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Josh: Well, it's about time you showed up.

J.R.: Wrong office.

Josh: Oh, I was just getting a feel for things.

J.R.: Check in with personnel. They'll do the paperwork, put you on payroll. When you come back, we'll discuss exactly what you'll do for Chandler Enterprises.

Josh: Sounds good. But first, we discuss your wife.

Babe: Hey. Morning, Adam.

Adam: Yes, just the woman I wanted to see.

Babe: Really? Because I promised J.R. I'd meet him at -- at Chandler about, like, five minutes ago.

Adam: You promised him you'd be faithful, and you weren’t.

Zach: Coffee's on. Breakfast is going to be ready in a second.

Kendall: You didn't come to bed. When I woke up, you weren't there.

Zach: Ah, I couldn't sleep.

Kendall: All night? Was it Spike? Did -- did his fever come back?

Zach: No, no, Spike's good. He's going to be just fine.

Kendall: Good, good. So then why didn't you come to bed?

Zach: I just couldn't stop thinking.

Kendall: About what? About our dream house?

Zach: About us.

David: Hey. What's wrong? You're not hungry?

Emma: I want my mommy.

David: I know you do, sweetheart. Don't you worry. Your mommy and I are very good friends, and I know for a fact that right at this very moment, your mommy is working really hard to get here as fast as she can.

Annie: We won't find Emma just sitting here.

Tad: By all means, feel free to tell us where you stashed her.

Annie: I haven't done anything with my child.

Ryan: Do -- do you really think Annie would be this crazed if she hid her own child?

Annie: Alone, all night in a strange bed, if she even has a bed at all? No good-night kiss, no Lulu Bear. She can't sleep without this.

Tad: She's definitely a good actress.

Ryan: You know what? I'm tired of this. I'm tired of the BS. Annie did not hide Emma, I didn't hide Emma, Jonathan did not hide Emma.

Tad: I'd love to believe you, Ryan, but unfortunately, history's got a nasty way of repeating itself.

Ryan: You know what? Maybe we should call the cops.

Tad: Yeah, maybe we should. If anybody has anything to --

Ryan: Where the hell do you think you're going? Where you going? You going to check on Emma?

Dixie: No.

Ryan: Where is she?

Dixie: Oh, I don't know. I -- I was just going to get some coffee.

Ryan: Oh.

Annie: If you do know where Emma is, please tell me she's not alone.

Dixie: I don't know where she is, ok? Can't a woman get some coffee without being accused of a felony?

Ryan: Actually, no, not a woman that has all sorts of motive --

Tad: Hey, lay off.

Ryan: To hide a child.

Tad: We've been here for hours. If she wants to get some fresh air, let her.

Ryan: You know what? She was sneaking out, Tad, which tells me that she has something to hide, so where is she?

Dixie: Look, if I had Kate, don't you think I would tell you where she is?

Annie: Her name isn't Kate! Stop calling her that!

Ryan: It's all right.

Annie: No, it's not all right. None of this is all right. How can you keep my child from me?

Tad: For the last time, we don't know where she is. Did you come up with anything?

Aidan: Nothing on my end, no.

Ryan: Oh, this is fantastic. This is a nice touch -- you know, Aidan reporting in. So tell me, please, where is she?

Aidan: I don't have a clue, Ryan. My men and I searched all night.

Ryan: You know what? I'm sick of this. Just spare me.

Jonathan: What in the hell are you doing? Did you think I wouldn't notice your men breathing down my neck?

Aidan: Excuse me -- a little girl is missing.

Annie: Yeah.

Jonathan: Ok, yeah -- no reason for you to put a posse on Erin and me.

Aidan: The stables? I remember you took Emma once.

Jonathan: Not this time.

Aidan: And we're just supposed to take your word for it, are we?

Erin: Oh, you know what? We are not the bad guys here. We want to find Emma just as much as you do.

Annie: God, Jonathan didn't take her. None of us did -- how many times do we have to tell you? I don't know where my daughter is. I don't know who took her or if she's all right.

Ryan: Look, the court ruled in Annie’s favor. She has got no reason to hide her own child.

Tad: Except for a little DNA problem.

Jonathan: Hey, the law's on Annie’s side, all right? You lost, Tad. You and Dixie lost, and you're desperate.

Tad: So you automatically assume I'm the kind of person that's going to sneak into somebody's house and take their child? Sorry, it's not my style.

