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Colby: "Josh! Oh, Josh, don't stop! Oh, Josh -- oh, you're so amazing. Oh, Josh, yes --"

Josh: This again? Get out!

Colby: I only came by to talk.

Josh: You had to break into my room, roll around on the bed, just to talk?

Colby: Uh -- it's -- it's important.

Josh: Get the memo, Colby -- you're a kid, I'm an adult. The last time I was nice to you, you charged me with statutory rape.

Colby: That was a big mistake. I'm sorry about that.

Josh: Done. Over. Out, now. I've had a rough -- day.

Colby: I heard. Are you ok?

Josh: You know, this isn't cute or funny. Excuse me, can I use you for a second? Thank you. Whatever happens next, you're a witness. All right, Colby. Let's hear this one. What are you really doing here?

[Ryan sighs]

Emma: Why are you crying?

Annie: He's just sad, sweetheart. He misses Erin.

Ryan: Oh.

 [Emma sweetly gives Ryan a big hug as Kendall walks in the door pushing Spike’s stroller.]

Emma: Don't be sad.

[After Emma hands him a hand-made card, Ryan picks her up and Kendall silently departs.]

Aidan: Hey.

Di: Hey. Any -- any leads about Erin’s killer?

Aidan: Nope. I've been all over Fusion -- the roof, the basement, everywhere. There's nothing.

Di: I'm sorry. Maybe something will break tomorrow. Call me if -- if you hear any news.

Aidan: Why? Where are you going? You taking a late shift over at the casino?

Di: No, no, I'm going to -- I'm going to Fusion. I'm going to fill in for Erin for a little while.

Aidan: Yeah, like hell you are. You're not going anywhere near that place.

Zarf: Where did you get that?

Zach: You left it behind last recording session. It's supposed to be the, what, cover art, I was told.

Zarf: You were told wrong.

Zach: I was? Hmm. It's good, though. Looks like Simone a little bit -- you know, a girl laying down, flower in her hair. Not a gardenia, not a white ribbon, but very close. Was she your first victim?

Zarf: What makes you think she's a real person?

Zach: Prove to me she's not.

Zarf: Who says I killed her?

Zach: I have it right here -- in your own words.

Colby: I can't talk about personal stuff in front of the help.

Josh: Oh, it's not getting that personal. I'm not risking being in here, with you, alone.

Colby: Chill out, Josh.

Josh: What'd you put in my room? Where is it?

Colby: You know, you should really be thinking about lowering your dosage.

Josh: You're radioactive, you know that?

Colby: Well, we all make mistakes in our youth.

Josh: Did J.R. put you up to this or is this your own idea?

[Colby sighs]

Colby: What are you looking for?

Josh: Is this the maid that let you in here without a key?

Maid: No, sir.

Colby: I do have excellent powers of persuasion.

Josh: Did you call the cops yet, tell them to barge in on us? Or you going subtle this time, maybe plant some drugs?

Colby: You know, did it ever occur to you that we're on the same side?

Josh: She lied to have me arrested.

Colby: Get over it. Babe is stressing my brother out, and the last thing J.R. needs is his cheating wife. So, you still want her for yourself? Am I not making any sense?

Josh: Get out!

Colby: I'm just saying, you know, if you want Babe and -- and you want to ravish her some more, get a move on!

Kendall: What the hell is this? What's going on?

Josh: Thank you. You won't be needed anymore. So I walk in here, Colby’s in my room setting me up for who-knows-what.

Colby: I am not setting you up for anything.

Kendall: Josh, watch the baby. Get –

[Kendall grabs Colby by the hair and throws her out of Josh’s room.]

Colby: Ow!

Kendall: Out now, you nasty little skank. Now.

Colby: Ooh, this is assault.

Josh: This is great.

Kendall: You're lucky I'm not escorting you out by your face.

Colby: Oh, I'll sue.

Kendall: Well, good luck, with my brother as the witness.

