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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 12/19/06


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Julia:  You’re perfect!

[Julia laughs]

Jamie:  Why did I let you talk me into this?

Julia:  Because you’re a great guy, and because you’re living proof that some men look great in red tights.

Jamie: Hmm.

[Julia laughs and kisses Jamie on the cheek.]

Julia: Ooh. Here comes your audience. Knock ‘em dead. Hi, guys! Come on in! Hi!

Jamie: Only for you, Julia.  Only for you.

[Julia giggles]

[Tad sits on his couch in his dark house when someone starts pounding on his door.]

[Doorbell rings]


Tad: Oh, for goodness’ sake.

[Doorbell rings incessantly]

[Pounding continues]

Dixie: Did you forget to pay your electric bill?

Tad:  No, I was thinking.

Dixie: Yeah, well, that makes two of us. I was thinking “Is Tad avoiding everyone or is it just me?

[Lullaby plays]

[Krystal gasps]

Krystal: Oh, Adam. Oh.

Adam: Do you think she’ll like it?

Krystal: “Like it”? Are you kidding? No daughter of mine could resist a bauble like this.

Adam: Ah.

Krystal: “C.C.C.”

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Krystal: Now, wait a minute. We did not decide on a middle name yet.

Adam: I’d have you know that this is Charlotte Carey Chandler’s rattle.

Krystal: Oh, oh --

[Adam chuckles]

[Babe enters the room with a clatter of shopping bags.]

Babe: Ooh, sorry.

[Krystal laughs]

Babe: How is J.R. doing today?

Adam: He is fine.

Babe: Good. I’m going to go check in.

Adam: Oh, would -- would you keep your mother company while I prepare her next surprise?

Bianca:  Didn’t I tell you already?

Zarf:  Yes, before you knew about Erin’s murder. Are you afraid of me?

Bianca:  If I were afraid of you, I wouldn’t be alone with you right now.

Zarf:  Just Bianca and me, and the bodyguard makes three.

Bianca:  True. Alright, well, when you kissed me, did I seem like I was afraid of you?

Zarf:  Only of what you felt.

Bianca:  You tune into people’s auras. Well, I – I pick up things about people, too.

Zarf:  What have you picked up about me?

Bianca:  Whoever is responsible for Simone and Erin’s deaths, they are sick. They are twisted and evil inside. But when I look in your eyes?

Zarf:  You see what?

Bianca: I see myself.

[Ryan kisses Annie]

Annie: I should say something.

Ryan: You don't have to.

Annie: The words aren't coming.

Ryan: I don't need words, just this.

Emma: Mommy, Mommy! Santa's on the roof. I heard his reindeers' feet.

Julia: Ok, so, who can tell me what Santa's helpers do? What? Yeah?

Boy: They make toys.

Julia: Yeah! That's right, they make toys.

Boy: He's too big to be Santa's helper.

Children: Yeah!

Julia: Well, you would think so, wouldn't you? Because all those little elves hog all the publicity.

Jamie: That's true. Yeah.

Julia: Yeah. So, it is my pleasure to present you with your own, seldom seen, very large Santa's helpers -- Jingles!

Jamie: Hey, kids. I would -- you know, I would do the whole "Ho, ho, ho" thing, but that's more of Santa's gig. Huh. Um -- well, one thing that us larger elves do travel with is this. Who knows what this is?

Children: A mistletoe!

Jamie: Good. Because kissing pretty girls is a Santa helper's perk.

Boy: Gross!

Second boy: Ew!

Third boy: Make us sicker, why don't you?

Children: Yeah!

Tad: I'm not avoiding anybody, I'm just working. I'm going over everything I know about Simone's death -- and Erin's. Is that ok?

Dixie: Of course. I'm so sorry about Simone. I know you guys were close. You've had too much loss, Tad.

Tad: You know what, Dixie? You're -- I'm sorry, you're really going to -- you know -- no, no, no, no, you're going to have to forgive me. What are you doing? Dixie? Oh, come on -- what the hell? What are you -- why?