David: So? What do you think? Do you like them? Great! Hey, I'll tell you what -- I'll give you some Fruity Hoops, too, ok? Because any cereal with a toy in the box has to be a really great cereal. Here. You know, when I was your age, blueberry pancakes were my favorite. My mother never used to go into the kitchen. But when I was old enough, my father taught me exactly how to make them -- extra fluffy with lots of blueberries. Ooh.

Emma: Ooh.

David: Yeah, isn't that great?

[David sighs]

David: I used to look forward to having pancakes with my little girl, teaching her how to make them. I'll tell you what -- I'll give the recipe to your mother, ok, and she could teach you how to make them. Would you like that? Great. Excellent.

Emma: Ok.

David: Good. Hmm.

J.R.: Still in my chair.

Josh: So I am. It's all yours.

J.R.: What about my wife did you want to discuss?

Josh: Well, I was thinking about what went down at the Valley Inn Bar, with Hayward?

J.R.: When he said that you were sleeping with Babe?

Josh: Well, he slammed, you slammed back.

J.R.: I love my wife, and I'm sick and tired of this BS.

Josh: Did you mean what you said about trusting her?

J.R.: I don't discuss my wife with my employees. My marriage is none of your business. And there's nothing you can do about it.

Bianca: Am I interrupting something?

Babe: So since when did you start buying Colby’s story?

Adam: Since your mother confirmed it. She also said that your nasty little fling with Josh Madden was over. Is that true?

Babe: My marriage is none of your business.

Adam: If it concerns my son's happiness, yes, it is my business.

Babe: So, what? Are you just going to sit him down and tell him the big, bad truth for his own good? You already told him once how to live his life, and he took off on some boat to get away from you. Think about it, Adam -- if you interfere now, you could lose him again.

Adam: I don't take advice from the woman who cheated on my son.

J.R.: Welcome home.

Bianca: Thanks.

J.R.: How's Miranda?

Bianca: She's really good.

J.R.: Well, you’re just in time to congratulate your brother -- it's his first day on the job unless I'm mistaken. You are here for the job?

Josh: Oh, I can't wait to get started.

J.R.: Good. With an attitude like that, this should work out just fine. Now, what can I do for you?

Bianca: I came here to discuss the pledge that you made to the Miranda Center, but since my brother is here, would you mind if we just spoke alone for a few minutes? Our mother is having this party, and there's a couple of things I need to discuss with Josh.

J.R.: Sure. Take all the time you need. You know what, this is perfect -- your first assignment. Get the details of what Bianca needs for the sponsorship, put it on a memo, and get it on my desk by lunch.

Josh: Sure.

J.R.: Oh, and Josh? Welcome to my world.

Bianca: Are you out of your mind? What are you doing here?

Josh: I think I was just about to tell him I had an affair with his wife.

Babe: Give up the interrogation, Adam.

Adam: Not until I hear it from your lips. Are you done with Josh Madden?

Babe: J.R. and I love each other. That's all that you need to know.

Adam: Oh. Now, how can I be sure of that?

Babe: Because I'm still here, because you and I both know that I could take Little A and bail anytime that I want, legally.

Adam: Yes. He was a fool to draw up those papers.

Babe: And because I'm not going anywhere, because I love your son, and I want a life with him, and I want a future with him and a family with him.

Adam: It's what you want on the side that bothers me.

Babe: Would I be dreaming of more babies and -- and dinners around the table and Christmases 10 years from now? Would I be house-hunting with a man who tried to kill me?

Adam: I -- I hope you'll forgive me if I doubt your sincerity here. See, I -- I see no guarantees about this rosy future with my son.

Babe: I have made mistakes, lots and lots of them, but so has J.R. Now, we've come through the fire, and we're stronger than ever, and we have a real chance. But if you think that he would be better off knowing about Josh and me, tell him.

Adam: I promised your mother that J.R. would never hear about this from me.

Babe: And will you keep your word?

Adam: As far as I'm concerned, Josh Madden is forgotten just as long as you keep him forgotten.

Babe: Thank you. Oh. Oh.

Krystal: Oh, hey, Babe. Have you seen Adam? What is it? Are you all right?

Babe: How the hell could you do that to me?

Zach: It's hard to close your eyes when all you see is you and that look of doubt in your eyes, fear that I'm not who you thought I was.

Kendall: I love you, Zach. And I'm sure that I know who you are.

Zach: Yeah?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Zach: Well, I want to help you be sure. I'll do whatever you want. I don't want to lose this.

