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All My Children Transcript Monday 10/2/06


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Colby: "Congratulations"? Huh.

Adam: You're pregnant? You're having our baby?

Krystal: Are you ok with that?

Adam: "Ok"? I'm ecstatic!

Colby: Ditto.

Adam: When I -- when I mentioned this before, you were against it. Well, why have you changed your mind? What got to you?

Livia: Go on, Mr. Martin. You were telling us how you feel about your ex-wife, Dixie Martin.

Tad: I'm sorry, I lost my train of thought.

Livia: Which brings me to my next question -- why is it that you're here testifying today?

Tad: I was subpoenaed.

Livia: Yes, we've established that Chief Frye threatened to accuse your sons of evidence tampering if you didn't appear.

Tad: That's not the only reason I'm here. As a citizen, it's my responsibility, it's my civic duty, to tell the truth about what I saw that night. It still is, so can we just move on?

Livia: Absolutely. Have you forgotten what you said about five minutes ago?

Tad: Of course, I haven't forgotten. I was angry, I was -- I was overwrought. Who wouldn't be in this situation?

Livia: Would you please read the defendant's last five or so statements concerning Dixie Martin, please?

Colin: Objection.

Judge: I'll allow it.

Stenographer: "You're a killer, Dixie, and nobody knows it better than I do, because you killed me, you buried me. I don't care what anybody says -- you are nothing but a lying, cheating, sadistic bitch, and so help me God, I am going to make you pay for it here now. You're going to pay."

Livia: Ring any bells, Mr. Martin?

Krystal: I really thought those 2:00 a.m. feedings and peek-a-boo marathons were far behind me.

[Adam chuckles]

Krystal: Now it's get all the sleep you can while you can.

Colby: Ok, wait. Hold up. This could be a false alarm. Menopause.

Adam: Oh, Colby. Krystal is --

Krystal: No, no, Colby, I know I might seem older than dirt to you, but I do still have a couple of good weeks left in me.

Colby: Well, I didn't mean that you were --

Krystal: No. My Ob-Gyn officially declared me with child, and I couldn't be happier. This baby was meant to be.

[Taking Krystal’s face into his hands, Adam tenderly kisses her then hugs her tightly.]

Krystal: Whoa, whoa. Careful, careful.

Tad: Look. She signed our child over to Greg Madden. That woman chose to give my daughter to perfect strangers. Now, you want me to admit that I was angry? Absolutely. I still am, but that's not the reason I'm testifying.

Livia: Mr. Martin, we've established that you loved Dixie Martin so much that you married her three times. That's a lot of back and frothing, wouldn't you say?

Tad: We had a lot of problems, off and on.

Livia: So were you in love with her or just obsessed?

Tad: I was in love with her.

Livia: And when it was ending, was it she who pulled the plug, or the last time, was it you who called it quits?

Tad: It was mutual.

Livia: So the last time you thought you could rekindle your relationship with Dixie, you are led to believe that she has gone off and died along with your baby, only years later you find out that her death was a lie, that she in fact stayed away, because she didn't want to be with you, that she gave --

Tad: How many --

Livia: Your child away for adoption --

Tad: How many times are you going to go through this? How many times do you want me to say it?

Livia: But you want us to believe that it's not jealousy and bitterness that brought you to testify in this courtroom today?

Tad: The only thing that brought me to this courtroom is justice, simple justice.

Livia: Justice for yourself by submitting false --

Tad: No.

Livia: Eyewitness testimony about events that occurred --

Tad: No, no --

Livia: While you were in a locked room.

Tad: I wasn't locked anywhere.

Livia: We have proof. Mr. Kagan has testified --

Tad: Mr. Kagan's a liar!

Livia: We have seen the security video footage.

Tad: No, that is a fake.

Livia: With the time --

Tad: I don't -- I --

Livia: And the date mark stamped on every frame.

Tad: I don't -- so what? What does that mean? That -- that's like -- that's a -- a stroke of a computer key. I have no idea why or how Kagan made that video, but he made it. That was fabricated.