Dixie: I found this near the trash cans.

Tad: Yeah, yeah, and it's going to go right back out, because that's where I put it.

Dixie: Tad, what are you thinking? You can't throw Christmas away.

Krystal: Christmas is a week away, and you are going to give me all my presents.

Adam: Well -- so, what's your point?

Krystal: My point is I'm not going to have anything to open on Christmas morning.

Adam: Oh, I am prepared to spoil you tonight and every night through Valentine's Day.

Babe: This is, seriously, the most gorgeous tree I have ever seen.

Adam: Yes, well, Stuart always gets the biggest tree with the biggest price tag and then charges me double because it's for charity.

Babe: So where are Winifred and Lucretia and everybody?

Adam: They're not decorating this year.

Krystal: No. From now on, the Chandler family decorates their own tree.

Adam: Mm-hmm, they do. Have you done something with your hair? Because it's positively radiant. Huh. Almost as radiant -- no, not quite as radiant as -- as this one.

Krystal: Stop it.

Adam: Would you two radiant ladies please just stay put? Shh.

Babe: Are you sure they're not triplets, and he's the missing Chandler brother? What --

Krystal: I don't know, but he is one happy hound. But you know what? He is right. You're glowing. What don't I know?

Babe: Well, for the first time in ages, despite all the awful things that have happened at Fusion, I -- I'm actually feeling hopeful.

Krystal: Well, you just hold on to that.

Babe: It feels really good. I'm beginning to feel like myself again.

Zarf: Yes. I saw it, too.

Bianca: You said all that stuff about us being alike and the same --

Zarf: Until you obscured the truth with your supposed facts -- man/woman, straight/gay.

Bianca: Yeah, I know. That's why this is so weird --

Zarf: You let yourself get lost in the smoke. Once it clears and pure essence remains, we are one, Bianca.

Bianca: I see pain and confusion.

Zarf: The same as you felt?

Bianca: Yeah, but, you know, I've -- I've pushed it down and tried to deny it for years.

Zarf: Until you couldn't anymore. You -- you got rid of it, and it came back. It's the loss of your partner, Maggie, isn't it?

Bianca: I don't think that that's completely true.

Zarf: You have to face it.

Bianca: I'm fine.

Zarf: Trying to fool me is like trying to fool yourself -- you can't. Not here, it's too important.

Bianca: You reading my aura again?

Zarf: It's a haze of gray, bluish-green, and fawn. It reveals mental and emotional stress, feeling trapped, loss of control.

Bianca: Terrific. You let me know when the sun breaks through.

Zarf: It shouldn't be long -- that's the upside. It also indicates change.

Bianca: Hmm. So you're heartbroken, too?

Zarf: In a billion pieces.

Bianca: Who did it?

Zarf: I did. I've had some outside help, but the blame's mostly mine.

Bianca: And when did this happen?

Zarf: My whole life. I just kept breaking it.

Bianca: Why?

Zarf: I'm trying to stop -- you're helping me. It's why I need you, Bianca.

Bianca: I need you, too, but my aura won't tell you why.

Annie: Four, five, six, seven.

Ryan: And that's Christmas Eve.

Annie: And that is when Santa comes.

Ryan: Hmm.

Emma: No, he won't.

Ryan: What do you mean, "He won't"? You've been a good little girl.

Annie: Sweetheart, why wouldn't Santa come back?

Emma: Because we don't have a tree.

Annie: Oh. Oh, honey, you know what? First thing tomorrow morning, we will go get a tree, ok?

Ryan: Oh, can't risk it.

Annie: What?

Ryan: Come on, Emma, let's go get dressed. We're going to go get ourselves a little tree right now!

Annie: No, it can wait.

Ryan: Oh, no, no, it can't. Go ahead, go upstairs, get dressed.

Annie: Ryan, I can take her.

Ryan: No, everything that I can do for Erin has already been done. I'm as ready for the service tomorrow as ever.

Annie: You need to rest.

Ryan: I need this as much as Emma does. In the last 20 minutes, life's gotten a lot better.