Kendall: Well, that's not going to happen. I'm -- I am not going anywhere. You, on the other hand -- I wouldn't blame you if you ran away screaming.

Zach: Why would I do that?

Kendall: Well, last night, maybe?

Zach: Come here.

Kendall: Spike had a fever, he just had a fever, and I completely flipped out. Thank God that you were there to take care of him.

Zach: You didn't flip out -- you're a mom. Your boy was in trouble, and you were a little scared -- I get that.

Kendall: Yeah, all that time in the incubator with the -- the tubes and how hard he fought. I don't want Spike to hurt ever again. And I know -- I know it's unrealistic. He's going to have a cold or the flu, he's going to have bumps and bruises.

Zach: He'll be the best player on the ice.

Kendall: I was -- silly.

Zach: You're always silly. It's part of your charm. And I love you. Spike's a lucky man. So am I.

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Jonathan: Why can't you guys just leave us alone?

Ryan: Ok, just -- just -- everybody just calm down here, ok, because all of this is going to get us nowhere.

Aidan: Man. I don't think Ryan and Annie took Emma, and if they did, Erin and Jonathan would've known about it. Now, I had them tracked the whole night last night, and they questioned your neighbors, your parents' neighbors, casino employees.

Tad: So they really think we did it? Well, if we don't have Emma, and they don't have Emma, then --

Annie: Well, if you didn't take her, then who -- who would take her? Who would do this?

Ryan: Yeah, we're -- we're going to -- we're going to find her, all right? We're going to -- you can count on that.

Jonathan: We're going to look harder, ok?

Erin: Well, yeah, anything it takes.

Ryan: Hey, hold on. Hold on. Where's Dixie?

Tad: I don't know.

Ryan: Dixie?

Tad: Dixie?

Aidan: The car's gone.

Ryan: Oh, really? The car's gone, huh, Tad? So you did do it. You and Dixie did take Emma, didn't you?

Tad: No, no, no, no, no, no. Wait a minute. Dixie's --

Ryan: You know what? Enough. I -- enough with the lies. I can't take it anymore. You've been busted. Just tell us where they are, Tad.

Tad: Ryan, I swear to you, I swear to you on anything, I swear to you on Emma’s life, we didn't take her. I have no idea where -- where Dixie went.

Ryan: Well, she went somewhere, all right, and she went to meet somebody.

Annie: We have to go. We have to find Dixie right --

Ryan: No, hold -- Annie, Annie, Annie, I got a hunch.

Annie: All right, then let's go.

Ryan: No, no. I need you to stay with Erin and Jonathan, all right, please?

Annie: No, I'm sick of waiting. I need to find Emma.

Ryan: Look, you're exhausted, you're stressed. If you pass out, you're just going to slow us down, right? This could be a wild-goose chase. Just let me check it out and see where it goes, please.

Jonathan: Erin and I will go with you.

Ryan: Yeah.

Jonathan: And we'll be ready for Emma when she walks through the door.

Ryan: Hey. I'm going to bring Emma back to you. You trust me? Good. I will call as soon as we find anything out, ok? All right.

Babe: How could you do it, Mama? How could you tell Adam about Josh and me? It -- it's one thing that Colby knows, but now Adam? Well, why would you tell him?

Krystal: He asked me.

Babe: And you couldn't just change the subject?

Krystal: I tried, honey. I swear I did, but I just --

Babe: Oh.

Krystal: I couldn't lie to him, not about this. I am so, so sorry.

Babe: I'm sorry. I'm just spitting at myself for letting things go as far as they did with Josh. Mama, I could lose my husband, I could lose the man that I love.

Krystal: And I am so sorry that telling Adam has caused you more hurt.

Babe: It isn't like holding on to the lie has made it any better. I thought I could deal, Mama. I thought if I just didn't think about it, it would go away. Love J.R. a little more and try a little harder, but the guilt is -- it's eating at me. I -- I don't deserve to ever be trusted again.

Krystal: Oh, honey, you deserve happiness, you deserve love, you deserve everything your heart desires.

Babe: I still see Josh, everywhere. I hear his voice. He's in my head.

Josh: When you walked in, I was this close to laying it out for him.

Bianca: You were really going to tell J.R. that you slept with Babe? Oh. I don't know what's crazier -- you hitting him with that news or you coming to work for him. Wait a minute -- I thought that you were over the whole "taking down the Chandler Enterprises" fantasy.

