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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 11/15/06


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Annie: I'm so --

Ryan: This is -- go on.

[Annie sighs]

Annie: Ok. All right. What a day. You have any champagne to celebrate these results? Emma is mine and nobody can ever take her from me again.

Ryan: A little early for champagne, isn't it? How about some good Canadian maple syrup?

Annie: Oh.

Ryan: What do you say to a pancake brunch for two?

Annie: Hmm.

[Knock on door]

Annie: Somebody heard "pancakes."

Josh: Kendall?

Kendall: Yes?

Josh: Bianca? Be prepared to be happy sisters.

Kendall: Ok.

Bianca: What? Are -- are you all right?

Josh: I'm through with Babe, now and forever.

Babe: Oh, my God -- J.R.!


Babe: J.R., sweetie --

Nurse: We were 120.

Doctor: He's what?

Nurse: 180.

Doctor: SVT. Draw six of adenosine for IV push, have 10 cc's of saline ready for flush.

Babe: J.R., sweetie --

Adam: Just --

Babe: Can you hear me?

Doctor: Get a code cart in here.

Nurse: You're going to have to leave now. Go.

Adam: No!

Nurse: You are in the way. Out now!

Adam: Ah.

Babe: I don't know! The -- he was there and he opened his eyes, and everything went crazy.

Adam: I tried to warn you. Your presence alone could kill him.

Julia: I'm having David paged, but --

Tad: He's nowhere in sight, huh? I'm not surprised. He's probably busy torturing innocent people, setting them up with a sense of false hope.

Julia: Emma McDermott’s DNA test?

Tad: The results are in. The whole thing was a scam, part of Hayward’s sick little game.

[David’s pager beeps as he stands in Dixie’s room. David stops his pager from beeping.]

David: "Sweet Kate, Merry Christmas from Mommy." "Dearest Kate, Happy 3rd Birthday." It's sad -- tragic, really -- that Emma isn't Kate.

Woman: Is Ms. Annie McDermott here?

Annie: Who wants to know?

Woman: I'm Betty Thompson from the Department of Family Services. Our office was contacted by Judge Leonard Walsh in the matter of the minor child known as Emma McDermott. I need to speak --

Ryan: Wait, ho, ho, ho, hold up.

Annie: "Known as"? There's no "known as."

Betty: We've been ordered to take immediate action in this matter.

Annie: There must be some mistake.

Ryan: What kind of action are you talking about here?

Betty: We've been called to intervene, because Ms. McDermott has physical possession of a child who isn't hers.

Tad: You just make sure the word gets out -- as soon as Hayward gets that page, I want him here. We're going to stitch him up, and I'm going to tear him apart all over again.

Jamie: Uh, this -- this isn't about J.R., is it?

Julia: No.

Tad: We just got Emma McDermott’s DNA test results back. It turns out David Hayward set up the first one. She's not even remotely related to me or Dixie.

Jamie: When you find Hayward, I want a piece of him.

Tad: Done.

Jeff: Keefer, I need you in ICU 4.

Tad: ICU 4?

Jamie: That's J.R.

[Monitor beeps rapidly]

Adam: The fall didn't kill him. You did something else. What did you do?

Babe: I just want to go inside, and I just want to make sure he's ok.

Adam: One look at you, and J.R. crashed. Now, I want -- I want you to stay the hell away from him, or you're going to end up a lot worse than he is.

Tad: Amanda? What happened?

Jamie: What have you heard?

Tad: Is it his heart?

Amanda: I don't know. He was fine, steady anyway. I thought he'd be all right.

Babe: Dr. Martin, Julia, please --


Adam: What the hell is he doing in here? He's the reason J.R. is in here in the first place -- his son! Now, are you going to take care of my boy -- no. What is this, some kind of a conspiracy? Get the hell away from him. Get away from him.

Julia: Will you please both leave, and, Adam, you can't use that in here.

[Tad and Jamie drag Adam out of the room as he tries to use his cell phone.]

Adam: No --

Jeff: Try and relax -- good, good, good.

Babe: J.R.? J.R., please --

Jeff: He's settling.

Babe: Dr. Martin, please save my husband.

Jeff: Check his dressings.

Josh: Bottom line is you can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved. Babe's addiction to J.R. is as strong as his is to booze, so adios, good luck to you both.

