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Dixie: You ready to burn me at the stake?

Tad: This isn't what I wanted. I'm sorry.

Zach: Yeah. One sorry son of a bitch.

Di: What? What are -- what are we doing in an empty, creepy cargo area, Jamie?

Jamie: It wasn't empty the night Madden disappeared. In fact, the airport was plenty busy that night. Madden, you, your brother, Del, Dixie, Zach, my dad --

Di: Yeah, ok, thousands of people were probably at the airport on June 5. But so?

Jamie: So, this is the only way we're going to get the truth.

Di: Ok, you want to start interviewing the crates on the left, and me to start on the right? Because unless these guys know what went down with Madden, the only truth that's going to be spilled is whatever Tad says to the court in about two minutes.

TV newscaster: In a matter of minutes, the jury will enter and the trial of the alleged coffin murderers will get underway. The victim, Dr. Gregory Madden, was an internationally respected fertility specialist. Zach Slater and Dixie Cooney Martin --

Simone: Oh, my God. Let the mudslinging begin. You think they're going to cut to Kendall marching up the courthouse steps? Hey!

Kendall: No. Because I'm where I'm supposed to be -- work. Zach Slater doesn't concern me anymore.

Zach: Get lost, Hayward.

David: You kidding? It's the best ticket in town.

Palmer: Dixie --

Dixie: Uncle Palmer, you don't have to be here.

Palmer: Don't you worry, Dixie.

Dixie: I'm grateful that you came, but there's --

David: This is getting better and better.

Dixie: Aspects of this testimony I don't want you to hear.

Palmer: Just the lies, you mean.

Dixie: Promise me that you will go home.

Palmer: Look, whatever you wish, but I want you to believe that everything is going to be fine. You will be acquitted. I feel it.

David: Hey, if you can't trust his lumbago, what can you trust, right?

Bailiff: All right, it's time to go inside.

Palmer: You think positive thoughts.

Dixie: Thank you.

David: I don't know -- Palmer’s confidence in your acquittal could be senility. And Zach’s bravado -- what do you think?

Dixie: Go away, David.

David: Personally, I think Zach’s to blame for all of this. His overconfidence -- you can thank him for the noose around your neck, the one that's about to tighten.

Dixie: Shut up, David. God, go torture somebody else.

Zach: Hey --

Livia: Ahem -- David, could you please keep a distance? Try Siberia.

David: You might want to watch that temper, Dixie. You don't want the jury to see you at your worst.

Dixie: Can he be kept out?

Livia: Let it go, Dixie. Thank you for the prep, David. Now find a seat.

David: Good luck.

Livia: He is entitled to be here until a judge throws him out. Excellent self-control.

Zach: For now.

Livia: You are going to hear a lot worse today and throughout the trial. If either of you feel any anger, hide it. Because if you show even a flicker of rage, you will convict yourselves. The DA won’t need Tad’s testimony.

Palmer: Oh.

Tad: They took Dixie and Zach out of here a few minutes back.

Palmer: Yeah. Oh, I -- I'm here to see you.

Tad: Palmer, whether you believe me or not, I don't like this any more than you do. I certainly don't want to take the witness stand.

Palmer: Well, you won't have, no. I -- I have your way out right here. You see, dead men don't have to testify.

Tad: Go ahead. Shoot.

[In the courtroom, Zach and Dixie stare uneasily at Josh whose head is down on the table. Dixie sighs deeply as Josh looks at her.]

Tad: How the hell did you get a gun through that metal detector?

Palmer: Plastic. Oh, well, you know, I keep up. Well, I'd show it to you, except we're not exactly alone. Now, listen, we don't want the police bursting in here if we can -- going to break up an assassination.

Tad: Palmer, listen to me. If you fire that thing in here --

[Palmer chuckles]

Tad: If you put a slug in me --

Palmer: Oh, no, not just one, no. I want to make sure of the job.

Tad: If you do it, you honestly think for one minute you're going to make it out of here more than 50 feet before somebody realizes this isn't a friendly conversation? A smoking hole in your jacket isn't a fashion statement.

Palmer: Do you really think I give a damn about myself?