Colby: Ow, ow --

Kendall: Quit whining, get the hell out!

Josh: Nice work.

Kendall: Well, she deserved it.

Josh: She's not worth the energy. So what's got you all feisty?

Ryan: Thank you, Emma, for the card. It was very, very sweet.

Emma: Do you feel better now?

Annie: Hmm.

Ryan: I do feel a little better. Thank you.

Annie: You made Ryan feel better? I'm very proud of you, sweetheart. That's what we all want.

Emma: Mommy, you did, too. You hug him again.

Annie: Well -- um --

Ryan: You know what? I think somebody is up past her bedtime.

Annie: Yes. You go back to bed. I'll come check on you soon, ok?

Ryan: Off you go. Off you go. Great little girl.

Annie: Yeah. Kids -- they always want to make things better. Big girls know that not everything can be.

Ryan: Too bad, huh?

Annie: You loved your sister, Ryan. You're entitled to whatever you feel. You're allowed to yell or get mad or shed all the tears you need to.

Jonathan: We -- we picked up Erin’s stuff at Fusion. We found something.

Aidan: Have you lost your mind or something? You can't do that. You can't go to Fusion.

Di: Excuse me, I am going to do this.

Aidan: Di, two women have been murdered there. Whoever did it could try again.

Di: Good thing there's security.

Aidan: We're having enough trouble protecting the women on staff without adding you to the mix.

Di: Listen, Aidan, you and I left Erin at that bar, and the next thing we know, she winds up dead.

Aidan: Yeah, I know that. But there is a killer out there targeting women at Fusion. Who's to say he's not going to try and kill you next, huh?

Di: That's kind of the plan. Hmm.

Zarf: Anyone who listens to what I say is a fool.

Zach: You took a lot of time with this sketch.

Zarf: I doodle. Some people draw boxes and flowers, I draw women.

Zach: Yeah, but people don't usually write down when they want to kill somebody.

Zarf: So why would I?

Zach: I don't know, but you did right here -- "me or her."

Zarf: Since I'm right here, it doesn't look very good for "her," does it? Or should it have been "her or me"? I've never been much into grammar.

Zach: "Everywhere I went, I saw you. Every time I slept, I dreamt you. Even when I tried, I couldn't forget you. I couldn't love you. You had a hold on me, and I couldn't shake it. You had a part of me that wouldn't die. You had my life, so I must take yours. You or me. Must be me. I must save me. I tried to scare you away, I tried to ignore you, I tried to hate you. I tried to bore you, I tried for years, and you would not go away. Now I have to kill you. Now I am killing you, now I have killed you. It's the only way." The only way.

Zarf: Sounds like self-defense to me. You have a good lawyer?

Zach: Why? You need one?

Zarf: I never released that. You give that to the police, I'll have you arrested.

Zach: Who's the woman, Zarf?

Zarf: If I told you, you'd never believe me.

Josh: Kendall, are you ok?

Kendall: Maybe. Maybe not. How hard is it to fold a blanket?

Josh: Relax. It's just a blanket.

Kendall: I need your help.

Josh: Sure. Did something happen at Fusion? Is everyone ok?

Kendall: No, no, no, we're fine, we're fine. Everyone's fine. My guard is in the hall.

Josh: Maybe he can protect you from your baby things.

Kendall: It's about Ryan.

Josh: Well, his company's got a huge stake in Fusion. You think he's in danger -- because of Erin and Simone?

Kendall: No, it's about that woman using Erin’s death to get her hooks into Ryan.

Josh: Who, Annie McDermott? Why do you care? You're with Zach. Am I missing something?

[Ryan holds a Revolution Comics Group book of “Dynamite Kiddo.”]

Ryan: It's in absolutely perfect condition.

Jonathan: Your note to Erin is right there.

Ryan: "You can do anything you want. You're my hero. Stay strong."

Annie: That's wonderful.

