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Jonathan: Lily? Hey, are you all right?

Lily: Yes.

Jonathan: Well, you look good.

Lily: Thank you.

Jonathan: What are you -- what are you doing here?

Lily: I was just thinking.

Jonathan: If you want, I'll leave you to your thoughts, then. Good night.

Lily: I was thinking about you.

Julia: Wow. A night like this, a roaring fire, and a hot mulled wine, huh?

Jamie: Well, you're lucky you didn't get rid of me. I'm the master of building fires.

Julia: Yeah? Oh, yeah. You can definitely turn up the heat.

[Julia giggles as she and Jamie kiss.]

Julia: Oh. Ah.

Amanda: This place is awesome!

Del: Well, wait till you see the hot tub.

Amanda: Oh. Hey.

Julia: Oh.

Jamie: Ok.

Julia: Del -- perfect timing, as usual.

Amanda: So how soon can I move in?

Del: Amanda, are you hungry? There's some cold pizza in the kitchen. I'll just --

Amanda: Del says that the rent is reasonable, but a place like this --

Del: Something to drink perhaps?

Amanda: You know, it is so cool of you to do this, but "reasonable" to Del may be way too mucho for me. But just tell me how much you want. I am ready to write a check.

Krystal: This baby is not yours, Tad. Way back, you asked --

Tad: Hey --

Krystal: I answered.

Tad: Hey --

Krystal: The answer has not changed.

Tad: Hey, I just wanted to tell you that Dixie told me what David was up to, that's all.

Krystal: Oh, well, Dixie shouldn't believe every little word out of David’s mouth.

Tad: You think?

Krystal: I thought -- I thought we settled this.

Tad: We -- as far as I'm concerned, ok? I just need five minutes of --

Krystal: Dixie showed up --

Tad: Could you --

Krystal: In the middle of the night at my house.

Tad: Shh.

Krystal: And she's all keen on you being the father of this baby. Now, I set her straight, so I thought.

Tad: I'm sorry.

Krystal: And then David’s demented disc has got her all stirred up again, so here we are back in the same place.

Tad: No, we are not, ok? All I wanted was a chance to talk to you for five minutes by myself.

Krystal: You want a blood oath? You want me to swear on the memory of my dead grandmother? This baby is Adam’s. It's not yours, it's not the man on the moon's, it's Adam’s. Now, are we finished here?

Tad: No, as a matter of fact, we're not finished here. You don't get to jump down my throat and sashay out of here like Scarlet O’Hara.

Krystal: Huh.

Tad: Not till I tell you what I came here to tell you. To tell you what I think about this baby and what I intend to do about it.

Babe: Simone? Simone, please -- please, wake up. You have to. Please. Oh, my God.

[Music plays at ConFusion]

Bianca: Great, you don't want to talk? That's fine. I promise, no questions. Would you like to join us?

Josh: That's a question.

Bianca: Ok. No reason to drink alone.

Josh: I'm not. You're here.

Bianca: All right, I got a question for you. Could you possibly be more annoying?

Josh: I guess it's a Kane thing.

Bianca: All right, here's the deal. Kendall and Zach bought a house. We're celebrating. That's what families do.

Josh: You know, that's great news. But the brother-in-law and I aren't exactly pals.

Bianca: It's Christmastime. Could we just, for once, for this one day maybe, have a little peace on earth?

Zach: So I'm sure it's not this sweet little Santa picture that you're not in, and it's not Ryan and Annie’s first date, so what is it?

Kendall: I've tried to be very cool about this. I really have. But on Thanksgiving --

Zach: The Kane family feast day, yes, I remember.

Bianca: Hey, guys. Look who I found.

Babe: Help, help. Josh, you have to come quick. It's Simone. It's serious! You have to help her. I just -- I found her like this and then I was trying to find a pulse, and I couldn’t. And I don't know -- am I missing something?

Kendall: Oh, my God.

Erin: Oh.

Bianca: Yes, I'm calling from 500 Front Street. A woman is unconscious. We need an ambulance as soon as possible.

Krystal: If you think that I am going to let you have at it and bring down --

Tad: Let me --

Krystal: Your words of wisdom --

Tad: Did she say --

Krystal: Use that PI nose to sniff something out --

Tad: Let me --

Krystal: That does not exist --

Tad: Wait, wait. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that even when you and I are mad as hell at one another, that we have a very special connection. That's all I'm here for. I'm trying to honor that. I mean, I know why you're stressed out, why you're freaked, why you're always so ready to blow up.