Josh: No, that's not what this is about. This is -- look, I'm just trying to find my way.

Bianca: Swimming with the crocodiles would be safer.

Josh: Bet you're rethinking this whole brother/sister thing, huh?

Bianca: Are you sure you don't have some kind of plan? You're just winging this?

Josh: What, you think I'm being selfish?

Bianca: You just gave your entire fortune to the Miranda Center, so, no, I don't.

Josh: No, I'm not talking money selfish. Look, if I really loved Babe, it doesn't matter whether she comes running into my arms or not. It just matters that she's safe.

Bianca: "Safe" as in "away from J.R."?

Josh: Yes. If I blow up that marriage, I save her from a life with a man who tried to kill her.

Bianca: So you spilling to J.R. is all about saving Babe from the man she loves, the life she wants, the life she's chosen? Are you sure that this isn't really about you just wanting to split up their marriage any way you can?

Adam: Well, Bianca. This is a surprise.

Bianca: Good morning.

Adam: Hmm.

[Adam walks into J.R.’s office.]

Adam: What the hell is he doing here?

J.R.: Josh? I hired him.

Adam: You hired him? After what he did to you?

J.R.: What did he do to me?

Adam: What he tried to do to you. He came after your wife for God’s sake.

J.R.: And he got nowhere.

Adam: Oh, fine. What about next time? Or the time after that? Just because Josh Madden is down doesn't mean he's going to stop trying.

J.R.: Exactly. Your friends close and your enemies closer. That was your advice.

Adam: That can be dangerous advice.

Bianca: You love Babe, and you hate J.R. even more. So, you out the affair, you can save Babe and shred J.R. at the same time -- a win-win situation.

Josh: Well, unless Babe hates me so much, I lose her for good. I don't know what to do. I don't know what's right. Look, I love her, I want her. But even more, I want her to be happy, and if she's happy with J.R., what right do I have to put a match to their marriage? But then again, if -- if J.R.’s a threat, shouldn't I do something before he hurts her, even if that means losing Babe? God, this thinking about what to do for someone else is new territory.

Bianca: Does it make your brain hurt?

Josh: Look -- if I say nothing, I do what she wants. But then J.R. -- he might hurt her. How could I live with that? And then again, there's the great, big consolation prize -- if I say nothing, then I won't lose her completely. I can just hold on to a little piece of her. I could see her once in a while, ask her how her kids are doing, be the friend.

Bianca: But will that be enough for you?

Josh: Hell, no. But at least she'll still be in my life. Go on, tell me to keep my mouth shut.

Bianca: No way. I'm not telling you what to do.

Josh: Come on, here's your chance -- sisterly advice. What would you do if you were me?

Bianca: I don't know. Have you ever considered just walking away?

Josh: How can I just walk away? How can I walk away from Babe?

Babe: How did I go from vowing to love and honor J.R. to dreaming of another man?

Krystal: It's over. It's over. You know what you want, so you just look ahead, and you make the life that you always dreamed of with J.R.

Babe: I can't take the way that J.R. looks at me. Colby and David both told him the truth, but he didn't believe them, because he trusts me so damn much, and I'm lying. How am I supposed to live with that? What the heck am I supposed to do?

Krystal: You keep your mouth shut.

Kendall: Let's play hooky today.

Zach: All right.

Kendall: Yeah, we can dress up Spike in his little costume, maybe we could check some real estate listings, hmm? Actually, I think maybe you should go to work, because the kind of house I want -- we're going to need a lot of money.

[Zach scoffs]

Kendall: What?

[Kendall chuckles]

Zach: I'll go to work --

Kendall: Oh, really?

Zach: In a minute.

Kendall: "In a minute"?

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Hmm. Well, Spike is asleep, so maybe we can play a little bit.

Zach: Hmm.

Kendall: Let's play -- hmm.

[Knock on door]

Kendall: Oh.

Zach: A little early for trick-or-treaters, right?

Kendall: Yeah, you know what? If it's Del with his stupid book idea, you feel free to punch him in the face.

Zach: Good.

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: Where's Dixie?

Zach: Oh, great. Go bother someone else. We got business.

Tad: It's not a joke. If you had anything to do with it, or you know somebody who did, you're not helping Dixie.

Ryan: Just tell us where she is.

Zach: Where who is? What are you talking about?

Ryan: We're talking about Emma McDermott. She's missing, and so is Dixie.

David: We've been expecting you. She's been waiting for her mommy. And now you're here.

