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J.R.: I'm getting out of here.

Erica: You stay away from us, and the door.

J.R.: All right. You got that door? That's fine.

[Erica gasps and hugs Bianca as J.R. hurls himself out the window.]

Bianca: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God!

Babe: Did you find him? Is he all right?

Adam: I looked everywhere. God only knows where he is.

[As Bianca phones for help, Erica looks down and sees Josh approach J.R.]

Bianca: Yes, there's -- there's been an accident at the Valley Inn.

Annie: Ryan? Ryan, are you awake? Wake up.

Ryan: What is it? What -- what's wrong?

Annie: It just hit me. My Emma, my little girl -- she could be Tad’s child.

[Tad sighs]

Tad: 100-1. 100-1 Emma is really Kate.

Zach: That's what I call high stakes.

[A child laughs in Dixie‘s dream.]

Dixie: Kate?

[Child giggles]

Dixie: Kate, is that you?

[Child giggles]

Dixie: Emma? Kate? Where are you? Tell Mommy!

[Child laughs]

Dixie: Kate? Wait -- don't go. Wait, please don't go! Kate! Kate! Ah!

Josh: He's still breathing.

Bianca: A man has fallen out a window. Fourth floor, Room -- Room 418. He's in the alley. No, I -- I don't know.

[Erica rushes downstairs.]

Adam: Babe, what happened? How did J.R. find out about you and Josh?

Babe: I told him.

Adam: You stupid little fool. Do you realize what you've done? You've destroyed my son.

[In the alley, Erica stands by Josh as J.R. lies bleeding on the ground.]

Erica: J.R. jumped out of the window. Bianca and I were with him. He was drunk, he was completely out of control. He had no idea what he was doing.

Josh: That's my room. He came for me.

Erica: He came to find you, to hurt you. But Bianca wouldn't let him, and he threatened her.

Josh: Boy, he's losing a lot of blood. If that bleeding isn't stopped, he could die.

Erica: Bianca called 911. An ambulance is on its way.

Josh: I -- I don't know if he's going to make it till the paramedics come. He needs a doctor now.

Babe: I had to --

Adam: You begged me to keep your secret. You said your marriage meant too much to you, that you loved J.R. too much. Well, what happened? What -- what changed? Why the hell didn't you keep your mouth shut?

Babe: Josh told J.R.! Josh told J.R. that we slept together. J.R. comes to me, and he asks for the truth. Whatever I say, he'll believe my truth, my word. I looked him in the eyes -- I couldn't lie.

[Adam laughs]

Adam: Suddenly, you can't lie to J.R.? Suddenly, it's nothing but the truth from you?

Babe: He deserved to know.

Adam: You hooked J.R. with your lies. And you held on to him ever since with lie after lie after lie.

[Josh removes his jacket and uses his shirt to apply a tourniquet around J.R.’s badly mangled leg as Bianca and Erica look on.]

Annie: I gave birth to Emma. I am her mother, no doubt. But -- but the dad factor -- I mean, Tad Martin really could be Emma’s biological father.

Ryan: I don't really see Tad as the kind of guy who would make a donation at a sperm bank. Unless -- I mean, when I first came to Pine Valley, I was a little short on cash, and I did it -- that's how Spike got here. I mean -- I don't know. Maybe -- maybe Tad was short on cash at one point. I'm not sure. What?

Annie: You strolling into a -- a sperm bank, offering up a sample for quick money? I -- I can't see it.

Ryan: When I first came to Pine Valley, there was a bus accident right in front of me, and I didn't hesitate for a second. I just put on my best whiplash act, and I pretended to be one of the passengers.

Annie: Did it work?

Ryan: Ah. Are you kidding me? You see this right here? Watch this -- oh. You see that?

[Annie laughs as Ryan pretends to have hurt his neck.]

Ryan: That should've got me a huge payoff from an insurance company.

Annie: You were terrible.

Ryan: Well, apparently I was terrible because it didn't work. Cash got a little tight, I donated blood, sperm -- anything I could to keep the cash flow going.

Annie: You could have dozens of children.