Krystal: I'm not ready to blow up.

Tad: Well, you could have fooled me. It goes back to that one stupid night.

Krystal: Oh, yeah, yeah, that one stupid night -- boy, if I could go back and erase knocking at your door, if I could go back and not give a rat's rump about what you're feeling and why, then I would just let you drown in your grief. Because let me tell you something -- if I had known that one night of comfort would dog me for the rest of my life --

Tad: Dog you? What are you, Daniel Boone?

Krystal: Then no way in hell would I have reached out to you, Tad. Now, that's all I have to say, ok? So if that's not good enough for you, I'm sorry.

Tad: Do you think you could shut up? Please? I just want to say I believe you. That's all. I just wanted to come say I believe you. I'm -- I apologize. I should have -- I should have said it when I walked in the room.

Krystal: Yeah, yeah, you would've saved me a couple of heart attacks.

Tad: Oh, would you be serious? Come on, we're talking about you and me here. You and me, Krystal. Your word versus Hayward’s. When is that going to happen? I would never take his or anybody else's word over yours, ever.

Julia: You must be the guest that Del mentioned to me.

Amanda: I am?

Julia: Yeah, the friend that was going to share the holidays with us. The -- the friend that might stay a while?

Del: You said it was ok.

Julia: Yeah, I did. I said stay. Like, free.

Amanda: I'm confused.

Di: Hey. What's going on?

Jamie: Del, you care to explain?

Di: What'd you do?

Jamie: Oh, he's just trying to earn a dishonest buck. He set up Julia to expect a guest and then planned to charge the guest rent and keep it. Does that about cover it?

Del: That is -- that's so out there.

Di: Hmm.

Jamie: Really? Has he shown you your room yet?

Amanda: Yeah, it's beautiful. There's a view of the stables.

Jamie: Oh, and it's right next to his.


Amanda: You jerk!

Aidan: Wow. A pretty girl a room away from your bed, and a monthly rent. That's maximizing your options, isn't it?

Amanda: Oh, my God -- you were totally going to play me, and Julia. I -- I cannot believe what a scam artist you are.

Di: Well, then you obviously don't know my brother as well as I thought you did. Amanda, I'd like you to meet Del.


Lily: I used to think about you at least 65% of the time, but now, it's only 22%. I'm getting better.

Jonathan: That's good.

Lily: I wanted to call you. There's some things that I want to say.

Jonathan: You can talk to me right now.

Lily: I don't know if I have the right words.

Jonathan: Lily, I've never had a hard time understanding you.

Lily: Ok. Well, at first, when you were my boyfriend, and then my husband, I would picture your face, and I would smile. But then when I found out that you weren't different like me, I would picture your face, and my chest would hurt, and tears would come to my eyes.

Jonathan: I -- I'm so sorry that I hurt you.

Lily: I know. I am, too. But now, I don't think about your face as much. And when I do, my chest doesn't hurt, and I don't have to cry. I can think about you, or I can see you, and I can stay calm.

Jonathan: I'm glad.

Lily: Well, feelings really can change, can't they?

Jonathan: Yeah. Feelings can change a lot.

Josh: She's gone. I'm sorry.

Kendall: No. No, that's -- no -- no, no, she's not, she can't be. Come on, you're -- you're a doctor. Save her!

Josh: It's too late. I can't do anything more.

Babe: No. We were just -- we were just with her.

Erin: No, she can't be dead.

Danielle: How could this happen?

Kendall: No, this is not possible. Oh. Oh –

[Looking at Simone lying peacefully on the yoga mat with a white flower in her hair reminds Zach of another beautiful young girl with a similar flower from his past.]

Zach: Josh, don't move her. Derek, Zach. Danielle's fine, but I'm over here at Fusion. Something's happened. Yeah, come over here as soon as you can.

Del: I know. The way you build a fire, you need all the free wood you can get.

Amanda: Oh, oh, oh.

Jamie: Did you -- did he just dis me?

Amanda: I think so.

Julia: No, he's just ticked because you busted him.

Del: Well, it's a good thing I'm such a good sport.

