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J.R.: Babe's moved out, right? She's gone?

Adam: No, don't need to worry about her.

J.R.: I'm not coming home today until I know that bitch is out from under our roof.

Adam: We have the study all set for you, everything you could possibly --

J.R.: Will you answer me? Is she still there?

Danielle: You know, I don't care what anybody else says. No way Simone killed herself, you guys.

Babe: I just keep thinking that the elevator's going to open, and she's going to come walking in here and tell us it's all been a big mistake. But she's not coming back, never again.

Bianca: Do you guys want me to put on some coffee or something?

Kendall: No. No coffee.

Erin: Where are you going?

Kendall: I'll be right back. We've had enough tears. It's time for us to behave the way Simone would've wanted us to behave.

Tad: It's true? About Simone? How?

Zach: That's what I'm waiting to find out.

Tad: Oh, God. Not Simone. This is -- it's just not right.

Krystal: You told Tad? You told him what David said -- that I'm carrying Tadís baby.

Dixie: And you told Tad. You told him the truth?

Krystal: Of course, I did.

Dixie: Oh, God. Krystal, thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you for giving Tad his child. Thank you.

Tad: I don't believe it. I just don't believe it -- it's impossible. I mean, Simone had everything to live for. This is -- this is just wrong.

Zach: Didn't really know her.

Tad: Well, then you missed out.

Zach: My son loved her.

Tad: Yeah. Ethan was a lucky man. I know how crazy she was about him.

Zach: Tell me about her.

Tad: I wouldn't know where to start. She was beautiful, inside as well as out. She was generous, funny, fun. If I had to pick one word, that would be it. Simone Torres was always so much fun to be around -- I mean, for everybody. Just kind of crazy, you know? Liked French fries and chocolate at the same time. Hated scotch. Probably the single-worst bowler I've ever met in my entire life. Used to forget to let go of the ball. She's so tiny, she'd end up halfway down the alley, pick herself up, laugh and do it all over again. Beautiful woman, inside and out. Ate life with a spoon and laughed like it was water, and she was born thirsty. Kind of person you notice when she walks into a room. You couldn't help yourself. There was just something about her.

Danielle: No, no, no.

Kendall: Oh, yes.

Babe: Cajun Bloody Marys? Stop yourself.

Kendall: Yes!

Erin: Hair of the dog.

Kendall: Mm-hmm. Ok, now, listen. This was Simoneís remedy for the morning after a rough night, and I think we've all had a pretty rough night. So, ladies, grab your glasses. Let's get this going here.

Babe: Here.

Bianca: Oh, my gosh. What do you guys do while I'm in Paris?

Danielle: Live. That's what Simone would say.

Kendall: That's right.

Babe: To one hell of a woman.

Kendall: To my friend.

All: Simone.

Colby: I need my English book.

Sean: I'm getting out of here.

Colby: Ditching school for the day?

Sean: I'm ditching this town for good. You want to come?

Erica: So move the shooting of the fashion segment to Tuesday, and then we'll -- Jack. I wasn't expecting you.

Jack: I know how much you like a good surprise.

Erica: We'll -- we'll finish this later.

Woman: Yes, Ms. Kane.

Erica: Thank you.

Jack: Excuse me.

Erica: Would you like some coffee? Can I get you anything?

Jack: No. Thank you, though. I really can't stay long.

Erica: Oh. Well, that's too bad. I -- I wish you would. There are some things we need to discuss. Thanksgiving dinner, that -- it was not very pleasant, to say the least.

Jack: To say the least. I got so angry.

Erica: I did, too.

Jack: And I so regret it.

Erica: I so regret it, too. Bad tempers all around.

Jack: Yeah, yeah. Is there -- is there something you'd like to say to me?

Erica: Well, I was hoping that you had something to say to me.

Jack: In that case, I guess I do.

Erica: Well, then, by all means, Jack, please say it.

J.R.: Say it. Say that Babeís been kicked to the curb.

Adam: This has been a very difficult time for all of us, J.R. Babe is Krystalís daughter, and Krystal is pregnant with my daughter, your sister.

J.R.: Yeah, so keep the kids, toss out the trash.

Adam: It's been complicated.

J.R.: Oh --

Adam: Son? Are you ok? Should I call someone?

J.R.: Oh, I'm fine, I'm fine. You said that you'd handle this.

Adam: And I am, in a way that's best for all of us.

J.R.: I've already told you the best way -- Babe goes.