Ryan: Wow. Good thing I got my act together, huh, making a decent living, because one or two or ten of them might be tracking me down for college tuition. Hey, little one.

Annie: Hey, you! What are you doing up? Huh? Oh, what are you doing up?

Emma: I woke up, you weren't there. I don't want to lose my mommy again.

Di: What happened?

Dixie: Oh --

Di: Everything ok?

Dixie: It's fine. I just have been having these nightmares. Every time I close my eyes, they start all over again. And now this DNA test. Is Emma Kate? Isn't she? I just can't sleep, you know, I can't focus.

[Dixie sighs]

Di: Well, why don't you -- um -- can you tell me about the dream? It might help. If it doesn't, it'll pass the time.

Dixie: Well, I hear Kate laughing. I -- she's so close. It's dark, though. I can't get to her. I can't -- I can't move. I -- I can't see. It's like being in a coffin. Oh, my God. Greg Madden’s coffin.

Di: Dixie -- don't. Don't do this to yourself.

Dixie: He stays in my dreams every night, telling me that I'm never going to get Kate back, because of what I did and didn't do.

Di: Listen -- you know, Greg Madden did a lot of vicious things while he was alive. Don't let him keep doing them while he's dead.

Dixie: You don't understand. I have been so completely shut down. I let my family think that I was dead. I let Tad think that our little girl was dead. Then when I told him that -- that she was alive, that I had lost her, because I didn't think he wanted her? You don't know how hard he took that, Di. I think I broke him. He was so driven. He -- he tried every trick in the book. He tried all of his contacts. He did everything that a man could be expected to do, but it didn't work. So I guess he just didn't know what else to do, didn't know where else to go, didn’t know how to find Kate. He just was desperate. God, Di. Is it possible? Did I drive Tad to torture Greg Madden?

Zach: Place your bets.

Tad: What are you doing?

Zach: Turns out I'm a hands-on kind of guy. You in?

Tad: 12 1/2 hours. Annie McDermott finally agreed to a DNA test. After all this time, we're going to find out if Emma’s really our daughter.

Zach: You want a hit?

[At the casino’s poker table, Tad turns over a jack and an ace.]

Zach: Looks like your luck is changing.

Josh: He's bleeding out!

Bianca: Is there anything that we can do to help?

Josh: Can you hand me that stick?


Paramedic: We have it --

Josh: You're not taking this bastard till I'm done with him.

Josh: He's lacerated his right femoral artery, the tourniquet's not working. I need to close it up, or he's not going to make it to the hospital.

Bianca: You're going to operate on him here?

Paramedic: We're not authorized --

Josh: I'm a doctor! Do you want him to die? I need a scalpel and two clamps. Now!

Paramedic: Scalpel, scalpel.

Josh: Can you get an EJ going?

Paramedic: Sure.

Josh: Can you do it or not?

Paramedic: Yeah, yeah.

Josh: Run a bag of saline, wide open. I need an assist.

Adam: You snagged my son on that pier in San Diego with a lie. Do you remember -- the husband that you forgot to mention? And you also -- you also lied to him when you wanted to -- to get married this last time -- so you could steal Little A again. But the biggest, ugliest, most unforgivable lie of all -- you told J.R. his son was dead.

Babe: And I regretted all of it, but right now we need to find J.R.

Adam: Yeah, what, you still pretend to care about that man? It's just another lie. Oh, of course, I get it. It's the big confession. Wonderful, nothing but the truth from now on -- it's all part of the plan.

Babe: There is no plan, it just came out.

Adam: Oh, come on. You're too smart. You're too smart to let something just "come out." You love J.R. up and down and -- and all over so you could get custody of Little A, along with a pot of -- of stock and money. And then -- then you sit back and wait for the time to drop the bomb. "Oh, J.R., I'm so sorry. I slept with Josh Madden."

Babe: That is not how it was.

Adam: You wanted to set him off. You wanted him to do something crazy. That way, you'd have an excuse to take Little A and J.R.’s money, and live happily ever after with Josh Madden.

Jeff: Back off, Adam.

Josh: Clamps.

Paramedic: Right here.

