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Bianca: Hey, shouldnít this go with the third-quarter revenues?

Kendall: We almost did it, Binks. We almost got through 2006 with more miracles than tragedies.

Bianca: Well, Spike was definitely one of the high points of this year.

Kendall: What about the year coming up? I mean, are we Ė are we stupid to hope for the best?

Bianca: I donít think weíre asking for a lot. I mean, I would like the psycho who killed our friends to be behind bars. But, apart from that, I would settle for a year without surprises, secrets, and lies.

Kendall: I just donít want any more changes.

Bianca: How is Zach?

[Phone rings]

Bianca: Oh, hang on. I -- Hello. Maggie!

Ryan: Emma, will you please tell your mother what the very first rule of ice skating is?

Emma: Staying on your feet, Mom.

Annie: Oh, oh.

[Ryan laughs]

Annie: Hey, cut a girl some slack.

Josh: Can I see a menu, please? Thank you.

Ryan: Sure. So itís pretty clear that Iím nuts about Spike, and I think your mom happens to be pretty cool, too. But will you remind me again, who is my number one ice-skating princess?

Emma: Me!

Annie: Oh, you!

Ryan: Itís true. Uh Ė hey, you know what?

Emma: Iím going to stay up until 12:00 tonight.

Ryan: You are?

Annie: Whoa.

Ryan: Well, weíll talk about that in a second. Iíll be right back, ok?

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: All right.

Annie: Here, want a pink crayon.

Ryan: Hey, how are you doing, Josh?

Josh: Good. How are you doing?

Ryan: Iím all right. Iím all right. Iím glad I bumped into you because I -- I want to thank you.

Josh: Well, itís the least I could do, but what about Kendall? Are you two going to be ok?

Bianca: Uh, yeah. Yeah, sure. No, no, I understand. Yeah, I get it. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Yeah, Iíll be fine. Yeah, Iíll be fine. All right. Bye-bye.

Kendall: Come here. Come here.

Ryan: Kendall and I are doing great.

Josh: Really?

Ryan: I think we finally have this whole unconventional family thing down. We had a great Christmas together with Spike.

Josh: Yeah, she showed me the pictures.

Ryan: She did? All 750 of them?

Josh: Well, I cut her off at 225, no offense.

Ryan: Look, Kendall is part of the reason why I wanted to thank you. I know that you were looking out for her and the other women at Fusion, and I appreciate you trying to keep them safe.

Josh: Yeah, I just wish I -- I just wish I would've gotten to Erin a little sooner.

Ryan: Yeah, me, too. But that little guy right over there -- that guy is helping me deal.

Josh: And Emma.

Ryan: Emma?

Kendall: What did Maggie say?

Bianca: She was worried about me. She heard about Simone and Erin, and she wanted to make sure that I was ok.

Kendall: Well, worrying is good.

Bianca: Thatís the only thing thatís good. I mean -- She doesn't want to get back together. She says that sheís not ready.

Kendall: I'm sorry, Binks.

Bianca:  I guess that the only thing that my going away accomplished was convincing her that weíre better off apart.

Kendall: Well, you know what? Forget Maggie -- she's an idiot. I mean, if she can't realize how amazing you are, then -- then just forget her. I know that thereís another woman out there for you, Binks, and this one wonít let you down.

[Sitting at a dressing table, someone carefully applies make-up while sipping a glass of wine.]

Di: So, what's the verdict? Do I look like a woman who's about to be murdered?

Aidan: Do you have to sound so gung-ho about it?

Di: I want this guy caught, Aidan.

Aidan: Yeah, well, so do I, ok? The line starts right here. If this sick maniac does fall for our trap tonight, I promise you he's not getting anywhere near you.

Di: Well, I just want to be close enough to see the look in his eyes when you take him down.

Tad: Why on earth do we have to do this here? Why can't we do it someplace civilized like a bar where we can get a cup of coffee or a drink?

Zach: You had plenty of time to do your research on me. What did you find out?

Tad: One thing I found out is youíre a bigger son of a bitch than I thought you were?

Zach: So did you get something? All right. Who killed Erin? Who killed Simone and who wants Kendall dead?

Tad: I am sorry, Mr. Cambias -- or Slater or whoever the hell you are. I have no idea who's after the women of Fusion, at least not yet.

