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Kendall: How can you be overbooked for Thanksgiving? Uh -- no. My sister made a reservation -- that means that we're booked. Yeah, well, you were all psyched to confirm our table until I told you our name. What? No. Uh -- "disruptive"? Wait, hold on -- "canceled"? You can't cancel us, we're -- we're your best customers. My mother just threw a huge party there. "Complaints"? Look, I don't care what happened last year or the year before that or back when you were serving the freakin' Pilgrims. This is my son's first Thanksgiving, and we're going to be happy no matter what.

[Erica daydreams of her reconciliation with Jack.]

Erica's voice: I love you, Jack. I will not give up on our marriage. I know we have problems, but I want to work them out -- together, in our home.

Jack's voice: Oh, Erica. Thank God.

Erica: Yes. That's exactly the way it's going to be.

Jack: I know how badly you want to be home together as a family.

Annie: "Visitation with Emma"? I can't even believe I'm saying those words, but I suppose it's better than nothing?

Ryan: Any minute now Jeff is going to call, and the DNA results are going to come in. It's going to prove once and for all that Emma is your biological daughter.

Annie: Unless they don't.

Jeff: McDermott, Annie McDermott. Could you call the lab again and find out what's taking so long?

Nurse: Mm-hmm.

Jeff: Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.

Josh: Well, you called, I came, but you can save your breath, because I know what you're going to say.

[Adam walks into J.R.’s hospital room and sees Colby lying with her head on her brother’s bed.]

Adam: Seeing my two children like this, I know we can get through anything. And I know you're going to be healthy and strong with your family right beside you.

Colby: I'm staying right here.

[Adam chuckles]

Adam: That's the spirit, Colby. And if I'm going to get J.R. started on his road to health on the right foot, I think I'm going to have Thanksgiving dinner catered right here in the hospital -- as a signal that no one and nothing can stand in the way of a Chandler.

Colby: I kicked your creepy dad out of here last night. I'll bounce you, too.

Babe: I am not here to fight, Colby.

Adam: I think it would be best if you leave, Babe.

Babe: I'll go -- if J.R. wants me to. But I'll keep coming back.

J.R.: I want to talk to Babe. Alone.

Josh: J.R. was banged up pretty bad. He was unconscious, he was bleeding out.

Jeff: You controlled the bleeding with emergency surgery.

Josh: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what? If you're waiting for me to say that while I was holding the scalpel in my hand, a light shined from above and angels beckoned me back to medicine, you can forget about it.

Jeff: No, no, no, no, that's not what I wanted --

Josh: Look, J.R.’s nosedive did nothing to me other than ruin a perfectly good shirt. I'm still the same guy I was before -- with zero interest in being a doctor.

Jeff: Ok, ok, I got it. There's no lab coat or stethoscope in your future. The last thing on my mind is your career. I don't care if you never practice medicine again. I just want you to know that you can become a fisherman, you can knit sweaters for a living. I didn't call you down here as a recruitment ploy. I'm waiting for some test results, and I just couldn't let another hour go by without telling you in person how extremely proud I am of you.

Annie: Where is Emma? What is taking so long?

Ryan: You know what? The traffic is -- is backed up, way backed up, because of the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I'm sure she --

Emma: Mommy! Mommy!

Ryan: Oh --

Annie: Aha!

Ryan: You see?

Annie: Hi!

Ryan: The traffic, right?

Annie: Oh, my little girl!

Ryan: You see?

Annie: Oh, I missed you so much!

Ryan: Oh.

Annie: Hi! What is this? Oh, Emma, this is beautiful. Did you draw this for Mommy?

Emma: Because you came to take me home.

[Knock on door]

Erica: Oh. Oh. Uh -- hello. I -- I'm not quite ready to -- to check out yet, but I will call for a bellman just as soon as I am.

Man: Oh, there's a delivery for you, Ms. Kane.

Erica: Oh. Uh -- all right. Well, could you just hold that for me downstairs, and then I'll -- I'll pick it up on my way out.

Man: I'm afraid that's not possible.

Erica: I don't understand.

Man: It's a substantial delivery from your husband.

