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Erica: Oh, it was a wonderful party.

Bianca: Hey, your sweeps party swept them off their feet.

[Erica laughs]

Bianca: Iím just sorry that the rest of our crew had to leave early, especially Uncle Jack.

Erica: Well, Jack called and Lily is fine and, of course, thatís all that matters Ė and, of course, itís not as if I was abandoned entirely.

Jeff: Well, I just hope that my escort skills were up to par, milady.

Erica: Well, all that time in the third world, and you still make a Ė a glamorous evening first-rate.

Bianca: You know, I can stick around. Help you carry all those ridiculous pile of gifts upstairs.

Erica: Oh, honey, no, no, no, no. Itís late. You go home.

Bianca: Ok.

Erica: And donít forget to kiss Miranda for me.

Bianca: All right.

Erica: Ok?

Bianca: Just one stop and then the kiss courier will be on her way.

Erica: All right.

Bianca: Good night, Jeff.

Jeff: Good night.

Bianca: It was really good to see you.

Jeff: Good night, Bianca.

Erica: Erica Kane is back. This was such a glorious night. I guess the party's over.

Jeff: Not if you don't want it to be.

Jack: Well, those doctors -- they certainly did a good job, sweetheart. Those stitches will be out in two weeks, 14 days. I'll let you tell me how many hours, minutes, and seconds that is when you wake up, ok? And I'll be right here, right here when you open your eyes. Everything's going to be just fine.

[Jack looks up and sees Jonathan peering through Lilyís roomís window.]

Krystal: Oh. Ring, damn it. And let it be Adam or Babe, anybody but the cops or the coroner.

Sydney: I found all of these in my room, but I didn't put them there. Colby is trying to set me up, Mrs. Chandler, because Sean dissed her, heaven forbid, and she can't deal. I didn't take them, I swear.

Colby: Oh, my God. My family is nice enough to take in a pathetic stray like you, and you steal from us?

Krystal: Ok, you're in the clear, Sydney. Just leave the box and go to bed. Now, you, park it and take what you've got coming.

Babe: You promised me, over and over again that you would not ruin my marriage, you would never say anything about it to J.R.

Josh: He didn't buy it, Babe. He trusts you. He doesn't believe there is an us. So why are you up here slapping me and not home kissing him?

Babe: To make sure you're still breathing.

Josh: J.R. finally did buy it. You're scared out of your mind.

[Pacing around Joshís hotel room strewn with empty liquor bottles from the minibar, J.R. recalls finding his wife naked on Fusionís rooftop terrace. As heís about to leave, Bianca comes to the door.]

David's voice: Every time Josh and Babe are in bed together, he is laughing at you behind your back.

Bianca: What are you doing in Josh's room?

J.R.: Uh -- just hanging out, watching Kimmel. There's always room for one more.

Bianca: You're drunk.

J.R.: And you're here. Lucky you.

Erica: The clips we showed -- they just howled over those.

Jeff: I loved that bit, the bit about "New Beginnings" becoming almost "fiery endings" when the hair dryer got set on fire.

Erica: True story, but, of course --

Jeff: No, no, you were great. I mean, you didn't miss a beat. You -- you got up on the chair.

Erica: In these heels?

Jeff: Yeah, that was great. You were wonderful.

Erica: Thank you. Well, it was difficult at first, but then things calmed down a bit, and I really felt that I started to connect.

Jeff: So did I.

Erica: That's what I liked best about tonight -- that I really felt a connection. I don't mean just with the press and our guts, but I -- I mean I really felt that I connected with myself, or should I say "reconnected."

Jeff: I felt a reconnection, too.

[Adam walks into the room just as Jeff is about to kiss Erica.]

Adam: Revolting. I guess depravity must run in the DNA. You destroy your family while your son destroys mine.

Krystal: The whole Chandler family is about ready to go kabob, and all you can do is think about yourself.

Colby: No, I'm thinking about all the stuff Sydney stole from us and how she should be punished.