Jonathan: Ryan gave it to Erin when we were little kids.

Amanda: And she kept it this whole time. It must've really meant a lot to her.

Annie: See? You don't need to feel so bad about the past.

Jonathan: What? Hey, wait a minute. You -- you're not back to that again, are you?

Zach: You can't tell me anything that I couldn't handle.

Zarf: So you think.

Zach: Instead of me handing this over to the police, why don't you tell me who it's about?

Zarf: Remind me again why I'm giving you this interview?

Zach: Because two innocent women are dead for no apparent reason.

Zarf: Of course. You want me to grieve, to cry. The world demands large displays of grief as proof of innocence.

Zach: The world demands a lot of things. We're talking about you right now.

Zarf: Are we really? Seems like you're the one with issues.

Zach: Tell me about her.

Zarf: Just because I believe those two lovely women are in a better place. Just because I have -- I am in touch with the spiritual plane.

Zach: Oh, man, I'm trying not to lose my temper with you.

Zarf: Without grief, you suspect me -- l'estranger, the artist type. It must be the one who doesn't fit in. Which one doesn't look and act and talk like all the others?

Zach: I don't care what you look like, and I don't care what you do. What I care about is that two women -- dead.

Zarf: I asked Simone to a little private party, she refused. I killed her -- seems logical.

Zach: You're the last one to see her, you said so yourself.

Zarf: And I don't take rejection well?

Zach: I don't know. Do you?

Zarf: I recognize you. My father was like you -- had to have all the answers. You can't protect these women. It must tear you up. And the best evidence you can come up with is a doodle and a song.

Zach: For now.

Zarf: What about better evidence? What about this? Recognize this?

[Zarf pulls a white ribbon out of his pocket and holds it up in front of Zach’s face.]

Zach: How do you know about her?

Zarf: "Her"? I'm not the only one with a secret.

Zach: How do you know?

Zarf: You have a "her," too. Where are the lyrics to your song? Your aura's looking viridian -- high mental and emotional stress.

Zach: How do you know about her? Did you put that note on my door?

Zarf: More to the point -- did you kill her?

Zach: How do you know about her?

[Bianca walks in as Zach attacks Zarf.]

Bianca: What are you doing?

Singer: What if I've achieved stays and ruins my day? Then I'll make believe this adventure leads good times wasting away you don't have a part to play but some thinking all your will

[While listening to music on her laptop, Colby monitors the webcam in Josh’s room.]

Sean: Sweet -- webcam. I love me some voyeur action. Got anything on the PVU girls' dorm?

Colby: You horn dog.

Sean: Get your peeping on.

[Colby sighs]

Colby: I'm doing an investigation.

Singer: Where we are

Sean: You're investigating Dr. Josh? What's the double feature today?

Colby: Josh was just talking to his sister -- nothing to see.

Sean: Huh. Too bad.

Colby: I'm not doing this for myself. Unlike some people, sex isn't the only thing on my mind.

Sean: You mean, unlike most people?

Colby: Show's over.

Sean: Come on, tell me. You know, you might need some help with the recon.

Colby: You know, sorry, I have a headache. Not today.

Sean: You're killing me here. Come on.

Colby: Promise you won't say anything?

Sean: Who am I going to tell?

Singer: Mommy's gonna dance

Colby: I'm doing this for my brother.

Sean: He wants some videos while he's laid up?

Colby: No, I'm going to find out if Babe’s lying or not.

Sean: By spying on Josh's love shack?

Colby: Exactly.

Singers: Doesn't matter where we are darker is the night brighter is the light

Kendall: Annie McDermott can't wait to comfort Ryan. "Ooh, Ryan, let me hold you, let me help you. Why don't you come cry on my shoulder?"

Josh: I'm still not seeing the problem.

Kendall: Well, there is no problem -- for me personally. I mean, I have Zach. I'm happy with Zach.

Josh: Obviously.

