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Josh: For you -- croissants, not as good as the real deal, but after the night you had, I thought you might need something. Just getting up at this hour, you must be depressed.

Leslie: Oh, good morning. Ooh -- are those fresh?

Bianca: They sure smell like they are. You want one?

Leslie: Oh, I'd love one, but I got to run.

Bianca: Oh.

Leslie: Hey, last night was great.

Bianca: Mm-hmm.

Leslie: See you.

Bianca: Only because of you.

Josh: Ahem. Thought I'd be the one cheering you up this morning. You ok?

Bianca: Yeah. You know, if you want to worry about somebody, worry about Babe, because she has no idea what she is getting herself into. This Zarf guy is a master manipulator, and I am done with him.

Babe: Chief Frye, give him a break already, please?

Aidan: You've put in a full night.

Di: Yeah, but maybe we've caught Simone and Erin's killer our first time out.

Aidan: Maybe, but now it's time for the cops to decide whether he's guilty.

Di: Oh.

[Aidan sighs]

Di: Aidan, you look exhausted. What's there to stay for, huh?

Aidan: You know, when we busted Zarf, his eyes -- he was afraid, and I want to know why.

Jonathan: Aidan? Did Zarf do it? Where is he? Did that pervert kill my sister?

Derek: So we've established you're probably the last person to see Miss Torres and Miss Lavery alive. Where were you when they died?

Babe: Ok, you need to let him go.

Derek: Why when I'm having so much fun? Have you ever purchased the drug V-tach?

Babe: Zarf, tell me who your lawyer is, and I'll call him.

Zoe: What, and bore him, too?

Derek: You heard the man -- he's waived his right to an attorney.

Zoe: Do you enjoy this? Do you do it often?

Derek: Do you?

Zoe: Kill people or dress in women's clothing? I can say with absolute and complete honesty this is my very first time.

Zach: Two women were murdered -- Kendall's friends, her co-workers -- and the killer isn't done. This guy is watching and he's waiting, and my wife doesn't understand that she's in danger.

Myrtle: Look, darling, the Kane women are very hardheaded.

Zach: Yeah, well, maybe they are, but she needs to get out of here. She needs to get away from me. She needs to leave me.

Myrtle: Leave you? Last -- last year, you had no problem getting her to run away from you.

Zach: Yeah. And now that I have her, I can't get her to leave me and save her life.

Myrtle: Well --

Kendall: Where's Spike?

Ryan: Where's Zach?

Kendall: He's out. So, where is our son?

Ryan: He's with Annie.

Kendall: Well, he's supposed to be here at home with his mother.

Ryan: And as incredible as his mother is, I don't think this is the safest place for our son, Kendall, so he's -- he's not coming home yet.

Josh: Did you see how Babe was protecting Zarf? The guy could be a killer.

Bianca: Oh, yeah, I know. Well, Babe hasn't always made the best choices, and she's a sucker for an underdog. Look, I just want to warn you -- don't be surprised if you try to intervene with Babe if she pushes you away.

Josh: Well, she can push all she wants. I'm not going anywhere.

Bianca: So you're going to keep fighting for Babe?

Josh: Hey, don't worry about it. We got it under control.

Bianca: "We"? Who's we?

Josh: Nobody.

Bianca: Oh, come on -- you might as well tell me. I'm probably going to find out soon anyway. Kendall is going to want to kill your accomplice. What? What's so funny?

Josh: Ok, Kendall's my accomplice.

Bianca: Kendall? All right. If Kendall is helping you with Babe, then she must want something huge from you. What is it?

Kendall: Please don't tell Ryan he's Emma's father.

Kendall: You didn't bring me my son? You left him with some woman?

Ryan: Yeah, I did, who Spike adores.

Kendall: No, Ryan. Since when do you -- you get a say about what happens with Spike? This is not a solo act. This is a joint effort here.

Ryan: Ok, you're right. So then help me -- I need help here. I want my son safe.

Kendall: He will be perfectly safe here at home with his mother.

Ryan: When does Zach get back? I need to talk to him about this.

Kendall: No. No, no, no, no. No, forget it. Ryan, no. You men don't get to decide what's best for me and Spike.

Ryan: Look, I really don't like being in this position. But Tad told me --

Kendall: Tad? What is this, a group effort?

Ryan: Tad told me that there's a connection between Zach and Erin and Simone's murders.

