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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 11/14/06


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Tad: Did you get them? You get the DNA results?

Ryan: They're on the way. They're coming.

Annie: All right. Erin is going to take you to the Miranda Center for play group now. Um -- ahem -- do you have your bag, sweetie?

Erin: Yeah?

Annie: Yes?

Erin: You let me know if you need anything, ok?

Annie: Ok. All right. Say good-bye to Mommy.

Emma: Bye, Mommy.

Annie: Bye, sweetie.

Krystal: Any word on J.R.? Has he -- has he woken up yet?

Adam: No. No change. Sweetheart, you must be exhausted. Go home.

Krystal: No. No, I'm not leaving.

Adam: Sweetheart, you need some rest, you and the baby. I can handle it here.

Krystal: Yeah, that is precisely why I'm not going, Adam. I leave, and Babe ends up in the next ICU bed over, and you'll be the one to put her there.

[Monitor beeps]

Babe: Come back to me, J.R. Please.

[Jamie walks into J.R.’s room and is surprised to see Babe there.]

Josh: What the –

[As he’s taking a break from a solo game of basketball, Josh is stricken from behind by a tree branch.]

Josh: Give me that!

Amanda: If I had something bigger to hit you with, I would. J.R. flew out a window, you were there, ok? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put it together -- you tried to get rid of the competition.

Josh: Since when is J.R. even your business?

Amanda: Babe is my friend, and she's hurting.

Josh: J.R. hurts her.

Amanda: When you want something, you'll do whatever it takes -- drug somebody, make someone else think they're losing their mind. Who are you framing for this one?

Josh: There are witnesses, Amanda. J.R. found out about me and Babe. He slammed back about a dozen bottles from my minibar, and then he had himself his own rage fest.

Amanda: J.R. started drinking again?

Josh: Yeah. He threw himself out of my hotel window. Somewhere between the scotch and the vodka, he forgot what floor he was on. He should've bit it right there, but no, we're not that lucky.

Amanda: He's ok?

Josh: He will be. He's out of surgery, alive and recovering. If you want to send anything, send gifts to AA.

Amanda: Babe must be a wreck.

Josh: She won't leave his bedside, picture of a devoted wife. Doesn't deserve it.

Amanda: Babe is still -- oh. You left her alone with that crazy drunk?

[Monitor beeps]

Babe: J.R.'s stable. He's going to be ok. He's going to wake up any --

Jamie: You shouldn't be in here.

Colby: Oh, God.

Jamie: Let's give Colby a minute with her brother -- alone.

Colby: J.R.? It's me -- Colby. I love you.

Adam: You don't have to worry about Babe. My first priority is seeing my son wake up.

Krystal: Then why do I get the feeling that the minute that I walk out of this hospital, you are going to corner Babe and do God knows what to her?

Adam: I love my son. I hate seeing what's happened to him. I hate -I hate seeing him suffer. I hate the fact that I can't do anything about it. I'm no good at -- at standing around and waiting. I won't lie to you. I don't care what you say -- I still think Babe is responsible for J.R.'s condition.

Krystal: She did not make J.R. take a drink.

Adam: Well, do you mean did she actually force -- force him to swallow the liquor? No. But had he been sober, all that time until he heard about her betrayal? Yes. Has he been doing -- doing better? Oh, yes. Has she put him in a -- into kind of a precarious position because of what she said, telling him that she'd been unfaithful to him? Yes, I -- hell, yes! And I think -- I think Babe knew exactly how he was going to respond to those words.

Krystal: Oh, Adam. No, she did not -- come on -- and J.R. isn't innocent in all of this, either.

Adam: I love you.

Krystal: Oh.

Adam: I love you and I -- and I -- I don't -- I hate to see you upset, so don't you worry. I know you love your daughter, I know you want to protect her. Of course, you do. So for you, my dear, for you, I swear I won't do anything to hurt Babe.

