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[ďHark the Herald Angels SingĒ plays]

Adam: I have my daughter at home and another one on the way, I donít need another present.

Krystal:† Oh, hush up and open it.

[Adam chuckles as he receives a framed photo of Krystalís baby's ultrasound.]

Adam: She looks just like me.

J.R.: She has Chandler eyes.

Colby: How can you tell that?

Babe: Sheíll be beautiful, Mama.

Adam: Oh, yeah, just like her mama. Why not have Winifred bring Little A? If he doesn't pop open a few more presents, we won't have any room for Santa.

Babe: He's still taking his nap, actually.

Colby: I'll open some of mine.

J.R.: Maybe we should wait for Dixie to come back.

Babe: Where did she go?

J.R.: She left first thing this morning. Actually she seemed a little bit stressed.

Krystal: Was everything ok?

J.R.: Well, all she said was she had to talk to Tad.

Dixie: Well, Jamie, I would love to stay and visit, but I can't.

Jamie: Oh, come on, Dixie.

Julia: Oh, please, please stay. I need all the help I can get decorating this tree.

Dixie: No, there's just something really important that I -- I have to do.

Jamie: Maybe Christmas Eve?

Dixie: Have either of you heard anything from Tad?

[Tad walks around in the snow thinking]

David's voice: Your wife is willing to give you a second chance -- who the hell knows why, but she is. And all you can think about is taking it out on me, and you're going to miss what's really important.

Tad's voice: Don't you dare lecture me about what's important. You haven't got the right.

David's voice: Dixie risked a lot. She risked a lot to keep this pregnancy secret from everyone, especially you. Dixie came to me. She trusted me as her doctor to respect her and to help her. That is exactly what I did. Come on, Tad. You never wanted that kid in the first place.

Tad's voice: You don't have clue one as to what's going here.

David: Iím talking about you being a walking grenade, Tad, wiping out any evidence you come into contact with.

Dixieís voice: Stop it.

David's voice: What do you want to do, Tad? Blame me? Take me out, beat me up? What you really need to do is take a cold, hard look at yourself in the mirror. Blame yourself. So I freely give this hell to you. Well, my great hope is that you never find your way out.

[ďWe Wish You a Merry ChristmasĒ plays]

Krystal: You know, a present or two on Christmas Eve isn't even going to put a dent in Little A's haul.

Babe: And, no, we don't want to ruin the whole Santa thing, the leaving the cookies out and banging on the roof and leaving out the milk.

J.R.: No, no one's going to spoil Little A's excitement.

Adam: No, I -- well, I'm a grandfather. And I don't have to adhere to Santa's gift protocol, so there are many presents that we can open pre-Santa, right now.

Krystal: Yeah. You know what? Adam is right. And speaking of which, I have a little bit of last-minute wrapping to do myself, so excuse me.

Dixie: I've been to Tadís office, his home. I've called Joe, Ruth, Opal -- no one seems to have heard from him.

Jamie: Did you try his cell?

Dixie: Yes, and he didn't pick up. Are you sure you haven't heard from him?

Jamie: I'm sorry, Dixie.

Julia: Is everything ok? Is it some kind of emergency?

Dixie: Uh --

Julia: Oh, um, that's my phone. Just give me a minute.

Jamie: What's going on?

Dixie: I'm just really worried about your father.

Jamie: Get in line. Ever since the great --

Dixie: I know the last few months have been really tough on him, and I've never seen him so despondent and lost.

Jamie: He's not himself. I'm not sure what to do.

Dixie: I may have something that might help pull him out of this, so if you hear from him, will you please just let me know right away?

Jamie: You got it.

Dixie: Thanks. Merry Christmas.

[Dixie gives Jamie a kiss.]

Jamie: Merry Christmas.

Dixie: Oh, there you are. Where are you?

Tad: Dixie, I can't talk right now.

Dixie: Are you ok?

Tad: Yeah, I'm fine.

Dixie: Listen, can you -- can you meet me at your house?

Tad: I'm -- no. I'm sorry. I -- I'm -- I'm just not up for it.