Kendall: Yeah, well, Tad should keep his mouth shut about his clients. Yes, I know

Ryan: You know --

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: That there's a link?

Kendall: Yeah, of course, there's a link.

Ryan: Tell me.

Kendall: The person who killed Simone and Erin is sending him a message.

Ryan: What kind of message?

Zach: The ribbon, gardenias -- I'm the only one that knows the significance.

Myrtle: Look, there's no question this is about you, but why come at you sideways? I mean -- I mean, why attack Kendall's friends from -- from her work?

Zach: They want me to see it coming.

Kendall: Whatever's going on, it's Zach's business. Just focus on getting my son back, please.

Ryan: Kendall, my sister is dead. That makes it my business, too.

Zach: Two women were murdered to hurt me. It's not over, because Kendall is the ultimate target.

Myrtle: But what is the possible motive?

Zach: I don't know. This is from deep in my past. But all the people from that time are dead, so this is something else. This is someone who knows about me, who wants to destroy me, who wants to make me suffer all the way through.

Myrtle: Zach, you're scaring me. Who could -- who could possibly hate you that much?

Zach: More people than you can imagine.

Aidan: Take it down, Johnny. They're just in there questioning Zarf. There's no evidence against him.

Jonathan: Well, obviously Derek thinks he did it, Aidan.

Aidan: Derek wants to find out what Zarf knows. Zarf was at Fusion after hours. The chief just wants to clear things up.

Jonathan: What? What -- what is there to clear up? Erin and Simone were murdered at Fusion after hours. You know what?

Di: Jon --

Jonathan: Were you there?

Di: Yeah, I was playing decoy.

Jonathan: Ok. Did he do anything? Did he say anything weird?

Di: No, he was acting normal except for the clothes.

Jonathan: Did he have anything on him? Did he have a white ribbon? Did he have a gardenia? Did --

Aidan: The cops checked him out. He had nothing on him, no physical evidence linking him to the murders.

Jonathan: He was at Fusion after hours in a disguise, Aidan. -- he did it, ok? All of this began after Zarf came to this town, came to Fusion.

Aidan: Shh.

Di: Ok. Jonathan? Hey, did I ever tell you about how Erin and I became friends? Because we -- we challenged Tad and Aidan to a game of bowling, and your sister -- your sister taught them a lesson that they wouldn't forget.

Derek: You knew the Fusion women who died. How did you feel about them?

Zoe: Beautiful, smart, fun, independent.

Derek: Dead.

Zoe: To you.

Derek: They're not dead to you?

Zoe: Oh, they've simply gone to another plain. They're free of earthly constraints, of pain.

Derek: So that's a good thing, right?

Zoe: See what he's doing? He's doing it again -- he's fishing. You know what that means? All they have is a stranger. And the stranger I am, the more they won't let people like us live our lives.

Derek: And who exactly are people like you?

Zoe: I am a sinner. I'm a liar in heels. God knows what I'm capable of. Is that the answer you want to hear?

Derek: I'll listen to anything you have to say.

Zoe: All right. I'll say it. I confess. I am a stone killer.

Kendall: Ryan, what happened to Simone and Erin was horrible, but you can't blame Zach.

Ryan: I'm not blaming anybody. I'm just working the logic here. If someone killed two people that aren't really even that close to Zach to send him a message, well, then hurting you would be like putting up a billboard in Times Square, Kendall. I can't let that happen. I can't lose you.

Kendall: You couldn't lose me if you tried.

Ryan: I want to believe that. I want you and Spike safe.

Kendall: Do you really think that I would risk his life?

Ryan: No, I don't, not intentionally, but if somebody paints a bull's-eye on your back, Kendall, there's not much you can do about that.

Kendall: Oh, God, Ryan, look outside, ok? There is security all over the place -- at home, at work, everywhere I go.

Ryan: All right, fine. You don't want to move, then fine. Spike stays with me. I keep him.

Kendall: Ok -- uh, 20 feet across the courtyard? That's not going to help.

Ryan: No, not across the courtyard. I'm moving back into the penthouse.

Kendall: Oh. Is -- is Annie moving out?

Ryan: No, she's staying.

Kendall: Oh, my God. Are you kidding me? You're kidding. Are you kidding me?

Ryan: There's plenty of room at the penthouse, Kendall.