Di: Yeah, that's one of the things we love about you. You're totally shameless. God, you'd sell coal to a coal miner.

Aidan: Or fish to fishermen.

Di: How about a book to booksellers?


Jamie: Ooh.

Del: Hey, hey, hey -- the creative process doesn't happen overnight, guys. I have to earn a living.

Julia: Yeah, and work on your tan and swim, play tennis.


Del: Healthy body, healthy mind.

Di: Right.

Jamie: Have you even started this famous book?

Del: Yeah, I've got, like, 10 or 15 chapters.

Di: What?

Julia: What?

Del: Ok, pages. But they're quality pages.

Jamie: Oh, give it up. You haven't even got past the dedication, have you?

[Di laughs]

Del: I just need a little inspiration, that's all.

Amanda: Do not -- no, do not look at me. I'm fresh out of inspiration -- and a place to live.

Jamie: What, is there trouble at my mom's?

Amanda: No, Brooke is the best. She's the greatest, but --

Jamie: But every night when you get home, no matter how late, she's sitting in a chair by the stairs, pretending not to wait?

Amanda: Hmm. It is so sweet. It really is. She's been like a mom to me, and I really appreciate it, but -- I don't know -- I -- I feel bad if she's losing sleep waiting for me, worrying she -- she's very --

Jamie: Overprotective?

Julia: Hmm.

Amanda: Yeah.

Jamie: Yeah. As soon as she finds out about Julia and me back together --

Amanda: Oh.

Jamie: She'll be too freaked out about that to --

Del: Yeah.

Jamie: Focus on you.


Julia: Amanda, are you really serious about wanting to live here?

Amanda: Oh -- what's not to love?

Julia: Well, it's not like there isn't plenty of room. This place used to be Grand Central. My sister, Edmund, their kids. Even Erica used to live here. We always had family and visitors here sort of nonstop. It was -- it was alive, you know?

Del: Hey, some of us are still alive around here.

Julia: I know, I know, but with our schedules, this place still echoes. All this space -- it's just way too much. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if -- if you want to live here, you can.

Amanda: Well, yes! Yes, yes, yes!

Julia: Ok, ok -- if the current residents agree. Everyone in favor of Amanda living here, please say "Aye."

Di: Hmm --

All: Aye.

[Amanda screams]

Julia: Ok, well, it's settled. You're officially a resident of Wildwind, with all of the rights and privileges thereof.

Amanda: Thank you.

Del: Yoo-hoo!

Amanda: Wait -- do I still have to live in the room next to Del’s?

Jonathan: It's getting cold. Would you like me to walk you home?

Lily: No, thank you. But it's not because being with you makes me upset, because it doesn’t. But I can get home on my own.

Jonathan: I'm really glad that -- that you're doing so well.

Lily: Right after that bad man -- right after you saved me, I regressed -- a lot. But I'm getting better. And I can thank you.

Jonathan: You have no reason to thank me, Lily.

Lily: No, there are lots of reasons. Terry would have hurt me very badly. And if you wouldn't have stopped him, I wouldn't be able to come here and think or go home by myself or talk to you.

Jonathan: You're very strong.

Lily: And I know a lot more now. I understand why you pretended to be like me. At first, I only understood that you had lied to me. But now, I know that you did it because you wanted me to be happy.

Jonathan: Being with you made me happy, too. And -- and I didn't want it to stop, and I -- I didn't want anything to spoil that. And by wanting that, I am the one that spoiled it.

Lily: It's not your fault. You couldn't help that you got better. And I also wanted to thank you for being my first best friend. And my first husband. If I could make myself feel like that again, I would. But I can't.

Jonathan: I understand.

Lily: Ok, well, I'm going home now. Dinner is in 43 minutes, and I need to set the table.

Jonathan: Lily, good-bye.

Lily: Bye, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Lily -- I'll never forget you.

Lily: And I'm 99.5% sure I'll never forget you.

Tad: Listen to me. I know you. I care about you, and I trust you. I know you would never lie about something this important. It's not in you. It's not like you.

Krystal: Don't, Tad. Don't start talking all pretty and --

Tad: I'm not talking pretty. I'm not, I'm not. I just want to make sure you're ok. Really ok. This baby is important. I don't want you to suffer because of a man like Hayward. Look, he's just being a son of a bitch, because once upon a time, he never got to be a father to his daughter. And he wants to make sure that we're all as miserable as he is. So he's taking a shot at all of us. You know, you, me, Adam, Dixie. He knows that you and I were close, ok? And we were engaged. So, he took a shot at Dixie, and he got lucky, that's all.