Sydney: You framed me.

Krystal: You know, something tells me if I dust for prints, I'm going to find a whole bunch that match your mitts.

Colby: Oh -- ok, fine. Take her side. I should've known that you trailer-trash girls would stick together.

Krystal: Oh, you know what? You are really, really flirting with disaster -- pushing a pregnant woman with a load on her mind. But you know what? I'll harness the hormones long enough to get one thing clear -- you are one king-sized pain in the rear, Colby Chandler. And yet, your father loves you to pieces anyway. Why are you hell-bent on booting every single one of us from his life?

Babe: I will not let you stand here and rip on my husband. This is about what you did!

Josh: Babe, I told J.R. the truth. He told me to go to hell -- what changed?

Babe: He asked me point-blank if I had an affair. I couldn't lie to him.

Josh: Then don't lie to me. You didn't tell him because you had to -- you told him because you wanted to.

Babe: Oh, that is not true.

Josh: I can feel it, Babe. You are so ready to dump J.R. and end this joke of a marriage. This is where all of that ends and you and me start -- for real.

Babe: What is wrong with you? You stab me in the back and you think, what, that you can just kiss it all away?

Josh: I -- I did this for you. I didn't have a choice, Babe.

Babe: Oh, ok, ok. So this was part of the plan all along? To rub us in J.R.ís face? You swore to me you would keep your mouth shut and move on with your life.

Josh: If you still wanted a marriage.

Babe: I do.

Josh: If J.R. really was going to change --

Babe: He has.

Josh: If you were safe with him --

Babe: I am!

Josh: Babe, you -- you came over, you ran over here to make sure that I wasn't dead. That proves to me that you're anything but safe. Nobody is with J.R. on the warpath. He is out there right now full of hate, craving revenge, and you know it.

Babe: J.R. and I -- we have a future together, an amazing future, and I will not let you mess that up.

Josh: Babe, I will do whatever it takes to get you away from him before he hurts you, because he will hurt you again. This whole J.R. transformation, it's an act. I saw it in his eyes, Babe.

Babe: No.

Josh: It's -- he's evil, he is sick.

Babe: Why are you doing this to me?

Josh: Because I love you.

Babe: Then please let me go!

Josh: Back to a guy who smiles when he talks about ripping people's heads off? To a guy who gets a sick thrill out of stomping on people's hearts? You're going to stand there and tell me -- right here where you and I made love, where you told me that you loved me -- and say that that's the guy that you want to be with?

Babe: Yes. Yes. I love J.R. I want to find him, I want to hold him, I want -- I want to make sure that he's ok, so why aren't you listening to me? J.R. is my life.

J.R.: Josh really isn't here. But as soon as I track him down, I'll send him your way. Huh -- but I'm not so sure he'll make it.

Bianca: What do you want with Josh, J.R.?

J.R.: I -- I just want to talk. You know, compare notes on him and Babe in the sack. I wonder how many times they did it right here, yeah? Ooh. That's a step up from the Pine Cone.

[J.R. chuckles]

J.R.: You know, the Pine Cone is where Babe pretended to do Josh to ditch Jamie, only Babe really did Josh. I mean, isn't that -- isn't that hilarious?

Bianca: It's time for your father to come pick you up.

J.R.: Oh, come on, lighten up. Babe's an equal opportunity slut. She staged some hot lesbo action with you. I only wish you two would've gone all the way and got naked -- I mean, talk about hot. Hold on a second -- I just want to get a visual. Oh, yeah. I wouldn't do that if I were you. I said I wouldn't do that if I were you.

[J.R. tears the phone out of Biancaís hands and rips the cord out of the wall.]

J.R.: You see, Bianca, someone has to pay. It kills me but someone always has to pay.

Jonathan: Hey. How is she? Amanda called me.

