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Bianca: Come on. Tell me your secret.

Zarf: You think I have secrets?

Bianca: Yeah. Come on. Share with me.

Zarf: You don't realize how complicated I am.

Bianca: Ok, then tell me. Tell me your whole story, all of it.

Zarf: I'm not ready to tell you yet.

Bianca: Oh. You're flaunting this whole Zarf mystique.

Zarf: When we're both ready, I'll share everything.

Bianca: Mm-hmm. You're just saying that, so I'll leave you alone.

Zarf: No. You're the only person I could never lie to. When the time comes, I'll share everything with you, Bianca.

Bianca: We'll see.

Zarf: I will because you're part of my story. You want a secret? You and I are simpatico. We are the same.

Erica: You know, you're being ridiculous.

Jeff: Why? Because I want to go home?

Erica: No, because you won't let me call a doctor.

Jeff: Where are we?

Erica: Josh’s. Your son's a doctor.

Jeff: No, just -- no, stop.

Erica: Josh?

Jeff: No. Oh.

Erica: Well, he's not home.

Jeff: Well --

Erica: Oh! Have you lost your mind?

Jeff: Well, you married a traditional kind of guy. I'm going to carry you over the threshold. I'm not going to jinx our honeymoon.

Kendall: You're falling in love with Ryan?

Annie: Falling in love with him, yes. Are you ok with that?

Jonathan: Somebody followed Erin Lavery out of this bar!

Zach: We don't know that.

Jonathan: She was here, Slater. You -- Erin broke it off with you.

Aidan: Hey, take it easy.

Jonathan: Huh, were you mad? Were you mad, Aidan?

Aidan: Yeah, I was -- I wasn't happy, all right, but Erin and I worked that out.

Jonathan: And you saw her tonight. You saw her tonight.

Ryan: This is not going to help. This is not going to help.

Aidan: Yeah, I did. Erin and I spoke.

Jonathan: And then you followed her out, right? Did you follow her up to the roof? Did you do it?

Aidan: What's going on here? What's going on?

Jonathan: Did you kill her? Did you kill Erin, Aidan?

Aidan: God, no. Erin is not dead.

Jonathan: Get off of me! Who did it? Who killed my sister?

Jonathan: Who was it?

Ryan: Come on, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Nobody leaves! Nobody leaves this bar until I find out which one of you -- try to find out who -- I'm going to find out. You're going to get paid -- God help me. You're going to pay. You took my sister.

Zach: Whoever's responsible is going to pay.

Ryan: You're damn right about that.

Amanda: I am so sorry.

Ryan: I'm going to take care of this.

Amanda: Jonathan --

Ryan: Jonathan, I'm going to take care of this.

Amanda: Jonathan, let me help.

Jonathan: Find him. Find who did this.

Amanda: We will. I swear that we will. But right now, do you know what Erin would want? She would want me to help you get through this.

Kendall: I'm ok with anything you feel for Ryan. I'm not surprised. We all fall for our heroes.

Annie: This isn't a crush. I mean, yes, I love how -- how brave and generous Ryan is, but I'm about who he is.

Kendall: Well, it takes a while to really get to know a person.

Annie: Ryan and I have seen each other at our best and at our worst -- well, no, I take that back. Ryan doesn't seem to have a worst.

Kendall: You don't think he's human?

Annie: He has amazing values. Ryan's the best of everything -- man, brother, father. He -- he has such strength and sensitivity.

Kendall: He's the perfect man?

Annie: To me. He is not afraid to be vulnerable. He's honest about -- about who he is and what he feels.

Kendall: Well, we all learn from our past mistakes.

Annie: I mean, look, he -- he has all this CEO power, and yet he manages to stay completely real. He wakes up every day wanting to take advantage of every -- every moment. It's -- it's actually kind of hard to believe that --

Kendall: He is just so good, it's hard to believe he's real?

Annie: This is kind of crazy, me going on about him to you. I mean, you know what he's like.

Kendall: Yeah.

Annie: It's just that I think Ryan could fall for me, too.