Annie: And this will help?

Ryan: Making sure Emma knows that Santa's not going to forget about her? Yeah, it's going to help a lot.

Babe: So I'm 20 feet away from the robo-dino display, all empty shelves except one lonely toy -- count it, one --

Krystal: Oh.

Babe: But there are three other mothers.

Krystal: Oh. Let the games begin.

Babe: But guess who was faster. Oh, yeah

Krystal: All right!

Babe: One flying, 10-feet-tackle thing later, and he was mine.

Krystal: Aw.

Babe: So I'm standing in the store, and I'm doing this weird, chicken-dance, robot-end zone thing, and I'm thinking no matter what happens with J.R. and me and our marriage, I'll always have my son.

Krystal: Aw. A child can be the greatest joy.

Babe: And that can be enough, can't it?

Krystal: More than enough.

Babe: You know how -- how when everything is -- is good and sweet, and it's like when the moonlight is sparkling on fresh snow, and there's no sound at all?

Krystal: Mm-hmm. Completely peaceful.

Babe: Well, that's how I feel right now planning Christmas for my son. And J.R. has made a smooth step in the right direction.

Krystal: What, he's forgiven you?

Babe: He -- no, but he hired me a bodyguard.

Krystal: Well, I wouldn't put too much stock in that.

Babe: I know that it's probably mostly for Little Adam's mama, but don't you think, in some sort of way, he's doing it for the woman that he cares about?

Krystal: Well, it's a step in the right direction, so I think that's good.

Babe: No, it's great. And the -- even though all these terrible things that have happened at Fusion and in my life, that -- that somehow I can still feel some sort of peace and hope.

Krystal: You know, you're probably not going to remember this because you were -- ah, you were just itty-bitty. But there was this one Christmas, and we were so poor --

Babe: One? We never had any money.

Krystal: Yeah, I know, but -- no, this -- this one year, Mrs. Sheridan laid me off from the bowling bar, and I had no cash, no cash for any presents, and, of course, you, my baby -- you were just Jonesing for a little dolly.

Babe: The disappearing washcloths.

Krystal: Yes --

Babe: Oh, my gosh!

Krystal: And towels.

Babe: Yes! Oh!

Krystal: We had to drip-dry, but let me tell you something -- I made you a whole family of bunny rabbits.

Babe: I loved that Christmas.

Krystal: Oh, it was the best one we ever had.

Babe: Oh, my gosh! And our litter full of bunnies -- don't forget them.

Krystal: Oh.

[Babe chuckles]

Krystal: You made me so happy. And now I am just -- oh, I am just swimming with joy because of this little baby, Charlotte.

Babe: Hmm. Adam was so happy, it makes me nervous.

Krystal: Yeah. He is amazing.

Babe: You made the right decision about Tad.

Krystal: Definitely.

Tad: Come on. In case you haven't noticed, I've kind of outgrown Christmas.

Dixie: Since when?

Tad: Since I don't need it.

Dixie: Replied the Grinch.

Tad: I'm not kidding. Really, it's no joke. I'm not even putting up a tree this year. What's the point? It's ridiculous. How many years did we kill ourselves trying to put up some huge topiari only for it to come down in the middle of the morning and find a half-naked stick surrounded by needles?

Dixie: They do that.

Tad: Yeah, well, you know, I rest my case. It's a stupid custom.

Dixie: No, it's not.

Tad: Yes, it is. It's for children. And in case you haven't noticed, I'm fresh out. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that the way it sounded.

Dixie: It's ok.

Tad: No. It's terrible. I apologize. It's just that with J.R. and Jamie grown and gone, I -- I just don't have the energy anymore.

Dixie: What is this? Oh, my God, Tad, not this.

Tad: Why not? It's a rodent buffet. It's disgusting. Mice have been eating that thing for decades.

Dixie: Tad, J.R. made this --

Tad: I --

Dixie: In nursery school.

Tad: I have too much stuff, ok?

Dixie: But this is not "stuff," this is -- this is Jamie's snowman!