Dixie: Please. Please, just -- just do it for me, ok? I need to see you. I need -- I need to talk to you, so just go to your house, ok? Meet me there as soon as possible. Come quickly.

Babe: Mama?

Krystal: What are you doing out here without a jacket, honey? You are going to catch your death.

Babe: I came to help you with your wrapping. You're scared, aren't you? You think that my slip-up gave Dixie what she needs.

Krystal: This is not your fault.

Babe: I'm the one that opened my big mouth. I should've come up with something better. I should've made up --

Krystal: What, a lie? No. And I don't think it would help anyway. Dixie won't give up. She is not going to stop until she convinces Tad, and then Adam's heart is going to break.

Babe: Ok, ok, so then what do we do? Do we find her? Do we talk to her? What?

Krystal: I -- I don't know. I might as well just put on my flame-retardant Santa suit because my life is getting ready to burn to the ground.

[The voices in Tadís head continue to haunt him.]

Dixie's voice: Tad, I have news. The worst danger has passed and frankly there is no way out anymore -- our baby is perfect. And, Tad, I'm -- I'm having a girl. I want to come home. Can you forgive me?

Brooke's voice: There was an accident -- a car accident, and they're not sure exactly what happened. The Swiss police think that she lost control somehow and -- and the car went over the embankment.

Tad: Oh, my God. It's really you. You are Dixie.

[Finding the door to Tadís house open, Dixie lets herself in.]

Dixie: Tad? Hello? Tad? It's me, hi! Hello! Tad? Hello?

[Tad continues to walk alone in the cold.]

Amanda: Here come the goodies.

Jamie: Better be some presents in there for me.

Di: Well, have you been a good boy?

Jamie: Yes.

Amanda: Yeah. Just ask Julia.

Di: Huh. Hey. Aidan? You know, Jonathan's right upstairs getting settled in to his new room. I mean, I know he -- he likes that you're investigating Erin's murder, but I think if he came down here and saw you looking at the autopsy reports --

Aidan: Yeah, you're right. You're right. I should go to the office.

Di: No -- why -- why don't you hang out here for a couple of hours? Help us decorate. If we all pitched in, we might be able to distract Jonathan at least for a little bit.

Amanda: Yeah, come on, Aidan.

Jamie: The ladies do have a point. Do you think that more logs would be overkill? Nah -- you can never have enough fire, right? I got it.

Aidan: Ok, you win.

Di: Ok.

Aidan: You win.

Di: Ok -- here. Let's get to work.

Amanda: All right. Come on, everybody. Deck the halls with boughs of holly

Di and Amanda: Fa-la-la la-la, la-la-la-la

Amanda: Come on, get in the spirit.

Julia: I'm getting the best Christmas present. You know, the whole ten years that we were on the run, Jim and Linda Mershon were the only friends we ever managed to make. They were our next-door neighbors in Albuquerque, and they were so fun and they -- they were spontaneous and generous. Oh. I mean, they're really down to earth. Somehow, without ever being able to mention our real names or talk about the programs, we -- we really, truly became friends. And then -- and then one night six years ago, we -- we had to leave Albuquerque in the middle of the night. And we couldn't say anything to Jim and Linda and -- and so I never got to say good-bye to them and -- and I've missed them ever since, and so a little while ago, I got an urge to -- to look up Linda and to explain to her everything that happened, and so I did.

Aidan: Wow. The wonders of the Internet.

Julia: Yeah. I know. And Linda was great. She -- she totally was understanding, and she was wonderful and -- and she was as excited to hear my voice as I was hers, and so we've been in touch ever since.

Di: So what's the -- the great Christmas present?

Julia: Oh -- yeah. Well, Jim has a last-minute meeting in Philly, so they're going to be in the area, so Jim and Linda are going to spend Christmas with us at Wildwind.

Di: Oh --

Amanda: Oh, that's awesome.

Jamie: Yeah. The more, the merrier.

Julia: Oh.

Di: I can't wait to meet them.