Krystal: Well, that's good, Adam, because I don't think those kids can take much more.

Adam: J.R. got through that surgery ok.

Krystal: Yes.

Adam: He's going to recover. And while he's recuperating, I want -- I want us to heal our family as a family. And that means I am going to reach out to Babe to have her help make that happen.

Krystal: Do you really mean that?

Adam: I swear. We are a family. We're Chandlers.

Krystal: Thank you.

Jamie: My brother just had a major surgery, partly because of you. Your face is the last thing he should see when he wakes up.

Babe: I promise you, Jamie, I will take care of him.

Jamie: You've already taken care of him, Babe -- you and Josh.

Babe: You don't understand.

Jamie: Oh, I think I do. I really do. You slept with Josh. J.R. found out, he got hammered, lost all common sense, and took a nosedive out of a window. Did I miss anything?

Colby: You did this. You put him in there.

Babe: J.R. is going to be ok.

Colby: Does he look ok? Do you see the wires, the tubes? He can't move. He has broken bones. He's unconscious. You did this. You should be in there, not J.R.

Jamie: You still think it's a good idea to stick around?

Babe: I didn't want this. I love him.

Jamie: Well, you have a funny way of showing it.

Babe: Colby I can take, but, Jamie, not you. Please, stop.

Jamie: No, Babe. You're the one who needs to stop. You leave my brother the hell alone.

Adam: James? That's enough.

Annie: Have a good time, honey. Ok? Have fun.

Erin: Bye.

Annie: Bye.

Emma: Bye.

Annie: Bye.

Ryan: Hey, um -- I heard about J.R. on the news. How is he?

Tad: Well, he's -- he's finally out of surgery. Apparently, the next 24 hours are critical, but at least he's stable for now.

Ryan: I'm glad for that.

Annie: Me, too.

Dixie: Thank you. How long?

Ryan: The lab results should be here any minute.

Tad: Um -- listen. While we wait, there's -- there's something I want to discuss. Ahem.

Ryan: We don't have anything to discuss now, Tad.

Tad: I disagree, I disagree. Um -- listen, Annie? Dixie made you a promise not to take Emma away from you even if she is our daughter.

Annie: She's my daughter.

Tad: I know. I can see that. But if she is our child, I think we should have some kind of access to her.

Annie: What?

Ryan: Wait, wait. Hold on, hold on -- whoa, whoa, whoa. Tad, back up.

Tad: I want to discuss some kind of visitation.

Annie: You lied to me. You told me you wouldn't take my daughter.

Dixie: I won't, I won't. I'll stick to my promise, but Tad --

Annie: No, you just said that to get me to take the test. Why did I trust you? You want to take my daughter from me?

Dixie: No, please listen.

Tad: Ladies, just a second. Wait, hang on just a second, all right? That was Dixie’s decision, not mine. But I'll honor it -- I'm not trying to take Emma away from you. I just think it's fair that if she is my child, I should be able to play some kind of role in my daughter's life.

Annie: No, you want custody is what you want --

Tad: No, no, no.

Annie: And you won't get it.

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, hold on, hold on. We're getting ahead of ourselves here. You're making an assumption. You're assuming that Emma is your child, Tad.

Annie: God, I can't believe this.

Ryan: You just don't jump the gun, man.

Tad: I'm not -- look, there's a perfectly good reason for us to have some hope here.

Annie: Oh, God. Ok, somebody get here with these test results already so these people will get it -- Emma is not your daughter.

Tad: Annie, just a second, all right? I understand this is difficult. I know. It's difficult for us, too, but the fact is that Greg Madden was your doctor, and he wasn't upfront with a lot of women about the children he gave them.

Ryan: Don't go there, Tad.

Tad: Wait, just a -- ok, just a second. Your own DNA test proved that you and Emma aren't even related. How can you possibly explain that?

Annie: I gave birth to Emma. I know it, and now I can explain everything.