Kendall: This really has nothing at all to do with my love life. It's about Spike. Ryan is Spike's father.

Josh: Yeah. So? Mommy gets hers, but not Daddy? Seems a little unfair to me, doesn't it, big guy?

Kendall: I don't know. Never mind. Maybe I -- maybe I should just forget the whole thing. I mean, I'm -- I'm sure it was just a lie. Maybe I should've never listened.

Josh: Ok, I'm your brother and all, but I must've missed the Kane mind-reading gene.

Kendall: It's David Hayward.

Josh: Are you kidding me? Huh -- I need another drink.

Kendall: No, let -- he -- he came over to my house right before he left town. He dropped this big old bomb in my lap -- some news about Annie’s daughter.

Josh: Listen to me. Emma is not Tad and Dixie’s daughter. End of story. I don't know why you're believing that garbage.

Kendall: Help me find out if Ryan is that little girl's father.

Ryan: I shouldn't have left you when you were kids.

Jonathan: Ryan, don't you get it? You were our hero. This comic book is just a piece of you. Yes, Erin and I missed you when you left. We were -- we were scared. Then you became our inspiration.

Ryan: I was a coward. I ran away.

Jonathan: No, no, no, no. You got out. You did it on your own. You showed us that we could, too.

Ryan: Thank you, Jonathan. Really, thank you for trying to make me feel better. But I remember Erin in Canada. I remember how angry she was at me.

Jonathan: She was trying to protect me. She didn't know that you were trying to help.

Ryan: I should've protected you both.

Jonathan: We understood. We let go of the past a long time ago.

Annie: Maybe you should, too.

Amanda: Erin's face was so proud whenever she mentioned you.

Jonathan: Ryan, she loved you.

Ryan: Really?

Jonathan: So do I. Hey, man, it's time to let all that go. Please. Come on, Erin -- Erin wouldn't want you feeling bad.

Annie: She kept this because she loved you.

Jonathan: She -- uh -- she always had a part of you. Now you can always have a part of her.

[Jonathan hears a noise upstairs]

Jonathan: Erin?

Aidan: You want a murderer to try and kill you?

Di: Key word there is "try."

Aidan: So are you trying to make this harder on me and security? Is that it?

Di: Oh, come off it, Aidan. You know me. You investigated my history yourself. You know that I was involved with a criminal in my past, a predator who -- who met young girls right off the bus.

Aidan: And how is that supposed to make me feel better?

Di: Listen, I spent a year in prison. I defended myself against the worst of the worst. I can handle this.

Aidan: Well, you think you can -- until you end up dead.

Di: Admit it -- you know I can handle it.

Aidan: Di, you don't even know what you're looking for. It could be a man, it could a woman, it could be a mail-delivery guy --

Di: Ok, I know, I know -- it could be anybody!

Aidan: Postman.

Di: I know! But this guy is not going in there and shooting everyone, he's not ambushing. He's -- he's using poison.

Aidan: And how is he poisoning people? We don't know that, do we?

Di: Well, listen, I'm a suspicious lady. I'll be careful.

Aidan: Well, "careful" is not good enough for me.

Di: Well, you know, I am not going to be a victim, and I am not going to let other women be victims, either. We don't have to be.

Aidan: How is keeping yourself out of danger being a victim? Tell me that.

[Di sighs]

Di: I was at ConFusion with Erin. We had this great moment, and we found our way, finally, to being friends again. And, Aidan, half an hour later, she was gone.

Aidan: This is not your fault, Di.

Di: I know. It's some bastard's, and I want to nail him for it.

Aidan: Well, let us handle this, then.

Di: Oh, how, Aidan? Are you going to dress up like a woman and go work at Fusion? Listen, if this guy is after women, then I'm ready. I'm more ready than other women are. Let him come.

Aidan: Di, I know you think this makes sense, but listen. I just -- I -- I don't want to -- I don't want to lose you. All right?