Krystal: You know, Dixie could very well have told him that she saw us together, Tad.

Tad: No, no, no, no -- shh. You got to let this go, baby. You got to relax. Now, Dixie swore to me she never said a word to anybody, and I believe her.

Krystal: Well, she keeps coming at me.

Tad: I know, I know.

Krystal: She wants to believe that this baby is yours.

Tad: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I realize that. But that's just her guilt about Kate talking. That's why she's behaving the way she is. I'm starting to worry about her. See, every day that goes by without Kate is another day that means our chances of finding her are less than zero. Subconsciously, I think Dixie’s trying to make up for it. She's trying to give me back the daughter that I lost.

Krystal: I'm sorry.

Tad: No --

Krystal: No, Tad, if I could give you back your daughter -- if I could give her to you -- if I could put her in your arms and take away the ache in your heart, you know I would. But I -- I just can’t. I just can’t.

Tad: I know. Come on, I know you would. I know you would. And I love you for it. I love you for it, honey, but it's not your job. The fact is, nobody can do that for me. Because all that died with Greg Madden.

Krystal: I am so sorry.

Tad: No, no, I'm sorry. I'm the one that should apologize.

Krystal: No, no, don't, Tad --

Tad: I don't want you to be upset.

Krystal: No, don't, it's over. It's over. David didn't win, thank God.

Adam: Hayward didn't win what? You're talking about his good-bye video? Yes, you two know what's on that disc, don't you?

Tad: Thanks to Dixie, actually, we do. She told me all about the ammo he was referring to.

Adam: And you told Krystal? Well, don't keep me in suspense.

Krystal: No, look, let's just move on and forget about all this.

Adam: I deserve to know as much as anyone.

Tad: He's right. You're right. He does.

Derek: Don't let anyone in till I know what we have here.

Danielle: Oh, Daddy --

Derek: Oh, baby --

Danielle: I'm so glad you're here.

Derek: Hey, hey, it's all right. It's all right.

Derek: You found her?

Babe: Ahem -- yeah. I called her name, and she didn't answer. And then I -- I tried to find her pulse.

Derek: Where was everyone else?

Kendall: Celebrating. We were celebrating --

Zach: When Simone was killed.

Derek: "Killed"? Why do you say that? There's no obvious signs of struggle, no weapon, right? No bruising. No trauma. What makes you assume someone did this?

Zach: I don't know.

Adam: But what don't I know? This ammo of Hayward’s has upset my wife.

Krystal: No, honey, I --

Tad: No, now, now --

Krystal: I'm fine.

Tad: Hayward is an evil, vindictive, invertebrate --

Adam: No, no, no, spare me the commentary, all right?

Tad: You should know that.

Adam: Just tell me what the hell is on that disc. Or do I have to track Hayward down myself and ask him?

Tad: No. You don't have to do anything, ok? God forbid. It was just another attempt by Hayward to destroy your marriage. He wanted to get back at all of us. He tried to convince Dixie that Krystal and I were having an affair. Now, I hope I don't have to tell you that it was a lie, that I am not dogging your wife. And I wouldn't stand a chance even if I were, because for some reason that's unknown to the rest of the planet, she's madly in love with you. I just pray that your marriage is solid enough to survive another one of Hayward’s lies.

Adam: It's rock-solid, good deal like your head. Oh, I don't know. Nobody listens to Hayward’s lies anymore, especially after that hoax that he pulled with you and Dixie. No, you just couldn't wait to dump this on my wife, to upset a pregnant woman who has just had a scare. Now, she's -- she deserves better than you slapping her with Hayward’s lies, don't you think?

[Julia and Jamie lie in front of the fireplace kissing.]

Julia: Hmm. Hmm. Oh, tonight was almost like it used to be, all the fun and the laughter and --

[Julia chuckles]

Julia: It was great. It was like a real home.

Jamie: You set the tone.

Julia: Oh, no. It wasn't just me. Hmm.

Jamie: True. It wouldn't feel like home at all if it wasn't for Del’s annoying little brother.

