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Jeff: Hmm. Hello.

Erica: How do you feel?

Jeff: Well, I'm waking up with you. I must be fantastic.

Zach: Rachael, we'll need you to work some extra hours, maybe stay the occasional night. I don't have an exact schedule.

Rachael: I am totally cool with keeping it flexible.

Zach: Thank you. Where you going?

Kendall: To Fusion.

Zach: The hell you are.

Babe: How are you feeling?

J.R.: Fine.

Babe: I just -- I left my keys in here.

J.R.: Where are you going?

Babe: To Fusion.

J.R.: Babe? Don't go.

Di: Hey. I brought you some breakfast. You worked all night. I know you didn't get much sleep.

Aidan: Yeah. I can't afford to waste any time.

Di: How can I help?

Aidan: Don’t. Look, there's a murderer out there targeting young women, ok? The way you can help is to stay safe.

Ryan: We have to let her go. It's time, Jonathan.

Jonathan: I'm not leaving her, Ryan.

Amanda: Ryan's right. We have to go. Erin understands. It's all right, I know she does.

Jonathan: You always -- you always did. You always -- you always did understand, Erin.

Jamie: I'm sorry about Erin.

Julia: I'm so sorry, Aidan. It's -- it's just awful.

Jamie: So what we can do?

Aidan: You let me focus, because if I don't work fast, a couple of my mates are going to be out of a job.

Di: Some guys that you did Special Ops with?

Aidan: They've broken every single rule in the book. Because for the next 47 minutes, I've got complete access to the same criminal database as the FBI and Interpol, so I'm entering as much information on Erin and Simone's deaths -- murders -- just to see if I get any hits.

Di: Right. So maybe there's a guy out there with the same MO or an unresolved case that turns out to be related?

Aidan: Yep. All I need is a lead. Oh, come on, damn it. Just give me something, anything.

Jeff: Oh. Well, somehow I think that last night was not all that I wished for.

Erica: You had a very nasty attack of malaria. I mean, you had a terrible headache, fever, chills, but you wouldn't let me take you to the hospital.

Jeff: I do remember something about a -- a honeymoon?

Erica: You thought that we were newlyweds.

Jeff: Thought, but didn't act?

Erica: Well -- oh, you acted, all right. I mean, you actually picked me up and carried me over the threshold into our bridal suite.

Jeff: Oh --

Erica: But that is all that last night had in common with our actual honeymoon.

Jeff: Oh. Did I sing?

Erica: No. But you were pretty compelling in your delirium. You said that you were crazy in love with me. Hmm.

Jeff: I still am crazy in love with you.

Rachael: Excuse me.

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Ahem.

Zach: You're not going anywhere near Fusion.

Kendall: Yes, actually -- yes, I am.

Zach: Whoever killed Simone and Erin is still out there, and they have access to your office, to the Fusion roof decks. So unless -- Fusion’s closed until this case is closed.

Kendall: I'm not going to shut down my company.

Zach: I know -- you don't like people telling you what to do. But I'm asking you, please don't walk out that door.

Kendall: Come on, Zach. There’s police everywhere, ok? There's no reason for me to hide in my home. I'm fine, I'm fine.

Zach: I don't want anything to happen to you. How about that?

Kendall: I'm scared, too. Ok? But no one is going to make me hide. Now, Fusion is open for business. If you need me, that's where I'll be.

Zach: Kendall? I will not lose you.

Babe: I could stay a little longer if you want to talk. You never answered my question about whether you wanted to try to be a family again. What do you think, J.R.?

J.R.: I think it's ridiculous for you to go to an office where the employees are clocking out permanently.

Babe: Well, I'm part owner of Fusion, and that may not mean anything to you, but it does mean the world to me, and I do have a responsibility.

J.R.: What about your responsibility to our son? What do I tell Little Adam -- his mommy went and got herself whacked, because she was too stupid to listen?

Babe: You can tell him that his mommy wants him to be brave and strong and dependable, and that she's doing her best to set a good example.

J.R.: You're not going.

Babe: You can't stop me.

Kendall: I will not crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head, or -- or cower in -- in a corner shaking in my boots. That's exactly what this psycho wants.

Zach: We have no idea what we're dealing with. Two people are dead, and I'm asking you to stay here until we get some answers.

Kendall: I built Fusion with women who put their blood, sweat, and tears into making it a success. Now, if Simone and Erin were here, do you think they would tell me to run and hide? No, they wouldn’t. They would say, "Kendall, get off your lazy butt and go to work, you're late for work," and that is exactly where I'm going right now.

Bianca: And I'm going with you.

