we could name our first little girl after you.

Erica: Oh, please. I'm not going to be able to keep a morsel of food down for an entire week.

Babe: What? The thought of six or seven mini-mes running through your house doesn't just warm your heart?

Erica: You go home now, you go home to your despicable husband. I won't help you.

Babe: Even if it means keeping your son away from me?

Erica: Oh, I will do everything in my power to make sure that Josh sees you for exactly who you are.

Babe: Then I'll be fine.

Erica: Oh. No, you'll be alone. You'll be completely alone. You won't have Josh, and J.R. will leave you, and we know J.R. will take the baby. And that sense of loss you feel -- I hope you feel that till the day you die. And maybe then Ė maybe you will understand how you hurt Bianca.

Tad: It's crazy to call Linda "Lucky."

Dixie: She has been.

Tad: Saying good-bye has to be the hardest thing a parent can do.

Dixie: Not as tough as not getting to say good-bye. I know she's in there right now praying that somebody good will take care of their little girl. I know that prayer too well.

Linda: You scored big, huh? Lots of new friends. You like living in Wildwind Castle?

Kathy: I'm the queen.

Linda: Nothing makes me happier than you and your Aunt Julia -- my two best girls -- being happy together.

Julia: That milk --

Tad: What's the matter? Just stay here. They may need you, ok? I'll make sure she's all right.

Linda: Do you know what makes me the happiest? That you and your Aunt Julia are going to have amazing adventures, and the best time ever.

Julia: I didn't want this! I didn't ask for this. I asked for a child, and I prayed for one, but not Linda's. This isn't the answer to my prayer. This can't be. I don't want Linda to die. This can't be your plan. I wish I'd never asked you. I wish I had never prayed. God, why did you listen to me?

[Tad hugs Julia as she cries in the hospital chapel]

Jeff: Was Babe able to leave under her own power?

Erica: Oh. Babe isn't worth talking about. That kiss --

Jeff: Oh. Yeah, I enjoyed it, too.

Erica: Now, we talked all New Year's Eve.

Jeff: Yes, we did.

Erica: We've talked a lot since then.

Jeff: Too much. It's time for action.

Erica: Is that your diagnosis, Doctor?

Jeff: Oh, it's very serious. You need a lot of attention -- and kisses and lunch. Now, you tell me what you feel like right now.

Erica: I'll start with lunch -- and attention.

Ryan: So, is that all of it? I mean, you got any more bombs you want to drop?

Kendall: Oh, my God, Zach. You didn't?

Zach: No, I didn't -- but you can.

Julia: I made a wish on the Christmas star. I -- I asked for -- I prayed for a child. And now my best friend is dying, and she wants me to take her little girl. Linda's dying and it's my fault.

Tad: No, it isn't. It can't be -- you didn't put the ice on the road, you didn't cause that crash.

Julia: Linda thinks it's all part of Godís plan.

Tad: Well, maybe there's something to that.

Julia: What kind of God would do that? What kind of God would take Kathy's father, and now her mother? God wouldn't do that, would he?

Tad: You got me. Huh. I stopped trying to figure out God a long time ago. We haven't exactly been on speaking terms lately. Until Christmas Eve -- up to that point, I didn't believe in divine intervention, or divine anything. But now I'm not so sure. Whatever's going on is a lot bigger than us. And if that crash was part of a greater plan, then maybe you are, too. Maybe this isn't the answer to your prayer. Maybe you are the answer to a prayer that somebody's been praying a lot longer than you'll ever know.

[With a peck on her cheek, Tad leaves Julia to think]

Danielle: Oh, God, I cannot be getting the flu, please. Oh, no. How -- Hank Ė

[Danielle collapses on the floor]

Hank: You're both on the chief's list.

Babe: Great, thanks. I work with Dani, but Josh here --

Josh: I'm her friend, ok?

Babe: Ok, fine -- but I'll go in first.

Hank: All right, you watch the front. I'll watch the back.

Josh: I want to see her, too, all right?

Babe: Great. I won't be long.

Josh: Well, if you have business to discuss, let me just go in and say a quick hello.

[Danielle looks at the killer before losing consciousness]

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Babe: Dani! Help, call someone! Josh, is she?

Josh: Sheís not responding.

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