Babe: Simone used to love these. Where'd you -- she always liked the garnish, right, which I should definitely be sticking to so I donít smell like booze when I get home.

Kendall: I know.

Danielle: I remember she used to grab a handful of cherries from behind the ConFusion bar.

Babe: Salad in a glass, baby.

Danielle: Yum.

Erin: Then we'd go, and we'd have liquid brunch.

Babe: Oh!

Erin: Less calories.

Bianca: Wait a minute, wait a minute. That -- that cop? What was his name?

Kendall: Lyman.

Bianca: Lyman!

Danielle: Who?

Kendall: Officer Sean Lyman. You remember big old Lyman.

Bianca: How many times did he arrest her?


Kendall: I don't know --

Babe: Wait!

Kendall: I think, like, four or five times.

Bianca: Oh, my God!

Kendall: I don't know -- I lost count, I lost count.

Danielle: Did he ever figure out it was Simone who accidentally shot up his police car?

Kendall: Oh, no, no, no. Not so much, he didnít.

Danielle: I'm sure, I'm sure he had the hots for her. I asked her about it.

Erin: Of course, he had the hots for her. I mean, what red-blooded male heterosexual wouldn't have the hots for her?

Babe: No, seriously, time-out. She was gorgeous.

Kendall: Yeah, hottest thing ever.

Babe: Like, ridiculous.

Bianca: Wasn't just limited to straight guys.

Erin: Oh.

Kendall: Oh, I'm sorry, Binks, but she's not on your team.

Danielle: Yeah, not a chance.

Kendall: Sorry.

Danielle: She always did have a thing for a man in a uniform.

Kendall: True. Oh, my God, wait a minute. You guys were not here when she glued her lips together.

Bianca: What?

Kendall: Yes.

Erin: Well --

Kendall: Yes.

Erin: Did she do this on purpose?

Kendall: No. This was, like, some ridiculous experiment that we did in my kitchen gone horribly wrong --


Kendall: Horribly wrong.

Danielle: Simone not able to speak? Oh, I bet that was her worst nightmare.

Kendall: Yeah. We liked it, though.

Erin: I just -- I really can't believe that she's gone.

Kendall: No! You're busted. You're busted.

Erin: Don't point that at me.

Kendall: Lavery, Lavery. I -- we said only funny stories and cute things.

Erin: I'm sorry.

Kendall: Now, drink.

Erin: I'm sorry.

Kendall: Drink, drink.

Erin: My B.

Kendall: "My B"?

Babe: Your bad.


Kendall: Oh, wait a minute. You guys never saw that hot outfit that she wore when we broke into the sperm clinic.

Babe: Hmm. Hot enough to thaw, baby.

Kendall: That was -- that was good times.

Babe: No, no -- what?

Kendall: No, she was the hottest thing ever in that little cat suit, I got to tell you. And we were convinced that if, like, the security guard busted us, that she would crack her whip and bring him to his knees.

All: Oh, God!

Zarf: Now, this is my idea of an ideal working environment -- five beautiful women enjoying morning libation, telling stories about a dominatrix.

Babe: You know, now's not really a good time.

Zarf: What? Your auras are hazy, all dark greens and grays. Who was it? Who died?

Zach: You knew her pretty well.

Tad: Yeah. We were together for a while. Listen -- at least a couple of years before Ethan. No disrespect intended. I'll tell you a secret -- as crazy as everybody thinks my sense of humor is, Simone is the only woman I was ever with that made me laugh so hard, I literally fell out of bed. Yeah. There was this one time with -- she was a handful. There's no doubt about it.

Zach: Did anyone have anything against her?

Tad: Simone? Don't make me laugh. Why? Oh, come on. What the hell are you thinking? That somebody killed her?

Krystal: I told Tad what I told you, Dixie -- this is Adamís baby. This is a little Chandler.

Dixie: And Tad just accepted that?

Krystal: David lies like he breathes. Tad knew that right away.

Dixie: He didn't even question anything?

Krystal: Oh, come on. That video disc and the story that David told you in the parking lot? Tad gets that David made that whole thing up just to cause trouble.

Dixie: But David didn't know anything about me seeing you and Tad together, so where did he get his story?

Krystal: Oh, who knows what the heck goes on in Davidís crazy mind? He lies for kicks. Tad doesn't believe him, and frankly, neither should you, Dixie.

Dixie: So Tad is just supposed to forget about a child that could be his?

Krystal: This child is not his, end of story.