Erica: Flowers? Well, how many did he send? A few dozen?

Man: Uh -- he --

Erica: More? Oh, my goodness. Well -- oh. I -- I'm sure that my husband wanted to -- wanted to surprise me and -- well, that's just great, because I'm sure that married minds think alike. Actually, I'm surprising him today. That's exactly what I'm doing -- by going home!

[Man chuckles]

Erica: Oh. So, why don't you just take those flowers and put them in the bridal suite, ok? Or, you know what? You could just send them right over to -- to Pine Valley Hospital, ok? That'll do, too.

Man: I -- I don't think that's going to work.

[The manager and a bellhop wheel Erica’s considerable entire wardrobe into her hotel room.]

Man: Your delivery.

Kendall: My mother is living in a hotel. Jackson must be going out of his mind. And God forbid Ryan turns his cell phone on, so he lets me know when he wants to see our son today. And to top it all off, the Valley Inn has banned our entire family.

[Zach chuckles]

Kendall: Uh-huh. So, my son's perfect first Thanksgiving is turning out to be a perfect disaster.

Zach: I'm sorry? Huh. Oh. Uh -- the boy says he's ok doing that Thanksgiving puree thing anywhere. Oh -- I'm sorry. And he wants to know if you can bring Miranda and his beautiful mom and anybody else who wants to come to the casino.

Kendall: The casino?

Zach: Casino.

Kendall: Yeah, yeah. Ok. So we'll -- we'll gather around the blackjack table, surrounded by slot machines. I can feed Spike, you can burp him, and then we can take a little spin on the roulette wheel and put him to bed.

Zach: Yeah, we could do that, or we could have a nice dinner in the dining room. You're the co-owner, you know we have that. So we could put leaves and pumpkins and stuff in there. Hayrides, whatever -- anything you want.

Kendall: Hmm. I wanted for this Thanksgiving to be special. Last year was such a disaster. I mean, I can still see Greenlee’s face, the way she was looking at me when she stood up to make that toast. She told everyone that I was carrying my own baby with Ryan. Everyone just looking at me with sheer horror on their face. My best friend telling me that she hated me for the rest of her life. My whole world fell apart that day.

Zach: Well, you put it back together. Now you got a beautiful son.

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Zach: Got a beautiful husband that loves you.

Kendall: Yes, that's true. God, I was in so much pain that day, I bet little Spike could feel it inside of me. I've never felt so alone in my entire life. But you -- you told me --

Zach: I told you I loved you and that I'll always be there for you, and that hasn't changed.

Kendall: Hmm. It has taken us so long to get to this place -- us together, me completely in love with my baby, peace with Ryan. I have a new brother now, my sister's here. I mean, everything should be good. We should be wiping away the old and giving thanks for the new. But it's like everything's happening all over again. And now Spike's family is one big, fighting mess with no dinner reservations.

Zach: We don't need a reservation. We can all go to the casino and --

Kendall: Uh-uh, no. You know what? Actually, maybe this is a good thing. Maybe he will learn to associate misery with holidays, and then he'll never be disappointed.

Zach: He's not going to be disappointed.

Kendall: I mean, think about it, think about it.

Zach: No disappointment. Here you go. I'm going to make sure he has a perfect Thanksgiving dinner -- even if I have to use a gun.

Kendall: Did you hear that?

Josh: You know, I never thought about becoming a chef. I think I can get into that.

Jeff: You know, Josh, what you did was extraordinary. You saved J.R.’s life -- a man you despise, the husband of the woman you love.

Josh: Look, don't go labeling me as the hero. I didn't exactly spring into action the second I saw him.

Jeff: Yes, but you took the time to think. That makes it even more impressive.

Josh: I'm just a guy who knows how to use a surgical clamp.

Jeff: Well, listen, when you're under pressure, that's when we show our true colors, what we're really made of.

Josh: Don't, all right?

Jeff: "Don't" what? Give praise where it's due? Or say what I'm feeling, because it might evoke some feeling in you? Look, the Chandlers have cast you as public enemy number one, the source of all their problems. So you've gone into the defensive mode, put up your defenses, which is a good strategy -- I've done it myself. And if you feel that you need to do that to protect yourself, then do it. But, son, there's one thing -- you never have to protect yourself from me.