Zach: Carl, I got this one.

Bianca: Oh -- uh -- could you just leave us alone for a second? Wait, Zach, let him go.

[Zarf groans]

Zarf: I can handle the big guy.

Bianca: What is going on? What did I miss?

Zarf: Your charming protector here thinks I killed your friends.

Zach: He hasn't convinced me otherwise.

Zarf: He'd like some privacy to beat it out of me.

Bianca: No one is beating anyone.

[Zach groans and shoves Zarf aside.]

Zach: What do you know?

Bianca: Why do you think that Zarf would hurt anyone?

Zarf: Apparently, I'm too creative for my own good.

Bianca: What, this is it? This is not good enough.

Zach: What about this? Here -- look familiar? He drew it.

Bianca: Uh -- yeah, it does look familiar. It looks like about a hundred other paintings I've seen. It's, like, not original -- no offense.

Zarf: None taken.

Bianca: It's not a unique pose. And Zarf has no reason to hurt anyone.

Zach: That we know of yet.

Zarf: Your friend here doesn't understand my art. The song is a metaphor, my friend, for the part of us that we want to go away. You have a part like that, too. A part that makes you feel what you don't want to feel.

Zach: We're not done.

Zarf: But we are.

[Zarf sighs]

Zarf: It's been fun.

Bianca: What is going on? I've never seen you like this before.

Zach: This is all my fault.

Bianca: No, you're not responsible for any of this.

Zach: Kendall could be next. Don't you see that?

Bianca: Well -- yeah, and any of us could. But the police are on it, and we have security guards --

Zach: No, try and listen to me, I did this. I brought this on all of you.

Bianca: Ok, wait, explain to me. How did you bring this on us?

Zach: These killings are a message to me.

Bianca: Zach, you have nothing to do with Erin or Simone’s deaths.

Zach: I don't know what the connections are. I don't know. If I did, I would stop them, but I don't.

Bianca: No, look, you could not have prevented this.

Zach: How could he know? How would Zarf know? He had no idea of knowing any of that.

Bianca: How could he know what?

Zach: And why would he care, you know? I mean, why --

Bianca: Why -- why would he care about what? That doesn't --

Zach: I got to go. You should go, too.

Bianca: No, I'm staying here. I'm -- I'm decorating for Christmas. It's --

Zach: You are, huh?

Bianca: Depressing around here.

Zach: I don't want you here by yourself.

Bianca: I'm not by myself. He's here, and he's not going to let anybody in.

Zach: You don't need to stay here. It's not --

Bianca: I want to be here, ok? I'm fine. Really.

Zach: Ok.

Di: I don't want to lose you, either.

Aidan: Well, then don't set yourself up, then. This is a police investigation, and I'm a professional.

Di: And I'm here to help out.

Aidan: Di, look, I get you're tough, ok, but you're not invincible, and I don't want you to think that you are.

Di: You know, women are dying, and -- and it's women that have been really good to me. I can't just sit back and do nothing. This is my way of giving back to them, Aidan.

Aidan: And you're willing to give your life for that?

Di: Listen, I'm not going to die! Cops do this kind of stuff all the time. They -- they set up decoys --

Aidan: Yeah, well, cops are trained.

Di: I'm going, and I don't want you to try and stop me.

Annie: Well, Emma crashed. She's totally out.

Jonathan: I'm sorry if I spooked you guys. I keep -- expecting to see Erin come around the corner. You know, come out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee, or come running down the -- come running down the stairs late for work. Ryan, I don't think I can stay here. I just -- I see Erin -- I see Erin everywhere.

Ryan: Why don't you come stay with me for a while, or -- or we'll find you a new place to stay if you want.

Annie: Yeah, stay with Ryan till you figure out what you want.

Jonathan: No, no. If -- if Kendall and Spike end up moving, you're not going to keep the condo.

Amanda: What about Wildwind? Julia has plenty of rooms in that huge place, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind. You know everybody there.