Ryan: Go with Amanda, Jonathan.

Amanda: Let's go to the office. Come on. You do not need this circus.

Jonathan: No, they could get away, and I don't --

Amanda: If whoever did it is still here, then Ryan and Zach --

Zach: We have it covered.

Ryan: Word of honor, Jonathan.

Amanda: Come on, ok? We'll find some peace and quiet and we can come back here later.

Jonathan: Chief Frye? No, you --

Derek: People, I'm Chief Frye of the Pine Valley Police. Detective Todd, Detective Bolt, and I are conducting investigations. We need to ask you all a few questions. So if everyone will just stay put while we get your information, I'll make this as fast and as painless as I can.

Aidan: What have you got?

Zach: Not much.

Aidan: Tell me what happened.

Zach: Josh went on the roof to get some fresh air, and he found Erin dead.

Aidan: Was there any sign of a struggle?

Zach: Nope.

Aidan: Like Simone.

Zach: This wasn't an accident, and it wasn't suicide.

Aidan: Did he leave anything behind?

Zach: A glass of wine, satin ribbon, gardenia.

Di: Like Simone.

Aidan: Fusion has a serial killer.

Bianca: Come on, we couldn't be more different. You're a rock star. I'm a businesswoman. Man, woman -- straight, gay?

Zarf: Why do you put up barriers?

Bianca: Wow. I -- sometimes I don't know how to take you.

Zarf: Completely. Sincerely.

[Zarf sighs]

Zarf: Ugh-ah! This place is too sterile. Let's go.

Bianca: Where?

Zarf: To the place where you feel most you, the place where you can simply be in your purest essence.

Bianca: Why do you want to go there?

Zarf: Why ask when you know the answer?

Bianca: Right. You're like me.

Zarf: Hmm. Lead me.

Erica: This should help.

Jeff: Good as new. Ah.

Erica: Well, after carrying me in like that, you really belong in a hospital bed. What were you thinking?

Jeff: Well, we have to start off on the right foot, huh? Oh. This place is too small. We should save our money and get a place down by the river.

Erica: Oh. Jeff, I'm -- I'm not prepared for this.

Jeff: You didn't exactly play hard to get, did you?

Erica: No, I -- I mean, taking care of you. You need a doctor --

Jeff: Ah.

Erica: Or -- or a nurse.

Jeff: Oh, no. You're the only wife I want. I can't wait to have kids. I want four. And we'll have lots of land for them to play on.

Erica: Jeff, just -- just try not to talk.

Jeff: Well, of course, your career -- it'll come first, but not -- I can wait, that's fine. It's just that I don't want to wait to have kids until we're old and gray.

Erica: Oh, Jeff. You're delirious.

Jeff: Oh. Crazy in love with you. I love you!

Erica: I heard you!

Jeff: You don't want to break one of the first rules of marriage -- when one says "I love you," the other says it back.

Erica: Oh, Jeff, you're very sweet.

Jeff: Well, I'm not trying to be sweet.

Erica: You're very ill. You have a raging fever, you came down with malaria in Africa, and you're out of your head.

Jeff: I have been since the day I met you. You got me hook, line, and sinker. You're not going to get rid of me for your whole life.

Erica: Ok, Jeff -- Jeff? Look at me. We're divorced.

Jeff: Hmm. No way.

Erica: And I'm married to somebody else.

Ryan: Let me take you home, Jonathan.

Jonathan: I have to get back out there.

Amanda: Here, Jonathan, wait. Just drink this first, ok? It's good for you. It's kind of hot. It's ok.

Ryan: Amanda can come with us, Jonathan.

Jonathan: I'm not going anywhere, not until I find out whoever did this.

Ryan: The police are investigating it.

Jonathan: I'm going to do it, Ryan.

Amanda: Here, just drink it all, ok?

Jonathan: It's too hot.

Amanda: Jonathan, you had a shock. It's good for you. If you'd just drink this cup, it'll make you feel better.

Jonathan: I'm not going to feel any better until I figure out whoever killed my sister.

Zach: I'm going back to see Kendall.