Josh: One more. All right, wet some gauze, so I can pack this. All right, this is temporary, but it should hold him till he gets to the hospital. Put him on a backboard, ice the leg, call ahead for a vascular team, tell them he needs an end-to-end anastomosis.

Paramedic: Nice job, Doctor.

Josh: Got it?

Paramedic: Got his head, arms to the side. Leg down. Lift on three. One, two, three --

Bianca: Is he going to be ok?

Josh: If he's lucky.

Erica: Look at you. Why don't you go to your room, take -- take a shower or change of clothes? Josh?

Bianca: It's ok, Mom. Just let him go.


Paramedic: We're running out of O2. We got to get out of here.

Second paramedic: I got the mask.

First paramedic: Running this wide open.

[Siren stops]

Paramedic: Second lit --

Bianca: Oh, God.

Paramedic: Going in.

Bianca: He looks --

Paramedic: Let's go. Are you ready? Let's go, come on.

Bianca: What if he dies?

Officer: One of you called us in?

Bianca: Uh -- yeah. I -- I did. We were both in the room when it happened.

Officer: We'd like to ask you some questions.

Second officer: What's the victim's name?

Bianca: J.R. Chandler.

Ryan: I didn't even get past the part where the Gorgon turns the guy into stone. Emma was out. I realize most kids like normal fairy tales, but not Emma. No, she likes the hardcore mythology -- I love that. You ok? Or did the Gorgon freak you out a little bit too much?

Annie: What if I don't remember what I think I remember? I mean, I know I gave birth, but the -- the pain, the medication, the whole experience was so overwhelming maybe I wasn't completely aware. What if -- what if Greg Madden was able to pull some kind of a switch? What if my baby girl didn't make it and --

Ryan: Hey, hey, hey, why don't you just leave the monsters where they belong?

Annie: I have to know the truth, Ryan. I have to look at every possibility, and it is possible that my baby died, and Madden gave me Tad and Dixie’s daughter.

Tad: Pay the man.

Zach: Don't break the house.

Tad: No, I am not that lucky. Neither am I that stupid. Now I know why you run a casino. I can't see you doing it, but you're dealing from the bottom of the deck. So much for my luck turning around, huh?

Zach: Luck is for suckers. If you want something to happen, you make it happen.

Tad: Yeah, last time I -- well, some things are easier than others.

Zach: Not so long ago, I didn't think you would make anything happen. You were just a self-righteous jerk.

Tad: You were right. I am a jerk. I don't think the "self-righteous" part would stick nowadays. 11 hours and 35 minutes.

Zach: Another hit?

Tad: 11 hours and 35 minutes -- why not? Stay. Hmm. Thing is, Dixie made Annie a promise. Even if the test is positive and that baby is Kate, she said we wouldn't sue for custody. She doesn't think it's right to take a little girl away from the only mother she's ever known.

Zach: You're not happy.

Tad: When Kate was born, I didn't have a vote. I do now.

Dixie: Did I push Tad into this hell, because I didn't trust him with our daughter?

Di: So, what -- Tad -- Tad is -- is responsible for Madden’s death? Not -- not Tad, not Tad, not the Tad I loved. He's good. It's not in him.

Dixie: Listen to me, ok? He didn't mean to kill Madden. He wasn't trying to kill him. He just wanted Kate back. So, whatever it took, right? Whatever the cost? I mean, I understand his agony, I understand his desperation. I just had never thought that he would go this far.

Di: But he -- he actually told you this?

Dixie: Yeah. And I didn't know how to react. I -- he was in so much pain. I -- I tried to comfort him, I -- I tried to be strong, but I have to tell you, a part of me just wanted to run away and never know that Tad tortured another human being. And I did nothing. And now Greg tortures me.

Di: Ok, Greg is dead.

Dixie: No, he's not. He is in my mind, telling me every night that I'm never going to get Kate back, I am never going to have her. Is this my punishment? Am I going to lose my child forever?

Paramedic: Can we get some help here, guys? We need some help.

Julia: Is this the fall victim? What's his status?

Paramedic: Severed right femoral artery, positive LOC. He's got a deep lac. over his right ear and a possible fractured pelvis.

Doctor: Pressure?