Zach: So all this history you're bringing up really isn't helping you at all?

Tad: I didn't bring up anything. You handed it to me, remember? The only thing I got was the joy of chasing down one useless alias after another, but you already knew that. You do know you have more enemies than Caligula, right?

Zach: Specifics, Tad.

Tad: Why? You want me to stand here and give you specifics that you know better than I do? You want to waste more of my time? Fine, you want to play a game? I can play this game all night. Letís start with the fact that you got your brother to help you fake your own death, and then ended up in jail for aggravated assault for only four days under an assumed name, which was okay, because you took off with a lot of cash that belonged to the drug dealer in the cell next door. You did that under an assumed name. And, hey, let's not forget the -- your friend, the fight promoter, who thought he fixed the fight only to find out it wasnít so fixed after all, so he lost his whole stake in his client. Or the back room poker game that folded two minutes after you walked off with a guy's entire car dealership, and my personal favorite, the police chief -- remember him? The guy wanted to serve you with an arrest warrant but couldn't, because he got nailed by a news crew in a bordello two days before he got the chance?

Zach: None of the people you mentioned are the killer.

Tad: Zach, every single one of these people could be the killer. And this is -- this is just the highlights of your life before you became Zach Slater in the first place. You -- you started your career by winning a casino in a card game. That ticked off a lot of people, most notably one Marshall Robner, the owner of the aforementioned establishment, a man that made a lot of threats against your life until he suddenly disappeared.

Zach: I wonder what happened to Robner?

Tad: I do. You want to know? Turns out after you screwed him over, he got in some really bad debt to some really bad people, the kind of people that think it's a good idea to shoot your kneecaps off.

Zach: So you think he's connected to this?

Tad: Are you kidding? He's not even on the list. He's living in Alaska under his own assumed name. He crochets coasters for a living. He's dying of emphysema.

Zach: None of this is right. You know that, right?

Tad: That's the first smart thing you've said. But, hey, you want to go on? I could go on. I got plenty of this garbage.

Zach: And none of it's connected to the murders.

Tad: You don't know that. And the only way you're going to know it is if you give me more time.

Zach: I don't have any time.

Tad: Fine. Then you solve it overnight.

Zach: Kendall needs our help.

Tad: Exactly. Exactly. So why don't you stop treating me like your pet monkey? Make me run around in circles after clues you dole out like the -- like the bread crumbs in the forest? Tell me what you want me to find.

Zach: I can't do that.

Tad: Either you tell me what I'm after -- you tell me about the gardenias and the ribbons, or I give you my word, I can't help you.

Kendall: Ok, you let me break it down for you, all right? Bianca -- gorgeous, caring, kind, sweet, funny, bold, beautiful inside and out, adorable, amazing, successful. Are you seeing a pattern here?

Bianca: Yeah. It's been 10 minutes, and you're already writing me a personal ad.

Kendall: No, no. I'm -- I'm looking at you, and I'm telling you what I see. You are amazing. You are fantastic. And -- and if Maggie is such an idiot that she wants to walk away from that, if she wants to -- if she actually thinks that there's some woman out there better than you, she's crazy and she has a big, old slap in the face to look forward to. And I will gladly be the one to give it to her.

Bianca: Listen, I don't want to, like, mope around and be depressed about this. I -- I guess I expected it. Maybe that's why I accepted this date for tonight.

Kendall: Oh, what -- a date? A date, you're going on a date? Binks, that's -- that's great! That's wonderful! Well, who is she? I mean, do you -- you know, is she an old friend or did you just meet her or -- I mean, is she an old friend, or did you just meet her or, I mean -- she can't be half as gorgeous as you, is she? Is she? I mean, will I like her? Will she like me? Does she at least make you laugh -- what?

Bianca: Ok -- sorry, one question at a time. Did we just meet? Yeah, sort of. Um -- stunning? Absolutely. Funny? Yeah, definitely. To be honest with you, there just happens to be one minor blemish.

Kendall: Oh, well, I mean, nobody's perfect.

Bianca: She's a he.

Kendall: A he?

Bianca: Yeah, I'm going out with Zarf.

Annie: Oh, that's so good, honey.

Ryan: Emma's helping Spike keep me going, and Annie and I -- um -- actually, we, you know, started dating, so --

Josh: Well, that's great.

Ryan: Yeah.