Babe: I fought to be a part of Fusion. I'm not going to turn my back on my company or my friends, especially when they need me most.

J.R.: Hmm. You're an idiot.

Babe: Can you please tell Little Adam that I love him when he comes downstairs?

J.R.: Yeah, what do I tell him when they find you belly up in a vat of lipstick?

Babe: I'll see you later.

J.R.: Ok. Good luck with that.

Babe: Yeah, thanks for the support.

Dixie: Why did you have to attack your wife like that? Why don't you just say, "Babe, I love you, I'm worried for your safety"? Why don't you just tell your wife the truth?

Babe: What are you doing here?

Josh: You're going to Fusion, right?

Babe: Let me guess -- you're here to stop me?

Josh: No, but I'm going with you.

[Colby spies on Josh and Babe as they leave Chandler Mansion together.]

Jonathan: Are we -- are we going to get the bastard that did this?

Ryan: No question.

Amanda: Let's go.

Ryan: You can take her now.

[Annie goes to Ryan’s side at the morgue.]

Bianca: The head of Cambias security is sending a team of guards over to Fusion, and we're going to meet with them about the details.

Zach: Come here. That's not good enough.

Bianca: Yeah -- you don't understand. These guys -- they're the best, and were former military commandos, Navy Seals.

Kendall: See? See? My sister is serious about this, so I'm ready when you are.

Bianca: Ok. Um -- I was hoping that Spike would be interested in a play date with Miranda? Claire called in sick.

Kendall: Yeah, I'm sure Rachael would love to help with the Christmas decorations.

Bianca: Good. Miranda, do you want to work on your list for Santa?

Miranda: Mm-hmm.

Bianca: So far, all she's come up with is a pink Frisbee.

Kendall: Oh, oh, we can do better than that.

Bianca: I'll make sure that a Cambias guard is posted right outside.

Zach: I have a better idea. How about you bring all your stuff over -- your laptops, your little sprays and lotions? Bring them over here. This will be your office, huh? Everyone's happy.

Kendall: Stop, Zach Bianca and I have to go.

Zach: But don't you see? You -- you women -- that is exactly who this guy's looking for, the exact profile.

Bianca: I know, and -- and I'm scared to death, but I'm so angry -- and ready. I was raised to be a Kane woman --

Zach: Oh --

Bianca: And we don't back down from the things that scare us. We have to do this. So, Miranda? Do you want to see what your cousin, Spike, wants for Christmas?

Miranda: Yeah.

Bianca: Let's go. Let's go see your cousin.

[Zach quacks]

Bianca: Here she is!

Zach: The only way you go is if I go.

Kendall: Ok. But you don't have to.

Zach: I do have to, I have to protect you.

Kendall: You are, and you will.

Zach: You don't understand.

Kendall: What, Zach? What don't I understand?

Zach: You might be in the biggest danger of all.

Kendall: Why?

Zach: Because of me.

Kendall: I know you're worried. But what happened has no connection to you or us.

Zach: I got a bad feeling, and I can't shake it.

Kendall: Ok, honey, but we just had two of our closest friends murdered. Now, I would say that's a normal reaction.

Zach: No, I know, I know. But I -- what about that silk ribbon, and the gardenia?

Kendall: I think that you just need to step back from all of this and let Derek do the investigating, ok?

Zach: If anything ever happened to you, I would never forgive myself.

Kendall: Well, that's not going to happen.

Zach: No, it won't --

Kendall: Uh-uh.

Zach: Because I won't let it. Come here.

Bianca: You ready to go?

Babe: I appreciate you making sure that I got here ok, but I really need you to go.

Josh: Look, forget about me, all right? I know that's what you want. I didn't come here to win you back. Look, I thought it was you. All right, when I went up to the roof and saw Erin, for one horrifying split-second, I thought it was you. I hate what happened to Erin, but if anything ever happened to you -- I know you want me out of your life. That's fine, but you gone from this world? That will never be fine. You don't have to look at me, you don't have to talk to me, you don't even have to acknowledge me. But I will be here, and no one will reach you without going through me.

J.R.: Why should I reach out to Babe? I don't trust her, I can't believe a word out of her mouth. She makes me look like a fool every chance she gets. I don't think so.

Dixie: No, that's not the J.R. I know talking. That sounds like Adam Chandler’s son, the one who's programmed to keep all of his feelings tucked away in a vault.

J.R.: Oh. Well, maybe I'd sound a little more like Dixie Martin’s son if she hadn't decided to play dead.

Dixie: Oh. Yes, that's nice. Oh. Well, fire away, J.R. I happen to know you love me.