Jack: She's fine. She needed a -- a few stitches is all. Jonathan, Lilyís going to be waking up soon, but if you want to go in now and see for yourself that she's all right --

Jonathan: Before she wakes up, because if she sees me, she'll --

Amanda: All right.

Sean: Oh, hey, look -- Amanda and I both have sodas. Well, technically, we're having a drink together, so how about a little heads-up if you feel another freak-out coming on?

Brooke: I'm so relieved about Lily. I mean, Amanda called me, and all I could hear was "knife" and "hand."

Jack: Yeah, right? Huh.

Brooke: Yeah.

Jack: It's a hell of a nice thing you did -- inviting Amanda to come live with you.

Brooke: Ah. You know, she's a great girl.

Jack: Yeah.

Brooke: What about you, you know, taking Sean in? And he's a handsome guy. You're going to have a handful.

Jack: Yeah, I'm sure I will.

Brooke: Yeah.

Jack: I like it, you know?

Brooke: Yeah.

Jack: I like the full house. I like waking up, hearing all the voices, refereeing fights over bathroom time, reminding the kids that yes, they do, in fact, have to eat breakfast.

Brooke: And that cold pizza is not a breakfast item.

Jack: Very good.

Brooke: So, anyway, did you enjoy any of Erica's party?

Jack: No, I didn't.

Brooke: You bolted on the queen?

[Brooke gasps]

Brooke: When is the beheading, because I really want to cover it for "Tempo."

Jack: Brooke, it wasn't like that at all. Erica went -- practically went running out of the place when I told her that Lily was hurt. But then I let her know it wasn't anything serious, and I should just take care of it, and she should stay with her guests and -- backup escort, Jeff Martin.

Brooke: Oh, so, what, Jeff has a special beeper, and he just waits to get a call for -- for substitute duty?

Jack: Actually, I was the substitute. Jeff was in the starting lineup. Brooke, I was supposed to be out of town. It's a --

Brooke: Oh.

Jack: Whole long story.

Brooke: Well, I'm glad -- I'm glad it all worked out.

Jack: I can hear you think -- you kill me. You're sitting there thinking Erica's the kind of woman that needs constant male attention, and you know what? Maybe you're right. Maybe she needs those things the way you and I have to have oxygen to breathe, but even if that is true, ok, if that is the case, she's certainly not going to let a thing like that get to her and take it to a whole other level, you know?

Brooke: No, of course, not.

Jack: Erica and I are fine, we're just fine.

Erica: Thank you so much, really. Everything was wonderful.

Man: It was our pleasure, Miss Kane.

Adam: Erica is a remarkable mother. She didn't want her son, she didn't raise her son, but she managed to mold him in her own image -- a philandering home-wrecker.

Jeff: One more word, and I'll wreck you. Hmm?

Adam: Where is your son?

Erica: What do you want with Josh?

Adam: A word -- about keeping his loins away from my son's wife. Your degenerate offspring already seduced Babe, and now my son's marriage could go up in flames at any moment.

Erica: Whatever Josh did --

Jeff: Or didn't do --

Erica: We'll handle it.

Adam: Oh, oh, isn't that precious? Mama letch and daddy letch defending baby letch. Josh isn't in his room. I want to know where the hell he is. I want that weasel at my feet, now!

Jeff: Erica and I will deal with our son. Go home and deal with yours.

Erica: You don't know where J.R. is? Well, he's on a rampage, because of Babe and there's no telling who J.R. will hurt now.

Bianca: What do you mean, "Someone has to pay"?

J.R.: Well, isn't it obvious? Someone has to pay for the minibar. I cleaned that sucker out.

[J.R. chuckles]

J.R.: Oh. Well, sure, you know, I have mega bucks, but why should I be stuck with the tab? I mean, after Josh did Babe, don't you think I deserve to have a drink? Or 12? What do you think?

Bianca: I think it's late. I'm going to get you a room so you can sleep this off.

J.R.: Oh, come on, come on. Are we having fun here?