Josh: Man, I can see you're -- you're really close with Emma.

Ryan: Yeah. Well, it's hard not to be close with her. I mean, look at her -- she's adorable. One smile from her and -- well, you've seen the effect that it has on me. Honestly, if I had a daughter, I'd want her to be exactly like Emma.

Josh: Yeah, she's -- she's really cute.

Ryan: Good practice, too, because by the time Spike's her age, I'll be ready for anything.

Josh: Yeah, well, good luck with that. If there's one thing I learned from my pediatric rotation, no two kids are alike.

Ryan: Oh, yeah? Really? Because I see a lot of Spike in Emma and -- and vice versa. I mean, I know it's weird, but I do. Hey, you want to join us?

Josh: Well, no, thanks. I'm just going to get some takeout, take it back to Fusion. I think Kendall especially could use some help right now.

Kendall: Zarf? Zarf? Zarf -- Zarf, Zarf?

Bianca: Ok, ok, stop saying his name. Yes, my date tonight is with Zarf.

Kendall: Ah. I don't want to hear it. No, no, no. I -- I don't want to hear it. I don't want to even think about it. Are you -- are you out of your mind? Are you crazy? The guy is a raving lunatic.

Bianca: Oh, God, he is -- you know, he's a rock star.

Kendall: He's a he.

Bianca: Yeah, I know. That does present a problem. But heís a good guy, and there is something about him that I am completely drawn to. He is sweet and sensitive and vulnerable.

Kendall: Oh, my God. Heís an arrogant horn dog who probably sees you as his big lesbian challenge.

Bianca: Oh, God. No he doesnít. Stop it. I realize that heís a little dramatic and heís a little out there.

Kendall: Oh, God. He sailed way past ďout there.Ē Come on.

Bianca: But when he says that we have this cosmic connection, I get it. I -- I see something in him, a sadness that I don't think anybody else can see, and I know that I can make him happy. And Ė he makes me laugh.

Kendall: Ok, so it's-- it a pity date?

Bianca: No, no, I want to do this for me. And -- I'm sorry. This is really hard for me to explain.

Kendall: Ok. Are you -- are you telling me that you're falling for a guy?

Bianca: Not falling. Not exactly.

Kendall: All right. Well, even -- even if you are -- if you are, then -- then fine. But not him -- Bianca, please, come on. You can do way better than barf.

Bianca: How can this be happening, Kendall? How can I be attracted to a man?

Aidan: And you're not going to be able to see me, but I'm going to be able to see you the entire time, so I don't want you to be nervous. Ok?

Di: How can I be nervous with you as my backup, Special Ops?

Del: Amanda, chill out. I don't know what you're talking about.

Di: Oh, God.

Amanda: Do not walk away from me. You know you did it. If you donít fix it, Iím going to cram it up --

Del: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What is your problem?

Amanda: You may be dumb, ok? Iím not. He took the hinges off my bedroom door. I went to open it, and it fell off in my hands.

Di: What?

Del: Oh, that.

Aidan: Del, what is wrong with you?

Del: I was trying to be helpful! I took it apart to lubricate the hinges, that's all.

Amanda: You can oil a hinge without taking off the entire door.

Del: Hmm, who knew?

Di: You knew.

Amanda: Put it back tonight, and if I find out you have a copy of the key, I will cram my espadrilles down your throat.

Del: Oh, a key -- that's not a bad idea, actually -- for emergencies.

Amanda: Oh! Look -- isn't there some secret spy death grip you can teach me to use on him?

Aidan: I think hands-on demonstrations work best.

Del: Ok. Back off there slim. Iíll put it back.

Amanda: Before 2007.

Di: Maybe you better teach me that special move.

Tad: Come on, Zach. It's not like we haven't worked together before. I do remember something about a dead sadistic guy. He was using innocent women's bodies as his own reproduction factory? Now, you're telling me we can't collaborate on avenging the deaths of a couple of our friends? What's that about?

Zach: I was very specific as to what I needed from you -- find out about my past.

Tad: You --

Zach: Find out who this person is. Find out why he can --

Tad: And you can't even talk about it. You can't even mention the gardenias and the ribbons, can you? Ok, all -- you know what? Ok, say -- say that you're right, and I'm wrong. This isn't about some revenge for some shady deal. It's not about some sleaze bag or some drug dealer, ok? What this is, is very personal. It's thorough. It's meticulous. And unless you tell me why, unless you tell me what you did to cause it, then whoever this is, is going to go on killing innocent women, women that we care about.