Kendall: Yeah, and your big, large king-sized bed.

Ryan: They have their own room. Annie and Emma have their own room, Kendall.

Kendall: For now.

Ryan: Ok, look, just stop. This isn't about Annie, ok? This is about Spike and what's best for him and -- and him being safe in my place where Annie and I can watch him, Kendall. You know how good she is with him.

Kendall: Oh, that's great. That's wonderful. Ok, Spike and you and Annie all together. That's -- that's wonderful. Well, now she's going to snatch my kid, too.

Josh: Why do you think Kendall wants something? Maybe she's just helping me out of sisterly love.

Bianca: Kendall hates Babe.

Josh: Yeah, but I'm her new favorite brother. Maybe she's just doing this as a welcome-to-the-family favor.

Bianca: Uh-huh. So what's the catch?

Josh: Do you want another croissant?

Bianca: No. I want to know what Kendall has roped you into doing for her.

Josh: Hmm.

Bianca: Oh, boy. I don't want to know, do I?

Josh: Just answer my question. Can I count on Kendall to come through for me?

Bianca: Yeah. I mean, if -- if whatever you're doing for her is important enough to her, then yeah. She'll keep her word. So this big sisterly favor that youíre doing for Kendall Ė is it a big deal?

Josh: It is to her.

Ryan: What? Annie hasn't taken anyone from you.

Kendall: I don't trust her, Ryan.

Ryan: Whoa, just rewind. Spike, safe, my place, for now.

Kendall: Did Annie put you up to this? Was this whole thing her idea? Emma's not enough, so she had to use this mess to reel you in so she can have an instant family?

Annie: Emma, will you hand me that cloth? He's a messy guy today. Aren't you? Thank you.

Emma: Who's Spike's mommy?

Annie: Well, Spike's mommy is Kendall, and Ryan is his daddy.

Emma: I don't have a daddy. Can Ryan be my daddy now?

Annie: Sweetheart, Ryan is our friend. And -- and Spike is our friend. Isn't that right? And, you know, having friends is so cool because they take us -- oh, they take us ice-skating and they -- they read us stories and they play with us, huh? Ryan and Spike are the greatest friends ever, aren't they?

Emma: I love them.

Zach: Sometimes at night, I just look at Kendall, you know? I listen to her breathe, and she seems so calm and peaceful. What if it can't last?

Myrtle: It can. You'll make it last, the two of you. You -- you and Kendall against the world? Everyone else is going to have to duck.

Zach: Hey, I want to catch this psycho. It'd be a lot easier if I didn't have to deal with a stubborn wife who's not listening to me.

Myrtle: Sweetheart, darling, look. Love -- love is not just soft, soft music and candles. It's trouble. And when trouble comes, you just have to grab each other, hold on tight, and -- and fight it and beat it.

Zach: What if I can't?

Derek: This is Police Chief Derek Frye of the Pine Valley PD questioning Zarf. Babe Chandler and Officer Maloney are present. Are you, Zarf, confessing to the murders of Simone Torres and Erin Lavery?

Zoe: Of course not. Oh. They were my friends. We had so much fun on that one day.

Derek: You just stated you were a killer.

Zoe: No, no, no, I didn't say that. "American Rock Star Weekly" said that. The review of my last album? Quote -- "On 'Inside-out You,' Zarf once again is a stone killer with his three-chord power melodies." Huh. Hmm. Everybody knows. It was no use hiding it.

Derek: You enjoying yourself?

Zoe: Maybe if he smiled.

Derek: This isn't a game.

Zoe: Are you sure? Because I could swear I'm it. You want to tag me with a crime -- boy in a dress.

Derek: Do you dress up often?

Zoe: They can't figure me out.

Babe: Is this really necessary?

Zoe: Absolutely. Please, shoot!

Derek: When you were a child, did you get along with your mother?

Di: Tad and Aidan really thought they had us, but your sister -- she threw strike after strike after strike.

Jonathan: That son of a --

Zoe: That's a good one. They think I have issues. Hmm. Hate to disappoint, but Mom and I shared shoes -- hmm -- and the occasional support garment.

Jonathan: This is funny, pervert? Huh? What's funny about my sister being dead? What's funny about that?

Derek: Jonathan, back off.

Jonathan: No, I want to know what the joke is. What, killing my sister? Is that what's funny? Did you kill my sister?