Kendall: You see, see? I knew you were too smart to stay with Babe long-term. She's -- she's a mess.

Josh: Yeah. She can't imagine a life not being chained to a violent alcoholic. I need that in my life?

Kendall: No, hell, no.

Bianca: Wow. Well, so much for true love.

Kendall: No sensible man can love a woman like Babe. Thank God she didn't leech on to you for good.

Josh: That's right, and I did everything I could to get Babe except let J.R. bleed out on the sidewalk. No matter how screwed up he is or how dangerous he is, or wherever he is, Babe’s sticking by his side.

Bianca: And since you don't care about her, that must be a relief.

Kendall: If only there was some way we could send her to the other side of the world, then you wouldn't have to see her. You can make that happen, Bianca. You have the power to get rid of that little blonde sleazeball once and for all.

Dixie: This is what you wanted, isn't it? Am I miserable enough for you?

David: I wanted us, you to be happy. I thought you could have your Kate and -- and we could be together.

Dixie: No. Emma isn't Kate. You knew that. You faked the DNA test.

[David sighs]

David: That crushing sensation in your chest makes talking, even breathing nearly impossible. You can't sleep, and yet you want to stay in bed forever, because that's as close to nothingness as you're going to get.

Dixie: Yes.

David: Yes. I have felt the same way, because of you.

Annie: And they believed this Dr. Hayward. But if Tad and Dixie had known it was all a big lie, I never would've even gone to court.

Ryan: Right. This DNA test shows that Tad and Dixie Martin have no rights at all to Emma.

Betty: That's not really --

Annie: No, but it proves that there's no genetic connection.

Betty: But a previous test proved that you are not genetically connected to the child you call Emma.

Annie: The child is mine, and I call her Emma, because that's her name.

Ryan: Right. There is a reasonable explanation.

Annie: Look, this -- this DNA test, it -- it was just a mistake. I know it -- it looks like we're not related, but we are.

Ryan: Yeah, it's a rare condition, you see. It's --

Betty: It's my duty to protect the child.

Annie: Emma doesn't need to be protected from me.

Betty: You came to Pennsylvania from New York, didn't you?

Annie: What does that have to do with anything?

Betty: Tens of thousands of children go missing every year. Unless you're able to prove otherwise right now, I have to assume that this little girl is one of them.

Annie: Out. You get out right now.

Ryan: We'll come by your office later today.

Betty: That isn't an option.

Annie: Get out, or so help me, I will throw you out.

Ryan: Judge Walsh contacting you doesn't make any sense.

Betty: You'll have to take that up with him.

Ryan: Wait, no, he reviewed all the evidence. You realize, Emma’s birth certificate --

Annie: Which lists me as the birth mother, because I am.

Ryan: Right, and -- and a delivery-room nurse swore that she assisted in Emma’s birth.

Annie: Mm-hmm, on June 6, 2002.

Betty: June 6, 2002. The question is, where is that child, and who's the child you're calling Emma?

Ryan: Look, somebody in your department dropped the ball here, ok, because the judge ruled in Annie’s favor.

Betty: The ruling in that case doesn't affect this. My agency's only concern is the welfare of the child.

Annie: Emma is fine. I love my daughter.

Betty: For all we know, she was abducted to replace a baby who passed away, or perhaps --

Annie: This is sick.

Ryan: Did anybody in your office at all tell you what Annie’s been going through lately?

Betty: The child's description and all statistics on file are being run through our database. She'll be compared to all children reported missing in the last four years.

Ryan: Oh, well, that -- that's great and everything, but you're wasting your time.

Annie: Wait, wait. You know what? I -- I'm the one that had this test done. Why would I have had this DNA test done if I'd stolen Emma? I -- I would've been afraid to have her DNA tested.

Betty: The DFS is only concerned --

Annie: Well, you should care about the truth.

Ryan: You don't have all the facts, ok?

Betty: Where is the girl?

Annie: You can go to hell.

Betty: You're making this very difficult.

Annie: Oh, you think this is difficult?

Ryan: Ms. Thompson, I can explain. Let me explain why Annie and Emma don't have the same DNA -- or don't seem to, ok? You just have to listen for a few minutes, please.

David: You were my one chance, Dixie. My one true chance at everything good. But -- gone. But you know what that feels like, right? Because Emma was your one true chance at being reunited with Kate.