Kendall: Ok, please help me follow this here. You -- you left Maggie, the woman that you love, in Paris because she couldn't be monogamous.

Bianca: Yeah, right.

Kendall: Right, ok. And now you're about to go on a date with a man who admittedly sleeps with countless women all over the world because you two have some sort of a cosmic connection. I mean, all right, do you -- do you think you're bisexual?

Bianca: No.

Kendall: Is that it?

Bianca: No, I'm not. I'm definitely not. Look, I -- I asked myself these questions years ago. That's not it. But, I have to admit, when he kissed me, I --

Kendall: When he what?

Bianca: I told him that he could.

Kendall: What, you -- oh. On -- he kiss-- on the lips, he kissed you?

Bianca: He was extremely respectful.

Kendall: Oh, my God -- that won't last.

Bianca: Oh. I trust him.

Kendall: Oh, come on. You're star struck.

Bianca: I barely know his music.

Kendall: Good. Good -- keep it that way. He's creepy.

Bianca: I really like him.

Kendall: "Him," Bianca. Him.

Bianca: I know. I know, and then for some strange reason, that doesn't seem to matter at all. With any other guy, we would not be having this conversation. But when I am with him, he excites me. He excites me.

Tad: You're the one that's so worried about time, about Kendall's safety.

Zach: Kendall's life is at stake.

Tad: Ok, so give me more to work with than just "look into my past." What part of your past do you want me to look into? Which alias should I be focusing on?

Zach: I'm not going to do your job for you.

Tad: Oh -- you know what? Then I should just stand here and tell you to go right straight to hell. But I don't have that luxury, because unlike some people I know, I'm not going to stand around and do nothing while an innocent woman gets killed, especially somebody like Kendall.

Zach: So we agree?

Tad: No, we don't -- on anything, because you refuse to work with me. If you're the key to whoever killed Simone and Erin, you better open your mouth.

Jonathan: Is that true? Do you know who killed my sister?

Amanda: Hmm, youíre welcome.

Julia: Hey, Kathy!

Di: Oh, look whoís here. We heard you laughing upstairs.

Jamie: Hi.

Di: Did you beat Jamie again at rock, paper, and scissors?

Kathy: Ten times.

Jamie: Ooh. It should be illegal for a kid to be this smart.

Julia: Oh, my gosh. Give me five. Girl power. Come here. Come here. Do you know who I just came from seeing?

Kathy: Mommy?

Julia: Thatís right.

Kathy: Is she better?

Julia: Sheís great.

Jamie: Well, give me five on that.


Amanda: Hey, Kathy? Do you like presents? Oh, yeah, because I was at the mall today, and I saw the cutest outfit just your size, so I got it for you. You want to go up to my room and try it on.

Kathy: Cool.

Di: Oh.

Amanda: Cool.

Jamie: Oh, oh, oh.

Di: Kathy, you know what? Aidan and I Ė we have got a surprise for you, too.

Aidan: Yep, we found a big bunch of toys in the attic just waiting for a little girl to play with them.

Di: Do you want to see them?

Kathy: Yes!

Di: Ok, letís bring them down.

Aidan: Letís go get them.

Amanda: Hey, Kathy. Letís go up to my room. Actually, you know what? Letís go to your room. Thereís a draft in mine, but Delís going to fix that Ė right now!

Del: All right, all right.

Amanda: Come on, letís go. Race you up. Come on.

Julia: How cute is she?

Jamie: Pretty damn cute. Now, howís Kathyís mom really doing?

Tad: Donít let yourself get all worked up, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Donít Ė donít what? You just said that he could be the key to finding out who murdered my sister, and I Ė What do you know? Ok, Slater, please. Please, you got to tell me what you know.

Zach: I donít know anything, not yet.

Tad: Neither one of us does.

Zach: Speculating Ė spinning theories.

Jonathan: No, no, it was not speculating. I know that you know something.

Tad: Jonathan, it was an argument. Weíre just looking at leads and weíre upset, because we havenít got anything concrete.

Jonathan: Itís bull, bull!

Tad: Itís the truth.