Julia: Oh, no. Well, you know, and Linda keeps hinting that she's got some big surprise, but she won't clue me in on what it is, so --

Amanda: Oh, I love surprises.

Julia: Yeah, well, I can't think of any better surprise than seeing old friends at Christmas.

Di: Yeah.

Jamie: That's because you haven't gotten my present yet.

Di: Oh.

Julia: Oh!

Di: Ooh.

Julia: Hey, you got to help me hang this wreath.

Jamie: I am man. Hear me hang stuff.

Julia: Uh, how about right there?

Jamie: All right.

Julia: Whoo. Hey, is that Tad?

Jamie: Dad? Hey, Dad!

Dixie: Oh. Tad, sorry. I just let myself in. The door was -- oh, hi. Um -- I'm sorry. I wasn't --

Father Clarence: "Expecting me"? They never do. Merry Christmas, my dear.

Dixie: Merry Christmas to you. Um, I -- I'm sorry. I don't live here, and the man who does isn't here right now.

Father Clarence: Well, I just go where there are doors that needed to be opened.

Dixie: I would love to make a contribution to the church fund. Just give me a second, let me get my purse, ok?

Father Clarence: A contribution is not necessary. And as for Tad, I will see him later. Actually, I came to see you, Dixie.

Colby: Oh, my -- wow, it's beautiful. What's this, a tree?

Adam: Yes, for the first Christmas you're back after a long time.

J.R.: Think of it as a Chandler family tradition.

Colby: It's so cool. Really. Thank you.

J.R.: Oh, easy! I had rough physical therapy today!

Colby: Thank you.

Adam: Mm-hmm. I've missed you every Christmas you've been away. It won't happen again.

Colby: Yeah, it's not like Momís coming back to kidnap me again. She didn't even send me a card.

J.R.: Well, it wasn't Christmas without you. Might have been a little quieter and a little less dysfunctional --

Colby: What are you talking about? I put the "fun" in "dysfunctional."

Adam: We were thinking about giving you some charms for your bracelet.

J.R.: Yeah, a little car for those cars that you jacked.

Adam: Or maybe a little boat for the yacht you crashed.

J.R.: A mini birthday cake for that stellar birthday party you threw.

Colby: Stud them with diamonds, and I will wear them all. You're not the only one with a present.

J.R.: Oh? What did you steal me?

Colby: Huh -- funny. Yours took some serious work, but it rocks.

J.R.: Well, bring it over here. I'll open it up.

Colby: Hmm, not quite yet. You can't open it yet. It's not going to be ready, not maybe even until after New Year's.

J.R.: It's not going to be ready for a couple of weeks? It's not like you made me something.

Colby: It's my own little project.

Adam: It wouldn't be illegal, would it?

Colby: Define "illegal."

J.R.: What is it, Colby?

Colby: I'm getting the 411 on Babe.

Babe: Tad never doubted your word about the baby before. He won't doubt you now no matter what Dixie says.

Krystal: It may not be that simple.

Babe: Why not? I'll go to Tad, and I'll -- I'll tell him that Dixie totally got it wrong, she heard me wrong. It won't matter what Dixie says.

Krystal: Until Dixie tells Adam that she saw me and Tad doing a lot more than just a handshake.

Tad: Well, it looks like it's going to be a white Christmas.

Jamie: Why did I have to drag you back in here, and where's your car?

Julia: Where's your coat?

Tad: Oh, I'm fine, nurse. Thank you very much.

Jamie: We're just worried about you, Dad.

Tad: There's no need.

Julia: Dixie was here. She was looking for you.

Jamie: She said you're supposed to call her right away.

Tad: I know, I know. I've already spoken with her.

Jamie: Well, then come on inside. Hang out, warm up.

Tad: I can't. I can't. I got some last-minute Christmas errands to do, and I'm -- eventually, I'm supposed to make it over to the Chandlers' to see Dixie and J.R.

Jamie: With no car and no coat?

Tad: What do you mean, no car? My car's just down around the curve.

Jamie: What curve?

