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Kendall: Iím not threatened by Annie. I just donít want her taking care of my son.

Zach: Sheís trying to help. Why are you so upset?

Kendall: Well, Ryan just ambushed me with some plan to let this strange woman take care of Spike.

Zach: Youíve been worked up over Annie for weeks. Whatís really going on here?

Ryan: I hope itís not as bad as you think.

Annie: Jonathan is in a dark place. It was scary. Like he-might-hurt-someone scary.

Ryan: Look, Jonathan does have a violent past, but heís a changed man. Heís not a danger to anybody anymore.

Annie: Yeah, but heís been through one trauma after another. First he lost Lily, and then he had to kill a man to protect her. And now, the sister he was closer to more than anyone in the world is gone.

Ryan: Itís a lot for anybody to --

Annie: No, it's too much.

Babe: You're going to be ok, Zoe. Hey. Do you spell it with an E? a Y?

[Zoe chuckles through the tears]

[Knock on door]

Babe: What do you want?

Jonathan: What the hell are you?

Annie: Zarf was found after hours at Fusion dressed as a woman. Derek took him in for questioning.

Ryan: Did they arrest him?

Annie: They had nothing to hold him on, so they let him go. And Jonathan did not take it well at all. He thinks that Zarf may have killed Erin.

Jonathan: A man pretending to be a woman? A dress for a disguise? What kind of freak are you?

Babe: Get out.

Zoe: What kind of freak do you want me to be?

Ryan: So where is Zarf now?

Annie: Jonathan said something about the Valley Inn.

Zoe: What kind of freaks are you into? Ha-ha! Boys? Girls? Ha-ha. Other? How do you like my outfit?

Jonathan: I'm going to ask you one more time. Did you murder my sister? Come on -- come here!

Zoe: Oh --

Jonathan: Oh, my God.

Babe: You need to leave. She wants you gone, Jonathan.

Jonathan: "She"? She what, Babe? That is not a she! He -- you -- you -- you sick, psychotic pervert! You're a murderer!

Babe: Shut up! You don't know what you're talking about.

Jonathan: Are you not hearing me? This man -- man -- right behind you is probably a murderer. And probably killed my sister!

Babe: This is a woman, and you need to leave now.

Jonathan: Babe --

Babe: Get off of me!

Bob: Hey, stop!

Jonathan: Babe, listen to me! Do not -- get off me!

Josh: Cool it now, or I will ram your head down your throat.

Babe: Put the gun down. It's the last thing we need, please.

Jonathan: Get off of me!

Josh: I said cool it!

Jonathan: Let go!

Bob: Buddy, just listen to Mr. Madden.

Jonathan: It's not me. Madden, it's not me.

Josh: Relax, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Zarf! Zarf --

Josh: I said relax.

Jonathan: Get off me right now.

Josh: I'm not moving.

Jonathan: I swear to God, if you donít get off of me Ė get off of me!

Josh: Not until you shut your mouth.

Babe: Are you ok?

Jonathan: Get off!

Josh: Shut your mouth, Jonathan!

Ryan: What the hell's going on here?

Dixie: Hey, sunshine. Getting a jump on the Chandler competition in 2007? Let me see. What's this? Is that somebody's hotel room?

J.R.: It's Josh Madden's.

Josh: If you ever come and hurt her again --

Ryan: Get off of my -- what is going on here?

Babe: Jonathan charged in here and attacked Zarf for no reason.

Josh: And then he went off on Babe.

Ryan: Really? Well, it looks to me like Jonathan's the one being attacked, so let him up.

Jonathan: I'm cool. I'm cool now. All right, all right. Oh!

Ryan: That's ok. You all right? Sorry. You ok? Huh?

Jonathan: I didn't -- I didn't mean to tear your dress.

Josh: Yeah, guess you didn't mean to get in Babeís face, either.

Jonathan: I lost control.

J.R.: I need to take control. I need to find out if Babeís telling the truth. It's the whole reason why Colby set up this operation.