Paramedic: It's holding at 70.

Second paramedic: We put an EJ in, second liter of ringers.

First paramedic: Dr. Madden clamped off the artery in the field.

Doctor: Let's cross and type for six units. Is vascular ready to go?

Julia: Standing by.

Doctor: Let's prep him for surgery. Let's go, STAT.

Bianca: You know, I -- I don't even think that he realized how high up we were. He just ran toward the French doors and just crashed right through them.

Officer: Thank you for your help.

Bianca: Yeah, you're welcome.

Erica: Bianca, honey? Are you all right?

Bianca: I don't know. You know, one -- one minute the world makes sense, and then the next -- how could this happen?

Erica: J.R., alcohol -- he lost it.

Bianca: I -- I should've just let him leave the room when he wanted to.

Erica: So he could hunt down Josh and kill him?

Bianca: No, no, no, J.R. felt trapped, desperate, no way out -- because of me.

Erica: No -- J.R. was drunk, irrational. We both kept him there. We had to.

Bianca: I should've realized it even before you got there, Mom. He was all over the place. You should've seen him. One minute he was sad, the next minute sweet, and so angry. And I got angry right back at him. I went off on him about all the people that he's hurt. "It's always them and never him" -- that's what I said. "He always lands on his feet" -- I -- I actually said that. And now he may die. All I had to do was just let him leave the room, and he would be fine!

Erica: No, no, you stop it. Now, honey, stop it.

Babe: It's all right. I can take care of myself.

Adam: Yeah, take a word from her. She's an expert on the subject, even if it means mass destruction of everyone around her. She and your son -- ha! Match made in heaven, baby.

Jeff: Take another shot at Babe like that, you're going to have to go through me.

Adam: Aren't you supposed to be getting in on with Erica, maybe basking in the afterglow by now?

Jeff: I'm looking for my son.

Adam: Well, he's not here! So leave! This concerns my family -- all that's left of it.

Jeff: Well, that's my problem, too, as long as J.R. is out there looking to take down a member of my family!

Adam: Your son was stupid enough to sleep with my son's wife -- not that getting her into bed is a challenge.

Jeff: No, look, I asked you to watch your mouth. Do you understand me?

Adam: What, or you'll what?

Babe: Ok, enough! Enough, please! There's enough trouble. Huh.

Jeff: Look, have you -- have you seen -- have you seen Josh this morning?

Babe: He was here. I don't know -- he left.

Adam: Oh, my God. You rip my son apart with your precious truth, and then you join up with your lover?

Jeff: Are you hurt? Did -- did J.R. do this to you?

Josh: It's not my blood, it's J.R.’s.

Babe: Oh, my God. Oh, my --

Adam: What did you do to him? What, did you kill him? Did you kill him for that slut? Where is he? I want to know what happened!

Josh: He was in my room. He was waiting for me. He was drunk, Erica and Bianca found him. He almost went after Bianca, and then he threw himself out of a window.

Adam: My God. Is he alive?

Josh: Barely. He's probably at PVH by now.

Adam: You and your precious truth.

Jeff: Look, if you need me for anything, you just give me a call, all right?

Josh: He was drunk, Babe. He came after me, he almost went after Bianca. He was so out of control, he thought going out of a window was a good, sane idea. Do you get it now? Do you get why I had to tell him about us? You have to see it.

Babe: No.

Josh: You have to see him for who he really is, Babe, for what he's capable of doing.

Erica: Bianca, you are not responsible for what happened to J.R. -- his bad marriage, his -- his cheating wife. You didn't pour alcohol down his throat, you didn't send him through that window.

Bianca: I know, but if I had just gotten out of his way --

Erica: He threatened you. Do you remember Florida? I will never forget it. I will never forget seeing you lying there like that -- and he swore to me that he didn't push you. But he -- he was responsible for what happened to you. And he's the reason you fell, and he's the reason that Kendall and Spike wound up in the hospital, and they almost died. And if you had let him go tonight, he would've found your brother, and he would've done the same -- or worse. But you stopped him from doing that.

Bianca: I -- I have to go to the hospital. I need to see if J.R.’s ok.