Bianca: You know what? Stay here. I'll make sure the manager doesn't restock the minibar, have somebody watch your door so that you don't sleepwalk your way into trouble. I have to get back to my daughter.

J.R.: Miranda. Miranda -- the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. You know, a child comes into this world -- pure innocence, hope. Everything in the beginning is beautiful. But it doesn't stay that way. No matter what you do, there is no hope. There's no trust, there's no love. Someone has to pay. Did you know about Josh and Babe?

Bianca: This is none of my business. It's between you and your wife and your AA group.

J.R.: You know what I think? I think you do know. I think you might have even put Josh up to it. See, I'm not stupid here. I see what's going on!

Bianca: You've had too much to drink.

J.R.: Lies and secrets. Lies and secrets, lies and secrets!

Bianca: J.R., calm down.

J.R.: No, you -- you put me up to this -- you and Kendall both, to get revenge!

Bianca: No, you need to sit down.

J.R.: No, I hurt you, I hurt your sister. The Kane girls have hatched a plan to get back at me and take my marriage, rip my heart up to shreds, and watch me bleed! And guess what -- it worked. Oh. I'm bleeding plenty.

Babe: J.R. is in pain. He needs me.

Josh: You can't save him, Babe. You can't fix him! You need to start thinking about yourself. And you need to start thinking about your son. What kind of a man is Little A going to grow up to be if he's raised by J.R.?

Babe: My mama told me not to play with fire, and I should've listened to her. I never should've let my guard down. I should've pushed you away. What the hell was I thinking?

Josh: You were thinking you wanted to be with someone who sees you for the incredible woman that you are.

Babe: Why didn't I lie? Just one more time, I -- I could have saved my marriage, I could have saved my family. I could have saved everyone. And now it's too late.

Bianca: Your imagination is working overtime.

J.R.: What is that? That -- is that a French thing? A gay thing?

Bianca: Excuse me?

J.R.: All this cool, calm, and collected. France is great. Yeah. Babe and I, we went there once. You parlez, right?

Bianca: I speak French.

J.R.: Notre amour ne meure jamais.

Bianca: "Our love will never die."

J.R.: That's what I told Babe on our trip. But our marriage bit the big one when she started to voulez-vous couchering avec Josh. Whoo-la-la! Hey, I said no phones.

Bianca: I'm done, J.R.

J.R.: Well, I'm not.

[J.R. tears the cell phone out of Biancaís hands.]

Bianca: I'm not afraid of you. I'll scream. They'll throw you in jail.

J.R.: What if it's too late?

Bianca: You want to know if it's too late, J.R.? We talked about that once, remember? About being survivors. About not repeating our parents' mistakes. About honoring our children. And I told you that I believed in you. And that the old J.R. that I used to know didn't have to be lost forever. Because you could make different choices. Better choices. Is this what you choose? Is this how you want to honor your son? If so, then yeah. It's way too late for you, J.R.

J.R.: I hate what I did to you. I hate what I did to Kendall. You guys -- you guys were my best friends. The best friends that I've ever had. God, I had such a crush on Kendall. I remember those times where we'd sit. The time we -- we had our first beer, and we were talking about our crazy life and our parents, and -- what happened to that? I miss it.

Bianca: I miss it, too.

J.R.: Babe did this to me. She made me lose my friends. She made me lose my mind. She pushes me to the brink every single time!

Bianca: J.R., you're doing this to yourself.

J.R.: No, I have done nothing but try to make this situation right!

Bianca: Stop it! Don't you dare play innocent victim with me. J.R. the wounded. J.R. the wronged -- it's not real. You're what's wrong. You lash out, and you hurt people and you cause worlds of pain. And then, you always land on your feet. No lessons learned, no time done. And now, after everything that you have done, you want somebody to hold your hand? Forget it! Life sucks! Life is tough. So deal with it. Stop ranting and raving and turning yourself into a monster. This is not a French thing. It's not a gay thing. It's just good advice. Take it.