Ryan: Even if there isn't a DNA match, Annie could still be Emma’s biological mother.

Tad: That's not possible.

Annie: Yes, it is.

Ryan: There's a medical condition called chimera. It's when two fertilized eggs are created like twins and for one reason or another, one embryo absorbs the other one. And one child is born but that person can have more than one set of DNA.

Annie: If I have two sets of DNA, one of them wouldn't match Emma’s. That explains why we weren't a match.

Tad: Um -- is there any proof that you even have this condition?

Ryan: No. But once the DNA results get here, Annie’s not going to have to prove anything.

Colby: Daddy, have you seen J.R.? He looks horrible.

Adam: He'll need some time to recover.

Colby: He isn't going to be a vegetable, is he?

Adam: No, no. He is going to regain consciousness. He'll be fine.

Colby: Are you sure?

Adam: Colby, Krystal is -- is exhausted. I want you to take her home.

Colby: Daddy, I can't. I just got here. I --

Adam: Colby, please. This once, will you do what I ask?

Colby: Fine. I won't let you hurt my brother ever again.

Adam: Jamie, I'd like to have a moment alone with Babe.

Jamie: Adam, she needs to leave before J.R. wakes up.

Adam: I won't allow you to bully my daughter-in-law.

Jamie: Why are you not on my side on this?

Adam: I'm on J.R.'s side, and so is Babe.

Jamie: Are you kidding me?

Adam: Leave, Jamie.

Jamie: Ok.

Babe: So what was that all about? Since when do you defend me?

Adam: Since -- right now.

Babe: You hate me. You blame me.

Adam: I also believe you're J.R.'s only hope.

Babe: You were threatening to get me out of J.R.'s life forever and Little A's, and now I'm J.R.'s only hope?

Adam: Well, J.R. was in -- in emergency surgery, and I lashed out at the nearest target I could find, and that was you. I don't know how you and J.R. could hurt each other so badly if there wasn't love involved. Part of me is still angry with you. Part of me wants to just -- just throw you out and never see you again. And I can't, because of Krystal.

Babe: Mama turned you around?

Adam: Yeah. I love your mother. I do love her, and she loves you. I want to grow old with Krystal. I don't want to -- I don't want to lose her. I would do anything for that woman and our little baby.

Babe: She loves you, too.

Adam: She wanted me to see your side of this, to believe that you really love J.R. as much as you say you do, that -- that what you did was just a horrible mistake and that you regret it.

Babe: I do. I never stopped loving J.R. I -- I want to be with him and only him.

Adam: Seeing him in that room, helpless, broken? He almost died because he loves you. Now, I -- the only thing he wanted was to be with you. I believe you are sorry. I believe we both want him back. Ok?

Babe: I do. I do, more than anything and I will spend my life making it up to him, I promise.

Adam: I hope you mean that.

Babe: I do.

Adam: Yeah. Well, there is something you can do. You won't like it, but it is necessary if you want J.R. to heal.

Krystal: Oh. I am wrecked, and I'm starving. I think I'm going to ask Winnie to bring out some breakfast. You want to join me?

Colby: No. I have to do homework.

Krystal: Oh, come on, Colby. Please stay, huh? Have a little something, even if it's just a muffin.

Colby: I'll just have some orange juice.

Krystal: You -- you didn't say a word on the ride home.

Colby: What's there to say?

Krystal: J.R. had a horrible accident. We almost lost him.

Colby: No. Daddy, Little A, and I almost lost him. You and Babe can care less.

Krystal: Oh, that's not true.

Colby: You just care about my dad's money. My dad is nothing but big dollar signs and a future alimony.

Krystal: Does it help? Attacking Babe and me? Does it make it easier for you to handle your hurt and your pain?

Colby: Yeah, it makes me feel much better, thank you.

Krystal: You saw your brother in the hospital -- he almost died, Colby. You must feel horrible.

Colby: I -- I didn't break any bones.