Dixie: Hi. Oh, that's a pretty doll. Does she have a name?

Emma: Rose.

Dixie: Rose, like the flower? Nice.

Emma: Because she has a flower on her heart.

Dixie: Oh, she does, huh? That's beautiful. Does she have any friends?

Emma: Yes.

Dixie: Yeah? Do you like to draw?

Emma: Yes.

Dixie: You know what? I remember, you have got a lot of favorite colors, right? You like pink, right? Nice. Oh, you know, you're just another ray of sunshine. Hmm. And you just light up the world.

[Dixie angrily turns to David.]

Dixie: Do you have any idea of the chaos that you've caused? Do you have a clue? How could you do this?

David: You couldn't do it, so I did it for you.

Annie: I shouldn't be here.

Jonathan: Hey, no. Emma's going to be fine. We're going to find her. She's going to be back in your arms before you know it.

Annie's voice: Emma? Where is Emma? Is she right here? No. Is she back here? No. Ha-ha! There she is! Oh, you sneaky -- you sneaky little thing! Oh, mommies are very good at finding their little girls, huh? I will always be here for you when you need me.

Emma: Ok.

Annie: Ok. Ok.

Ryan: If you had anything to do with Emma’s disappearance -- if you know anything at all about her disappearance, I need you to tell me right now.

Kendall: No, Ryan, stop, ok? Stop. Zach has nothing to do with this. He was home here with me taking care of Spike.

Ryan: Wait, what do you mean, taking care of -- what is that supposed to mean? Was he --

Kendall: He had a fever of 103, ok? Zach took care of him. He bathed him, he took care of him until his fever went away. So while you were off God knows where helping Annie, he was here taking care of your son.

Ryan: I want to see him.

Kendall: Well, he's asleep right now, but he's feeling better, thank God -- for Zach.

Ryan: Obviously, if I had known -- if I had known --

Kendall: Why don't you answer your phone, check your messages?

Ryan: Check my messages? What are you talking about? I had my phone off for, like, 20 minutes at the court -- look, a child is missing right now as we speak. Emma is missing. It's been a little bit crazy, ok?

Kendall: Well, the crazy stops here, all right? Zach was home with me. He has nothing to do with Dixie or the disappearing of that little girl, so go away.

Tad: I'm sorry -- we didn't mean to come on so strong, ok? We're just running out of options. Do you have any idea where Dixie and Emma might be?

Zach: I'm not a private investigator. I'd probably check with David Hayward.

David: There's a private plane waiting for you at the airport. I've arranged for new identities, passports, driver's license, birth certificate -- anything you need -- to take you anywhere you want to go.

Dixie: What are you saying, just grab her and run?

David: Why not?

Dixie: Well -- well, what about Tad? What about J.R.?

David: What about them? This is Kate, Dixie, the daughter you've been searching for all these years. Go. Don't get dragged down by Tad and J.R.

Dixie: J.R. is my child, too, David. I love him.

David: I'll let him know you said so. And I'll explain everything. I'm sure he'll understand.

Dixie: Well, what is he going to understand, that I abandoned him again? That I chose a life with his sister over him again?

David: Once you get settled, we'll arrange for J.R. to see you. Get to know his sister. Ok? Once, as many times as you like -- your call.

Dixie: What about Tad? Huh? I can't just take his daughter and run.

David: You can't just stay here. You have to leave the country, Dixie. Do you honestly think Tad is going to let you do that? Hasn't he already threatened to take custody of Kate from you?

Dixie: Well -- look, that was then, ok? Things are different now. We have --

David: Oh, yeah, right, right. For the moment. And how long is that going to last? Do you honestly want to gamble your future with Kate after everything you've been through to be with her?

Dixie: I don't know. I can't do that to Tad.

David: Oh. Forget about Tad. I heard you lost your hearing. Your legal options are gone. If you stay, Kate will be found and returned to Annie. And if that happens, Annie will run -- for good, guaranteed. You will never see your daughter again. You know something? I'll tell you what. You want to call Tad? Go right ahead, be my guest. Use my phone. I brought you Kate. She's your child. From this moment on, it's entirely your choice.

Babe: You won't lie to your husband, but you want me to lie to mine?

Krystal: Sometimes there's a time to lie -- when telling the truth will ruin your marriage, hurt the people that you love. My telling Adam the truth is not going to ruin your marriage, but you telling J.R. the truth will.