Livia: And why would a security officer do that?

Tad: Oh, God, I don't know. Think about it -- money, blackmail, loyalty. There are all kinds of reasons that people will lie.

Livia: Yes, they do, Mr. Martin. Zach Slater made a sworn statement to the police.

Tad: Zach Slater is a case in point. He was born with talent. That's all he does is lie. You can't expect the truth to come out of him.

Livia: So he's lying?

Tad: Yes, of course, he's lying. It's all he does is lie.

Livia: And Dixie Martin’s sworn statement --

Tad: Is a lie. What do you expect them to do? They're fighting for what's left of their lives. Of course, they're going to lie. They'll do anything they have to. They'll cheat.

Livia: And the other witness that supports their statement --

Tad: Is --

Livia: The hotel manager?

Tad: I don't -- I don't care. I don't give a damn. Go -- turn around. Ask Slater -- how much did you pay him? How much?

Livia: So everybody's lying?

Tad: Yes.

Livia: Everybody's been lying everywhere.

Tad: Yes.

Livia: Everybody's lying --

Tad: That's right.

Livia: In this courtroom except you.

Tad: That's right. I know what I saw.

Livia: Dixie and Zach in a hotel room kissing?

Tad: Yes.

[Gallery murmurs]

Tad: I saw Dixie Cooney Martin and Zach Slater with Greg Madden’s body the night he disappeared. They were putting it in the trunk of a car that Dixie was driving. It happened the evening of June 5, 2006. Anything else was just something that they did to make me look bad.

Livia: Oh, you don't need any help for that, Mr. Martin. Nothing further, Your Honor.

Tad: Where are you going? You can't just turn your back on me.

Livia: Oh, I'm finished with you, Mr. Martin.

Judge: Mr. Summerhill, redirect?

Colin: Thank you, Your Honor, but I think Mr. Martin's been put through enough. The prosecution rests, Your Honor.

Dixie: What he's been through? What about what he just put us through?

Judge: You may step down, Mr. Martin. And, Ms. Cudahy, instruct your client to watch her mouth.

Livia: Yes, Your Honor. Please, hold it down.

Dixie: Tad, how could you do that? How could you do that in front of the boys? What is wrong with you?

Judge: Ms. Martin, that's enough. Control yourself.

Livia: Don’t. The jury is on your side.

Judge: Ms. Cudahy, are you ready to present your case for the defense?

Livia: Yes, Your Honor. The defense would like to call Jimmy Valens. When did the defendants check into your motel?

Jimmy: About 9:30 p.m. I know, because it was my regular poker night. We got started about 20 minutes after Mr. Slater paid for their room.

[Dixie chuckles]

Livia: Have you ever gambled at Mr. Slater's casino?

Jimmy: I don't make enough money to throw it away.

Livia: Is that a no, Mr. Valens?

Jimmy: The only gambling I do is poker. That's because I know I can beat the loser I play with.

[Jimmy chuckles]

Jamie: Dad, it's not too late. Just go back in there and retract your testimony.

Tad: I can't.

Jamie: Just go back in there and tell them the truth!

J.R.: You know, maybe he's so hot to put my mother away he's actually believing his own sick lies.

Tad: J.R., I told the jury exactly what I had to tell them. There wasn't anything else I could do.

Krystal: I have never felt for any man the way I feel for you. And when we renewed our "I dos" at Little Adam’s birthday, I knew I was in it for the long haul. And this little baby is the perfect icing on the cake.

Colby: You guys, that togetherness family thing looks great on paper. But check reality. My dad's brand of nuclear family is Chernobyl.

Adam: Huh. Well, I think I'll get it right for this little girl.

Krystal: Ah -- or little boy.

Adam: No, no, no, no, no. No. This baby's a little girl.

Colby: Well, if at first you don't succeed --

Krystal: Oh, Colby. You have so much to teach your baby sister.

Colby: Yeah. Car theft, yacht wrecking.

Adam: Ah, you'll get straightened out. Before you know it, you'll be running your own company.

Krystal: Or getting your degree.