Ryan: Good group of people.

Amanda: We would love to have you there.

Jonathan: No. No, no, I can't -- I can't leave now. I can't leave Annie here alone, now that Erin’s gone.

Annie: Jonathan, stop.

Jonathan: You're going to need me around.

Annie: No -- I am a grown woman. Emma and I can take care of ourselves, we have for a long time. You need to do what you have to do.

Amanda: It'll be good for you to be around people.

Ryan: Don't look at me, man.

[Amanda chuckles]

Jonathan: Ok. Yeah. All right, it's "take me to your leader."

[Annie chuckles]

Amanda: Yay.

Josh: So Hayward had no physical proof that Ryan was Emma’s father? Nothing but the words out of his lying yap?

Kendall: Hmm, right, but what if Ryan is?

Josh: Well, considering the source, I don't even know why we're paying attention to this.

Kendall: Ok, I asked Annie who Emma’s father was on Thanksgiving, and she used an anonymous donor.

Josh: So what? Thousands of guys donate.

Kendall: And Ryan was a donor a long time ago here. He -- he went to one of the places that -- that Greg Madden bought, and Greg was Annie’s Ob-Gyn, so it all adds up.

Josh: It adds up to a long shot.

Kendall: Please, Josh, this is driving me nuts. I need to find out the truth.

Josh: What did Zach say? You haven't mentioned it to him.

Kendall: Well, I -- I haven't really -- there isn't -- I haven't really found out anything yet.

Josh: Well, why bring up all this drama if you don't have to?

Kendall: Exactly. That's why I need your help.

Josh: How?

Kendall: Well, you have medical contacts. I'm sure you can get the test done discreetly and accurately.

Josh: Greg screened tons of donors. It's more -- it's more likely that --

Josh: Do you realize who Emma’s father could be?

Kendall: Greg Madden?

Josh: What would you do then?

Kendall: Well, if Greg Madden was Emma’s biological father, I wouldn't say a word.

Josh: And what if he's not?

Kendall: As long as Ryan isn't the father, I won't tell Annie anything.

Josh: What if Ryan is the father? It was so frustrating, like a mystery I couldn't solve.

Kendall: I'm not sure what I'd tell Ryan if -- if Emma is his.

Josh: Well, I'd think about that before you say anything.

Kendall: Yeah, but he's going through so much already. I mean, and here's me and Zach and Spike -- we're all happy. We're a family -- a family that he wanted.

Josh: Ryan's not going to love Spike any less.

Kendall: Well, it doesn't stop me from worrying that -- that he'll back away and start spending less time with his son. I mean, if Emma is Ryan’s little girl --

Josh: Bam -- instant family.

Kendall: Yeah, I know, I know. I'm horrible. I know.

Josh: No, you're not horrible. You're just worried that Ryan is going to spend more time with the kid he doesn't have to share.

Kendall: Ok, I know. I'm selfish, all right? But Ryan -- he -- he's already dating Annie, and she's not nearly good enough for him.

Josh: Well, who is -- next to you?

Kendall: Ryan just lost his sister. He's vulnerable right now, and that woman is using her death to reel Ryan in.

Josh: Well, if that's what Ryan wants, who cares?

Kendall: But Ryan doesn't know what he wants.

Josh: Doesn't he get a life outside being a part-time dad?

Kendall: Yeah -- with the kind of woman he deserves. Not to settle for this one, especially when he's so upset that he couldn't have me.

Josh: You know, you really are your mother.

[Music plays]

Sean: Thanks.

Colby: Thank you. Babe has J.R. pinned on Little Adam’s custody, but that won't matter once my brother has proof she's a cheating ho.

Sean: Enter you, the budding director?

Colby: Exactly.

Sean: None-of-your-business? Party of one, your table's ready.

Colby: Sean, my brother can't move. He can't even watch his back, so I have to do it for him.