Babe: And what am I supposed to do about Josh? I can't avoid him. J.R. hired him. I can't pretend that he's not there, not in the room.

Krystal: You pack him up, and you put him in your past. You keep your distance, the best you can. And you let time do the rest. Because it will get easier, Babe. You let your mistake stay buried. And if Josh haunts you, you kiss your baby. And you hug your husband. They're your life.

J.R.: Whatever you have to say, let's hear it.

Adam: All right, son. I am so proud of you. What you have accomplished here, and in your -- in your family, and in your life. And they've all been your decisions. But now, you want to hire Josh Madden, and I think -- I think it's trouble. I don't like it. He's -- could be dangerous. But -- I'm not about to second-guess you.

J.R.: You know, Dad, you've always been straight with me.

Adam: Uh-huh.

J.R.: Even when I was hurt. Even when I was kicking and screaming. You were never afraid to tell me the truth.

Adam: Uh-huh. I love you, son. I want you to be careful.

J.R.: I know what I'm doing.

Adam: I got your back.

J.R.: Then I can't lose.

Adam: I'll be in my office if you need me.

J.R.: Ok. Actually, I have some property buy-outs to run by you. I'll be down in a bit.

Adam: Can't wait.

J.R.: All right.

Adam: Why don't you go to Personnel, get an office? Stop loitering in the hall.

Bianca: Not exactly friendly territory.

Josh: Oh, I can handle him. And his son. You know, this kinder, gentler J.R. -- do you believe he's changed? He's hurt you, Kendall, Babe. Do you think that kind of impulse just disappears? That he'll never hurt Babe again? That he's the kind of husband she thinks he is? You don't believe it, either, do you? You know what? I could go in there right now and lay it out for him. Kendall almost told him about me and Babe. You stopped her. Why aren't you stopping me?

Bianca: It wasn't her secret to tell. It's yours.

Josh: Well, now's as good a time as any.

Bianca: Wait -- but, Josh -- um -- if you do this -- if you go in there and tell J.R., you can't take it back. So I -- I want you to be really sure that this is what you want. That you are ready for everything that comes after. I have no loyalty to Babe or J.R. but you -- I care about. If you do tell J.R., I'm on your side, whatever you need.

Josh: Thanks.

Tad: Aidan, Ryan and I are heading up to Hayward’s cabin right now.

Ryan: Spike is dreaming nothing but sweet dreams. I'm sorry I didn't get the message.

Kendall: It's ok. Just go. Go find this little girl, whosever daughter she is. Aren't you going to go with them? Help them find Emma and Dixie?

Zach: They're not my responsibility, you are.

Dixie: You know, I get this. You want me to leave Tad, abandon J.R. for my daughter and a life on the -- on the run with you. Right? Isn't that what you want? Isn't this my deal with the devil?

David: You just don't get it, do you? You're on your own, Dixie, to go where you want, do whatever you want to do. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm leaving this town, too, but my plans don't include you, or your little girl.

Dixie: I don't understand. You're not part of the package?

David: Nope. I know exactly how you feel about me. But I made you a promise that I would help you find your daughter. Because I love you. So I've done that. Well, it's all there. Your choice. You can go to the airport. Or you can call the cops, have me arrested, get some revenge. You can even have Tad come over here and watch him bust me into pieces.

Zach: You didn't really expect me to go with them, did you?

Kendall: Did I expect you? No. Was I afraid that you would? Yes.

Zach: Two things -- number one, wipe the fear away. Number two -- hmm.

Kendall: What?

Annie: Oh. Please let Emma be all right. Oh, she has to be. Oh, please, God, let Ryan find her.

Ryan: Hayward! Open the door, Hayward! We know you got Emma!

Tad: Open the door!

David: Passports, documentation -- everything you'll need to start a whole new life. The plane's almost ready, Dixie.

Dixie: Annie swears that Emma is her child.

David: Do you want to believe a woman you don't even know? Or do you want to trust your own heart?

Dixie: Honey, we're going to take a little trip.

Babe: Hi, handsome. How about you and I make love, right here, right now? The floor, the desk -- anywhere you want.

Josh: Well, that's the best offer I've had all day.

[As Josh grabs Babe and kisses her, J.R. walks toward his office.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

David: What's the matter, Tad, afraid Dixie might have done something that you wouldn't?

Tad: I'm not about to let you get her locked up.

[Dixie gasps as someone places his hand on her shoulder.]

Josh: I want you, Babe, and you still want me.

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