Tad: I -- it's -- it's right out there, James. I just parked because I was in the neighborhood looking for this fantastic store somebody told me about.

Julia: Tad, you know there aren't any stores near Wildwind.

Tad: I was misinformed. Merry Christmas.

Jamie: Hey, wait a second. Let me drive you. If I can't see your car from here, it's got to be far.

Tad: It's not necessary.

Jamie: Well, at least take one of my coats.

Julia: Yeah. It's starting to snow.

Jamie: Be right back.

Singers: In excelsis Deo. Gloria, in excelsis Deo.

Julia: So, have you made a wish on the Christmas star yet this year?

Tad: Oh. Jamie told you about that, huh?

Julia: Yeah. I hear that when you wish on it, it can bring miracles.

Tad: Yeah. But a miracle can break your heart.

Dixie: I'm so sorry. I thought you were collecting for a charity. You must be a friend of Tad's. Otherwise, how do you know my name?

Father Clarence: I know a great deal about you.

Dixie: Oh, you do? Um -- and you are?

Father Clarence: You may call me Father Clarence.

Dixie: Oh, well, Merry Christmas, Father Clarence.

Father Clarence: I see that Tad got his wish?

Dixie: I'm sorry. Did I miss something?

Father Clarence: Last year, Tad wished on the Christmas star for your return, and here you are.

Dixie: Tad told you that?

Father Clarence: Hmm. Your dreams and hopes speak louder than you think.

Dixie: Oh. Well, I -- I did come back, but I didn't exactly make anybody's dreams come true. You must know that, as well.

Father Clarence: Oh, there's a great deal of love between you and Tad. Your journey is not over yet.

Dixie: Well, our journey has seen better days.

Father Clarence: You have a gift for Tad, one which you're most anxious to share.

Dixie: How do you know that?

Father Clarence: Oh, it's my business to see what's in people's hearts.

Tad: I don't think there's going to be a Christmas star this year. It's overcast, starting to snow. You can't see a thing.

Julia: Hmm. Even if you can't see the Christmas star, it's still there.

Tad: Is it? How can you be so sure?

[Juliaís phone rings]

Julia: Sorry.

Tad: Hmm.

Julia: Hey, Linda. Oh -- can -- can you hear me? Oh, yeah. Ok, great! Then stay right on that road.

Di: Can you put that one up there near the top?

Amanda: Ooh, vertically challenged.

[Amanda laughs]

Amanda: Oh, I'm just kidding.

Aidan: Amanda?

Amanda: Hey, Jonathan.

Jonathan: No, thank you.

Del: You guys ready for secret Santa?

Aidan: Yeah.

Di: Yeah.

Amanda: Ooh, yeah! Oh, my Lord.

Di: So what's your secret?

Amanda: Wow, nice -- hat.

Del: I thought you'd never notice. At least it's better than the ones you got us at the bar.

Julia: Ok, well, call me if you get lost. See you soon.

Jamie: Where's my dad?

[Tad sneaks out of Wildwind and continues his walk in the snow.]

Singer: Jesus, Lord at thy birth

Dixie: Tad doesn't know about any gift. How do you?

Father Clarence: It's Christmas. Time for giving.

Dixie: Do you mean our little girl?

Father Clarence: I do.

Dixie: Oh, I didn't -- I'm sorry. I didn't realize that Tad had been talking to a priest about his problems. So I guess you've heard everything.

Father Clarence: People tend to forget conversations they have with me.

Dixie: Well, I'm sure Tad wouldn't forget. You know, she's lost.

Father Clarence: Your daughter's not lost.

Dixie: What -- well, then where is she?

Father Clarence: She's where God wants her to be.

Dixie: I'm sorry, I can't -- can't do the "Godís will" stuff right now. I know that there is a reason for everything. It's just this doesn't make sense. My child should be with me. She should be with Tad. I think God made a big mistake.

Father Clarence: People make mistakes. But we have free will to decide what path we want to pursue, what part we choose to pursue.

Dixie: But what about when other people choose for you?