Julia: No, no. I meant -- I meant you. You were the reason that tonight was so right -- having you here.

Jamie: So no regrets about us getting back together?

Julia: No, no regrets. I mean, we -- we may not be on the exact same page when it comes to everything we want in life, but, well, we both appreciate this and, well, we both come from tight-knit, warm families.

Jamie: And we know what really counts.

Julia: Yeah -- nights like this.

Jamie: Us like this.

Julia: Yeah.

Jamie: I know a way we could get closer to that same page you're so concerned about.

Julia: Oh.

Jamie: My lease is about to expire.

Julia: Oh. Well, were you planning on renewing?

Jamie: That depends on you. Is it too much too fast? If it is, just say so.

Julia: Huh.

Jamie: But I got to think the only thing better than falling asleep next to you every night is waking up next to you every morning. I'll even rent my own room for the nights you need space.

Julia: I can't imagine there would be too many nights like that.

Jamie: Is that a yes?

Julia: You are home, sweet home.

Di: Your bed must remind you of the good old days doing -- [Australian accent] Special Ops in the Siberian tundra, but --

Aidan: Uh-huh.

Di: [Normal voice] I think the ops could be a lot more special if my lips were not blue.

Aidan: Oh, really? And where is the adventure in that, huh? Come on.

Di: I can show you. In my nice big, warm, cozy, warm bed.

Aidan: Well, it is getting kind of toasty in here.

Di: I promise, my bed can get really toasty.

Aidan: Hey, I'm all up for experimentation. Oh.

Di: Oh. No goose bumps, no shivers. Nothing's blue.

[Di and Aidan chuckle as they kiss, remove their clothing, and jump into bed.]

Aidan: Oh. I could get used to this.

Di: Little bit warmer, huh?

Aidan: Uh-huh.

Di: Hey, why don't you -- why don't you come in from the cold? Wildwind's got, like, a bazillion bedrooms.

Aidan: Oh, you want me to move in here?

Di: I don't know.

Aidan: Are you serious?

Di: I don't know. Um --

Aidan: Oh.

Di: No, I'm -- it -- you heard the reviews. And plus, you'd be doing me a favor.

Aidan: How's that?

Di: Well, at night, instead of raiding the fridge, I could just creep down the hall and raid your room.

Amanda: Jonathan, what's up with the cops and the ambulance?

Jonathan: I asked. All they told me was move along.

Amanda: Oh.

Del: You know, I have a confession.

Amanda: Not a surprise.

Del: I sleepwalk. It's my secret shame.

Amanda: Sleepwalk all you want. My room's going to be in a whole other wing.

Del: Well, that's ok. I sleepwalk a country mile, so just in case, darling, if I ever do wander into your bedroom late one night, best thing to do is treat me real gentle-like with lots of TLC.

Amanda: You won't get that far. I plan on keeping my door locked; and if you sleepwalk through that, I'll beat you with a stick.

Del: Oh, you wouldn’t.

Amanda: Talk to Josh Madden.

Del: Where is the gratitude, Amanda? Sleepwalking is a disease, and I just hooked you up with a killer crib.

Amanda: Ooh, yeah, you did. Thank you.

Del: You can thank me later in the hot tub.

Amanda: Oh.

Jonathan: You're moving in with Del?

Amanda: Yes. Oh -- no. I'm moving into Wildwind. It's totally a solo thing, my own room. There's a bunch of us.

Jonathan: That's good. That part of the bunch is hot for you. You know that, right? He constantly dogs you when you're here. So you give him unlimited access, I can't imagine --

Amanda: You really want to do this?

Jonathan: That's right. I remember now -- BJ’s, Sean. You don't need protection.

Amanda: That's right.

Jonathan: It's your business, not mine.

Amanda: Thank you.

Jonathan: You're welcome.

[Amanda chuckles]

Amanda: You know, for what it's worth, I can handle Del -- he hasn't a hope in hell.

Derek: The crime scene downstairs, if it is a crime scene, is already contaminated enough. Sorry about the cold, but this won't take long. Now, I just want to ask a few questions.

Erin: There's no way that Simone was murdered.

Derek: Slow down, let's back up. Now, you were all her friends. You worked with her every day. Was she depressed?

Kendall: No. She was not depressed.