Josh: You said you were waiting for some test results?

Jeff: Yeah. I got to head back down to the lab. Want to go for a walk?

Josh: Yeah, sure.

Ryan: Would it bring the entire Department of Family Services to a grinding halt and cause mayhem in the streets if Emma spent Thanksgiving at home?

Betty: I'm sorry, but until the testing proves that Ms. McDermott is Emma’s biological mother --

Ryan: I know you have rules.

Betty: Visitation is the best I can do.

Annie: Oh, Emma, you are such a good artist. Your turkeys are getting better and better every day.

Emma: Why can't we go home?

Annie: Oh, sweetheart, we are going home, just -- just not yet. But very soon, I promise. Hey -- play a game with me, ok? Remember when we read about those Greek goddesses, and we decided that Athena was our favorite, because she was so brave, and she was so strong? Um -- let's both pretend that we're Athena, and we'll -- we'll wear really shiny hats and the long robes. And -- and even when we're apart, we really won't be apart because goddesses are always connected no matter what, right? I'm so proud of you, Emma. Can you just -- can you just stay strong and brave for Mommy just for a little while longer? Yeah? Come here. Come give Mommy a big hug. Oh, big hug, big hug, big hug, big hug, oh. Oh.

Erica: This is an outrage! I demand to speak to the manager.

Man: I -- I am the manager, Ms. Kane.

Erica: Well, then I want to speak to the owner. I mean, I would like to speak to the person responsible for this lunacy. Why wasn't I called? Why wasn't I told that this was happening beforehand, so I could do something about it?

Manager: Mr. Montgomery telephoned the hotel. He said you'd be expecting this delivery.

Erica: Oh, really? And did Mr. Montgomery happen to mention that he was also sending over the contents of an eighteen-wheeler?

Zach: Well, look at the bright side -- at least now you have a different outfit for every course of Thanksgiving dinner.

Kendall: Now, style is very important for a man. All right? Now, what you wear -- it says a lot about you, so you got to help me out here, ok? Got a lot of things. Now -- I'm glad I have your attention. Do you want this nice black jacket or this white sweater? Hmm? Which one are you thinking? All right, and how about -- you know what? Let's -- let's move on to some of the tops here. We've got crazy tops. Do you want something with buttons, maybe? Button or you want zippers? How do you feel about that? Pants, also. We need to discuss pants -- and, please, honey, don't -- don't say "plaid." Oy. This is a really big day for you, Spikey. The whole family's going to be together sharing a wonderful meal. It's going to be great.

Zach: Wow. Huh?

Erica: Oh. I wouldn't have Thanksgiving dinner with Jack Montgomery if it were my last meal on earth.

Zach: Yeah, but, come on, it's not your last meal -- not even your last Thanksgiving, but it is Spike's first.

Erica: Well, I'm sure that that's going to be wonderful. But it certainly has nothing to do with my husband and me.

Zach: Not according to Kendall. Maybe we should try to get our priorities straight. What do you think?

Erica: "We"? Ah -- this from the man who left his wife's hospital bedside to go play detective with Dixie Martin? Look, if you haven't noticed before, I'm really busy.

Zach: I know you're busy, but I think it's time to put our hostilities behind and present a united front -- for the boy.

Kendall: The stores are closed today, pal, so we are going to have to just use what we got. Ok, look. You smiled at this one. I think it's pretty darn cute. [Baby voice] Don't you think it's cute? Wouldn't this look wonderful on you? [Normal voice] Look at this -- it's all fancy and -- ew, it missing a button. All right, well, I'm sure it's got to be around here somewheres. I'm sure under this pile of crazy clothes that we have, that we're going to return half of them tomorrow anyway. You know what? Let me put this down. It's got to be around here somewhere. I'm sure it's underneath this mess. I mean, it's a pretty big button. It's actually a really huge, enormous button. Oh, God. Oh, Spikey. Oh, Spike, what did your mama do to you? What did you let your mama do?