Zach: We will do whatever we can to find who killed your sister.

Tad: Weíll catch him. I give you my word. Weíll catch him.

[Jonathan snickers and walks away from the boathouse.]

Zach: All right. Gave him your word. Go find us a killer.

Jamie: So it doesnít look good?

Julia: Unless they can get Lindaís bleeding under control, no.

Jamie: Iím sorry. Poor Kathy.

Julia: I know Ė thatís what I keep thinking about. I offered to make some phone calls after Jim died, and Linda told me there was no one. Whatís going to happen to her if she loses her mom, too?

Jamie: To foster care most likely.

Julia: Oh, so she goes to live with total strangers after losing her mom and dad suddenly?

Jamie: Hey, I Ė this Ė we donít know how this is going to turn out. Linda could still pull through this.

Julia: She has to, Jamie.

Jamie: She will. Sheís going to make it.

Kathy: Iím staying up until 12:00, Mommy said.

Ryan and Annie: Oh!

Annie: Well, Mommy said that you could try.

Ryan: You know what that officially means? It means you are officially a big girl. Itís true.

Annie: Hmm.

Ryan: Thatís what that means. Do you think I can stay up until 12:00, too?

[Annie chuckles]

Ryan: What do you think? Unfortunately, I think Spike needs a few years before heís going to be ringing the New Year. You know, because heís just not quite as grown up as you are. Heís not. He still needs his sleep, donít you?

Annie: Besides, sweetheart, Ryan and I have other plans for tonight. Please donít feel obligated to bang pots and pans with us. If you have something else going on --

Ryan: No.

Emma: What about walkie-patalkie?

Ryan: Oh, walkie-talkie? Iím sure heíd like to come, too. I would love to come. And if itís ok, I think Jonathan would like to, as well. I hope this doesnít sound strange, but I really believe that Erinís going to be there, and Erinís going to be helping us forget about the past and move towards the future. The future right here. So, whew, really, thereís no one Iíd rather spend time with.

Kendall: Do you know that Zach is having Zarf investigated?

Bianca: Zach is having everyone associated with Fusion investigated.

Kendall: You have to admit the guy is weird.

Bianca: Not serial killer weird.

Kendall: Bianca, you even said you think heís hiding something.

Bianca: Not that! He didnít kill anyone.

Kendall: Well, there is something very untrustworthy about this guy. Iím sorry.

Bianca: Well, if it makes you feel any better, my bodyguard will be with us all night.

Kendall: Ok, I feel a little better. Where is this big date, anyway? You going to the ConFusion party?

Bianca: No, Zarf wants to go to some club in Philly.

Josh: Hope youíre in the mood for some gourmet hamburgers.

Kendall: No.

Bianca: No, not me.

Kendall: Yeah, she has a date.

Josh: Really? Whoís the lucky lady?

Bianca: Zarf.

Josh: Wow. Thatís impressive.

Kendall: Did you forget that sheís gay, and heís a he.

Josh: How could I forget? The guyís been with some of the most gorgeous women in the world. The guy could literally have the pick of the concert arena if he wanted.

Kendall: Ok, see? Thank you very much Ė youíve just made my point.

Josh: Which is why I think itís so cool that heís dating our sister.

Bianca: Thank you, Josh. I agree.

Kendall: Oh. Ok, look Ė please make sure the bodyguard drives.

Bianca: I will be exceptionally careful, I swear. Happy New Year.

Kendall: Happy New Year.

Bianca: And you, too. Happy New Year.

Josh: Happy New Year.

Bianca: Hmm. Good-bye.

Josh: So youíve known that Ryan is Emmaís father for 24 hours now.

Kendall: Did you bring any ketchup?

Josh: Ryan still doesnít know.

Kendall: You know what? On second thought, I probably shouldnít even eat. I should probably just go home and get ready to go to the casino and --

Josh: Youíre not going to tell him, are you?

Kendall: No, Iím not. Ryan didnít donate sperm so that he could play father to all the kids he created. He was trying to make a fast buck Ė end of story.

Josh: But then he befriended one of these kids, and now heís crazy about her.

Kendall: Just because Ryan thinks that Emma is cute doesnít mean he wants to be her father.

Josh: Well, have you asked him?

Kendall: I didnít have to. It wasnít until I was long pregnant with Spike that Ryan embraced the idea of being a dad at all.