Dixie: David, we didn't have any arrangement.

David: Oh, no, no. No, you made yourself clear enough. And at first when you needed me to keep your secret --

Dixie: David, I didn't promise you anything.

David: You led me on. You wanted Kate, so you used me. Well, I wanted you, so I used Kate.

Dixie: You used an innocent child. You used a -- a 4-year-old girl as a weapon. I don't think -- I don't know how I could possibly ever love anybody who could do that.

David: You killed my dream of you and me, and you spit all over me in the process. So I killed your dream of finding Kate.

Dixie: Was it just that cold and simple for you? I mean, you had no reservations? All the pain that you caused -- you had no problem with it whatever?

David: No, no, no, I had one big question -- would the pain you felt really be enough? Would you really be able to feel as hopeless, as bereft, as annihilated as I did? Is my pain any realer to you now? Do you now feel what you did to me?

[Monitor beeps rapidly]

Jeff: What's the IV running at?

Julia: 200 cc's per hour.

Jeff: Ok, open it wide, put a ringer on the other line. Get ahold of Radiology. I want a bedside sono, four views. I want to make sure there's nothing going on in his stomach.

Julia: You got it.

Jeff: Also, check with the blood banks.

Amanda: This is a great hospital. They're going to pull J.R. through.

Babe: Is he all right?

Tad: What happened?

Jamie: Was it his heart?

Adam: No, it was Babe.

Julia: His heart rate is up, and his blood pressure has been fluctuating dangerously.

Adam: Well, then fix it. Or is that beyond Jeff Martin?

Tad: Adam --

Babe: But he'll recover, though? He'll be all right, won't he?

Julia: J.R. hasn’t been responding to treatment.

Babe: Please don't say that. Please -- no, J.R. He -- he can't -- he will not die, no.

Adam: If he doesn't survive, you and Josh started this, and now his father's in there finishing the job.

Babe: Josh saved J.R. J.R. wouldn’t have even made it to the hospital alive if he hadn't stopped him from bleeding to death.

Adam: Oh, don't try to spin Josh into J.R.’s savior.

Babe: You can ask Bianca, she was there.

Jamie: What's his heart rate?

Julia: A few minutes ago, it was 184.

Jamie: Then it needs to be brought down fast.

Julia: Yes, the sooner he's stabilized, the better.

Adam: J.R.’s going to stroke out. Please, God, please don't let him die.

Tad: Adam, my brother is in there doing everything he possibly can to save J.R.'s life. So maybe you should keep your insane opinions to yourself.

Julia: Dr. Martin is doing every protocol that's indicated.

Jamie: Dopamine drip?

Julia: I'll let you know if there's any change.

Adam: Why did you go over to their side? Hmm? When was it you decided that J.R. was less important to you than your big brother, Jeff, and that science project he calls a son?

Tad: Let's get one thing perfectly straight. I love that boy every bit as much as you do, and I'm willing to do anything to pull him through this. Because, personally, I don't think Dixie can survive losing another child.

Dixie: You made me believe that I found my daughter, so I could feel your pain? Well, that's quite a mistake, David. Because this is my pain. It has nothing to do with you. Oh, I supposedly broke your heart? I'm sorry, I don't really believe that's possible. If anything, your pain is even less real to me now, because I don't think you're capable of feeling anything at all after what you've done. You know, there was a time I was the one person who believed that there was something more in you, something good. I must've been making that up in my head. I must -- it was some sort of excuse to justify sleeping with you, because there is nothing -- nothing good in you. You're not even human.

David: There, there, there. Go with that, Dixie. You see that? You're closer to my pain than you even think. Give in to the hate, all right, until it sucks the life out of you.

Dixie: You're sick and twisted. If you want to destroy me, why go after Tad? Why go after J.R. and Jamie?

David: Oh, please, give me a break. Adopted or not, Tad is a Martin through and through. All of them -- so certain they're right all the time, so willing to make life-and-death decisions for everyone. Tad colluded with his father to kill my child.

Dixie: That's not true, Leora was ill.

David: Yes, yes, she was ill, and she needed to be operated on. But they rushed her into that operation knowing that she was too frail, that it would kill her!

Dixie: It was a chance to save her, David.