Babe: I did this.

Josh: J.R. actually has you feeling guilty for this. This is insane. Babe, none of this is your fault, do you hear me? You are a beautiful, smart, amazing woman. J.R. is an idiot. Do you see what he's doing to you? This is -- this is your life with J.R.

Babe: J.R. said that if -- if we just loved each other, then no one could get in our way.

Josh: Babe, if that was true, then why would he care what happened to us? What you have with him should be untouchable. It should be unbreakable, no matter what. Like the other night. You and him were about to make love. I don't care. I still don't care. All I care about is how we feel for each other.

Babe: But how -- how do -- did J.R. tell you?

Josh: No. I heard.

Babe: You what? You -- you heard? You were listening to us in our bedroom in our home?

Josh: Babe, I did it out of concern for you, all right? Hayward --

Babe: Oh, no.

Josh: Hayward ratted us out to J.R. I -- look, I would have backed off. I would have done what you wanted, but he kept --

Babe: No --

Josh: Drilling into my head how dangerous J.R. is.

Babe: No, no. You didn't do this out of concern for me, you did it out of concern for your ego. J.R. told you that you couldn't have me, and you just had to prove him wrong.

Josh: Do you really think that's who I am?

Babe: You sneak into my house? You eavesdrop on private, intimate conversations? I have no clue who you are.

Josh: I had to be sure.

Babe: No, you had to win.

Josh: Don't do this.

Babe: You and I are over.

Josh: No, listen to me. You could have lied to J.R. if you wanted to, but you didn't, because you wanted to find out the truth, too. You wanted to find out if J.R. really changed, or if he's still the same psycho that he always has been.

Babe: No. No, I told J.R. the truth, because he trusted me with everything that was in him. There's no way that I could spit on that trust.

Josh: But you already did. The only difference is now he knows.

Krystal: Call me, Babe, as soon as you can.

Colby: "Mama" and "baby doll"?

Krystal: Oh.

Colby: Hmm. They should make figurines. Sell a boxed set at the 99-cent tramp store.

Krystal: Would you give it a rest? My head is splitting.

Colby: Well, take some aspirin -- and a hike. Or better yet, I'll take the hike. You crack open the safe and spot me 10 grand, and I'm gone.

Krystal: I know what you're doing. Cranking up the sass, taking potshots at Babe and me. All to keep your daddy's attention. You have his attention, Colby. And not because you run around like a brat out of hell. Because you're his daughter. And his love for you is there always. Colby, that's the great thing about the heart, you know? It just keeps expanding to make room for all the people that you love. Adam's heart is -- is bigger than ever. But there's always going to be a space that says "Reserved for Colby." No matter how many new additions this family takes on, nobody is ever going to take that from you.

Colby: Babe and Josh isn't the only secret I know about. I know about you and Tad Martin, too.

Jonathan: Hi. Thank you for calling me about Lily. I got to say that I was surprised to see your number pop up on my phone after what I did at BJís today.

Amanda: I called because I thought you'd want to know.

Jonathan: I appreciate it.

Amanda: I went to check up on Lily today. And somehow all this stuff about you came up. Lily wanted to know if you and I were going out. And she said we should, because we're so much alike. And I -- I tried to tell her no, that you two are the ones that belong together. But it made it worse. And she got so upset. It crushed me, Jonathan, and it landed Lily in the ER. Second-best friends, friends with benefits -- I can't even do friends anymore. And it makes me sad for all of us.

Jack: I just so badly want things to go back to normal, you know?

Brooke: Well, now that Erica's party is over, I'm sure she'll come back home and things will get back to life as usual. She is coming home soon, right?

Jack: Of course. Of course, she is. We'll have Erica back very soon.

Erica: Don't you dare blame Josh. Have you forgotten that your apocalypse of a son tried to kill his wife?

Adam: Josh has been slithering around my family nonstop, hell-bent on destroying all of us.