Zach: Any other kind of trouble, I'd want Kendall right next to me, but this is her life. And then what if I make a mistake? There are no second chances.

Myrtle: Look, Kendall has total and complete faith in you, a great deal more than you have in yourself. Now, just go where she leads. Keep her close, darling. Just don't push.

Zach: And what -- I can't do that. I'd put her at risk.

Myrtle: Risk? No risk. Listen, I have as much faith in you as Kendall has. And you'd better not let the two of us down.

Zach: You're not going to give me an inch, huh?

Myrtle: No, I'm not. And neither is your wife. Let her stay, Zach.

Bianca: Ok, Miranda. Well, I'm glad you had a good time. See you later, ok? Bye. While you and Kendall are scratching each other's backs, she better not waste time getting Babe for you, because from what I saw last night, Zarf is making a play for her.

Josh: He's a mega rock star. Flirtation is part of the package.

Bianca: Uh-uh. No -- trust me. Babe is next on his list.

Josh: You're wrong.

Bianca: Oh, yeah? Well, who did Babe leave with last night?

Josh: He was being hauled off to the police station. She felt sorry for him.

Bianca: Uh-huh. Zarf's whole vulnerability thing -- it's just an act. It's just a way to get close.

Josh: You think he's the killer?

Bianca: I think he's a manipulative jerk. Hey, Babe probably thought that he was doing his whole rock star thing getting all dressed up to put on a show, but I'm telling you what he did to me last night --

Josh: What, last night at the bar? You said he came on to you. Did he do anything? Did he hurt you?

Bianca: No. Nothing physical anyway. There was something between us, and he used it. He -- he used my feelings for him, my sexuality. He twisted it all up into an -- an ugly knot just to score one night with a lesbian. The worst part -- he really got to me.

Jonathan: Pervert! Come here!

Zoe: Don't hurt him!

Jonathan: No!

Derek: Calm down, Jonathan, or you'll be the first one arrested.

Jonathan: Me? Chief Frye, look at him! He's enjoying this! You're laughing at her. Ah!

Zoe: I'm not laughing at Erin. I would never do that. She was a beautiful soul.

Jonathan: What do you know about her? You don't care! You're a rock star! What do you know about Erin Lavery?

Zoe: She was special.

Jonathan: "Special"? How special, Zarf? Special enough to kill? Huh? Special enough to add to your murder collection?

Derek: Do we have a problem here?

Aidan: No, we don't. We don't, come on.

Jonathan: Hey, itís not over.

[Door shuts]

Zoe: Itís never over. Is it?

Babe: My vote says it is.

Zoe: You want to know my secret? Iím a living, breathing, in-the-flesh freak. Is that what you want to hear?

Derek: Iíd rather have a straight answer -- Did you kill Simone Torres and Erin Lavery?

Zoe: No. I did not.

Derek: Willing to take a polygraph to that effect?

Babe: No. We are leaving.

Zoe: Oh, Babe, please. If the nice man has questions --

Babe: Now. Enough is enough. Come on.

Derek: Don't leave town.

ZoŽ: They tell me that that everywhere I go.

Aidan: Jonny? Jonny, Don't. don't.

Jonathan: They're letting him go, Aidan!

Aidan: I don't like it any more than you do, but you can't act like this in here, all right?

Jonathan: What?

Aidan: You're not exactly popular with the cops, Jonny.

Jonathan: What -- what -- you're letting him go? Why? Why are you letting him go because heís rich and famous? So what, you're going to let him get away with murder?

Derek: If Zarf's guilty, he wonít. But enforcing the law means following it. I can't keep a man without motive.

Jonathan: Chief Frye, please! He was the last person to see Erin and Simone alive. He admits that. He's got to know something!

Derek: Look, Zarf definitely knows more than he's copping to, but we're going to keep an eye on him. All right?

Jonathan: Right.

Ryan: Kendall, nobody's stealing babies.

Kendall: My child isn't here.

Ryan: Which is just temporary. All right? I'm going to find a safe place for you, and once I do that, then Spike can come and move in with you.

Kendall: I am not leaving my husband. I won't let him go through this alone, and I won't let that woman take care of my son.

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What about me here? Spike's going to be with his dad.