Ryan: You just hang in there, ok? Hang in there. Everything's going to work out.

Kendall: Help! It's an emergency! It's Spike!

Babe: So much has happened since our wedding in the garden. I never stopped loving you. If you had died -- I just -- I just wanted to tell you how -- how thankful I am that you're alive, and that you're listening to me. I know that we have problems -- big, ugly problems -- but I just want you to know that -- that I'm not going to run away from them. I am going to stay in our home, and I am going to fight for us. I'm going fight for our family and our marriage. Talk to me, J.R., please. Just yell at me, scream your head off, tell me how angry you are -- I can take it. I can take anything that'll help us get through this. You'll talk to me?

J.R.: Hmm.

Babe: Are you thirsty? Here, hold on. Here.

[J.R. begins to take a sip of water then flings the entire cup’s contents on Babe.]

J.R.: You want me to yell at you, Babe? So you want me to tell you how I feel about our future?

[Monitor beeps]

J.R.: You're all wet. Must bring back some sweet memories of you and your pal Josh in the kiddie pool.

Adam: You, out -- now.

J.R.: And you stay out, you worthless whore! Here's an official warning to all the lucky few who haven't banged Babe, the two-timing slut. She'll do you, and then she'll do you wrong. She calls herself a wife. She's a disgrace.

[Monitor beats rapidly]

J.R.: So if you see that cheating, lying slut coming your way, run. And here's a warning to you, Babe -- you stay away from my son. And stay the hell away from us, you bitch!

Adam: Son, come on. Come on, calm down. You're going to -- don't. You're going to hurt yourself.

J.R.: I want her gone!

Adam: Just -- shh, shh, yeah. We're going to clean up this mess and get Joe here. Just -- just lower your voice, lower your voice.

J.R.: I want her gone -- I want her gone now.

Kendall: Yes, Dr. Tanzier, I did. I called 911.

Ryan: His breathing seems totally normal, completely normal.

Annie: Oh, come on, you stupid piece of plastic, show yourself.

Kendall: No, no, no. There -- there's no vomiting, there's no spitting up. I -- I don't know. And excessive drool? Ok, Ryan, Ryan, does he have --

Ryan: What?

Kendall: Any excessive drool?

Ryan: No, no, no, not out --

Annie: Oh, oh!

Ryan: Of the normal. Why?

Annie: Oh, just a spot. I'm sorry.

Kendall: Oh, God, ok. No, no, he's not having any trouble swallowing.

Ryan: No, I mean, he -- he doesn't seem like he's in pain at all, he's not even fussy.

Kendall: No, he's not -- I haven't heard him coughing. Ryan, is he coughing?

Ryan: No, he's not coughing at all.

Annie: You know, maybe it rolled underneath something.

Kendall: Oh -- well, of course, I did not stick my finger down his throat. What do you think, I'm crazy?

Ryan: Well, we both know the baby Heimlich.

Kendall: Yeah, I know it, too. Ok, see, I don't think he's red. He doesn't seem to be red.

Ryan: Shh, shh. No, his color is completely and totally normal.

Kendall: Listen, if my son were turning blue, do you think I'd be even listening to these moronic questions?

Ryan: You know what, maybe we should get him a bottle. Maybe fluid will help pass it through.

Annie: Do you have a flashlight? Flashlight?

Kendall: Yes -- flashlights are up there. Yes, yes, yes. No, no, you're not a moron, Dr. Tanzier. It's just that these are the same questions the 911 operator asked me.

Ryan: You know what? I swear I could've seen a laugh. I think he's laughing at us. That's a good sign, no?

Kendall: Is it possible that he's swallowed this button, and he's not showing any symptoms?

Ryan: Hey, Annie, you've got more experience than both of us put together. Can you take another look? Would you mind?

Annie: Oh. Well, he's -- he's not wincing. He's not shifting around.

Kendall: Maybe. Do -- do we need to bring him in for an X-ray?

Ryan: Yeah -- I mean, does he look like he's uncomfortable to you?

Annie: Just the opposite.

Kendall: No rush? Wait, wait, I -- I can sit around and just hang out for 24 hours until my son chokes?