Jeff: Is my son in danger?

Adam: Well, I wouldn't know. I would imagine there are probably thousands of enemies out there looking for him right now.

Jeff: I'll find Josh before J.R. does.

Erica: Oh, this is all your fault.

Adam: Oh, really? Are you regretting your dalliance? Don't blame me.

Erica: Congratulations, Adam. You've created a whole new generation of criminals. Colby is a liar, and J.R. is a wannabe murderer. You're a curse on your children. You've doomed them all.

Babe: I just don't want anyone hurt. I don't want to see J.R. behind bars.

Josh: J.R. -- will not use you as an excuse to hurt anyone else.

J.R.: Want some nuts? Huh? Nuts --

Bianca: You tried to kill your wife. And she took you back.

J.R.: She lied.

Bianca: She loves you.

J.R.: Did you know that I gave up all my shares of Chandler stock to her? I gave her full custody of Little Adam -- huh -- just to prove how sorry I was, how much I loved her. She made me look like a fool. Her and Josh. By the way, where is your brother? I really do need to have a chat with him.

Bianca: Yeah -- leave him out of this. If Babe leaves you, it's not because of Josh, it's because of you. Who you are right now. A guy who thinks that a bottle of booze gives him a license to kill.

J.R.: Shut up.

Bianca: You know, when you were up for attempted murder charges, I asked Babe how she could possibly stand by you.

J.R.: Shut up.

Bianca: I was afraid for her. I told her that she was delusional if she thought that you could change. But you know what she said to me? She said that the angry, violent J.R. was gone. That you were a good man. She didn't make a fool out of you, J.R. You're the one who made a fool out of her.

J.R.: Babe said she loves me. She said that she loved me, and she lied!

Erica: J.R., you stay away from my daughter.

Jack: Hi, sweetheart. Hi. It's Daddy. Honey, you're in the hospital here, because you -- because you hurt your hand. But don't you worry. You're going to be better soon.

Erica: You are drunk, and you are disgusting. And I don't give a damn what Babe did to you. Go to a meeting. Go to -- go to a million meetings, preferably on another planet. I'll stand right here till you sober up if I have to. But one thing is for sure. You will never hurt anyone I love again.

J.R.: Wow. Mother-daughter tag team. Yeah. Might be tough. But I think I could take you.

[The door to Fusionís rooftop terrace opens.]

Babe: J.R.?

Adam: Guess again.

Krystal: Tad and me, huh?

Colby: Mm-hmm. I know all the dirty details. Oh, yeah -- and the part about J.R.ís mama -- whew.

Krystal: Tad was running his big old mouth again, wasn't he? Just blabbing away. If I told him once, I told him 1,000 times -- keep the lip zipped.

Colby: Well, he didn't zip it. And I know everything.

Krystal: You know nothing. Because nothing's all there is to know. You know, maybe the reason why you can't feel your father's love is because you can't feel anything at all. I mean, the people that you love are in pain, and it could get a heck of a lot worse. I mean, what if J.R. goes off and -- and hurts someone, or worse?

Colby: Babe had sex, and J.R. got wise. Really, what's the worst that could happen?

[Erica pushes J.R. away from Bianca.]

J.R.: Well, for such a small thing, you have some big stones. You both do.

Erica: You shut your filthy mouth.

Bianca: Oh, no way, J.R. You are not leaving this room. No one is going to suffer tonight because of you.

J.R.: Oh, I'm getting out of here.

Erica: You stay away from us, and the door.

J.R.: All right. You got that door? That's fine.

[Erica gasps and hugs Bianca as J.R. takes a flying leap out the window.]

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Bianca (on the phone): There's been an accident at the Valley Inn.

[Erica looks down at J.R. lying in the alley unconscious bleeding from the head. Rushing downstairs, Erica encounters Josh standing over J.R.]

Josh: He's still breathing.

Erica (to Bianca): J.R. has done enough damage to our family. It has to be over.

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