Tad: You give a damn about Petey?

Palmer: Oh.

Tad: This won't make him proud.

Palmer: By the time he knows all the facts, it certainly should. You deserve all this, you know. It's all your fault, all of it. Dixie had to go to Europe to have her baby because of you.

Tad: I didn't want her to die.

Palmer: Ah, well, she wouldn't die, no. I would have given her the best medical care, absolutely. She and Kate would have been very comfortable right here at home. But, oh, no. You forced her away, yes. And through you she met Madden. And she handed her baby over to that madman! Well, I lost her once because of you, but I'll be damned if I'm going to let you do that again. Ah.

[Tad grabs Palmer’s hand and squeezes hard.]

Tad: I'm sorry, P.C. Your son is my half brother. And for some reason, Opal still loves you.

Palmer: Let go.

Tad: So I don't think I'm going to stand by and watch you live out what's left of your miserable life in a prison.

Palmer: If you had any decency about you at all, a shred of it, you'd turn that gun on yourself. But you know, you don't, you never had. So, I hope to God he strikes you dead on the witness stand.

Jamie: Damn it, Di, you know Dixie didn't do it.

Di: I know that, but Tad --

Jamie: Is lying. All right? Look, we need proof. This is the only way we're going to get it.

Di: Well, you might as well just start counting all the grains of sand on the beach.

Jamie: Well, it's your choice, Di. You can either go back to the courtroom and watch Dixie get convicted, or you can start counting.

Dixie: This is going to be horrible.

Colin: With the physical evidence found in her car and the coffin, and the eyewitness testimony, they're as good as convicted.

Josh: Thanks.

J.R.: This is awkward. It's bad timing, I know. But I have a favor to ask of you.

Babe: Not now, J.R., please, in here. It's not the time.

J.R.: Look, it's never going to be the right place or the right time, so why don't we just get it over with, right now? If anyone finds out that Colby’s been hiding all this time, she could be facing a stretch at juvie.

Josh: Yeah, I could blow her out of the water, no pun intended.

J.R.: Look, Colby screwed up. She deserves punishment, and she's getting that at home. She's only 16 years old. She's just a kid. Everyone makes mistakes. It's how you deal with the fallout that counts. I realize that you hate my family -- my mother, my brother. I mean, Babe is the only one that's of any use to you. You found Colby hiding in the tunnels. I know that.

Josh: Look, I have no intention of making anyone pay, except for Greg Madden’s killers. I wouldn't want to see her suffer for what may have been a lapse in judgment, especially if she regrets it. Her secret's safe. I'll keep my mouth shut.

J.R.: She will appreciate that. So do I. Thank you.

Zach: Ok, Ryan, you got to do me a big favor. Take your good-luck speech and stuff it. Because I know you're just waiting for me to be sentenced so you can move in on my wife.

Kendall: Ok. There's a trial. Zach and Dixie are the defendants. It doesn't mean that we just stop doing what we need to do -- like our job. Our company. We -- we have to figure out the holiday gift packaging, and -- and the Christmas wrapping --

Simone: No, we don't have to --

Kendall: No, no, no, Simone, don't do that --

Simone: We know you are dying inside.

Kendall: You cannot get out of work. Ok? You can't. Life goes on.

Danielle: While Zach’s fighting for his?

Erin: She didn't mean that.

Simone: She's in shock.

Kendall: No, I do mean that. I'm not some traumatized woman who doesn't know what she's saying or how she feels. Ok, so, do these rings confuse you? Is that what it is? Well, they're habit, all right? It's not out of sentiment.

[Kendall removes her wedding and engagement rings and sets them on the desk.]

Kendall: Is that clear enough? Clear enough? Ok, all right, well --

Erin: No.

Simone: Oh, Kendall --

Kendall: Zach did not care about our marriage, he didn't care about me. He was too busy worrying about his savior complex, trying to be a hero for Dixie. You know what? Consider this an official memo -- Zach Slater is not a subject for discussion in this office. I don't want to hear about the trial. I don't want to hear what your thoughts and opinions are. Do not even say his name.

Myrtle: Zach Slater. I didn't hear the memo. Honey, fish the rings out of the trash and come on over here. You can't fire me, darling. So what -- what are you waiting for?