Kendall: Ok, when Annie was in trouble, she got to keep her child. She didn't have to leave. Now, I'm -- all of a sudden, I'm just supposed to just give up Spike? No, Ryan, that is not going to happen.

Ryan: Annie was trying to protect her child. Now I am trying to protect mine.

Kendall: Ok. Well, Zach and I will keep Spike perfectly safe here.

Ryan: That's not an option. I want Spike out of here, and I also think that you have to get out of here, too.

Kendall: No, no. I'm not going anywhere.

Ryan: Well, then Spike stays where he is -- with me.

Zach: Ryan's right.

Kendall: You're -- you're siding with Ryan? Wait a minute -- no. Zach --

Zach: Hi.

Kendall: Listen to me. We've done this, remember? I'm staying here.

Ryan: If my sister is dead, because of a grudge that somebody has against you, I'd like to know what the hell's going on.

Zach: You obviously talked to Tad.

Ryan: He didn't give me specifics, but he did mention that my son might be in danger. Is he right?

Kendall: Will you please just go get Spike, please?

Zach: The flowers and the ribbons, the way they found Erin and Simone -- it's very similar to the way they found my mom when she died. So somebody knows something, they want me to know that they know.

Ryan: And why didn't you mention this before they got to my sister?

Zach: Because when Simone died, I didn't see what the connection was. I still don't. And -- and when Erin died, I --

Ryan: So what you're saying is -- what you're saying is, is that my sister is dead, because you ticked off some psycho?

Kendall: No -- Zach is a victim, too.

Ryan: Oh, yeah? Really? Well, Zach's alive.

Zach: I'm sorry. I'm -- I'm sorry your sister got dragged into this and I'm Ė

[Zach sighs]

Zach: I don't expect you to forgive me, but I'm working on it day and night. Tad's with me.

Ryan: Well, you're the end of this. So this is obviously not finished yet.

Zach: Packed the bags last night, she didn't want to leave.

Ryan: Yeah, well, there's room at the penthouse -- I mean, you know, until we find somewhere better for --

Kendall: Are you out of your mind? No, Ryan, I'm not going to live with Annie, no. This is my husband, my home. I stay.

Ryan: If that's your choice, then I want you to stay away from Spike until this is over.

Annie: All right. Let's use our quiet voices.

Jonathan: Damn it!

Annie: Jonathan. I just put Spike down.

Jonathan: This is not going to happen. This is not going to happen. I'm not going to let this happen!

Annie: Ok --

Emma: Shh.

Annie: It's all right, sweetheart. You were up really late last night. Let's -- I think it's time for you to take a nap. You can play with Spike after, ok? Good girl. Go on. What is going on?

Jonathan: They caught him.

Annie: The man who killed Erin and Simone?

Jonathan: Yes. They had him in custody, and they just let him walk away.

Annie: Wait, I don't understand.

Jonathan: Zarf.

Annie: Zarf is the killer?

Jonathan: Zarf, Zarf, Zarf, Zarf, Zarf, Zarf. They had him and -- and they let him go. They let him go back to the Pine Valley Inn so he could have breakfast!

Annie: Well, they must have --

Jonathan: Oh!

Annie: Had a reason for it.

Jonathan: What? What, so this is ok with you now? Erin and Simone's killer can walk free and -- and that's ok?

Annie: Of course not. Jonathan, please, relax.

Jonathan: "Relax"? My sister's killer is ordering breakfast right now!

Annie: All I'm saying is -- is if they don't have any proof, then they don't have a choice.

Jonathan: You know, Annie, they didn't have any proof that your husband was a perv, either, but he was still guilty as hell, wasn't he?

Zoe: I look ridiculous.

Babe: Sorry that the cops kept you in there for so long, but at least it's over, right? What are you -- Zarf? Hey. Everything is going to be ok.

Zoe: No courage, no truth. I'm not Zarf, I'm not myself. I'm nothing, total betrayal.

Babe: Ok. Look, this whole publicity thing -- it's going to pass and, you know, the stuff sometimes sells even more CDs so I wouldn't worry about it.

Zoe: Not the fans. I betrayed myself, Babe. The cock crowed, and I denied myself, three times.

Babe: Zarf, what is going on?

Zoe: If Bianca had understood, nothing -- no one else would have mattered.

Bianca: You should've heard him, Josh. The stories he told, how he always knew since he was a child that he was really a female. He got sports equipment and -- and cars and all he really wanted were baby dolls and dresses. His father humiliated him. He was forced to live life as a boy, a man -- a lie. He broke my heart.