Singer: Our chemistry is on the fritz

Sean: You're one scary little sneak. But cute.

Colby: This is the best Christmas present I can give my brother.

Sean: Hey, if you ever want to, you know, see me in bed, forget the cam --

Colby: Ok, just --

Sean: Just come over.

Colby: No, stop. Your warranty ran out a while ago.

[Colby snickers]

Sean: Hey -- while you're at it, do you have any ideas on how to keep Josh's dad away from Erica?

Colby: I did get a great deal on the spycam.

Sean: Yeah, if Erica really is doing the no-pants dance, the last thing Uncle Jack needs is a streaming video of it.

Colby: Yeah, good call.

Sean: I don't want to break them up. You know, Uncle Jack wants Erica back home.

Colby: You know, it's hard to get a woman to give up room service.

Sean: See, I thought -- for 30 seconds -- about, you know, setting fire to the Valley Inn.

Colby: No, too messy.

Sean: Yeah. Then there was the, you know, faking the emergency.

Colby: Too predictable.

Sean: Yeah. Then I just thought about punching Dr. Jeff.

Colby: My money's on him.

Sean: I got nothing.

Singers: Darker is the night brighter is the light

Colby: I bet I can get Erica home back in time for Christmas.

Sean: How?

Sean: No, no way. Look, no way you can get Erica back home before Christmas.

Singer: Doesn't matter where we are

Colby: I bet I can.

Singers: Darker is the night

Sean: Bring it.

Singer: Brighter is the light

Colby: Ok. How about if I make it happen, you have to take me out for New Year’s. Huge club in New York, limo, fake ID -- the works.

Sean: And you get Erica home by Christmas?

Colby: Wrapped up under the tree.

Sean: Deal.

Colby: Wait, one other thing. If I get Erica to come home, you have to help me bust Babe and Josh.

Aidan: Fine. Go work at Fusion if you want.

Di: And?

Aidan: And what? And nothing. You can do what you want. I'm not going to stop you.

Di: That's better.

Aidan: But you just know that I've got your back, starting from right now.

Bianca: Oh --

Zarf: Are you afraid of me, Bianca? Do you really think I'd hurt you?

[Walking alone outside, Zach has a vision of Kendall lying dead on the rocks.]

Kendall: All right, ok. So I don't trust Annie.

Josh: And?

Kendall: And I'm not a saint.

Josh: And?

Kendall: And you're my brother. So you going to do this DNA test on that kid or not?

Josh: You know, if someone in this town bought stock on the local DNA lab, they'd be loaded.

Kendall: That's true. But the joke's over. So, are you in?

Josh: Are you sure you really want to know? You could just forget about this.

Kendall: Oh, believe me, I have tried. I really have, but this is -- I have to get this off of my conscience. So, hopefully, it will turn out negative, and then I can just forget it.

Josh: Not sure how I would score a sample off the little girl.

Kendall: Well, we'll figure it out -- if you'll run the test. So, will you do this for me?

Josh: I'm in.

Ryan: I know what you did for Jonathan.

Annie: I didn't do a thing.

Ryan: He needs to be with friends right now to keep him from brooding. It was good.

Annie: Being around friends is important right now.

Ryan: Now that it's just us, are you really going to be ok?

Annie: I'm ok. Very ok.

Ryan: What you did for me today -- sticking by me -- was amazing.

Annie: Why wouldn't I? I care about you.

Ryan: You're amazing.

Annie: Pretty normal.

Ryan: Even that -- even that's amazing.

[Ryan fervently kisses Annie]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Zarf (to Bianca): What's my deep, dark secret, Miss Smarty-Pants?

Julia (to Jamie who’s dressed as an elf): You're perfect.

Jamie (to Julia): Why did I let you talk me into this?

Babe (to Little Adam): Ok, let's see -- hmm, drums, a real-life pony -- that'd be fun, Mama would have fun with that -- baby brother.

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