Tad: It's not a snowman, it's a Santa.

Dixie: It's not a Santa --

Tad: It's a Santa --

Dixie: It's white. It's a snowman.

Tad: No, it's a Santa. Remember? Taylor Chen refused to share the red paint with Jamie, so we called it the --

Dixie: "Albino Santa"? Tad, you can't throw away Albino Santa.

Tad: You're right. I didn't even look in the box. Look, if you want this stuff, feel free to take it.

Dixie: Honey, come on. Christmas is not just for children. It's to make them happy, yes, and to share magic with them, but it's also for the child inside of us.

Tad: Well, thank God I've grown up.

Dixie: You know, I think you're just saying this, because we don't have Kate with us for Christmas.

Tad: I told you, I'm not putting up a tree.

Dixie: Tad, you think you're out of children, but you're not. I'm telling you, I think Krystal is carrying your child.

Zarf: Brings out the pagan in me. I haven't decked a hall or fa-la-la'd in a long time.

Bianca: Yeah, obviously. What, you don't go home for Christmas?

Zarf: I'm always home. I'm a citizen of the world, Bianca.

Bianca: All right. Well, where are you from? I mean, like, where were you born?

Zarf: I began my journey in Elkhart, Indiana. Dad was a steel worker. I wasn't his idea of what a son should be. Certainly not his son, anyway.

Bianca: And your mom?

Zarf: Nice. 13 different meatloaf recipes. 54 different uses for an empty bleach bottle.

Bianca: They sound like regular people.

Zarf: If only they had a regular son, we could all have been happy.

Bianca: So, they didn't know how to deal with an exceptional son?

Zarf: I was an alien dropped into their midst from an unknown planet.

Bianca: And they were unprepared.

Zarf: Understatement of the century.

Bianca: So tell me about, like, a typical Christmas morning.

Zarf: Every model car, train, truck, and mini-diesel a normal boy could want, under our aluminum tree.

Bianca: Hmm. And what did you want?

Zarf: To be someone else.

Jamie: So we were up against it. I'm talking zero hour Christmas Eve. Of all times for Rudolph to get a head cold. And forget a red light -- he didn't even glow. We had nothing. Santa started to panic. We all thought Christmas was going to be a bust. Then Rudy started to cry, and that only stuffed his nose up worse. And let me tell you, watching a grown reindeer cry -- it's not a pretty sight. I had to turn away. And that is when I saw it. You know that pole that's on top of the North Pole?

Children: Yeah!

Jamie: Well, it looks like a giant peppermint stick, and it's super tall, and way up on the top is this red light. You know, so planes don't hit it. And I pointed that out to Santa, and Santa said, "Well, Jingles, there's nobody tall enough to reach this red light, except for you. You're a very special, rare elf. Will you get this light down for us tonight?" So I told Santa I would try, and I scaled that pole, grabbed the red light, slid down, strapped it to Rudolph's bridle, Santa took off, and Christmas was saved!

Children: Yay!

Krystal: In my heart, Charlotte is Adam's, and that's that. I don't want to take anything away from Tad, but Adam is my husband. And he is just wild about this baby. He needs her.

Babe: And you -- you're really good for him, Mama.

Krystal: Hmm.

Babe: He's almost -- human.

[Krystal laughs]

Babe: And I'm here. That's proof, right?

Krystal: Well, I think he knows that I couldn't live without you.

Babe: Well, the old Adam would've kicked me out long ago, but I think that he's really hoping that J.R. and I can pull our marriage back together.

Krystal: And if that's not a miracle --

Babe: Hmm. I love J.R. like you love Adam. And I'm just hoping that all this love can get past all the anger.

Adam: Look who wants to join the party.

Krystal: Oh.

J.R.: Well, someone's got to direct to make sure the tinsel's done right.

Krystal: Well, come on in.

Adam: No, stay put, ladies. No, we have it under control.

Babe: Direct away. I'm ready.

Krystal: Careful, careful, careful, oh.

Tad: Dixie, you have to let this go.

Dixie: Tad, Krystal is carrying your child.