David: No. She needed a chance to be stronger. They murdered my little girl. And Jamie? Oh, come on. He's no better than the rest of them. He and J.R. have been passing Babe around as if she's a piece of trash. Oh, and J.R. -- now, that -- that is a son you can truly be proud of, huh, Dixie? Huh? Look at him -- soaks himself up with alcohol and tries to kill Babe. By the grace of God he didn't succeed, but he will try again. Now, that -- that son is a true waste of life. Hey, if there was any justice in the world, he would've been the child you would've lost, ok? Let me tell you something -- when he threw himself out that window, he finally gave Babe a chance at freedom. That may have been the one good thing he's ever done in his life, Dixie. The world would've been a better place without him.

Dixie: How dare you. How dare you. How dare you! I'll kill you. How can you do this to my family?

David: You want to hurt me? Huh? You want to hurt me? You think you can hurt me? You've made me immune to pain, Dixie.

Dixie: Let me go. I'll kill you!

David: No.

Dixie: I'll kill you!

David: It's too late! I'm already dead, thanks to you!

[Monitor beeps rapidly]

Jeff: Have you checked his dressing?

Doctor: Yeah.

Jeff: How are the stitches?

Doctor: No distention.

Jeff: Good.

Doctor: Stitches are good.

Jeff: How about the IV?

Julia: Yeah, it's fine.

Tad: Hi, Dixie, it's me. If you get this, you better get back to the hospital quickly. It's J.R. Something's happened, it looks serious.

Adam: All right, now, hurry, hurry. Yes, damn it, hurry up.

Amanda: Babe, what's going on?

Babe: Jamie warned me. He said I should go away, I shouldn't be the first person J.R. saw when he opened his eyes.

Josh: You know, that's not a bad idea.

Kendall: Ah, it's brilliant. Brother and sister ruling the Paris Cambias office together -- it's perfect.

Josh: I don't have to rule.

Kendall: And think about it -- what better place to find the right woman?

Josh: I've always imagined living in Paris, hanging out in cafes in the West Bank. What do you say, Bianca? A little enthusiasm?

Kendall: Come on, you have to admit it's -- it's perfect.

Bianca: Yeah, maybe -- if I believed a single word that Josh was saying about Babe.

Kendall: Come on, Bianca, let's enjoy this. He has actually seen the light about Babe. Think about how peaceful and uneventful Thanksgiving dinner will be.

Bianca: Well, how can you think about Thanksgiving -- you know, forget about it. We need to talk alone, in private, upstairs. Come on.

Babe: If only I had listened.

Amanda: It wasn't a premonition.

Babe: Jamie was right. J.R. saw me one time, and his entire body broke down.

Amanda: Babe, you did not cause this. It just happened, and you were there.

[Amanda sighs]

Amanda: You love J.R., whether he deserves it or not, and that makes him a lucky guy.

[Monitor beeps rapidly]

Jeff: You can't do anything. Go back outside.

Tad: Just a minute --

Jeff: No, there's no news.

Tad: He needs to hear --

Jeff: Tad, we're working.

Tad: Jeff -- just a minute, please. J.R., if you can hear me, you got to pull through this, you understand? Your mother needs you, now more than ever. Emma isn't Kate.

Annie: That's why Emma and I don't match.

Ryan: Yeah, true chimeras are extremely rare. It's true, but they're documented. And because they've absorbed their own twins, they have more than one set of DNA.

Betty: All right, let's see it -- the proof that you have this condition.

Ryan: Ok. All right, I'll -- I'll get it from the lab. We'll arrange to have the test done, and then we'll have the results sent right over to your office.

Betty: I'll write this report up for my supervisor. Now, where's the child?

Annie: What difference does that make?

Betty: Until you can substantiate your claim, she'll be in our custody, not yours.

David: Wow. Boy, this day just keeps getting better and better. Um -- thank you.

Dixie: Poor you -- so hurt, so alone you have to ruin everybody else's happiness.

David: You might want to prepare yourself for some more pain.

Dixie: You know the reason that you're all alone, David, is because you drive everybody away.

David: Hmm.

Dixie: And Joe didn't kill Leora, she had a life-threatening condition.

David: It's funny you bring up life-threatening conditions -- so does J.R.

Dixie: We're not talking about J.R.

David: That was Ms. Maxwell. She's very chatty. Apparently, she thought that I'd be interested to know that J.R. has taken a turn for the worse. He might not make it through the day.