Adam: Or publishing your memoirs.

Krystal: How about having your own TV show?

Adam: Hmm? Whatever you want to do because you're a Chandler. And whatever a Chandler wants, eventually -- hmm -- a Chandler gets.

J.R.: What'll do it for you, Tad? My mother rotting away in prison? How much time does she have to serve till you get full revenge? You know, I thought I knew you, but you're twisted. People said what I did to Babe was unforgivable, but I'm not even close to your league. You had the whole town fooled into believing that you were one of the good guys. You make Dad, Hayward, and myself look like Cub Scouts, but now everybody really knows who you really are. So why don't you do us a favor and get out of our lives?

Jamie: Damn it, J.R., back off!

J.R.: You want me to let up on him? You want me to save Tad? He's worthless. I forgave him once, after he sold me out helping you and Babe kidnap my son. Nah. I'm through giving a damn about you.

Tad: I understand.

J.R.: You have the stones to sit here and play noble right after trying to convict my mother? And you're all right with that?

Jamie: What's really getting at you, J.R.? That you found out Tad is just like you? Because you're as vindictive as they come. Hell -- you learned from a pro.

Adam: Our child -- our child will be amazing, because you're her mother. And if she has 1/10 of the spirit that you do, well, then, little boys everywhere should be very, very afraid.

Krystal: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Yes. How the devil did I get so lucky? I've finally found my equal. Well. What -- what's wrong?

Krystal: I'm just trying to decide if I should be insulted by that.

Adam: Hmm. Your spirit is one of the things that's sexiest about you.

Krystal: Well, it's a good thing you said "one of."

[Adam chuckles]

Adam: You can't be tamed. You're your own woman. If you walked out that door right now, you'd be perfectly all right, I know that. Maybe that's the reason that I wanted you to stay. Yes. One of the reasons. Just one.

Krystal: Hmm.

Adam: Can you imagine -- can you imagine the daughter that we would have together? A hellion.

Krystal: Well, now, you've already got one of those.

[Adam laughs]

Adam: No, our daughter would be the most excellent human being on the planet. How could she fail?

[Adam laughs]

[Knock on door]

Colby: Death wish much?

Sean: Not even close. I've been cruising around the neighborhood ever since Adam dragged you out of Erica’s. Let's book.

Colby: Shh. Keep it down.

Sean: Why? Why?

Colby: Behind that door is my dad, his wife, and their unborn child.

Sean: Krystal's pregnant?

Colby: Yeah, she's knocked up, and I'm the one who feels like puking. How messed up is that?

Sean: Is someone in your family sick? Like life-threatening, "give me a body part or die" sick?

Colby: What? No. My dad has lost it, and he's almost 100% sure about Krystal and the latest Chandler heir. God, what is up with those Carey women? I have to find a way to take those trailer-trash women down.

Sean: No, you need to give it up and kiss Krystal’s feet. So Krystal and a new baby on the way have Adam’s attention, so here we are, chilling. Look, all this pregnancy means to you is more freedom.

Colby: My mom made me leave when I was a little kid. It took three borrowed cars to get back. I was shipwrecked and even dead, and wife number whatever announces that she's knocked up, and I'm out.

Sean: He hasn't asked you to go back to your mom.

Colby: Only because he's forgotten about me. You know, I -- my dad's madly in love with the lump-to-be already.

Sean: Yeah, till he gets old enough to barf on one of his European shirts. Unless the new heir is like Molly.

Colby: Your sister?

Sean: She's freaky gifted. It's not enough her IQ is 4,000. She has all this artistic talent, like she plays clarinet, oboe, and cello. Oh, did I mention she speaks five languages fluently? Yeah, oh, six if you include English.

Colby: Ew, I hate her. Tell me she's ugly.

Sean: Yeah, if you think Lindsay Lohan's ugly. But, hey, Molly wouldn't even be here if it weren't for my fantastic bones.

Colby: Your bones?

Sean: You want to see them?

Colby: You mean, like, jump them? Right here -- ew. Sean --

Sean: You went there, you went there.