Ryan: I'm on Spike and Kendall’s side, Zach, which doesn't necessarily mean I want to see you convicted. That might mean more trouble for everybody. But you know what? You were right about one thing. I do want her. Just not by default.

Greg's voice: What touched me most, Joshua, was your concern for me at the time of my attack. And I know you'll never admit this, but if you did come here today just to check on me, I -- you know, that's the best medicine this old heart will ever get.

Erica: We'll leave if you want us to.

Jeff: We only want to show our support.

Erica: But we'll slip right out, if that's what you want. Whatever works for you, Josh --

Jeff: It’s all right with us, ok?

Josh: No, it's ok, you can -- you can stay, for now.

[Joe walks in and sits in the back of the courtroom.]

Bailiff: All rise. Oyez, oyez. This court of common pleas is now in session. The Honorable Kenneth Drynan is presiding. Case 783 -- The Commonwealth vs. Dixie Martin and Zach Slater.

Judge: Before we begin opening statements, I want to thank you for doing your duty as citizens of our fine state. This is a very serious matter. I expect you all to remember Dr. Greg Madden lost his life. And that the futures of Mr. Slater and Ms. Martin currently hang in the balance.

Myrtle: Put them on, darling. And go on to where you should be -- court.

Kendall: I don't want to be there.

Myrtle: Hmm. I warned him.

Kendall: Zach? About what?

Myrtle: Well, more often than not, a good-looking face hides a very, very strong mind. Now, Zach did not bury that doctor. So go on. Off you go, to the court.

Kendall: Well, what makes you so sure that he didn't do it?

Myrtle: Darling, Zach told me.

Kendall: And you're taking it on blind faith?

[Myrtle chuckles]

Myrtle: Blind faith -- no, no. No, I know Zach and what's deep inside him. So do you.

Kendall: I thought I did. And Greg Madden’s murder changed everything.

Myrtle: Didn't change your feeling for Zach. It's still there. Isn't it?

Kendall: Zach did it. He did it for Dixie. They have evidence. They have tangible evidence, and Tad Martin saw them.

Myrtle: Hey, give me these. I'll let you have them back.

[Myrtle plays a little sleight-of-hand with Kendall by appearing to place her rings in one hand then making them re-appear in the other.]

Myrtle: You see? Sometimes we think we know something, but we know zip.

Colin: We will introduce ironclad physical evidence implicating both of the defendants. You will hear eyewitness testimony that cannot be refuted. Will it be enough for a guilty verdict? Absolutely. I wouldn't waste your time, or the court's, or the state's money. It's my job to prosecute criminals. Now, you may believe after all the testimony you hear that Dr. Greg Madden himself was a criminal. Keep in mind, Greg Madden is not on trial. And your personal opinions about Dr. Madden's character, or your sympathy for Ms. Martin's plight in no way justify or excuse murder. Whatever his sins, Greg Madden did not deserve the inhuman torture, suffering, and brutality that resulted in his horrifying death. This was no accident. It was murder.

Livia: If the state's case were solid, I wouldn't be here. I do not defend people who I believe are guilty. I defend people just like you. Did Ms. Martin and Mr. Slater have motive to want to pressure Greg Madden into giving them information? Yes. Did they commit this heinous crime? I don't believe they did. Now, the district attorney, Mr. Summerhill, talked to you about physical evidence. I will show you that not only is that evidence circumstantial, it's inconsequential. A fingerprint on a piece of wood that could have been obtained from any number of sites that Mr. Slater has frequented. The police can't tell you where that wood was found, or even when. He also will make a monumental case of some traces of blood and a few fibers found in a rental car owned by Mr. Slater's casino. Yes, Ms. Martin drove that vehicle. But so did hundreds of other people since January, 2005, when the vehicle was first purchased by Mr. Slater's casino hotel. What else did he say he had? Uh -- eyewitness testimony. The word of a jealous man who wanted revenge against his ex-wife and her lover.

Tad: Should I ring for the guard?

Brooke: Well, for me or for you? I come in peace.

Tad: A change of pace.