Ryan: He's ok, right? I mean, he's ok.

Annie: I don't -- I don't think he swallowed anything.

Kendall: Wait, wait, what? What -- "chances are"? You expect me to be ok with "chances are"?

Ryan: I honestly think he's ok. I think Spike's totally ok.

Annie: Yeah, me, too.

Kendall: "Chances are," huh? Ok, well, chances are I will be finding a new pediatrician.

Erica: You may be married to my daughter, but don't let that unfortunate fact delude you into thinking that I'm really interested in hearing any advice you have to give on family unity.

Zach: I'm just keeping up my end of the bargain, that's all.

Erica: What is that supposed to mean? What on earth are you talking about?

Zach: We had a deal. I give Kendall the world, and if I screw up, you tell me about it and I listen.

Erica: And you being such a respectable, honorable man, that means so much?

Zach: Wow. You're going to keep jabbing at me, huh? That's all right, it doesn't matter. The important thing is to keep my wife happy, and what she wants right now is a perfect Thanksgiving for her son, and I'm going to give it to her.

Kendall: Was that a hiccup? I think he just hiccupped.

Annie: I didn't hear a peep.

Kendall: You're right. He's so quiet. He's too quiet. Oh, baby. Please be ok, my love.

Annie: Oh.


Kendall: Oh, good. Oh, thank God, thank God. Ok. This is good.

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on -- hold. Crisis averted. Button is not in Spike.

Kendall: Oh.

Ryan: It's right here.

[Siren stops]

[Annie chuckles]

Erica: This -- wait -- oh, my -- oh, be careful!

Manager: Please, Mr. -- just bear with us --

Erica: This asinine goal of yours --

Manager: For a few minutes.

Erica: To create a happy holiday out of this? I mean, how in the world do you expect to accomplish that?

Zach: Money. I'll make it worthwhile for these guys to accommodate you and your colorful family.

Erica: Look, the amount you'd have to shell out to the maitre d' just to give us a bread basket would bankrupt you.

Zach: Whatever. Your daughter wants a Kane/Montgomery Thanksgiving dinner, and that means Erica Kane and Jack Montgomery at the same table. Excuse me.

Erica: Look, I love Kendall and I love Spike with all my heart. But sometimes, we just can't have what we want. And this year, there will be no family gathering.

Zach: Ok. You love Kendall, and you want to help her as long as you don't have to lift a finger. Got it.

Kendall: Oh, guys, I'm -- I'm really sorry about the false alarm.

Ryan: Yeah, thank you. Thanks again, really.

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: All right?

Kendall: Yeah, thank you.

Ryan: Thank you.

Kendall: Ok, all right. So, from now on, it is zippers and Velcro for you, my love.

Ryan: I think you might owe Dr. Tanzier an apology, maybe, Kendall?

Kendall: Yeah, I -- I think. I guess I was a little rough, huh?

Ryan: Yeah, just a little.

Annie: No, Kendall. Your reaction was completely normal.

Kendall: Um -- uh, Annie, I hope you don't mind, but I would like to talk to Ryan alone, please.

Annie: Sure. Fine. I'll be in the courtyard.

Kendall: Was it me, or was Annie a little on edge there?

Ryan: Oh. Well, yeah. The Department of Family Services has put Emma with a foster family temporarily, so some judge got it in his head that Emma’s not Annie’s biological mother, Jeff ran some tests, they should come back any second, but until we get them, "on edge" is to be expected.

Kendall: Well, we, your son and I -- we would like to discuss Thanksgiving with you.

Ryan: Oh. Shoot.

Kendall: Yeah -- uh, well, I -- I think that the holidays are a really important time, and I would like to start establishing some traditions with our son.

Ryan: Hmm.

Kendall: And I think it would mean the world to Spike if he would spend them with his mother and his father.

Ryan: Yes -- that is, if you're asking me to Thanksgiving dinner. I say yes, absolutely.

Kendall: Oh. Ok, good. Good, well, I'm -- I'm glad. Now -- now, wait a minute. Are you sure? Are you sure that you're not going to mind, you know --

Ryan: Seeing you and Zach look at each other from across the table?