Ryan: She's all right, isn't she?

Zach: She's fine. No, she's at the condo and my men are watching the place. Oh -- Annie’s there, too.

Ryan: I was supposed to go and meet her.

Zach: It's ok. I'll make sure she gets home all right.

Ryan: Thank you.

Zach: I'm sorry for your loss, man. Erin was --

Ryan: You protect Kendall.

Kendall: So why do you think he could fall for you?

Annie: It's hard to put into words. Um -- he really enjoys spending time with me, and he's so fantastic with Emma.

Kendall: Well, Ryan’s a sucker for children.

[Spike cries]

Annie: Ooh.

Kendall: Oh, oh, my goodness gracious. Hey, what's the matter, honey?

Annie: Hello. Oh, sorry.

Kendall: That's ok. Come here, sweetness. Come on, come on, come on, baby boy. Come on, my sweet.

Annie: Oh, oh.

Kendall: All right, all right, it's ok, it's ok. Mama's here. Annie, can you -- can you check his crib for the pacifier, please?

Annie: I don't see it.

Kendall: Ok, well, maybe it's -- maybe it's back in the other room.

Annie: Do you want me to hold him while you go?

Kendall: Well, he may -- oh, it's ok. He may cry and fuss a lot.

Annie: I can handle it.


Kendall: It's ok, sweetness.

Annie: I know.

Kendall: Your mama's going to be right back.

Annie: I know.

Kendall: Ok, ok.

Annie: I know.

Kendall: It's all right.

Annie: Ok. Ok. Oh. Yeah.

[Spike quiets]

Annie: It's ok, huh? All better. You don't need a pacifier, do you, you big guy? Hmm?

Kendall: Yeah, he's usually fussy with strangers.

Annie: Aw. Well, Spike and I bonded at a sleepover. Remember, Emma and I bunked at Ryan’s when Spike was there?

Kendall: Right, right, of course. You're old pals.

Annie: Huh. Like this.

[Spike coos]

Annie: Coo.

Kendall: I'm glad that Ryan’s dating again, and that you're so close.

Annie: I sense a silent "but."

Kendall: Well, I wasn't going to bring this up, but –

[Kendall shows Annie a framed photo of Greenlee.]

Kendall: You notice anything familiar about her?

Annie: We -- we kind of look alike. Who is she?

Kendall: Ryan's ex-wife.

Jonathan: I want to be with Erin.

Ryan: I know you do. They took her to the hospital, Jonathan.

Jonathan: I just want to be with Erin, Ryan.

Ryan: I know. You will be after they do the --

Amanda: Ryan? You want to see if Derek’s turned up anything? We'll be fine.

Ryan: Yeah, I'll go check that out.

Amanda: Hey. Where do you think you're going?

Jonathan: I'm going to the hospital.

Amanda: You should wait a while. She'd want you to see her looking her best.

Jonathan: We were little kids, and I was so grateful that Dad never took it out on her. She was so great, you know? She would -- she would keep him away from me. She'd keep him from beating me more.

Amanda: She loved you very much.

Jonathan: When I was all screwed up again, I was doing these horrible things. She's the one that found me. Erin found me again.

Amanda: We all owe her so much for that.

Jonathan: She saved me, Amanda. She'd save me time after time. I should've been there. I should've been there to save her.

Derek: You saw this woman?

Woman: I thought she was so lucky.

Derek: Why is that?

Man: She was with the king of rock, over there.

Woman: We saw her talking to him.

Derek: Him who?

Ryan: Zarf. The musician working with Fusion.

Derek: With Erin and Simone?

Ryan: Yeah. He had access to all the offices, and he also happened to be talking to Simone right before she turned up dead.

Derek: That's interesting.

Ryan: Zach thought so, too. In fact, he's running a check on him.

Derek: I think I'll do the same.

Bianca: This is my favorite place to be.

Zarf: You spent time with her here -- the woman you love. She isn't lost here. You could sit and have conversations with her, share your thoughts.

Bianca: She isn't dead. I mean, she -- she isn't lost.