Father Clarence: The strength of a person's character is not measured by what happens to him, but rather by what he chooses to do with it.

Dixie: I know you're right, but people -- people do make mistakes. I know I've made horrible mistakes. So has Tad.

Father Clarence: You're human. But God has also given us the gift of forgiveness and of mercy.

Dixie: I feel like our mistakes cost us our child.

Father Clarence: Yet you are bound together by love and grace.

Dixie: Well, I can't give Tad his little girl back. But this Christmas, I -- I think that I could give him something that might -- might make it somehow better -- might heal the pain that's been caused by her loss.

Father Clarence: You can't substitute one child for another.

Dixie: What did you say?

Father Clarence: The gift that'll make Tad so happy -- it's a child on the way, isn't it?

Dixie: How do you know that?

Father Clarence: Will that news make other people happy?

Babe: But do you really think Dixie would be destructive enough to tell Adam what she saw?

Krystal: She won't think of it as destructive. She'll just think it's the right thing to do.

Babe: Yeah, for Tad maybe.

Krystal: Well, can you blame her? I can't. As much as I adore Adam -- I mean, there are nights that I lie there awake thinking that I just have to tell both those men the truth.

Babe: You seemed so sure about keeping it a secret.

Krystal: Does loving Adam give me the right to keep a parent from his child? Or deceive Adam for the rest of his life? Or will loving Adam keep me from choking on that lie down the pike? I am in the same spot that you were in when we were both trying to pass off Bianca's baby as yours and J.R.'s.

Babe: No, it's different. It's very different.

Krystal: How long will you regret your choice, huh? Every day for the rest of your life.

Babe: And then some.

Krystal: Right. I'm right there with you. You know, maybe there's a greater plan at work. I have a beautiful, wonderful baby daughter, and Tad lost his. What if I can give him another chance at having what I have?

Babe: You remember what you told me? You said for me not to tell J.R. about Josh. And I didn't listen. And look what happened. Total chaos, and J.R. almost died. So maybe -- maybe sometimes, a lie is better than the truth.

J.R.: And it actually worked?

Colby: Yep. The feed from the clock radio cam is hooked up straight to my laptop. So if Babeís still doing the deed with Josh, we are going to see everything.

Adam: Where --

Colby: Every nasty detail.

Adam: Where did you get this camera?

Colby: Internet, Dad. You can buy anything with some imagination and a credit card.

J.R.: Have you seen anything?

Colby: No loving yet. But when we do get it, you can finally toss out the trash, get custody of Little A, and game over, you win.

Adam: I love you for trying to protect your brother, no matter how ill-advised.

Colby: I want to help.

Adam: I know.

Colby: But I'll sneak in there and get the camera if you want me to.

J.R.: No, no. Just leave it. I'm trying to give Babe a second chance, not a free pass to make a fool out of me again.

Babe: Don't decide anything until we know how this Dixie thing plays out. Ok? Hey, maybe Dixie went to see Tad for another reason. Just don't tell Adam or Tad anything until we know for sure.

Dixie's voice: I signed Kate over to strangers, because I believed I was dying. I didn't have enough faith in you. I was afraid you couldn't love our daughter.

Dixie: Well, not everyone will be passing out cigars with the news of Tadís child.

Father Clarence: So you have the power to change the course of people's lives.

Dixie: Well, some lives may be inconvenienced. Ok -- wrecked, but that's the cost of truth sometimes, isn't it?

Father Clarence: Does truth have to come at such a high price?

Dixie: Well, am I supposed to choose to keep something so precious away from Tad? That's something I've done already.

Father Clarence: Can one person gain happiness at the expense of another person's pain?

Dixie: Please wait. You asked me a question. Now, can one person find happiness at the cost of another person? I mean, what do you think?

Father Clarence: That's the eternal question, my dear. People have been pondering it for centuries. And there are as many answers as there are consciences. As many answers as there are hearts. But you will find your answer. And whatever you decide will be right.

Dixie: Well, I've made so many bad choices. So -- choices that cost me my daughter. What makes you think that I'm going to choose right this time?