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: It's not what I dream about, but I'll be fine.

Kendall: Again, are you sure?

Ryan: I'm absolutely positive, Kendall. Truthfully, this is the first I've thought of it. I've been so preoccupied with Annie and Emma, you know?

Kendall: Well, Annie is very lucky to have you as her champion.

Ryan: Annie's not going to be lucky until she gets her daughter back.

Kendall: Ok, so could you maybe focus on us for a little while here?

Ryan: Ok.

Kendall: Yeah? Ok, focus on us, because we need help. We need help. We were -- before the whole button fiasco --

Ryan: Mm-hmm?

Kendall: We were trying to figure out what our son will wear for the holidays. So, I think I need your help.

Ryan: Ok.

Kendall: I need a man's opinion.

Ryan: Let's see some threads. Come on, let's check it out.

Kendall: Come see your daddy.

Ryan: Get over here.

Kendall: Come see your daddy.

Ryan: Come see your big daddy.

Kendall: Ok, I'm -- now, I'm going to show you what we have. We got some cool stuff here.

Ryan: Hey. Which one you want?

Kendall: All right, now, well, our son looks strikingly handsome in this --

Ryan: Oh.

Kendall: Or very dapper in this.

Ryan: Oh, I think the red. Don't you think the red?

Kendall: The red.

Ryan: Do you like the red?

[Knock on door]

Kendall: I'll get that

Ryan: I think the red, the red, the red. The red, the red, the red

Annie: Dr. Martin called. We have to go.

[Knock on door]

Kendall: Ahem. What do you want?

David: I thought those two would never leave.

Kendall: You're spying on me?

David: What's wrong, Kendall? You seem stressed.

Kendall: Yeah, and you seem like a deranged freak who can go to hell, or the police station -- your call.

David: Today is all about gratitude, so where's yours for the extraordinary favor I'm about to do for you?

Erica: You'll have to book me an additional room, two rooms -- I mean, maybe an entire floor. Please, just -- just get this all out of my sight.

Manager: Yeah, right away, Ms. Kane. So, you won't be checking out after all?

Erica: Oh, no. I'm staying here for the duration.

Brooke: Oh, hey.

Jack: Oh.

Brooke: Oh, sorry.

Jack: Oh.

Brooke: Sorry.

Jack: It's ok.

Brooke: No, I thought I was the only one on the volunteer roster today.

Jack: Surprise.

Brooke: Well, I brought a turkey sandwich, and I could split it with you.

Jack: Brooke, you're kidding me. You're brown-bagging on Thanksgiving?

Brooke: No, no. Jamie and Tad wanted to be at the hospital with J.R., and Ruth and Joe got smart and booked a cruise, and Amanda didn't want to do the turkey thing, so I thought I'd pitch in here, because I wanted peace and quiet. It's exactly what I need.

Jack: Well, that's good, because all I would have to offer you is chaos and noise.

Brooke: Hmm.

Jack: Bianca and Kendall are trying to put together a last-minute Thanksgiving Day thing at the Valley Inn, you know?

Brooke: Uh-huh.

Jack: I know it's last-minute, but you know what? We'd like it if you'd be our guest.

Brooke: You'd like it?

Jack: Yeah.

Brooke: Uh-huh. What about Erica and her daughters?

Jack: Bianca and Kendall would love it, I'm sure. And Erica? Well, she won't be there.

Jeff: So what are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Josh: Probably dodging my new sister's phone calls.

Jeff: Would I be pushing it if I asked you to join us for dinner?

Josh: Yeah.

Jeff: Yeah, I'd be pushing it or --

Josh: Yes, I'll have dinner with you, but don't go all proud papa on me, or I'll lose my appetite.

Jeff: All right. So how about I give you a call around -- Josh?

Josh: I shouldn't have left Babe.

Jeff: Look, look, just -- come here. I think just talking to her would only make it worse.

Josh: Yeah, well, then I could've sat with her. I could've held her hand or at least gotten her out of there.

Jeff: I know. She -- she's been on an emotional roller coaster. She needs some time to decompress.