Zarf: Semantics, barriers. She is lost, you're lost. Why is that so hard to accept?

Bianca: I just don't think it's accurate.

Zarf: You're dwelling in guilt and blame. Why?

Bianca: I need to know what happened.

Zarf: You know.

[Zarf sighs]

Zarf: You can't accept that you did nothing wrong. It was the relationship itself that brought about its end.

Bianca: So Maggie and I should never have been together?

Zarf: I didn't say that.

Bianca: But we were wrong for each other?

Zarf: Ultimately.

Bianca: So it was a waste of time?

Zarf: No relationship is that. Love is the greatest teacher. Bianca?

Bianca: You're reading my mind.

[Zarf chuckles]

Zarf: Oh, no, I can't read anyone's mind, but I know your heart. I said we were simpatico. That means it's possible for me to come to you on a deeper level.

Bianca: I'll try to understand.

Zarf: When you open yourself to another woman, when you allow yourself to love and be loved, is the connection physical? Do you embrace another woman's body or her soul?

Bianca: Her soul.

Zarf: Take my hands. Take my hands. I need you to look past my body and into my soul. I want to kiss you again.

Bianca: Zarf, this is very flattering, but it won't lead to anything.

Zarf: Then think of it as an experiment.

Bianca: No. I'm a lesbian. I'm not attracted to men.

Zarf: This is about transcending the physical to another plane. Just one single kiss, Bianca. I won't take advantage. I don't even have to touch you. Just my lips to your lips.

Bianca: This is my destiny?

Zarf: It's mine.

Bianca: Oh. Eyes closed?

Zarf: Yes -- to block the view.

[Alone at the boathouse, Zarf and Bianca kiss.]

Zarf: How do you feel?

Bianca: You know, the same as before.

Zarf: But if when you opened your eyes, a woman was sitting here --

Bianca: I kissed a man. A very nice man, but I'm a lesbian. And destiny or not, I miss my girlfriend.

Zarf: But don't let your labels restrict you.

Bianca: Oh, God, unbelievable. I'm being lectured on labels by a -- adored, wealthy superstar. I -- I know all about prejudice and expectations. I have been rejected and confused, because I felt all kinds of things that I didn't understand.

Zarf: We all suffer from others' ignorance.

Bianca: No, not my -- my own ignorance, too. But I've gotten past that now. I don't mind the label "lesbian," because that's exactly what I am. I -- I'm not ashamed of it.

Zarf: Good, you shouldn't be. You're perfect.

Bianca: Oh, stop. Because I'm not. I'm -- I'm just me.

Zarf: Please, just tell me -- didn't that kiss -- didn't that kiss do something for you? Something unexpected?

Bianca: Yes. I didn't expect to be moved. And I was.

Zarf: You don't understand how monumental this is now. But you will. You will.

Kendall: Greenlee couldn't carry a baby. So I was supposed to be the surrogate. Greenlee's egg, fertilized by Ryan, implanted in me. And then there was this -- this crazy blackout, and it just made things that much more complicated. So I had to use my own egg.

Annie: Well, if it was ok with Greenlee and Ryan --

Kendall: Well, they didn't know. So when Greenlee found out, she freaked, and left Ryan. He -- he really didn't tell you any of this?

Annie: Ahem -- and the rest is Spike history.

Kendall: I thought for sure that Ryan would never get over Greenlee.

Annie: And you think he still hasn’t. And that's why Ryan’s paying attention to me.

Kendall: Well, I don't think it's a conscious thing. I mean, Ryan’s not using you. He wouldn't do that.

Annie: But if it weren't for Greenlee --

Kendall: Where have you been?

Zach: Ahem. Um -- Ryan can't see you tonight. He's busy. But I got a car waiting for you to take you home.

Annie: I don't need a car.

Kendall: Wait, what's -- what's -- what's going on? Did something happen to Ryan?

Annie: Something's happened.

Zach: Yeah, something's happened.

Ryan: Bianca, where are you?

Bianca: At the boathouse, Ryan. Why? What's wrong?

Ryan: I need -- I need to see you.