Erica: Bianca? J.R. has done enough damage to our family. It has to be over. J.R. will never be a threat to my family again.

Di: You know what? You have -- you have J.R., and he loves you so much. And you're going to find Kate, and you guys are going to be a family again. So, whatever it takes, just put Madden out of your head.

Dixie: But he didn't have to die.

Di: Oh.

Dixie: If I had helped Tad instead of fighting him so much, maybe I could've stopped it. I made so many mistakes.

Di: Well, Dixie, what, you want to compare notes? We all made mistakes. It does not mean that we are in for a lifetime full of -- of karmic paybacks. I mean, I've made plenty of my own mistakes. But I didn't start out so good, either. My mother gave me away, but it wasn't because I was bad. She gave me away to Aunt Louise, because she couldn't afford it. There was no money. It wasn't a -- a cosmic time-out or -- you're going to find Kate. You're going to find her, because you're not going to stop looking for her until she's where she belongs -- with you.

Dixie: Well, at least I did one thing right. I told Annie that if Emma is Kate, I wouldn't try to take her away from her.

Di: What?

Dixie: Annie's the only mother Kate’s ever known.

Di: I understand that you don't want to just yank Emma out of Annie’s arms, but, I mean, Dixie, you can work something out. You can work out joint custody, or -- or at least visitation. You can't lose Kate again. I mean, you have ached for her since the day you lost her. You have a right to have your child in your life.

Zach: I had a right to my child, but my dad took that vote away.

Tad: So you agree with me? I mean, if she is Kate, we shouldn't just walk away and let another woman raise our daughter?

Zach: I don't agree with anybody. I'm not an expert on kids, families. I'm just trying to figure out Spike. You do whatever you have to do.

Tad: Well, I don't know what that is. The only thing I do know -- that is one amazing little girl, man. She's everything. She's smart, funny, she's aware, and she's just -- beautiful, inside and out. Every bit as beautiful as her mother.

Zach: And her name isn't Annie, is it?

Annie: It is possible my baby could have died and --

Ryan: Annie, you got to stop. I need you to stop right now, because your daughter is alive and well, and she's asleep in the next room -- little Emma.

Annie: We can't be 100% sure she's mine, not anymore.

Ryan: I am. I am. I mean, you told me details about the birth, details that only you could know -- well, you and the nurse. And the nurse backed you up completely, right down to the footprints on the birth certificate that match Emma’s identically. You gave birth to her. Emma is your daughter. Don't second-guess yourself.

Annie: I have to, Ryan. Too many things don't add up. And this waiting -- it's making me crazy. Just watching the clock hour after hour -- it's -- it's sending my head to all kinds of places I don't want to go.

Ryan: Well, then we got to take your head someplace more fun. You want to go for a ride?

Annie: You know I can't leave Emma.

Ryan: I'm not talking about in my car or on my bike.

Annie: Huh.

Ryan: You want to go for a ride on a griffin?

Annie: You're on. In my opinion, happiness is having... the people you love around you.

Ryan: "And the noble griffin swooped down, plucked the treasure from the giant's hands and returned it to the deserving townspeople." And the griffin and the gargoyle lived happily --

Annie: Hold it right there.

Ryan: Ever after.

Annie: Yeah, that's not a gargoyle.

Ryan: What? That? Yes, it is. Look -- look at the eyes and the whole nasty dispo -- it's a gargoyle.

Annie: Uh-uh. I was a Comp Lit major.

Ryan: Oh?

Annie: I know all the myths, the gods, the creatures. That is definitely a chimera.

Ryan: Definitely -- a gargoyle.

Annie: Really? You want to make a bet?

Ryan: You're on.

Annie: Fine.

Ryan: Big money. And I should warn you in advance that I happen to know from gargoyles, because I had a pet gargoyle --

Annie: Oh --

Ryan: Who used to like marshmallows and pumins --

Annie: Please, you are so full of it.

Ryan: And pancakes. Hey, you keep that up, please.

Annie: What, giving you a hard time?

Ryan: Yeah, giving me a hard time -- and laughing is not so bad, either.

Julia: Is he good to go, guys?