Dixie: You're saying that just to scare me.

David: Call her yourself. See if you have time to get to the hospital.

[Monitor beeps rapidly]

Tad: J.R., you mean the world to Dixie. She needs you. She needs you well and strong, you understand?

Dixie: No, don't put me on hold! This is an emergency! Is J.R. Chandler -- hello?

[Dixie sighs]

Dixie: Damn it.

[Monitor beeps rapidly]

Tad: Your mother loves you more than anything. She needs your strength -- we all do. You've got to come back to us.

Jeff: Come on, Tad.

Tad: Listen, J.R. --

Jeff: Tad, come on.

Tad: J.R., she's been through enough. She needs you. You can't desert her now. Your mother needs you.

Jeff: Please go. That's enough, all right?

[Monitor decelerates]

Julia: Dr. Martin, monitor.

Tad: What is that? That's good, right? That -- that means he's getting better?

[Monitor beeps normally]

Jeff: Yeah. Yeah, he's doing better.

Tad: Oh, that's my -- that's my boy. I'm proud of you. Thank you for loving your mother so much.

Adam: Babe, go home.

Babe: Would you please just leave me alone?

Adam: No, I can't risk that. You spiked J.R.’s heart rate to near-fatal levels. One look at you or the sound of your voice could put him right over the edge.

Kendall: Simone, call Logan. He'll bring you up to speed on the water cooler campaign.

Simone: Uh -- that's Babe’s.

Kendall: Not anymore. I'm reducing her workload.

Danielle: Does she know?

Simone: But Babe has proven herself.

Danielle: Yeah, she works harder than anyone.

Simone: Ahem.

Danielle: Uh -- except for us.

Kendall: Well, unfortunately, Babe has proven that she has serious lapses in judgment.

Simone: Oh, right. Like how she did Josh?

Kendall: That's on the list.

Josh: So, why up here?

Bianca: Why not? Unless too many bad memories -- or, good memories? Memories of Babe, right?

Josh: What do you want me to say, Bianca?

Bianca: I don't know. You won't admit the truth to yourself, I guess I can't expect you to admit it to me.

Josh: Well, you've already heard it.

Bianca: Oh, please. You are so not over Babe.

Josh: What, she made her choice, everyone's happy.

Bianca: The father of her child may die at any minute, and she thinks that she's the one to blame.

Josh: This wasn't her fault.

Bianca: It doesn't matter. She feels guilty, so she's with him now. No big surprise there.

Josh: Look, this is more than just guilt. She loves J.R. more than she ever has or ever will love anyone else. So she's got him -- big deal, who cares?

Bianca: You are so much like Mom and Kendall.

Josh: Well, better them than you --

Bianca: Than me?

Josh: Kendall and Erica act big and react big. They don't just --

Bianca: What? What? Go on, you're not going to hurt my feelings.

Josh: They don't just sit back and take it.

Bianca: And I do?

Josh: You know, I bet anyone who's ever cheated on Erica or Kendall knows exactly where they stand.

Bianca: Yeah -- not that they ever lived to tell about it.

Josh: Maybe big blow-ups are the best thing -- eventually the smoke clears, then you can move on to the next person.

Bianca: Yeah, that's adult.

Josh: Letting people walk all over you and then just saying "Oh, call me as soon as you're sick of your replacement" -- that's not us. Where's it gotten you? I don't see Maggie racing after you.

Bianca: Right. You know, you know better. You clearly don't need my advice at all.

Josh: Wait, Bianca -- I'm sorry. Will you stay here and talk to me? You're the only person I know who always makes any kind of sense.

Babe: Dr. Martin? Tad?

Jeff: He's stabilizing.

Babe: J.R.’s really going to be ok?

Amanda: See? What did I tell you, Babe?

Jamie: God, what a relief.

Adam: I want her removed from this hospital before she does any more damage.

Tad: What you want doesn't matter to anyone.

Palmer: Well, I can tell you it matters to me. You know, I despise Adam, and I take every opportunity possible to disagree with him. However, on this point, I support his position, and I will call an emergency meeting of the board.

Tad: To have Babe banned from the hospital?

Palmer: No, no, to protect a patient in this hospital who happens to be my great-nephew. We'll have an answer within the hour.

Jamie: Babe, you need to leave.