Father Clarence: When you made your choice about your daughter, you were alone in the world. At least you thought you were alone. You're no longer alone.

Dixie: Father, if you can't tell me what to do, could you at least tell me where Tad is?

Father Clarence: Oh, Tad is looking for his answers, just like you're looking for yours.

Amanda: From my secret Santa.

Di: Oh. I wonder who those are from.

Del: Why is everyone looking at me?

Aidan: Yes!

Amanda: That is about as close as you're going to get.

Jamie: You can't blame a guy for trying, Amanda.

Amanda: Oh, please.

Jamie: Seriously.

Julia: Ooh.

Julia: Aidan --

Del: All right.

Julia: Aidan, Aidan, Aidan -- open yours.

Amanda: Ooh, your turn.

Julia: There you go.

Amanda: No thongs for Aidan.

Di: How did you know?

Aidan: Thank you. Wow, this is great. How exciting.

Amanda: Open it, open it. Ooh!

[Aidan gets a game of Twister.]

Aidan: Some good, clean family fun right here.

Jamie: Sweet. Now we can play guys versus girls.

Del: Yeah, shirts and skins. We'll take shirts.

Di: Oh, yeah? You with a shirt on? Wow.

Julia: Yeah, I'd like to see that.

Amanda: Ok, try this.

Del: Oh, you shouldn't have. Ahem. Uh -- really, you shouldn't have. But what is this? These are mine?

Amanda: Well, it was that or the trash for your boxers.

Di: Maybe now you'll pick them up off the bathroom floor.

Del: So I like to drip-dry.

Amanda: Ew!

Di: Ew.

Amanda: My eyes, my eyes!

Aidan: That's a little bit too much information, cowboy.

Del: Oh, come on --

Di: Hmm.

Aidan: All right, who is this for? Jonathan. Here you go, mate. Merry Christmas.

Jonathan: I didn't -- I didn't get anybody anything.

Jamie: That's ok.

Di: It's ok.

Julia: Mm-hmm. You still leave your underwear on the floor, or we'll have to take it back.

Jonathan: Thank you.

Del: Huh.

Di: What is it?

[Jonathan gets fuzzy bunny slippers.]

Del: Sweet.

Aidan: Do you know --

Del: Oh, yeah.

Aidan: I got -- I got exactly the same thing when I moved in.

Di: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: All right, enough of this. Are we done playing secret Santa so I can play not-so-secret Santa now?

Julia: Go for it.

Amanda: Ooh, it's all you. Yeah.

Del: Whoa.

Amanda: Whoa.

Di: Whoa.

Julia: Whoa!

Aidan: Wow, that sounds great.

Del: Yeah, those are killer speakers. Where are they?

Jamie: Hard-wired. You know, there's a console in the mud-room and it's hard-wired throughout the entire house.

Di: Great.

Amanda: Wow.

Julia: Is this what you have been sneaking around doing?

Jamie: This is just the beginning.

Julia: What's this?

Jamie: Open it.

Julia: Ok. Whoo.

Julia: What --

Aidan: Oh, wow. They look like plans for a state-of-the-art media room.

Jamie: Ding, ding. Give that guy a home theater front-row seat.

Amanda: Oh, my gosh.

Julia: Wait, are you -- are you telling me that there's a movie theater in Wildwind?

Jamie: Well, not yet. But I've contracted to have your old trophy room --

Di: Oh.

Jamie: Turned into a state-of-the-art media center.

Amanda: Ha-ha! Yes!

Jamie: Bye-bye, stuffed fish. Hello, 7.1 surround sound.

Julia: Oh.

Amanda: Yes! All right! Wow.

J.R.: Well, there he is. Would you like to open a few presents? Huh? Yeah? Cool.

Adam: Where are Babe and Krystal hiding? They've had time to wrap their presents by now.

Winifred: I saw them out on the terrace just a minute ago.

Adam: On the terrace?

Colby: It's a bit nippy out.

J.R.: Why are they out there?