Josh: Wait, are you saying Zarf is transgender?

Bianca: You know it?

Josh: Well, I worked ER in New York. I saw a fair number -- men living in women's bodies, women in men's. Some go all the way, have surgery, some don't.

Bianca: Well, Zarf claimed that he was just beginning the transition and that he needed my help, my support. The kicker -- Zarf isn't just a woman, he's a lesbian, and he's in love with me. God. As if I'm supposed to, what, like, ignore the equipment and do it with him like he's one of the girls.

Josh: And his story got to you?

Bianca: Well, yeah -- for, like, a minute. But you saw him at ConFusion. You heard him. It's all a big gag to him. You know, Kendall warned me. She told me that he was only out for one thing, and I should've listened to her. God! Am I so messed up that I can't read people anymore?

Josh: No. Bianca, you are fine.

Bianca: Yeah, right -- I'm fine. Yeah, I -- I thought that I knew Maggie so well, and she completely fooled me, and then Zarf. I believed him. I defended him. And then, he pulls this whole story about being a lesbian trapped in a man's -- it's so ridiculous. Sob stories about his struggle, all so that he could score one night with a gay woman. How sick is that? But you're a guy. He was just trying to get me in bed, right?

Josh: Maybe not. Maybe -- maybe what he was saying was the truth.

Bianca: No. Come on. He's a big rock star. He can have any woman he wants, but the lesbian -- she poses a challenge, so he went for it. And he went too far.

Josh: You know, Zarf coming out like this -- it might explain something weird that happened to me.

Josh: The night Babe and I overdid the Jell-O shots, we spent the night in Zarf's hotel suite. While we were there, the phone rang, and I picked it up so Babe wouldn't wake up.

Bianca: Who was it?

Josh: Well, it was this woman named Michelle? But the thing was her voice, it was -- it was a man's. And before I could tell if she had the wrong person, she said she was returning the call. And then she asked me what gender I was, so I said male and then she asked me if that was my real gender or if that was my assigned gender -- way too freaky, so I hung up the phone. And that was months ago, way before Zarf even met you.

Zoe: I lost Bianca. Maybe I lost everything -- my chance, my destiny.

Babe: Ok, I'm not following. What does Bianca have to do with any of this?

Zoe: Nothing, forget it.

Babe: No. No, I'm not going to forget it. I am your friend. Come on, talk to me.

Zoe: If Bianca didn't understand, how could you possibly get it?

Babe: Ok. Whatever happened to that "best friend" speech that you gave me? The one safe person who wouldn't question and wouldn't judge? You would do that for me, so I'm here to do that for you now.

Zoe: This -- not a goof, not a joke, not boredom. This is me. This is who I am, Babe. I'm a woman.

Jonathan: You remember what the cops are like in this town. The people that are paid to protect you, to watch over you, wouldn't even believe you. You had to go run and hide from your own husband, and that -- that did not stop him from still trying to hunt you down.

Annie: Do you really think that Zarf is after the Fusion women?

Jonathan: Aidan and Di caught him in the offices. He was wearing a dress, Annie -- a dress, ok? Now, what -- what kind of a sick disguise is that? And then when they sat him down to ask him about it, he laughed.

Annie: Ok. Zarf is definitely a little unusual, but it doesn't mean that he's a killer.

Jonathan: All I know is Erin and Simone were alive before Zarf came to town.

Annie: I mean, that could just be a coincidence.

Jonathan: No. No. It is not a coincidence. Aidan wouldn't have busted him on a coincidence. Aidan saw something. He saw something that made him call the cops. I just wish, wish they would've called me first.

Annie: Jonathan, please let the police handle this. If they need proof, let them get it. Do not get involved.

Jonathan: I am involved, Annie! That's my sister, who was my best friend! What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to sit around here? Not a chance.

Annie: Do you really want them arresting the wrong person?

Jonathan: What if Zarf's the right person?

Annie: Look, when was the last time you ate? Do you want me to make you some breakfast or some eggs or something?

Jonathan: Listen, I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm very, very sorry, ok? I -- I came in here like a jerk. I'm -- I'm so sorry if I scared Emma.

Annie: No, you didn't -- you didn't scare her. She's fine. Do you want some coffee or something?