Bianca: Ok. I'm -- I'm here with Zarf. We -- we were just, you know --

Ryan: I'm on my way.

Bianca: Wait. Ryan, what's going on? Ryan?

Zarf: Something big happened.

Jonathan: I should have been there.

Amanda: This is not your fault.

Jonathan: Huh. I -- that's what Erin would say every time Dad would beat me up.

Amanda: And she was right, just like I am right about this.

Jonathan: I'd be hiding under my bed. And then I'd get a feeling like nothing. And Erin would find me. She would find me every time. And she would have something. You know, like a -- like a marshmallow. Or a cupcake. She was 5 years old, and she would come and bring me a treat. Who does that? You know -- cinnamon toast that she made --

Amanda: She was a wonderful sister.

Jonathan: I would eat, and she would clean up my cuts, and put Band-Aids on -- and she would tell me that everything was going to be ok. And that I would never be alone.

Amanda: You aren’t. You won't be.

Jonathan: She is. That's why I have to go. So that Erin won't be alone.

Aidan: When you're finished with that report, I'd like to compare it to Simone’s.

Derek: I can't give you access to our files.

Aidan: I'm offering you my expertise here, Derek.

Derek: I appreciate that, but we don't go independent unless --

Aidan: What is the problem? I mean, you think I'm going to get in the way or something?

Derek: I didn't say that.

Aidan: Do you want to solve this case or not?

Derek: My men and I are just getting started.

Aidan: Two murders, Derek. How many more women have to buy it while your team warms up?

Derek: You'd better chill out.

Aidan: You take me on this case. Otherwise, I will mount my own investigation. I will find the murderer.

Derek: You do that, and I'll force you to stop and get your license pulled.

Aidan: You have to take me on this case. Erin was -- she meant something to me, ok?

Erica: Well, you were at my office, and I drove you back. Do you know what year it is?

Jeff: Yes. Why, don't you?

Erica: Answer me.

Jeff: It's -- it's 2006, and we're fast closing in on 2007. Do I win something?

Erica: Well, you were completely delirious. You had such a high fever. And you actually thought --

Jeff: What did I think? Oh. Did I embarrass myself, or you?

Erica: You thought that we were still married and that we were just married and still on our honeymoon.

Jeff: Anything happen?

Erica: Nothing I couldn't handle.

Jeff: Well, that doesn't sound like good news. You know, our honeymoon was unforgettable.

Erica: It was. How do you feel?

Jeff: How do I feel? I don't know. Very much in the present.

Erica: Please call your father.

Jeff: No, Erica, please. How many times do I have to tell you?

Erica: This macho act is not helping you.

Jeff: "Act"?

Erica: Oh, boy, are you taking advantage.

Jeff: Maybe I am.

Derek: I can't risk involving anyone who might be out for revenge.

Aidan: Look, I know I lost it just now, but I swear, I can --

Derek: What I can do is keep you informed. And I will. If you’re done with this group, they can go. Thank you.

Amanda: Derek, I need a favor.

Derek: I'm kind of busy.

Amanda: Jonathan wants to be with Erin.

Derek: You know that's not possible.

Amanda: Do you remember when you found my dad? And you wouldn't let me stay with him?

Derek: Amanda, that was you and Janet, and the shape Trevor was in -- it was for your own good.

Amanda: I know you did what you thought was good for me. But I still wake up crying, missing him, wanting more time with him.

Derek: Honey, I'm so sorry, but --

Amanda: Look, I -- I know you're going by the book. That's ok. I respect that. My dad was more of a rule bender. That's not always right, either.

Derek: It's never right.

Amanda: But every once in a while, it is the way to go. Please, Derek, just this once, can you take a page from my dad's book and let Jonathan spend a little more time with his sister?

Ryan: Bianca --

Bianca: Ryan?

Ryan: Oh --

Bianca: Hi.

Ryan: Oh --

Bianca: Well, what's going on?

Ryan: Where is he?

Bianca: Who, Zarf?

Ryan: Where's Zarf? Yeah.