Colby: That is like the lamest elementary school --

Sean: Not me.

Colby: Oh, that's disgusting.

Sean: But if -- if you were in the mood, I wouldn't say no.

Colby: Yeah, I'll pass.

Sean: Like, I made Molly what she is today. Without my marrow, she wouldn't have graduated nursery school. She had leukemia.

Colby: Oh, my God, Sean. Luckily, you were a match.

Sean: Yeah, luck had nothing to do with it. My mother and father had their own plan. Yeah, they were already divorced and married to other people, but still got it on to create me.

Colby: You're serious?

Sean: Yeah, very "Desperate Housewives." They had to cheat for the good of their beloved child Molly.

Colby: You're real?

Sean: Too bad for them. If Mom could've just given birth to a cup of bone marrow, they wouldn't have had to deal with a complete kid.

Colby: They must love you.

Sean: Hmm, they're grateful. But you know when -- when doctors save your little girl's life, you know, you -- you thank them, pay the bill, and move on. My mom couldn't move on from me. Then my dad died.

Colby: I'm so sorry.

Sean: Yeah, whatever. No, par -- parents are useless. And the less time they have to fixate on you, that's golden -- priceless. It gives you time to hang out with people you actually like.

Adam: Colby?

[Hearing her dad call her from the other room, Colby quickly hides Sean.]

Adam: Colby? Ah. I wondered where you were. We're celebrating.

Colby: I'll be right back in.

Adam: Oh, did I hear someone else out here?

Colby: Uh -- the gardener. I don't know, something about mulch?

[Adam chuckles]

Colby: I told him to talk to Winifred. She's so mulchy.

Adam: All right. Well, fine. We're breaking out the apple cider.

Colby: Pour a glass for me and as soon as I make a phone call, I'll be right back in.

Colby: Sean, leave!

Sean: I'm thirsty.

Colby: No.

Sean: What, come on. Think of the look on his face.

Colby: Yeah, the last thing you'll ever see. Go!

Livia: I am terribly sorry for Tad Martin’s disappointments. But I am also appalled that the state would use all of us allowing him to take out his vendetta. Now, you have heard the testimony, and I believe that you must in all good conscience, because you are reasonable people find these defendants not guilty.

Colin: Don't be fooled by Ms. Cudahy's histrionics. The state proved its case against the defendants, not just with the testimony of Tad Martin, which some unidentified person attempted to undermine using a doctored video. The physical evidence alone proves their guilt. Zach Slater slipped up and left a fingerprint inside the coffin, something only one of Greg Madden’s tormentors --

[While the DA gives his final arguments, Dixie’s mind wanders.]

Dixie’s voice: I wish I could tell what they're thinking. This trial has been insane. They should acquit us. But will they? Will I be able to go on looking for Kate? And him? Do I actually have a chance with him? Kendall's not right for Zach. She's not the kind of woman he needs.

Colin: Did other people prior to Dr. Madden's abduction rent the same car leased to Dixie Martin? Of course. But not one had motive to do what these defendants did.

[Sitting a couple of rows behind Dixie, Kendall takes part in her own reverie.]

Kendall's voice: Zach could walk away from this. Please let him get off. I couldn't take him being locked up, not even if he's guilty. Whatever Livia said, Zach still could be guilty. I mean, he had that disc, the disc, the recording of Madden in the casket. He must be guilty. Well, guilt or not, do we have any future together? Is our marriage over?

Colin: Ms. Cudahy can throw around all the suspicion and conspiracy theories she likes. But the fact of the matter is the police conducted this investigation --

[Looking at Kendall sitting next to him, Ryan worries about her.]

Ryan’s voice: She can't handle this.

Colin: By the book.

Ryan's voice: They have to be acquitted. Zach cannot go to prison or Kendall’s heart will break. And I need Kendall’s heart intact. I just -- I just want her to be happy.

Colin: Most murder cases are won solely on circumstantial evidence. Very few people who have planned a crime choose to commit it in front of witnesses. But fortunately --

[Zach turns around and looks at Kendall.]