Dixie: Babe's explanation for being in Josh's room sounds pretty reasonable. You don't believe her?

J.R.: I want to. Look, I -- I still think that there's hope for Babe and me, but if she's messing around on me, I need to know. I canít trust her until Iím sure.

Dixie: Your wife loves you. Why can't you have faith in that?

J.R.: I do, but not blind faith. This time I'm going with my eyes wide open.

Dixie: I just want you to be happy in your marriage and in your family.

J.R.: Look, I want that, too. I wish I could take Babe at her word, but I can't. I mean, she's been out all night.

Dixie: Haven't you heard from her?

J.R.: Yeah, she called to let me know there was some sort of problem with Zarf. But for all I know, she's probably with Josh right now.

Babe: Everything's ok now. Thank you. You can wait outside now.

Bob: Mrs. Chandler, I think you should leave.

Babe: Thank you, I appreciate your concern, but I'm not ready to leave yet. You can go.

Josh: Are you ok?

Babe: You can go now, too.

Josh: Not until I know you're safe.

Babe: Erin was my friend. And I'm devastated that she's gone.

Ryan: Yeah, we all are, and it's -- it's very confusing, and it's very disturbing and -- I just -- if your judgment is off, and you've made a mistake --

Babe: No. I would never -- I would never protect anyone who might've murdered your sister. I know this person inside and out, and you are not looking at a murderer, I promise.

Jonathan: If you didn't do it, I'm sorry. I'm just -- I'm very sorry.

Zoe: I don't have what it takes to wear it anyway.

Ryan: We're leaving. Come on. Just -- just -- Jonathan is very sorry, and he will not be bothering you again.

Jonathan: I'm going home.

Ryan: No, you're coming with me. Come on.

Kendall: Ryan has way too much going on to deal with Annie. The woman is jinxed. First of all, she marries Terry the molester, and then she almost loses her daughter because of some bizarre blip in her DNA. I mean, who knows what the hell's going to happen next. So this is the woman that Ryan wants to live with, the little Greenlee look-alike that he wants to take care of Spike?

Zach: You think he's making a mistake?

Kendall: Yeah, damn right I do.

Zach: Why? Because you want Ryan to love you and only you for the rest of his life?

Adam: Colby.

Colby: Daddy, thank God. Get us out of this nasty place.

Adam: I warned you to treat my daughter with respect.

Krystal: Adam, easy.

Colby: Daddy, this is not Sean's fault. It's Chief Frye's.

Derek: Ah. Ah, there's my girl.

Danielle: You asked me to come straight over. Is everything ok, Daddy?

Derek: Well, I just got a very concerned phone call from your mother. She wants you to leave Pine Valley right away.

Danielle: You are the worst liar.

Colby: Chief Frye totally could've cut us a break on the whole drinking and fake IDs.

Sean: Yeah, what's New Year's without champagne?

Colby: Yeah, it's not a big deal, but Derek has something against the Chandlers, and so he's using me as an example.

Adam: At last, a lawyer. Now I'm going to take this poor girl home while you deal with this hoodlum who got her into this mess.

Jack: Adam, don't get excited. I'm not here as an attorney, I'm here as a parent, same as you.

Sean: You didn't ditch Erica to come down here, did you?

Jack: No, Sean, I didn't have to. She moved back to the Valley Inn.

Sean: What? What happened?

Jack: Let's just keep the focus on you, shall we?

Derek: Mimi's just as concerned as I am about the Fusion murders.

Danielle: And she called -- all on her own -- to demand that I come live with her in New York?

Derek: What? Don't act surprised that she'd decide you should leave Pine Valley until we make an arrest.

Danielle: Mom didn't decide, you did, then got her onboard. Look, Daddy, I love you for worrying about me, but I'm not going anywhere.

Kendall: You are the only man I love.

Zach: I know that. It's not about me. It's about Ryan.

Kendall: Ok, well, Ryan is the father of my child.

Zach: Yeah, and he always will be. His attention used to be focused just on you, and now you're going to have to share a little bit.