J.R.: Yeah. You know, just because I'm stuck in this bed, it doesn't mean that you have to force me to listen to some BS about Babe.

Dixie: Oh, come on, that's not what I'm doing.

J.R.: Did she put you up to this? Are you fighting for Babe’s happily-ever-after?

Dixie: No, ding-dong, I'm fighting for yours.

Aidan: Oh, man, nothing. There's just nothing here, not a single damn hit.

Di: Listen, you're going to find something. This case is going to break.

Aidan: Yeah. And I'm going to be there to bust it wide open.

Di: Oh.

Jonathan: Why are we here?

Amanda: Because you need to be around people that care about you. Come on.

[When Jonathan enters Wildwind’s living room, Di, Jamie, Aidan, and Julia stand up to hold his hand in a comforting gesture of sympathy.]

Aidan: I'm sorry, Jonathan.

Jonathan: I'm sorry, too.

Aidan: Oh. I just want to say I -- I should've been there. It never should've happened.

[Di sneaks out of the house.]

Ryan: You don't have to be here.

Annie: I want to be here. Erin was always there for me.

Ryan: She was great like that.

Annie: I remember the first time I met her -- Emma by my side, inhaler in my mouth. I was so tired, and I was so scared, and I just fell to the floor and started sobbing. And -- and then all of a sudden, I looked up, and I saw this -- this stunning redhead with the kindest eyes I had ever seen.

Ryan: Yeah, that's my sister.

Annie: Erin had never even met me before. And the first words out of her mouth -- "Everything's going to be fine." It was then that I realized that there was still some goodness left in the world.

Ryan: That's a nice story to -- to say at her service. I haven't really had a chance to think about who's going to speak.

Annie: If I had to speak about Erin, I would say she's the most caring, generous, unselfish person I've ever met. Always puts her people before herselves and -- herself -- and would never abandon anybody in need, no matter what.

Ryan: She cared for you and for Emma, you know, very much.

Annie: And I care about you. I know how much you loved her, Ryan. Tell me how I can help you.

Erica: Thank you. Well, I hope you're hungry. Jeff?

Jeff: Huh? Where's the wedding cake?

[Jeff laughs]

Erica: Not funny. And the next time you behave like that, I'm just going to have you quarantined.

Jeff: Pancakes? Oh, what do we got here? I'm famished.

Erica: Mm-hmm.

Jeff: Eggs, bacon -- well, that I like. Although, I don't need the pancakes. You know, this is one killer breakfast.

Babe: This place will never be the same again.

Kendall: Damn right it won’t. The question is, where do we go from here?

Babe: You guys came.

Bianca: Where else would we be?

Josh: You two are insane for coming here, but it's good to see you.

Kendall: Oh, come here. Well, you didn't think we'd let this person break us, did you?

Babe: So then we're together on this?

Kendall: Hell, yeah. Ok, here's the deal. Anything going on between us, it's on the shelf until they catch this maniac.

Bianca: Long live Fusion.

Danielle: I told you, Daddy. I knew they'd be here.

Derek: Well, as long as you all insist on coming to work, there'll be a slew of guards here, too.

Bianca: Cambias is completely updating the alarm system. State-of-the-art cameras, motion detectors -- the works.

Kendall: Every employee is getting a new photo ID, and Zach transferred some of the security from the casino over to here.

Derek: And half a dozen off-duty cops have volunteered their time, as well. Now, it may be broad daylight and there may be people around, but you all have to stay alert.

Danielle: Go about our day, but be vigilant.

Derek: That's right. Do not wander off. And the roof is still a crime scene. It stays sealed and locked until my men are finished today. And no one -- I mean no one -- goes anywhere without notifying me or one of my officers, understood?

Kendall: Yep.

Derek: We should make sure we don't overlap resources.

Zach: Come on.

Kendall: Ok. So, what's first?

Bianca: I think we should address the public.

Babe: Absolutely. We do need to make a statement.

Kendall: Yes, yes. Let them know that while we're mourning, our company is still going strong.

Bianca: Yeah.

Josh: We could send out an e-newsletter.

Kendall: That's -- that's not a bad idea.

Babe: You know? And then we can have a tribute to Simone and to Erin, and we'll spell out our vision for the future.

Danielle: I like that idea. You're good. Don't go anywhere.

Josh: Oh, I plan on sticking very close. Anything you guys need --

Jack: There you are. Thank God. Thank God you're both ok. Now, let's get the hell out of here, shall we?

Kendall: Um --

Bianca: No, Uncle Jack, we're not leaving.

Kendall: No.

Jack: Well, you can't stay here. It's not safe.