Dixie: Look, I am just worried about Tad. That's it, I swear, and I am happy that you and Adam are happy. But I am not going to stand by and watch while Tad has to miss out on being the father to a -- a child that -- that should be with him.

Krystal: Tad already is a father. And I really believe that you're going to find your little girl. Tad doesn't need mine.

Dixie: You know, how -- how can you be sure? How can you be so certain that it's Adamís? I mean, do you know or did just decide?

Jack: I've spoken to Livia.

Erica: Lawyers? You want to involve lawyers, then?

Jack: No. No, I -- I don't want that at all. This is what you wanted.

Erica: I never wanted this. I never said that I want a divorce.

Jack: Then, please, Erica, tell me. What exactly is it that you want?

Sean: I overheard my uncle on the phone with his lawyer friend this morning -- talking divorce.

Colby: I thought he and Erica were taking a break.

Sean: Looks like a breakup. I'm not going to stick around for the drama.

Colby: You can't just leave.

Sean: Well, no one likes to live with the reason their marriage is busted.

Colby: We talked about this, Sean. You don't even know if you're the reason.

Sean: Well, I'm not helping, that's for sure. Maybe if I'm out of the picture, Erica and Uncle Jack could fix it. I'm out of here. You in, or what?

Colby: You know, it'd be cool to go with you, it would be awesome, but I can't. J.R.ís coming home today from the hospital, and I have to be there.

Sean: Your loss.

Colby: No, I have plans of my own. I need to stay here and set things right.

Babe: You know, Zarf, maybe you should head out.

Bianca: Simone died.

Zarf: Got it. That's what I saw.

Kendall: You didn't see jack.

Babe: Ok, look, you know, we're going to need to reschedule our concept meeting. It's -- we're just all a little stressed out.

Zarf: Why?

Babe: It's been hard Ė

Zarf: Were any of you responsible?

Babe: No. It's just we don't even know her cause of death yet.

Zarf: Then there's nothing you could've done or can do.

Kendall: Are you trying to get us angry?

Zarf: You tend to get angry often. It isn't me. Simone's destiny has been fulfilled. End of story.

Danielle: Not "end of story." Nowhere near the end.

Zarf: Exactly -- her story continues on in a different way. Her energy hasn't gone, it's merely changed form.

Erin: No, but she's gone. She's still dead.

Zarf: You say that as if it's a bad thing.

Babe: It is.

Zarf: It was simply her time. She burned bright and transformed like a blossoming star, and all of us will live our lives until it's time for us to do the same. Grieving does no good.

Bianca: What about expressing emotion? Sadness? Love?

Zarf: It's all predestined.

Kendall: Ok, get this yahoo out of here before I predestine him myself.

Bianca: Ok.

Kendall: Now.

Bianca: Oh, why don't we continue this conversation someplace else -- maybe on the roof?

Zarf: Sounds like a wonderful idea.

Danielle: Well. What should we do today? Should we shut down the office? I can make a few phone calls --

Kendall: No. We're going to -- we're going to work on the campaign. That's exactly what Simone would've done.

Babe: I'll grab her files.

Kendall: Bonus to whoever can get rid of that nut job rock star.

[Zarf sighs as he and Bianca stand on Fusionís rooftop terrace.]

Zarf: Your sister has aura issues.

Bianca: Well, you didn't help. Why would you do that? Why would you walk into a room full of women who were clearly upset and make them feel worse?

Zarf: I told the truth.

Bianca: Your truth maybe. Where's your compassion?

Zarf: I truly am sorry I hurt you. I truly am.

Bianca: You shouldn't be concerned about me. You should be worried about my sister, Kendall, and the other women down there, because they're the ones who worked with Simone every day. They loved her.

Zarf: If they love her, why aren't they happy that she's finally free?

Bianca: Whatever your beliefs about the afterlife, we just lost a friend. We're sad, and we're angry and confused. You have to respect that. I mean, haven't you ever grieved for someone?

Zarf: I've grieved for myself.

Bianca: You've grieved for yourself?

Zarf: We all go through changes on life's path, Bianca, become different people than who we were. Sometimes we get lost along the way. Do you think I've always been Zarf, the rock star?

Bianca: I think you know who you are now.

Zarf: It's never made more sense than when I'm with you. But there were many, many changes along the way -- some subtle, some seismic. Some I loved making, and some I had to make -- and mourn. Everybody changes. Everybody dies. Tell me, do you think Simone really knew who she was?