Babe: Don't do anything now, Mama. For all we know, Dixie went to cheer up Tad for the holidays.

Krystal: Cheer him up how? "Merry Christmas, Tad. Have a daughter."

Adam: Good God. What are you doing out here in the snow?

Babe: Well, we're under the awning. You know Mama and her pregnancy hormones. She was burning up, so we decided to come out here and get some air.

Adam: Well, unless you freeze to death.

Adam: Do you really have a fever?

Krystal: No --

Adam: Are you feeling all right?

Krystal: No, I'm fine. No, honey, honey, I'm fine. I'm just peachy, really.

Jamie: Whoever wins this game of Twister uses the media room first.

Julia: Oh.

Di: Bring it!

Aidan: All right, you ready?

Del: Yes!

Amanda: Go!

Aidan: Right hand on blue.

Del: Oops.

Jamie: Oh, God --

Amanda: Last time I checked, my butt was not a blue dot.

Del: Oops.

Julia: Oh, we are totally using that room for chick flicks.

Jamie: Yeah, you keep telling yourself that one.

Aidan: Ok, right hand -- no, sorry, left hand on yellow.

Amanda: Oh!

Di: Oh!

Amanda: Oh!

Aidan: All right, Amanda's out.

Del: Uh-oh. Looks like we're one step closer to 24/7 sports.

Di: Oh, no.

Amanda: Here, here. Jonathan, you do the next one.

Jamie: Yeah, and hurry it up. These guys weren't meant to bend like this.

Julia: Oh. Jim and Linda. Oh, I forgot to get them presents.

Del: All right, chicks forfeit. We win.

Amanda: Hey, no, rematch.

Del: Private rematch?

Julia: Oh, man. Oh -- oh -- I got to make a present run.

Jamie: Not without me you're not. The weather's getting worse.

Julia: Ok, come on. Shoot.

Jamie: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa --

Julia: What, what, what, what?

Jamie: Whoa, whoa. Mistletoe.

[Julia giggles as Jamie kisses her]

[ďGreensleevesĒ plays]

Colby: Yeah?

J.R.: What did your grandpa get for you?

Babe: Do they make toddler toys in 14-karat gold?

Krystal: Yeah.

Colby: What is it?

Little Adam: It's dinosaurs.

Colby: Oh, yeah.

[Dixie comes in the front door]

Colby: You want a cookie? Ah!

[Krystal laughs]

Colby: Want a present? Ok, ok, come on. Ah! Cookie, cookie, cookie.

Adam: Oh, this is too good to be true. I got to get the video camera.

Krystal: Oh, now, don't you even think about taking that thing into the delivery room, Adam.

Adam: Dixie? Hi.

Dixie: Hi.

Adam: Is something wrong?

[Tad falls down while walking about in the snow.]

Krystal: Adam and I saw those in the store, and we just could not resist, huh?

J.R.: When can you?

Little Adam: Baby dinosaur.

Colby: Ah!

Little Adam: No, you don't -- no.

[Krystal watches Adam talking to Dixie.]

Tad: Ugh!

Father Clarence: Looks like you need a hand.

[Father Clarence helps Tad get up]

[Colby gasps, laughs, then makes dinosaur sounds]

Winifred: How does snowman bark?

Colby: Let's eat him.

Little Adam: These snowmen are dead now!

Colby: Ice men, snowmen --

Little Adam: No, they're still dead.

Colby: Oh.

[J.R. affectionately touches Babeís hand]

Adam: What's wrong?

Dixie: I don't want to break up a family moment.

Adam: Don't be ridiculous. You're part of this family. And it's Christmas. You went out looking for Tad. Did you find him?

Dixie: I can't do this, not now. Sorry.

Adam: You can't do what? What's happ --

Krystal: You don't have to say a word, Dixie. I'll say what needs to be said.

<< On the next All My Children Ė

Kendall: Ok, break it up you two. Iím taking back the hats.

Father Clarence: I know youíre feeling lost, but donít worry. By the time this night is done, you will have found your way.

Krystal:† Iím carrying Tadís child.

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