Derek: Well, this is Simone’s first holiday season without Ethan. Couldn't have been easy for her. Does anybody know what she did for Thanksgiving, who she was with? Was she dreading it?

Erin: She wasn't dreading anything.

Danielle: I mean, Simone was telling me just this week it was exactly a year ago Ethan gave her all his shares, made her full partner. She was happy, proud even.

Derek: A memory like that could trigger a lot of pain.

Kendall: She was fine. She was fine, ok? She was stressed, but it was normal stress. We had been working long hours on this new campaign, and I'm sure -- maybe she was tired. Maybe she just laid down on the yoga mat, and she had a stroke or -- I don't know -- or a heart attack.

Derek: Well, healthy young women don't tend to die in their sleep.

Babe: Maybe she wasn't feeling well.

Erin: We were behind schedule.

Bianca: Yeah, that's right. That's why she didn't want to come down with us to ConFusion. She said that she wanted to work.

Derek: Oh, that's right -- the celebration. And what was the occasion?

Kendall: Zach and I bought a house.

Derek: And how did Simone take that news? You and Zach finally spending your future together, Simone’s future? Maybe she thought it died with Ethan.

Kendall: Would you stop doing that? Stop making it out to be a suicide. There is no way that Simone killed herself!

Zach: Shh.

Kendall: Now, I -- I don't know what happened here. But, I mean, she had a flower. She put a flower in her hair. That must mean that she changed her mind, she was coming to join us. I mean, she's always been the life of the party.

Bianca: I'm with Kendall. I -- I didn't know Simone as well as the other girls, but, come on, suicide?

Erin: Not a chance.

Danielle: We would've known something, sensed something.

Zach: She didn't kill herself.

Derek: There it is again, that certainty. How do you know?

Zach: Instinct.

Derek: Based on what? Your gut, the hairs on the back of your neck? Evidence? Something you know that we don't?

Kendall: Why are you attacking my husband?

Derek: I'm fascinated by his certainty. Now, tell me more. Why are you so sure this woman was murdered?

Zach: Instinct.

Tad: You know what? I hate to say it, but he's absolutely right. The last thing I should do is come in here and tell you all about the manure that David’s spreading around. I wasn't thinking.

Adam: It's hardly a surprise.

Krystal: Now, don't -- don't worry about it, ok?

Tad: No, no.

Krystal: No, listen. Any other time, it'd be water off my back, but it's just that these days with this little bean, I'm a little more emotional.

Tad: With just cause. All right, I'm sorry. No more blindsiding, I give you my word.

Adam: All right. All right, my darling. I'm going to take you home and tuck you in.

Krystal: Ok.

Adam: Here we go.

Krystal: Tad.

[Julia chuckles]

Aidan: Hello?

Di: Uh -- if we're interrupting --

Jamie: Hmm.

Aidan: You guys tired of group living yet?

Julia: Um -- well, no. Actually, I'm just getting started. Meet our newest resident.

Di: Whoa, no, I didn't get to vote on that.

Julia: He cooks.

Di: You're in.

Jamie: Good answer.

Di: Mm-hmm. Any chance there'd be room for just one more? Aidan's loft is permanently polar.

Julia: Any room you want.

Di: Yeah.

Julia: Here's to group living.

Jamie: Yeah. Group living.


Aidan: Cheers.

Di and Julia: Cheers. Oh, my God.

Derek: That's all for now. We'll find out more when I get the CSI report and the autopsy results.

Kendall: How long will that take?

Derek: It's a priority. You're free to go.

Zach: Let me take you home. Come on. Babe, Erin, get your cars in the morning. Let's go.

Erin: That's ok. I'm -- I'm going to go downstairs. Jonathan's working.

Josh: Warmth -- good idea.

Derek: Dani, let me take you home.

Danielle: I have my car.

Derek: No, no, I don't want you driving feeling like this, ok?

Bianca: Are you ok?

Babe: I'm just not ready to leave, not yet. I can’t.

Josh: I'll make sure she gets home ok.

Babe: It's ok for you to leave.

Josh: I -- I can't do that.

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Zach (to Derek): I want to see Simone’s autopsy report.

Derek (to Zach): What's it to you?

Kendall (to Bianca): I can't just sit around here and do nothing. Ok, we need to do something now.

Josh (to Babe): Let me take care of you. Let me just do this one last thing for you.

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