Bianca: Yeah. I do.

Zarf: Well, then she was luckier than most of us.

Kendall: It's closing time for Zarfy and Fusion.

Babe: He'll pull his song.

Kendall: Let him.

Babe: But the whole campaign revolves around it.

Kendall: So then we'll get a new one.

Erin: What, from scratch?

Danielle: Yeah, we've already put a bajillion hours into it.

Babe: Ok, look. Maybe Zarf is just a teeny bit eccentric --

Kendall: "A teeny bit"?

Babe: Ok -- so maybe he just stepped off the mother ship, but getting him to sign here is major.

Kendall: Oh, no, no. He's crazy, and he's an ass. I want him out.

Erica: Well, I told you what I want. I -- I want some time and -- and some space to understand myself better.

Jack: Erica, I've given you lots of time, and I've given you lots of space. Has it gotten you any closer to understanding yourself or just closer to Jeff Martin?

Erica: So you can't give me the time without imagining that something else is going on?

Jack: Imagining? I don't have to imagine Jeffís intentions toward you.

Erica: But this is about me and our family and -- and how I handle it.

Jack: Well, let's just review how you've handled it so far. You're gone from our home. You're gone from our bed. You've stopped communicating altogether -- you didn't even bother to tell me that you were going to show up for that Thanksgiving dinner.

Erica: There was no invitation from you, Jack. I -- I went to the Thanksgiving dinner for Kendall and for Bianca.

Jack: Did you bring Jeff to that dinner for Kendall and Bianca, too? I mean, I had to sit across from a man, Erica, who announced that he was after my wife.

Erica: You didn't invite me, but you invited Brooke. And I sat across from Brooke English, all night trying to stake her claim on you.

Jack: Brooke can't stake her claim on me, Erica. I'm yours. God, I don't want this. I didn't even want you to leave.

Krystal: What do you want, Dixie? You want my birth control details? You want my ovulation dates?

Dixie: I just want to know if you have actual proof that the baby is Adamís.

Krystal: I know exactly when it happened. There's no doubt in my mind when I conceived and who the father is.

Dixie: I've done the math, Krystal.

Krystal: Oh -- well, maybe your calculator is broken, ok? Would you just let this go? You have your own son to worry about.

Dixie: Look, this is not about J.R.

Krystal: No, J.R. is coming home, ok? He's going to be tense, things are going to be tense around here. The last thing he needs is you starting trouble.

J.R.: Krystal got to you, didn't she? She played the pregnant card, and you folded. I thought you had her handled.

Adam: I didn't have to handle her -- we agreed.

J.R.: Hmm. Pillow talk wins over your common sense anytime.

Adam: It's my common sense that will help you.

J.R.: Oh, don't push your bedroom promises on me.

Adam: And don't tell me how to handle my family.

J.R.: It's my family, too.

Adam: Oh -- and look how well you're dealing with it. Trust me. I know what's best.

J.R.: Oh, trust you? You've turned to the dark side. You're siding with them over your own son. I mean, don't my wishes mean anything? Get her out!

Julia: Now, what the hell is going on in here?

J.R.: Nothing.

Julia: We're trying to get you relaxed enough so we can move you, and you two are going at it. Will you please wait outside?

Adam: It'll be fine, son, you wait and see. Everything will work out at home.

Julia: You're never going to learn, are you, J.R.? You get angry, pain will follow.

J.R.: I'm fine.

Julia: I would feel sorry for you, but this pain you brought on yourself.

Zach: Young people die all the time.

Tad: You're not the kind of guy that would sit here for an "all the time" situation, are you? What do you know?

Zach: Undiagnosed medical condition -- maybe aftereffects of the trauma.

Tad: What trauma? She was perfectly healthy.

Zach: The explosion that killed my son last year -- she was in that, too.

Tad: And it took her a year to drop dead?

Zach: Could happen. She had a hard time getting over Ethanís death.

Tad: Yeah, I know. She did, and that makes perfect sense, but she was -- she was dealing with it. I know she was. I saw her not two weeks ago at ConFusion, laughing, having a good time. She was positively sparkling. She spent ten minutes telling me how much she was enjoying her work. That's not the kind of woman that would kill herself. My God, you actually think somebody murdered her, and that's why you're here -- you're waiting for the results.

Zach: I want to put Kendall at ease.

Tad: This doesn't have anything to do with Kendall --

Zach: Curiosity.