Kendall: Ryan doesn't belong to me. He's not mine to share. I just -- I don't want to see him get sucked into another one of Annie's crises.

Zach: What's your problem with her?

Kendall: What are you doing, Zach? Are you trying to get me to admit that I'm jealous, that Annie makes me feel insecure?

Zach: No, I'm not judging you. I just -- I want you to talk to me, that's all.

Kendall: Tell you my deep, dark secret?

Zach: I told you mine. My mom died and the way she died. I didn't tell anybody. I couldn't, not until you. You told me I could trust you, feel safe with you, and I do. What about you? You trust me? You feel safe with me?

Ryan: Hey.

Annie: Hey.

Ryan: How are Spike and Emma?

Annie: Um, actually, I was just going to go check on them.

Jonathan: Ryan, I don't like it here.

Ryan: Because it reminds you of Erin. Which is why this is exactly where we need to be.

J.R.: I never want to go back there again, that fantasyland where I think my life isn't as great as it is.

Dixie: Babe had an affair, and I know the damage that that can do. But don't you think putting a camera in Josh's room is a little extreme?

J.R.: I hope the footage comes up empty. I want to trust Babe again, all the way. But I can't have a future with her until I know Josh is in the past.

Julia: Nurse Keefer reporting for acupuncture duty, sir.

Jamie: And we brought our super-special magic bag.

Dixie: Oh. Looks like you brought a special friend, too.

Jamie: Dixie, J.R., this is Kathy.

Julia: Kathy's parents were in a car accident, and so she's been hanging out with us, staying at Wildwind.

Dixie: Well, hi, Kathy.

J.R.: It's nice to meet you.

Julia: Kathy's going to have a play date with Little Adam.

Dixie: Oh, wow! Well, that's a great idea. This is a great place to play. There's lots of toys and games and crayons. Do you like to draw? Me, too.

Jamie: Ready to have some fun?

Kathy: Can you play, too?

J.R.: Go ahead. This is going to take a little while. We'll talk after I'm done.

Dixie: Are you sure?

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

Dixie: All right. Well, let's go have some fun. Come on.

Jack: Sean, what the hell were you thinking? These are serious charges you're facing.

Sean: Yeah, I kind of figured as much when we were arrested and booked. But you know, spending the night behind bars really -- really drove it home. Well, now that we've established my night sucked, how was yours?

Officer: We need you for processing. Let's go.

Colby: Daddy?

Adam: All right. It's all right, sweetheart. I will take care of everything.

Jack: And I will see you in court.

Adam: How long before you can get them out of here?

Jack: I have no intention of bailing Sean out.

Adam: Oh, come on, Jackson. He's a no-good punk, but he is family. You're not going to just leave him here in jail.

Jack: Yes, I am. Think it's about time he starts to deal with the consequences of his actions.

Krystal: Well, amen and hallelujah to that.

Babe: You need to leave.

Josh: Not till I talk to Zarf. It's important.

Zoe: What? Do you think I'm a murderer, too?

Josh: You know, you -- you pulled a real number on Bianca. She's hurt and confused. She doesn't know what to think.

Babe: Look, this is really none of your business.

Josh: I want to know if what you told her in private is for real, or if you're just trying to make a play to get in her pants.

Zoe: None of it matters anymore.

Josh: Are you transgender? Are you transitioning from male to female?

Kendall: Of course, I feel safe with you. I can tell you anything.

Zach: Why do you see Annie as a threat?

Kendall: Annie and her daughter have already taken so much of Ryan. So the more they take, the less Spike gets. And I'm afraid that Spike is just going to lose his father completely.

Zach: It's not going to happen. Ryan's Spike's dad. No one can compete with that.

Kendall: Annie's daughter could.

Zach: How?

Kendall: Ryan is Emma's father.

Zoe: What am I? Am I transitioning? So many questions.

Josh: Bianca deserves answers.

Zoe: By all means.

[Zoe takes off her robe, then the slip and bra]

Zoe: What do you see beneath the robe?