Josh: Well, sure seems to love it now.

Kendall: This is not easy for Ryan, sharing Spike. I mean, as great a father as he is, he has to divvy up his time between me and Zach. You throw another kid into the mix, forget it.

Josh: And you're afraid he'll play favorites?

Kendall: Spike will always come first with Ryan. It's just that he's -- he's been going through such a rough time right now, losing Erin and dealing with Jonathan's grief. He doesn't need another bomb dropped into his lap.

Josh: Well, I saw him today, Kendall. He said if he did have a daughter, he'd want her to be just like Emma.

Kendall: What are you doing, Josh? You testing Ryan? Going behind my back to see if I told him yet? Who in the hell do you think you are?

Ryan: No pressure. Leave me hanging here or something.

Annie: Of course, I will.

Ryan: Yeah?

Annie: Of course. Can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be.

Ryan: Yes!

Annie: Yes!

Ryan: High-five!

Annie: Oh --

Ryan: Yeah!

Annie: Nice!

Ryan: One more time, one more time, one more time, one more time! You hear that, Spike? Looks like we're going to have company. We're going to have company tonight for New Year's Eve.

Annie: Nice.

Ryan: There it is. Hey.

Annie: Hey, Jonathan.

Ryan: You all right?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Ryan: Have a cup -- sit down.

Annie: Hey.

Ryan: Annie and Emma just -- they just said that they're going to spend tonight with us.

Annie: Hmm.

Ryan: That's great, right?

Annie: You don't mind, do you?

Jonathan: I do -- no.

[Annie laughs]

Jonathan: No, of course I -- of course I don't mind, not at all.

Ryan: Oh, good.

Jonathan: Hi.

Ryan: All right. Spike and I are going to go pay the bill, so we can get out of here, and we can get this party started, ok? Come on, little Spike man. Come with me. Oh, look how excited he is.

Annie: Oh!

Ryan: He's moving.

Jonathan: He's dancing.

Annie: How are you doing?

Jonathan: I'm fine.

Annie: Oh, oh. I like Ryan.

Annie: Oh, Oh. I like him, too.

Jonathan: Yeah. He's all right.

Julia: Linda and I became friends when we were volunteering at a children's recreational center in Albuquerque Ė all those adorable little toddlers.

Jamie: Was she as good with kids as you are?

Julia: Oh, she was great. Yeah. back then, all she ever talked about was how she wanted a child. She told me that she and Jim were trying and I told her that Noah and I were, too.

Jamie: You weren't?

Julia: We wanted to, but no. We couldnít start a family in Witness Protection, not the way we had to live. We wanted to, but no.

Jamie: Well, Jim and Linda hit the baby lottery with Kathy.

Julia: You know, after all those years that they waited, and they prayed for a child, God gave them that beautiful little girl. How can he take them away from her? Why would he do that?

Tad: Actually, you know what, Zach? I think I'm going to go back to my pointless search. Considering youíve decided not to be of any help whatsoever. Thank you very not.

Zach: Meet me again tomorrow.

Tad: Why? Why should I bother? No, where are you going to want to do that -- some darkened parking garage?

Zach: Once you get the answers, youíll understand.

Tad: Oh, thanks a heap.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Yeah? Say that again. Can you -- wait, no. Hang on a second. Turns out our meeting might not be so pointless after all. Give me everything you got. Start with the cause of death.

Amanda: No, come on, let's go, hey, you guys, here she is -- Miss Wildwind 2007! Give us a spin.

Julia: Oh!

Amanda: Very good.

Julia: Look at you!

Jamie: Are you a model?

Julia: Yep.

Amanda: Yes!

Jamie: You look like one. You're pretty enough to be one.

Amanda: I taught her that.

Julia: Whoo-hoo!

Jamie: Check it out!

Aidan: You start playing with these now, you're still going to be up when the clock strikes 12:00.

Di: Yeah, she will.

Aidan: Look.

Di: And guess what else -- Kathy, I have baked a very special New Year's Eve cake just for you.

Amanda: Yay!

Del: Not the chocolate cake with all the -- the fudge icing?

Amanda: You didn't.

Del: It's still there -- most of it.

Di: Del --

Amanda: Oh.

Di: You are unbelievable!

Del: I'm sorry.