Josh: Did you hear what J.R. was saying to her? I should've walked in there and shut his face up.

Jeff: Josh, just leave J.R. alone.

Josh: Yeah, well, I hope I never run into that psycho-alcoholic again, but I will see Babe. I'll be waiting for her. She will come around, too. It doesn't matter how long I have to wait -- a month, a year, 10 years. She will come around. She'll see J.R. as the lost cause that he is. And when she is ready for me, I will be there.

Babe: I just -- I just wanted J.R. to talk to me.

Adam: The first time you saw him, he nearly had a stroke. The second time, he went into an uncontrollable rage.

Babe: I never meant to hurt him.

Adam: You're doing more than hurting him -- you're putting his life in jeopardy.

Babe: But I love him. I -- I love J.R.

Adam: You do?

Babe: Yes.

Adam: Then prove it -- stay away from him.

[As a siren blows in the background, Babe remembers J.R.’s hurtful words and collapses to the floor in tears.]

J.R.’s voice: And here's a warning to you, Babe -- stay away from my son. Don't you ever come near me or him ever again. So you get naked, find your lover, and stay the hell away from us, you bitch!

[Remembering Babe’s words, J.R. carefully tears her out of his family photo just as Josh appears in his doorway.]

Babe's voice: Talk to me, J.R., please? Just yell at me, scream your head off, tell me how angry you are. I can take it. I can take anything that'll help us get through this.

Annie: Tell me.

Jeff: Well, I -- I haven't opened them yet. I was waiting for you to arrive. Are you ready?

Annie: I'm ready.

Jeff: There's no match between you and Emma.

Ryan: Lots more envelopes, lots more.

Jeff: No match. Do you want to take a minute and --

Annie: No. Keep going.

Ryan: You hang in there.

Annie: Please, please, please, please.

Kendall: I know all about that sick DNA stunt that you pulled with Emma -- putting Tad and Dixie through hell for your own personal enjoyment?

David: I thought you'd be happy to see Dixie suffer.

Kendall: No, that's you, David.

David: Even after the shameless play she made for your husband? Boy, you really are generous with the men you love.

Kendall: Ok, you're about to see how violent I can be with the men I hate.

David: First, you lend Zach to Dixie, now Ryan. Wow, you're just passing them off left and right.

Kendall: Wait -- what are you talking about, with Ryan?

David: Well, you just handed him off to Annie, which is pretty amazing considering the fact that you worked so hard to have a kid with him. I mean, after all that, doesn't it bother you to see how close he and Annie are getting?

Kendall: Do you know what bothers me, David -- you.

David: Oh. Annie comes running, Annie needs Ryan, Ryan walks out on you and Spike.

Kendall: I can't --

David: So it does bother you.

Kendall: Ahem. Ryan went to go help Annie, ok? She had a problem. I'm -- I have no problem with that.

David: Annie's a good-looking woman -- sweet, down-to-earth, low maintenance. I mean, how could Ryan not fall in love with a woman like that? You know, if I were you, I would nip that thing in the bud as soon as possible.

Kendall: Ok, listen to me -- Ryan is one of my closest friends. He is the father of my child. I'm -- I'm fine with this. I am in love with Zach. Our marriage is solid, and I couldn't be happier.

David: Great, great. So you won't mind if Ryan’s priorities change? If all of a sudden, you and Spike start sharing him with virtual strangers?

Kendall: I said everything's fine, so you can leave now, please.

David: Now, that is a relief. And here I thought you were going out of your mind. But you're obviously at peace with the choice that you've made -- Zach over Ryan at the buzzer. And Ryan ends up with Annie by default, which actually makes perfect sense.

Kendall: Ok. Enlighten me, David. What makes perfect sense?

David: Ryan is the father of Annie’s little girl.

>> Next week on "All My Children" --

Josh: What are you going to do, J.R.? Go on, try it.

Bianca (to Erica): Your daughters are going to have a happy Thanksgiving, even if it kills us.

David (to Kendall): I never said a word to Ryan. I'm going to leave that entirely up to you. One big holiday surprise for Pops Lavery.

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