Tad: "Curiosity." You and I have had our differences, but I'm begging you. If you think for one minute that somebody murdered Simone Torres, tell me.

Zach: No, I don't have any evidence. But I have a feeling. ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Tad: Well, have you got anything that supports that feeling?

Zach: No, I don't. And I agree with you -- I don't think this was suicide, but that's the way the cops are leaning and holidays are coming up.

Tad: No, no, no, no way. Simone loved Christmas.

Zach: It's the anniversary of my son's death.

Tad: Zach, I'm telling you, there's no way.

Zach: I don't buy it, either. So what does that leave us with? Two awful possibilities -- natural causes or something else.

Zarf: Celebrate her. Celebrate that she was comfortable in her own skin before she left this plane. How many people do you know that can say that? How many people truly know who they are?

Bianca: I think I do.

Zarf: Well, how long did it take you before you could say that?

Bianca: A long time.

Zarf: Yes. Most of us haven't quite figured it all out yet. Time is too precious to mourn the unchangeable, like someone dying.

Bianca: But you can't just turn off your feelings.

Zarf: No.

Bianca: You can't stop your heart.

Zarf: No, but time is better spent finding the answers to questions about the living.

Kendall: Zarf's gone. Next?

Erin: You can't do that.

Kendall: It's done.

Babe: Ok, look, you don't have to be the guy's best friend. You don't even have to like him. But you have to admit, he is talented and important.

Erin: He is.

Danielle: Yes.

Kendall: Why? Because he was your big score?

Babe: Because he was Fusionís big score.

Erin: Kendall, the research is over-the-top positive on this one.

Babe: She is so right. Everyone was so excited when he joined on here, including Simone.

Danielle: It was one of her favorite songs.

Kendall: Well, Simoneís gone.

Babe: Yes, she is, but she also loved this company and what it stood for, and she wanted it to do well. Without his song, this whole campaign will tank.

Erin: Yeah, and we'll have to go with some generic whitewash, yada, yada --

Babe: Oh.

Erin: That will pull possibly a tenth of our potential sales.

Danielle: Plus, it would be tons of extra work with no big payoff.

Kendall: But he's crazy.

Babe: You were the one that said we were going to keep working for Simone. What would she say to you if she knew you were just going to throw the whole campaign away all because some crazy talent got to you?

Danielle: This was Simoneís last campaign. We at least owe it to her to make it a success.

Kendall: Fine. He stays.

Babe: Great.

Erin: Thank you.

Babe: Thank you. And now, I'm sorry, girls. I got to head home. J.R. is coming home from the hospital, and I need to be there.

Kendall: You brought that aura-loving freak in here, so you deal with him from now on.

Julia: Acupuncture can only do so much. J.R. is filled with anger. That's something needles can't cure.

Adam: What can we do?

Julia: Well, try not to make him any more upset than he is now.

Adam: I'll do anything I can for my son.

Julia: That's what I thought. I'm going to be riding with J.R. in the ambulance. Ok, we'll see you there.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Dixie: I am not trying to put a bomb into the middle of your marriage. I'm definitely not wanting to hurt J.R., but it's just when Tad thought that Emma was Kate, the look in his eyes -- I can't get it out of my mind.

Krystal: I know. I know. I -- I've seen that look, too -- the hurt, even before Emma. But I've already done way more than I should to get him through that.

Dixie: But you don't know the awful, sinking feeling that I have in my stomach knowing that Tad has a child out there somewhere, and I gave her away. He may spend the rest of his life looking for her. He may turn away other chances at love because of me, because I gave Kate away.

Krystal: We all do things that we regret, things that we wish we could change, but we canít. We just have to move forward. Everyone makes mistakes, Dixie. Everyone.

[School bell rings]

Colby: What good is running away going to do, especially if this divorce stuff isn't your fault?

Sean: Look, I'm helping my Uncle Jack. He doesn't need me around.

Colby: Has he said that? Has he told you to leave? No. Then what does that say?

Sean: He's too nice.

Colby: Yes, your uncle is a good guy. But, hello -- Erica? She's been married, like, 10 times, twice to my dad alone. What does that say about her?

Sean: Her engagement rings could put me through college?

Colby: No, your uncle is better off without her. So before you go, check it out, make sure you're not running away for something you didn't do.

Erica: But you're the one who already talked to a lawyer, Jack. You're the one who's pushing me away.

Jack: I'm not the one who left.