Amanda: It is a free country, and this is a public place.

Palmer: Yes, and we are endowed to protect our patients.

Jeff: Babe, if your being here could create a problem --

Adam: Babe nearly killed him, and you know it.

Jeff: What J.R. needs right now is some peace and quiet. The next couple of hours are going to be critical. After that, we'll decide when J.R. can see and have visitors.

Adam: You're not going to banish me from my son's room.

Jeff: I can. And for the moment, J.R.'s only visitors will be his mother and father.

Ryan: But her supervisor referred me to the mayor's office, the mayor's office said they can't intervene -- you don't understand. The district attorney said that it has to come from the governor or the legislature -- I understand that, but how long is that going to take?

Annie: I don't need laws or politicians. You might as well go. You're never getting Emma.

Betty: Ms. McDermott, the child will be returned to you immediately if this chimera-DNA theory is --

Annie: Emma is not spending five minutes in some government dormitory.

Betty: The child will be placed in a private home with Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Williams.

Annie: What?

Betty: They're a fine couple with three foster children --

Ryan: You got to be kidding. You know, you say that you want to do what's best for the child here, but that's very traumatic, and Emma has been through enough trauma.

Annie: Go back and tell them I said no.

Ryan: Look, where are the documents here, or the process, the inquiries? I mean, something is off.

Betty: Ms. McDermott’s husband had joint custody before she took the child and fled New York.

Ryan: Right, and Annie has dealt with that. So why don't you get the facts?

Betty: Ms. McDermott is considered a flight risk.

Annie: Fine. Go find her.

Betty: Ms. McDermott, you'll only make this worse for yourself and the little girl.

Annie: I would die before I just handed my daughter off to strangers.

Erin: Hi. Show Mommy what you drew.

Annie: Hi, sweetheart. What did you -- what did you draw for me, huh? What's this?

Emma: A picture of us building a snowman.

Annie: Ok.

Erin: What's with the big cop standing in the hall?

Betty: Please make this easy on the child. You have no choice in the matter.

Annie: Uh -- sweetheart? How'd you like to go on a sleepover?

Bianca: J.R. was out of his mind.

Josh: Now and always. So what?

Bianca: You haven't known him for very long.

Josh: I've known him more than long enough.

Bianca: You know, I was there. I watched him fling himself out the window. I heard him hit the pavement, and I feel guilty.

Josh: For what, that you didn't let him push you out the window?

Bianca: J.R. used to be my friend. He used to be a really great guy. Now? I don't know. You know, some -- some people, when they survive crises, it just makes them stronger. With J.R., he's destroyed. He tries to hide it, but, I mean, look at how many times he has turned to drugs and alcohol.

Josh: Like I care.

Bianca: And you probably shouldn’t. But if I feel guilty, then just imagine how Babe feels. And I'm not saying that it's right, but from her perspective, if you and she hadn't --

Josh: What? If we hadn't hooked up? If she hadn't cheated on him?

Bianca: If you hadn't given over to your feelings for one another, then J.R. would still be on the wagon and on the right track. As it stands now, he could die. You can't expect her to just leave him a note and run off with you. But I saw your face when Kendall was going off on her anti-Babe rant, and you clearly still love her. I'm saying that you fell in love with her, because she's the kind of person that wouldn't do that.

Josh: Since when did you land on Babe’s side?

Bianca: I don't know. I have major issues with how Babe handles things. But her intentions are always good. And I care about you. So, just try to remember how tough this is for Babe. She doesn't know what she's doing, she's got a lot to sort out right now. And while that's going on, maybe you should ask yourself a question. What's more important -- your love for Babe, or your pride? Just give her some time. It's not over unless you make it over.

Kendall: Ok, Dani, print up this, this, and this one for Simone, please.

Danielle: Got it.

Kendall: Thank you. Ahem.

Simone: So you want Babe to disappear, because your brother --

Kendall: No, I'm freeing up more of Babe’s time.

Simone: Babe didn't snag Josh.

Danielle: Yeah, more like chased her down.

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Danielle: She kept putting up the "I'm married, move on" wall, but Josh wouldn't take no.

Simone: Yeah, that's basically how it played out.

Kendall: Babe made her share of moves, and she did it when Josh was at the lowest point in his life. I mean, the man he thought was his father died a horrible death, he found out that -- that my mother and Jeff Martin were his biological parents, and then there was the trial. Babe took advantage of Josh.