Tad: No, she's not. She swore to me it isn't.

Dixie: Look, she went on and on the other day about having to make painful choices. Choices that may hurt one person while trying to help somebody else.

Tad: Yeah, tell me something I don't know.

Dixie: Look, she looked guilty, she sounded guilty. She is trying to protect her marriage to Adam while hurting you. She is lying to you about her -- your child!

J.R.: Ok, up, up about another ten inches. All right, that branch right there.

Babe: You are such a perfectionist. Oh.

Adam: Sure. Why not?

J.R.: "Why not" what?

Krystal: Uh --

Adam: Why not go watch the news?

Krystal: Yeah.

J.R.: Oh, yeah, sure, because that'll cheer you up.

Krystal: Oh, well, he's -- he's cheery as it is.

Adam: Yeah, yeah. Got to keep up.

Krystal: Got to stay informed.

Adam: Hey, ho.

Krystal: Come on.

Adam: Uh-huh.

Krystal: Have fun.

Babe: That was subtle.

J.R.: Yeah, that was -- you know, they could've done better than that.

Babe: Well, the tree's finished.

J.R.: Mm-hmm. Is that Little A's loot?

Babe: Oh, yeah, wait till you see. I got him -- ok, I got him the robo-dino that you wanted.

J.R.: All right. Nice. What else did you score?

Babe: Um --

J.R.: Wow, I -- that's exactly like --

Babe: It's the one that you wanted when you were stuck in Pigeon Hollow, but Dixie couldn’t find one.

J.R.: Oh, yeah.

Babe: You told me about it when we were in San Diego.

[Julia chuckles]

Julia: Hey, Willis, don't you want to get some cider and a piece of the gingerbread house?

Willis: My mom was supposed to come.

Jamie: Uh -- it's ok. I'm sure your mom's just tied up with work or something.

Willis: I knew she wouldn't get here.

Julia: She's just late, and you know what that makes you? The luckiest kid at the party. It's a Christmas legend. Whichever child is the last at the party always has the happiest Christmas. And you know what else? You're guaranteed for it to come true because look who's here -- Jingles.

Willis: Honest?

Julia: Well, you don't have to take my word for it. He's one of Santa's helpers, and it's one of his job requirements to always tell the truth.

Jamie: So help me, Santa.

Julia: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Tad: Dixie, you're only trying to make this happen, because you want to replace the child that I lost. It's an amazing gesture, because you got a big heart.

Dixie: Tad, I'm just telling you that Krystal is lying.

Tad: No, I love you for trying to make things better, but this is not the way to do it.

Dixie: Tad, I wouldn't say it if I didn't believe it.

Tad: Dixie, please. If we're going to survive this, we have to get past that kind of desperation.

Emma: Mommy, look!

Annie: Ok, Emma. You have to pick just one.

Ryan: Ah.

Stuart: Ryan? I'm so sorry about Erin. She was such a beautiful soul.

Ryan: Thank you, Stuart. Yes, she was.

Stuart: When Adam and I lost our sister Charlotte, it was as if God just turned off the sun.

Ryan: Hmm. And we need all the light we can get, don't we?

Stuart: Yeah. Right here is a good place to find some.

Ryan: Well, then maybe you can help me find a very special Christmas tree for a very special little girl.

Stuart: I think so.

Ryan: Ok.

Babe: Don't hurt robo-dino! He is irreplaceable.

J.R.: Look, he's fine.

Babe: Give me that.

J.R.: Well, do you think that you could do better?

Babe: Maybe. Watch. Right -- oh, wait, wait, wait. No, that's not good.

Krystal: Hey, hey, hey, hey. A certain Chandler child can't sleep.

Adam: Little Adam's demanding to see the tree.

Krystal: He's headed downstairs with Winifred right now.

Babe: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. He can't see!

J.R.: Well, hide the robo-dino!

Babe: Help me! Hide everything!

Krystal: Hey.

Adam: We are --

Krystal: Here. Quick.

J.R.: Come on, come on! Hurry. Hey, get that other one over there.