Jonathan: I'm all right. I'm all right. I'm -- I need to go.

Annie: Jonathan?

Jonathan: Ok? I've got something I have to do.

Annie: Wait, Jonathan. Just wait one second.

Kendall: You want to keep me away from my son? No, Ryan, no. You can't do that. You have no right to do that.

Ryan: You're a target, Kendall. Zach is a target. Spike is right in the middle of it.

Kendall: Ok, so you want to punish me? Zach, tell him this is ridiculous. Tell him.

Zach: Spike would be safer away from us.

Kendall: Since when do you side with Ryan? I don't -- I don't understand this. Why are you both ganging up on me right now?

Ryan: We're not ganging up on you, Kendall. We're being practical. As long as you and Zach are targets, I just don't want my son in range.

Kendall: No. You cannot take him away from me, Ryan.

Ryan: This is temporary.

Kendall: You can't.

Ryan: This is temporary until whoever is doing this is behind bars.

Kendall: This is crazy. Ryan, it's crazy, ok? Zach and I can protect Spike. We can take care of him. To -- Zach, tell him, please.

Ryan: You're an incredible mother, Kendall. You would do whatever you could do to protect Spike, but I'm just saying I don't think that's enough.

Kendall: Fine. Fine, ok, just go. Get out -- go! Get out. Go, go -- go run back to Annie, go play perfect family with my son. Leave, please.

Ryan: My offer still stands.

Kendall: Go, go.

[Door shuts]

Kendall: You couldn't defend me? You couldn't say anything? What -- you're going to tell me I'm wrong? You couldn't give me any backup?

Zach: Youíre in danger, so Spikeís in danger.

Kendall: Ok, Zach, there's a threat. I get that. But Erin and Simone -- they never had a chance. I'm ready, I'm protected.

Zach: No security in the world can guarantee anything.

Kendall: You. That's all the guarantee I need -- you.

Zach: Come here. I love you. I love your faith in me, but you're not proving anything by staying.

Kendall: No, this is not up for debate, no.

Zach: You're putting yourself at risk.

Kendall: Ok, well, what about the risk of Spike and Ryan living with Annie? What -- what about the chance we take of Annie McDermott invading our family?

Zach: What are you scared of? Why is Annie a threat to you?

Annie: Did you see Kendall?

Ryan: Yeah, I did, and Zach, and Kendall won't budge, so Spike stays put. What, is he sleeping?

Annie: Yeah. Apparently Spike can sleep through anything.

Ryan: Why? What happened?

Annie: It's Jonathan. He said that Aidan Devane caught Zarf at Fusion. He had the police take him in.

Ryan: Zarf -- the murderer?

Annie: Well, they released him, and Jonathan is all over the place. I think he might be in trouble.

Bianca: Oh, my God. What if it's true? What if he really is --

Josh: Is a she?

Bianca: I was horrible to him -- her -- oh. I said terrible things. I -- I didn't just reject him. I humiliated him. He found the courage to come to me and I may as well have spit in his face --- oh, my God. I have to find him -- her -- ugh.

Josh: No, wait, wait -- Bianca, you're not going anywhere. Listen, he could still be the killer. He could still be trying to make a play for you, or both. I'm not letting you go anywhere near him.

Bianca: No, but I -- I need to know.

Josh: Well, let me handle it.

Zoe: Huh. Bottoms up.

Babe: Hmm. No, thanks. I think I've had enough experience with that.

Zoe: Go on, go home, to your husband and child.

Babe: Why? Unless you killed my friends, I'm on your side.

Zoe: My side? I'm one of those transgender people -- not Zarf, Zoe. Not the popular side to be on.

Babe: I always hated the popular kids anyway. Besides, Iíd rather hang with you.

Zoe: And?

Babe: And nothing. If thatís who you are, fine.

Zoe: Huh. Just like that? Youíre okay. You donít care?

Babe: I care about you.

Zoe: Really?

Babe: Come here -- Zoe.

[Zoe hugs Babe and cries]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Annie (to Ryan): Jonathan is in a dark place, like he might hurt someone.

Babe: She wants you gone, Jonathan.

Jonathan (to Babe): "She"? That is not a she! This man probably killed my sister!

Kendall (to Zach): Ryan is Emma's father.

Zach (to Kendall): And you decided Ryan should never know.

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