Babe: It's ok. Josh is leaving. Please --

Zoe: Beneath the slinky slip and the sexy bra. What do you see?

Babe: You don't have to do this.

Zoe: Beneath the smudged eye makeup and the smeared lipstick. You see stubble and Adam's apple. Big masculine hands. Is there any sign left that I'm female? Look at me! There's no woman here, is there? She's gone. Every part of her destroyed. Who am I? What am I? Isn't it obvious? I have a penis. I'm a man.

Kendall: I didn't believe it. Coming from David Hayward, it had to be a lie.

Zach: David Hayward, huh? What made you change your mind?

Kendall: Annie. At Thanksgiving she told me that she was impregnated at a fertility clinic by an anonymous donor.

Ryan: I understand what you're going through, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Why is this happening?

Ryan: I don't know. But we're going to find out.

Jonathan: It's -- it's just that every day --

Ryan: You wake up, and for the first few seconds everything's okay, and then it hits you. Sheís gone. Erinís gone, and sheís not coming back.

Kendall: Itís not possible. Thatís just what I kept telling myself. But then Josh took a sample and did a DNA test for me. Emma is Ryanís child.

Zach: Mm-hmm. And you decided Ryan should never know.

Ryan: It happens to me every day. Iíll be walking down the street, and Iíll see a flash of red hair or Iíll hear a familiar laugh or something, and I'll turn around fully expecting to see her, but I donít, because sheís gone. Sheís gone, and Iím never going to see her again.

Jonathan: Ryan --

Ryan: I see her in my dreams. I do. I see her in my dreams, and sheís so full of life, and I just -- I try to hang on to it for a few moments, just a little more time. But it doesn't work. Because I wake up, and when I do, she's still gone.

Jonathan: Stop it. Stop it, Ryan. I don't -- I can't -- I --

Ryan: Jonathan -- I just want you to remember her. I just want you to remember her here, you know, with me, where her clothes are still hung in the closet and -- and her coffee mug is still in the kitchen.

Jonathan: I can't. Ok?

Ryan: Jonathan, I know how much it hurts.

Kendall: It was like a punch in the face when Josh said that Emma was Ryan's child. Like something precious had been stolen from me and my son.

Ryan: Erin was stolen from us. And the pain is unimaginable. But the anger at the monster who took her from us is so much bigger, but the tricky thing about anger is it can really mess with your mind.

Jonathan: It's not your mind, Ryan, it's my mind that you're worried about.

Ryan: It's your anger that I'm worried about, Jonathan.

Jonathan: So am I. So am I. I -- I went off on Derek Frye. I went off on Aidan. I went off on Annie. And I think I scared them.

Ryan: Nobody blames --

Jonathan: Really bad.

Ryan: Nobody blames you for that.

Jonathan: The way they looked at me -- the way they looked at me, it was just like when -- but it's not. It's not. So what does that mean?

Ryan: No, Jonathan, no, hey, you're raging inside. You're raging. You have all this anger. I am, too. I am -- I am raging and it's ok to feel it. You have to feel it. But we can't give in to it. We can't give in to it. You have to find a way to channel it into something positive like -- I don't know. Like go to the gym and work the heavy bag for a few rounds or go build something. Help the Miranda Center -- something positive.

Jonathan: That's just wasted time.

Ryan: That's what Erin would want. It's the right way, Jonathan. You know that. Don't give into the rage, man. No more pissing off on strangers, even the strangest of strangers like Zarf. There's really no evidence that he did anything wrong.

Babe: Why don't you lie down, rest for a while?

Zoe: Rest? Male icons can't rest. They're too busy fulfilling every woman's fantasy and putting on an act to blow every man's mind.

Josh: Stay away from Bianca --

Josh: And Babe. Will you come with me?

Babe: I'm not going anywhere.

Josh: You are making a mistake.

Babe: I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, and this is not one of them.

[Babe sighs after Josh leaves]

Babe: Are you ok? Talk to me.

Zoe: Oh. There's nothing you can do for me now.