Brooke: I can't find Jamie. I mean, I looked all over the courthouse. I can't find him.

Tad: That's because Jamie is convinced his father's a perjurer who spends his every waking minute trying to railroad his stepmother into prison. If I know our son, he's as far away from here as you can get. If he's smart, he'll stay there.

Di: Tell me you had some luck.

Jamie: Not yet.

Di: Well, Jamie, we might as well face it. We're not going to find --

Jamie: We didn't question everyone.

Di: Ok, you know what? In June, right after Madden went missing, then we could have gotten some results. Even a month after. But now, Jamie, it's too late. Everyone I've interviewed looks at me like I'm crazy. They can't remember what they were doing themselves, much less who was around, who they saw --

Jamie: Somebody has to!

Di: They were too busy! Just like they've been too busy for the last -- I don't -- four months?

Jamie: Right. We're asking the wrong people.

Di: Oh -- there are no right people.

Jamie: We've been asking all the employees in the public area.

Di: Yeah, because they see everyone.

Jamie: Which means they see no one. Everybody they see morphs into one big blur. Come on, don't you get it? We need to be talking to the people behind the scenes.

Di: Oh. Oh, right, like the luggage handlers at the plane --

Jamie: Yes.

Di: The mechanics? The people that see no one?

Jamie: Wait, someone has to have the information we need, and we're not stopping until we find that person. So let's go. Come on. Move.

Livia: When Dixie Martin returned to Pine Valley, her former husband, Tad Martin, had high hopes of rekindling their lost love. And when he discovered that that was impossible, that the love of his life had been tricked into giving away their child -- well, we all know that there is a very thin line between love and hate. The district attorney has stated that Ms. Martin and Mr. Slater had a strong motive for torturing Dr. Greg Madden. During the course of this trial, you will meet nearly a dozen people with equally strong motive. And I will prove that any one of them could've buried him alive, thus causing his death.

Colin: Dr. Morris Victor, state medical examiner, to the stand. Dr. Victor, would you characterize Greg Madden’s death as peaceful?

Dr. Victor: As far from it as anyone could get. Poor devil was alive approximately two hours before his body was discovered.

[Josh stares at Julia and imagines her beating Greg unconscious on the private plane, injecting him, and placing his body in a large black plastic bag.]

Julia: You lying son of a -- how many other women did you rob of their children? What you did to me, what you did to Kate -- you deserve to pay. And you will.

Dr. Victor: And the wounds to Dr. Madden's hands -- the deep abrasions and lacerations, numerous splinters driven to the base of his fingernails -- all the result of repeated efforts to fight or claw his way out of the casket.

[Josh thinks about Del and Di’s actions.]

Del: I'm going to kill him. I'm going to kill this slime.

Di: No. Then how are we going to find Kate, our niece? I mean, you want to walk around looking cluelessly for Dixie’s little girl until we're on walkers?

Del: He won't talk, Di, all right? What haven't we tried? He digs in his damn heels, he won't give us anything on Kate!

Di: Then let's dig his heels in for him, see what it gets us. I think you'd be pretty good with a shovel, Del. Leave the rest to me.

Derek: With the coffin dug up, you could smell the stench outside the walls of the park.

Colin: In the construction of the casket, had any thought been given to sanitation?

Derek: I couldn't say if anybody thought about it.

Colin: Could you see any drainage system?

Derek: There wasn't any.

[Josh imagines David burying Greg’s casket in the park.]

David: You brought this on yourself. All you had to do was tell me where Dixie’s little girl was. What? What, did you want to see her suffer? Was that it? Well, you can't see very much from down there, now, can you, Greg? You know something? I want you to live, I do, so all you have to do is tell me where Dixie’s kid is. Where's Kate? That's all you have to do. You do that, and when I know it's the truth, I will bring you up from your hell.

Derek: There was only one print from the interior of the coffin that wasn't Greg Madden’s.

Colin: Whose fingerprint was it?

Derek: Zach Slater’s.

[Looking at J.R., Josh imagines them burying his dad in the park.]

Jamie: We restock his food and water, and then he really gets the message.