Kendall: We -- we're fine, we're fine. We're -- we're surrounded by a small army, ok? You can't take two steps without Pine Valley’s finest looking out for us.

Jack: Just --

Kendall: In fact, there's two right now. We're fine.

Zach: So you agree? We're dealing with a serial killer?

Derek: Well, the hallmarks are there. Commonality between the victims, murders committed in a similar fashion, i.e. the white ribbons and the gardenias.

Zach: We can't deal. We got to lock this place down now. Jackson --

Jack: Zach, I think you have a problem there, because these women --they don't want to leave.

Zach: They want to stay here? Where Erin got killed? Where Simone got killed? What if something happens to Bianca or Kendall? What if something happens to Danielle?

Derek: Wait a minute. Slow down, slow down.

Zach: We're not --

Derek: This is the last place I want Dani to be, but if I try to force her to go, she'll just dig in her heels even deeper.

Jack: Ok, ok. Listen, we all agree that the priority is to make sure the women of Fusion are safe.

Zach: Yeah.

Jack: Now, where are you in this investigation?

Derek: We're focusing on the connection to Fusion. Every employee, past and present -- we're conducting interviews, looking for disgruntled clients -- anything that might lead us in the right direction.

Jack: What about security? I mean, what are you doing to make sure that --


Erica: Will somebody please turn off that annoying alarm?

Officer: Ma'am, I need to see some ID.

Jeff: That's Erica Kane.

Officer: I don't care if it's the Queen of England. She ran past the infrared beam, tripped the alarm.

Erica: I'm so glad that you're all right.

Zach: It's all right, it's ok.

Officer: Tell your wife not to be in such a hurry next time.

Dixie: Look, sweetheart, things may be uncomfortable between you and your wife for a long time. I don't know if you and Babe will ever work out your problems.

J.R.: Huh. Probably never.

Dixie: But I do know the look in your eyes when she walked out that door. And it was full of concern, and fear for her safety. And love. Loving someone doesn't mean that you're weak. It means that you care. It means that you're connected. It means you have so much to give.

Aidan: I remember last year, Jonathan and I went Christmas tree shopping, with Erin. Remember that? And Erin and I -- we got locked in the Christmas tree lot overnight.

[Jonathan laughs]

Jamie: Are you serious? That -- that must have been freezing.

Aidan: Well, we built a fire. But Erin saw this -- this massive Christmas tree. And it was so tall and so big. And she -- she grabbed it. She liked that one. But it was too big for her to handle. And it fell on top of her, and there she was with pine needles in her hair and up her nose. That was when I realized that she had a great laugh. She was --

Julia: I got Amanda to lie down. Poor girl was running on fumes. Hey, how about you? Do you want some rest? We have plenty of rooms.

Jamie: We will find who did this, Jonathan. Aidan's all over it. Not to mention Tad, Ryan, Derek, Slater.

Julia: Yeah, nobody's going to rest until this guy's behind bars.

Aidan: Right. I'm going to go join Tad, and we're going to make sure that we find justice for Erin. Ok?

Jonathan: She saved me, you know. Erin -- Erin -- she -- she saved my life.

Annie: Erin and Jonathan -- the three of you -- you -- you gave me my life back. I want to do whatever I can.

Ryan: Maybe there is -- there's one thing -- um -- could you -- could you pick out a dress that she could be buried in? I'm not exactly sure which one she would have wanted.

Annie: Of course.

Annie: What else, Ryan? You have so many friends that want to -- that want to help you, including me.

Ryan: Well, she's my sister. I have to take care of everything. Not you. Definitely not Jonathan. I can handle it.

Annie: You don't have to be so strong, Ryan. You're allowed to grieve.

Ryan: I'm fine. I just have to wait for the funeral home. I'm fine.

Annie: Can I wait with you?

Zach: Hey, Erica, would you talk to your daughters? Tell them to go home.

Jack: I second that. It's far too dangerous for them to be here.

Josh: Well, as long as they're here, I'm here. And I guarantee, they will be safe.

Erica: Do you feel safe here?

Bianca: Absolutely.

Kendall: No question.

Erica: Well, I know firsthand about that checkpoint downstairs. Derek, can you make sure that that doesn't happen again?

Kendall: Mom, between Zach’s men, the Cambias security, Derek’s officers, and Josh, we could have "The Mona Lisa" in here, and we wouldn't have to worry about it.

Erica: All right. All right. It seems that everything has been taken care of. They've taken care of everything, Zach.

Di: Zach? I need a favor.

Zach: Well, this is not a good time.