Krystal: But a close family member did. And you want him home.

Colby: That's not all of it. Say it, Krystal -- why should I feel so horrible? J.R.'s in the hospital. He almost died because of me.

Josh: It would've been so easy to let him die. I thought about it. Part of me said I should have.

Amanda: Well, why the Good-Samaritan act?

Josh: Babe. She'd never forgive me, and I want her to see that I'm the better man.

Amanda: That's almost --

Josh: What, noble? No, forget about it. I'm not noble. I still want J.R. gone so that Babe will be safe, so that we can be together. But J.R. has more lives at the bottom of a bottle than anyone deserves and yet, he still has Babe.

Amanda: You giving up?

Josh: Well, it's pretty hard to compete with a guy who's in intensive care. I can see it right now -- Babe falling deeper and deeper as she nurses him back to health, but what she doesn't realize is that J.R. will never be healthy. Booze isn't his only disease. His soul is permanently damaged, and he's going to hurt her again -- I know it -- and there's nothing I can do about it, so you know what? Why don't you just take the stick and hit me again? It's the most fun I've had in a long time.

Jamie: Leave Josh to me.

Babe: So what can I do for J.R.? Anything that he needs, I am there.

Adam: Well, fine. Well, well, of course, he'll need extensive professional help, nurses, physical therapists --

Babe: Ok.

Adam: Not to mention emotional therapists.

Babe: And I'll be there every step of the way.

Adam: Yeah, well, you see, that's -- that's the problem. J.R. needs time -- time for him to process or space for him to -- to focus. He'll need to put all of his resources into his recovery, and he won't have enough energy to work on his marriage. So that's what you can give him, Babe -- distance. You can't be near him when he's going through this part of his recovery. Are you willing to do that? Would you be willing to leave Pine Valley?

Tad: An absorbed embryo? Look, I'm sorry, but it really sounds like you're reaching here

Ryan: Maybe we're crazy to think that Annie’s a chimera, maybe not. Point is if the DNA results show no connection between you and Emma, this is over.

Dixie: For you. It'll start all over for us.

Tad: Ok, look. When those results get here, there'll be no further question in your mind?

Ryan: Well, you'll have to accept the fact that Emma’s not your daughter, Tad, and Annie’s not going have to prove anything anymore. I mean, you're going to have to walk away from Emma and never look back.

Dixie: If the results are negative, we will stop. We won't bother you again.

Tad: You or your daughter.

Annie: How can I believe you?

Ryan: I do.

[Knock on door]

[Tad opens the lab results and reads it then turns to Dixie.]

Tad: I'm sorry.

Josh: Come on, Martin. Why don't you bring it?

Jamie: Oh, Josh, you're not making this much fun for me.

Josh: Well, let me make it easy for you. J.R. was a saint. I'm just the bastard trying to steal his wife. I'm evil. He was just protecting one of his own. How does that sound so far?

Jamie: My brother was in a good place. A great place. He and Babe were making it work.

Josh: Oh, "work"? What, like, attempted-murder "work"? It was working so good for Babe, she decided to sleep with me.

Jamie: You should have left them alone.

Josh: Yeah? How'd you do it? You actually got the ultimate ending. You got Babe away from J.R.

Jamie: It was a long time ago.

Josh: You were supposed to get married, weren't you? And then J.R. got real ugly. Got custody of the baby, went after you -- do you ever think about going back and tossing him out of a window?

Krystal: You're not responsible for J.R.'s accident, Colby. What makes you think that?

Colby: I'm the one who told him about Josh and Babe. He was supposed to get mad, yell, call a lawyer. He wasn't supposed to go out the window.

Krystal: People don't always do what we expect them to do, or want them to do.

Colby: I -- I just wanted him to dump Babe.

Krystal: Because she is just after his money?

Colby: She does not love J.R. How can you love someone and sleep with somebody else?

Krystal: Well, that's a question that people have been asking for a long time, honey, and yet, people still do it.