Erica: I was actually about to come home when you suddenly shipped a truckload of my wardrobe onto my doorstep.

Jack: Yeah, so Jeff told me. What am I supposed to be here -- a mind reader?

Erica: You're supposed to support me.

Jack: I've done nothing but support you for years. But sometimes, what you need is a good, swift kick in the butt.

Erica: Oh. That's just what I wanted to hear.

Jack: You don't love me, because I tell you what you want to hear, Erica. You respect me, because I tell you what you need to hear.

Erica: I see -- and this is what I need to hear?

Jack: Yeah. It is. Why is it so hard for you to say that you were wrong?

Erica: If anyone was wrong, Jack, it was you.

Jack: So I guess this is the last stand before we call in the attorneys, huh?

Erica: All right, I'll let -- let you know who my lawyer is.

Krystal: You did the best you could. Just let the guilt go.

Dixie: How have you done it in the past?

Krystal: Whew. You know, we all make choices that we second-guess, wonder if we made the right one, you know? Maybe we do something out of love for one person, only to hurt another. You're not alone.

Dixie: How do you forget that you hurt someone so deeply?

Krystal: You don't forget, ok? You just -- you just have to look at the bigger picture, the greater good -- the most happiness for the most people. I just -- I really wish you would drop this. You really ought to just concentrate on -- on J.R. and making sure that his coming home is as easy as possible.

Dixie: That's why I'm here.

Krystal: Well, good, good, because we all have to live here together, you know?

Dixie: I get it. I get exactly what you're saying.

Tad: Doesn't make sense. She didn't have an enemy in the world.

Zach: As far as you know.

Tad: Everybody who ever met her loved her.

Zach: This may not be about Simone at all.

Doctor: Mr. Slater, you've been here all night?

Zach: Yeah. What do you know?

Doctor: I'm sorry. I can't tell you anything.

Tad: What do you mean, you're sorry? You can't, or won't?

Doctor: I can't give you information. I have a protocol to follow.

Zach: Let me talk to you.

[While Zach chases after the doctor, Tad recalls a time while, in bed with Simone, he playfully squirted whipped cream into her mouth while she was sleeping then kissed her.]

Erica: No, not now. I -- I'm busy.

Sean: Come on, Aunt Erica. You have time for me, don't you?

Krystal: Here.

Adam: Slowly. That's my son you got there.

J.R.: Ow.

Dixie: Hey! Welcome home, sweetheart. So good to have you out of the hospital, huh?

J.R.: Thanks, Mom.

Dixie: Yeah.

Adam: He's right home, back where he belongs.

Dixie: Aw.

Colby: Hey, J.R. Welcome back. Hey, thanks for giving me a reason to ditch school today.


J.R.: Anytime.

Krystal: We're glad to have you back, J.R.

Adam: Yeah.

Babe: You're here. You're all right.

J.R.: I thought I warned you. Get her out of here now.

Tad: Excuse me for a second. Um -- is this Simone Torres? Um -- I'm family. I wonder if you would do me a big favor -- just let me have a minute. Thank you.

[Alone with Simone in the morgue, Tad lowers the sheet from her face and gently strokes her hair.]

Tad: Good-bye, sweetheart. Maybe I should just say "so long." "See you later"? Either way, God only knows how much I'll miss you. Truth is I miss you already. Who am I going to call when I run out of whipped cream? You are so beautiful, even now. I'm just sorry you never found the happiness that you truly deserved, because all you ever did was make all the rest of us feel happy, especially me. You made me smile, laugh. You made me feel loved all over again. Thank you, Simone, for helping me find my way out of the darkness. Now it's your turn. Ethan's waiting for you. Find him. Find him and be happy. And if you ever manage to look in on the rest of us, you send me a little of that laughter, ok? You'll always make me smile. I'll never forget you.

Kendall: Did you get rid of him?

Bianca: I don't think that he meant any disrespect. I think that he's just --

Kendall: He's a jackass.

Bianca: He just has a different take on things.

Erin: Oh, please don't get her started.

Kendall: Zarf better give me a wide berth from now on. Hey. Hmm.

Zach: I know what killed her.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

[Against her wishes, Sean wraps Erica into a romantic embrace and kisses her.]

Erica (to Sean): Hey! Have you lost your mind?

Ryan (to Zarf): You may be the last person to have seen Simone alive.

Zarf (to Ryan): "Alive" as defined by this world.

Dixie (to Babe): If you are here for any other reason than love, you should just leave right now.

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