Zach’s voice: So beautiful.

Colin: They slip up.

Zach's voice: Why couldn't she believe me? Has she fallen for Lavery again? Will I be free to fight for her?

Dixie's voice: Zach and I could be happy if we had the chance.

Kendall's voice: Maybe we had our chance and blew it. Maybe there's no going back.

Ryan's voice: I don't want to go back. I want to go forward with Kendall, a new, better us with Spike.

Zach's voice: If she'd only have faith, if she'd give me that much, we might make it.

Colin: You've come together to listen to this case, weigh the evidence, and do your duty to the people of this state. Your way is clear. You must find the defendants guilty as charged --

Dixie’s voice: Do we have a chance?

Colin: On each of the counts.

Kendall's voice: Do we have a chance?

Ryan's voice: Do we have a chance?

Zach's voice: Do we have a chance?

[Finally, the judge charges the jury.]

Judge: Ask any questions you like about points of law.

[Judge bangs gavel]

Bailiff: All rise.

Kendall: Take me home.

[As she’s leaving with Ryan, Kendall sees Zach hold Dixie’s hand and kiss her on the cheek as he’s led away.]

Erica: Josh, is there something we can do? Go somewhere -- my --

Josh: It has to end now. They can't walk!

Joe: Josh, we're all here for you now. Whenever, wherever you need us.

Josh: Thank you.

[Back in his cell, Zach sits heavily on his bunk while Tad arrives home spent.]

J.R.: Why don't you go on in? I'd like a minute alone with my mom.

Babe: Sure.

J.R.: Just so you know -- if they find you guilty, we'll appeal. As long as I have 10 cents, I'll do everything that I can.

Dixie: I know.

Babe: How are you? Are you really pregnant? Ah!

Krystal: Careful, careful. That's me and your little sister you're hugging.

Babe: Oh!

Krystal: Can you believe it?

Ryan: Wah!

Kendall: Ryan?

[Music plays as Zach ponders in his cell then is comforted by Dixie while Kendall watches from the sidelines; Tad weeps in Jamie’s arms then lies on his sofa staring blankly into space; a distracted Krystal hugs Adam; Kendall returns home then falls asleep on the sofa while Ryan cares for the baby; Josh sits alone in the empty courtroom despairing while at home Babe stares out the window.]

Singer: ¯ Why I wonder have all these days come and gone? What do I do when everything seems so wrong? It's the rays that hold me away from you. I take it all back, and I'd start again, 'cause I've only been chasing the wind. I'd give all I have just to lose these sins that come from chasing the wind. How it happens, it's funny in the saddest way, and all that glitters is what puts you to the chase. Where's the heart that I once gave to you? I take it all back and I'd start again 'cause I've only been chasing the wind. I'd give all I have just to lose these sins that come from chasing the wind. I'd take it all back and I'd start again 'cause I've only been chasing the wind I'd give all I have just to lose these sins that come from chasing the wind that come from chasing the wind ¯

[At family breakfast in the morning, J.R.’s cell phone rings]

[Tad gets up off his sofa to answer his phone.]

[The ringing phone wakes up Kendall while Ryan holds the baby and answers it.]

Ryan: The jury's back.

Judge: In the matter of the People vs. Ms. Dixie Martin and Mr. Zach Slater, how do you find on the first count, the count of murder in the first degree?

Foreman: We find the defendants not guilty.

Judge: On the count of murder in the second degree?

Foreman: Not guilty.

Judge: The count of murder in the third degree?

Foreman: Not guilty.

Judge: The count of manslaughter?

Foreman: Not guilty.

Judge: On the count of kidnapping, how do you find?

Foreman: Not guilty.

Judge: We are grateful to you for doing your duty as citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We thank you for your time and your attention in this case. Court is dismissed.

Bailiff: All rise.

Dixie: So it's over. Oh, God.

Tad: Excuse me. Congratulations. I hope you two have a wonderful life together.

Colin: Thanks to your shoddy investigation, no one will ever be tried and convicted for Madden’s murder.