Colby: My brother deserves to be happy.

Krystal: Yeah, well, we all do, Colby. But this is Babe and J.R.'s marriage. It's their business.

Colby: Babe needs to stay out of his life. She is bad for him, and this family.

Krystal: What makes you the expert on what is good for this family?

Colby: When J.R. is with Babe, he doesn't care about anyone or anything else. It is all about Babe, 24/7.

Krystal: And not about you.

Colby: It doesn't always have to be about me, Krystal. I'm not a baby. I don't need everyone hanging all over me.

Krystal: You know, there's something that you think that you're not getting. And instead of just saying what it is that you need, you just -- you stir up trouble. You don't care about the consequences. Well, heck, I guess maybe I wouldn't, either, if I had a father like yours around.

Colby: Oh, yeah. My life is just one big prom.

Krystal: Colby, if you want to make things better, then -- then stirring up trouble for your family is not the way to go about it. Why didn't you just say to J.R., "J.R., I need a little bit more attention from you"?

Colby: I don't just want his attention. I want my brother to love me again. And I want my daddy to love me again. That's -- that's all I want. That's all.

[Krystal hugs Colby.]

Adam: You name the place. I'll have my jet take you anywhere in the world.

Babe: I'm not leaving J.R.

Adam: Let's -- let's try to see this from a little different angle. You loved J.R. -- more than anyone. You believed -- he believed you. He trusted you. He bet his entire future on you. And then, when he realized that you had cheated on him, his entire world just fell out from under him. Sent him right back into the alcohol. He became ugly, he became angry. He hurt himself, Babe. He almost died. He almost lost his life. I almost lost my son.

Babe: I almost lost my husband.

Adam: You're seeing J.R. at his lowest. The nadir of his existence. If he has to deal with you, with that, every day, as a reminder of how he came to this awful place, how he went over the edge, you will get in the way of his recovery.

Babe: But if I just keep loving him and showing him how sorry I --

Adam: No, no, he is not able to accept that from you now. Don't you understand? This -- this going away -- it's -- it's not permanent. He just needs to be given a break. To -- well, to find his footing again. He needs to -- to be able to deal with the betrayal. And work on his sobriety. And then when J.R. has -- has made some progress -- has put a few things together, and is starting to heal, then you're right back. You're right back. You two will be a couple again.

Babe: It does -- it does sort of make sense.

Adam: Yeah.

Babe: But what about Little A? How is J.R. going to deal being away from his son?

Adam: Oh, well, J.R. -- well, he'll have to have Little A with him. He needs the boy now more than ever. So when you leave, you'll have to leave the boy behind.

Dixie: She's not Kate. She's not her.

Tad: We're going to find her, Dixie.

Ryan: I'm so sorry.

Annie: I -- uh -- I hope you do find your little girl.

Tad: Thank you very much for at least giving us the truth.

Ryan: I'm sorry, Tad.

Tad: Why don't you let me take you back to the hotel, ok? We can talk about what we're going to do.

Dixie: Thanks, but I think I need to be alone. I've got to pull myself together. My son's in the hospital, and he needs me.

Jamie: Babe and I did not belong together. I realized that.

Josh: What, when she faked it with me?

Jamie: It had nothing to do with you. J.R. has issues, but Babe loves him.

Josh: This has nothing to do with J.R. and Babe. You knew she didn't mess around with me. You knew she made that whole thing up just to give you an out, and you took it. You dumped her just because she did something outside the rules. How could you just walk away from her like that?

Babe: You honestly -- you want me to leave without my son?

Amanda: You aren't really buying that load of crap, are you?

Adam: Excuse me, this is a private discussion.

Babe: No, this discussion is over, closed, finished.

Adam: Babe, we have to focus on what's right for J.R.

Babe: No, you're working me over. You're trying to make me all good-and-guilty.

Amanda: You are so busted.