Babe: I'm here to help in any way that I can. And I really hope to see you again soon, Zoe.

[Babe leaves Zoeís room]

Josh: Are you nuts?

Babe: Don't, ok? I don't want to hear one word from you.

J.R.: I'm not tense.

Julia: I ran into your physical therapist at the hospital. She said that you'd been working very hard, almost too hard.

J.R.: Well, so what? Am I supposed to slack off?

Julia: No, but there's no rush. And if you overdo it, you could just prolong your recovery. I just want you to get better.

J.R.: Julia? Hey, are you ok? Where did you go?

Julia: I'm sorry. I just was thinking about Kathy. Her father's dead, and she doesn't know yet. Her mother's just barely hanging on.

J.R.: Do you think her mother's going to make it?

Julia: It's touch-and-go.

Jamie: Girls are wacky, huh, Little A?

Dixie: Huh! Girls are the best.

Jamie: Oh, they're just stalling because they know our creature totally blows theirs out of the water.

Dixie: No way, Jose. Our creature totally rocks.

Jamie: Ok, fine -- they both rock.

Dixie: Hey, Kathy, why don't we take your creature and show it to your mommy, hmm?

Kathy: My mommy is sick.

Dixie: Oh. Honey, I know.

Little Adam: And he goes on the truck.

Jamie: On the truck?

Dixie: Hey.

Little Adam: Yeah.

Dixie: Why don't we make your mommy a card? Ok?

Adam: Sweetheart, that's preposterous. I'm not going to leave my daughter here.

Krystal: You need to stop making excuses for that girl and start teaching her what's right.

Adam: By abandoning her?

Krystal: By holding her accountable for her actions. You keep cleaning up Colby's messes, sending her a message that she can get away with anything, there'll be no turning back.

Adam: You're exaggerating.

Krystal: No, you're creating a monster. That girl's going to be a monster for the rest of her life.

Derek: It's not forever, Dani. Just think of it as an extended visit.

Danielle: I don't want to think of it at all.

Derek: Look, I just need to know that you're safe.

Danielle: Dad, you have two off-duty cops shadowing me 24/7. I can't even go to the ladies' room without them checking the stalls first.

Derek: Sweetheart, there is a serial killer in Pine Valley. He's preying on the women of Fusion. I can't afford to take any chances.

Danielle: I know, but you and Mom raised a smart and strong woman. Trust that. Trust me.

Derek: Ok, you -- you change locations -- I don't care if you're going to get a quart of milk -- you call me. You hear?

Danielle: Yes. I'm on my way home now to finish up some work as usual, and then I'll be over at Aunt Livia's until tomorrow. I love you, Daddy.

Derek: I love you, too.

Officer: This just in on the Fusion murders.

Derek: Thanks. Right.

Kendall: Thanks. So, are you going to make me tell Ryan that Emma is his?

Zach: Can't make you do anything.

Kendall: Then why are you looking at me like that?

Zach: My father kept my son from me.

Kendall: Ok, well, Zach, this is completely different. Ryan signed on to be a donor, not a daddy.

Zach: Mm-hmm. But he is a daddy -- changes everything.

Kendall: Not knowing about Ethan hurt you.

Zach: Not knowing about Ethan was the biggest regret of my life.

[Phone rings]

Zach: Hello?

Derek: Yeah. Something just came in on the Fusion murders. How fast can you get down here?

Ryan: I'm with you every step of the way -- you know that.

Jonathan: Thanks.

Annie: I hope you're not upset with me for sending Ryan after you.

Jonathan: I'm glad that you did. Listen, Ann -- I'm so sorry if I --

Annie: No, no -- I understand.

Jonathan: Thanks. Ok.

Annie: Do you think Jonathan's ok?

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Hello?

Derek: Yeah, there's been a development in the Fusion murders. I need you down here now.

Julia: How do you feel?

J.R.: It always helps.

Julia: Will you take my advice, try to relax?

J.R.: That depends on whether I have anything to stress about.