Derek: They sprang a witness on you. Why didn't you request time for us to check him out, huh? Don't blame me.

Livia: It's not your fault Summerhill was outclassed by your big sister.

Dixie: Jamie, I love you. Thank you so much.

Jamie: I love you, too.

Dixie: I'm so grateful. And you -- I can't believe it.

Joe: Hey, Josh, why don't we get something to eat, hmm?

Erica: Or maybe we could just take a walk.

Jeff: Go to the yacht club, sit by the water --

Josh: You know what? Thanks. I just -- I got a lot to think about right now. I --

Erica: Well, why don't we just keep you company?

Josh: Which one do you really think killed him?

[As threatening music plays, Josh looks over the potential murderers in the courtroom: Dixie, Zach, Di, Jamie, Del, Julia, David, and J.R.]

Dixie: Zach, what is the point in coming here?

Zach: You trusted me this far.

Dixie: This is crazy. I don't want to be here!

Zach: Hey, relax. Stick around. Play it out.

[When Tad comes to the door, Zach pats him on the shoulder then leaves.]

Zach: I got to go.

Dixie: Hey --

Zach: I said trust me. Tad's up.

Dixie: I don't have anything to say to you.

Tad: Then you can listen.

Dixie: I don't want to hear anything that you have to say. Haven't you said enough? You hate me, you want to see me go to prison for the rest of my life? Ok, that's great, fine. I accept that. There's nothing I can do about it. But could you please have a little consideration for our children? I mean, what is wrong with you? Who are you? What have you turned into?

Ryan: I'm going to take the day off today.

Kendall: No, Ryan, that's not necessary.

Ryan: After the morning that you've had, Kendall? Come on. I mean, week -- actually, month?

Kendall: I'll be fine -- I'm fine. Ok? Rachael and Spike will be home soon.

Ryan: You know what? You need to rest. I'm going to take Spike to work with me today.

Kendall: Yeah, and you'll get nothing done.

Ryan: Oh --

Kendall: Now, go on and earn that huge paycheck of yours.

Ryan: I can handle Spike.

Kendall: No, listen -- listen, if I need rest, Rachael will -- she'll keep Spike busy.

Ryan: You take it easy for a change, ok?

Kendall: And you go keep Spike's inheritance secure. I'll see you later.

Ryan: Call me if you need me, all right?

J.R.: All right, good news!

Colby: Yeah, I heard. They gave Dixie a "Get out of Jail Free" card. So, that's a major relief for you and Jamie. Life's marched on. Time for you to clue in, J.R. Babe and Josh have something going on.

J.R.: You know, we've played this game, Colby.

Colby: No, you don't play, you fold. They're fooling around.

J.R.: Babe and Krystal have been nothing but good to you. They welcomed you into this house, they made you feel at home.

Colby: No, this is my home! Or it was. I'm not the new girl, that's Babe and her mama.

J.R.: You'd better quit before I send you back to Liza.

Colby: You --

J.R.: Wouldn't dare? Oh, I would. Can't? I will. So here are you choices. You either start being happy and stop making people miserable, or you pack your gear, and you get out.

Colby: Nothing like a tight family.

J.R.: Babe and Krystal are part of that family. Now, you start treating people with respect, or you bail. You know, I've just about had it with you causing trouble between Babe and me. All that's going to get you is a one-way ticket right back to your mother.

Tad: Ok. You want to kill me? I understand. You think I'm the Satan-Antichrist. I get it. Hell, you probably think death by 1,000 paper cuts is too good for me.

Dixie: You're going to make a joke? You think this is funny?

Tad: I don't think there's anything funny about it. I just think it's my turn to talk.

Dixie: What -- what do you think I'm -- I could possibly want to hear from you?

Tad: The truth.

[Kendall answers the knock on her door and finds Zach standing there.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Tad (to Dixie): The only reason you walked out of that courtroom is because I got you acquitted.

Josh (to Babe): If you really want this to end, you're going to have to be willing to do it.

Zach (to Kendall): I can go to places so dark, you can't even begin to imagine. You're not going to like what I have to say.

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