Babe: So, what, I hit the road for a little while, and then what's the plan then? How do you turn me gone for a little while into me gone forever? It's not happening, Adam.

Adam: J.R. won’t want you here.

Babe: Then let him tell me that. I am not leaving my son, my husband, or this town.

Adam: You are a wack job just like your mother. Plowing other people's lives -- you're a disaster.

Amanda: The wack job here is your son, and you are the one-man bulldozer trying to cover up things for him.

Adam: Maybe Babe Carey is not right for J.R. Hmm, she'll ruin him.

Amanda: Hasn't he done that for himself already? I wish Babe didn't have such a big heart. I wish that she could yank the plug on that maniac.

Babe: J.R.? I'm here. It's me, Babe.

[With Babe by his bedside, J.R. struggles to open his eyes.]

Annie: So it's really over?

Ryan: Huh. It's really, really over. That test is genuine, and Hayward’s was a fake.

Annie: And no one is taking Emma from me?

Ryan: No, not a chance. Nobody. It's really over. It's over, over.

Annie: Thank you! Thank you, thank you. A million times thank you.

Tad: Page David Hayward.

Nurse: Well, I'm sorry, I'm not sure where --

Tad: Page him now.

Nurse: Is this an emergency?

Tad: It will be, because I'm going to try to kill him.

[In her room, Dixie takes a bag out of her closet and dumps a bunch of wrapped presents on the bed, then examines them one by one.]

Dixie's voice: "To Kate, on her first birthday." "To Kate, from Santa." "To Kate, happy second birthday." "To Kate, love, Mommy."

David: Dixie?

Colby: She said that we were starting a new life. Just the two of us. But I really liked my old life, and I didn't want to leave. I -- I tried going back to sleep that night, lying in the back of the car. I kept hoping and hoping that I'd fall asleep and wake up in my old bed, like "The Wizard of Oz." So instead of counting sheep, I counted tulips in the east garden. I imagined Daddy and J.R. staring down at me. I missed Daddy so much. And I missed J.R. I missed them so much I thought I was going to die. They never came. So they must've stopped loving me.

Krystal: Oh, no. No, they love you. They love you. Sweetheart, they love you so much.

Babe: J.R., honey, look at me. That's right, come on.

[J.R. turns his head and sees Babe.]

Josh: You are in no place to tell me how to handle Babe, and I don't owe you an explanation.

Jamie: Babe loved J.R., and you moved in on her. She was confused, and you took advantage.

Josh hmm. So that makes me the bad guy? Yeah, look out! Josh Madden's after your wives! God forbid I try to make Babe happy. Forget that J.R. tried to kill Babe, almost killed Kendall and her baby, went after me, threatened Bianca. But no. Forget about that, J.R. is a saint. No worries.

Jamie: You should be worried.

Josh: I am worried -- about Babe. You know, you may be able to leave her with a maniac, but I'm not.

Jamie: Would you get off your high horse? Babe loves J.R. That's the fact that you keep forgetting. She's never going to love anyone as much as she loves him.

[Monitor beeps]

Babe: Don't worry, J.R. It'll take some time to get better, but you will. And I will be here the whole time.

[Monitor accelerates]


Babe: Oh, my God, baby, what is it? Honey, J.-- Help me, please! Something's wrong! J.R., stay with . You're ok, I'm right here. I'm not going to leave you, ok? I don't know -- that just went off!

Nurse: You have to leave now.

Doctor: Excuse me.

Babe: What is it? What happened?

Nurse: Not now.

Babe: But I just was sitting --

Adam: What's happening?

Nurse: I'll start another --

Adam: What have you done to my son?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Bianca (to Josh): Are you all right?

Josh: I'm through with Babe, now and forever.

David (to Dixie): J.R. has taken a turn for the worse. See if you have time to get to the hospital.

Julia (to Babe): J.R. hasn’t been responding to the treatment.

Adam: Please, God, please.

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