Julia: Hmm. You know, I recommend play dates. It's a great way to chill out. In fact, I think I'm going to go and join one upstairs.

J.R.: Thanks, Julia.

Julia: Sure.

J.R.: How was your shift?

Bob: Busy, sir.

J.R.: Did you do what I asked and keep an eye out for Josh Madden?

Bob: Yes, sir, I did. There was a lot of him to see. Just now when I got off of my shift, he was standing with Mrs. Chandler outside that rock star's hotel room.

J.R.: They were together at the Valley Inn?

Bob: They were together at midnight, too.

J.R.: Josh was at ConFusion?

Bob: Josh Madden and your wife rang in the New Year with one hell of a kiss.

Babe: That kiss meant nothing.

Josh: That's a lie, and we both know it. That kiss told me everything I need to know. It's still there, Babe, so I'm not playing nice anymore. I'm not holding back. I'm fighting for you, and I'm not going to stop.

Babe: You really need to stop protecting me, stop -- God, stop following me. I don't want to see you, I don't want to talk to you, I don't even want to know that you exist.

Josh: Just stay away from Zarf, all right? I don't trust that guy.

[Zarf sneaks out of his hotel room]

Colby: I can't believe they just left us here.

Sean: Did you see the look on my Uncle Jackís face? He officially hates me.

Colby: They would probably leave us here forever if they could. Oh.

Sean: Yeah, to teach us a valuable lesson about responsibility.

Colby: Krystal finally convinced my dad to get rid of me.

Sean: We are nothing but trouble.

Colby: They really want us gone, huh? Ok, fine. We'll leave. So next time you take a road trip, count me in.

Julia: This is Julia. I'll be right there.

Kathy: Oh!

Julia: Linda's taken a turn for the worse.

Julia: Ahem.

Little Adam: What is this?

Julia: Hey, Kathy, honey, Auntie Julia has to go back to work for a little while, ok, so, just so enjoy your play date?

Little Adam: It doesn't have her eyes. It doesn't have her eye.

J.R.: Hey, Barry, it's J.R. Chandler. Listen, put your other cases on hold and tell me exactly what evidence I need to wipe out any prior agreements and win sole custody of my son.

[Babe pounds on Ericaís hotel door]

Erica: Are you kidding? Look, I just made a New Year's resolution to recycle the trash. Don't make me break it already.

[Josh knocks on Kendallís door]

Josh: I love Babe, to hell with Ryan and his kid. How do we make this happen?

Ryan: Derek call you?

Zach: Yeah. He said to meet him down here, something about the Fusion murders.

Ryan: Well, that's kind of strange, isn't it -- letting the two of us in on it?

Zach: Uh-huh. Where is he? Hope it's not a waste of time.

Ryan: I don't know.

Zach: I don't like leaving Kendall with the bodyguard.

Ryan: Hey, I want to -- I just wanted to thank you for -- for backing me up about protecting Spike. I know that it probably wasn't easy for you.

Zach: It's all right. You take care of the people you love -- I get that.

Ryan: Spike and Kendall, obviously -- both of them. I mean, I hate the idea of separating them. But if the killer really is trying to send you a message --

Zach: He shouldn't be with us right now. Plus, he's your boy.

Ryan: I couldn't imagine life without him. I mean, I don't want to miss out on a minute with my child. What? What is it? What's wrong?

Danielle: Ok, we got milk, no sugar for Hank and no milk, extra sugar for Lance.

Hank: Ha-ha, that's a good memory.

Danielle: So, I'm just going to finish up my work in here and when I'm done, we'll head back over to my Aunt Livia's.

Lance: Hank will be right outside this door. I'll be around the back.

Danielle: All right. Thanks, guys.

[Someone spies on Dani from the other room]

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Ryan (to Zach): Why is Kendall so bent out of shape about Annie?

Zach: You're a smart guy, figure it out.

Kendall (to Josh): Don't even think about threatening me.

Babe (to Erica): You really should be nicer to me.

Erica: Why?

Babe: Because with very little effort, I could be calling you "Mom."

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