Aidan: Come on, Kathy. Let's go through this, see what you like. You like little monkey?

Amanda: Look, there's a dollhouse. You like dollhouses?

Aidan: That one?

Amanda: Let's take that.

Julia: You know, I know all children are wonderful, but she's special, isn't she?

Bianca: Oh, oh, oh! And get a load of this -- I told Aunt Myrtle that you can stay up until midnight and watch the ball drop if you want, if she lasts that long. Ok, Brendan is downstairs waiting to drive you guys. I'm going to miss you.

[Bianca chuckles]

Bianca: Have a very -- I'll see you later. Have a very, very happy New Year. Mama loves you. All right. Good-bye.

Claire: Ok, bye-bye.

Bianca: Yikes. And Mama is very late. Oh, boy. I have some serious work to do. What am I doing? I'm acting as if this is a real date.

Kendall: I asked Annie if she wanted to find out Emma's biological dad, and she said no.

Josh: Well, I doubt she'd say the same thing if she found out Emma's dad was Ryan.

Kendall: Ok, see, I asked her to help me find out the truth, not to decide what to do with it.

Josh: Kendall, after everything that Erica and Greg kept from Dixie and God knows how many women about their children, I'm not into keeping secrets about people's parentage.

Kendall: Well, it's not your call to make.

Josh: I saw them together. They're tight, Kendall -- Annie, Emma, Ryan? You know, Ryan's dating Annie now.

Kendall: I -- yes, I know that. So what? It's not going to last. And then what? Then Ryan is stuck with a kid he doesn't even want.

Josh: He loves Emma.

Kendall: It's not happening, Josh.

Josh: They need to know, Kendall.

Tad: Is that all you've got? Ok, I appreciate it. Thanks.

Zach: Well?

Tad: She went over the side of a balcony and died on the rocks below. She was wearing a white ribbon around her neck. She had gardenias in her hand. You're right -- I understand, Zach. I know who she was. I know the connection between you and these murders.

Jamie: Ok.

Di: Go!

All: Yeah!

Kathy: Happy New Year!

Julia: Happy New Year! Happy New Year, Kathy.

Amanda: Oh, let's get some punch.

Julia: Would you like a piece of this lovely cake?

Amanda: Here we go. Knock yourself out.

Di: All set?

Aidan: You sure you're up for this?

Di: I want to catch this guy tonight.

Jamie: Happy New Year, guys!

Amanda: Happy New Year!

Kathy: Happy New Year!

Jamie: There you go.

Kendall: Josh, it is not your call.

Josh: But it is yours?

Kendall: I'm not telling him, period, and neither are you.

Josh: You are making a big mistake.

Kendall: Fine! It's mine to make. Now, can we please just close shop and kiss 2006 good-bye, please?

Josh: I can't forget about what I know. Ryan deserves to know and so does Annie.

Kendall: Ok, so what are you saying?

Josh: I'm saying I can't do it, Kendall.

Kendall: Well, you're going to have to try.

Ryan: Did I just hear somebody yelling about Annie? Anything that I could help you with?

Kendall: What are you -- what are you doing here? Did you -- hello, little monkey.

Ryan: Well, Spike wanted to come by and he -- he really wanted to wish you a happy New Year. Didn't you?

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: But I got to tell you, Kendall, you don't sound so happy.

Josh: Looks like he caught us.

Ryan: Right. So I guess it wasn't your standard sibling battle, not when you're yelling about Annie.

Kendall: It's -- it's no big deal.

Josh: Yeah, well, if you don't tell Ryan and Annie, I'll start right now.

[Knock on door]

Bianca: Be right there!

[Bianca opens the door and sees a woman standing before her.]

Bianca: Zarf?

Zach: So you dug up the real story?

Tad: Enough to figure out why you hired me.

Zach: Don't expect a medal.

Tad: Zach, like it or not, we're going to have to talk about Amelia. Now that I know how she died and what's probably in that sealed inquest report, the only thing that I expect from you is to fill in the gaps.

>> On the next "All My Children" Ė

Zarf (to Bianca): You see who I really am.

Bianca (slapping Zarf hard): Yeah, I do.

Babe (to J.R.): Would you mind if I give you a New Year's kiss early?

Ryan (to Tad): You think my son is in danger.

Zach (to Kendall): There are things I haven't told you. Things you need to know.

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