J.R.: Listen, we don't stop until we get the truth. When he wakes up, he's going to freak. Then we'll get what we want.

Jamie: And if that doesn't work, we just take it a step further.

J.R.: A desperate plea from his son on tape swinging from a meat hook should be real effective.

[J.R. and Jamie laugh]

Derek: Yes, Mr. Slater's fingerprints were on file prior to this case.

Livia: Because Mr. Slater was charged with another murder just last year, another murder that he didn't commit. Is that correct?

Derek: Yes, that's correct.

Livia: And do you recall the circumstances of those charges? Do you recall Edmund Grey’s death and why Mr. Slater was charged?

Derek: Slater admitted to the crime.

Livia: That doesn't answer the question. People confess to crimes for numerous reasons, coercion being one of them. Do you recall why Zach Slater was indicted? You had physical evidence.

Derek: Of course, we did.

Livia: All circumstantial.

Derek: Except for a witness who --

Livia: An eyewitness who lied, because he wanted to settle an old score with Zach Slater.

Derek: Slater confessed.

Livia: Well, you and the DA were so convinced that he did it, maybe you convinced him, too. And when the identity of the real killer was discovered, a lot of police officers and public officials had a lot of egg to wipe off their face, didn't they?

Colin: Objection, Your Honor -- relevance?

Judge: There's a point to this, I assume?

Livia: Yes, indeed, Your Honor.

Judge: I'll allow it. Quickly, Ms. Cudahy.

Livia: Chief Frye, have you ever known a police officer to plant evidence as revenge?

Derek: Not one of my men. Damn it, Livvie.

Livia: Chief Frye, I'm not accusing you. I'm merely pointing out --

Judge: Enough, Ms. Cudahy.

Derek: You're implying --

Livia: Well, let's face it, Derek -- you're not omniscient.

Derek: Right back at you, Livvie.

Colin: Objection!

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: I said enough!

Colin: I move this exchange be stricken from the record, Your Honor.

Judge: Duly noted.

Colin: The state calls Thaddeus James Martin to the stand.

Bailiff: Raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Tad: I do.

Di: You had me believing that we would pull it off.

Jamie: Yeah, I thought we would. This can't happen. Dixie can't go away for something she didn't do.

Man: Hey. This area's off-limits to the public. I'd like to see your photo ID.

Di: Yeah. Yes, sir. Uh -- were you working the night of June 5 back here in the cargo area?

Man: Why do you want to know?

Di: If I told you it was a matter of life and death --

Man: Your ID? Now, you folks go through that door, down the corridor, and follow the signs to the terminal.

Jamie: I'm -- I'm sorry. I -- I have one more photo I need you to look at. This guy. If you were working June 5, did you see him?

Colin: You knew your information could help the police crack this case, didn't you?

Tad: Yeah.

Colin: When did you approach Chief Frye to tell him what you saw?

Tad: I didn't approach him.

Colin: Whom did you tell? Not anyone in my office.

Tad: No.

Colin: How did the police learn that you could help them?

Tad: The police bugged my house. They overheard me arguing with Mr. Slater about what he and my ex-wife had done.

[Staring at Zach, Josh imagines him conversing with his father while he was buried alive.]

Zach: Where is Dixie Martin’s child? Why are you being so stubborn? Tell me, I'll see you free.

Greg: I'm not stupid. The only reason you're keeping me alive is because I'm the only one who knows the truth. If I tell you, I'm as good as dead.

Zach: Well, if you don't tell me, you're definitely dead.

Dixie: He can't last.

Colin: Why did your ex-wife remain in Pine Valley? Because you're here?

Tad: No. I don't think that matters anymore. The only reason Dixie stayed in Pine Valley was because Greg Madden was here, and she needed some information.

Colin: Did Zach Slater’s presence affect her, do you think?

Livia: Objection, Your Honor. That's a question for Dixie Martin.

Colin: Put her on the stand, I'll ask her.

Judge: Sustained.

Colin: Did your ex-wife confess to you that she and Mr. Slater were lovers?

Tad: Not at first.

Colin: How did she first characterize their relationship?

Tad: She said they were friends. He was married to someone else, and he was simply helping her to find our daughter.