Adam: Hey. J.R., it's your dad. You're going to -- you're going to get through this fine, son. You're going to -- you're going to be just fine. Don't worry about it. I love you, son. I -- don't leave me. And don't leave your son, either. He needs you. So do I.

Julia: Adam, we need to get him into the OR.

Julia: I'll keep you posted if there's any change in his condition, ok?

Bianca: Julia? How is J.R.?

Julia: He's just gone off to surgery.

Bianca: And is he going to make it?

Julia: I can't make that call. He's going to be in the OR for several hours at least.

Bianca: J.R. is in surgery.

Adam: Because of you. What the hell did you do to him?

Zach: You win. No cards up my sleeve, top of the deck -- it's all you. You've beaten the odds.

Tad: Good. Great. Now all I got to worry about is doing it all over again in 10 hours.

Ryan: "The chimera has a head of a lion or goat and the tail of a dragon. She spits flames and devours all living things."

Annie: Hmm.

Ryan: Sounds like a real sweetheart.

Annie: Mm-hmm -- until she's boiled to death in molten lead.

Ryan: Ouch.

Annie: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: You really know your stuff.

Annie: I knew that degree wouldn't go to waste.

Ryan: Oh.

Annie: Thank you, friend.

[Ryan chuckles]

Ryan: Hey --

Annie: What? You looking for a loophole?

Ryan: No, there's another definition here. It has to do with genetics. Check this out -- "chimerism" -- chimerism -- "can be detected through DNA testing. In the Lydia Fairchild case, a judge ordered her children taken from her when testing showed her DNA didn’t match theirs. However, the order was reversed when it was proven Lydia was a 'chimera' -- someone who carries two types of DNA. In the Fairchild case, when tissue containing secondary DNA was tested, it confirmed Ms. Fairchild's DNA matched her children's."

Dixie: Ugh. How can it take so long to get DNA results? I mean, you can get a five-course meal in under an hour. How can it take so long to get the results of a stupid test?

Di: Ok. All right, time to shut your brain off. Go back to sleep.

Dixie: I can't. I can't after that dream. No way.

Di: Just lie in the bed. Please. I can't leave you here cutting tracks on the carpet, so --

[Di whistles]

[Dixie laughs]

Dixie: Stop it.

Bianca: I did not put J.R. through that window. He did it to himself. I didn't push him, nobody did. He was so drunk that I don't even think that he realized that we were on the fourth floor. I'm so sorry, Adam.

Babe: Did J.R. threaten you? Are you all right?

Bianca: I'm not great. It was really scary.

[Bianca sighs]

Bianca: J.R. charged at the window. He just -- he just flung himself through it. And the sound of the glass breaking, the sound of -- of his body hitting the ground --

Erica: It could've been Josh. We could've lost our son again.

[Jeff comforts Erica with a hug.]

[Sitting alone, Josh is tortured by voices from the past.]

Josh's voice: I love you. Let me show you how much. Admit it. You love me.

Babe's voice: Yes.

Josh's voice: Hayward wasn't lying. I made love to your wife.

Babe's voice: What is wrong with you? You swore to me you would keep your mouth shut and move on with your life.

Erica's voice: He wanted to find you, to hurt you. Bianca wouldn't let him. He threatened her.

Josh's voice: You're not taking this bastard until I'm through with him.

Di: Good night.

[Phone rings]

Dixie: Hello?

Adam: Dixie, it's Adam.

Dixie: Adam? It's the middle of the night.

Adam: It's J.R. There's been an accident.

Babe: Julia, can you tell me anything, please? Please don't put me off. Don't tell me that he's strong and everything is going to be all right. Tell me honestly, does J.R. have a chance?

Julia: He's lost a lot of blood. He was barely stabilized before they took him into the OR. I don't know if he's going to make it or not.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Josh (to Babe): So how is he? How's J.R.?

[Flinging Babe aside, Adam punches Josh.]

Erica (to Krystal): If it weren't for that tramp of a daughter of yours, none of us would even be here.

Dixie (to Babe): I thought you were the one person on this earth who could make my son happy.

Adam (to Krystal): Babe is to blame. It's all you.

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