Bianca: He left after you called.

Ryan: Yeah, I bet he did.

Bianca: Wait a minute. What -- what is going on?

Ryan: How -- how long -- how long were you with him?

Bianca: Uh -- about an -- an hour -- hour and a half, maybe. Why? Well --

Ryan: Do you know where he was before? Before that?

Bianca: Before? Um -- yeah, he came by the Cambias offices after you left. What? What is it? What has you so wound up about Zarf?

Kendall: Erin's dead?

Annie: Erin? I -- I owe Erin everything. Oh, my God. Ryan -- how's Ryan?

Kendall: Ryan's fine. Ryan's fine, because this -- because this isn't true. Erin's not dead.

Zach: Kendall, I know this is hard.

Kendall: No, it's -- it's -- no, it's not. It's -- it's not true. I mean, Erin can't be dead. Ok? We just lost Simone. Now -- now you come in here and you tell us this? Erin's fine. She's fine. Ryan's fine.

Zach: It is true.

Kendall: Well, whoever you heard it from is wrong, ok? It was a crazy rumor. Erin is not dead.

Ryan: Come on, let's get out of here. It's not good for you to be alone in here.

Bianca: Is this about Simone?

Ryan: No. Yeah. Um --

Bianca: What? What is it?

Ryan: It's Erin.

Amanda: Please, Derek, this is about their entire history. Erin was always there for Jonathan. And he -- please, he does not want her to be alone.

Derek: Amanda, she's the victim in a murder.

Amanda: She's his sister. And he needs to be with her. Please make that happen.

Aidan: I loved her. Things might not have turned out the way we expected, the way either of us wanted, but I loved her.

[Aidan cries on Di’s shoulder.]

Kendall: I have a meeting at 7:00 tomorrow.

Zach: Cancel it.

Kendall: Erin isn't dead. She's not dead. Say it. Say it. Admit it. Just tell me that -- that it's a mistake or a sick joke.

Zach: We all want to believe that.

Kendall: Just say it, Zach! Tell me that I'm right! Just you need to tell me that I'm right. Tell me that I'm right now. And just tell me that Erin isn't dead! Come on.

Zach: I can't do that, honey. I can't tell you that.

Bianca: Erin?

Ryan: She's -- she's gone. Erin is dead.

Bianca: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, oh, my God, no, no, no, no, no, it's not possible. It's not possible. We can't have lost Erin and Simone.

Ryan: We didn't lose them, Bianca, they were taken. Erin was murdered.

Bianca: Oh -- oh, my God, Ryan. Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God.

Erin's voice: I love you.

[As music plays, Jonathan recalls tender moments with his sister.]

Amanda: Let's go see Erin.

[After putting Jeff to bed, Erica removes her dress and climbs in next to him as he sleeps.]

Kendall: Oh --

[Zach comforts Kendall]

[As somber music plays, Annie remembers Erin.]

Annie’s voice: Hate to break it to you, but you're a role model.

Erin: Yeah. Sure, yeah. Let's see -- it's me, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt --

Annie: Erin, I -- I can't repay the help you've given Emma and me. But I can tell you absolutely, your suffering doesn't help anybody. But showing us what's -- what's possible -- the dream we're running towards is actually gettable -- well -- well, that's handing us hope. We're a couple of lucky chicks to have found Auntie Erin, aren't we?


[As Di comforts Aidan at ConFusion, Zarf enters looking like the Prince of Darkness himself. Spotting the police detective and Aidan there, he quickly departs.]

[Bianca hugs Ryan at the boathouse.]

[Amanda accompanies Jonathan into the morgue where he approaches Erin’s corpse and removes the sheet from her face.]

Jonathan: Hey. It's going to be ok, Erin, because you're not alone now. Ok? I'm here. I'm right here.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Erica (to Jeff): How do you feel?

Jeff: What, waking up with you? I must be fantastic.

Josh (to Babe): I know you want me out of your life, but no one will reach you without going through me.

Zach (to Kendall): You might be in the biggest danger of all.

Kendall: Why?

Zach: Because of me.

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