Colin: And you believed this?

Tad: No.

Colin: How long has your ex-wife known Mr. Slater?

Tad: I'm not sure. The only thing I'm certain of is they hooked up after she came back to Pine Valley, after four years -- a secret. Mr. Slater was hiding her in a luxury suite at the top of his hotel when the rest of us were running around thinking she was dead.

Colin: We don't need any conclusions about what had happened before you came on the scene or what the defendants did after you left. Simply tell the court what you saw in this airport parking lot the night Dr. Madden disappeared.

Tad: I saw them.

Judge: Speak up, Mr. Martin.

Tad: I said I saw them.

Colin: By "them," you mean Dixie Martin and Zach Slater.

Tad: Yeah. They were putting what appeared to me to be a body in the trunk of Dixie’s car.

Livia: Mr. Martin, the police tape of the confrontation between you and Zach Slater -- do you know where it is?

Tad: No, I don't.

Livia: Is that because it's in police custody?

Tad: No. It's missing.

Livia: A major piece of evidence? Do you think the police misplaced it?

Tad: Last I heard, it was either lost or stolen.

Livia: And who did Chief Frye accuse of that theft?

Tad: My children -- my sons, Jamie Martin and J.R. Chandler.

Livia: And that's really why you're here, isn't it, Mr. Martin? Because Chief Frye threatened you that if you did not testify here today, he would charge your two sons with evidence tampering?

Tad: It's exactly why I'm here.

Livia: Mr. Martin, you married the defendant not once, but three times.

Tad: Yeah. It's supposed to be some kind of charm, isn't it?

Livia: Yeah. But it wasn't for you, was it? What was it that finally broke you two up?

Tad: In the end, Dixie felt that the only way she was going to have our child in peace was to get as far away from me as possible.

Livia: And at that time, there was another man, Dr. David Hayward, who she was also having an affair with, and he helped her get as far away from you as possible, didn't he?

Tad: That's right.

Livia: But then, Dixie contacted you, said she wanted to reconcile with you before the baby was born.

Tad: Yeah. Then there was a car accident, and I was led to believe that Dixie had died. Before she passed away, she lost the baby.

Livia: Only later, you found out that you were wrong.

Tad: Much later. When she finally came back to Pine Valley, she admitted the truth. She -- she told me that our daughter -- told me that my daughter was born healthy, and then she gave her away.

Livia: And to whom did she say that she gave your daughter to?

Tad: Greg Madden.

Livia: You are a private investigator. Did Ms. Martin enlist your help or services when she began the search for your daughter?

Tad: I wasn't asked. Zach helped her. Dixie and I have gone our separate ways.

Livia: That must be very hard.

Tad: I managed.

Livia: But this is the woman that you loved, pursued, married three times, and she doesn't even ask for your help to find your daughter? She asks the help of another man who she's fallen in love with?

Tad: It happens.

Livia: But this happened to you. How do you feel about that?

Tad: It's not part of the equation, is it? It's Dixie’s choice. It's her life.

Livia: But it's a life that you desperately wanted to share with her. You wanted to share her life and raise your daughter.

Tad: Yeah, that was the plan. Obviously, the planned changed, Livia. What do you want me to say?

Colin: You felt compelled to testify in this case.

Tad: Yeah, you could say that. It was either that or watch my boys go to jail.

Colin: You're understandably angry about that.

Tad: Do I look happy to you, Mr. Summerhill?

Colin: You've also testified to being angry about Dixie Martin’s actions regarding your daughter and Ms. Martin's subsequent relationship with Zach Slater -- is that correct?

Tad: Yes, it is.

Colin: Has any of that anger or resentment affected your testimony? Mr. Martin, was the testimony you've given here today the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Tad: Everything I said -- all of it is the truth.

Jamie: Liar! His testimony, every word of it, has been a lie. And I can prove it.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Kendall (to Ryan): What if Tad really is lying?

Tad: Don't do this, Jamie.

Jamie: I have no choice.

Ryan (to Kendall): Tonight, he was grasping at straws. Do you really think he came up with something that explosive between then and now?

Tad (to Dixie): I know the truth. I'll make you pay for it.

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