Babe: Shh. Would you hide the remote?

Krystal: Aw.

Winifred: Oh.


Bianca: So when did you get your Christmas wish? Zarf?

Zarf: Hasn't happened. Disguises aren't transformations.

Bianca: Hmm. Well, maybe this will be the year that your wish comes true.

Zarf: Do you believe in Santy Claus?

Bianca: What?

[Zarf laughs]

Bianca: So? What, hey, listen, I have had personal experience with Christmas miracles. They're real.

Zarf: I bet you have a pair of ruby slippers at home, too.

Bianca: Shut up.

[Zarf chuckles]

Bianca: Don't laugh -- you know, if you don't believe me, you should talk to my friend Father Clarence.

Zarf: Forget it. My mother used to always think if she prayed the right prayer, lit the right candle, it'd turn me around.

Bianca: Well, you can't blame her for being confused and, I don't know, turning to her faith for answers.

Zarf: All it did was turn me inside out.

[Zarf sighs]

Zarf: I don't hold it against her -- not her fault I was who I was. So, I didn't get what I wanted for Christmas. Neither did my parents.

Bianca: And what was that?

Zarf: A gridiron son who embraced their values and wanted to be a steelworker like his old man.

Bianca: You have a pretty big secret.

Zarf: Back to the school yard.

Bianca: Come on. Tell me everything.

Zarf: When we're both ready.

Bianca: You don't have to tell me. I know.

Zarf: Ok. You do, do you, Miss Smarty-pants? What's my deep, dark secret?

Bianca: You're gay.

Zarf: I'm gay?

Bianca: Well, obviously you can tell me.

Zarf: And I would if it were only that simple.

Bianca: So -- you're not?

Zarf: Even that would be normal, but I am in the closet.

Bianca: Well, then obviously you're using the expression in a nontraditional way.

Zarf: Why not? I've never been traditional in any way.

Bianca: If you're going to talk in circles --

Zarf: Bianca, you see in me what I see in you. We share an attraction.

Bianca: I don't know if I would go that --

Zarf: Don't block this, please. You're attracted to me. Why? When you know the answer to that, you'll know my secret.

Bianca: Oh, my goodness! It's my big girl! Hello! Oh, you're so --

Woman: I hope we're not too early, Miss Montgomery.

Bianca: Oh, gosh, no, not at all. It's perfect. Oh -- Miranda? This is my friend Zarf. This is my daughter, Miranda. And this is our nanny, Claire Jordan.

Zarf: Glad to meet you.

Claire: No, I -- I am glad to meet you -- honored.

Zarf: And you, Miss Miranda, are even prettier than your mummy.

Bianca: Hey! Hey, you know what we're going to do? We're going to go Christmas tree shopping.

Zarf: Ah.

Bianca: Do you want to come?

Zarf: Oh, I should. I speak tree. I'm particularly fluent in spruce and Scotch pine. On the way, you can tell me what you want from Pčre Noël.

Bianca: Oh, right. Did she finish your list?

[Bianca gasps]

Miranda: Yeah!

Claire: Aunt Kendall helped.

Bianca: You did? Oh, my goodness gracious.

Miranda: Can I open it up?

Bianca: It's good that you were --

Zarf: Oh, you want a lift? Piggy back. Right!

Bianca: All right!

Zarf: Oh, what a big girl.

Bianca: Good girl.

Zarf: You know what I want for Christmas?

Miranda: What?

Zarf: Well, when you think you know, whisper it in my ear. You're even more intuitive that your mommy. A Christmas miracle in and of yourself.

Babe: And Winifred helped you -- wasn't that nice of Winifred? Let's see. Hmm.

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

Babe: "Drums" -- well. Let's see, Grandpa will love that. "Play fort, tree fort -- motorcycle"?

J.R.: Uh-huh.

Babe: I didn't know you had your license. "Soccer ball." Ooh, I've never heard of this one before -- a robot-dinosaur.

Babe and J.R.: Hmm.