Di: That's -- that's exactly why I'm asking. I want some time off from the casino so that maybe I can -- I can pitch in around here.

Zach: You sure you want to get involved in this?

Di: I'm sure. Listen, I was -- I was Erin’s friend, too, and I -- I just -- I really want to help out.

Kendall: Wow, Di. You really want to join us now?

Di: Yeah. I mean, I think it's a really important time for --

Babe: If you want, absolutely.

Di: If you'll have me --

Babe: Welcome to the team.

Man: Oh --

Zach: Who the hell are you? What are you doing here? Answer me!

Man: I'm a reporter.

Derek: Back off, Slater. Easy, easy, easy.

Reporter: You can check my press pass in my top pocket.

Kendall: Zach, let him go!

Reporter: Check the case. It's a TV camera, man. The cameraman's outside.

Kendall: He's legit. He's legit. Ok, wait, I invited him over here. We're -- we're having a press conference. Ok?

Zach: Sorry.

Jack: My, gracious.

Kendall: Ok. I'm fine. Ok? Fine. We're all fine. Ok?

Zach: Yeah.

Erica: You look much better. You feeling better?

Jeff: Much better, thank you.

Erica: Good.

Jack: May I have a moment with Erica, please? Thanks. I happen to agree with Slater on this one. You may be the only person that can convince Kendall and Bianca they shouldn't be tempting fate.

Erica: It's their company. They want to stay and run it.

Jack: Yeah, well, working's one thing. Going on live television is another. I mean, honestly, Erica, they -- huh -- they should be keeping a low profile. They shouldn't be flaunting the fact that they're still alive.

Erica: They're grown women, Jack.

Jack: They're your daughters, Erica.

Erica: They're our daughters. Look, if I thought that I could get through, then believe me, I would.

Jack: Maybe we can get through to them together.

Erica: Look, I understand your concern. I feel it, too.

Jack: Then let's try. Let's do something.

Erica: Kendall and I had a talk not too long ago. She told me that she was very worried about raising Spike in such a dangerous world. In fact, she told me she wanted to keep Spike in the house. And I told her she couldn't avoid danger and pain. But she could decide what she has to do when she faces it, and she could teach that to Spike. Never back down, triumph over tragedy, and keep living. Resilience and strength -- it's the most important thing I've taught my daughters. So now, how in the world can I possibly tell them not to do something that they believe is right?

Kendall: Ok, you guys, I think we're almost set. We're almost ready. Now, I want everyone here showing their support.

Dixie: I think I'm hungry. You hungry? Yeah? I'm going to go see what Lucretia’s cooking. I'll be right back, ok?

J.R.: Mom? Can you call someone or have Dad do it? Make sure that Babe has some security on her.

Colby: Hey. I hate to break it to you, but Babe doesn't need a security guard. She left here with her own personal male escort -- Josh.

Kendall: Ok. Do this. Ready when you are.

Cameraman: Ok, in 3, 2, 1 --

Kendall: Fusion Cosmetics was attacked. Simone Torres and Erin Lavery, two of our dearest friends and colleagues, are gone. In a time of year that's all about giving, we've been robbed of two beautiful and brilliant souls. Rather than rejoicing with them, we are grieving for them. I could tell you that we have no fear, but that would be a lie. Now, how do we go on after being blindsided by such cruel and senseless acts? How do we protect what's precious to us against the unknown? The last time I asked these questions was on a day that was particularly hard for all of us. So, in an attempt to answer them, I'd like to tell you a little about our company. Fusion was born in my kitchen. We gathered around the stove, threw a bunch of random ingredients into a pot, we stirred them up and hoped to make gold. And we did. That melting pot still symbolizes what we are today. Fusion means a merging of diverse elements into a unified whole. Each one of us is a key part of that mixture. Individually, we're good. But together, we're gold. And we will shine on. We have lost two of our most essential and loving friends and colleagues. We may never be able to replace them. But we can honor them by remembering the exceptional ways that they enriched our lives. I want whoever did this to know that instead of breaking us apart, you have brought us closer together. Instead of weakening us, you have made us stronger. Instead of killing our spirit, you have renewed it in this place that we now consider home. We're so much more than co-workers. We are family. Sisters, mothers, daughters working side by side. Sometimes we even let an occasional brother pitch in. The bond that we share is unbreakable. The passion, the desire that we share -- it's forever. Fusion is here, standing together, standing strong, standing proud. And you will never take us down.

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Kendall (to Zach as he stares at a photograph from his wallet of a beautiful young girl from his past): What do you have there?

Annie: It's ok to grieve, Ryan.

Ryan: I don't deserve to.

Josh: Babe --

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