Danielle: Can you demote her for that?

Kendall: Did I say I was demoting her?

Simone: More like trying to cover her with concealer.

Kendall: Ok. Is your loyalty to Fusion or to some piece of trash that we had foisted on us?

Simone: Look, we have been round and round this issue. You can't fire Babe, she's got stock -- like me.

Kendall: You know what? Let me handle Babe.

Simone: You can't get rid of her just because you don't like her. She's moody -- you could be next.

Kendall: Yeah, yeah, if you keep this up.

Simone: Freeze her out, ignore her, but don't fire her, because she couldn't resist Josh. That's ridiculous.

Danielle: Josh is a pretty good catch. What woman wouldn't eventually say yes?

Kendall: Ok, you're both overreacting, and you don't know the whole story. You don't have all the facts. Now, this is between me and Babe.

Simone: It's business.

Kendall: Family business.

Dixie: Tad, is J.R. ok?

Tad: He's going to be ok, he's pulled through.

Dixie: Are you sure? Can I go in there? Can I visit him?

Tad: Absolutely. Go right on in.

Dixie: Oh, thank God. David said that he was dying.

Tad: Hayward's full of it, like always. Go on. J.R.'s waiting for you.

Dixie: Thank you.

Julia: I'll give you some time alone. Just ring me if you need anything.

Dixie: Thank you. Oh, honey. Baby. Oh, I should be so mad at you -- you scared me so much. But I can't. I love you so. I love you with my whole heart. Oh. I love you so much.

Erin: I'm sorry, this is wrong. I know people at the DFS.

Betty: The department did not make this decision lightly.

Annie: All right, so you know how we love sleepovers, right, and remember that fun -- fun sleepover we had with Spike a little while ago? Well, now you're going to be on -- on another fun sleepover, but with three people this time. Yeah, and -- what are -- their names are --

Betty: Valisia is a big girl -- she's 9 -- Joseph is 6, and Theresa is 4.

Annie: Yeah, and they're -- they're lots and lots of fun. So --

Ryan: You like to color, don't you? Do you like to color? Yeah? Well, I -- I bet you that they're going to have all sorts of crayons there.

Erin: This is just wrong. She's a good mom.

Emma: Let's go, Mommy.

Annie: Oh, sweetie, this is a -- a special kind of -- kind of sleepover where it's -- it's just for big girls, and mommies aren't allowed.

Ryan: I promise I'll take -- I'll take really, really good care of your mommy, ok?

Annie: Sweetie, can you go with Ms. Thompson now? Yeah. Ok, say -- give me a hug. Give me a hug. Oh.

Emma: I won't go without you.

[Music plays as Josh sits alone on Fusion’s rooftop remembering Babe. Downstairs, Babe walks into Fusion’s office and goes to her desk, staring at Kendall.]

[Tad and Jamie kick down David’s cabin door and find the place completely empty.]

[As the monitor beeps slowly, Dixie sings.]

Dixie: ¯ You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never know, dear how much I love you. ¯

[The policeman enters Ryan’s apartment as Emma starts crying.]

Ryan: It's, all right, it's ok.

Emma: Mommy, don't.

Annie: No, honey, it'll be fine. It'll be fine, ok? You're going to just have a fun play date. It'll be lots of fun. Ok?

Emma: Mommy, don't make them send me away.

Annie: I'm not -- no, I'm not sending you away. Oh, God, I -- I'm just -- it's just going to be a fun night, sweetie.

Ryan: You're terrifying her.

Betty: I'm sorry --

Erin: Just stop this.

Officer: Come on. I've got a little girl your age.

Annie: It'll be -- it'll be fine.

Officer: Come on.

Annie: Ok? Just hold on.

Officer: She's stubborn, too.

Annie: Wait. Hold on --

Emma: No!

Annie: Ok, wait one second -- oh, my God!

[As Annie cries hysterically, the cop picks up Emma and takes her away.]

Dixie's voice: ¯ Please don't take my sunshine away ¯

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Babe: I really want to make things right, Kendall. Will you please help me?

Julia (to Emma): I'm the reason that they took your daughter.

Erin (to Jonathan): You want to kidnap Emma for Annie?

David (on his computer to Tad and Jamie): If you found this, you already know the truth. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

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