Babe: "A real-life pony" -- that'd be fun. Mama would have fun with that. "Baby brother."

[As a truck approaches, an air horn blares.]

Krystal: What the -- Winnie --

Winifred: They are here. They're pulling up the driveway!

Krystal: Who's here? Adam, what --

Adam: Traditions shore up families, don't you think? That's why we're continuing the Krystal Carey Chandler Annual Trucker-Fest.

Krystal: Oh! Adam, you big mush bag. You are too much.

[Horns honk]

Krystal: Oh.

Adam: Just so I'm enough for you, my sweet. All right, everybody, get ready to party down because within the hour, we're going to be up to our eyeballs in truckers.

Krystal: So this is my big surprise, huh?

Adam: Yeah -- well, yes, it is, and mine will be if we don't have a brawl this year.

Krystal: Well, if I may remind you, you started that one last year.

Adam: I didn't start --

Krystal: You started it.

Adam: No. Me?

Krystal: Yes, you did.

Annie: All right. What is it, sweetheart? What's wrong?

Ryan: What happened? We get robbed?

Emma: Look at all this stuff.

Annie: Oh.

Ryan: Oh, that. Yeah, I -- I've got a friend in North Pole. I just gave him a call and I said, "We got to get this baby ready for Christmas," so he just helped me out a little bit, that's all.

Emma: Wow!

Annie: Yeah.

Woman: Baby, I am so sorry.

Jamie: Oh.

Willis' Mom: The gift-wrapping line took forever. Thank you. Now, where did you get that hat, huh?

Willis: Santa's helper gave it to me.

Jamie: You were terrific with Willis.

Julia: Oh. Look who's talking. Oh.

Dixie: So you've given up hope? You think we'll never find Kate?

Tad: That's not true. I'm going to continue to hope and pray for the rest of my life.

Dixie: Without any faith that it'll happen?

Tad: Well, you can't exactly count on it, can you? That doesn't mean I'm going to stop looking. I swore to you I wouldn't, and I meant it.

Dixie: I don't believe you, Tad. I know you too well. I think you've really given up hope. I think you're in bad shape.

Tad: No, I'm not. Absolutely not. I -- I mean, I think for a guy that has no clue where his daughter is, just had one of his best friends murdered, I'm doing quite well.

Dixie: Throwing out precious Christmas memories? You're a mess.

Tad: You know, all I want to do right now is to prove you wrong. So let's cut to the chase -- just tell me how I'm going to do it.

Dixie: You really want to know?

Jamie: There was one Christmas that Tad and Dixie were far apart, and odds were they'd never see each other again.

Julia: Enter the star.

Jamie: They realized later that they'd both seen it and wished on it about the same time.

Julia: Did they wish for the same thing?

Jamie: And even though a mountain literally stood between them, and there didn't seem to be a chance in hell --

Julia: Their wish came true?

Jamie: And so, from then on, we all wished on a Christmas star.

Julia: Wow. That star, right there?

Jamie: Yeah.

Julia: Well, have you made your wish yet? Go ahead.

[Jamie and Julia make silent wishes.]

Jamie's voice: Kate. My wish is for her. I wish we'd find her. I wish Kate could come back home.

Julia's voice: I wish for a child.

[As “O, Holy Night” plays, Dixie and Tad playfully throw some tinsel and garland around the house, then he places reindeer ears on her head.  Zarf helps Miranda and Bianca choose a Christmas tree. Annie, Emma, and Ryan decorate their tree. After placing a Christmas hat on Emma’s head, Ryan helps her place the star on the tree. At the Chandler Mansion, J.R. smiles at Little Adam while Babe holds her son. Krystal greets her trucker friends with Winnie serving drinks in her skimpy Christmas outfit and a jolly Adam with a huge cigar in his mouth.]

<< On the next "All My Children" --

Babe (to Miranda): Oh, my goodness, I missed you. Oh.

Zach (to Tad): There's a message for me in these murders. That's why I need your help.

Tad: What on earth could Mr. Know-it-all have that he would want investigated?

Zach: Me.

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